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July 5, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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July 5, 1945

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model, serial number, and state license nmnber of the vehicle. Instructions received by ~erry from the Comm~sioner of Intern- al ~venue, Washington, D. C ad- vise him that there will be no penal~y ~he first ten ~,ys for fail- ure to ,buy and properly display the s~map, but that delinquents apprehended on and after July 11, 1945, must be penalized and dealt with as provided in the la~. NEW LAW FORBIDS SHOTGUNS IN FIELD AFTER JULY 1ST (~ame and Fish Commissioner William J. Lowe is reminding North D~kotans that the state law forbids the .taking of shotguns into fields between July 1 and ~he opening of ~he fall hunting season. Lowe said persons taking shot- guns into the field durir~ that time will ,be subjected to arre~ and ~me and the guns su~Jec~t to co~lsca- tion. Ration Calendar Blocks of Red and Blue ration coupons become valid on the first of each month and remain valid for four months. SUGA.R~-~8ook 4 sugar stamp 36 good for 5 pounds through Aug- ust 31. No additional sugar stamp will be validated before September I. WIEA'IAS AND FATS--Book 4 red stamps valid now are: E2 through Z2 and A1 through El. Staz~ps A1, B1, C1, D1, E1 became valid Jiffy 1, ~tamps E2 ~h.~h J~ expired June 30. PROGESSED FOODS---Book 4 blue stamps valid now are: through Z2 and A1 ,hr~h N1. St~nl~ J1, ~KI, L1, M1, N1 be- came ~zalid July 1. ~tami~s ~hrough 8S expired June 30. given for eaoh pound f~OES--Book 3 airpa~ae stamps 1, ~ and 3 ~tfll w~lid. A new shoe tamp will be v ida ed August 1. Book 3 m~t be pre~e~ted at t~ne of purchases. Loose stamps not valid except for marl orders. FUEL OI/.r-~oupor~ valid now are: Coupons 4 and 5 for 1943-44 ~ason; coupons 1 thro~h fi for 2944-45 season and coupon I for 1945-46 season all good for I0 gallons each. AU 1@@]-44 end 1944- 45 period coupons expire August 31, 1945. GASOLINFe--A-16 coupons good for 6 gallons each and valid until ;Sept. 21, B6, B7, B8 and C6, C7, C8 now valid and good for 5 gallons each. B6 and ~ became invalid July 1. E2, E3, E4, 1~2, i~, ~nd R4 coupons valid for non-highway gasoline. Farmers must keep de- livery receipts of non-highway gasoline purchases. INS~PECTIONS---Truck tire }nspections m~st be made every six mon~b~s or five thousand n~ les whichever occurs first. TRUCK OPERATORS-- Apply NOW ~or 3rd quarter "T" coupons. PRESERVES GREEN COLOR Oul~ng ~,nd st0~ hey ~ pre- serve green color Ls Im~ if high feeding value is expeoted. North Dakota Wildlife Federation, or that we should drop the Wildlife Federation and belong to the Izaak Walton League. This indica- tes a lack of understanding because these organizations are both doing wonderful work in North Dakota and the nation. Simply the fact that a conservation club Is in the tee of Congress met at Madison, Iza~k Walton ,League is not suffic- Wis the Federatlon had the only ient reason for not belonging to ,~epresentative fig.hting for ~he con- the Federation; it is an incentive ~inuance of this program. These for belonging. I have been a mew- [trees have helped make North Da- bet of the St. John vhapter of the kota a hunter's paradise. They Izaak WalSon League for years, have created nesting grounds as and mn an honorary cha~ter mew- well ~s shelter forour upland her of the Warwick chafer, and game birds and song birds. Very hope always to be a member of seldom can you go through a this fine organization, shelterbelt without flushing upland you will notice "I try to avoid game birds of some kind. Further, calling these different conservation these trees have helped the farmer clubs "sportsmen's clubs. This is in ways too numerous to men~ion because too many people have here. the wrong impression of a sports- At Madison, several large photo- man. Their impression is that a sports~nan Is a man with lots of money and an arrogant air who is interested only in. killing all the game he can without helping to build up what he depletes in, wild- life resources. So I speak of the clubs as "conservation," "outdoor," or ",wildlife" clubs, which they truly are. Back in 1935, we had a few local wildlife clubs scaf~tered throughout North Dakota. Things were des- perate. Our migratory waterfowl were geeing less and less. our upland game blrds were dirntnish- ing fast and fishing was almost an unknown sport, with almost all of our lakes dried up. The conser- vationis~ became alarmed and de- cided that something had to be done. As a result, a state meeting of conservationists ~ras called ~t Carrington, and from this mee~ng grew ~he Nor~ Dakota WildU~e Association. (~he name was la~er ohanged to NOah l:~kota Wild- life FederatiOn tO coincide with t~e frame, Na~on~l Wildlife Federa- tion.) North Dakota realized we had to unite our conserv~ion clu~ and soon ~he nation's conserva- tionists t ae advantage of unit- ing for the purpose of gebtlng leg- islation through congress and ac= compHshing o~her wildlife conser- vation aims. Carring on officers were elected and a constitution set up. The members were now ready to get o work, One of the first stafe calls was sen~ out because so many of our duck ponds were drying up and young ducks were dying by the thousands. Many of us can well recall being out in the shallow water in rmmy pl~fces gathering up ~he tiny du~ks and planting them in rivers throughout the state, Here we planted them in the James and Sheyenne rivers. Of course, we cguld not salve ,~ern all, and thousands were left to die in ~he dried up ponds---ncve~heless, many were saved which would at~evwise have died. Next, there had to be some way to save some of the run-off waters in ~he spring, giving the ducks a place to re t and raise their young. W~th this purpose in mind, the Nort~ l~kota W~dlife l~n:ler- aliGn started a dam-building pro- gram end had much o do in a~- op our wildlife resources, We have ing back, we had to find a way to keep our eyes and ears open, to ge4 fish for planting in these or we could soon lose our hunt- lakes and streams. The federation ing and fishing, spent mueh time and money in The shelterbelt tree-plan ir~g helping promote a federal fish program was pioneered by the hatchery at Valley City. This is North Dakota Wildlife Federation. now a very fine hatchery, and I When the Joint Forestry Commit- believe over 90 per cer~t of the @,sh graptm of shelterbelts in different parts of this stmte were presented o ~he Joint Conm~ittee. The mc~t striking, I .b~lieve, were pictures of a farm that previously had had no ,trees at all. The second picture showed the farm with a shelter- belt of ~rees thirty to forty feet high. Among these trees were three children sitting at a table having. a picnic, enjoying the shade and the outdoors. No doubt their en- Joyment was augmented by the songs of ~e birds in the trees overhead. Perhaps they ~icked a few wildflowers before they left for home. Surely these shelter- be~ts have helped to make thIs state a better and more enjoy~le place to live in, in more ways than one. In the past ~ew years, the North Dal~ta Wildlife Federation has had at least one man on every major ~ of the National Wfldilfe FedersJtion's national meet- hint. The Missouri River Diversion been endorsed twice by the National Wildlife Federation and every year bY d~he North Dakota ~ederation. Through the Federa- lion's work on the diversion, many statos have become inter~ and offered o give help on t2~ls great project if and ~hen we need it. This pro[cot ~h~t for years seem- ed a dream has now come into reality. The Federathon is working hard on the reclanmtlon program, and because of the Federation, the writer of blfls article is now presi- dent of the North Dakota Reclama- tion Aasociation. It was for the Federation that we ~orked on the formation of a reclamation associ- ation, Our water resources are so closely related o wildlife that these %wo organizations are almost as one. Both are fighting for our .natural resources and their develop- men~. Through the education~l program of .the Federation, many of its speakers ~ave given talks and dis- tributed books to the school child- ren to teach ~hem more about our wildlife and why we must conserve it. They always have been willing to give talks at any kind of meet- ing ~here people ir~erested in wild- life axe gathered. A few of these are organizations of young people, ~uoh ~ 4-H Clubs, Boy Scot~s, Junior Game Wardens and others. This can only ~be done by a strong federa~on of conserv~ionlsts. It's all up to us, because there is strength only in unity. The writer could go on for hours telling things tha~ ~he State Wild- life Federation and National Wild- life Federation h~Ne done. But I you, exclusive of the day of such service; and in case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken against you by default for the relief demanded in me Complaint. Dated this 12m day of June A. D. 1945. H. E. HANEY Attorney for Plaintiff, Residence and Postoffice address Belfield, North platted in our st~ come from feel tha~ a few of the projects Dakota. this hatchery. so far mentioned are enough to TO THE ABOVE NAMED DEFEND- ANTS: Every year since President RODS- convince any true lover of the out- You will further take notice mat evelt proclaimed a Wildlife Week doors that it is worthwl~ile to be- the object of the above entitled action is to exclude the Defendants to be spousored by the National long to a conservation club. So from any estate or interest in or Wildlife Federation, the State won't you give your help and Join lien or incumbrance upon the fol- Federation has sponsored such a a club or organize a club in your lowing described real estate, to-wit: The South West Quarter (S.- wildlife week in the state. The town or county today? You will w. ~,~) of Section Twenty-four National Wildlife Federation has find many willing to cooperate. (24), in Township One Hundred constantly carried on a very aotive If ~here are any doubts as to one Hundred (100), West of the Thirty-seven (137) North, Range educational program through the the statements contained in this Fift]~ Prineipal Meridian Billings schools and colleges of the nation, article, t~e writer Will gladly show Couhty, Norm Dakota.' Said Defendants will further take They continually have a Washing- proof and reasons for these state- notice that no costs will be claimed ton correspondent who does great merits, by the Plaintiff against any of the ~ork In helping ,to kill detrimental Defendants not appearing or answer- wildlife bills in Congress and in The Wildlife Federation, bath lug. State and l~a~lonal, has always H.E. HANEY 'helping to pass the ~ ones. Wildlife bills run into the hun- dreds every year, so obviously, it is very importar~t to have some one continually watching, with an eye to the ,best interests of wild- life conservation. The S~ate and "National Wild- life Federations sponsored the ~itt- man-Robertson Act. Under t~is Act, a proportion of the excise tax )been at your service, and will con- ~inue to m~ke North Dakota and North America a better place for a true American to live and en- joy. FOR SALE-- 6-ft. No. 61 McCorm- ick-Deering Combine, in good condition. Harry Watembach, Wibaux, Mont. 41-4@p* Attorney for Plaintiff. June 14-21-28; July 5-12-19) W. J. RAY Attorne -al-Law PRACTICE IN ALL COURTS Medora, N. Dak. I FOR INSURANCE-SEE TOIJR ASSESSOR OR COUNY AUDITOIZ 5 rA r +IA 11. OSCAR E ERICKSO/V. C J. YE R$, MANAOEI 0 !