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Beach, North Dakota
July 7, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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July 7, 1960

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TttURSDAY, JULY 7, 1960 THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER. MEDORA, N. DAK. ,i i a d **c tion, ,10,i i ,The Auditor was instructed to ad-I C. A. Hannrast ~o Janitor I ! ver~ise to receive sealed bids for the Supplies : : .15.42' ~SH~NG |lfldllflillMIIQQlgttll~rQ "s~,ie of One Motor Grader Number Philip Malkc>wskl, Assessing l~U.b~J [~ / T|P$ [ ~L4~IF~I[KIKLKt~k~A.~IA~ t ~ :S-gk, 1939 Model. Bids to be openedl Bonnie Le~part, Clerk m 800! at l:36P. M. June7,1960 Thegrader Treasurers u~nc~as ~n----. 15e-ooi ~~ ~~. ',~mav be seen at the Peter Kordonowy[ Matt Logasz, ~ ~ l rroceemn s, farm 12 miles North and2 miles east t~fxm .L,u~beln ~nny, t [ < ',~," Bolfield Janitor SuDDHes ,~ 3.051 ~~.~ [[JII - and approVe~ffo~',pa~me~nt; 't ~t 1:0~ P M. 't~,' ~Lt~Ue auditing ': " ~ George I ad~m~$, ~al~r~" an,~ bill,-," ~t.ay ~, ~v Mileage / !.k=~ 4 ~. $134.80 Public Welfare ~,~ard of ,N.- . ] Meanra, ~orm 9a~Qta Peter Korckm~@y, S~l~ an4~ ~.~Dak Aid to Disabled Persons ~ 11.42] 10:00 A~ M. !" " ission Mileage ', : 115.80, ~P~t)lic Welfare :Board of ~,N. ! The Board of. Cou nt.y ~o~,m ~- Earl F. Joul~rt Salary and I Dak. Old Age Assistance 4~1.361 Jouber~ present ing ,Cat & ~at~ol~ ~ x~ 21z,80[ ,M.--~oan "'~ra<'t'-'~lSrY""an'i " The Minutes of the re.tarmeeting Elmer, E, ~ll~ns,]~ing " 0 ^ I Mil~age . 5,10 of April 5, I~ and ,~e Special .Meet: Patrol " : I ~,;~ z.z .~oi Maurlce A. Eilihg~i~n, Salary The aroma of the fishing Lv~g of April~19, 1960 were reaq/~na Joseph S. Karsky, Owera~mg - 00 and Mileage :: : 70.67engulfed itself in the nostrils of e~'T ' ~ ) ' ' ,~'" " i Patrol zoo I Tracer ~ Equipment Co ~-'~~-~~~---~ I Ted Cornell, Mileage ou.~u, Rental Road G~ler No. !~ - ~2.0~ angler from coast to coast. At ease~ d~l [ Win, W. Elch~orst, Expenses I Dickinson Supply Inc Re- .men, there is still time to get your fish- 1hi 11~e # 3& Mileage 90.30~ pairs 5.85 ing tackle, in shape. l lll nw8 t OUllt,Iedora Telpher, Co S,r- 1 Farmers c0. ~.~a~ ~.~ t vice ".i*~ ; 99.47 Dairs '--,*-.:-~--- " 14,95 If your tackle box has, been sitthag : .m.'o ' !,Globe-Ga~elt~~ ~OL),1 Aeme Welding SuPPly, l:~em- on a shelf in the garage or in a damp ; U ~ ~ ~u~ : ~,*,Supplies - :. : : u.t~ urrage Charges .: '.'. 3.60 pla(~ in your basement you can J~e. ,|||~l K~i~ht Printing Company l Litcl~field Steel Co ~rader sure that it needs some attention, ssys' ~* **~" ! Su~x~plies . v ~'52,Blades & Chains 2 : 759.66 the Evinrude Boating Foundation. ' a CmlttlUli~ll ~ t Marvin S lngman, Salary, I Bill Hammock, Trucking 120,00 When cleaning your tackle box be '=~ ~=~ ~ 15 00 ~a~ a~-v~ rw~r~w~" IM~tmrftalContlro~ ~g~t~. 3 . ] Northwestern Sheet & IrOn ll~tahl~ffih.d !. 111113 MalwrlnS 'Irtg~ank WIi~a~e. ]Work6, CulVerts ;= 339 sure to uses commercial cleaner. A'~ tit ~ 255 00 ~ Gasoline is also an e~ective cleaner. '~ - - -- n --"--,Mammal Co~ntrol ~e ~ Schultz Machinery Co ~ e- ~C~w~,~ l#~. n~ Jr~ltor I S~ark County Auditor,Law I pairs ~/.5,~. however it is highly inflammable and W.~Ie"I~]~R ~. ~I~.TTUI~ Books 34.94 Kt~bik Motor Co Re~ail~s . ~.Lo dangerous to use. A commercial metal IKIttor " l~unllsne1" Alice L. Le~A~er~ ",&~ I Dickinson Suoply Inc De- I cleaner will do the job surely and ef- ~ml'~: ILI.~ per year In adv~e & Mileage ~ .~ ' ~ : 59.03 murrage Charges : 7.38 ]~ t:~ ~n the Post Office at MedorL Miracle Gas Company, Pro- I Miller's Supply. Repa4rs . . 214.20, fectively. uounty. North .Do.zeta, F.eb- pane : 478-70t Quartrud, Brink & tt~bold I Rusty or oxidized spoons may be I$, 1~, as ma clam Imdttwe West Plains Elecf~rte; CoOp/ Ine Rel~irs 293 cleaned with metal cleaner I opened ~d@r the Act of March 3, 111711, Inc Electricity" ::~. :~, r./:' 20.65 United Auto par~ Co Re- t my tackle box the other day and found Newspaper of the CotterS' ~ Remlng~n Rand Div Office"- 4- pairs . = 14.50two of my spoons pretty well tar- State of North Dalm~L ms4Suv ~l!es ~ ~ 1~. ~ Farmers .Union Od Co - ~as- 106981nished. I used a little car polish ~tt~ ~t Beach. North D~k~a, Bflhngs L'ounty Pioneer, ~ub- oline & D~esel FueJ . 1 ]Mobil Oil Co Delwac 920 4C.70 because it was the only thing avail- Tractor & Equipment Co able at the time. If rust spots remain Rental of D-6 175.00after the metal cleaner is used then @% 'Robert LeDoux, Common try a pencil eraser . . . it does wonders. Labor 22.50 Don Lc~ffelmaeher. Common Wooden plugs can be put in shape Labor 4.00 with a little paint and a paint brush. Ralph O. Meschke, Common ,Fingernail polish also does a real good Labor 10.90 job of things. If your hooks need Floyd C. Ovhus, Common sharpening use a piece of fine sand- Labor 25.00 Tractor & Equipment Co paper or emery cloth, Rental of Road Grader N . [ Flies and buektails will be as good 14 552.00 ] as new afte~ s good steaming. Use & fan or hair drier to dry them. Now take a look and see if the hooks need on Jamous afi bras and Skippies " Long Leg Skippies First quality Formflt $kipples with EXTRA, thugh c~tmll Sale priced for a limited time! Firm nylon elastic net with setin elastic back ~nell Pretty nylon lace front panel for extra control! 2V~ inch waistband to s!im waisflinel * ~ * Style No. 865, White, S.M.L FORMFIT FIBER FACTS: All nylon froht paneI~ rayon, 'her eIas~h:, nylon,~i4~ ryder, Re@. Romance Bra 0 Cool co,on w th nylon level "Ny .Brald" drcle-s c ed cups for lasting vplifll E a, flc r eme for c mfcxrtl S fle No. 507. W e, 32 to 36A, 32 tO 35B and C FORMFIT FIBER FACTS: A!! ot m wflboH upper bu t. / I want to thank all the our county for the fine meat the maries. I Tractor & Equipmenl Co Repairs 148.62 Tractor & Equipment Co, R(pars 32.34 to be honed. BurroughsCorporation, Ser- ]f you have trouble with the so|u- vices rendered 13,90tion of pork brine like I did, pick up Arnold Njos, Bridge Planks 826,84 a few plastic bottles from a driver Social Welfare Bills Nos. 5336 to[ variety store. The brine won'tr~eak 5~44 Inc were also ~pproved. I Reports of various c~ficers were up- and you won't have to worry about. proved as follows: rusted bottle covers. Small plasti~,~ Audito~ l bottles are also good for ho~ks, April-Transfer Fees 50 sinkers and other small pieces of ~tnl, Regist'er of Deeds I Check your fly, east~g or ~pb~nino~ April-1~ees Collected 66.99 Clerk o~ Court ] line. Replace it if it shoWS signs April-Fees Collected 50 wear. Clean and lubricate your County Judge and above all make sum that it% in April- Fees Collected none good condition. Staerif: Replace all damaged rod guides. A April-Fees Collected 55 Sheriff ] worn guide will cut a new April-Per. ProD. Taxes Col- line. Also cheek the windings on your leered 160.06rod to see that they are not eeming Havin~ no further Dusiness the lo0~. Board adjourned sine die. Th~ al~ the things that I ve been George Kadrmas, Chairman do~ for the past several Te~ a~. d Attest: h~ve found them very ~atisfactory Daniel Osadchuk, gett~ my gear in drape. Ta~. thin Auditor ad~c~ and do a good job ana your ' ~ ~ fuddag fun won't be ms}red with last Merchams appreciate It when mlnutepreparations. you tell them you have read Happy boating and fishing too. their advs and when a merekant /~uag advertises it shows he is tellln~ the world his prices are right : : :::::: .~5:: ~.:-'~.:: :~:::~: '.!:!:~i ::::::~ !qi:iii?q41 i iiil} There are a million of them[ Untold numbers of these men and women ac- tually owe their lives to information they obtained from the American Cancer Society. Fighting cancer is our bus- iness. We have all kinds of ammunition: posters; ex- hibits; film strips; easy-to- understand folders; hard- hitting, dramatic films. They're free for use in your office, your club, at your PTA meeting, your church socials, your community center. They're all de- signed to alert you, your family and your friends to facts about cancer which can mean the difference between life and death, Call or write the Unit of the American Cancer So- ciety nearest you. It's stocked with ammunition that could save your life. '] ANKS! My thanks to those who voted for me in the recent Primary. EleCtion iNIEL 0SADCH,:] PD~ni:d~O~Z:~, r=doTa,d!. for" 'bY $ r~ ESEK HOPKINS WAS THE AMERICAN NAVY'S FIRST COMMANDER IN CHIEF. HIS WAS THE PRECARIOUS ASSIGNMENT OF TAKING ON AN ENTIRE ENEMY FLEET WITH ONLY EIGHT MERCHAI~r SHIPS CONVERTED FOR WAR SERVICE. DESPITE THIS ILL EQUIPPED FOUNDUNG NAVY, HOPKINS CRUISED THE WEST INDIES STRIKING ENEMY PORTS IN SEARCH OF SUPPLIES AND LAUNCHED THE FIRST AMPHIBIOUS LANDING SO " FAMILIAR TO PRESENT DAY NAVAL TACTICS. / notice to th~ p~olic. At 9:30 a.m. CASE NO. 3~2: On a motion of the CommissiOn to consider the market demand for crude oil to be produced in the state.~f North Dakota during the. ~yn~l:~f ~t 19~0. At~ 1:30 p.m: ~A~E#NO. 4J~5:~rn "a motloil of the Commission to co~sider the pro- per spacing, for the development of the Fryburg-Heath pool in Billings Cour~ty, North Dakota. redefine the limits ~f said field, and enact such special field rules as may be neces- sary. N." D. Industrial Commission $ohn E. Davis, Governor. (lt) 1 : i~: A fourth group is research oriented. Business or industries in this category are not as numerous as in the other three but actually are within reach of many areas. These industries generally require high- ly skilled employees, such as engineers or scientists and those with such special- ized technical training. They serve such fields as agriculture, petroleum, elctron- ics, transportation, communication and others. Many desire to be near tech- nical schools or schools of higher learning so that their personnel can obtain further training. Relocation of these skilled personas de- mand good schools, shopping centers, medical recreation facilitieS, Is ;: cordi n'iini planning a sound gram? r~f~.ontact, the North ?