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Beach, North Dakota
July 14, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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July 14, 1960

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! VOLUME XXXVI I MEDORA. BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA THURSDAY, JULY 14. 1960 NUMBER 7 , T r Former Beach Girl Ray Mar man Hurt I E. Ueckert Wills Tony Kautzman Teenagers Hu t Brief Hailstorm m ,enmve lvnsnap I - . ,n t ar ACClaent I . . . . Killed Bv Auto Ray ,arma ,or years 1960 3011 UontestDies At Glendive ra.k Jab,o k, Jr Hits Limited Area " I a res~aea~ o~ 'ttea~, and She son " e I I Wibaux commtmity Bob S4hanltz{ , -year-old ~'eggy Ar~ol4~ c~ Katherine ~Viarman. oil Ervm E UeCkr in rt .of 'Beach wasi Tony ~Kautzman farmer of the. t of Yates," ' .and Ohariys-'- ,rod Lays= I Hal, struz:k, su~denly in this" was-Milled TbuPetav J'tfl~" 7 Glextdive, was entreaty ia~ named wlrme . "onCe 1960. GtN~A, n~th. Sentinel Butte comm.t~mW, Stubl, daught,~.~,~ ,f M d M,~ [~our~ty ~,~hts [Monda. y a@t. arvtoo~ "~ -" -, " ' . Soil Corme~vah A.chmvemer~t dmd unex~pectec~y at .the N.P. o,~ ; [ gbout 2"30 m, causthou- wthen etruok 'by a car on the m.:a ,Lz,uc~. a.cckden .~bott, for 71 . ' Ed .Stroll of 'Beaoh, w=, aL~l~bl . . p trig Contest program m the C~ldmt Hospztat m (~lendtve, Moat, tlhts . . Y sands of .dot} worth of mare .~n~et Of Miles Cit, w~ieh runes east or ~lenatve ~ms ~vton. . . " ,m ur . am crop -,Vattley Soft Conaervatmn Dlstricf.l Tuesday mornia~g Jul 12 He j ed m a one?car aoctde;nt &a . " " ~md ~ed no traHie fatalities afternoon, July 11, about 3 p.m Th "evernen~ r '" . ' Y t last ,Sunday mght" when me m~ge. .az~cl .breaking windows for almtJt8 --ears I w~,en me water ~rueK ,no was~ e ~ p ogram each had {had stomaoh m~gery there . ; and tearing ~lhm off a few ", " " " ' year honors one farmer or ranch- ,about a weeR previou#,y, and front:tire ,ble,~" o~ty. J~bla,~ki. buRdin~s 2~le h~ took a eai4 the child darted in- anv,m~g 'zor ~he :May and ,Sullivan . ear, me vemcle rouen over once, " to fine ~ne of traffic `fa~om b~o Coa~w~ctmn Co. rolled over, m- er m the ~oc~l Soft Conservation pnetm~oma arm other comph-[ in the middle -,~ ~ ~- -~ ~-~] path ~om ,the state line ~ear twe~ two parked .cars She was ~lictiag a f~actured jaw, ~break-'I Distri.~ for his. 'ouWtandir~g con-' catiorts resulted in. his deal~h. He' m;~,~, :.~,~',~,~:."~t" ~=f Odlan~'~ Dam, ~going SE ~or ~e sta'tw.k lb'-~ a car driven" ,b~ A~en ing his shouader ,~tade, arid re- servaqon e~torm The ---" :- ; :--^-~ u ~.: :. -1~ -.-. ~o ~ ~-~ . . wxmx,=r ,l ~ o~,v,v~ ,u~, ,in wae etm* "t wes ink ~. ~: I mos~ part. ,awarded. ~ arge~. ~tored c~hfldren. 1 'L~^ . Sm'ne of those wtho have re. ~.~%~ "#h,~,* 9~z Miles Citv l su, ing at,so in mu,ltiple cuts l ~ - ~ ~ ,~,~ ~a~ ~a~ and 1woumted oto " t 1 n . y, St~]fl w,~ the more set- . I l~a graph.of his l~.u oral servmes wA1 be held, po~ed ero loss ia~ude bakery trtmt driver waie~t reqmrea many st~tenes m farmstead. Sidney Conne$1 wasl Frid, ay. $udy 15, at 10 a.m. atl'* us!y ~.v rt, w~$ abram con- Still, CliftOn Bahaal Clair ~.~ :Nieibe told o~icers he had~ eiose. II " ' r catssion, aaer sister cnarlys nay- . ' ,ast year's wmne. I St. MiOl~els Cathahc cdaurda m lDorta, ld Kittelson, the Sdm~ just Cleared an interseotion with . 'He w~ rushed via. a.n~ula, nce The photograph will be pre-] Sentinel ,Butte, with Rev Rush- mg a,patraua*sno~mer m]u.~. "i:neI fm~n w~i0h use to be ~r~ a grC~n eight mxl ~ blinded by m me ~" ~osptmt m ~lencuve, sented .to the winners of the 77~ ford o~ficiati.r~g. A more complete ~oys e~ap~ wire minor b~ i~s Krauses, Frank de~1~ er ~l~e*'~t~ ~he ram. w~ere he is now restir~g as cam-I Soil Cons. districts in ,the statel Obituary wm ~be carried in thel an~t cu~s. u,ney were m~ ugnt .m[ter very h~rd hit, ~os~' .~es~a ~Ilae daughter ~f Mr a,r~d Mrs.[ ~or~bdy as can ibe expected. He ition ba - me ~msmne ~terae~ ~epitat . --':'- ' at a ~eoogn,nquet held next edition. - I Roy K~n, ea~d ~y Kei~h ~ of Miles "CRy ~<~Tn-! is married, a~i has t~a'ee ,sma~ll duran~ the ~mu~I meetir~ of', ioy ~narvy ~mTttrz. or 4~o~ra ann some e ~.~ ~.- a~.~ .-- '~ er]~" of IBea~, was dead oa ar- sons~ Ray is a :brother of Dwnl "~ ] ~ , fine ~N D A~qn of Soil Conser- ]~ ILl -- - T I o~mnm rm~ee~, wrtose car was ~ ~,~ n ~,~,+ o. e.;,~ ~ ~. a~.~ viral at a "Miles CiW daospi, ta4. Marts'ran of Beach, owner of the - -. " ~'"* " t [B ! l" ~at-ni~l- R]tOllt~ Jt~t~ i bd~imi $~Moneki's about a halD "~-~ ~" 2"-- a~ 2r~e aeciderrt h~pepened nearl Madman Service and Plurabmg~,ve.~mn u~swm~ ~ ~a~arc~ mrs ~rl~^4-,! eOl~ ~#t~ ][!, ~lt[ mile 1 T~ere wa~ zmR, wind a~d da~- .m~l) I 1ul,~t ~o~/uu Jttt dO l I age from file driving rain as f~r ~2ae city',s western ed'ge about i, Shop. '~ ] J~dges for this program were:l t=. ~ /north as ~Bonnie View P'~e litl~le girl'qs "the grand- Vancouver Jr. Band ] Nix ,Ravin Cour~ty Anent Wi Loans, g $3~,V~ were l-Jl ~c~ .~-~ ~ .- ":-" t~aux" Mr Bor~tson SCS Wi~.~ lltaue 'off tile ,rallll't~lb Fl%21lie k~U ~fie! O m ~"b* * ~ d~<~,~ ;, 4-~. ,-.~. of Beach C0IIIIII~ duly 4"~'40 'I 1 s ~ ~ dat~ghter of (Mrs. Ellen Arnold ~.~**.~. 1 I ')~ O~ | ~ a~a Bi"li ~w~u~n nrv an area sot~mea~ oz and ,Mr *1~o Snow of 4Be~^~- Imrmstrati n to fapm families m tfl 1 ILJO.1'0 lttlSlng They were acompaonied ,by Walt t .r~gs ann ~omen valley! Howard Hess wtho owned the~ t~v~n at .the farms of ~Les Vamvig, 4~uneral services were *held on! The Vancouver Junior Band| Mat durst A e t~ounties aurir~g me 1960 iscal ' ' ' Saturday, July 9, at the Sacred . ;, ~ b :nce Iand tsOn,c~a ,tonC ,Bartz' Y Scs.g rrt,~B Beach, year, acc0rcting" to Joseph J .G iva. Oil Company for t~e pastl, Vmbanzls, ,Hangar Johnson, Bob v ~,~,Y eaoh. I Sch.neider the a~enc,'o u,~,~i 16 years, sold out the tatter part j ~l~ve, ~oa ~i~er, ~u~ter, (~mr- near~ ualllOllC @nur@n in rifles . "e ch on Sunda Jul 24 and' ' ~" -'" "-" ""-'' enee and xr a.^~ .~: ~.~ . m ~ a y, y C1W awd mtermen,t was ,there. ~ ~,~ o~ ~ m ~,~] n-m, ~ ~r su ervio^r ,~. ,c: ~ ~:.~ ^~ ot dune ~o ~awm t ~smg, also or v.:u= r = ~, ~ ~. : a ,~ 1. M a~, ~,~z I ~r~h~ |'EIn ~/i~J'~l~ ~fi I the Galva commumty The labterJ Lo ,g. ~th Ip'~:~ably the most o.e m ~.~v ~-~ ,~ ~= ~.~ about 47 mem,bers m this band~ ~ .~v ~.~ a~--*.~,A ce a,~ so'yves ~atrmers m ~tarK bui~di .u count" mh,~ ~-.~,~; ; x);N has now .~aKen over operation of ng ~amage oz a~ a~ me ~. 2 s~sters, and 5 brothers t i composed of boys and girls aged g-~~ p,~ !. ~', ~I ~ .'~'*~ ~ ~ ~ ~.'~'i the business I Strietz farm. The hail and rain -- -~~ 3 to 17. I ~ imgs arm ,L, omon valley cou,nues" ". . on neIereneum, located in the Bill'mes vlye Hess t.r~ormed the .News ~ar~/u~g $~.m 1 to 3 mdaes, rea l- .rt~-t-~u JU~,] 'o Cotrnt, . -. "l ,b " A,'r '%1~=1~ I,T~TT~'~. The are all ~ery talented, and, ~ I~'our~ ~. i. ,ra.d ~ ~ ;~ that ,his ~u,ture ,p~ans are m,dfft-I Y rougnt a qumK ena ~o me present an exce~ent show. The ~ne ~LU'~r~gS ~Otmty ~arme~s'v - ,~,~ ,~ . . , ~ rote at tht* t~-ne but ,~h,~ .h,~ ,~1 auctton sale at ~e late J. F. Mr. and ,Mrs. Clarence Hanson young people wikl ,be aecompa were reminded today that wheat .open wec:,nesaay, "vnursaay, ana co,~i,~,~,i,~ ~. - ~,~,:.~.~:~ ~.~I Stecker's farm, with water sta~d- Fr day mormr~g of ea~ week of .Belffield were honored at an nied by 4 adults. They ,have ap ,groovers ehg,ble to oast ~ba~o!~ with i~. L::: Mi~n. and in mmngs, Mont. Uessiir g up to the bumpers on the m me JUly rezerena'um on ~ - ----,- ~z ; ~. ,~ t cars parked the~e The sale will open house in observance of ,their ,peared ,here before, and were ex rn . . ~o b*.c ~Jxt 'u~- da~xc 1-1~, w~'~i- I " 25th wedding aniversmw. OverI u-emely well liked, w~heat quotas are ,those who would Wed esday ~ 'be continued .the ~ollowin,a Mon ~ -~ 't~orrowers r0naid $81 78a dur~w JJui'ntvr nt:wcspapernluat ot ,*- "~ ", ~00 guests called ,to eon.gratu- Rooms will be needed for the tt)e su,ojec~ ~o .me. marketingI in, g the --ear on'-lomls of' all ~-- " the Sentinel ~Bu~e, Beadh andJ see me No~iee elsewhere in :ate the coulple, young people, for their over- qu.o~a.iihe programterm "eli *[ i'blelZ is voter"apPr ved'in I oDtamea-" " e ;Yrrom me"2 .~armers- l-lome--~PeS Golva comm.u.n~ty, t this ,paper . ~x~rmerni~g ~is. A The ~i}ctren of ,Mr. and ~VIrs. i nig~t stay in Beach, and anyone g ~namtms~vauon Their payments I floc~f of chickens at ~ae ~tec~er ~rtson made the preparatiortsiA~ving room~ avail~ble should 'this ear's JUly 21 referendum r "~I r " Y . . t ,u m~waxect, wtm some bem~ ffor the celebration. They wereL contact either Don ,Miller or Bar- ,0~. 1961 wheat quotas, in, tides on loans ma~.nly ~rom the Edward Crook .Wins r ed @ore ~g watem sa~e o~ gram ann nvesmck Im ~ f Miss Cleone :Hanson, Mr. and ney ~runsvold. They should State ~21 '(hose ~farmers in N. rD who ' " .~.~1~I~ .~#~h~l~*~r~ "n the aPm~,a~d. .Mxs. Arlys .H wa~n and ,Mr. and vChether ~ey wottl~d like girls wi~l ~be engaged in the 'produc-' proveme~ts ,w~h~Ch(~otoen vaney countyB!llingSIarmersand ~" V Seve~l television towers were bits. Le Roy Hanson. or boys to stay at their home. lion of ,the 1961 wheat crcto arid ' ' " r " I~dward E. Crook. of Arroyo beret or blown doyen by the ~Servi~g ,at the coffee table Let's extend real western hos- who wed ~harve~ more ~han 15 ha~e achieved,Mr. S~xneider Grande, Calif an animal bus-storm, vchi'cth did not strike i~ -crc~ of w~heat ,for grain on their sam, in,clude better dairy herds, bar, dry senior at Calif. State Beach. The crop damage ~om the :Misswere ,Mrs.L0rraineHerbertNewtonAlten, burg.the firstand pitality to th~se you'r~gs~rs! ~arm.~. more pigs saved from eaeh lit-P01~ytech, r~ic Co~lege, San Luis~ail is estima.ted to range ~rom {hour, /Mrs. Leon Hetlick~on and To Calif. -- Acreage placed in con,servation ~ to total 'loss. tar, better housing for ~t~ean- Obispo campus, has been named ~-Mm. ~oger Newton the secondl Josephine &berneVhy left ~.~.rve,'.nber t~he Soil Bar~k Pro- a.~d their livestock and wi~rmr of a sctmlarship for the {hour, ~nd durir~g the last .~ur recen~1'y for Quincey, Ca~.ff, to 7tame ~d will~ be oductmnV nsideredo as de- I armequtpment'omer m~p~ovements" improved pasture,that 1960-61 co~tege year. Reclamation Towers ~Ms's. Ed Schxnelir~g and ,Mrs. W. sper~d several mor~ths v, ith her " ,t:. to '~he.Dr ' " . f Wheat, assure' defter" ,net' income 'and He warded a S 00 Are Being Hoisted Balanuk b~ved. " son and fami}y, ~Mr. and Mrs. .nerumre, iarmers wno nave arship dormted by .Mrs. IIarry f more saus~aetorynvmg levels A large thxee-tier cake decor- Howard Larsen Friends wis~-r).accd ,their entire arm in con- ' Hu.ston of Pasadona. C~lif. The -- :, Throughout the countiesare The many U. S. Bureau o~ ated sil~ er was ~aked by ing to write m her may addre~ -r"'~r~'nreservewm ,de eng- man f sc~ol~rsh~ was aw~arded on t~e , y ~rm Iamnes wno nave ;b e ~t~ xote pro~idin'g ~at such ' ~ basis of past cOtlege work and Reclamation towers, which thick- ,Mrs. Gene ,PelO:~ ,~nd ~VIrs. Wol-lher mail to i~er at Box 1042, in ~"-~- ~"~ ~' ~" w~" ,-r,~ borrowed in former years a~d tedtmica,1 ski~. area. were hoisted i~to ~lace, ty dot the cotmtryside in this xon. In ~da, arge of .lhe guest ~book] Quincev. " a---a~e . . " ~'ot--;,-,' of more than 15 acres ' are shtl making ~eheduled re- Edward is the son of ~Mr. and were [Mrs, ~Nick de. [Mrs. Harc~ldl .~ starting ~is past week, in the ~ahkington and Leve~n OueKette. To Glacier Park -- Each i~dividu*al,s right ,to vote payments. Many other familie~ Mrs. J. F, Cro~k of ~he Trotters Sentinel Butte area. The tower~ rmw ~a~ming in Bil, lings and "Ehe guest book was a gift from Mr. and Mr,~. Juiiu~ Larso ~ depends entirely on h~s or her area. Golden Valley Countms and who their ~ildren. spent vhe pa3t holiday weaken/own qualification~s. This provis-i t -- ~ are all asse~,v~bled on t~he ground, ]VIxs. ~effrey Al}ten~bttrg ,and]visiting w~h t~ebr ~wo daugh- ion a~o applies to mino~ wha nan ~orroweo. ~rom FHA have complete, wit~ e~ty the insu~a- -- Missionary,s, To Speak ,Mu~s Virginia Wokel assisted ilwters and families . in Montmm. ~ro ~h.~.~ ",~,~ -~- OW repaid thmr ,ioa~ s in fret le~t Saturday, July 2 for -*,F~armers ~o-have" any ques-I and are irmnc~x~g their need, At M t, after -*: ::t~eyW~eare.3" erected,be put on~bythe.~:rtthe ~ A kite~eU.purse of silver and manyIITheySidney, Where they visited ,Mr. lion. about their eli-ibilit~o, to :^'e' ~n, ks and o~er n,d rs eth dist Church A. ~ a. Construction Co. gL%s were given to the couple.1 and Mrs. ~'aul Skolsky and then in ,the St~lv referendu~n ~thou~ldi The 'budk of the ~u .n~s borrow- The Rev. Kenneth Lister, who A, large crane, with long trail- get m 'vou~n w~,m me cou,nty ~ i went on to 'S~el~by, Mont. to the -. ----:" ed ate in operating '~oans, plar~s ,to serve as a missionary er~ behind 'to carry the big boom, unose made m pay costs of feed MARINE SYM/NOW t Russell Zm~i:[ ,home. From there office for further reformation. If It~ Kenya Colony, Africa, will dame .here to do the hoisti, ng. a voter's ehglbrhty to vote should :IN OP~-R&TION "SEA H&WK" all three couples went on to v~-~e~, ~arwnzer, pesuea,~s, live- speak at the Bea0h Methodist Several can be put in'to l~ace I Glacier Park, returning ,home on be nuestione4 h~ ,m~v vote a sme~, ma~mmery af~a eom.pme~t, (~uxch July 14 and 1'5 at 8:00 in a few h'ours, this way. The ~v~arme r~c. ~oger w ~ymmow, .' ~ ~uesaay, July a. cha]~ler~oed-" ~ " ~'ba~lot,* wh~" wi~l" to make recommended adjust- p.m. each evening and at both towe~s are takl, somev~here be- don of Mr. and IM~s. J,~n,n ~ym~-] " ~. ~now of ,Frybu~g, N. D. pa'rtie!, I Visi, Here--. be t~bu4ated later as valid when ments m ~armmg systems. Bor- m.o~r~ir~g and evening service on ~%veen 90 and 100 ft. in height, and if ,its validity cain ~e e~ab- ~.w,~gs auwng the year to meet the 17th. and they will con, nect the Ft. ,pated ~n Opeation "Sea Hawk 'Mr. ~d Mrs. Maurice Knut ~;~,~ ts vype o~ neea totama ap- A talented ,tenor soloist, Rev. Peck Dam with ~he Garrison ~ear 'P<~ar~k, Korea. June 14-21, scm an d family, former Beach ~ ,proximately $52 T)0. Lister will also sing severa~ gas- Dam. when completed.