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July 14, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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July 14, 1960

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BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER White House Conference Booklet Available opened a culvert beneath U. S. 83-- I the highway separates the Garrison and the Snake Creek reservoirs. Opening of the culvert permits Garrison reservoir water to flow into the Snake Creek reservoir, now at about 1,801 feet above sea level. Engineers said it may take a month for the level of the Snake Creek reservoir to reach 1,809 feet, the level at which they plan to stabilize the Snake Creek pool. The culvert will be closed when the Snake Creek pool has reached 1,809 feet, and can be opened for replen- ishment of Snake Creek if the Snake Creek level drops below 1,809. Not until it reached 1,810 feet did Garrison reservoir begin flowing in- to the Snake Creek pool. Presently, use of the Snake Creek reservoir will be limited to recrea- tion. There already is some fishing in it. ---4:t-- North Dakota's Greatest Farm Coverage - Gets Results BUYING SELLING Rotes: 14c per word first insertion--no od less than $2.80 12c per word each additional issue, $2.40 minimum SEND DI]gECT TO: BISMARCK CAPITAL ond ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS Main and MJnd~ 8tre~ BISMARCK, N. D. For Sal 2 F)r Sate: Sover:tl g~,) l gT:~Jn and stock farms. Some equillp,~d. .l,'ttno.~ ~. S |Ig Kyte, P~*al ~-~tate I,~raz,~, Minn. 1 n Ill Wanted The new Trail West edition two roles and serves as assis nt di opened this week in the Custer f rector She plays Mrs. Marie De- W.--7~n~. Memorial Amphitheater south of/ Rudio and attends to choreography,or hoiida~, x~;orl~; 'tw,) ~'ee[~s'* p~tl~l l a - 'The r fr -~- --- ~ vn~"ltl o.wh re.l," st'~ "t,n~ salal~ Mandan more hve y na more / y a e om t~napet nm ~. ~. h'~'s~ d on (~x,f, ~n'~ " " ? ' "; ""'a"? ~ "~ ~, I :'" ' 'e -notun(lor ~[~)o specactular than last years presen-] Ona Carlson of Mmot isalso re-r'(k~ l'htrmn -" ' ~ "c 1" " : h / 'a '," cb, 1~ ~ "1:4[ )~'II, l~lont. [ tation, thanks to some basic c andes} turning as Mrs. Gardiner and los in the script and an all-aroundI turner for "Trail West." Female Help Wanted 26 sp~ UAPmpitheater stage has been ]plCyrl Swaf:?e7 oV/Ttv~iTt~nltMmnd I r~t' Wj~.l~'l~;~:!'$4~":~n,?~%n fm~e~ attend n ~ ~ ths N* ~ H~gh ~ heel btuld~n 35 enlarged to hold a bigger brighter[ Lt. Charles DeRudio. He s l *', '~ - " " " g' . " " 'O * leacher ~yst+,ll Apt V to :-~tpt tI' [ show whmh ]scertain t please[ Augustana College Sioux Falls ~. "" . " ' l ' ' [ ~tll.'rHlry, II}tlIO~'K. ,~llIlll. 1 tourists andlocalresidents alike.~s. D. I- " - Certain tomake a brand new hit v [J leO " " [ Maril n Steegstra of Grand Rapids 1 e's hal with audiences are tim added scenes Mioh "is seen'as "the ~irl with the -* " -*- fr'-nti'-- ~if- -nd +he ,'~'~e"1 "Y ' " ( Al{IC FOIL [rN, I%I'I I[,'I) MOT[-[[,)'R.S v~. ~.y ~. vv - red parasol" ~ne just compmtect nor l~ottme (,t'tt'e':o~ & ~ " " "~' ' * * * ' * ' |ll n Ill IllO /ll ~4[m hdlmde sk~rm,shes of Fort Lincoln I work at the University of Michigan St So. Fargo, North Dakot~t. XV,'ite ml- soldiers and warring Indians. ]'md nlans to teach [l)t,rinondent fo rinfor~ ~ tion All in- " " " a ed "" "- " (luirles exmfldentlaI. obtained by writing the Superin- -E " q: " --7 - The productmn ~s being st g [ Playing the role of Pvt. Driscoll! Hjaimar Nygaard. Enderlin, is tendent of Decuments'U' S'sG V'l~ice. Wa hin seEngiineersI rtinc'statewat:ercO-n'-rwatOncOmm ssion in ~amarcK eden weeK:Wednesdayucl~essen at Sz and $; thr utghSun 'ay^evening is Don Costrove, St. Paul, student at showP reviewing the state's first " ~ernment Printing Off," g-' " . ; St. Thomas College. of Me 1506 ~ithAve e" copy of the recommendatmns of the. o~ r~ c, Price 35c I noted the Snake Creei~ reservoir with children under 12 adm,tted for/ N "'~'- . . nu South. Far,a. ~ ~usv in tne rotes ox tbol. l ounrs- dim a~ota. AI! inquiries confidential ~v, .~, .- ~. I o the Garrison h 1960 White House Conference on ~ ~-~,easternmost part f I alf prate. Lap-slzed k~ddms go free./ ~ -,^, d ~ I Children and You~th to talk t): --- ~--- r " ' ded to b uerry, w. w. mw*~,ap at, ~a g~ ,reservoir system, is mten e lShowhme ~s around sundown; itsI I Noflce 29 Governor John E. Davis. ~It~'- = lit the supply source for the proposed I advisable to check with the Trail[~rTr~hnr~o~t:? ~s a::t~v~.i~ea~e~ [ - o'ecl " n'n andan U iS LA.RGEST wholesale supply In O. G ~rnson d~versmn pr ] I West off~ce by telepho ] g M Ny~a:,rd, chairman of the Gover-. IvlISS0Url 1~0W I ~ " ' . I work since graduation from the Uni- I Furnltur ciotaing. appll~nces auto. nor~ Cc'nm;ttee on Children and! -" I ~ o = . i In that oroject a pumping station. 2889 or 445~. [ versity of North Carolina I and accessories, tarm equipment: tools Youth, led a delegation of forth~ ~::fbyGe;ohnGeGrg[/ ~grhgi[~u~:~6~t~7~ :~SoWuSo~x~C[t~yu~ho~ii Nor!h Dakotans to the Nat o*,l Backing mI0 gtr te : r : tt,?:o ir tdol cTS:rles dipt rt Conference held March 27- April e ingMikerePcr~Cre' ~eCaf:o lSsagain A " ' oI souno acript supervisor dUCfith I Ne~ q-l* ~ ~lt "r'|',t)r lilt h Modernize 2, in the N'ation's Capitol. " ~ rinse water and start it on its way according to Director George Pole-I ' The conference publication Reserv0ir rm i~o~ a system of ca~a::d anndd[tes. [Larson of Litchfield, Minn. also[,l: {::'!l,::' *~s;:~:,/'t;!i'i'{:'l" --'-i:n~!"llln ,ew natural water courses east ~ ' [ Gill is an instructor in speech[,~ *~'e role of Mrs Oalhoun SheI " -~" ' ' ' ", a y a- rains lh- recommendations of lay .~art;~::Ur,re:~:rirW::e$ i:rb?ck[nh;! tbc state, i at the Umvermty of Minnesota, and/~"a student at the College of St.I '//::';-'-i';',~',~'i'::,ex':;,l.'li,?,!',!y' "/~"](~lIC~,ra{} and I~rofcssional leaders and is a t~ ' ~ -, :~on resera veteran of summer stock. /,-~^.~ ~ e,o St Paul [M, 300, 400, John I)(, A. I] (] Mas- guide for state and community for the first time into the Snake ~lm the ,evel ot ~:art~ - ~" - Tedden of "'innea ells/ ~a~.~ o, " " " ~*,v Ilqrris 44 4414 ~ Ivor 66 77 t~, action in tbe field of child welfare. Creek reservoir east of U. S. High- voir ,tse]f now arotmL 1,e~nJtgin~::~t pl~rapart of Libby ~uster ~v~iss] Robert Porter BJC student from .~.l,lt zt~ Satisfi,etio, uun'ranteed. Cop~es of the publication may be way 83, army engineers reported. I above sea level, A y " / x,ta,ua,a~""'~" to o ~.~' ao~ z,*aj~,*~4"" ~x~,x,~.~,~ lq~, v(ur local implem nt dealer or I Tedden teaches dramatics atSt. ' " write Bridgeport e~qtliDlll~,Ilt ('onlpany, Paul. A. Reno and Spotted Tail. Ronald [~ridKeport Nebra.~kn. 1 Mrnak .also of Mandan. has ben The role of Custer's friend. Sgt. cast as Pvt. Maquire. Pvt. McGuker Livestock 7 O'Rourke, is played by Robert Har- and Capt. Myles Keogh. This is his rington, St. Paul, a graduate student second year Phil Blank, New Salem, at the University of Minnesota. is back again as Pvt William Gar- For his second year, Robert Stuck- diner and Col. William Ludlow. enbruck, instructor in Bismarck Jun- Lyle Frankl. Mandan, returns as a mr college speeeh department, is guard and Pvt. Tarbo~. Melvin Bar- the historian-narrator. Organist will nett of Mandan is bac,~ a-* gorporal be John Ellis. Mandan. of the guard and Pvt. McGillicuddy. Sitting Bull is played by Rein- hold Schuster. graduate of Bismarck Junior College, who came to this country from Austria in 1957. For ,')ale: PITI%I':T~}t.t,:I) HERE~F'ORI) POLLED BULI,S AND HEIFERS A. [~]. Nelson "4"ilton N. D 37 tlolsteias: 60 hoad of ~l)ringin~ heifers ;~l,t cows. }}ll c:~lfho.)d vaccinated. :~lhq (',-rtifit'ates fur~d~lw0. %11 TB ~trtd lI:Irl~s tested. ('at[ |/lll/4"holz and Soil. 11ut(-hinsi)n MJtln. lltl~}! ,{i 1305 --13(hi 1 Also returning for their second season are William Dixon and his wife. Mrs. Barbara Dixon. He plays Dave Haney of Mandan is seen as Top Wisconsin Hob~tf, hl and C'nernsey an Indian runner and tm two military ('alves tad cow's ~h p0~d ,)n approval roles Larry Weigum of Mandan lu v P.lott. Box 552 Mukw~mago, WIse plays an orderly a",d~ Pvt. V lllis 47-~ Wright. Robert Mischel of Mandan i play the roles of Capt. Benteen and Crazy Horse. For Sale 8 For ,%ale: 3360 acre ralleh, 15 miles to Glendive and weekly Inarket. good %V;II(~F ~Llld fences. 5mnll I uild n~,'s $22 I)er aero. "29r~ dovcit I'L~ bal~tl/ve~ Gttelff I{o ~l Igstate. I'hon~,5-:1170. Glendlve, Moat. 52-1 I,'f,r ~ah': Beautiful wooded 70 acre l,"mt, l'2tst I,ost lAtke near l~'ergus b'aIIs, lots of nice lake shore, 2 cabins, ol~e Inodt~rn, excellent fishing, good roads. Ideal campsite. Write ~'Irtck L. lohns,>n. Underwood, Minn Route No. 52-1 Business Opportunity 9 i~'or .~tlo: Y~ar around modern lake home Completely furniahed. Beautiful rake. safe beach, James I~ KYte, Reel bkntate Fr'~Lzee. Mlnn 1 For Sale: C~bln Motel and filling sta,- t Jl'*n. b*'ull year around. Real money maker. Terms. James ]~. Kyte, P,~RI Iqstate, Frazee, Minn. 1 Farm Equipment 4 M~ssey Harris eolnbiiles, new. 14 fOOt 92 $5,950.00. 1E foot Super 92 $6,700.~. ~. Anderson, Selden. Kans. 52-1 North Dakota Newspaper Arran, Bismarck N. D. 1960--1 Pot Roast for Father's Day ] IF THE MAN In your house likes to sneak into the kitch- en and lift pot covers to sniff- test what's cooking, a pot roast simmering in its flavor- ful gravy would bring delight to him on Father's Day or any day. A slow cooking, boned rump roast, about 4 to pounds, is just right for this special occasion. It is large enough to make an impres- sive platter and yet simple to carve and serve. If there are leftovers, treasure them. This tender well-seasoned meat makes hearty sandwiches and a' cold supper of salad and sliced pot roast is a pleasure. Select lean high quality beef and allow 1 pound per serv. ing of boneless roast. Other cuts of beef which may be used are arm or round bone pot roast, blade pot roast and boneless sirloin tip. Have am* or round-bone pot roasts and blade pot roasts cut at least 2 inches thick. Plan to allow at least 3 hours of slow simmer- ing to bring the beef to the table in top taste form. The pot roast may be cooked on top of the stove or in a mo4- erate oven (350 ). Savory pot roast Is flavored with anchovy and spice and the resulting meat and gravy is certain to please any man. Be sure to have lots of mashed or boiled potatoes to drench with the delicious gravy. Serve buttered vegetables, relishes and apple pie for this special meal to honor Dad. SAVORY POT ROAST 1~/~ teaspoons mixed pickling spice 1 onion, chopped ! beef bouillon cube 1 cup hot water 2 tublospoone flour 1/4 cup water 1/2 cup liIht cream e Season meat with salt and pep- per. Brown In hot shortening in a deep sklllef o1' dutch oven. Add an- chovy poItu, Iugar, vinegar, splci and onion. Dissolve bouillon cube In hot water and add to meat. Cover tightly and simmer over low heat for 3 houri. Remove meat to serv- 4-5 pound bonuleis rump roast 1 teaspoon salt Pepper 2 tablatpoons ihortenini 1-2 ounce tube anchovy paste 2 teaspoons sugor 2 tablespoons vinegar inI platter. Skim off exse~ fat. Combine flour and water. Add to meat iuices in pan and cook until mlxturo boils. Stir in cream and cook until thickened. NOTE: The plcldln~ spicu may be fled In cheeseclatb Ind removed when gravy Is made. LIVE 0 Copyright |t550 We~ Otmw h~k,~m~ Cancer Deaths T0ia1782 The state health department re- ported this week that Slope county was the only North Dakota county to escape recording a death by can- cer during 1959. The report said there were 782 deaths in the state attributed to can- cer, Of this total, 432 were men and 350 women. Brick is beauHfu| and e er- lasting, economicai to buikl with and free from mainte- nance COBtS. Provides better resale value and wil! make your house a dream home, t Democratic Women to Present Pointin9 right: Mrs. Dale Langford, Mrs. Ed[ Lorentzen, well-known Mclean Schauer, Mrs. R. G. Harnes and Mrs. "m,ntv painter, was' named North Joseph W. Cleary. ~Dakota Artist of the Year in 1957. Burleigh C o u n t y Democratic- NPL Women will present this Henry Lorentzen painting to the Gover- nor's Mansion next' week. Left-to- IKE REVIEWS TROOPS iN RED SHADOW-President[P. Stoic, commander of the First U.S. Corps. Eisenhowerreviewsmassed troops of the ROK 6th i Eisenhower also visited lonely U.S. outposts Corps only 15 miles from the North Korean bor- ] along the truce line, recalling his previous tour of der. Riding with the President is LL Gem Harry I the Korean lines after his election victory in 1952.