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July 19, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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July 19, 1945

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PAGE EIGHT THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER THURSDAY, JULY 19, 1945 " " " kl - THE [ Geo. Osterhout of Black Rl~er Memorial Services Oscar Clann New Helen Dulets I} pRfi~,]~i~lN~ 5TTTTITFIfl /1ATTITm,/ IFalls' Wisc arrived last Friday 1 ,BlhblRUb UURII If r an extended visit" For K. Wolf Held Member State Of Belfie d Wedstt auumcm.euc, PIONE ]guest of friends in town Sunda~. I James Cody of Belfleld was a. Memorial services were held in AppolntTment of Oscar M. Clsrin, A very pretty wedding took place!I i UUIRIRIflfllUI~JSItfl I During the electrical storm on ~le Town hRll at Medora las~ Sun- Beach, and Ervin Schu~acher, at St. Bernard's Catholic ^chur. cht L - - 5 A Continuation 'of / Monday evening light4qing struck day afternoon for Lt, Kenneth Drayton, as new mem,~ers o~ ne at Belfleld Monaay, Jmy 1~, when Medora, N. D. "THE BADLANDS COWBOY" ['the ,bar in the. office of the hotel Wolf, son of .Mr and Mrs Chus State AAA committee has .been an- Helen Duletski of Belfield and l July 3, 1945. Established in 1883 / H R JOHR ~O1~, ~anagez / . . . Wolf Of Medora, who, while on n0urmed 'by John Kasper, North Harold' Ode=ann of Elbowoods,'I tol0o0r~erA'b~q'A. M.eet~ngcoWr~,s ~laled /ana De,ore me 'maze could be put " " lout, it dld conmder~ble damage. duty on a born, bar over Germany Dakota AAA chairman, were united in marriage. The mar-~ man of the Board; Roll call show- W.W. MAJ.~UW~I, ~aanager I . " i ,ea i~l. o. lwaIKowsKi, wm. ~isKevmn aT~ T. LEBO IW ana~in~, Editor| Luckily some of the boarders had last November, was first reportedI :Mr. Clarin, who has been active rlage serv ce was 1onowea .by a and A. E. Boicourt present. Min- "~ ' ---" 1 not retired and discovered the fire as missil~g in action, but whose,in ,the range part of the 9rogram Nuptml High Mass. Th. ey gave a' rUtae~ :n~d t~.rola:dt sr~.ztidngbyW~e Entered in ,he Post O,ice at I~Iedora,~be~ore i'~5 hRd gotten a good start cuary 15, 1934, as second class matter/ otherwme CViedora might; have been death was later reported by the since 1933, lives on his 320 acre aance .~ne same evemng ~ t~e Chairman an~i~ attested by the Coun- ~illings County, North Dakota, Feb- - , War .Department when ,he was farm in Golden Valley county. 'His Memorial hall. Mrs. Odermann was I ty Auditor. . } under the Act of March 3, 1879. [ without a hotel. nr,~ f~rrn~ tho ~,m~ one of the teachersin .theFry- ~oara passed tne ~onowing Dins:[ ~hot down in German territory, son Robert, -~~Peter J Htebechuk O er- I P Official Newspaper of the County of[ ,Mr. and Mrs. Tom Porter of Services were conducted by t~ev. farm in conjunction wi,~h his 1600 burg scnool me pastyear, ating patrol $ 105.00 Billings, State of North DaKota.| ~rv~ur~ motored to ,Medora last John Roberts of Beach, aasisted a~cre ranch. Commissioner Malkowski made a Published every Thursday at Medora,| ~- "~ . bY Rev Hulzh Anderson, aLso of' ,~ ~ ~ o~ ,~,~,~ %VlLLIAM McCARTY ]motion, which .w, as" .seconded by Billings County, North Dakota. |Sunday and spent the day wit~ i ~,~,', Y pv,R~Ha~aE~ o,~,*~ I ~ommissioner J~lsKevlcn. ~n~ u,~ ' . . ] relatives, upon .their return they Beach. Musical selections rendered ~mn~it, t~ma~n f, rom 1933 to 1935v ~ n~ ~ ~*n~a~,*~*~ following Resolution be adopted: Subscrlpflon:Sl.$0~ .~|per year m aavance~ were accon~pamea 'by ~hel'r aaugn-- " "^~" ~^~^ *'" Paul Lebo - - . ] RESOLVED, That the Ac~ing TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO,tars, Vivian and Gida who have w.~:~ ~ v~v~. ~v,~ ~[ la~d has se~'vea conunuauy mnce William McCarty of Medora has,States Attorney be authorized to Wlm Mrs. ~trry ,~oDerus a~ zne lO33 as a member of the ~ountv ~,r~.h, ~,~1 n,~-~ ~.1 l~e~h~-~w employ Conmy ana ~onmy. o~ Billings County Pioneer,been visiting ut the Fred Alten- ~ - - - :" *~'~"~" " Fargo North Dakota, as a~tor- p.ano, a vocal soio by .Ro~er~,AAA committee. He was chairm~n dra~ stallion, 5.inger, by Ca=o! nes 'to assist in the case now July 16, 1920 |burg home. , Rocerus ~iVh violin oh!igloo ~y .t'aml7 of his 9 years in t~t office, and out of Delia, from J. C. Birds-! in the United ~art~ [ Oren mndley accompanied hia W. Lebo with Mrs. ,l-larry RoDert~ tl District t:ourt at Farg, . . - ~ " al -uet b I Ervin Schum~her, Drayton, a of Gladstone. [ Dakota, instituted by Btlhngs C~eO. Gerbig and family and daughter Mrs. H. G. Kinmark as a~ ~ne .piano, a. ~.oc . a DyI owns and operates a 1700 acre farm European rehabilitation will re-] County against Federal D ep.o.sit guest Mrs, Stone were Dickinson far as Mandan Monday on her ~nynss ~ray ana ROOerga ~ooer~ ~,~ ~ ~ ~.~,~,~ ,tva ~ la,~,~ ,~,~.~ .~[ Insurance ~orporazion mvo~vmg visitors last week. I~vay to Sanger to visit a sister, ~+,h ~ ~.zo ~, ~r,l~t.~ ~- ,hO ' 11"1 WgASn ~,~,-*~a'. ~*~ ,**n.~ ~ ,~,~ ~ .~.~ %~,~-~. v. ~,~,~ the additional liability o~ ~o,- ,rs. ,~,~ry ~.~ ~ ~" I~r- rmia.ted with theAAA since itsdraft animals and American[ 000.00 as an insured deposit, .~.r. and 'Mrs. Tomamichel and(Mrs- H. Bagnell. piano, and a vocal sore Dy uuane .~ breeders of ~e Percheron stock~ over and above the $5,000.00 7~r~ ~,-~ nf ~tol,~lrl whn ~m~ I lnce'p~lon ,n xuo~. ~'~ that the Federal Deposit Insur-~heir guests Hayden Brown and ,Miss Pearl Harmon came ta s~-,~,-% -~/ :-~ 1~i~i can look forwardto an export ance Corporation acknowledged as Mrs. Sterling went to Miles City, Medora Sunday morning .to remain a~slsbed e,l;tale plano Dy 1S~ nl~r~,~+ an insured deposit, and that the ~r~m '. TEST WAR MATlgl~l~lt,~ ~ ~'~. " said Conmy and Conmy be paid Mont on Thursday of last week over the Fourth with friends. --Tl~--"e'Belfleld Post of the Amerl- USE FOR FARM WORK ~----------~--- ~i~lithesirc:uer~iceis i&erep[~s~n~onng and remained until Saturday at-i hr~rr and Mrs. Thommen spent can l. glon .took ,part in the exer- -- r "bein-conducted K'~ ~D['~ ~'~[ in the sum of $250.00 if theyteIldil~g the roundup. ',a couple of days at Miles City cises and the ceremonies we,* very E.xT~ernnen~ a][e ~I~ of various ]IIIl t ll ~%%~?~?~, ~e~Strabhs~e~gosi~ James Livingston and daughter, last ~eek t~k~g in the la~oundup. ,~o a~scover po.~,m~ ~ " d Bessie, father and sister of Mrs. 'Mr and Mrs. Jay Eaton motor- impressive, r Insurance Corporation as an a- war materials or farm work. Fo Neighbors gathered Sunday n~arditional $5,000.00 insurance deposit, ed to Oaylord last Monday where example, preheating apparatus, us- the former Austin Mead place forand if they are successful in ed to heat plane engines in sub- a picnic. All preheat enJoye=l adoing so their fee is to be the Signed they spent the day ~ ith her mother sum of $500.00. That such fee A, E. BOICOURT, aild sister. zero temperatures, is being ~ .sted carefree, restful day. so agreed upon shall be in pay Attest Chairman. Betty Ruth Joubert daughter of for possible adaption to ~orce air Farmers Union members" enjoy- meat for all services, whether Fred Altenberg of 'Bel,field spen in the Unlted States District J. ;F. TESTER, Sunday with his family in Me- ~- -- - - in*^ wet barn-stored hay for cur- ed a picnic at the Felix Malkowski Court or an appeal to the Cir- Auditor~ 2,~r.' ~na Mrs. Ezxa aouoer~, naa ~," da (July 19. 1945) dora the misfortune of dislocating her ing. Airplanes themselves m~gn I~e 14anon ~un y. - cur Court. That said motlon having been arm while visiting relatives at used more extensively for field ~Mr. and ~grs. ~ay naueyana put. Commissioners Malkowski, Ris- Wtb ~,f ~ ~ot.t.v iS! "dusting' and talere axe also poss- Mr. ana mrs. l~ertram Jonnson kevich and Boicourt all voted "Aye" i:i!iiii!ii!i:ii::ii:i:~iii~ii~!iii{i!iiii{i!i " n el happy to re,port that she will 99onI lbUities for farm use of walkie- were Dickinson a d Belt d visit-Resolutionand none votedwas declared"Nay'" adopted.and the have .the east removed, talkie communl~tion sets,and ors Saturday -il'n -- Board approved the appointment ~f~*~ ta-lrowers Fal; l-,er.erson s cn are irDm of. Ted Cornell as Special Deputy ~amryn ~neadle is spenamg her ,'am - --" -" r ,th Sheriff. ' acting in an advi~- IJlcKlnson a e sp~na~,t~ oalet41ce Board approved Welface Board bills vacauon a~ Jamp t~rasslcK. . I Tne u~.~ .~ ~-- l~s Prod of their summer vacation at their in the amount of $284.24. Mr. ana ~ars. Dan ~neaaie analory c~pac*w to me tour9 P- - ~"~ ~"~"~ E~rl" Board adjourned to meet July OWA~W~,~4~ faintly were guests at the ~ed]erty Board aza ts isp ~++,o ~,~,~,o e'-~ann ~,~o~ sth 1945. ]US ~,~ ONE OF MANY TOWNS ON Johnson home Sunday evening cies in the distribution of surp July 5th 9:00 A. M. re oeen III iS convalesclng. [ Board met pursuant to adjourn- THE N.R WHOSE NANTES They enjoyed ice cream topped l property suitable ~or agricultu . - " Board passed the following bills: RECORD RO~NTIC With ~nome-grown strawberries. ]AAA is issuing cel'tiflcates ~o en~blelI tn~o~ an~en~rSsu~:;:y .Mu~, their ment with all merhbers present. Steve Namenuk, Labor on HISTORY WAS SO C.ALt~.D ~.r. and ,Mrs. Paul ,Loffelmacher~ farmers to .'buy surplus trucks TheI :'-- ~"" h road $ 5.40 the clau~rl~r, 2vlr5. J:~ay ~c~ n~ a~u John J. Palanuk, Labor and family .attended the wedding truoks are .being released by "--I 0eCAUS~ 11~ CITIZENS of Miss Helen Duletskl and ~Haroldt Commerce Department through iama y. . on road " 6.00 ENTHUSIASTICALLY Oderrnann on ~Vionday tregu.lar dealers who serve areas .Mr'akctenM~SiJBeV~fleldlI rGspen~ Frankon road J" Paluck, Labor 3.50 N~EDTRETOWNTW~CE! Alex,Ehrmantrout is hauling in which add}lionel farm .tra~r-! tne w ----tz s nt Frida ~fter Kasper Armbrust, Labor on FAcr o,~ F/C'g~O~V',~ e oaym 2'rl pe y : - road 6.00 gravel for t]~e Noel ConstrUction tatlon is urgently needed. Food d -I .~ . ~**. a.4~o ~.~rson. ~ h~le' John Makaruk, Labor on uo wnich is operating .the gravel claxed surplus Dy ~ne .Army an. o~ '^~'" ~"q"a home. Joer adKordonowy. Lnoor on 1.00 pit opened up on the land north Navy is handled ,by the Commod Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hatley ar, d Caterpillar 'a.00 of the former Harry Coins place. 'ity Credit Corporation. l~arm land ~ ,~- u ~ r~ othmann w~re Mike Haverluk, Labor on ,~ ~a This company is operating a big~no longer needed for war purposes ~:~:rtUat ~-V~gt~ria"~ohnson's on Nr ~a Parc'ei~"'" f.abor "on * crusher and several .trucks areis being released to bhe Farm ~'*'.':rda, " . ,'?ad = ' 25.C0 Notice of Hearing " [ the Dickinson hespital. Sam d Proslcy:''" La'bor"'"'o'n 3 O0 15 TKAI NhAE N'$ SL~NG FO~ A:~ Coun~Yy Audit~r~ ~7~[~[[~[[~[{[~[[[[~[~[[~][~].]~.~[.~.~ 3,1~.~[she visited ~her brobher, Jack Diesel Fuel & Oii :[ 99a01 OL.O L.UHCH. ~. County Treasurer ~'~)~| Laughnane, recently returned tO Charles .Knudtson, Labor .-.^ I F~'O~ ~O~'~" ~ounzy ~urveyor . ".~'^^| .~ ~*ata~ .ft~w ~,o,~na ,~ held on roaa m~.;lu I ,I.% Assessors l,au~'u~/ :" State Treasurer, . Grafton ~ :::::~!~ States Attorney 2,1~0.~ for some time in a German prison State School $110.57; Hos= I !!;:i:i.i::i:!:;:!:::::::i;:.::~ $MOO-FL is VIlE Coroner . ^~^-~^| ~RI~~ pJ~al mr insane ~zm.~ Z~.zz / District Court z,vuv-w/~ *'" . West Publishing Co 10% " ] Veterans' Service Officer 1,150.0~00| Alargecrowaat~enaea~ne~arn-cost of Law Books 3.76] ~~~::i~{{'~]/~ R~AILROADNIC~NAhaEFOR Justice Court ~- ~.v~'~v-|ival held JUly 9 10 and 11 in our Public Welfare Board of I Courthouse--Mtce. of bldgs ,~.V ~ ~.' N. D. Aid to Dependent I l~~!~,~] THIS FR'N~E WHICH HAN~5 Li=~ ,= er ~u I & sunnlies 500(~J~cl~;y Reealess m say every~t,e ~t~ children 12300 NEAR, TUNNEL~ AND LOW t,e ~= * 9 "00 -Ta~itors 00 [ a ~,w~ *.~ Public Welfare Board of Examinati'o~"'"Fees"-"::f::::::::::7::::::::.::.:.: - 150"-,0~]~''~':'~,5~,-,o-hine Sh0n, t~at N. D Old Age Assist- I ~ CLEAR~NC~ Si~.I ?GI= " " 'nNotices " ~ t~ I "*"'~ ""~'~"""~'~'" ~"' ance 86 03 ~* Pubhshmg & P~inh g 100000 lfl ~0 :~ Elections . .^ i has been operated in Be eld Y Burroughs Adding Machine 1 e SU lies ~t~Jve Co Service on machines 1440 ~il}i::i::!:i ]i;ii:!:.!i:;:i;;ii;::,{if!;iiiiiiiiii!i~ Books, Stationery, Of ticPP ?'"00' Paluck Bros. for 26 years, chemged v ] Fos~age 'l'emgrapn, Express ",~,^ t%nlgn~ r'rlntlnM%.0 vx- ] v~ ':::"'::":': : "~::': :" : :~OI~ "::" : :::.:: ' ':::. 2 r~ ial ' Bonds 50 t~ 1 richer8 gill8 week " Tle purchasers flee Supplies 27 35 Recording Filing Deeds, etc 1~'~f~"e C 'H H~rrison Rnd J 'R. Globe-Gazette Printing Co 1 {!{i'{ili:!i::'::::i{{i::::i!::i:!{:::/"~:::i i:~:ii:!i~:::!i{i{i"# ~~v~|u~.::~::~::{~i~::{::::::i~i:iii!~ii:i~ :i::iiii~ii:~::~::~::~ii~{{!iiiii::ii:~:i:i!i~:{i Vital Sta{istics . "~^, ? ~ a *o ofnce SuppUes 4.61 / i}i:i}i!iiiiiiiii:W#::ili!<{7.i!::i:.iii:j:: ,N ~1~ Y~K,MA VA~eV ~OT:ii-i:i:i':!i:i:::ili!{iii{iii:ii:::+*~':':"~iill ~ar~all~a~l TT " d ~.~nu~r u ~*~lw ~ w**u l~*~a* * County Treasurer Postage : :: :::: :: .^M, ,s A .ATu ^L :::: 109. :operate along me same lines as etc : aL=0[ : ' * e, o,se w,w .o zs.: i States Attorney Contingent Fund 17~'.~. : ,h.~ ~1 1~ ~ ,~ m~, ~'omeSam Basaraba" Lab r n,~A ~~ 'Federal Agencies ~.w, ,--- 'x'a *,~ --,v road 3.50 i well recommended for welding Nick GregotT, Labor on t ~roR F1 7"/0~!2 &::i TOTAL ~'l~'i~T,~ $," ~ and machine ghop work Nick Pal- road 22.50 ~~ ~~.~~ PROTECTION TO ]PERSONS AND l " Joe Sivak Labor on road 45 00 / :":'~ ,:!:~:s: :!i::: :::i::i::ii!:::::ii.::,-ii::,::.:i:::-:i:i::::i:::::i!:: "''* .~ $'2o8ooo uc~ will devote ms ume ~o Ills Roy Lillibrid~,e Lab ,~ ,~- " , Sheriff .' , Register of Deeds :. = ' a,~.~ farming .interests, ~ut Alex hasn't road : : 12.95]~