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July 26, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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July 26, 1945

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/ 1 ! VOL XXVIL MEDORA, BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTAThursday, July 26, 1945 Y NEWS ANALYSIS PLENTY POINTS: --- - I rs "r [t But Still In n mLAJ t tLLLII Btq Three 3tuay veace u erms;I ~,~-,o polnt.s.does.n't eees- r~ /, I~s m. ill --- - ~ ~,I sarny mean immemaze release from,]I,~I,L~ I~aJA~l LJ--a&mLaa~ R ~ the army. as all soldiers know. The I V m Homecommgs Beat 5chedul ;] ] trouble is, their families don'treal- KOUO JO CU Dlilalll ~ il!.'e the catch. Thousands of men Will Remodel Industry,~: n Rule o Berl,n who haveservedlongandvaliantly A lhes Get Set o. o ed, e o .nd -- l. by Western Newspaper Unlon. . [ being held indefinitely In many s m (EDITOR'S NOTE: When opinions sro oxpressed In tboso iouummo, ~ney aru saug t " ' WASHINGTON qUIETEST Western Nowsp&per Union's nows analysts and net nocesssflly of t~s nowsp&per.) I tales ~ey are hav~g a hard time ~ [] I explaining to their wives just why Electronics Proves of Great Value to Amer- m ' - N i they aren't coming home soon. SEA OF JAPA /~ One captain stationed In Germany Ican Anr and Naval Forces. i The District of Columbia looka ~MoJIq~ / / ~ ~ ~ ~/'mailer. umts~o,~~C'lTl~'~wereW;r.among, the/ --title areaa anese hospital snlp,~lDoarueaa" ' a.~bring , ,Iwi oc p?o= h:, During Present War. [] more like a peacetime capital thLs 0 / I=P~ I I poem. ~us w~re zs so sure mat ne i mnnmer ~an ~ man~ years o ~ ~ .'~-~ ~,/ c~dd reh~n to ~e sta~s ff he [] F~ ~e ~st Ume s~ce the war. ~e house is now plann~g a lon~ recess. A -~--~ ga ~-~-~Wa~A~m '.~, l I w~mtedto ~hat she Is fl~e~ r By BAUKHAGE ~ reflects increased congres- f~---"7"~ ~ "I~ ~",~,~-,I I divorce. She thinks that he wants to News Analyst and Commentator. signal con~dence ~n ~e new White / ~-~-~| VOXKA,C--'~/ SN, UOT0~---~,Istay because he has fallen for / ~ N GOY i l someGerman woman. Chaplains w~u~ervme, umonT rus~uumn~,[ a~u~ ~ roues, away. He reportedI-Ica~e set-up, ~ the fact that ~O~~ [ i report that dozens of such cases waslaleq~n, U. (;. i~:O mS superior, Put. that gentle- many a legislator yearns for home. . The doUar-a-year men and ~~ y~. I:~Cehrttheme~i::s~.week M rale Is~/Bm~ e~h~~,~;~r~ ~h~ I ~s r~gul:~n~;~kymC[i~ieaP!t~!~[ afterbrass hats who planned to checkoutGermany s defeat haven t o,t CHARTER. p " " $ " " been joined by hundreds of businessStarted their exodus. Instead they've b. t.e ,r.* b.**o, to " -- Moves A[O~ ing more of the secrets hidden in [ while we still must "remember men who've moved in to get 'their 11-~ -~ C / "--'- " I ! The United Nations charter, meet- that magic, five.letter word which, I P"~ Harbor." Hurna~ service reconversion headaches unsnarled. ~O87OK~ ~ I i~g with almost no opposition before spelled backward or forward, I failed ~;o carry the message that the " "'" Thousands of returning o~eers ~ ~ ] the senate foreign relations commit, means the same thing, but whose [ Jap air fleet v/as coming, but radar and enlisted men from Europe have ' m~ ~A~ I tee, went to the senate for what is real meaning is stil~ a mystery. I [ had done its part of the Job. added to the housing and feeding ~|44"/o|/ ~ ; ;--,R~'~MII~I~ ~IPLUKU,I said to be certain acceptance mean R-A-D-A.IL J Radar has grown to be a g~ant PotomacPr blem" areParkingcrowdedspaCeSon hotal ngnlghtathe )~,M, .v t without modifications. The commit- I have written it down that way [since then. This is what "Impact," with G.I. Joes and G.I. Janes and ~ ~,~wt ~ |Al05 IN JUN|-,|$O SO. MI~[S,t tee ended its sessions by a parade because its derivation is one rays- ] an official publication of the assist- government workers searching for a Oceon,~ 5Q MITES WIK~ D IN JUN| i 1 of supporters of the charter, after tory that we can reveal. Before it] ant chief of air staff (Intelligence) cool breeze. Washington is more [ " --42.000 tOl~ Of ~85 ~O~O IN t t listening to a few individual out- went into "classification," which is [ says: I ~,MONTH--36 ~-2~ LOST IN MONTN--13V,spoken opponents, what they say in the army when / '~he use of radar in military op- peaceful, but still jammed. ['~ f J |NEMY AIRCRAFT ~ Final witnesses before the com-they mean something can t be men-[ orations is in its Infancy, but it has manAddingboyst whothe haveCrUShdescendedare the TrU-on m/tree included Philip Murray, pros- tioned in public, radar was an ira-,permeated every phase of air war- Washington They fall into three After s lull of five months, more than 1 0~ carrier planes from ~: t ident of the CIO and. William G. p.O~tea~t bUotn~tflrce allr~. ;~p~ I ~re'blt ~t~sBedri~l~shs~nateg!c b,rob" ~ ateg rie,: (1, The Missouri boys. attacks upon TOKyo. "xnm map grapmc& Uarr, presment oz me ~au~z -.ou- ~gn u, co [ s ~ a ~-nerzcan i .I~ ~l~,~ fleet ~reLurned- t~h&d~ir:~tea~l, been Liven. The d&t~ Is based on teU I cation assoc/ation as well as Nor* really four words in o~e: Radio'| heavies. It makes night fighting and ! fr/ends of Truman and Bob Hanne- .m~s~r.sues w.~ *-~ - k,=, l,4tmtriea destroyed. [ man Thomas, Socialist party leader. Direction and Ranging intruder operations possible. It liter. Julcy~an IookingpolltlcalfOrplumsJObs, patronage,(2) Theanci ~en ny ~'~. ~-~cu~s~- [ The speed with which the charterEarly in the war there were some ] ally saved England in the battle a German air oz uritai~ And it provided for the Pauley boys from Southern Califor- rl~DTTIA' ~T [ JITTERY APS: I has been handled indicates that stories printed about - ula--friends of former Democratic control and lJ~U/VI-~J.~ o t the United States will become the plane which had a television camera direction of virtually ev- Treasurer Ed Pauley who've rushed 'd-J ~;, Tl, ree I Get ~ore ~o I first nation to officially approve in it which could send back pictures,cry gay or night sortie flown by the into town to climb on the gravy ca~u~ ~.~ :~;~ I- Atlantic,Japan homeland has become jit- I the charter or to pass on it in any of the territory beneath it. Shortly,TAC.I (tactical alr force planes) train. They're brash and crude for "1"111"0U 11 C111ue~ ~ut ~,~ g n arriv~,tory over continued large-scale air I form. thereafter all mention of such an,during the winter (of 1944-4S)." the most part, have little respect for waters. Fresmen~ ~' m"~" -" ' ' The lm rtance in Potsdam to keep his rendezvous,assaul.~ against Tokyo and o in- [ ~r~wr ~k~"~ ~'~TL~LTM. apparatusstopped and the dark,pc of the part which the taxpayers' money, and already ~iatrhsPa~l~a Mninister ChurcJMll andI dus:l:ta~t:~rng~fatiO~ a ~r~x~o I ~w ~;~t~''~" L~ed :~maS!ea~:ndcb~eF~e~f::;a!i~l-t / ~e~tdA~up~r~at~veE::~a~l ~?icr~acw~l~" have their eyes on the gilded dome of the capitoL . . . Third group are It is beUeved that they will be ] hour, al . P. . " I Col Westra- Battle Bo-ce has g' " ~ " - the ' Battery K" men. These are the concerned w,th problems deaUn~ / pects ~vasion of the mam, an~ a, I een "na ned irect r worn larlties and if we can believe that / edged by everyone though there World War I vet, who aaw service Most are satisfied with a t)rief "hello" and a handshake from .their hero. Others c//n~ to the wrou~t political and economic questions, ~ perial b~ove [ ;o-ce was em Io -- " a other little gadget I i an Y iron ~ates of the White House, think /nclud/n~ Italy peace terms, what l aaequa~e aexense oz me nome~aw~ [ t~oume~ .y~ . . . p yea m.r can register the presence and loon-,s ~tegral portion of the indlvid- that their comradeship with the new " ' --ain, t continued air attac~,eight years m zenerat agencies m t/on of a distant object (like a lane ual land force operations, as much to do with Spain and omer ~eu-t as " n be~ P . -- -a,an. I [ Wal~Ingto re she joined theor a warship) and, ff it Is moving, i s part of the battle plan and its chief executive t~ a guarantee of soft government Job. trals, WnlCD nlign~ m ~uu= u v I ~r e, Diplomats say that the ]Btg 'l~nree, / core . . / WACs. ~deinl~%~ ~,3,^.e~Z^I~Z te ~ which way It is going and how I ,e~.eeuUo~. as ~e d~spol!tion of a - ~ lleyd,y w.~ile m scussmg ~ = ;~"e~t-~ork,-'-'-'--~--'"=--o~e ~.haaV~n 1,000 Japanese l In North Africa she was WAC staff ,~ * I "softenLng up," the long range air Trnmma's own aM. hS c]sco con~erenc.e, me~ ~,h +h. / 0 ~'-'.h~r Under- [ director. During the last few months ~ w~ ~ Me ] attacks.) Wld~ Homm are still lm~ WII] ~J~{ tie Irl CIIre~l,/~' w~,- ---'." planel$ llul'-;~ ~;m~.f , West Coast conference and United j secretary Artemus L. Gates of the / she has bee. chief aniltant to Colo- ,n~adr~eV ~al'~d~ I sucA~e~es:adar war a ta! part of the ~mebY theirfeelnewtl~tmuTe~l~Tr~msa rise rted During the same net ~oooy. As l,oz me tacucaL operations in Nations charter, navy has repo . said, we knew the Germans Euro them blank e~ek riod the American fleet plane loss Colonel Hobby, wife of former had been workine on such a doyle* / ~P~/~:~tmhaeat~tp ~!l~n:i! / ~vn~r~r~ frH~ycht fl ~ve~ili~a:y~fah~ e~sa~c~rn~i: ~: ~o~ts~c~"eh::~a:~r- [ ~aamrlwgeog~aet~r~ar~ns~?h~g:r[t~i pc from D-Day on because otbeenemis" . . . One yoathtul sM hjmWe hl~brsff~ffpoweralmutfor lmvl~their Tr~ Wn "'" and for ~. ents,considering the large number in ~ make a home for her family, served that something han~ed 'P~ " owed, their w4m ~pped an~ ~riusn milltar~ Kuv '"",a --.'-- z~ con~rouea mgnt fighters, photo ~ ~, and taken up their [ the last few days. . / ,~r~' (" ~T~q. to radio wave When it hR the wide / and naannin- nlanJ- ,~,~b,~ Trmnsm, & sworn enemy responsibilities:T" "- in the German cap/- Na~ carriers now tots, nearly me ' v I LJ2LJ~, ,' a~ ~rc~-* side of a buildlng and also when a,gets andk:ep"t ~rack'of~'enemy p,ane,: w re-tatlda when I. the .ate, tal [ will probably clip their w th,o, ge t On M /n/and h p.went path. [ ~iii / ~~:~e~ ~ n[H~t ~t Yair; ; ~c~'~~ ~i!! [ ~itn~a~"Batteryehubby," soon.n.the try --an K" olfar,4mokl~ M.t Ysug'han, boys,--en.m,a. ~e wl~ -- b-- o! " mtm .e*" rma "TYPHOON ivo of .hot, from SmeriC 'max ea ,Ut o,vtea their staffs can formulate pe . -[ . /at Kanchow is being encircled, it shi- s ~ -.ff I um s~rengm conunmmy, un cider's ear, bat .ow amls It nent methods of operation K usstan / Hits U S, Fleet I was said, with fighting going on s:l won't I the other hand, the 1st Tactical air tO De ~u uay~ u.e. ,~caer force whic policy has been declared | =,-.-weeks after a raging typhoon ~mfles outside the town. This corn- w|thmst knn,~n~ mh=t hit *~,m I .' h was. without radar beinlr seeepte4 with less qumaey The lum~ alistlc than those adopr~a -,-- ' t bo " eqmpment lasz ~ovem~er e more re -[ ral Halsey s 3rd Flee |munlcations center is a ut 250 I,fl w are ~ hs~ fleM (b~y tion, and zasnea ~tu~u . 1 "any never 'aw me ~'nerman 'raP I n by other Allies in other sec mile-an-hour winds virtual- miles north of Hong Kong. In whlc h ly two missions that month, one e~'~m4 the W~lte H~mse. high sources seem ~o ~there w~th 138- dams ed ship (there were another sector, the C~i~ese" are ap- Ameh fired= the,r s ots ~Nor~ did theof these abortive because ox me ~r- ,~ ~.~ g rlcan, ev see v ,- e m~e m ~ weamer will be little chang " [ 9.1 hit) was back in act/on. The [ proachLng Wuchow, Japanese sup- warsh/n extent as it an,~ar-,~ a- " ] - . . Center of administration power 1in / 7" "- ~. L ~. -*^rm was de t ! t.~se 130 miles west of Canton " " "~" I As to me tong-range, su'ataglc has partly shifted from the White ent havoc wrougn~ u~ m~ o~ " / p~4' ua ~eh A]l~ed military governm r ate~"~'~ o- .--a 3am ! viA"" ~.~ ~ ~;~;-"~' r~v" er Canturer of this city ~ bomber, ~vhich has to cross half a House to the second floor of the May- d other L scr~'~ as g e contin will provide food, coal an '-'--- ever administered to the fleet. [ is a major objective. [ tent to get where it is going, flower hotel, where Bob Hannegan UL v~* U~UW necess/ties from their part ~,~h m/racu- ~ ~ advances are being made /n I .If ban weathe.r enve.lo.pes itt radar holds forth in Democratic headquar- care o, The crmser,~-,o ~ to take IS, o~ course, mvaLuaD;e ~or Keeping tern Judge Welburn Mayock, CUpled Germany = ]; a afloat after its bow was [ Hunan province, where the 3aps are " ns w~mm ,-~ ,uu~,7 ~, ~- its location. Radar is also an into- the eommittae'| new general noun- fornia ofl lntere|tl George F~I- i liom, the new treasurer of the ha- authorities due to scarcities of paired and back in action were three to the Jap-he jun on ~ . = ~ I Will Pr~t Greatly tional committee, who has been ifferent sections,fast battleships and two Essex class I Hengyang. ~ I . using a meat-ax to collect money some items in d" -'- - rt ' ~~~ J Speculation as to radar's ultimate for the committee from business carriers 0nly one ~e was repo - "~"-'"~'. ss/ ilit/e : " t AU'I'U~ " 1 I)o b s are unlimited, both in BIG HOMECOMLz t- ed lost I .~ . = ~ ; - : [ war and peace. Any ordnance ex. men may find himself chopped down Ahead O~ Schedule Adrn.-Chesterde~tm~ti~ na~s~eU~ec~ t(at,olg ,roe ~~~ m~ ~ tell you that. con, troUed soon One ardent Democratic ~ -ked in merit of the inc" n More autos will be available to ~~,m nile -- that is, a bomb s ~ch as hearingSUpp rter about f manYKilliom,syears' standingtactica. When e~ght transports av,~ hoon struck but pro- in mid-month,where the typ I the public by march 31 than origi- ~~,the deadly German V bombs, New York one day was in the western Pa ha vet- sumably it "[ nally planned--at least enough to ~~]which flew from HoUand to Eng- said, 'He'll collect so much money they Drought PaCK between uKinawa ana meI announcement from Henry P. = - i j land -- can, with certain improve, we'll lose in '48, Everyone he taps erans of the Europe s This area m known s t r a s~ngle Philippine ",! . . I Nelson of the War Produc ion boa d ~ ments, be made much more deadly, for ~,000 will feel like contrlbut- ~~i ~~h~C~Ls~gp:Len' l ~~at heng ~f ~ :t~~;~a~'r:~~t. :~:? Tn" g:~t I ~::i ~?i~~ct~i ingcanstWiCeto boota'themUCh to thepauley erowdRepubll:out. iny Meanwhile little is happening to set the stage for Democratic victories in the congressional elections next groups of the 8th " ~ I h 31 which is not much more On a winter day, I sat in a room,and ruthlessly destroy it. Radar can year Hannegan is already in merous s " s A J p ] than 10 r,~r cent of the market de- at the Wil]ard hotel tn Was.hLn~.n. ~ do that and many other things it has hot water with labor, particularly number oz w,t rlcannava, p~, ~$ wa. ,-- the arrivals. Tb - by an Ame " . -I Thus while cars may be Lonaon was trembling unaer me [ not yet attempted. There are like the CIO. which he has been studi- now back in the states is approach-d to be dirty ano overrun w~m ma,u~, rro robin latin a ' " foun ,;~o [ -,laced on ration-free lists, little hope te r of night bo g. S g t [ wise, an infinite number of ways in ously ignoring. Labor leaders, who /ng the half m~mon marK. . . vermin. Fooa meu~, ;~v~,~; I ~ h~Id out that many will be able a table before us was an officer of| which radar can and will serve a pouredvelt last Ut millions to help Roose- The g~ant ~ueen Mary were e -~ ~, I to secure the family car they have the,Royal air force, After.a :ew gen- ~peaceful world earriea nflre]y maaequa~e ~or me ,o ~ year, claim they can't even mcmu nts w.u u~, ~,;- -~ more than 15,000 men, " 1.000 paue . i ~av--'"-" .~ ~"- era[ remarks, ne mane what was to I m oiTLt71erclal avlation. the man get a glass of water from the Demo- z n contingent from Wake Ismna unaer ve~. ,~ ins 6,000 of the Canad'a . ,; moved us an astoun.ding statement; nanle- [ in the control tower, the traffic cop erat4 when it comes to bucking op- ~i.~h~:d~r~~ld~~! ~~:P~n~nPnd~wa!~e ~k~hebit ~iF~daOn grass In nOg~ !!llar~bla~~d:~a~d~;~~~en~ndee~i I ~~iV~ew~ai~rrI~ press|ve legislation in congress, and are now making threats to move over to the GOP camp. Republlca~ Harmonious. sarebegmni Farther up Connecticut avenue at s~maller transclean the wards and galleys were in tzable hum Parker, and four - " ' ! the I enter the markets s - The tide had been turned in the,tic iJ going to be one of the most Republican headquarters things are ports returned a total of 1,500 filthy and insect;~feste~ ~: shi- [ bers. About .~80,000 head have been battle of Br/ta/n and, though we,important problems of tomorrow's harmordous The Republicans were ~ tanaard of creaminess on ~, b s i w the r a ne s or thor Aboard the West Point . s * -tench I put to graze On th lu tern ~.rass d dn t kno it n, aa r had do,kyways, f win be a are- are sitting back, are quietly laying tmmr~a~s w~hTh:i!~~rt~ ~ffi=c~ae~i~; : ] w~drg!i@r !~d~eee~ ft e~ ~m~t ~[:s~ ~( tt ~ ~tHt~a~t~[~~ae~in~b ~eh~ter !~m~n~an~ the.congressionalare, groundwork.someWhatissue~theyracefOr a high-powered.need, next. GOPsters,m stN vember' f in-all An unli pa life and 'anxious to please The " 7 194 R" ear-old ItaUan pc -- ~ ~, rates as B grade or worse islands on December,1, PvL adar can warn the plane~ them- cluding Chairman Herbert Brown. ale ~'mva~u ' ~"~'mu~led aboardskipper offered .American omcers~ ~:u~,~;ls that would come up to A Joseph Lockard, though not sup- selves against collision and the pres- ell, are confident they ll find plenty ~d~.:~seTo~nl ~sL!: ~b~d~r:~,d f~rim ~yA~dlc~d ~aaS~eee~a~ere:!~ I ~ad:] ~d~bei~haed ;nf ~ernsc~::cb~lno~ wPO::ds~n~!~ dU~da!e~O~eti, r~et [ s~rilSe~ft~nd~e~id:~g~] ' ~othet~r Sic ~ TrumanfU a feWsoon stubs am nthl'. Republicanfewaret esh pingp UticallYchairmanthat a German prison camp by Am - p and was espec/a~ly inter- ~rain. Commission men think the apparatus w g g And, of can troo~ He will be placed in ateam [ crass beef will sell for 13 to 14 cents allowed to approach in those days co~trse, ~ permit safe la~lh~ Browner has a m/ILion dollars to s In me resen~sm~um~ u~ - Y, priva~-home pending decision ofe stfdv ~,o," P I a pound. Lockard detected an airplane,even m a sense fog. spend on the elections immigration authorities. ~'~ | /