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July 26, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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July 26, 1945

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' . BI . .INo cou P ONEER. = J ~ OL~DYS Ha have be.en the best come- Farm Accident Costs,--. W dians oaseoall has Kno ix (~^--l.* ~.^ l~ l~t ~-,~ ~ the last 40 or 50 years? This L~ AVAV~ ~ aftet~ ! I -'n / EVERY TIME THE thought came bounding along . Preparation Required Proresdq Most Losses Can Be I }1 THE ~ [ ~AIA~} kl~Al~ l~ reading A1 Schacht's merry ann in- Fruit ~ I I! r,~l [~.~e~LA| ~ ^~,w~f-tl~ I~t.v~ I~. teres,Ung tome known as 'G I Ha~ ~Y~a~" Add syrup. . .25 I0 cidents of all kinds occurring toi ~~. ~ - Y~I~L ~~~ ~ for Cincinnati sev~ farm peopl: is nearly a billion d::- I [~~-~ ~~r ~I ~ ~~ eral decades back.~ ,~rJCOtS,W~ ~b~ halve and pit. Pack. Add s .yrs. 20 ! 1O . lars per y dr. In a typical ye : ~ ~ ~ ~ ~, ~ ~~ Others include Ar~ ~Serries t 8 17,200 farm people were killed | ~ "~l ~ /%~L~.~ ~~~ lie Latham, R ube~ i ~,~S~ iWash, stem, pack. Add sy~p or water. 2 20 ~0^ ~.--n 500 were killed at agricultural} I J l ~ ~.~pm~-z~ ~ Waddell, TacK sya.r-: L~ Germany Schaefer," ,Cherr|es ']Wash, item, pit Pack. Add syrup, zu -- w~:k00,000 rural resident were in- rott, n~nymg ~oa,e, Wash, remove ~So SoU ~ ~ut. ~r .~,L",~ ~ I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Nick Altrock, Sher-~ Cranberries ,No 3syrup. Pack. .- r,r jured s / LJ~-Jl ~ ~~ Of the 17,200 accidental deaths ~ ~ /~ ~L~rlr~ ~~lr .~ ry Magee, O'Nefl of, lOb'rants l Wash, stem, pack. Add syrup or w-~.;~ 20 10 among farm people, nearly half| ! ~xi/:~~ I/1~!,~ "-~~ ~.~'~ DlzzyDean the Cardinals anc~ ' 'Put in 'soda bath $ minuteg, rinse. Pr.e. were the result of accidents similar,| YI./W~#|vll ,~, . Den I,I I t ~ ~ ~ ~ t nave neen many omers ou~ mese~ ~g$ cook 5 minutes in syrup, yacX, aou to those in urban nomest cue,/l ~ - - m ~ ~ ~ to falls, ourns, poisons, nre S l~ ~ ~.~i ~ : I I . l I Sy~p 30 10 . -- arm ~ ~ ~ ~ - /--- [ are the ones who still remain longen @~ ~,=' !~Wash. Item, pac~ Add syrup or waterJ 20 .' 8 and drowning " ' V~-~ ~~ " --~" 1 in 7:z:sY~ en ttc~ r . " of fatal acre ! I O ~ 1 ~ ~ -- ~ I C y c idt w t out to p dents to farm workers occurred[,~k ~ ~', ' m~ I Zto~ ahegl :erriae:a~e~,f ~.nd :on;tel- Peaches Peel, pack, add syrup, or precook 3, The greatest number "'|,- ~ ~ /~ - I--=~ minutes in syrup, pack, add syrup. 20 I 10 ~ ~ I k ~ ~ ~,MM~ ~ I P P "' ' v, ; ~i ~'!~:,~i~:::(~:!~ ~,~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I]~ The contents of this book noted the Select not overripe pears, pare, hal e, ~~i!ii::::i~i~i~:,i~::::i!~ii:.:::::!! /,~ J ~'~ ~ I '[~F-~~~ ] weakness of every man he hac~ Pears precOok 3 to S minutes in sytn~p. Pack.= - ] - - ~z~:::~!:~m~:: :~ . ,Add syrup. / M I I I-~'="X /p~tched against--a high one or a Peel, removeyyes, cut or .slice; uP::s~ = ; ~ / ~ I ~ ~ I I ~,/ low one--a curve or a fast one s ~~ ~: ~-: IJ ~ ~ [ ~ ~ "t ! I k I ~k ~ / the batter came to the plate Schmidt Plnea le r cook in No. z syrup ~ to 1o mm. --~----- - ~ 1: :,~ ~ ] I I ] ~ I ; would take out the ,notebook con- ; PP iPack . 30 ts - : - : -,I I I I I t / t.i og some 100 names o check o. a, ' i I 1 l-Plums i Wash, prick ~k-i~, Pack. Add syrup. 20,0 ~ ~ ~r ~ ~ t ~ ~ I his weakness. I S Wash, pare, cut in pieces. ~'recoo ~ ~U nee,minutes in syrup. Pack, add syrup 35 15 - -: ~: - -,J~.~.~)~-~ ~ /"="="~ ~ ~"" I against Hans Wagner's name?" one s--mk - h ~Wash cut into pleces. Pack, AddsyruP.t 105 - -'-~: 1 . I~o~.~ ~,~ I I ( ' of his teammates once asked I [ [ ' -- ~~~i i lf~'~~ ~ "A base on balls," Schmidt said. i Wash, stem precook gently for3 mln-' ~~~ ) I Germany Schaefer was one of the ~utea in syrup. Remove from syrup and ~*~!",stars in this field He was then Strawberries cooL Boil syrup 3 minutes. Add berries - --.f." playing second base for Detroit. I and let stand for several hours. Re- p ~heat. Pack. 20. 8 -~=~ --= ~=~TT~T~T----.-- T~ o= . recall a game years ago where -- -- 1 -- ~ " -- -- -- ; lll nAl omnzon Schaefer was playing in Cleveland. "Scald I minute. Cold d/p I minute, -: ~: -' - . Around the third inning it began to Tomatoes 'peel, core, quarter, Pack. 1 "~:) lu ~-~, ~, ! ~. j| . ] rain. During the fourth inning it " 'Handy Chart for Fruit Canning uon, a~us, movms u ,~=. I -~ ".~,~;-, ~3 ~" ~ ~ poured Tommy Connolly was urn- while oiling, unclogging or adjusting,(-%~.~ ~) - |~. ~" ~ piring and Germany kept squawk- ,(See Recipes Below) moving farm,machinery. ~ome,%~ ~.~'~. ~-'~ ~t~ ing to have the game called. Con- Fruitful Canning [ of the sugar shortage. For this type, farmers were killed when tractors |~ F).~ *~ ~'J/ ~",~ nolly refused. .-,use 1 cup sugar to 3 cups water, tipped over, but, next to ma-,~.-.r ~ ~-==~ ~t When the fifth inning opened Con- ' -" the"" 'n"-.ou can do this J Heat the sugar and liquid together chinery, the ,~o~ ?~in::ttoc aCCy |/ ~~ ' ~ " XNk ~ noisy looked around and found Of au ~ a - " it,until sugar is dissolved and syrup dents were cause y k~n~t,~ ~f~@~ ~Ik Schaefer playing second base with season it is the canning ot tru s I the startled horse or the bull,~ ~ ~ A~ ' |~ "~ high rubber boots, a raincoat, a " " "'" a- ~ ls boning, ur, use ~ cup corn . ~ winch wilt dPi:Y,syrup (light or dark) or cuphoney everyone thought was tame. I ~ ~.:/ t=~k~t ~" l~-" '~ Gloucester fisherman's hat and hold- med::d~uiNO:mggest m - u:UPt;p:a:yrup is good for ciated with farm work took the lives,~/~ ~*:~,~V ~-- ~ Connolly charged Schaefer with a ~~A?~ .~ ::o]y/ Wi~ed%i Motor vehicle accidents not ass0-,~J~/IL~t/WA( ~/.~ ~ ~ inga big umbrella over his head. of 3,700 rurm" people [ ~k,~/~~ ~ i~ ~ roar and told him to remove his ~:~ a [ most fruits and berries, but it re- ,v~ t. c,mmencin July 22,~ ~)~ ~ |~ i deep sea make-up. Schaefer refused. ;~'-~ rains and miner-| quires a little more sugar. The pro- source uz v*~ "" hs" ~ -- ' -- * ' ] -- ~ ~~ ~ ~ I ~ 1 ' ' I lmve a very bad" cold," he ~ als, but they will| portion is 2 cups water to I cup sug- been desi ated by yresmem a rm Safety I X X told "wkt now ber- ~J/',~f ~t~'l. ,| enable you to| ar, or half corn syrup ~" honey and Truman as ~auonaJ ea ~, - ~L~d II/~ save hundreds.of] halt of the amount in sugar. - ~ ~ "/I '~//'~k~ ~"~ ~" ~'~' " ~ dering on pneumonia. If I get rid wesT. BL # K, I II ,1 of my rubber boots, my raincoat -~~l~l~ points this year| In past years, peaches and pears . . h d| .d my hreUa, ~.-~'~ aS they did lastl and some of the other fruits have Hunt Started for [~['~~~~l~.~,$~ ~ ~ hospital In les~ than two hours gnd ' L~ year always been cannedwith a thi'ck "" '--" Fowl Ml~1$l,ml~,[~11~tl~mtllttIli~|llKURlk4"fl, I- L I wiU certainly sue yOU and me . lea e. Connolly called the game. Since rationing began, fruits have] ueauer - , Major poultry associations, Key " carried a high ration value " ~" ~rjJ:~~-~ Schaefer had a keen, quick wit p . . 'i.~'t ~~ """ ~t ~'~,~~ ~ ~] ~ and could always draw a laugh always " " - o '~ sugar uoesn't reach around for this oultrymen and U S D A special- ,~ ~ ~ .~- ~x ~x ,~,z~, -m -~ and et the are essen~la~ ana c n-, " . ,Y ' Y s*| type of syrup, A thin or medium isis have unaerm~en an assign vement to serve for vrea~, " l~ ~, ~ ~[['~:~[~I m Waddeli had the Athletics goofy by syrup can ao me 3oo. ment from the A & P Food stores ~t - . ~/,~. ~ ~--~ ~ 3J~]~ buying a mockingbird owned by the to draw up specinca ions Tar an ="""-' " "-- -" --" " " luncheon and dinner. Fruits may| " - . h~/,~' "'a" ~~.~ -.Ni~[O. proprietor of a popcorn and peanut be canned with or without sugar, but| Pac~ jars. ideal meat type nxra ana to super- -, ,~-, ~,~ .~ .~ --=b ~ ,-~ --, " vise distribution of $8 000 in awa us " -,~ .~.~.~ ~,e~ ~ -~ ~- " the fruit will mellow and ripen inI FruitS, berries and tomatoes " r-,~~" ~ ~~ "'~~ stand that had a whistle attached. the jars much more satisfactorily if] (which are considered a fruit f~r .' "d :l ~l .* ~'nt~=" .~X I ~ All the mockingbird could do was ,~ I~ ~'*" ~-~f'~K ~,1~, ~ wake up the enhre floor shortly a sugar syrup is ttspd. With syrupsI canning purposes) are delicate in which the company nag pos~e " plentiful, part, usually half, of it isI texture and high in juice content. The committee headed by D D =-- x~, --.~-,--~- ~ . |~.~|1(~,~.~ ~-~ v - k~.~t~.~k after daybreak by singing his only Slade, secretary, International Ba: y ,|-"~-'r - ~~. "*~,~~ song the song of the peanut sweetened with a light or dark corn They should be packed solidly in Chick assocmtion, believes the p o-,~c~-~--~ ~ whistlZ w~th an syrup Honey may be substituted the ~ar to prevent undue shrinkage " . . r~-~ --~p%~ ~ "," added screech for one-half the sugar, also. It will I and consequent "empty" appear- gram will crystallize thin~jng,~ L--~v~t~ 7~v~ ~ ~ ~ ult breeders and hatcn- = - ~'-" darken the fruit and give it a some- ance after processing. Precooking among po ry "f Frog t#oct e and U z=y Dean whalk stronger favor, but it is good. of the fruit is suggested because it ,erymen on a chicken wtu an aoun- I .~ ~'~ ~ ~,~, s~.asest~ ~=e.) .+ z. was me Immortal Ping ~odie dance of "carvings A broaa- with the Yankees who bought a par- Only fruits that are good in flavor, shrinks the fruit or berry and en- breasted chicken would mean more "I can't read the labels, but Judgin' by Bag-ears, I'd sa the 're full of rot -n uniformly ripened and firm in rex- ables you to get more in the jar. It Y Y a a spen~ weeks ~eacning saia economical growth, more mea~ perwhat we HOPE they are~" mad a ture should find their way to the takes a little bit longer to can by nd more " parrot to keep saying over and jar. Just as it is true of any other precooking, but the results are worth pound of feed consu,~ "Pi-~, ~oao .^~ ~ profits to poultrymen A prize of "--~'. -:~ ~ --.s canning and preserving, you getth~ effort. " maae gooa ' $5,000 will be given to the poultry P~W]~OME ~' lit C~.UYAS ' R u ut into the can Can only what yo p " Jars should be filled to within ~ th; ,~ ~ ~ " ' WR 1AMS: .ut after alt, Dizzy Dean in many " ual ro " - " ~" ~', - d ys as the top of them nin~ iS deaignim~I :::ipreserving the inch of the top. If tightly packed up man breeding the best bird at ,~m,~, k~ ~ *-; ~fferent wa w end of three years Ann p g ~= . . ress awards will total $3,000 ~ ~uZt for P g poor quality to ~this point, fruit and berries will " " " ~ ~'~ X~ ~ --outs,de of Schacht. Dizzy was rarely float after processing, and the " ~ ~t ,/ - ~ [ - ~ ioaded with pranks, as well as ~ ~| I ) ~". . L ]~retty homely wit. W~en large ITuits such as peaches, jars wlll have a much nicer appear- f.~ C " ens ~ ~L ~',~ ~ ~ ~ .4" ~ ~'nere was the time in Florida p~u:S or apples are canned, they ance because they are ~ of fruit, w=~,~ ~--= .~hick " " require peeling and should be placed In order tlmt fresh water may ~,s ~ ~ ~ ~/ ~ when Dean had reported as a rookie - : -' "~ "-=-- ons salt to i "-uart ~aKe sureme r~ms oz me ~ars are i ~"~Ided for the . .~.~ I --=~'~" / ~-~ from the Texas league. Jn'~nny' Wfl-" m ~,me tz w==p,J ~- not chipped as this will prevent a C~SL "add be ./| ~ ~ ~ ~.~ " ]~.)~") son, the veteran catcher, began of water) to prevent them ~rom * I~ dark while peeling. ~:~e~ ~l~:i;i~: ~:OO~et;~; ta~c~ keI~ ele~ the nov- /~,~ ~ [ >Z-~ [ ~ n~ssing his silk shirts Finally J|m- The open kettle method.for can-syrup are added so that no part|- er shown in this ~ {k ~f~ ~k tt ] ~ ~. my caught Dean bedecked in one Of illustration is. red- ~ ~ these garments and the idea of a has been a favorx~e among nir~ fruit " cles of food or Juice stick to them to ommended. It m~Y WPL~&~GV,~.WITH ~3 /~TE~ST~/D~q~GH~L~ ITN~D~A%SL~O~~L'P~O raw rookie wearing his silk shirts homemakers for prevent them from sealing properly. . ~ . w.r.N ,~HUK~U~5"IN. t~tCd:)ECA~'rF-~P ~ ~RA~ --- *^^ "~"ch t" stand He -+~"+-" many generations Making ~ Hot .Water BaUa basin or some form LO~HOV~ c.~rm~" wrr~ ~ov~R, --- in to bawl out Dizzy when the because it gives such attractive results. However, the liot water bath has found many users be- cause the danger of spoilage is re- duced to a mini- mum and the ap- pearance of the fruit still retains its shape, flavor and texture. On the table, time Js also given for process- ing in the pressure cooker if one is available, but it is not essential for fruit canning as it is for vegetable preserving. SyruP Making Guide. Thin syrups for fruit canning will be most popular this year because L~NN SAYS Fruit c~nning Tips: Fruit sometimes discolors at the top of the jar if the fruit is under-ripe or when accurate processing time or temperature is not maintained. Discoloration of the top layers of the fruit is caused by oxidation which means that air has ~ot been expelled from the jar b~ the heat of processing. If food is packed too solidly or |ars filled to overflowing instead of to within a half inch of the top, some of the liquid may boil out of the jars d~ring pro~ess- ing. Canning powders and preserva- tives are not necessary in the canning procedure. A water bath canner may be made from a wash boiler or any other large deep vessel that has a close fitting cover and is deep enough to permit the jars to stand upright and still have enough water to come an inch or two above the jars. This water should be kept boiling during the entire processing period. It should never be allowed to boll away enough to come less than 1 inch above the )ars. If nec- essary have a kettle of boiling wa- ter on the range, beside the water bath, to replenish the supply in the canner. A rack which will hold the jars inch from the bottom of the kettle is also essential. The jars should be set wide enough apart to allow for free circulation of water, How do you count processing time? As soon as the water starts boiling briskly ~ around the filled jars is the rule. < The, times given on the above ta- ble are tested and accurate, Set the clock with an alarm, if neces- sary, and do not try b~ whittle it down. As soon as the processing period Is up, remove the jars and place on several thicknesses of cloth or newspaper in a place free from drafts and allow to cooi. Then store in a cool, dry place. The |ars should be set far enough apart to allow for free circulation of air to bring them to room temperature as quickly a| possible. Released bY Weatem New~qmper Un~ of aut~mstin water fount. Alfalfa Adds Nitrogen When alfalfa is fed on the farm where it is grown and the manure is returned to the land. there would be a large gain in nitrogen and the phosphorus and potassium loss would be greatly reduced. At the University of Illinois, it was observed that when a ton of hay is sold, 37 pounds of nitrogen obtained from the goes with no gain to the grower, but rather as a gain to the buyer of the hay. By feeding the alfalfa and using manure, this loss is reduced. Hormone sprays, or pre-harvest fruit drop inhibitors, containing naphthalene acetic acid as the ac- rive ingredient, were used both in spray" and dust form by many apple and pear growers throughout the country in 1944. Add Water to Tires There are no ill effects from fill. ing tires completely with a water solution of calcium chloride. Com- pletely filled tires have an advan- tage in that pressure is automatical* ly increased as the tires are over- loaded, thus avoiding the usual necessit~ for adding more air and using higher pressures in proportion to heavier tire loads. Resistance to bruising and punc- tures is notaffected by the percent- age of liquid fill. RETUIPJ~ ]'HE COHRJ/V~N~ t .~ ,'viSitOR8 MORON PLUS Brown--What makes you think that blonde is so dumb? Blue--She told me she had to go out of town for an operation because she didn't want to take a local anes- thetic. Sweet Thing He--Last night I had an awful pain in my arms. She--Yes. I saw you going to the movies with her. Right This Way: Customer--Have you any skunk? Clerk--Just a moment, ma'am, I'U call the boss. Very Handsome Brown--I think he looks Irish. Blue--Well, if he were red-headed he'd look like an Irish Setter, LIVE AND LET LIVE Judge---Your driving is a menace to pedestrians. Your license is sus- pended for two years. Defendant--But, judge, my living depends on it. Judge--So does theirs. Crippled for Life Employee- Would you increase my salary? I was married yester- day. Employer--Sorry, but I'm not held responsible for accidents outside the plant. Tee Hee Too Sonny--Was Tee Lee, the robber they sing about, a Chinaman? Daddy---Tee Lee? I never heard any song about him? SO~--Sure you know it, "Wait- Lng for the Robber Tee Lee." rookie stopped him cold with this comeback: "Now wait Just a minute, Jim- my," Dizzy said, "you wouldn't want the greatest pitcher baseball has ever known to go around a month wearing a single shirt, would you?" Jimmy let him have the shirt. I was walking with Dizzy by a hotel in Bradenton one day when he said he had a phone call to make. He was gone some time. He finally came out wearing a wide grin. "Well," he said, "I Just called np Sam Breadon in St. Louis. 1 tom him 1 had changed my mind about signing lor any $~0,~. We had a long hot argument. He ,threatened to have me tl~own out of baseball. We musta argued Z~ minntes. Then I finally told Sam I had already signed and sent my contract in." ,Wlmt was the idea in doing that?" I asked. Dis=y grinned, "I had the charges reversed and it cost Sam $43." There was also the time on a blistering day in St. Louis, temper- ature 112, the crowd melting, when suddenly a wisp of smoke came up in front of the Cardinal bench. There sat Dizzy decked out in a heavy overcoat, warming his hands in front of a fire he had just built. And I still recall his classic re- mark after his ann was about gone when he was warming up for the Cubs to pitch a world series game against the Yankees. "How you feeling, Diz," I asked "Well," he said, "I ain't what to be. But who /n bell 4