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August 2, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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August 2, 1945

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/ L. Ii, I e ' Patcn appearedne,vousl, VOL XXV:I ME RA, BILLINGS COUNTY NORTH DAKOTA Thursday, August 2, 1945 NO g EKLY NEWS ANALYSIS : " I Fleets Rake Japan as Big Three of I " ' I Having already dropped to an an-, I ~ P rle Pomts u Peace Talkl. nual rate of 49.9 billl.on dollars InI ~ 4~r M~4~4ff~l ~, a y . P . m . . . . 3uly from 00.7 billion in Marcn, war' R~ JU| |V|l~| 1|||1| U~ |lit1| i~ ~V~ '=" It" m AA ~A. ~--[~ [O~m~tai [production will be further slashedi[ ,t~ ~ nilUS "~:' ~ I enam / love lU/ Luuc. ,u.ty I l dur ng the rest the year. re ee -il I -- ,: I Released by Western N'ewspal~ r Unlon. -- ~~ !L--~ decrea.~ demands for a --e~l l~lllnF~: I~R~'K nn lflnla = I;ars from the July figure of 1 bil- Liqhtning Calculator Estimates Distances .s ,ato, ot :~ ~::.*:~:.~::::' ~:~ tuem.) and ~rewster of ~ame ~:~:~::::~:zi;~:: ~- -~:. ~i:i:~ ~on; ships 500 mffiion from 700 rod- . ] ] I Upon Deflection of Electrons, Study had an interesting experi. r~ :':~. ;I lion from 200 m/llion; combat and I Of Apparatus Still in Infancy. . ~; ~~=~':~" r " -- -= =otor vehicles 200 million from 300 I to;met- y for the Mead committee,! ::::.!i:::. I at 600 miUion dollars, with doubled (In a previous article Mr. Baukhage. . y on have. to be an en-, ~ I~ , -- -,~,~v~+, h~]~ina *- nffset ~ told some o~ the little known lacta m,grocer ~ do it elder--it is done'~ [ ~e two senators t~en proceeded, ": - ! r ~C~io~ns m~er'~x;io~v~ ~ ',the history and development ot radar/ automa~ca]]y by a lightning calcu-' i with ~eir usual ~vestigation. Set-I ~- " : ~: - i " and recorded many. o/i~ possible peace- I lator:,t L tling down in one of the U. S. mill-', + ~me uses In th~s art,cle he explains tar ' ~- ~ii: Q'ADrt ~Yf/'tl~l~]~Q 1 . ." I I have stood in awe before the t y offices they caged in witnesses, r ~IZZlLU w u~t/tJ~t~ * wha~ maizes radar tic~ an~ ~ow it oer. i . se -.~ ' . -I ,~. ~+~. ~~:" 1 -- . -. I calculating machines which can i =,u uzoss-exammeu ,~em w,~, ~, i More Meat ol ,is marvetou, learJ m I "tlu " more accurately and a i stenographer taking down every-~ ' "' at time lifting the veil'which has coy- gun " ",intent g r ~ erea aescr]puons o~ radar, says su=- wa h ] rations starting in Au~st. I ~incfl A rada- set is no~in~ I ~e enemy has radar t~. ~e Ger- t s appen~g ~ ~at part of occu- ~!"::~:~:~!.~:~:i~:!~i~:~::- " ~ pzed Germany Finally Oen Ar- ~.:~::~::::: ~:::.::.~ OPA actmn follow~ the wa~out,' in mavs were wor~g on it wzth m- ~:.: 1 "~*:h :~':~:::::::~:~:':~:.:.: :-:':" . . . more ~an a machine for send g ~ur ' ~zn zs zts t ~e, cntez o: s~aff to General " n of U. S. marines of lshmd off of Okinawa, Jsp clima .xmg. a. serzes of . strik. I stream in a desired direction. These I paralleled ours and those of the Brit- [ . - . Frightened by =,-mford Corm ~ mrougnou~ me country. earing [ =lectrons travel with the s,~eed of [ lsh. In the early days of the war t vacKgrouna. women &re put st ease by Lt. u. r. ~ I their jobs after their leaders de- I ~ght in a straight line until their [ the Germans had receiving sets on t "Gentlemen," he said. "ahem "i - . for comparatively quick passage in J clared they '.can't,dig coa~ on tet- I energy is dissipated or unless they [ high hills along the coast of France. i procedure . . . it's a little uno I, ACIFIC.- the senate. I tuce sanaw~cnes, me IKino]st bump into somethirlg." The electron beam, like that of tele- usual. I'm not sure that, we can .- ~, [ Overwhelmin~Iv approved by the I miners demanded an extra mea ra- That bumn is inerrant If a I vision, moves in a straight line and permit you to continue. /~keep (yog/~ I hou.~e, the Bret~o-~n Woods monetary I tion of 50 red points per month, i stream of electrons is"-shot into the I since the surface of the earth is j "It's the same urocedure While the nat!on's capltal buzzed ] agreements creating a bank ot re-I Though 1000 foundry workers in i slr like a searchlight and a planelcurved, thls curve gets In the wayl .~,v. o! ~'~1:--.a- .At with peace tal~ and Australian construction and fund for stabilizing neighborin/ localit/es joined the lilies across the stream the elec-I ff the image and receiving set are ] ---n~r-~r~sm.t~-~.- newspapers hinted of s na! d.-~-] currencies passed the senate, withI striking IIlinoll miners, OPA action trons which hit the plane bounce I too far apart. Therefore, land sets [ --,'--v~-,-- - " :.:=.-.a ~ velopments, U. S. and B.rit~.~ carraex Taft (Rep Ohio) leading a losing I did not include workers in other } back They bounce ri[ht back to a,are placed as high in the air as j --":: .~-s :, planes continu to : ~ ] fight against the measures. } strenuous occupat ons in the I/bet- I screen /n the radar scope and are,posszble. ] ed rake me Japa- "' i " - m~s me ~mme procedure ~o~- nese homels~d ~ t~e =;o~,Charging that high pressure tac-I allcation of meet rations. I r ev ealed in the form of a "blip" ] We knew that the Germans had ! ;~m~tl)~h~:m::~=enl~ act Hokkaido with Honsh.u, and .IX)r" I tions, and the fund would permit / doing an annual business of $200,000 I ably too high for the human ear to [ a weresoimport .~t, be- There was a day when everyone lng factories on Honsnu ~se'r, Cato ~[ countries to obtain currency at fair ]labora year or more may add increased J catch. Their beep bounces back in [ eeH~tnava~=me= me tac~ ma~ mey ma~e ex- in and around the Roosevelt admin- rie* planes ,wept over To]~.o bay'r,level, for intenlaUona.1 trade, opIxP and material costs to .theh-It in. to waro them to duck. aria air bases, is be- ,stration ted to be a Judge. 'l"ldll shoot Up combat vessels at ~cn~: I nents charged that there were .no / prices, out may a Rpzy om.~ na.rr zn, ~ But radar's electronic "bLip" is I ambiUon wall largely pre ipltated Presumably remnants oz me u,~,; t provisions in the plans compelling ~ industzT-wzae pron.z margin ox xt~.~ ~ better than a sonic "beep." One,~ =v. =.~=~,u.= u. ~,= = == =:u= au~ by the Supreme court fight and the ro d Im erial fleet, the warsmps to stabillze their in- to 1939 so as to Keep me overag ' reason is that an ~lectron mov,s,were ame o ae~ec me presence oz fact that th. onurts/11 ,h,~o. ,~ k=.~ p u P the members . I - -- o "" were covered by a heavy scree~ o/ [ ternal conditions to guarantee full [ selling figure down. Producers in{ with the speed of light which is fast- l.=h.b m~be, rs and, In?rce~Pt ?.e? i put several obstructive decisions U S and orz~ a acKe~s however ma s-- .u. w~ au ~.u um~ a antl.aircraft fire as " ~ redemption of their obligations. [ the lower or Y,er than sound :" [ squarely across the path af the New own -roflt mar-ms to~ i numoer m ucue aa~acen =tunas Ish airmen closed in~ . . [ Concurrent with the agreement, I apply me~r p i ~ ~ ~. I Deal. mtea u Dy per ct~O t.agq~n mat narmy seemed oz any tmpor Peace taLk was pc" .~P '-" I the senate considered approval of I their prices. . |tance we-- -e~--~ "J But now it is Just the opposite. sistent rumors that Marsna~ ~a~? It he house : passed increase in the I To help speed reconversion. Indi- I On Radar Receiver ! In all .~?:ba;~ It'w~-"" '.'-:~- ~;-" I There Is a growing exit from the mi ht have brought Japanese .peac~I thori of the Export Imvzdual manufacturers will be per ~ "~ courts terg tO the Big Three meeting at lending au tY 000,000 to $3- - ork out their own prices I Perhaps at this point we ought to /they had radar installations which I . . " Judge Schwellenbach has ms I port bank from $700 . mitted to w - recall to your minds what ma /cr,z,]d ,4,~t=~,t =,4 ,r; ~,~ 3usz remgne~ from ~e bench to be I 500 000,000 to finance sales and p.ur- I and submit them to OPA for aP- i electron is "A short definition of an / p],'-;;, I o~ labor. 3udge Sherman ~ romising that the pact " " ~lB~Bmmm I=oo~.o,o D i. . hooL no n. l but ,t m havo Judges V.Lnson and Thurman At- President Truman (left) greeta prime J would prev~tr w~l~:lmt~eC=~Zt~o; t" R.a lm~ Me~],mi emerged briefly .~o ] but various groups of molecules. I been due to the fact that they nora nave already made two. vacan- M~mr cu~rc~ -t ~,u~. / ec sre? z~ pr~v tes [ body ~ense de ~ratlon~ th~ ~he } Ordinarily electrons pursue the l lacked radar equipment. It Is be- I cles .on th.i s court. Twoo.~erva- t I peacem] setuemen~ o~ ~vu I/=re II Duce ~, an irresp~p~eg.e p~ ~n. I even, if rapid, tenor of their ways J I/ev~l that what radar knowledge I .e.anc~s wul occur when .~.~.~e~ ~us- Berlin and the report that Presid~m |,~,~D, I dm.~r. ~.~o~l.y mpu: ] well within the bounds of their own/ Japan has came from the Germans. J uce uuncan ~roner an(/ Ju~lge JUg- Truman presented the co~ fer~es |r~y ~ ~,m ~.~d by a oevy ol atoms. But radar has changed all,Of course, there is one phase of I tin Miller resign. with American surrender condJtlon s |Plato 7 /k,[m~=~n~Sherhu~bend I that. It has made it possible to[ radar detect/on which in the past[ . I.t .may keep the Wh/te Ho.use busF rt main in fight supply, Anderson " your watch dial, you know the " been broadcasting to the Italia~t building, manufacture and. pc Ire a ,~ -carcities in ~rt, o I ~= (or other ob4ect) north of l the first rel~rted successi~l use of I hment ot war sal(l, w~m ~v . /~ J.~[ 1~" -v--=-: . reaar In |ucn a naval o ration u~upxe urging mem ~o surrender. facilities, and puzds onaensed and JUBLI t tt . I yOU. iT 1~ should be z)lane and it pe in ] riminal meats, zam, u-o, - - - me war. it is said that the Hood ,~ me mzu vx me war, ~arusl Ilas C S. . |Ava,orated milk and canned fruits Seek Increase I were coming toward you (which the [ h*a l~k~wi ,~ ~,~.+.~ +~ received letters from his relatives in "re in the U S. peace au~ wad - .- v-~o=,~= -"- Ri . J vegetables Rice and dry beans ~==~r;n~ t~ e.shion the nation for J instrument would reveal) and it/ .~ - Italy tel/In~ how his ~ ^.a equally lively in Aug ,~. ! ol,o will run short, he revealed. ,k .~ ~t. ,f reconversion Sen- I finally appeared right on top of the [ t~ = i- helped inspire the battle ---~---, --- the Sydney Sun editorma~zea! ~" I "~ ~;~e the OWls mapped itsu~ ,r 1 that showed your location, [ ""~= - = ,uu~. ~.uwmg. maz a ~=.~. - os m = ,~ ---- ~--- -one wlm ora- i -,~----- . a~or r.zlgore ~ue~a, w, vs.: ~u~v- I : - . / numoer ox zrzenmy warsnlps were enu.o~ =e w=, o, - Rirohito i, I propaganda cam.patgn upon orders duced a comprehensive bill extend-I you~ s~ow ma, mere was gores ,o[ in the vicinity, did not dare to take "Uge," wrote a cousin ' ou e~m mauc suddenness m White t~ouse, touowmg me ent corn b= o/li,ion 'Y stillthe.d-emveror. Byonestr kelfr ~ ~ lrlh=v, tningcoverageottmemploym -, noa ~ ;,~ ~m;l,|the chance of attacking ~rst. really be proud of your relatives % ca : relieve Japan's I report mat me u ~. - ----: :---- :- pensation, boosting payments and a- I "".'': ~" 'Z' "a "-'~ i Man /m rovemen~ h here in Italy. From the oldest down ox a pen ne co~uu of the re~ex snzpmencs aW.~ --,~ -- m the dark, Y P ave been ~rr~r= =rid make veace There is [ provide moSt~uro m ac~u~ ~ nanclng job reloes~o~s . . I ,~.~,~,~ = wo. ^e ~^,~ ~ m~.1;,/ made in radar which are not as yet to that,little, charming yolmg lady eve. reason to believe that United [ ~-i~nT:u~'tbe ~Ted for SupPIng U P~r,messuce, federal. I ~c~P'no'hu~m'an"=i~tTould ~e- ready for the public eye and all (Carus.i, 10-year-old niece) yoLt ~'-' - -~;c is nreserving him zor I pc s ~. manume and agr~cmmra~ process- i I say the study is only in Its Infancywere always so happy to hold in your pe (Dem M,P P eminent would contribute the d/ffer- Carrara ahead. [ that after having been promised h,-~.a ~tnt~ .n~mnlovrnen~ I in relation to the observer (the Iced-/~o hardly dreams. from the .(~rmans last No- =,~.~, ~ I adequate supplies by .~neHcan au- c~om~pe'~jt~z" ~y'ment; up-'to a ] Uon of the radar let). the d~ltance/ . . . t t ~, on, ~, o~,~x.- /thorities, Europeans expect ,~is m~iV~um of $25 weekly for 26|fr m the object can be calculated/ Harry Truman didn't want to be P artig~am controlled all the public left) are ca ated Just as a sir.| route to German~v. travel allowances.