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August 2, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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August 2, 1945

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/ l THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER Le HAY 6 v,ca jp71THE STORY THUS FAg: Mel.od J "Soft helll You ain't getting no I v~11: G eorle F ury ~ dd~n ~I I where, Cut out this bashing his I 7~ ~ ~U~IUUy mlluti~u ur i.uw u t- i br-; & r~; i law Monte J r - "" nt's Irl Cher i auz= uuL ~i~ some woon m nere l ,ar an. mee g,ry, j Bull~ , ,o, ont o,hnt - a good. hot I turned to meet Lee. Lee and Melody ran,s pants over it. kleat n/s { into Cherry and George, overpowered J spurs red hot, and we'll write his | Lee and went to the shack where Monte J name on him! He'll talk--he'll talk [ kid the express money, Luke Packer,' like---like--he'll talk plenty," he fin- the t~m-aace cop, was there, .and shot ished. cocked, but it swung nose down, idly, not raised Monte looked at George Fury ia a puzzled way tinged with admira- t/on. This was mainly because he didn't understand how George got here, let alone how he dared come here to begin with. "Who sent you?" he asked without by someone outside. When Melody re. i turned with the horses he found the sher/ff fn the cabin but the body g~, In their effort to learn where the ex. press money was hid, they started to beat up Melody. He had learned that the body was placed in the wall where the strong box was hidden. CHAPTER XIV "I'll bust him down, all right," .~oyal Boone said. He was just warming up to his work. "Sure you'll bust him," Stocker said with an ironic slur to It. "But "Too slow," Boone objected, expression. "Try it," Thingan decided. "Try "I come on my own," George said. it anyway." Fear of defeat was "How'd you find this?" riding him. "We got to take a "It's a reasonable question," chance on it. Git some wood in, George admitted. Roy. A little otter do it." "I figured you was up here," For a moment Roddy Thingan i Ge rge said, "because I figured it sat on the edge of the shifting slab, was your shot killed Luke Packer. a strange blank expression, making So---" his face sillier. Then the slab let '"Dead, is he?'" go altogether, and thundered to the "Plenty." floor. The sheriff slid with it, sit- Monte Jarrad grunted noncommit- ring down hard and suddenly at the ally" base of the wall. He sat there idi- "I already figured out you was otically for a moment, his legs wownded. So I knowed you wouldn't when?" "Right quick," Boone promised. He blew on his knuckles. Stocker straightened Melody up to take the blow. But he said, "I ain't so sure. You ain't got all night, ff them Cottons is close as I think they be." "Wait, Roy," Thingan said. "We got to try something different " "What's the reason we do?" "Bec~use you're going to knock him ouL thataway. Then what good is he?" "What good is he anyhow?" "I thought of something," Thin- gan said, talking quickly now. A desperate hurry was in his eyes. "What was the last thing he said, Just before he balked on us?" "He said he knew where---" "No, nO---that ain't what I mean," Thingan cut Stocker off with almost frantic impatience. "He said he could lay hands on the express box in less'n a minute, didn't he? And right after that he makes a kind of a false start--but not toward the door--and he says, 'the box is right over--' " "And there's where he drew back," Stocker said. "Yes," Thingan said with bitter sarcasm. "We recall he drew back, but he was right on the ragged edge ---he even started to move toward it--and not toward the outside! Fel- lers-that express box is here in this dump!" "You're wonderful," Stocker said sourly. "Pick it up, then, and let's go." He slacked his grip on Melo- dy's arms experimentally, then, as Melody stood there, let. go the pris- oner's elbows. But he kept a pur- chase on Melody's belt. Thingan paid no attention to him. "'He was standing right over here," he began, taking position in imita- tion of Melody. "Over what? He never said." "Over here, you fool! That's what he meant!" "All right then," Boone blared at him, "he says 'Over here, you fool,' meaning you, I guess, and moves toward the blank walL Hell[ Let's get on with the way we was doing. Hold him, Mormon." Both Stocker and Thingan ignored this. "Boot in that door!" Thingan ordered, indicating the root cellar. Boone obeyed. The door, being unfastened, banged wide. Thingan caught up a candle, and both he and Royal Boone jammed into the root cellar, virtually at once. Thingan and Royal Boone came piling out of the root cellar again. Thingan stood pulling at his lower lip, his eyes so avid as they searched the room that he looked drunken. "Pull this up," he ordered, kick- ing the bunk. Roy Boone tore the bunk out by the roots in a couple of splintering heaves. Nothing was under it but a considerable rat's nest, and a litter of such trash as had found its way there. Melody saw that Cherry had si- dled nearer the door; she could al- most reach it, from where she now athleen Norris Says: Take It and Like It , Bell SYndleate -WNU Features. ;I Releaeed by Weetern NewsDaDer Union. By VIRGINIA VALE pARAMOUNT'S studio press ouTeau reported an unusu- al number of requests from servicemen to visit the BettZ Hutton-Sonny Tufts sets for "Cross My Heart." Theyl couldn't figure out the rea : son for that avalanche of requests, till some bright boy came :up with the answer. Seems that somebody had announced in print :?at Betty had posed for photo- g apns on me set with two air corps lieutenants, Robert Drew and Bruce .Shaw, P-38 pilots stationed at near- by Van Nuys--and Betty had sat on one officer's lap while the cameras clicked! spread wide in front of him, one travel fur. And'I knowed you'd be pants leg bitched up to his knee. lookC ld' inliketheanYnearW Wndedplaces whereman aS firel : It all turned out perfectly. A pub- He turned quite slowly, as his .Heity ,man introduced Nancy Nor- could be hid, and here you be." :man, pretty singer with Samm brain almost visibly began to move "Smart--maybe " Jarrad said. fauce~tYfathe.r-s n law ~,a .fine old man, but so close that a. light left burning or a :Kaye's orchestra, and Dick Bro~ again. He sighted the black cavity,r ,~7, n ng w=, tee ntm the falling slab had revealed. In a"Uh-huh. M name is Gout# soa~ in e bah"- ~ oL g, achauce to scold for hours. ! use toI who's featured on his own Sunday curious, unhurried way, he cranedFury." Y ~,e r th :~ ~,~, ,cave gooa gravy ana potatoes on my place." o much MBS program; the press agent s oh. his neck to look into it. "I know who you are. You're the By KATHLEEN NORRIS Jeer. a "romance item" that he Then suddenly he was scrambling old buck that's been palming him- ~ tHE tr ENDURING CRITICISM could send to radio editors (who get self off as " I ot/Dle wzm J~elen "" awfully sick of those same hone frantically to get to his feet, his m~ tmc,~. = hands clawing at the wail to help"And you're the cheap gun-fighter / Johnson is that she won't Som~ti----"'~-" "re,P Y" a ~ ,us tttrte nagging an- mances !) But --- this time it himself up. His voice exploded in a that has framed up a sap of a boy --" ccep the lnevl~aole n'~ance- t -, r:, ,~ . ," "-'j o ~uu,t6 tttce grave nara. bawl. to take your medmme" " for you, She hates the conditions of o ps'r:-- st" aewenas" " a-'tot o " "They's a dead man in there!" George said her 1~v .~ ~ . . " . -- n the . yet sne can vtewpomt. Helen, for instance. A strangled grunt sounded in Mor- wlOn=mJ:rr~udzzllO~:ndt hl%eOV;r seem to find any way of es- can scarcely bear her lot. She men Stocker's throat as he dropped Melody and plunged toward the Fury did not look dangerous enough cape. So many women arein is a soldier's wi~e with two cache, to face Monte Jarrad With a com. her position now that it seems small children. They are lie. ins with his parents in a big The voice of Royal Boone rang outandmentonelikesockthat'frazzledHe woreto the neshapeb t ter.W rth while to quote her let- country house. The old folks of a spat. He was hatless, and his "I married at 20 six years ago " pay all the bills, and do a good thin' hair was full of leaf-twigs, and writes Helen "Lewis my husband deal of the work. Helen has :nth;~.~a:hi~.rt tHis.knees were muddy, istwo years'elder, he is n w with only to take care of herself the army in France. but before the and the children, and to help "I don't look nothing like your war he made a good living as a con- a little with the general house. half-wit uncle," George said.tractor and builder. He worked with "What do you want here?" Monte his father, and now that he is away work. But what wears on [-I~elen's asked him n~w. The question ear- live, with my two little children, nerves is the constant criticism ried a strangely detached curiosity, with his father and mother. as if Monte Jarrad had already de- I "Lew was happy that I should from her They cided what disposition he was going ] come to them, when he went away, are thrifty to a fault, hard. to make of George. [ almost a year ago. The lease on our working, and old fashioned. "I come here alone," George be. J apartment had expired, we could Her raises a fuss gun. - /find no other place, and this roomy' about waste---lights left burn. country house seemed zde "I know that. I been listening to " al. Domes- inS, soap used in excess, food you blundering around here for an tie help simply doesn't exist in this you Off any n:,g::~?ood. I was worn out when thr n away-- nd keeps nag. hour. I could of picked ging for hours. Her mother. tune, just as easy as now.' "'ms~eactC .crcnothingeXpectedzs ri ht; rest. makes pointed sugges. George reddened a little this time " g . My father m law is a fine old man but but he let it pass. "The sheriff and - - . tions about rearing the chil. strong and crazy; he was already beside Sheriff Thingan, crouched over the black hole in the adobe ledge. "It'S Luke Packer!" Cherry de Longpre snatched Mel- ody by the wrist so hard that she almost threw him, as he stood there gaping. She already had the door open Somehow, with a surprising Melody spilled back against the wall, hard. stood, if reaching it would have done any good. You could always get to her. At first he couldn't find the that door, but you could never get horses, either. He found a place he through it. "Still figuring," Melody thought he had left them, but they thought, "still trying. She never weren't .there; and when he rec- gives nothing up . . ." ugh!led that he was in the wrong Royal Boone was methodically place he could no longer be sure testing the packed clay floor, under what he had done with them. the place where the b~nk had been, He whistled softly the call he used chipping at it with his high heeL for Harry Henshaw. The gelding But now Sheriff Ruddy Thingan had never paid any attention to it whirled upon that deep window era- before, but Melody hoped that this brasure in the adobe wall. Light time he would at least paw or had come to him, sudden and com- something, in this emergency. plete. He laid hold of the great Instead, a soft answering whistle slab that covered the cache, and sounded in a different part of the heaved . . . scrub; and when he shook off the Nothing happened, first fantastic impression that his Incredibly, w/thout any reason, the horse had whistled back at him, he slab stuck where it was. Thingan knew that Cherry had answered tried a few more wrenches, this him. He ran toward her, trotting way and that, but nothing gave. stiffly to keep his high heels frorf "Ain't no use heaving at that," turning his ankles; but she dJdnq Roy Boone said. "It's all sewed whistle again, and he couldn't fln~ down with cobwebs." her. "You figure," Mormon Stocker He did find' the ponies, though. said with insult, "the old man can't Munro's carbine was still on his sad- even tear a cobweb up?" '~l'hem cobwebs been there for years," Boone explained, in vacu- ous good faith. "You don't tell me," Stocker said. Thingan's voice was low, quick. breathed and shaky. "Work on him, Roy," he said fervently. "Work on him! rH have him talk or--" Roy Boone stepped gladly toward Melody, but Mormon Stocker swung Melody out of the way. '~Stop it!" *Rocker said. "Stocker, if you've gone got--" use of her slight weight, she man- aged to sling him through the door ahead of her. As he slowed up and caught his balance he could hear her furious whisper. "Run, run, you damn fool! Run or, I will kill you!" Melody Jones looked about him for Cherry, then, but she wasn't with him now. He hunted around for her, a little aimlessly, not daring to sing out; and he couldn't find dle, so that he was armed again now, and mounted. He left two of the ponies tied there, and scouted aimlessly through the manzanita, wondering what was~ sensible. Far-off up the mountain, perhaps a mile and three furlongs away, a double pistol-shot sounded, as two guns fired almost together. Monte Jarrad sat well back in the shadows as George Fury walked into the ring of the firelight. Monte's gun was in his right hand, where it rested acres his knee. The gun was NANCY NORMAN worked differently; Nancy and Dick will be married in September, when his brother comes home from the South Pacific. The same thing hap- pened when that same publicity man introduced Patti Pickens of the' Pickens Sisters and tenor Robert Simmons, also for publicity pur- dren, saving money poses. They've been married four so close that a light left burning or for the fu. years. some of his posse are already down a faucet left running will give him ture, dressing plainly, and so ~ , there at your cache. That's what that shooting was you heard." a chance to scold for hours. I use forth. This is day in and day Newspaper columnists get lots of too much soap in the baby's bath; out. There is nowhere Helen "no-romance" items. The latest con- Monte Jarrad's eyes showed a I leave good gravy and potato on sharpened flicker as George used my plate; I think my children have having nomeans excepting her screen debut in Hal Wallis' "You can go, as she is dependent, corns Lizabeth Scott. making her the,i figuredW rd "cache."that But he only said, to have fresh clothes every day. government allotment. It Came Along." There'll be no roman- tic interest for her. we're told. till "They ain't found your express What Way Out? would be di~cult /or her to her film career is definitely estab- box yet," George went on. "When"As for my mother-in-law; she get a job, or 6nd an apart, lished. Knnouncements like this they do find it, they'll find Luke works all day, cooking, cleaning,mont. She would have to place usually backfire--just let a gal say Packer's body. Because I loadedlovesgardening'to haveShe themad reswiththe children,her, but the babies in a nursery, too. she won't fall in love, and next the corpus in there, on top of your her attitude toward me is quietly, thing you know, she's eloping with dang box." "How did you find it?" critical. Wouldn't I rather buy an- an, who helps endure the burning somebody. "The gal showed us." other bond for Lewis Jr. than buy anxiety she must feel for her son, "---~---- Monte Jarrad watched him with a dress? What are my plans when in practical hard work. Helen Mack. who's producer of amusement, and a faint admiration. Low comes home? Isn't it better for Now Just for fun. begin to tell NBC's "Date with Judy" and the "So they caught that there /mira- little people not to talk at all at yourself that. you would be "un- new "Beulah Show," gets no vaca. tion of me,'; be said. meals? This means Sonla, for little lucky" if "you tried to make a tion this summer. In addition to Low doesn't talk yet. change. That it would be harmful the direction of the two "Seems like so." George Fury ad- "I handling mitted. "I thrashed around and drive myself almost crazy all for Low, Son!a, little Low and your. network shows Helen has been tore some of 'era up, and come day trying to think of a way out, self. This Isn't as superstitious or signed for two movie roles--enough away. But Melody's no way quick, and lie awake at night planning it. fanciful as it sounds, for I can tell to keep any woman busy. in a thing like that. Not quick, and But it seems impossible. L/vingyou from my older experience that not lucky. He seems lucky, manyspace is at a premium. It wouldit would be unlucky; any such Ted Malone wants you ~o help a time, but he ain't. So they still mean that I get a job, and what of course would certainly bring upouhim. He's keeping a promise made got him by the neck, I judge. In a my children? Here I have no ex-you the evil eye ~ the evil eye of little while more they'll find Your penses whatsoever, my husband'sdoubt, responsibility, d/scontent, to his G.L friends overseas by dedlN dang cache, and when they do, parents even buying the children's fatigue, b/lls, anxiety beyond bear- eating his broadcast series, heard they'll find the corpus of Luke Pack- clothes an@ paying doctor's b/IIs. Do ing. It would deeply hurt Lew's par- week days over the American net- or. About then, them Cotton frie~nds you suppose there is a nursery, in ents, hurt Low, hurt the children, work, to rediscovering America. He of yours are due to show. So now the city, where I could put the baby, and perhaps lessen his affection for wants mail on "What War Has Done they got Melody Jones four waysif I tried to keep Sonia with me?" and confidence in you. to Your Communfty from the ace; he aln~ got no more ~*--- Make yourself the angel of the show than a one-laiged buck at a It is a pity, Helen, that a minis- wartime household. Win the older Alfred Hitchcock, who recently pants-kicking." tering angel can't appear to you, couple with a truly daughterly co- completed "Spellbound" and Is now "You don't mean to tell me," Jar. end say to you that your destiny is operation and affection. Turn outpreparing "Notorious" for David O. rad said, greatly entertained, to remain where you are, and that lights, turn off faucets, serve your- Selznick. Is about to send some of "Yes," said George Fury. dire misfortune and evil days will self to only what food you want, his spine-chilling yarns over the "And you took all this trouble,follow upon your being anywherewe're all learning lessons in that airways. "Too many mystery pro- just to come up here and tell me else. Such a visitation would impress sort of niceness. And--just between grams come on the air asking poe. this!" you, you w~uld awaken from a ourselves, take the children off for pie to turn out the lights, lock the "I come here to make a reason- dream, faee'~aets, settle down into a fortnight in the mountains thisdoors, and prepare to be frightened able demand," George said, biting the life you are living, and find in it summer, and make that little break to death," says he, "when actually off more Jerky. "This here boy is not only content and usefulness, but the time of a break in your wholenothing takes place that would scare attitidue. "who so loseth his life anybody. When my program comes sense nly ahebOY,was bornand with--that'she ain't gOta lie-the overs deeperknown.happiness than you have shall find it" is just as true today on, it will probably be a failure. ing fact. He don't know which is Your husband is enduring far as it was 2,000 years ago. While listening, the audience will be- up, or what the score is, or what's harder conditions than you are, and come so frightened they likely will good for him. I'm the first to ad- he has no way of escape. Millions For Glamorous Fingernails turn it off." mit all that, and freely tell him to of other men and women in the Do you want to have glamorous David O. Selznlck, who developed his face, for h/s own good. But leave world are facing situations that they fingernails? Well, you can! Buy aIngrid Bergman into a star, again me tell you one other thir~g." thought, a few years ago, utterly smaB bottle of white iodine at your has gone to Stockholm for his latest "Make it short." Jarrad said; He insufferable, druggist's. Ask for a bottle with a readjusted his position, moving Change Would Harm All. glass stopper. If you can't get the "find." He's Frank Sundstrom, star. carefully, as if his wound might be No conditions remain insufferable, stopper, use the tail of a rat-rail of the same Royal Dramatic the- stiffening again, the minute we decide to accept comb in its place. Then buy a small ater in which Miss Bergman stud- "There ain't a mean hair in that them, make the best of them, ira- Jar of any reliable, lubricating hand led, and has appeared in eight Euro- boy's head. He never done no harm prove upon them. Your husband'scream, pean films. to nobody in his life, nor thunk of people have made you welcome; Every night last thing before you any. He's in this because of you, they pay your bills; they love your go to bed, place a drop of white Members of the "Duel in the Sun" and because your gal hauled him children. That the old man Is thrifty iodine under each fingernail. Then company who have been on Iota- into it, and made out she needed is perhaps a good training for you; massage a dab of the band cream tion, have organized the first Cactus him to help her. You and her rigged these aren't the days to waste soap, into your nail cuticle. The whiteand Iodine club. All members who up all this between you. SO there waste gravy and potat~q waste iodine serves to strengthen the nail. have been stuck by Arizona's Choila ain't but one right thing you can effort washing and ironing. As for The lubricating cream ~'oftens the cactus are eligible; Jennifer Jones" do, now. You got to whistle up your mother-in.lsw, she sounds like cuticle, stimulates the growth ofmake-up woman, Clare Kaufman, is your bullies, and go and get him a fine and useful and generous worn- the nail at the root. out of this." a charter member, she sat on one! "This beats me," Monte Jarrad Convenient CUpboard . ODDS AND. ENDS---Ginny Simms said. His breathing was quickened To make kitchen cupboards more nas a special hospital dress" - L: L. and broken by a silent laughter, convenient for the busy housewife, powerea prmG which she wears when "Git to your feet," George said, she sings to wounded soldiers, the boys chewing, make cupboard shelves narrow so in the wards like it.~Zo,~;= , that packaged and bottled goods t~ours a day, 7 da~,-"-" -,-';;"~ "". Monte Jarrad stared up at hird, stand only one row deep. Navel, director of the~" air's" ~'Silvert~ nrT;~ unbelieving; but the twisty laugh. A survey shows that in the aver-a~er, earned $7.50 per week when h~ ter left his face as if he had been struck, age kitchen, 175 items often used, started his career as an actor Benin, are kept on shelves in cupboards.Granville, who'll portray a smart /aw- "You heard right," George Fury For most of these items shelves yet in her role in "The Lie D~-,--" said. "I'm taking you down there, . Monte." only 4% inches deep are needed. For I ~ 7u~ 22;.she's been an actres's sinr.~ s~e U,~ three. Arthur Lake the rest, the shelves need not be "Blond. ie" series ~hinks mav~ th: Jarrad still stared at him, thun- deeper than 6 inches. This new derstruck, unable to conceive of this. type of shelving would make it ea~- ~.~ o ~ sta. snoub~ be insulted--e oo-* ,-::-~-- (TO B~ CONTINUED) "She is qui#tly critical let to see things. ~.e Ol a lamous race horss, ha= " " been named "D" ,- . a% 4 /or :