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August 2, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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August 2, 1945

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rilE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER PAGE FIVE / THURSDAY, AUGU STI2, 1945 THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER A Continuation of "THE BADLANDS COWBOY" Established in 1883 H. R. JOHIqSON, Manager W. W. MALKOWSKI, Manager ALICE L. LEBO, Managing Editor Entered in the Post Office at Me?r~: Billings County, N<~rtn ua~om, ~ ruary 15, 1934, as secona class u,~L=. under the Act of March 3, 1879. Official Newspaper of the County of Billings, State of North Dakota. Published every Thursday at Medora, Billings County, North Dakota. Subscription: $1.50 per year In advance T~V]ENTY-~'IVE YEA][~S AGO Billings County Pioneer July 30, I~0 Mrs. Emma Lawson royally en- tertained the members of the care club Tuesday evening, Mrs. Gray scoring the highest .points took home the prize. Refreshments were served by the hostess. C. B. Olson was a Dickinson Rationing To End On New 1942 Cars All remaining :~ew 1942 passeng- er automibiles~around 6,000---will be removed from ratiohing to clear ~he way for new models. The OPA plans to eliminate rationing re- stritcions in effect for these cars. Similar restrictions are now be- ing dr~wn up, however, for new models manufacturers are just be- girming to produce. Rationing of these is expected to last from the time .they first a~pear on the market, proly~bly late this sum- mer, until at least early in 1946. The Week Around Medora day on business the lcw~al !Deaf: Board. On his return home, Mrs. W. F. Sylvester brought Lor- Weldon Gratton, Supervisor of hc tack },Iargaret Palaniuk to Bel-. raine Sylvester and Margaret Pala- niuk home from Camp Grassick Wednesday of last week. The girls had spent seyeral days a.t the Health Camp which is conducted for girls who are underweight. The local Homemakers Club met Wednesday of last week with Mrs. the South ~toosevelt Recreational 1e!d wh3:e she was met by her Demonstration Area, left last week!folks. for Omaha, Nebr. On his return I he will be accompanied ,by his Miss Vivian Fereho of Belfleld sister, Helen. latticed Monday morning by bus to Mrs. Margaret Warbis, Clerk ofIi work a~t the Roosevelt Park Cafe. the Local Selective Service, is to J.F. Tester, County Auditor, has leave for Portland, Ore this ~eek received a supply of the new Cro~, Emma Lawson as hostess, on an extended vacation. Care of Stamps ~or sale at 50c each. Pro- the office ~fll be in the hands of lceeds from the sale of these st~mps Mr. and Mrs. George 1r~adrrnaswill be used to .provide a fund for atandthelittle girlKu~yVisited last Sunday Roberta Roberts during her ab- Here's hoping that a crow bounty Steve home in Me-isence" l will decimate these birds which are dora. ~ Clarence Overstad and M. L'I so detrimental to wild life and The Senior Bridge Club was on-i'walker of Beach were Medora via- ' poultry. tertamed Thursday night of last!tt rs Tuesday evening for a short passenger Monday. --me satiMac~ory results may :be expect- U. $. Trea~ryD#t~rt~s,# VIe and Viota Neuens ~ Jaeke " . ~ ed in every department. With corn- -- ~ i i! ' :Mr and M ~ ~,~ W~o iselves to the fullest extent. I In order to be eligib e Warren Myers arid Mike Mach- Monaay Dy auto ~i~.r ~ :,-~,~,'~=~tiv, esi Anyone not receiving a 194515i00 per acre incentive paymen% I nicki were forwarded to Fort Snell- ~d:fn~anddS :rv :e=e cY:elSSiue; !iiygU~a:~h? :fde:o~Ou~edeecnro~:nbti ~hI~r~S~;d~e;eSao~n?/~f~atT:ditsUie.e s ltn:n MexTn~ T~ti:sday for pre indue' their son Louie aho hasY" been" ,I~ I ority to remove the h,~r~estmg" re-I " Ernie Osterhout w 'HURCH SERVIVES AND quirem~n* Austin Mead, an old time ranch- ~essers. an,: Hu~ Hugh A~derson of Beach in th, ]order that arrangements can be Frank xoung, i " Harry and of verand John Roberts r an ins cation of the field Corkery Jess Huel, H. C. Shor~ ab~nce ~-l~cation made~fo P -be made :rior Peggy Warbis, (nee Anderson), w~o ~ vn v~ I The Inspec~lon mtls~ P r h n Donald Mrs. F. Gar~nerl "^^= ~ ~- inessi . Cle k of t e Local Selective Service, and so. - ." ~*t I Fonowmg ~ne ~e~vl~ ~ . i to the tinge that the nax is .piowea spent last Tuesday in Dickinson. ana niece ~,amlne ~wv ~. o~ ,~,~,~,~ ,will be held to emc~ a ,~ ~,t for hay, or o~herw~se ae- Mr. and Mrs. John Tester .leIg: n-e=O'.'trustee to fill the vacancy ,"~*~,~" - Clifford Wagner stopped in Me- ow York where they ~ o~ ~ Tuesday for N [caused by the death of our beloved ~ dora for a while enroute from his Richland County .=o F week by Mrs. C. H. Umback. High ~[r[ -- ~| air $u u-'st ~09~z-.O ~ prize ,was won by Ann M. Brown, Vernon (~ud) Taylor is home want a.s " second prize 'by Mrs. d J. Eaton on a furlough and is visiting his F,~ sister at New"~alem ~ ~'*~ ~s.r~--~ne ~mger ~ewmg ann low 'Dy l~rS. 4. ~9. "l%a~II-l~ei1. /t~ . ne Will re- "'a-""-~" ~" The premAum lists for the 1945 *,r~ h,~-~ ~,~ . ~,~ ~*~. ~.~ ;. j~v, unlit, ~ne ton cop IJesK. FOUl --,~, ,~,uo. I Lebo Medora 8-~f Richland County Fair are now in Medora is once more favored by ~ ' ' the mails and will be in the hands having a barber shop situated inMrs. Casey of ~VIiles City Mont ~~:-- of various exhibitors within the, ' " next few weeks. Sig,al Corps Paota the Rbugh Rider Hotel. Earl Harris i is visiting her sister, Mrs. Addle I, ~ ~L~zOru v-~ uICtruct~'TKADE--s~ocI{ rac~l~ andt n Attractive premiums and addi- Mindanao Ruins. U. S. 47thDiv. in, "of Dickinson will have the shop Anderson for a week or so. I grainbox Ralph Mosser ~-r~ open every other Sunday corn- -- ~ ters " ~ '--~:Y~, tional educational features are at[ fantrymen advance on house that ~ "~*h ~e o;~^iated ~v~rs. Pau~ w. ~eoo received ~ne) . ~-z~p was shattered by shells War Bonds me~lcln~ nu~u~ ~ . ~=~ ~ the disposal of both adults and helped to supply. Action at Zam nere rest Sunaay ana a mrge numsac news m ~ne aeath of her ~FOR SALE --:--~ children again this year so .that beanga, Mindanao. ~hr ~r:he lldk~e~k:am:A~tato~ ~thnt: 2~sm;a;a:~ taotfMlia~llSwCeity: HherefO/da yea, r~n:e:dllsR~t for service In the Armed Forces. sSh=d~ot ngM:~s rCiutYnedbYh ~nU~ ! Ra lph MdoYsf r ~roi~r:h43 :~; Toots Cossette ~vho has been on the early morning bus Wed- ~ ~ employed on the west coast is tnesday. Mr. Parks was one of the ~ ~-tt. No. 61 MeCorm- lck-Deering Combine in good early day attorneys in ~or~h L~a- c n ' . 0 GIUOn. Harry waDemDacn, kota, moving his office from Beaan North Dakota, where he practiced vv~oaux, ~v~onL 41-4tp* for everal years, to Miles C ty FOR where he maintained an office until fit 1938 V-8 Ford. Ralph Mosser, a few years prior to his death. Trotters. 43-2bp* ! SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY." These are large, double-faced, precooled Apricots o| Extra F ncy quality. Don't be satisfied with less. | CALIFORNIA ~ #'~'~ e | VALENCIAS it DOZ. ~,~| v CALIFORNIA SUNKIST ~ ~}t~C| LARGE CHOICE FOR | FIRM CRISP STALKS ~A ' FOR SUMMER SALADS -"" | EXC~ALENT QUALITY I.~B. ture. Monday. : Lars Johnson, salesman for the duction Board. Globe-Gazette Printing Co paid us his periodic visi~ Tuesday and then CARD OF THANKS went on wes~ in pursuit of new We wish to extend our heartfelt orders ~har~ks to all those who .so kindly assisted us d~,Iring me sickness ana' ayWalotn Neuens was in town Mon- death of our beloved husband and d his way to Dickinson to fa~c.her, ,A. J. Anderson. We are l emer Billy in the hospital for also extremely grateful for the treatment for a broken leg. It is beautiful floral gifts, to the mln- reported that fiSilly was injured ismrs who officiated at 1~he funeral, in a jeep accident and that he the American ,Legion for their kind sustained a bad ,fracture of his services and .the musicians fo their leg near the hip. lovely selections and the pallbearers SZ rs. Harry Roberts returned on for their duties performed in the Monday from Minneapolis where f: l ~. 0, pENNEY @0.~ ING~ last sad rites, she has been visiting for some Mrs. A. J. Anderson tkme past. Allen C. Anderson The Hellickson Boys ,Mrs. Gerrlek and daughter, Phyl- and Families. liE, who have been visiting Chal- mer Rider and children, left Tues- "~.~ S~I~MONB day evening for California. %~ -*' ~ TATE OF No~AKOTA, ]SS Mr. and <~Irs Nels ~less and chil- counTY dren, Grace and :van fo .erly of sIXTHI~jt~zCLA~ DISTRICT Medora but now residing at L~urel, Alex Meduna, Plaintiff ~ ,Mont visited old friends last -vs- ' ) Friday a~ternoon. Mr. Ness is em- Oscar B. Lunde,Oscar B.) .ployed at Laurel by the Northern Sunde, Mae E, Sunde, C. ) A. Newgard; S. G. More; ) Pacific as Water foreman. MargaretJ. Hellh.ake, ) Katherine E. Rear,ion; ) Miss Jeanne Armstrong is to act GregorY H. Hellhake, ) as relief agen~ for the Northern Casper J.Hellhake; Mrs.) Mabel Hellhake; Blanche ) Pacific Railway Co at Medora dur- Pauline Hellhake, an ~ all ./~ personS unknown, having ~ ing 'the temporary absence of Emanuel Kautzman who is taking ' or claiming an estate or interest in or lien or I a vacation from his duties. encumbrance upon the real property described in { the Complaint, whether ) as the creditors, heirs, ) administrators, Executors } W.J. RAY of H. A. Hellhake. de- ) At~orneT-at-Law ceased, or otherwise,) Defendants. ) rile sTATE OF NO.RTH DAKODTA PRACTICE IN ALL COURTS TO THE ABOVE 1,4Am~u - i FENDANTS: . "- reb-" Medora, N. Dak. You and each oz yoU. are ne y summoned and requirea zo answer * i / the Complaint of the ~Plaintiff in ~ ~ m -. the above entitled action, which =: :~--~ : ~ = / said Complaint is or will be filed ESTRAYED 1 with the Clerk of the above Court, V and to serve a copy of your An- swer upon the subscriber at his office in the Liberty National Bank Building in the City o~ ulcKlnson, i Stark County, North Dakota,' with- Please Notify W. J. Ray of] in thirty (30) days after the sere- Medora, North Dakota, of all~ ~nsrfly : ice of this Summons upon you, JACKETS exclusive of the aay oz such serv- Cattle or Horses branded ~| i ers of I00~ WOOl[ In wonderIul.I~ant" i liall ice; and if you fail to so appear : colons--neat white piping. 12 tl,~v i or answer, Plaintiff will take Judg (Bellows) on Left Jaw, N I ment against you by default for i ,-. ithe relief demanded in said Corn- Shoulder or Hip;(Cross-~| .?-- You win plea. take notice max L) Left Side onCattle: mmm] this action relates to i spicy autumn colors! Sizes 24 to i theseetionSOUtheastFlfteenQUarter,5) 'SE~A'and the f Left Thigh on Horses; ,: West Half (W*,~) of Section (TO) Left Side Cattle, I[~1} } - : i BLOUSES . . You'll look pretty at Twenty-three 2S); all in wown- ship One Hundred Forty-one (141) i school in our fresh berried and t l- i North, Range NinetyTnine . (.99) running off Submarginal Range,] and is brought for the purposeSubmarginal fence on NorthI ! ered, 0It rayon blouse . 32 to : Billings County, 24ortn Dalcom, South of N P tracks or East of| of excluding said Defendants from hny interest in, or Men or encum- side. | trance upon the same, and . to i i quiet title in the Plaintiff as to You will be reimbursed any| all claims of saidDefendantS. No expense in notifying. Any in'l : formation concerning the taking| any of said Defendants e i Dated this 20th day of July A. or stealing of this livestock wlll~ in Au ust 1st, we will b personal judgment is asked against 'CON be rewarded under the Stock-] llgp growerSpubl hed.ASsocUtion Reward as. m. i residence and. I i open Saturday nl ts tl i address, Dickinson, N. D. (July 26-" Aug. 2-9-16-23-30) JI GRAPEFRUIT A DELICIOUS AND HEALTHFUL DRINK 18-OZ. CANS ASSOSTED BEVERAGE POWDER--TEMPTING 3,~oz 14, PKGS. LIPTON'S--A DELICIOUS V~ -LB. ICED REFRESHMENT PKG, WHITE GOLD BRAND 10,LB, BUY NOW FOR CANNING ~ PICKLING BAG t ii ~JUICE COFFE: HEM9'=~ i~OMAT. ~'~:LGIr N'V ~V:AMIN I.ADY LYNN*10 PTS. HILL S-MAXWELL HOUSE FOR I~HOC. M L ! 46-O~ t~@r I-LB. @1 M'Olt" gfl~ / Tin" t.m" JA" d|- DEL MAIZ TS w~o~ 2, oz KERNEL TINS CORN 20 PTS. 16c s POINTS CAN QUAKER 40Z ( SPARKLES 2 Ko 19 ~NO O'~AKES A i,~.oz Q~ v/, POINTS "I[ CANS