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August 4, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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August 4, 1960

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BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER Thi rteen Profess Vows At Annunciation Priory Thirteen sisters of the Annuncia- tion Priory professed vows at cere- monies held at the Priory on Mon- day, July 11. The Benedictine Sisters ~observe the ancient rite of profession of Vows as formulated by St. Bene- dict, the founder of the Order who lived in the sixth century. The sis- ters vow proverty chastity, obedi- ence. stability and conversion of life. The sisters who prononnced Tri- [KNOW ennial (temporaryi vows werp; Sr.' Mary John Fritz. Dickiuson: Sr. l Jeanne Graham, Lincoln, Neb.; Sr. J~ Jude Braus, Bismarck: St. Lawr- ence Fischer, Rhame; Sr. Judith Vetter, Bismarck and Sr. Marcene Immel. Mandan. The sisters who pronounced per- petual vows were Sr. Marie Schus- , tero Fingal; Sr. Renee Zastoupil, Dickinson: Sr. Yvonne Lardy, Sen- tinel Butte: Sr. Patricia Law, Sher- wood; Sr. Denise Ressler, Mandan MATTHEW CALBRAITH PERRY MATTHEW CALBRA/TH PERRY'S NAVAL CAREER WAS AS VARIED AS IT WAS STAR STUDDED. AFTER DISTINGUISHING HIMSELF IN THE VERA CRUZ CAMPAIGN AND THE MEXICAN WAR, PERRY DREW THE ASSIGNMENT OF OPENING JAPAN'S "CLOSED EMPIRE". THIS HE DID THROUGH "POMP AND CIRCUM- STANCE"--BACKED BY AN IMPRES- SIVE SHOW OF SHIPS OF THE LINE. HE WAS THE BROTHER OF OLIVER HAZARD PERRY THE HERO OF LAKE ERIE. WINTER WHEAT INCREASING COMPETITION I ! 1959 55 y. 1919 [ SOFT I 1959 INTER 1919 / IHARD i 1959 lNS 1919 i / IwHmr / Zg*/. 75Z I00 Production of It b/gher quality Ilard red winter wheal b the soutb- et'n wheat produelng elates is ereatJnR now oew eompetlttoo for hard 8tats Whelt Colnlnbiw{o{~ Bpon Ioinlnlt Use Greal Plains Wheat Market- Asaselatten. "We are interested In oromotlng all wheal but Itard ted sprin8 wheat as grown In North Dakota." Paul ~L ~~a. eo~ admlnis~'ater, snl& Capt. THOMAS TRUXTON AT 12 AND SHIPPED ALL OVER THE GLOBE. IN 1Fg@ WHEN FRENCH PRIVATEERS WERE ORDERED TO RUN YANKEE SHIPS OUT OF WEST INDIES WATERS, TRUXTON WAS COM~SS/ONED IN OUR THEN YOUNG NAV7 AND GIVL~ COMMAND OF CONSTELLATIC~ MOUNTING 40 GUNS. CONSTEL- SOVIET 'SPY' SHIP--This is the Soviet "spy" ~d~Ap Vega. which the U.S, Navy says snooped to within 12 miles of the mouth of Chesapeake bay April 27, and was snooping around missile submarine maneuvers off Long island April 26. i Atop the bridge is an electronic department with 11 radar and radio antennas. The Navy's announcement came on top of Soviet charges that the U, S. RB-47 mapping plane shot down in the Barents sea was spying. Sr. Mary Magdalen-~Url~cherl Reed-Europeans to feel U. S. standards er and Sr. Veronica Urlacher. New are not made for European pur- England. I Pontifical High Mass was chase articularl close to home cele H~ttmg p y , cellar diocese of Bismarck; the Rt. Rev. Msgr William F. Garvin, vicar general, diocese of Bismarck and pastor of Holy Spirit Cathedral; The Rev. Sylvester Treinen, pastor, St. Josephs, Mandan; The Rev. Francis J. McKanna, pastor, St. Leo's ', Minot; The Rev. William Rushford, Sentinel Butte, The Rev. Robert Schuster, Fargo; the Rev. Thomas Dignan, St. Mary's Bismarck; the I brated in the Priory chapel. Cele- Vontillus told the commission that brant was the Rt. Rev. Cuthbert ] Russia recently made a deal to sell Goeb, O. S. B. Assisting were the I3~~ million tons of durum to Italy. Rev. Stanley Sticka Priory chap-I Vontilus called for more wheat alin; The Rev. Gerald Walsh, chan-Iproducing states to band together for promotion purposes. He said it is discouraging to look ahead be- cause of the problems involved, but in order to catch up with others, the U. S. must first make many changes at home. Rev. Leonard Eckroth and the Rev. George Dukart. Other clergy present in the sanc- tuary were: The Rev. Amandeus Studer. OSB, chaplain of St. Alexi- us; The ttev. Msgr. Aloysius J. Gal- owitsch, pastor, Christ the King Church, Mandan: The Rev. Paul 127 TEST PILOTS IN WILD OAT I~ESEARCH One-hundred twenty-seven dem- onstration test plots in 42 counties will be observed this summer in an evaluation program of Avadex for wild oats control. The Extension Service and Agri- cultural Experiment Station at ND- AC and the Monsanto Chemical Co. are cooperating on the program. Koehler, Fingal; The Rev. Thomas According to L. A. Jensen, NDAC Chambers. Tioga; The Rev. Ray- extension agronomist, the manufac- mend Aydt, Mohall; The Rev. David Miller, Ray, and The Rev. Blaine Cook. Minot. Also present were: Brother Jo- seph Schuster, Blue Cloud Abbey, Marvin S. D. and seminarians: Cas- imir Paluck. Belfield; Maurice Lau- fer. Hettinger and Donald Fischer, North Dakota's GreateSt Farm Coverage - Gels Results BUYING SELLING Rates: 14c per word first insertion--no od less than $2.80 12c per word each additional issue, $2.40 minimum SEND DIRECT TO: BISMARCK CAPITAL and ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS Main an4 Man~ Street BISMARCK, N. D. Trailers For Sale 17 I.%r .qah,: 36 it2 hedroom modern trailer house. Price ~:1200.00 Derails I:oc ~trom l'hon 474 lTnderwood 4 Female Help Wanted 26 Wanted: I~tdy barmaid, Must be 21 ~,+ars of age, single l)referred Ex- l)erience riot necess; ry. ()11 the job training" Starting wa~e $200 per nlOllth, Vvrrite ]).(). }}OX * ') {:assoltoll,N, Dak. 4-5 Str()Ilg Deln;ttld for T(~a('hers--['lJrlc[- I HI ]S - -'S U p~,rvigors, i~'/'Onl l~-d gn to ('allege I)ept. Hea(ls Coast to Coast---. $1,1)0 tO i0,(H)It. ,~' 'W grads, and pro- motionally mineh~d teachers, tlegister x:, VV, ~,Vcslerll Teachers lGxch.21.5 I'hl,lltb I/his, -Miffs I"1i1,"-o' 0'~ ; 4 For Sale 8 t,'or l{easonablc s~tle --Otl~ new 24' ~rai~ err---One 1955 Oliver 7' combine ~ it}l M~dl o~, [)iekul). ,l;te(d~ l)ie(It!, ][t'bl'/)ll, X, [)~tk. 4 cal Company, will also ;be tested extensively on North Dakota farms, made in nearly every county in co- says Jensen. These tests will be operation with county extension agents, distributors and local deal- ers. Personal 3,~ CAI~.IG FOP, UNMAILIC~.II~H) MOTttERS F'lorenee Crlttenton lIome 711 13th St. So. Parse, North Dakota. Write su- P*'rlnendent fo rb~formation. All in- qllh'ies confidential. HELP FOR UNMARRIED MOT~EP I counsel and nur|InR care. Write Hou~ of Mercy, 1508 ~th Arenas ~kmth. Far~,~ North Dakota. All inquiries confld,mtiai Notice 29 LARGEST wholesale eupply In U. e Purnitura. clothing, applianeee, autos and accessories, farm equipment, tool~ housewares, new products, lmporta I~ree detsils Associated Wholesalers Box 206~-BN, Sioux City 4, Iowa. ~tf Attend MEier Ilarb~,l, Sch(ml izl Vall- (!O tl~" r' I'V;I Nil i It ~'t C~ i I, 1~, I. It D'pI'ov. (~ 1 lmr'i~(,r:~ h~ dem:}n,l all ox'~,r the I" S, A. Maior ilarber N(d~,:ml 615 Main St. ~,:arl('Ollve/ W~tsh. 4-1:l : =--v---= -- :7-~ 7j~--Z Vlneland Bay t:~eso~t .tnd I[,l~bor (>he Milit~ I,acs -Modern hskp. Uott~Lges, bJxe. %Valleye fishlnw in sh*qtered bay. 18' & 20' nowboats--.2 Lalmehes, ttar- bor and I-a IlllchillF: tlamp --~ fe. s I " dv be:l('b. [|, ~[lllOl/S, ()llH*llli~ Minn. lie 7, PH "iTF' 3li} Livestock 7 l'~or ~le: PIHH,]I/I~b:I) {tl,][~p~l,(.)R[i POLLED BIIT.I,~ AND HEIFI~RS A li;. Nelson W lt()n N. I). ,'17 In addition to these farm tests, Carbyne and Avadex will also be tested by the Experiment Station. Both chemicals have experimental turer will supply, the chemical, the lable clearance for 1960, but are not sin, I] ('nlv,s f,- sah [~(.liv,r t~s H~ lots ~,f 5 (,r m,)r, ltolst *i a }] Experimentthe materialStati nand thehaS packaged 1 ers.available for general sale to grow- (h rns,VL;+wlsh ifer~ $-]nJff~ II Ist ,in b~ I.~ Extension{ $:10.00 L loci]il 1l IH, l B s- Service will make the applicationI Three trials are being conducted m]f[-k f'u ~:A: aUl ' ~ and measure the results. Avadex isI in Burleigh county in cooperation 1,' - sale: 12 I{olsl,il~ ie[ftr calves fr,m :,rtifici:ll I~l'eelll[ i-4 2 to fi weeks one of the new chemicals which] with the county Extension office, ohl, well murk | and h*'altlL Vfill d~: shows promise for wild oats con- These are sqtlare rod trials with liver for $5-15. ,Iohn Miehtqw[-, Lake trol. Top V~'isconsin Hoist,it! sill] C~Jernsey (':IIvos :111{1 C~'~VN ShilbDt~(] Oil :tl)proval' t~.~ v Hlott. f ox 552, Muk~,)n:t~o ~Vls 47 -5 Avadex ;is the chemical, Coopera'~- l"+rk. Minn Rhame. Each test pier will be 1 square I ing farmers are John Broste~of Wil- ;-: 71 4-5 A tea honoring the newly pro- rod in area and may be planted to tton, Donald Eliason and Ed Leni- l r Sah.: Wisconsin l la ry ~'~ttle ( 'I()St" tip N[)FillgpF,~' :111 rtedS ill- fessed Sisters and their relativesflax, barley or wheat lincludingI han both of Baldwin. Two of the (~ludin~ Guerns,~ and Ilo stt n tlal)y I " v~ ~ ' ~, ~ i ~,;~ it ~ " and friends was held in the lounge Durum). During the growing sea-] trials are on barley fields and one loci. Cedar 4-7 3 R. 1) t'a ~ Cedar of the Priory High School at 2 p.m. son, a close record will be kept of/ on wheat. ' *, ' ,~. " " ca. era- * * / !-1t:14 Nkil) '*,Vidd.~ tti,t, l.ake, Wise. each plot so the data obtained in/ . .~ U. S. MAY LOSE the fall will give the best ev.dua-I mxrr.~a~ - [ 4-~ ' .- v re,uce corn vmms J3 i;ar-i~ Equipment l- EUROPE WHEAT MARI~ET tion possible of the results, t~ -( *ae~- e,',* Yields of the crop The United States needs to ira- Another new chemical, Carbyw that follows"the corn also are re- rt L il. s,vath r ,vi, h t au prove its ,merchandising and pro- developed by the Spencer Chen.:- d~v-ed, NDAC agronomists say. lift on it. (':tn I,e cllang'o~ t' 12 ft Allis L'lHillllers-raki~ : n,t ~ahq, A I*~'tr motionaI programs if it is going to . ~ hold its wheat market in Europe, l' New Sale~Ht N. [)ak, 3-$ a. American wheat consultant as- KNOW YOilt [ "s~'ned overseas told the North Do- k',r Sale: ~, ,~tdlLi-vi~don ~fassey }tar, " rls 30 trS?q%r, hvdranlieally equipped kota Wheat Commission on a recent with 3-1t allis--('balmPrs plow, good conlt)iea t ioH r ':l(]v for ficM Also visit here. 12 x 18 si(iin'~ gratuity 1800 bu capacity Henning Vontillus, Great Plains ~,i-N~ veryg;oodeondttionJl,o<.ated!,m,les south east of Mc("h sky. Arthur Trieh- Wheat Marketing Assn representa- wasser, McC"lueRv N 'l)ak. 4-6 tive from Rotterdam, Holland, told ~"2~~ ~ members of the North Dakota For Sale: 1, )52-14 ft Baldwin combine, Wheat Commission that l~urope has ~~ . . . ' do ble di,'c ~t!'F ;, ,~ to, ~h r~let,pie~up l~ no need to come to the United ~~ ~ Ednmnd lie ,ramie1 New SabJm, 'North old, States to buy wheat. ~ J ~ff~/~ l'akota. ' ::-4 "They can get all the wheat they i'~"N ~~/~~ Diesel & Combine--for sale. Co-op. ned from Canada, Russia or Argen-,!.~ - -~ ~---~--~- I,I-4 1952 l)iesel with hydraulic live power takeoff good rubber, excellent tina", he said. condition. Al~'o Massey-Harris model "We must make up our mind 21A i949 Combine ready for the field. Victor L. Kertz, Langdon, N. Dak. 4 whether we want to sell whea~ to 1~- " " "'~'~" 4-foot Hesston self-propelled wind- Europe, Vontilltm said, Then we .) ~,~ must get information to them on rower; Used two vears, A-1 condition. $1.050. Waiter Diebrlch. Presho So our wheat, keeping in mind Euro- ~ ~ Dak. Phone 42. " ' 4-5 pean countries use high percentages aliens." For Sale: Modern progressive netgh- Vontillus cited Canada and Rus- ~z~~4/'"1~ ~ sia as being up to 15 years ahead ,".~ borhood. N. Dak. Includes ownerbUilding' stock and fixtures. Present of of the United States in promotional ~* to years has other business interests ~In North Dakota. Contact Miller F~ood programs. He said European millers DAVE ING~J.LS HAD AN IMPOSING Store. Jamestown N Dak. 2-4 think first of Manitoba when wheat STRING OF FIRSTS DURING WORLD from this area is mentioned. WAR I. HE WAS ONE OF THE Nor Sale: Blacksmith ~hop in Ashley. Vontillus, a native of Europe bus now a U. S. citizen said he was cer- tain there was not one requirement of mills in Europe that couldn't be supplied by U. S. wheat if informa- tion was supplied to the Europeans. He told the commission the IT. S. cannot meet competition by selling on grade alone. ~In many eases," Vontillus said, "we must sell on re- quired grain specifications." One main objection to U. S. wheat he said is the high percentage of clean-out. He said U. S. grades which allow more screenings eamm FIRST TO SIGN UP WHEN STUDENTS OF YALE, FIRED BY EXPLOITS OF THE FAMED LAFAYETTE ESCADRILLE, RECRUITED THEIR OWN FIGHTING AIR SQUADRON TO BE TRAINED AND READY FOR COMBAT DUTY. HE WAS FIRST TO SHOOT DOWN FIVE ENEMY PLANES. AND SO, WAS FIRST NAVAL AVIATOR TO BECOME AN ACE. BY WORLD WAR II, INGALLS HAD RISEN TO THE RANK OF CAPTAIN AND LATER ADDED TO HIS LAURELS BY BEING NAMED ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF THE NAVY FOR AIR. " '~I~|* ~;J~Mi|R---Mrs. Jane Baldasare tests the equipment in New York with which ~fl~e .hi going to try tO mvtm the ~nglish channel underwater. Thi ~- year-el@blonde housewife ~liu to England on July 4 to begin training. Good Koing business Write to August 'Nitschke Ashley, N. Dak. 4 ~'~-rviee Station, (?afe Tavern 2 houses on 2 acres {nSouth Dakota doing $50,000 yearly.Terms K~sb.finder. Wichita, K~a n s. 4 Hlack Hills of South Dakota Money Makers: Ill health causes sale of these fine opportunities: No. l-I~rg- eSt ZOO Jn 12 states, on main tourist route. No. 2-A & W. tiGer Beer drive in located in 1 ~ pid CitY. Also a splen- did opportunity for a couple in this Cash and ('arty leinished Lallndry in Rapid City, Phone or write on these and other Business OPportunities. Wathey Realtors, 3879 Riverdell Drive, P,alyid City. South Dakota. Phone l~ll- more 2-7407. 3-5 For Sale: I0 unit fully modern motel, plus living quarters, small down t~,ty- meat. Box 456. Boulder. Moat. 3-4 Farms For SAle 2 Turkey I~neh with 3 bdrm. moslem mine & 20 acres. 2~,~ miles from new Bratnerd State Hospital. (]row tur- keys, chickens or u~e this perfect site ~m'lteriul to start a motel traiter park, housing development, etc. Ap- praised for $39,000. Special distress Dllice o[ $20,0~0. George Bedard real Estate. Bralnerd, Minn, North Dakota Newspaper Atom Bismarck. N. Dak. 1980-~ Motel For Sale Motel priced for quick saIe by owner $35,000 down. owner will carry balance of $120,0~0 at 5% interest. Gross income $45,000 for 1959. Wonderful investment, well located in Capit~l City, 98 De. luxe units, some Ki~henetts, carpeting, television, telephone. soroe air conditioned. Attractive 3 bedroom apartment for owner. Write Ad No. 71Re P. O. Box 90 B41marek, N. D. !: