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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
August 4, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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August 4, 1960

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THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER. MEDORA, N. DAK. Local Boys At National Jubilee Jamboree TttUR, DA'I. AUGUST 4. 1960 CAR SICKNESS By Dr: E. M. Glldow Director, Frlskles Re~eareh Kennels It's hard to explain why some dogs go into an emotional tail- spin whenever they go for a ride in a ear, while others take to riding llke hounds take to hunting. Occasionally, every dog in a litter will react ad- versely to cars, indicating to experts that the tendency to car sickness and car shynes~ may be inherited. If your dog Is one of this un- fortunate group, don't despair. Patience and perseverance may This ,Contiilg-"ent of Missouri ~~ ~JJ~. ~a]3ey Council ,Boy Scouts and State Announces TS', GRANDDAUGHTER,Visiting Here- ade= are ,bou for the sate- Work Here WSXT MEDORA AREA Miss Beverly Ju~h,nke and bro- a.l Jubilee Jarr~boree at,C~l~ta*dO The ~randdau~Jhter of ,Tkeo- ther, Billy of Livingston Mont arrived~ in Bear~h nn Tuesday. Skarings, Colo. Where they and Bids on 25 N. D. highway con dore Roosevelt, Mrs. Andrew M. Aug. 2 to visit at the Marvil 55,000 other Scouts from 70 na~ St~mc/ioil ~j0bs ~were opened las Wil'liams, jr. af Seattle, W~, vis- Nelson home. They wi, remain NOTICE OF PUBLICATION N. D. INDUSTItlI~L COI~I~IIBSION 1;ions are spending two of the Fri. by the State Highway Dept ited in the Medora area Sa* here a weal.:. [ BISI~I~RCK. NOitTH DAKOTA tmUortorihsitm into a well adjusted ~rms~ memorable weeks of their at Bismarck totaled $2,912,134.74 morning for a two day stay ,~ li~es. 'l'hese ,bids included 4 Interstate N. D. Mls. W~!i~ms. the former Visit~ Relatives ] T,~e State of North Since fear of the ear and car 94 jobs in Barnes and Cass Coun Ethel~ : .~ '" -- ":~r~ .' " " -relatedf ,us, ,ride-- ties. :nine :4Rat:et:!t~ffic~Ypre:aS te:~.rje2t~ fLwn;m~nagtdLd;~" !i'~uc~:ia~sC t:~S:~w~i~!~ ii!kn~igr:ori fb??~ln~; 1 On the first day after .the For Golden Valley county, .a.;,:addle once belonging t', } o ware arrived in' eeach Friday [.promulgated. thereunder of the fol- -,our n,"'a,'otl~'~g~l,~,~ ~r";~n=,gee ,~lg no~neyrnoon was over, the bmde- stretch of 6.001 miles of gradin velt to the national memorial Ju], 29 to visit here Tt ~; mw}ng pumm. neariilg to be held *,-b. --,-.-, . ~,-~,-. . J ~,y w~L at 9:30 a.m. August 17 1960in the wflePt It'S not In motion ~eea ~room came ~home from work was awarded to the F. A. Kill- park which bears his n'-me spend ~:me wi~ M;~s ;;,~ ~ e *.~ - ~ ~ ^ ~.^ - * and queried h~s young bride, wain Co of Dickinson w, ho were .Aeoo,npanym~l Mrs. W'llmms Thomp.?on. and her brothers 'marek Nor|h Dakota the car for a few days. Let him "What, . ,did you. do lz)day,'~ dear- "'": apparent low bidders with l~eir wil~ be her sons ,Dick 16, and An- Randa] and Victor and t~hei STATE OF NeaT~, ' ,- sit in the car when it's parked I f~]~edthe ~att shake I:t,~ o~er ot t dy 17. famflms All named parties and ~ers~nsIn front of the house and the ling' ~ ~ r, " "- " $35 143.0,~ or this coun "' I ,~-~ ~u: . ' ty road located 2 miles east and ~ . I having any right, title, inter:eat or I family is outdoors within view. =~ i ctaim in ~he f~llowtng cases and Next step is to take your pet ."Ilhis, it,s nott keasyal!today?'pour sa]t thru four miles north cd Beach. ]~------------~ to thept~blic. CASE NO ;71" for a drive around the block. ] F IF )FIT 'l On a motionof the ~ommission t;' Never do this right after his all those little ho~es." Wrong Direction ~ - m,~ [ " " ~" " " I .ons~d~ t~ ~. . droner as it may add to his -~~ I ~ ~-- -~ ao~em~r~t ae- queasy feeling Drive slowly $400 MONTHLY A Mtsslss~pp~ R~ver steam,boat ,~.~-. . rnant, for crude oH tobe produced Hav'~ someone "~,-*~ ~,~] slowed to, a halt on approaching "',~ '-~ - ~ " ' ~ ~AI~.E,-TIIVlE a dense fog. An irr~pa,ient pass-1,;~e'~o::2tet~=beDrak:i dunnglthe pup in his arms and keep ne~mm~, anu co~ie~-l:'U, mon.-v !~ ~ . ~, ~ ~ C~SE his head up near the open win- , " " - anger as~ea Ine captain tt~e cause ~ / ~l~h~ ~-~ ~-~A~I~. ~ll~.r ~,:,NO. 375: On a motti~ of the C,cnmnis- dew where he'll get air, sniff rom . NEW .TYI. E t,:-h~, cma :itV~Ior rne aeiay. 1 l~)~"~ ~)'./ ) I Ision :o consider certain amenOJnen*s ] interesting smells and be able coin oDerateo d~spensers m this . , area No s-lFn," To ualif- -ou "Can't see up r~ver," was me ~ ,~ ,~ .~,~'- ~ ~r ~, -,w- ~,ichanges, and additions'to the "Generall to see where he's going. Most - ~ ~, tt y Y . ,"" - - ~,i Rules and ReguLatio~iS Tor the C~nser-I dogs afraid of driving will try raus,t have ear. references $600 laconic reply. ~ ---- A ~ W ~ I [ vah~ n of Crude "1 d Natur.l I to bury their heads in the dark- ~o $1900each Seven ") twelve "Bu't I can see the stars over- ~ ~ //! /~,~ = -- 0~,an a ,est corner of the ear where hours weekly i-a' ne t:; 'o S-t00 "' ." " ' s- ' p- ,Gas." " . head the passenge~ aid shar,~'//~- ~ ~" '/~" ~,; .t. . . ] ventilation is limited. This only ; N. ~. muustrial Commismon " l'n o l~.on.tlb:]y. More fa]l time. ] . 1 o ] p ,~,- ] y O ~ i( ' ~, I%.'~.'~ ~ i~ !, l,Jonn E. Da~t, Governor ] adds to their feel g f general ~Oaal mter-uew w:ite P. O. i;ox "Yes," responded me captain . i, "~t~'~f-~ l~fAir. |l~| t ' [ discomfort. 1055, Boise, Idaho. In -;~.'de rho,~? "but unless the 'boilers bust, we !,t( ,~ ~" I |""'"lJll| ] :4;--.---~. l If your dog doesn't respond ~ ~'ber. * 48-lip are not going that way.",l~(~e-,~t t~ ~ ~ I~ kl I I//'1,[ I~OTICE TO C~E;DXTOnS /] after half a dozen drives or sa ,klU~.l~'~t~?.k~,~ I~ ~ ~ ~k I ! ']/| i k'q THE'M~,JI'T:~ H O~ ~I~E i~TATE! and he's still a quivering mass ,~*.~.~7fl~'~/,J .~. " ~" ~ '~ ~ ! l| :OF EILIZ~ETH pA~Lri]N I)eO~"i ~ } of ner es, it's well to enlist the t:ig i "~~ i~ F~ t v /I l I I I the cremtors of. and all ~ersons hav-: Feedin- Ti-" Althou-h the-" ,|,I,|,ygF2t, to! c ertainly~do ~o harm, ad:'- I ~~,r ~ - ~ I} I r},|,| t eoessary, ~fition of vegetables is not nee- Ta,l"a.e ! # v ,~v I,~ 1~ h ~1~ ii ~| ]winchers within three months afterl cssary where a top-quality dog - - - '~'~| [1he first publication ~f this notice]food is used. Friskies, for ex- ~ '[, "- -" ~" . [ ,o the County court o~f ]Bltllr4~ Oottn- .ample, are scientifically formu. uw .o aeu ,-IvestocK rot more money I ,y, North Dako, a in the Court Hot'el lated to supply all the neees . Cas " " i in the Ci~ ~01~ M~dara in said Co~n ] sa(y nutrients without addl- hmg in on top taarKe~ prices ana savm vounoa of shr'nb-,-~ t -> .T/* :,' .: "~" l " ' ivl~6 ' Is a goal of every livestock farmer, g. 1 ~, '.y and 'State. ] t " I You are further notifed thatHon ' ~'~ This extra profit ,s not so much luck as good management and i " T. B.RE~PEC'TS NO AGE. ARE eommonsense, according to the experts reporting to Massey.Fergu. Alice L. Lebo, Ju{}ge ~ ~ Ckmnty YOU POSITIVE? son r.esearch. Any livestock farmer can do it by practicing these court within and l,r s~id C~'~nty -- four simple proceoures: and S~aI,e has byorde fixed the Usethephonejustbe[oreshipping. Thistellsyouwhichmarket ~~i ~ is paying the best price on a particular day. Economists at Purdue University found that hog prices have varied as much as $1.50 ' Sparky says: a hundred-weight between mark~s~t the same time for thesame grade This could mean $200 more for a semi-trailer load of 72 hogs Sprinkle your hogs enrc,~.:. An easy way is to string a length ~ ~--"~- ~ ,'~'-----~-~ of garden hose over your truck box, connect it to a water faucet i~ J * g all elaL-~s against the es-t "~'~' at each stop on the way to market This will save about $75 a truckload in shrinkage and loss, on a summer trip of 25 to 27 hours ~ate of said de~-~nt which have Haul your cattle at night. You'll get a lot less shrinkage and [~been presen~0ed as herebefore pro~id- make money after dark. Night hauling was tested in texas by fed, and all p~r~ons interested in sa,idi Purdues economists by loading steers at 5 P.M. and arriving at ~ ~s~a~e 'are required then, and there! the market to weigh in at 8 A.M. the next morning. They found i ~'~ 5how C~USe why" such elalm~ should [ that the steers only lost3.8 per cent of their weight. When they 5.m ~ :ethe s~meshipm~i~ the da~e, the shrinkage loss was 'not be allowed. I : z- ] Daled Augm~t 2, A. D 19~0. jJ r oen~ knis all~ in ~dm'inka~ is abo-t la n Ao oeeltper head,~arotmd($4~ the market. I ~.dwin C ll~ehler 1 Pick the r~ght date. Hogs ~all# bri~ t~d)out $3 more a hundred. ! Executor of the Estate o i ~wei.ght ~n ~-d'~ a~ d e~e!al~ esttl.e 10% higher in the ; ~' lizabeth l~aquin, Deceo.~ed ! :Peas~ong. ~o,~lan your I~g~and ~ a.head to catch the best wi]~a~ w ~o~o, Know how. to ~11 . n xt year. ~uy leeaer cattle which,will reach market age in ~ Attorney for :Execu$or your hre the spring; and breed sows at a ,time which will allow their pigs toithe ready.for market by mid-summa. [ F~rst Pt~bltcafldn on the ~th ,lay of deportment multe~h~ ~b~e~n estimated:that these` s'.maple practices can mean as August, A. D l~O. . upJ'a v~uu more on a trucklcmd of hogs and $10 to $15 more per (Aug. 4-11-1a) aeaa for caule. The extraprofit is worth the effort. STA ~P OUT T1)BERCD~! [ here's why Circle-stitched cups give thaplng and lasting support! Self straps are extra long wearing, adjustable for comfort! Elastic center band release gives when you move! Adjustable 3-hook back assures flexible ftt! kadder'stitched cup sections, give smooth, wrinkle-free linei brocdclolh is nmch;ne=washable] Ii ; ,:.'a:.4 i/ i'' , .- :~,~.~ IOl9 HARD ,RED 1959 ' S mNS USS JOSEPH P. KENNEDY, JR. (DD-850 LT. JOSEPH I~ JR THE D0-850 15 A CLASS .DESTROYER. OF EXPLOSIVE THE DRONE ACCI~AI~Y THE NAYY CROSS