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August 9, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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August 9, 1945

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THURSDAY, AUGUST. 9 1945 THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER -7"-- PAGE FIVE ' BILLINGS G01JNTY t oeek round ! Medora tlOlOS lvleeung g von oy RoDert King, Virglnla home indefinitely. ONE .OT'CETOC.ED,TO.S /King and Duane Indergaard at f APc[ntinuation of !merTh~ Mld ~hei~nmnb~hrly fm t~n;lIN~HEA ~ATTER---0-F THE,~ lfield 12~st Sunday evening we~/ Mrs, Lester L. Rowley a~d PR0@EDINGS rI. ft. JOHNSOm. ManaS~ Sere'a1 ma~tersof mterestwereI Notice is hereby given b th / E hs ed m 1883 Y" CEASED. ' " ) Mrs. H. H. Hafstrom, Mr. and .Mrs. TeARs, visiter ~t the Paul Lebo - ' Harry Roberts Mr and home last Medora N. D. ,P,Admm-,Sylvester and A. E. Boicourt T Tuesday. 2VIr~ ~%o ' A. M. Board met ALICE L. LEBO, Managing Editor that af ha.ving the designa~Aon of istrator ofthe Estate. of John* . . hey ;7 " wley IS ft~ to adjournment Meetin~ ,pursuant E--vni,k, Jr Deceased late of the unanllnO~,y ~vpor~ a program of v~ w~. ~ 'and .tla~been ea .to order 'b ~,- the Theodore Roosevelt Z/ onu- Postoffice of Gorham in the Coun lendid m i Mfl et Cnalrman of y A. E. Boicourt Entered in the Post Office at Medora, ' t of il" - Sp US C by the young artists es City, ~Vlon,t attend the Board. ' Billin s Count N th Dakota Feb- ment given more attention by our Y B lingsand State of North .~ ~ ~he Roll Call showed : ar g y. clw Dakota deceased,to me creditors I funemd of their f~aher J ski, Wm Riskevi M. O. Malkow- ru y 15, 1934, as second class matter representation in Congress. It was of and a ' ,Mr an,erome ch and A E B der,IIpersons hawng c]mms d Mrs. E. P. Varl [:)el" P~rks. court present oi- tun the Act of March 3 1879. a ainst sai . decided that the drive for funds t~e~m with dthde~eased~ t voueX~iebn Hoven were in Medora for a brief . b&%ae~d aCnhdeckefl. OVer the county Oiffl~fial New~aper ofthe, Count~,~/for t~e Billings Volln~y Honor[within four months af~Yr the fi~:~'Visl~; last ~unday. They were both] ,it. H. rlafstrom of Patn~d C~n, l194S-~i946 le~ for nsca, year l>u'bli's'l~%d e'vrv Th~J *av"" "~'Jl oll be stepped up. The,total fund[publication.of this notice to saidfOrnlor] teachers ~.~[~on Camlo attended t~e ~n~,~,- | 12'00 "Board adio ,~ e rsd at M or . Y in ~ Billings County, North Dakota. ]now on hand is $648.00, and ~ll[r~at~eEJ ~nlUkheAd~c~'nnii~trat rrathhls SChOOl but taUght in Alaska last]i.~f the Chamber of Commeree"'~lloml~5 P" M. Board met with all . . - ~u i ~ crs present. Sub~crl finn" $1 50 in advance who 'have not sent in {heir con- in .said Billings County or to the winter ~onday evening Board brou h t trrbutiona are urged to send them~Ua,ge o~ the Co unt.y Court of l P . per y ~L~ . ' " ' g t U th f. appointing a m~Prnbere +pro posl~pn munngs t~oun~y, a~ his officein The, Medora ranch . zrmt Health Uni ,v E~m xJm- TWeNTY-FIVE YEARS AGO to Ann M. Brown, treasurer for the Court House in M dora . ] . Medora Red Cross ladies met ers the moved t. Mr, Rlskevieh e . Bill- that A. E ' ,Billings County Pioneer lthe fund. ~mfs . County North.Dakota. ,at vne Court House Tuesday after.[~c~[tile s~tle Ln. Dickinson lest Mon.[iointed as a memb2m~o Urt be aP.- ~y ~nclt~a~ ]Jon a n and County Auditor ~:,~ z~ra xou are nereoy ~urtner notified nooR ~nd packed kit R u August 6, 1920 ,[.~r~r~r'r T~* ~1 .- [that Hon. Paul W. Lebo, Judl~e ~ 4 [~qgS for t~lei~Uv . Y d J. 1~[~o notily D w as Instructed t ~U]PU uIS[rlDu[ingr lot t h.e County Court within a~d[ [- . |pointment Mot~on-~nsa o~ his a.p- =, xor zne~ Uounty of Billin s nd " M O ' ~ ~v~naea by . g, a - Malkowski U o nOray, 'hohasbeenma gl"V t ' l~tate ofNorth Dakota has fixed/ TI~ B~[lh'I~'SC0 ~ ]~ri~ ~. ~, / ~rs. E. ~ Rt~ w,--- ~,- I embers v ,~ :~.-P" yote v~x~a *~ ~.~a~, the 21st da ' 111%~ ~ .~ ~. " -- " *"~" Bo" ot~ a~e" ann A E an extended visit wxth her sister, y of December A. D. rio Board met son ,s~'toI:)~0er last.~x)n i court was declared ano inked " 1945, atthe hour of n ' nL, Ig at Beifleld Tues- day. No o o G~td~s at Wa~peton, N. D and/ Complinlentaxy copies of a ,-[in the forenoon of sa:c~ d:;Cl %~/day evening with :MIS. W. :P. Syl-t'---, r t]Ements na[ ~%Pae~lredof rega.rd, l~g-.assess" WITS. Burgess of W~te~own, S.D e am let 'The Veteran's rnes ~'our adOrnS in the Cdurt rester A E ~:}| 1. ~ ~,~.v~ ~ or no~, our C'~ourt [ The Board a~nrov~'~u n'. . :r~i~eS:J'hun me~a~wtsoylfe~Y Sunday l~g~dL~i~l~a~ bTt~e NoY~r:~a. I~ eapC~Uel~Ldh ae~i~ a~hd~ed~ IRT~: ::~::7:~/: ~'Iarry] ~uSinn~:~~heen:w r re~nl:als ig 1 ~C:u~U e~Yab!~i~a~ht~w~n~sc~~ytehi''~14~i c,h where she will have era-lkota Farmers Union upon request. [of said John Ewoniuk Jr De ] ' - - n em-[ Fr~nkll y by Billy [County Bonds o~P road 2~883~34 Dloyment with an Abstract Co. The pamphlet gives authen, tic [ ceased, which have been dui~ and]Pi Y,ea Dy me ~soil Conservation l~s ~m vne Improvement l Interest & Sinl~ng ~ssue, ~J.r~. E. J. Van DoTeR was aland comvrehensive information onlre.g~ ~ar~ presented as hereinbeforeIServlce here for some time past, Iu very g~atlfymg to ,~ese who are] 1,800.00 ~each visitor last Saturday eve- |vehat ve/erans are entitled to in- l~'Gated~' August Sth A D ~,a-~ [has resigned. He has announced ]wom:mg nere In additi $20,565.~I ning clud" loans, for home farm." and [ . . MATT 'EWONIIYK [no ~uture plans that we have heard [ M,~ ~r~,~ IB ard will~"levyu ~.~ above. .ti~.e WaFter Tomamichel, who .has haxi I~US'am~, re-employment, per~ior~ ~ 2far~io~Str~ rn?fkth~r ESgeter f" [T)onny ,wel~~ to ~1~r~ e~l~ I~fx a~n e~Chmi~r%o~ ~o~verPT~1 C;ePa~r~ss ' ceased ' ", " t .v~a wJ~a 1~.~ J uation ' ~; -.- ~ ~ne total val- ~.l~fl ~y~te~l~t~ataI~r i~ic~,2i~d~::led.ucatl ~n'. li~e !nsuranf? ~a?d t~t~t First Publication on the 9th "day WA~ b-'~ff Sergeant Lilllan R lW.~k to. visit Mrs. ~hris~nsen,sl~utUon~an~e$9~:~;ty^forcou nty ~-~ -~: :: i reneL ~r~ov ~tw~ are c~uecl a.s wtru of August A. D. 1945. Glass of ~DeSroit Mlch, and ~//~[stster ~na ~nere Donny is dentin ~tr~t Health Unit the Dis- xor ~ snort vacation. Ins the "GI Bill of Rights." (August 9-16-23) Louise Kinn ol Hankinson aT-ted ,to have ~als tonsils removed !th~ a~dun~th ~iuZ~dt and instructed Pug Plunket of Alpha and J. Van[ Request for copies for vets or ~- river In Medora Mona :^ " ]Treasurer t~ ~-~-:o~ and County Dale of Ranger accompanied bY/men ~till in service may be made' o,m~,x~m~ for a v~ ~ ,~,~+~ .~- -.-.r =.[ u.~--Mrs. A J Anderson --~ /the Overage'a~o'uWn~,*u .~ the State (Mr. and Mrs. Frank GiLham, went~by sending their names and ed- STATE OF NO--DAKOTA ) parer~ts "Mr "and :~ergean~ Glass' Mrs Ca.sey and Allen "A~l~']lRg~t rt f-Examinat[ nn~W~u~a%t tlh~ ),~ 1V11o, ~5. O. Van " ~,S Inflows: , ,to Dickinson Monday where ~he dresses to the North Dakota Farm- COUNTY OF BILLINGS,Doren were dinner guests ~t the Rona~d IS,tate Taxes ,a~n. latter went ,tO nmke final proof on ers Union at Jamestown m DISTRICT C{~URT '" ~elllekson home ~,+'~ ~'mes, Penalttes'""&'"'~or~'i~. her homestead " . SIXTH JUDICIAL DSTRICT Mr and ~ J j Eaton and ,last Sunday ,x-r~mu~ LeU~ees o.~ Sc~.oo./ ~.:. .x ~:-- 188.8S ' ace l~roclv, ) La ~unas 76 W. J. Ray was a bush2ess visitor Plaintiff, ) Mr. and Mys. ~eo Grand Pre Re- nd Commissioner Fees 72~ in Dickinson on Friday. -us- ) tended the recital in Belfleld last A bunch of Medora young folks Lee M. Warden, Admin- ) ~unday night, drove to Beadh last Sunday eve- Board adjourne~ --' O. A. ~%~oDona/d left Tues- istrator of the Estates ) rflng to attend tahe show. 7, 1945. u ~o meet August The Chas, and Roy C~e~ of David C. Warden and ) Mrs. David C. Warden, ) Signed: d~y for Seattle, Wash for a mh~rt ,~.a~ltes aetended service Sunday at ~rs. j. J. ~Eaton gave e party visit with her brother and to t~ke A.E. BOICOURT both deceased, Lee M. ) Wt~L~le~d~ evening for Toots Cos- The ~Iedora ~tdles Aid met Chairman Board of a vacation from .her duties as Post- the Nazarene church in Dickinsox~ Warden, Blanch L. Ward- ) mistress. ,Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Tefford anden, Marion E. Warden, ) se~te and Mrs. Leo Grand Pre. with Mrs. Walter O. Chr~n . County Commissioners, Billings County, North Dr. Mildred Couch, and ) Wednesday of last week. ATTEST Dakota, Jim Cody of BeLfield was a Mr. and Mrs. Ben Northrop spent all other persons un- ) Medora caller on Sunday. the week end in Beh2eld known claiming any es- ) ~.r. and Mrs. W. J. Ray drove tare or interest in or ) to Bismarck Tuesday evening to (Mr. and 'Mrs. D, L. Mci~0d of J. F. "TESTER Mr. and ~Irs. We. Ro~I ~ Ohrist (Beck did ~e shing~ng, hen or incumbrance up- ) meet Virginia Ray and Ann Barger (August 9) the nor~bh country s~x~01oed over in Auditor. children returned to their home at recently, on the T. N. Voster and on the property described ) Zap, ~l. D Tuesday, after a short ~Bertram Johnson homes, in the Complaint, ) Who 'have been visiting at the briefly Thursday ~f last Defendants Bal~er home |n ~.inton" Wa tad visit wieh relatives 'here, enroute ~argie Palaniuk returned Son- THE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTa n s home a a week's at NAM DE, . rs sin e, nga~2a "." You, and each of you are here- v.** a:la ~y rook m me snow watm~e~ ousmess m ~ ]~gaehlna. c~ g ~ew4~- Mrs. Olieord Phillips came (lown,r~r~ ~i~i~ uynu.5 ~n~ ~n, ~. by summoned and required to an- at ~meld last Saeurday evening on Monday. :r:~.[--:-~, v-~ -va rod ~K, Paul ~rom Rider Tuesday to take charge ,F. A. Oyhus, wife and two daugh- swer. the. Complaint of the Plain- =uu, ~weaora. 8-~0f of the duties at ~he ,Pest office ters were c~l]ers, Thursday p. m U~ic~n|s t~eda~vethen~eea o~Ctit h~ S~e B~ rd of County Comm~- NJ[r. and MrS. J. C. Ras~t~sen FOR SALE REA~ during ~he a,bsence of ,Mrs. ~c- at the Chas. and Roy Gethrn~nn, Clerk o~ th e Dist~ct Court of Bil-. -- l~kl the!r montl2y meeting end Mr. and Mrs Walter Ru.~ o the marri .L~-Owlng Donald E.W. Telford, and John Egly homes ~"g~ rv~ UnzY'^^ ~ r[n .~a.~ota. .an a Allesaay at wmon meeting H A strand attended +,~ ~- ;-- ~.-~ ~= auu moves away i and ~ere 7 oolock dinner guests upon the subscriber at his officeckoff, acting states a~torney wasl tast Sunday night o~,^ we offer for !'~ lrlt,~T w i,t Victorie Johnson's Lieueenentin the City of Belfield. Stark pre~nt, as was W S ~+,* ' ~= ~,e nxmres ann good will County, North Dakota, within thlr- e " ~ "~'" of the Coffee h " l atl0n I 00K I 0. 0I O hus ho e on a furloUgh from ty 30) days a er the of secretly the We arel The of Union Con- .--, S Beheld, [the SOl,~th Pach lc. He is returT~LTlg this thS:%n~OnSo?P~unehYOs~,~v~cXClusive ] gregational Church of Medora held ~v, Inuergaard. 46-itc r Y ; ann To . nnn It duty, Sunday, Aug. 5. The Go- in case of your failure to appear ,x~.o t a business meeting follwing ~he CO/Vl~,~ ~, v u~.~ J~WW~,a~.~L~ ~J~v, I ha,~t~,at,onded a n~.r~v In hisor answer judgment wlll be taken ~-,~t v*o*vu~ ~tttl snol~pers /a.s$ se~-~,~ ],~t ~ ~ ~ -.-~- ~,~.~t~/K~ S~[E , ] 'P~, s against you by default for the re-'Mond@y included F anma ff-~wson and - ~. ,~o~ mt,u~y, a. o "xorna- The 1945 custom s aller honor, last Sunday, at the Albert . mid " combin ~#Var Ration ~ook Five m net demanded in the Complamt, Artn M Br hel was elected trustee to fill,e pro- ,own gram will be handled in a. dedlar hi ' inIn~ Oy'ht~ horme Dated August 4th A D 1945 " tahe vacan caused essentiall than II and eon~ta ~, . cy ~0v ,the ~*~~ Y just half as many stamps as the[. RoyGet~mann. had a tractor ~ AttornHeyE '~A PI P~llaintiff I Mr. and Mrs. Walter G Neuensl fA" J. Anderson, and the mer~bers Ch; Eaxten~m-ann~er a.s a Year ago, last .book issued will be distributed las~ xuesaay; damage was reigns. Residence and Postofflce drove ~o Die Tuesd votedto have notic of " n ~=-~va ~erwce and AAA ,klnson ay to see e vaeatiocoo ra' 1 et he rts th~i address Belfield North Da I l>e tmg through 4~he pu~bllc schools Decem-IHe was ~be to, t IS~ kota ' "lthelr son, BillIngs, who is In %he}ofthe dhur~h bt~ldLug served in ~ . ' beta 3:15" ,b~a~l out ek~Lred,hC~nn~:~: TO ToH]g" ABOVE NAMED DEFEND. ]hospituI at ~hat. place. They mov-[ r~er ~hat 'ERe bu!lding migh~ be GRAIN BINS BEIN(~ SOLD o ~ne same ~lme, me new ~x t~,~ ~*--~ --,-- ~, ,~ ~- ~ - i~a ,nm~ xrom the aospital to the l,=,-uue~a men a enuren. C~C -- [OU ~-111 ZUr~jcr~er ~Ke nOilge T~a! "UW ~* UU w~le~f~ gasoline vatlon book will be Issued IJm'Y. ,~* ,~* -t *he *bove on~*,~ ['~gddfe O~Hearn home wher~ ~,~ ~m~[ grain bins and will go into use December 22.] Mr: andMrs Ra.y I~tley, ~,r ic~ion'i~"[o ~xclude ~e Defe-n.d-a'n=~ [re,ala~ unCtl he recovers fro'm ~/ Mr" a r~. ~[rs. Wa~ter R~, co~n~,ng^2~P S,ed of throUgh AAA g " "The North West Quarter of Sha, hen . on office ing of shoes. ]leute A. J. Anderson. Section 14, In Township 138 N. ~,k~ . :ds, wlth friends and J a shopping trip. ] / Mr. and Mrs. ~e~tram Jonnson Range 100, West of the Fifth a~enamg to ou~mes~ in town Tuns-/ [ MARKET CATTLE ORDERLY [and son slant Saturday and Sun- Prin~op~aM~aridot~. Billings Coun- any evening. |CleMr~ l~be1~ R~bevts is a~mg as erk of the 1 'Panners ranchers are en-|day with friends in Belfleld ~ald Defendants "will further take Visitin .t ,h ! Selective Serve[ W.J. RAY 00,~ for ~n notice that no costs will be claim- --=---o - -~- w. '. uuonnellj~oe2~ o.llrll~ t~le 1~0~12ce. ~f ~r~ /i ~or~,vo un~ed by the AA~ to p . and . A~ 4.1, early and orderly marketlngs of[ Mr. and MrS. Vernon Fritz and the ~efendants not appearm, or an- a, f is, former cle . H ed b the Plaintiff against any of l.K)nl~ay ranches l~st ~Bttn- gar~t WaPb , a/l c~ttle that are ready for mark-"Victor/a Johnson were among .those swerlng. - ~-~% -.-.~. -- ~. ~u~u w t.~la~-I tt r 2tc~rICE IN ALL COURTS --' m"-ical -ecital a+ Bel H.E. HANEY ~,-~. aa .~r~n *s a ,breeder[ ~e~en Helllckson and da ~ar ~. 221 ~1011/~ SII~U~IOnS 112 ~rar~- ~ enjoy ~ne u~, ~ ~ " of *" "- ~ ' ] portation and at the packing plants field Sunday evening. -,~ ,~vy ~ m rlereIord C~Mle ~nen~, of Vancouver, Wash mad ] ~avaora, N. Dak. Attorney for Plaintiff. (Aug. 9-16-23-30; Sept. 6-13) :' cOuld easlly develop unless an or- Mr. and Mrs. l~t Peterson, Dick :nd .his. stock a reputatlon,(Mlss DorGt~y Northrop of Be~e~d , derly movement of ca~tle can be]inson, spent Sunday at the John s~oms econa ~o none m the western[ v~ted Mrs. Addle Andermm last ,- Lois Rad off of Hanki . |son .atso has as her gue /or a WILL ~~-CIDITY ] NEW MOSQUITO KILLER COUNTY OF BILLINGS ) arrived here Monda :,---~=ICOUl~)e o~ weeks, her ~ter, Mns. IN DISTRICT COURT ~ .~ "~'"~'~. ~",~;a~ey of ~[~le~ Cl~y, ~ont, Cured pork, e~peclally bacon, will[ DDT has prOVed the best rodS-S/X"rH JUDICIAL DISTRICT ~ ,vnex v~ w~n her ~)romer,~ develop some rancidity, even when[ quito killer ever discOvered, but is Alex Meduna, "-. ) Plaintiff,) ~ftG~eforl~ckfftn~d h is w~e. She/ KolbJorn Bye and Walter ~ [ Pleas~ Notify W. J. RaF of| stored in tahe ~reezer, according tol not the quickest acting poison -us- ) ~ ,o x,nczm~on Tuesday eye-|were in town last Frtrl~v ~,i ,~n ~Medora, North Dakota,'of ail~ U. S. Depsrtment of Agriculturek known to entomologists. Oscar B. Lunde, Oscar B. ) ~u~d~Ut expeots ~, next 1;he hospital to a~.~ertain ehe c~m- iCattle or Horses branded | Sunde, Mac E. Sunde, ~. ) A. Newgard; S. G. More; ) ~y 1or a weeks visit here, dition of Billy Neuens. ~ (Bellows) on Left Jaw, INF-M10$7 ~/-45) " Margaret J. Hellhake,) KatherineE. Reardon;) ~iss Selma Knleger of Hebron, Hehner Shoulder or I-Iip;~(Cross RATION STAMPS GOOD Gregory" H. Hell,hake,) wh- *o,~,+ ,- ~u~, ~o m home o~ Casper J.Hellhake; Mrs.) -- -. -~-~ -~ ~, v~, ,~ ~v,xex~ f,~ ~. ~---,ht~ ~vin~r visited friendshere ~ ~x, ,x~ ~eon out a~ erie ,P.e~ly L) Left Side on Cattle; Mabel Hellhake; Blanche ) ranch ,helping put up ,hay. Pauline Hellhake, and all ) ~ Saturday. Left Thigh on Horses; -THI~U COT. 81 Next eta~ps become good Sept. # SUGAR STAMPS" l SHOE STAMPS .oo~.o~ GLIP THIS CttARr fOR FI/I'UR REFERENGE persons unknown, having ) or claiming an estate or ) interest In or lien or I encumbrance upon the real property described in the Complaint, whether as the creditors, helrs, administrators, Executors of H. A. Hellhake, de- ) ceased, or otherwise, Defendants. THE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA TO THE ABOVE NAMED DE- FENDANTS: You and each of you are hereby summoned and required to answer the Complaint of the Plaintiff in the above entitled action, which said Complaint is or will be filed with the Clerk of the ~bove Court, and to serve a copy of your An- swer upon the subscriber at his office in the Liberty National Bank Building in the City of Dickinson, Stark County, North Dakota, with- Jn thirty {30) days after the serv- Lena ,I-I~lliday of Be~fleld is taking charge of the restaurant 'in hhe ~eseve~t Park care during the at~sence of Mrs. F~led~ ~o is in Chicago for medical care. / (Mrs. Ted Oyhns and daughter are visiting ~.t ~he Oy~hns ranch for an lndefinte period. We ~re enjoying an extended v~sit from old timers, Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Oonnell who are now residing in Vancouver, Wash. They are accompanied by their daughter, Donna Jean, and son, Guy Dean. Ice of this Summons upon you, Joan Barn~art vlsRed relatives exclusive of the day of such serv- ice; and if you fail to so appear in Grassy ~utte the past week or answer, Plaintiff will take judg- and on her retur~ she was aceoln- ment against you by default for the relief demanded in said Corn- panied ,by Cleo, Audrey and La- plaint, You will please take notice that this action relates to the Southeast Quarter (,SE~A,) of Section Fifteen. (15); and the West Half (W~,~) Section Twenty-three (23): al?fin Town- ship One Hundred Forty-one (141) North, Range Ninety-nine (99) Billings County, NoPth Dakota, and is brought for the purpose of excluding said Defendants from any interest In, or Hen or encum- brance upon the same, and to quiet title in the Plaintiff asto all claims of said Defendants. No personal judgment is asked against any of said Defendants. Dated this 20th day of Suly A. D. 1945. J. W. STURGEON Attorney for Paintiff, residence and P. O. address, Dickinson, N. D. (July 26; Aug. 2-9~16-23-30) 2,@00,00@ JOBLESS .During the next 30 days con~tract cutbacks will lift the number of Job- less workers to %000,000, aec0rding m the War M~npower commission. donna Neekies of that pla~ who 'are visiting ~t the Barnhart and (:~odSrey 'h~es in Medom, A. E. Boicourt drove to New Eng- land last Monday evening to at- tend a meeting of the new district health unit as a member and r~p, resenting Billings County. J. 1~. Tester ~companled him on the ~rlp as a guest. ~rs. Pete Meyers and son, Ray- mond, accompanied ~m. McCarty and Steve Chase to Dickinson last Monday. Ralph Knudtson who is employ- ed on the Northern Pacific sec- tion crew here. visited at his home in Glendive last Sunday. Ted Oyhus. who has been spend- ing ,his vacation ~vit~ his parents, here, returned to his base ktst C~Ionday. Mrs. Oyhtts and two T. F. R0bert~ made a fly~g between trains to Diakin~on Thurs- day "of last week. Frenk is doing a splendld Job of glv~g a h~trvut and manicure to the little park i~ town and hls. persistent effo~ eompleeely cured. Left Side Cattle, off Submarginal Range, South of N P tracks or East of 8ubmarginaI fence on North Side. You will be reimbursed any expense in notifying. Any In- formation concerning the taking or stealing of this livestock will be rewarded under the Stock- growers Association Reward as Published. From where I sit ~ Joe Marsh- Herb% Got a Great Little Wife Everybody's talking about what a grand Job Herb Helm is doing at the war plant Not just one shift, but two a day-~to help build the war materials our men need. Good for Herbl But Pd like to say a word for Mary, Herb*s wife. She runs the house, cooks the meals, takes care of the chfl. dren, and works ou salvage drives a~d bundles for the Red Cross. Believe me, that's tiring work for any woman/ Yet when Herb comes home-. too tired to talk or watch where he drops his ashes, maybe-she makes allowances, keeps smil- ing, brings him a restful glass of beer, and makes enough con. versation for them both. Next morning, Herb goes to work re. freshed and cheerful. ]From where I sit, women like Mary Helm are doing a great war Job themselves being tol. erant and kind to husbands who are working under a heavy war. time stral~ Bully for theml CopyrigM, 1945, United Stat~s Brew~ Foundation /