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Beach, North Dakota
August 11, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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August 11, 1960

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IILLINGI5 COUNTY PIONEER BELGIUM REFUSES TO ACCEPT CONGO ULTIMATUM--The Belgian government announced its r~fusal to withdraw troops from the Congo, even though faced by a possible Congolese request for Soviet aid. Above, Belgian soldiers on patrol duty in Leopoldville radio headquarters as angry natives watch. ETNA BLOTS OUT SICILY'S SUN--A towering cloud of smoke climbs into the sky over Mount Etna near Canania, Sicily, after the volcano erupted ~hrough a second crater. Experts feared the violent upheaval would send forth lava to destroy the towns and vineyards on the mountain's slopes. A rain of volcanic dust was reported by ships 75 miles off shore. per cent of all hogs sold in the U. S. in 1968; slaughtered 67 per cent of the hog volume and sold 33 per cent of all pork produced to the region's consumers. The region marketed 54 per cant of all beef ca~tle and consmned 35 per cent ot the .beef supply; marketed 41 per cent of the total sheep and lamb suppl~ and consumed 17 per cent of the lamb. --D-- LOOKS UP A PAt--Marlene Dietrich doesn't seem to be watching the bullfight at an arena in Madrid. Actually, she was scanning the crowd oppo- site to spot a Spanish friend. [Small Loans Ac! ]Now 'Effective IIn North Dakota SKiNDIVERS WITH KUIO DmV~ -- MarLy Trapp and Vincent Scalise (right) ride from an afternoon of skindiving in Chi- cago back to the beach in a convertible. The car was being towed out of the water after the owner had left it in reverse while he was atten~tin~ to load a motorboat onto a trailer. ACCIDENT TOLL SKYROCKETS Highway fa~Jiities in North La- kota during the past few weeks have skyTocke*e ~ until there way be reason to doubt whetlmr the driving public ever gives more than a passing thougl~t to personal svfe~y or the safety of others, says Floyd Upham, state safety direcotr. "In 49 days there were 43 fatali- ties. If this rate is maintained the rest of the summer traffic period, North Dakota's highway death toll Will hit a new all-time high. During the first half of July there have been II deaths. Last year there were 12 highway fatalities during the en- -tire month of July. "June, 1960, was even worse. This year there were 29 fatalities during th~ month. Last year there were 16 com~rn~.nity habits sometimes cause confttsion for out-of-state drivers. Obey the rules of the road Rnd, above all, look out for the othei- driver," Upham urged. "Drive defensively. Slow Down . . and Live!" --i:]-- IS ~/IEAT PLAkTI~ER TOO The mJdwest, renowned as the nation's bread basket, also serves as the nation's mea'~ platter, ac- cording ~o a study reported in Nat- icmal Live Stock Producer map- zinc. "l~.~e midwes.* ha a five to one edge in the number of beef cattle marketed, the magazine reports. number of hogs marketed, and is 8bout on Par with Western states in North Dakota's new small loans regulatory act went into effect July 28. Attorneys are now drafting ap- plication forms for loan compan- ies, according to George H. Russ Jr state examiner under whose jut- isdietion the 1959 legislature put ad- ministration ~)f the act. About 15 forms will be necessary, he said. Loan companies can operate un- der the new law at the present time, however. A small loans division is being set up in Russ' department, with two deputy examiners to be assigned to the division, assisted by a stenogra- pher. Russ said the small Ic~ans~adra--in- mtrativn dlV~i'on sheul~ be f~- tiening late in September. North D~utt0ta voters in ~a~ referenddm J'u~e 28 puts tonsil loans operations Out- simile~ the ~ate's usury law that limits iffterest t~o~ 7 per cent, allowing small loan concerns to charge interest of 2~ per cent per month on loans up to $250, which over a year is equivalent to 30 per cent. Along wltl~ this, the act provides numerous restrictions and regula- tions. It requires registration too, and before being registered a loan concern must undergo examination by the division. RusS said approximately "~ letters asking application forms have been received from prospective registr-- anta "We'll send them the ~forms just as soon as the forms have been prepared," said the examiner. "We will move as fast as we can, and as soon as we are able," he said, "This delay was unforeseen." Failure of the legislature to pro- [vide an appropriation in the law for its administration was one source Duck Hunling Prospects Look Good, Bue Says Good duck hunting prospects have led State Game and Fish commis- sion L G. Bue to consider recom- mending a 60-day duck season this duct, she notes. fat1, with a limit of four ducks a In the stak line, keep m mind dDr.ay. Bue indicated that he might make such a recommendation to the Central Flyway Council, which meets in Denver next month to out- line recommendations on waterfowl seasons. Bue said there are plenty of in- dications that ducks will be plenti- ful, but added that "'we won't be able to see the broods in any num- ber until late this month, since the cover on the pothole is so heavy." Bue said there Is a possibility that canvasbacks and redheads would be completely protected, whereas last year the hunter had a choice of taking one canvasback or one red- head. for ante- Bue said that prospects lope and deer are good, and that the permit season on antelope should be about the same as it was last year. when about 2,200 permits were issued. LOW COST MEATS FINE flavored and perhaps the best pro- portion of fat and lean for the grill. Too high a percentage of fat or too low will not yield as tasty a pro- I which lend themselves to such meals ] moths are yellowish buff color and are some of our best values in meats, 1 have a wingspread of about % inch. states Rut Dawson, NDAC extension Carpet beetle larvae have a tuft of nutritionist. Beef can "~oast of ground meat I long brown hair at the end of their for its hearty outdoor economy buy. ] bodies. Ground chuck is one of the best Both pests do their damage in the larval stage, feeding on clothing and household goods that contain wool, fur, hair or feathers. Be sure these articles and the storage space are clean before storage. that a round steak can be utilized for two meals. Divide the steak and take the top of the round out- side, for it can be broiled. The bot- tom half should be cooked with moist heat (with a tight fitting T,d~ and can be used for another type meal, Miss Dawson explains. Cold sliced turkey is a special treat for picnic sandwiches, cold plates and maindish salads. Cold turkey cut in lengthwise strips is popular also for a favorite summer menu item--chef's salad. [~" GUARD WOOL'FURS WHILE IN STORAGE You'll find more carpet beetles than clothes moths in North Dakota, but both are common and equally destructive to fabrics, says Wayne J. Colberg, NDAC extension ento- mologist. Because of the similarity in feeding habits, clothes moths of- ten get the blame for damage done by carpet beetles. It is important ~o note the dif- FOR OUTDOOR "EATS" ference, since some control methods The warm, sunny days breaking differ, he says. Adult carpet beetles through bring along the urge to eat outdoors. Items in the meat counter Control measures for the two are essentially the same, except DDT will not eliminate established in- festations of carpet beetles. To con- trol the carpet beetle larvae, use a household dust containing either 10 per cent or 50 per cent methoxY- chlor, 6 per cent chlordane, or 1 per cent lindane. If you prefer a spray, apply 2 per cent chlordane, % per cent lindane or 5 per cent methox~- chlor. For protective measures, a 5 per cent methoxychlor household spray will protect woolens in storage against fabric pests for several years. Washable woolens may be protected against these pests with EQ-~, a DOT product developed by the US- DA. In airtight containers such as trunks and closets, paradichloroben- zene crystals are effective. ---[:l-- All crops grown In North Dakota are either food or feed, including flax. Be sure any chemicals used on them are recommended for that par- are dull black in color and about ~ ticular crop, and that you follow inch in length, while adult clothes directions exactly. ":~"~B-47"~ 1L~IM N.OWN HOME--Father Louis Dlone eep~ntatives at the Moscow airport, the Dody (right), Catholic priest who ministers to the U.S. I of Capt. Palm is being flown home. Soviet ehat~J Embassy staff in Moscow, reads a prayer as Jthat the craft, with six men aboard, was over flaA~erican military attaches stand guard over the I Russian territorial waters, were refuted by de- ag-draped coffin of Air Force Capt. Willard O. [ tailed evidence presented to the United Naflom~ Palm, pilot of the U.S. RB-47. shot down by the ] Se~rity Council in New York by Henry Cabot Soviet Union July I. Turned over to American[Lodge, United States ambassador to the U W. Here's what the new 3 /4% interest ,*'ate on U.S. Savings Bonds means to you: fourteen months faster than before ! You can get your money, with in. The Bonds you own are terest, when you need it. Your Bonds better than ever, too are a ready reserve to use anytime you wish. But, it pays well to bold The new 3%% rate means your say-them. ~. grow faster than before with Your savings can't be I ~t ~r' Savings Bonds. $3 becomes $4, stolen. The U.S. Governmen~ ~,uar- or $3,000 becomes $4,000 in just seven antces to replace your Bonus, free, years, nine months. This applies to if anything ever happens to Shem, all Series E Bonds bought since June I, 1959. You save more than mon~. The Then, all older Bonds, both Series Bonds you buy help k~p the peace E and H, pay more now---an extrabecause peace costs money. 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