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August 11, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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August 11, 1960

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THURSDAY, AUGUST 11, 1960 THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER. MEDORA. N. t)Att The Week Around Medora to days wil~h an:d daughter Cherelyn visited ~h.avo been taeld ~his past week HOSPITAL N.OTES Mrs. Osterhout. this weekend at the Einar Fongs and rmmerous resolutions t~av ~ Mr. and Mrs. Vilas HMlickson zn Medor3 been adopted. B~IRTHS Juanita Organ, Ireme arid Clara Visitors at bhe Ted Cm:nelks on of St. Paul are visiting friends "l~he Les Tisors transacted bus- Mr. and Mrs. Don Short and Mr. a~].d Mrs Day,or, je::tdro, Wertzfeld motored to tihe We~tz- Su, ada,y n:e~e~Mr, a~d iMrs. :Nor- and relatives in Medora artcl the iness m Dickinson on Sat. Ada Syl'vester were dinner gucs~; Wibaux, Montana, boy. feld ~an:~h 9 milos N. of Sent. bert Oflopsen .of Diokinson and area .t,his week. On Tues. tthey are M:. an.d ~Mrs. Jerome. I.cb'o oi Uhc L G. Browns ~'1 Sunday SL~RGERY ,Butte on Mor~day w~ere they 2i'.~ ~cSornc~[ o~ Mandan. motoring to New England to vis- spent Sat. a,nd Su~ e,ening v:,- evoning. Mrs Exit Bryer. Wibaax, Mont. rode hors0back .and picked (~toke- D~ck A~td ~rSon n4 pan W~ite it the Allen Ar~dersor~s A faznily iting in ~Medora,Mrs Kuhn of Calil a niec,~ Mrs. George Var~ Horn, SPrit- e a J . . . chcrrics a~d enjoyed a ~hick~n and tl:~er dat~hters returned on pmnm was heki on Sunday for Craig. Patrix":. ~hanr.~a a;~d of W. J. Ray of Medora visited inel Butte. dinner at the Wertz,fe.d 'nomc. ,Monda" &,rum iVLam, ar~a w&er~ the ~HeH~cksons and among l~ose Meredith Jo Osborn w~(. ha~ friend.s in ,Medora on ~Sunday Mrs. denr~- 7~.:uaa, Failon, ~ ' ' - ~, " Mont. " o Wit. and Airs. Oharles Ruther- uhey ,n~:l ~been visi.tin~ the Jack atten4mg were t.he lony ~van been visiting at t~c Alice Lebo Mr. and ,Mrs. Gas'lord Barn- ford and farni,13r returned to M=- ; . ~'~ ~. ' ttellicksons and .-,"en ~ nd=r- their mother in their new hom~ to Medora and are taking care I~EV &~DMLKSIONS Warbis ~[mrti~y at ~uf.f.oloe the hers, the Don LeDo~x:~, we Lc~ home this pas: week wi.i~ joi~ ,hart of Flasher, N. D. have mov- tavern McDougaiL dora Sun4ay evening from a 2 Hmx~td (Larsons F~ht.fl ,and ' Dale Spooner, Mrs. E. J. Hay week's vacation trip, They visit- o~i]er 2ri~tds m 1 ewixtown sor~s. On Wed. the Vilas He!lick in Bis.narck on Tuesday. Mrs of the Log Cabin Bar and .Store ~ -- . "; sons will leave for home returnO~born the former Irma Lebo in ,l~he a~bsence of Mr a~nd ~v~ vey, Harold Lang, jr Gary t(t their paren~ ha :Vli~souri and ,~vtrs. ~cfae ,~.sao.~ ann aaugn ' " " . . " ,IL,-engle, Mrs. M. D. Bushman, ~e Robert ,MurlM~y's in.Colo, and te~,s ~,~h ~,a r~,nm~= 1,~ft on mg wa ~he iBlack Hills. has been transferred to B~smaa, ok Jtm aarn~hart. Jkm Urtderwent . '.~"'~' """ '~'~. "" . . Mr. a~d ,Mrs. J.ack Conwcll frc,m Minot 'by tthe Social Secur- surgery at the University ~.o ,'~ ~as ,Decker, Robert Zook, O1- sther po~ts o{ interest. ~Mr. l~ttVh- ~l.o~aay:zor ai~?or~va~ton trip transacted ,business in Miles ity Adm. tal i.n 'Min:ne~polis on Friday: ga Gjemnur~dson, Mrs. l~tahel ~ford is Admhais~ative Asst. for,t,~ ~,~ scu o.u. City on Saturday. Zelta Fong is goir~g to Ray a'nd Air. and Mrs. Jim Bird o~f El- Erickson, Mrs. Jerry Pesha, and Frank Gertenson. ~he 'Ibex. Roosevelt Nat'l Mere. ~lpme vnomas ann ~ruce ~orm- Art C.rafszaard's mol~her and .IV~not to visit her mother this gin visited ha Medora on ,uPs. 'DEATh . Park in Medora. r?p returned' t? kMedora on Sat. his sister Norma, both of Fa,go week The Ha~,k 'Browns, tl~e Fred ~Miss Jane ,Magstadt and ,Miss nt, g~at. a~ey' n. a~t oPen on a tms~- are spertdirtg the week in Medora Air ,and Mrs Vilas H ,ed~ck~on, VerciHinie's of *Dickinson and Fram< Gertenson, Wibaux, Karen Larsen o~ Bisrnarek and ,hess trip tO Janeville, Wis, c. 1 ~M,' arid ~Wlrs. C. S. Jacobson ~e ~Vm. Eic~aorsts, arid Ellen Laura Segursen from Santa Mont 8-8-~) a: 7:10 p.m. M~tnda~ ~espectively visited with Sund,~, eveniz~fl guests at t~e arid ~amily of Kent, Wn. have Oste~hout sDent ~Monday even- Cruz, C~if. had dhaner on Sunday MEDORA ~ION friends in Medora over the week- Bud A~4e}son ~q~qne were Mr. ~een visiting relatives at Ray, inrg visiting the L. G. Brow~s. at the L. G. Browns. ~nd. Jane was an ea'nployee of and ~rs. ~bert. ~itl i bridge and Mhaot, .New England and Medo- A'llen Grow spent the weekend Warren ,Rur~trand and his CONCm amo an cnuac~ e Old Four-Eyes company in ~a~e of ,r-arterial. . !ra. ~Irs. Jacobson .is ~e former visi, th~ in Medora. gran¬her, Airs. Ethel Rune- Rev. C. I.e,Bird.sail 1959. The girls spent their two . 'Mr. and ~rs. ~arl Car~on Lueille Cormetl. Several meetings of the Loea~ strand and ~ais aunt, Aiiss Ruth l'a tor ~ays here renewir~g acquaint-,arove ~ ~Glertctive last "I~ursctayl Mr. arid :N[rs. James Hickey Restoration and Zoning Board O'Dell from Fargo stopped at SU,NDAY m~ces and riding horseback, and q~a.ixled a plane Ior Calif I ' the J. C. ~Rasmu~sen resmence'" 10:30 a.m. morning worship. to attend llhe ;funeral of Mr for a few mi~u "l~eme: kM~q'IVES Cari,~on's, n~ther. {Mr. CaPisoal er~ r~-,n ** [ternoon The--were on 11hay Text: 'Matt. 6:22,23 is " Y e way a .$V O,D C bulldtrtgs nspectorI 1 ne ~asnonor l otl by Jerry Marcus to Canada to visit friends and ami Ib~ s 4~en here several monists ] -- relatives. MEDOItA overseeing ~he new Park build- LUTHERAN CHURCH irrg~ ~beintg ~constructed by the ~ Rev. Alton Johnson, Pastor Kesseli and Kessel Contracting ~UNDAY fimn 8:30 a.m. Com, m'ur~ioa :.service. DOGS TYPIFY COUNTRY OF ORIGIN By Bob Bartos ~anager, Frlskles Research Kennels You can never mistake an Irish setter for, with his red hair snd happy-go-lucky disposition, he's as Irish as Paddy O'Toole. .And he's not the only breed of dog whose disposition reflects e country of his origin. There's flat Scotch terrier, for one. This fellow has the dour and re. served temperament synony- motto with his countrymen. The ~orgi is another as rugged and independent a little guy as ,seer sailed from the coast of Wales. Then, of course, there's the ~ulldog, whose tenacity quite properly symbolizes the English ,L ability to "carry on" in the face $f adversity. Some of the German breeds, the German shepherds and Dob- ermans, for example, exhibit the ability to take to discipline, which is a German trait--while the dachshund has persistence, which is geneeally considered Teutonic. Chows and Pekingese have fhe aloof and dignified air of Ihe Chinese aristocracy. Then, to return to the Emerald Isle, you have the Irish terrier and Kerry blue terrier --- two lads who personify Irish pluck and gameness. The poodle is a good example f how far people go in as- sociating dog disposition with country. Because of his quick intelligence, gaiety and humor, which are special attributes of the French, the poodle has come ~o be known as the French poodle, whereas his homeland is thought to be Germany. Feeding Tip: Carbohydrates and fats supply most of the dog's energy, while protein is rased primarily in building body muscle and tissue =ells. A high- quality commercial dry dog ~kmd, such as Frisk!es, supplies [~'ween 20 and 25 per cent pro- ~ln mixtures, providing excel. nt nutrition for your dog. Win. W. Eichhorst Attorney ~lth offices in BELFIE LD SATURDAYS ~ONDAYS - WEDNESDAYS -- and-- TUESDAYS - THURSDAT$ F~IDAYS ~EDORA BROCKMEYER Radio Service , :F~ae 2-4323 BEACh, NO. DAK. mer.on & Motorola Radios and TV. We back our sets with repair service. BEN H UR FROZEN FOOD CHESTS J&'SY SPIN-DRIER WASHERS Fishing Supplies Record Players ~%~tiss Ester SOhroeder of Rey- nokis, N. *D. was an overnight guest at. ,~he ,Lil Van Doren and Lbuise ~K.iran home. Ester and LoUise both .teach at Brainard, Mirm. LawreP~ce a,id Ly!e Tisor spent the weel~end Visiting their moth- ed ,iaa Med~o~a. ,Paula Runestrand, Marlys Doelixtg, and Barbara ~MoGrow a~l of Fa~gb.sp~nt the weekend camping ,n t~e Park near Aiedo- r"~ L~.s.~ Juanita "O~ga~ ami ~Mrs. t/4aurice Aird q~ to Diokmson in Tues to'keetb"~ierttal appoint- merits. !Mr. and tMrs. K. G. :Norman and f,a~ily~ :from Racine, Wise. were weerkend ,guests of 'Louk~e Kinn in tMedora. 'Norman MAss 'Khan ,are si~. ters. l~len Oste,~%ottt took Mr. and Mrs. ~Itris Rasmussen and ,Mrs. Brov~n ,ge ~leaclh on 'Friday. ~While t~ere they met iMiss Bessie Liv- ir~gsten axed ~ returned to Me SUNDAY. MONIDAY. TUEISDAY ~Lrc~uwI' 14-15-16 A DRAMA OF LOVE, SHAME AND FEARI n ~I~DNESDAY, AUG. 17 THUI%.~DAY. 'I~RIDAY. & SAT. '/~UkO~U, ST 18-19-20 GAYI GRiPPiltGI omous: . ;- Moo. Ouimess Bull Ives.lWaureenO'Haxa Ernie KovacsNoel Coward Ralph RicMrdson J0 Morrow Evelfing / "WHO'S SPlEO~NO?" 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