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August 16, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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August 16, 1945

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5 ' !,THE BII,LINGS COUNTY PIONEER': t - . j ooo,o o ,orve, Ten Per Cent of Army Veterans Want to Be Farmers. ' t <;,50th Anniversary I TO YOUNG MAN r I LANGDON--The Halvor Tollef. I r r~ ~ t,| tl rtl tt r tI h " son farm home near Osnabrock was mQustrialized]larmy~ )~22~rH lthat man of thes ppea a,t per cent after the first even ver uenT Mope TO MarT 3nlall us,nesses N' 'aC Y&TArLedaD lf uGjnies' 16' was I recenUy me scene a gathering I bers oYf the Rosedal~ F. ~tihlersf:mm-] oh n c1ng M~: and Mrs. Tollefson ] I: " I:-H~-W fere . t e goaen weaning anniver- iwl~he:Uf~re ~est~ns thnd pt:JmU~::sl sary. Rev. G. J. Bretheim of Bis- ~-l',llc ~J-~]l ~J,l~lz- ~ft~ [t rm youths who caoo* and [this group definitely plans to seek 'I-VENTS'OF EEK . . -".-. "-- [ bee, a son-in-law of the Tollefsons [ t were not classed actually as farm-[ governmental jobs The federal t county iarm nome o mires norm- t . . ' ]~rr ~ ~m- ! era ! =overnment now io hv far the l~r~ I~~O~" T~ fT~T~ I w s- "here c "1 -- . ~. iwas master OZ ceremonies. 'me, u/ - 1 e ~ oi - recent/7. ~ne IalTllly ] Tollefsons were married Auril 4 I vv {1~ X /U~SE; VAUL~ I Not Room for All on Land. } eat employer in the country and the TOLD IN BRIEF FORM w~ awaKenea oy me maze a~)0uz ~ ' . I J 1895 in the same home in which J OcH ~ +~. ~.~1~ -.1 J According to the army, the ] monthly report of the Clwl Serwce 2"30 a m All were taken to a ' O WUlll tU ~11 1 I . " ." . ~ v " " " ~ ' I 70 ~ k.~ UU ~ chances are that the nation's farms ~ commission as of May 1 the lat- u : n ~ n e . the are. shll hvm.~. All szx of ~ I Grafton osp m, w er Dam caea ~ their children w~ ~ ~r~pnt ~t the I ~ will not be able to absorb all o~ the est report, shows paid employment Pres. Truman Hears I at 9 p. m. Mrs: G!llies, suffering a [ celebration ] By WALTER A. SHEAD I men planning to return to them, in I in continental United States totaled N. D. Chaplain . ! broken arm, orol~en ankle ann ] I WNU Washington Correspondent ] spite of the current shortage of a,2,897,077, of which 2,001,186 vcere in shock, in a.leap from a second-story I 1~ I) ~A]~ "l'~ I Seventy-five her cent of the of- ] rnillion farm workers. The army ] the war agencies. Of this number, Conducting religious services In I winnow when. omer means o~ as-I ~ AWr"~ ~r-:re~mT~ Ifleers and enlisted men in the Unit- I says that rural areas normally pro- I only 252,054 are in Washington " " .l~ cape were cut off, was m a cry]real A~ta.-nl-~ V.I,~.~A~III. duce m r ' J ed States arm,- ho,e definite ideas ~ o e young men and women,While war cutbacks are expected Potsdam recently, Lt. Col. Lawr-t condition today. ] ~ . . . I about who ~v "~" " en than can be efficiently utilized on to decrease this number somewhat once M, Nelson, 37, of Stanley, N. Charles, 14, and his father suf I "rrioiv~o~ -- A nava~ awa~or t th . intend to do wh I the farm ~ -" ] " ' ", tmay ge~ ~ack home Another 20 I . ~ne promem may very,government worl~ is expected to D addressed a congregation which 1 fered burns, but thmr conm~ions ] ann ms. ramoman were zmea last ! .~er cent hay= ~a~,~ t=nto*i*= ~lans J .well become acute considering the ~ maintain the upward trend wl~cb included President Truman. ]are not serious. Jane, i7, was treat-] wee~ wnen me~r navy land plane I f~or their -os~w'ar~,~,or~k "A'st~rve~ ] wartime increase in farm produc- I has prevailed since the last war. Reporting for the Associated / eel for an injured back and released ] crashed into Albemarle Sound near I by the research br~ch of the m'- I tion achieved by more efficient use I State and local governments nor- Press, correspondent Daniel-De Luce I from the hospital. Cause of the fire I Edenton, N. C. The radioman was I formation and education division o; ] of labor on fewer farms. ] molly employ more than twice as wrote of the service: / had not been determined. The [ Paul B. Klamm, aviation radioman, I the army shows that" [ A little more perspective on the / many persons as does the federal "A soldierly chaplain who had I house, owned by Oscar Edstadl was,second class, son. of Mrs. Winnifred I " . . I given spiritual comfort to Ameri- . . . ru,y-~wo per cenz, rougmy / completely destroyed. The Gzlhes I of here. The avmtor was t 4,000,000 =eu, plan to work for ]; r~ can troops from invasion of the,family have been residents of the [ ~mmgn ~owe~ ~ waucms, oz ~en. [ ~lary and wazes: II I beaches of North Africa to the i Crystal community, Pembina coun- ~ ton Harbor, ~.~cn. Seven per cent, or about a half [ I (wmr~ o~ ~ ~T$ ~a~r~ of at.L wm~ m~ ~vs} bridgeheads across the Elba, preach- ty, for 20 years. All their furniture ]. mim~n men, intend to go into) I '~'~ ed today (July 22) at a simple GI land personal belongings were de-[~UTTLE YOUTH [ mall businesses, retail andII ) ~i service' for the president of the i szroyed. ]DROW~B ll~ J~lVJ~J~ t .elves. . ]l ?~-'~]~~~~" J:J United States. " - ' service trades mostly, for them- ] President Truman sat in the,I Ten per cent, or more thanI se, ond row of a converted film lab- I l TUTTLE -- George Muensch, 13, I ~50000 m ,I~o/ "" "- ~ .~9~---?-~,~ oratory in the American corn- }1~ Dak,'s Maj Gem I son of Mrs. George Muensch, Tuttle, I farms" ==, p,an ~o operateI lw-~'v : - 5 - ~Lfl~J . and nephew of Mrs KaheK Jen- [I ~ ~ ~!z~.~ ' [ " " " I Eight per cent, or about 600,- pound during the half hour service. I Uh0 To Rehre Soon I sen, Jamestown, was drowned in ~00, plan to go to school The American and British flags, dec- . ' I George went down a few minutes t tative d ~1 ~- ~===-=-~=~-~-~-~ ' - : - - .~ ! orations that had been used for a [ the James river recently ] remainder have mad ." ~ I, ~,-~ ~i~,~ ~ . ~-.~v , e only ~en- Mickey Rooney stage show, still Gen ~ames A,~,=,~ or ~re urine- I hung in the laboratory when Col. FARGO -- MO]. " [after going into the water. Three ~ aided . |[ ?~~~--~ ~ H~/~ j~ ~ [ Nelson, divisional chaplain of the Ulio, the adjutant general of theI boys were unable to rescue him. I The army, however, points out [I ~- ~ ~~.J------~~/ .-2-/~--"'~ [ army who clazms Fargo as his home, ". [ The body was found by members I that at least three facto ~ ~1 ~. N ] ~---?l ~ .~ ~ Second armored division since i~s ~!J!r~d]Y T l;h: ;:r~Y I!is~tehmr: I ~t~eg:~e~hg~e~!i::~rt~ en(~i~! II ~t~'("L / ~E ~'~i~7 I qctivation in July, 1940, appeared t%ere/jr:nt~; tfi:: ad~p::tvmerea~t brH~e~:aze~ with his religious staff. ""Col. Nelson, who has served IThe general is at Walter Reed] " opportunit- afte- rj -. . " |l ~~z~ ~/ ~ ! .~ [ churcl~es at Tampa, Fla and New i ~ r uemooilization; I I ' "x ~;:A;,~ ~X-" I hospRal, Washington, where he un-l ~ ~. ~-,~ -- "~---~- ~ (3) an increasin ' Richmond,live at StanIey,Wis" andN. D Wh SewasParentSintro- I derwen~ C m~:r::eb~atia :ecCbTtoa ~ U l~lO0{1 .l~tllK } ,eriously considegr P:;~ee:dt~ng; ~ ]J k~ ~- ~ ~ X J duced afterward to President month g, fo y P" I Aids 600 In Year I time school, opening a business or ] ] . ~ ( ~ ,/ [ Truman at the entrance of tl~e ira- eration. [ ] buying a farm under G.I. Bill of ] I ~ "~ [ pro vised chapel. I L. W. Harem, president of the ~ GRAND FORKS--More than 3,-(Rights provisions. ~ Pier, e company, Fargo, visited with ~ 000 residents donated 1,000 units [ One interesting feature of this sur- ~ problem may be had by a further ~ government, and the five -'ears im The president was very appre-I him in Washington a few days ago. ] of blood plasma which were ad- I vey reveals that 80 per cent of the I I a ciative of the service. He express- h zeal condt white enlis I ana~ys~s oi me intentions oz mesa [ meaiazeay Iollowing the war are ex- I He was in excellent p ys' "- ~ ministered to approximately ouu I ~ea men plan to return to [ men definitely planning to farm In I pected to see more than a million ed his gratitude to all of us who ]ton, was undergoing a checkup and ] people last year, announces Melvin I the states in which they lived be- ] the first place, the survey makes ~ and a quarter ~obs o"enin- in this had participated,' Chaplain Nelson told ;eLf Hamm of his plan to retire [ E Koons director of North Dako- I fore entering the serwce This I i I ~ ~' said. 'It was the first time I had " "' " ' -- ' leave 20- . " I ~ czear ma~ a much zarger propor- I fleaa. seen the president. It seemed toLast June 29 he became 63 years oz,ta's blood plasma program. "A'ne ~ s per cen~ wno may migrate,tion of the men want to become I ~. age. [ mobile donor unit visited 21 North [ to another section of the country. [ farm onerator~ hv =i+~=, t,~ ] ~avorable employment opportuni- me his countenance was illuminated I General Ulio is a life member of ~ Dakota communities and held 47 I As a matter of fact, 10 per cent, or ~ renting: than -were fa~ operators [ ties and special considerations for bY high purposes.'" the Fargo Rotary club, a member ~ clinics since July, 1944, with the I about 75{},000 men, definitely anUci- ~ before the war A malor~ sa~ ~ veterans are expected to draw prob- BIS IS o~ Gilbert C. Grafton pos! of the ]largest clinic in Grand Forks where [ pa~e mowng to another state, the ] they can count on return"m*g" to a I ably 10 per cent of the 52 per cent American Legion. tie msz visitea,more than 500 blood donations were ~ omer ~u per cen being still unde- ] tract of land which they ,~ +h,~i~ ] wno plan to work for wages and iae - zd c d Th~s ratm ~s heawer salaries into th~ HITRUN VICTIM Fargo two years ago when he ad-,received last December, Koons'sa . J in the I families own or the~ o~o~, },"s federal, state and ' dressed the final graduating class [ I Negro enlisted personnel where only ~ have in mind" a "svecific'~ece-of ] local government field. aoouz ~wo-thirds ex ect to - "- BISMARCK --Mike Dirk, 9-year- of the ofhcer cand,date school ] COUPL1~. OBSERV~'I,S I to tho s ~ go back ] land they expect to buy or rent. I Many Returning to School. o]~ son of Mr. and Mrs. VJtalis Dlrk I ] sided~in=c[vil~.;n== m wnzcn mey re- ] However, one out of every three in. [ Veterans co,-'+~ ~ ~ t- of here, is in a local hospital with [ --~ [ 50TIt ANNTV KI:IAKX [ life. I dicate they will need to locate a I "o """ -~--~/s -. ~s,s " ' Young Men Goin West ' farm " I ~ xun-zime scnom after the war is ~ g to rent or DUy after leaving serious injuries, the victim of a hit- I PEMBINA YOUTH IS ~ . . . nearing the 600,000 mark I I gra~e m the Far West on So That most of these will enter col been walking alotgg the airport road I K1LL~D J~ " ~O~ [ friends gathered at the Kramer hall ~ Ne Am g the . i~ the plans of an these pro. ~ 1 ! -" srueu, me grea~er snift is fro s echve far ego is mmca~ea zrom me zac~ ma~ and was found and" picked up byI " . I recentIy to help celebrate the col- I " m ] p " mars materialize, there I rn me ~oum to me northeastern s tv, ullth ore man u In lu are mgn school two soldiers who were ~riving to- [ den wedding anniversary of Mr. and i ta as. ~ " be ousands of veterans look- ~ -r - " -- ward Bismarck and brought the I" PEMBINA -- Kenneth DeiCe, 15-] Mrs. Albert Guimont. A pot luck I ~Xm~e mmcazed, shifts materialize / ing for farms in the postwar period ~ Z:,aua.~es" "l~ne armypoints out ng mesa returning servlcernen and the ~ mas war nas orougnt avout the child to the hospital. Shattered I year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar ~ luncheon was served at a table dec. I " ",y. very well may come I may may happen as follows up a amst a sh t ~lrst large decrease m college en glass was also found in the road f Defoe of Pembina township died ] orated for the occasion with roses, I : ~ g " or age of good land, / " " and the soldiers who witnessed the t '. t ~: r~:. I ---~ rap~a expansmn to the Pg- I which mav too be s~lli - ~* --- ~- I roumen~ since me turn of the cen- I recently zrom me resul~ oI mJurlesl canales ann a weuuzng ca~e. ="= [ clflo . --. = -,~ ,s =- ,-,~,~, ~ - accident said the body had ibeen . . cons= states higher prices than bef tory ann mat non-military enroll- { received when he was kzcked m the[ open house celebratmn was organ- 2 In-mi r " " - " / ore the war. I . dragged some distance. Dirk was I stomach by a hbrse. He Was rushed t/zed by the parents of the "Kramer t smaZ;r sc~:a~ien't~em- on a much t ~o there is fear on the part of the J ~nents zn coueges ann universities walking with four other boys and a / to a hospital in Altona, Man for t Band members and members of the j east .orm C / -- ~ Y e i"nen may / girl toward the Baumgartner farm ~ medical attention but his injuries] Kramer Homemakers Club. Mr. I 3 No nete=~roavl~ sm~es I)e mrced to settle on cheaper sub- / two years oI war. t;~viuan cortege - " " - - ' t ' - the "-diner t .-- ement, m-go hal ~ marginal land I ann university students in 1943 num and although the children saw the ~ proven zaml ~e ]s surwvea Dy,t~mmon~ nas mugn m x,x ~ anc~- out--o in " # " ' - " " " accident, none of them thought to " " i d th ban for s ~ me ~ew ~:ngland, The arm " Derecl stunner than 20 years ago. [ three rosters and four brothers and,school and d recte e d [ middleAtlanti - . . [ y points out that relict ] ge~~ the license number of the car. I t - - . t c ann moumam, would be -os I ~ne aencz~ oz couege trained men, I nis parents. I me .past ~wo years. / states and i. p name on mzs score u I n.vt~r,]~rlv =~.f= ;,~ h= 1;~,-~, +. Tl,ds made the second hit-and-run I' ' " [ " /' " ' " /larce section~ ,~e ,~,t,~^ .~^~ ~ -~ -, =-=~ ma~ider~t in thi~ vicinity within a ]~ ' : 4.--Aheavy out-mlgraUon from,reclaimed lan"~ecom .a~. o=,and teaching fields, will continue to On Furlough '," : "" | ,?B~Bar ~xaID.S . If the plans for7 Per cent of Our ", ~e ~ame -t~ing is true with re-tare engineering and architecture, I soldiers t D me mrmer servaceman as and th lib ;~ ~ ~ '" ~ t - " " I " o enter business for them- ] " e eral~arts and~sciences. WAHPETON -- Using a ,t~r]oUgh I ~" -====-==~==================-====== ========= selves materialize, it means crea-I w,m.=etPr~specuve I~usmess man,Fmgineerln Most 1~o ular to the besV advar~tage, is ,TISgt Dale | . t/on of a little more than a half ~nfl- I ;" "* mem are thinking of . . g P , /I McMlcheel, wha ~vrote:examina~,~ . SoluUon in Next ~mu~. " " lion new ih'ms h-# the small busi,~v.eszmg sums ranging up to $4,000 Q~er courses mentioned include ' ' ,/, ~ess field, or just about the mmsber" t :AmSa may De compared. -with the de-| business admipistration . pre-medm," tiens ~ him, to, the North |Jr |g. I$ 14 I$,[6 [7 18 [9 |lOCI .which ,went out o~ buslnen in ~he p rtment of agrmu]lure estimates of,medicine and dentistry, agriculture, Dakota Bar association while in the. I r !"~ |' '! " . |',',~" . t' I ",| ],~wo-year " Period fol~ewin- ~tea l [ $5,000 to ~8,000 as the. average cost,law, education, journalism and the- sate on furlough recently. He~ I," |lt 'I "'| I ~'| Itt |~ |!~ .J 'I [ ] I -] Harbor. Agreat'majorRyoftl~=e,]~the'fam.~sizedfarm, notc~mt-|elogy. In'general about one man fox,her student of the Wahpet0n I !,I t .', ~ m. ~ ~ ,~' ~, ,= Lu ~. I, . .! about G2 per cent~ will,-,-- ,t.A I In g>m~essarytools,equipment, live. in five is considering courses of SteteSci~nceschoo1 wasgraduated I |t~|. | '| Im I" I I l~/h/dt~[' I ' mtailtrade ra~di~st~2-``-~`-" ~-~st~e~`~etc ~.S~thesepr~spe~tivejstudywhich.canbec~assi~edasl~b- from the school of /aw at the N~- v ~r r/////~ ~ . ~,~ .~. r r #./////~[ =- =, ~,~ f [. ~i1~ I [~o ~/////l~n I,| .I,i. ~'///.d.~ I I ]. stations, ,shoes, hardware and e=n =armcr.s will also need financial,oral arts and.sciences, and the re- tional ~lnlV~rsity, ~Washingt0n, D.'C |" t' I~" [(////'~-- ~ ,~,'],~'//'/~ " ],| eral merchandise outlets Abo,~ ~,aetp.: ~0w= many will actually end,matnder are thinking in terms o~ and" was,'admitted" 'to the bar in,~ ' '|~.2 ]",|~$ ~////~24- [ ~"///~21 '| ~,- ~,~,per cent plan to go into ~the ser~ee" "",at~ld0~ ." ~ne ra.rm will depend on this |-professional and technical spec|alJ- W~shington before he ~entered let- /. I It6 '.1,~ ! I ~ '1 I'; I |. aflne d nag]]=:,=" I tt P I I I I !. I into tsansortatio eultttre after the war " m ~ .i . . P n and public utili./ [ Another point c~ partic~ar sig- son of 'Mrs, Sai'hh McM|chael . !=~ I i I i I~. I : I ties, 6 per cent into corm]ruction, In conJun tion with the American ntaca ceis that this fulL]line ~school of here.' H~ hasten servirig'with .I .m I . ! ,' ~,the ether 9 per-cent being spread,l~dstorieal am=ociation,' -the Armed,course" will take these men out o tl~ counte~-int~lligeU~ corps in Ire- |, ' " pl,|,' ~]Z " [,| |3]," over all other industries i ~'orces . institute has 'prepared a the labor market, about half a mfl lafldsinee-Decerdber,:l'.'''~ ~ [ ! " I',v v, ,:, " - Roof --- Is Uninjured,} I: . !. ! -. : ! h o= o, ,o/ . . ,ho o= ,o ,14~ I ~'////~43 1 I I,| [44 [f////~45 [ ],ave had at least a year or.more of,Most Will Werk for Wages, [ tend part-time school, that is work J-IEBRON -- The infant daughter,~,| ~ I,-,| -~.!. .P'///~. i,full-t/me farming behind them. Only / O~ course by far the greatest seg I and ~o to school at the same time. Of.Sgt.-and Mrs,~" Alvin Fechner of ]. ' i~t ! I I i ] I I W I I i I .about 2 per cent.have had no farm. /ment of the armed forces ~]-- t; I Three-fourths of these students de- here, recently ,rolled 'Off" a porch I I I ; ; ; " " ;s,; I - I,' I m.g.experlence, at all. Even the men [work wages on their return'Two [ sire trade and business school t !~" I ! I I I I ! i . I I I I w~m reza~ivety vague plans for,aspects of the ulans Af th~.~-" ~ ~ [ courses These also are in an older reof and dropped about' 10 feet to . # ~ t ~ # ~ I I ~ ~ ~ ~ far " the ground, receiving only bruises " - . ruing have had considerable pro-,million men are noteworthy First I group and about one-third are mar- The 7-montl~-.old child was in a /' No. = : :;o~a~oJarming experience, One out/o~y one.third of tl~e white'en]lst~l rie~. kiddie car on the sun porch roof, " ' . . OX,mose wno seriously plan ]men who were employees before ~ 'There is one more section of vet- [ to farm, already owns a farm. These |induction and plan to be em Io ees erans which the rv , playing with two other children. I HORIZONTAL I 41Stin,~a~nanow I ,~t uraerea men -~ +~.^ ,^^-, -" P Y l su ey classified. The car was 'set in motion, rolled 42 Cyprinoid ' vessels ' 32 Sheet of I . .--T .-,= ~==~ ,nUv~lea zo ml-i alter me war, definitely expect to I These were a group of about 3 per gra~e, this survey 'shows, and the go back to thmr f rm / 1 Peels ] fish I ]6 Expires I glass '," 0 er employers. ] cent, about'225,000 who said the), backwards off the-roof and landed 6 River ~u " 43 Thorough- ' 19 Smnmed Up ' 33 TO give ~::~,er~na~r,y oz me prospective IAnother one-third say they may re-,definitely plan to stay in the army. on the rear wheel's:'" Examination l France I fares 12z ScheZ- for 'l greater depth j p n to return to the same/~, but are not sure ~ls ave U t mor ? ~1 I t ~,~: "~ I Ire. " { =h~i;~d' . le s] p o e than 10 per cent who 11 Palate e 45 Rzver in Italy . 34 Equilibrium gmn from whmh they entered the a " " by 'at physician failed to reveal any mg .~75 Vot~acl~ naway ;:n~Ya.c}yO a~d ]::gmee ~y~Ye e~P~:~mt . ,erious injury. " 1~ N~ee~aatnc:way ~6 fo2:::tsieodn 23 = ~:nt:h ~heV~ ~sth:: cW:rtul:]nC:;:~d~: ::n~t~s=e~v Und:r " 48 T ader " 39 Le" ~ " learned new trades and or consxderations whmh will overn 15 Str~p oz r " " Africa " ~ "} s~ana mg with which they are familiar ect t " J ' " " g utler Young Man r J " e]oth . I 50 To make I: - 1 40 To walk "I Thes- thre-- ",xp o do different work. the actions o' this segment are (I) Killed In Accident I 17 Jumbled type I intc~ law,[ z~ u ramary ! 43 Thus . I ~ - ~ qu~r~ers oI a mullon ! As a matter of fact the tendency I the terms under which re-enlist- 18 Skill 1 51 Carpenter's I co~on cram {.~ 44 Sodium I =:? WhO pla~. zarmmg as a career, [among a large percentage of these I ments will be offered, including re- ,20 Water of the ~ . tool,| 27 .Hard-shelled .|" chloride [,rougnly equivalent to the total |servicemen is to aspire for work ~ tentiort,of rank, choice of service, 'SOURIS -- Clarence B'urtness, 16, I sea," / I ~rmc I 47 Egyptian I who were zarming just prior to in- |c lling for a highe~ level of skill and I cluration of enl/stment and o rtu member' of a farm family in Sher'- I 21 Cover I ' x~]ERTICAL,28 To wager 1' sun g~d I duction, although induction r / ~ ppo - 22 Man s name 30 Dzsembarked ' 49 Note of c I " show th =~uz-u~ Im general, me proportion wno ptan nity for commissions, and (2) the man township south of Antler wasIman',i- l~er~ammg-' ~ m" I| ',$ a ~.] at more than a million" and a |to pursue thmr" rewar occu tions [ ~ nd o or " killedrecbntly when a car driven ~ 24Ro I . - '' ' half m-n h P De I kind a pp tunihes for civ/llan e ave veen m~en ~ro I bronze I punishment [ Answer te Pu,z~d ~o, ~. I farms. These h w m the |declines as one proceeds along the I jobs which will be available after by~ .Francis LeMay, It~ which Burr-,25 Fashion I 2 ~oves I ~ ~ ~ ~ t,o ever, included |occupational scale. Five per cent of I the war. ness was one of sevei~al passengers, I 26 Is painful / 3 Japanese I l - overtttrned at a r,i,raad crossing 54~:r~edet / / ] on t~e rood'West of here [ 28 Flying / measure / ' L'~ =~ Burtncss riding in the .back seat, ~ ,9 ~smaanlS I was jammed'between a partly open- ] fever ,| stone ! IAIz'IclxI~,TD~ / I ed d~r and the body of the car on I30Period of - 1 6Theatre box / ~ ~ ~l~~ / I fastin Northeast the ~nd~r ~ide of the machine. / " g. / 7 NatiVe metal / -= - - / / gene'LeMay'sufferedbr ken'ribsl'~~]~Ii~;C~vo~tIin Th~othe~ backseat passenger, Eu-~eLetO~. t];te '~ ~ ~.~ ~ cident and )itaL sharp for i. was a =son,of Souxis, ~ corner taken went " ' .'~Er, on to i. 31 Decay m ar t 8That thing " 1 I If-,i=iI| ~o