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August 17, 1961     The Billings County Pioneer
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August 17, 1961

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The Billh008 Pioneer VOLUME XXXVII MEDORA, BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1961 NUMBER 12 Rit S 1 niz d [ ]R f dum V te MethodsTo Obtain Safflower Field 11 000 Attend es o em e Induction Time e even o Is Two Years. Meets Scheduled For Rex Simmons / Paul Oblige- To Be Held Aug. 24 Feed Grain Noted or- Annual Rodeo gerVices were accorded Rex w.tCh, Cha, irman of the tBillings The fifth a.rmtlal saddle br0ne Courtly ,Selective 6ervic Local I C. L. Cruff, chairman of the There are several methods poration, Cubertson, Montana, which can be used by stockmer h scheduled a series of pro- match at ,Home on the Rnge kS" .H. Simmon of rtwal Beach on ,Frid,%v, August 11, 1961, at, the length of service for tSte Ag. Stabi&apos;liztion anal Con- and livestock owners i obtain- b.trvest ieSd meettrtgs for saf- Boys at 'Sentinel Butte was a 2 p. m., at th, e Congregational which a registrant ts nd, ucted s i serva tional Service urges tha irg feed grins for feeding live- Stower growers and other farm- huge success wih 11,000 peo,ie i atl fathers participate n the stock from COU-owred stocks ors linterested i.n safflower devel- in attendance last Su, Aug: two years and not three years as i Christian Church, Bea.dh with las been erroneously reported, j Wheat Referendum, to be voted i'ncludmg also re-purchase of re- opmextt n tis area. 13. D.pite a hot sun alcl tern- Roy. C: Lee {Birdsall officiating. Mr. Obr[ffewitch stated that c-'.on, on Thursday, .Aug. 24. Let-sealed feed loazl collateral. The According to Dale Berwick, pera, tures wer 100 degrees, the Special musical selections were cord|ng 'to the Unierst 1Wiri, tary i ters witl be mailed out by the followirg also includes methods fld representative, officials of huge crowd braved it through provided by a mixed quartet Tmbfirtg & Service Act "each IBillinge C o u n t y committee vhih can be used in obti,ning PVO and POI wi'Ll be on had to the end. composed of Mrs. Arthur Beier, person ,rctucted into the Arm.edlto all farmers indicathng were feeds through programs handled to answer questions and discuss North Dakota cowboys won Mrs. Don Hathaway, Dawd Forces,' urder the provisions of I and when the voting wi.ll be by AX(S. all phases of the safflower in- lhe sad<l.e bronc match, dt subsection (a,) of Section 4, t'held. The committee met tlris ,Livestock Feed ProgravnThis dustry including research pro- tle fact that ubstitutton had 9hall orve on ative trainingjWedesctay afternoon, too late program auhvrzes sale (co eli- gross and other latest develop- to be made back nd forth be- ,arid service for a period of j to get the mformati'on i.rtto this gble buyers feed grains which mont. cause of injuries. The North twemy-four corsecutive months, ]edition. lave priced at the curren, t an- Mr. Berwick also stated that Da, kota riders included Alvi unless soo'rer released, trans- / It is through the Referendum nouRced Price Sttpport rate. he wi 'be giving a special re- Nelson, ,Pete FPedeicks, oyc ferved or dscharg.ed n accord-]tat farmers will deter- COC Bn Site Feed Grains-- port on safflower .r, ow planted Bm'nett, T)an Arvnstrong, end arce wi, th procedures prescrib-I m.iwe the price support level for These feed grai.ns may be put- under irrigated c o n d i t i o n s, Jim Tescher. Tom Tescher wo ......... ed .by the ,Secretary of Defense." the 1962 wheat crop, ad will n A dhased at the domestic (formula) which w',l be of speci, al -terest had been scheduled to ride, ............ a,so det.ermire whether there price. Storable barley i's avail- to all farmers having rrigted was in te hospital with an in- 'W rld S its" T be a 1962 Wheat Stabiliza-a.ble for sae to stockmer and land. See schedule of meetings jured leg. JMx, who had been & 0 er ton l liv.estock owners who will use elsewhere irt tli edi%iort. 0 Program. , injured, rode in place of Joe Marketing quotas will be in grMn fr feeding their live- Chase who ha ',injured his ankle Opt ugust 21 0 only i{ at least two-thirds Stock nd poultry. T I j d I She day previously. of the producers votirg in the Redemptio of Feed Grain WO 1 lre 1 Benny Reynolds of Melrose, Referertdum vote yes. "C.erti.ficates-- Under this pro- C C a h S d y and Pete .Fvedericks spilt top Startirtg next Monda.y, August t If marketing quota.s are ap- gram,- :Feed Grain Certificates ar r S lln a 'hortors, with Jim Teschor placing EX 'SIMMONS 2L lerctive, Mortt., will host Be:er, nd Larry till, sirging the "Babe Ruth World" 1 prved n the reeren1um, a may be r6deemed for feed ,grains third. Guy Weeks of Abiene, xcheat stbiliz0ttion program wi.II Which are valued a.t the loca Two persons were injured in Texas, had the top rkle of the "My estts, I xe Thee," and ba.seba, H tournament, when 8 be r effect under which patti- mak6t price at the point of de- a car accident last Suaday eve- day. Other out of state cow- q'he Ry Four4quare" accomp- reg<ml., w[ners from all over, m, cpati,rg growers may ,re- li,very or.. terminal, . price back- rr,g when a car driven bty Larry t boys who thrilled the crowd the ,Umted States ,ad a te ceive payments either in cash off, vllVhever }s higher. Lechler collided width orte driv- vcere Cas.ey Tibbs, Marry Wood, ariod  :HubbIe a,t te from West Germany will gather i or in gra,in for diverting not orgart. Redeeming of Feed Grair en by Kenneth Rindahl of Sid- artd Aarort lursley, th ltter llbearers i,ncluded Marshall in Gl, ertdive to play the week less than 10 per cen.t avid up to' Miller, Jr., Don Ha'haway, Carl lorg series. 40 per cent of their wheat acre- I Loa.r Collateral-- .Farmers wi*d  ncy, Mont., at the corner near substitutbtg for Larry Kant, who Davis, Heil Paol, Orva,1 Ross, There will be 18 games in all age to c0rserviag uses. [ vestal 1959 or 1960 feed grains the Dort ,ULfers farm, four miles 1 was i.rjured. cart buy back the'r loan collat- rmrth of Beach. I Irt the three state cal roping and lewis Od, land. Merbers of over a period of six days, Mon- Those farmers who vote in l m'a] at the loa,r rate for the res- The Rinda'hk farfily of four I match the Mon.tara boys tied he uset Lodge No 88, A. F. day through Saturday. In double and A. M., .and of the Harley elrrtiration play it ma be no- the referendum on August 241 pective year plus interest to date had attended fh,e IHome on the i their calves fastest. "lhei temm Salzm0xt egi.or Post No. 5 grat- eessary to go into Surtd, ay play will dece what the wheat pro- ] of purchase. Farmers will re- Range Rodeo, ,,nd Mrs. *RindabA s, included Gent Pedersort, CAer gram wlt be for 1962 crop wheat, ceiv.e credit for pro-rated earned father, ",Spike Mocks of Trot- dive, Sam, Glendie, Jim ed hbn secial ,rites at the g.rve- to ,determine the Champs. Acreage ,allotments will con,tinue vestal storage payment, ters, was with them. The Lech- Mahorey, Richey, and Jack side. Inemert was i the ,Glendive is putting up a large i,n effect for 1962 regardless of Sale of CCC-Own.ed .Feed ler car was coming from the Yourtg of Cirdle. Sparky Trotters Beach Cemetery. Mr. Si.mmo, sum of cash to bri, ng this tourna- the outcome of the referenchm.' Grain At N)t Less Thar 75% o.f east, ad truck the oer car at of the North Dakota team had a ewt local farmer and me R, t to the northwest. They All farmers wo have produced Current Price Support Rate-- the spot bolind the back ,door, the fastest average time on three active leader, sttccmnbed at his dort t receive ary portiort of the more tba, lk3.5 acres of wbea ir This will soon be a,xailable for the door open. and threw calves of 45 seconds. Alvin Gab- farm home on Tuesdey, August money taken in at the gate but 8, at 5 . m., of .a heart aCtack, get a percent,ge of the adva, nce at least one of the last three fouratRm herds of cattle in- Mrs. Rindahl arid her 14-yea bert and Jim Mahoney placed ears are eligible to vote in the cludng producirg dairy cattle, old daughter Carla out onto the second and tiird. ,Fastest top. .lie suffered a stroke tbout two sale of tickets, therefore they, unless they had a sheep, .gots and heix offspring irg time wa won bF Sammy yearn ago and pertialy regained are trying their best to push h,is  but never becme the aden,ace sa,le of tickets which feed-wheat ecemptiort for the i &ister areas to persors who pavement. 1961 crop, A eligie wheat do not have md a, re unable to BOth were rushed to the John- Ehr of Minot, wRY1 11.50 . stone Memoril Hospital in The cow cutting event was coraplotey w, eli. vill help them pay the ],argo ex- growers are urged to exercise Obtart sttffiiertt feed therefore BeaOh, where e" were treated won by Jay Boyd of Mmdan, Rex 'Herman Simmon was pertse of brirgirg these boys to their vote in deciding these through nrmal charmels w'rhout for severe ,bruises, with the girl wth Jerry orer end A1 I}uchli bor .Statuary 10, 1904, at Lerrm, C, lendire.. ...... I issues. Coun.ty AC committee undue rmrcial hmxtships ........ : .......... ion, They splitting secoPA1 place honors, eason ticketS, om reserves will advise far,hers of n.avmg a m'u ,*,-'_ . ." ,a r,, "P.lar nd A,.im Crab, l, the sort of Mr. ad Mm. seats  general admission tick-  ntaces for the referendum  ,, -   were taken m me l ,mm ,- 7"'. '-::_*.?":L:_ ..... '-- -- Simmons. He moved ets .are avtilable at the News of- " .... " ]nt|l, 'o pital Tuesday movnig vm an}- er spnmg mrm. with s pa2ertts to Pembhta, rice n each. They are trans-Jr- . r - sgvvJg R.ILqD bularce. Mr. Rindab.l nd h . The gi21.s b arr_.ra, w and yo. 00:00JOll t00nservahon v u , lO-yr old son we tmnu_t_, .y youtul Kay._ec, r oz..l- ceived his e&mation, both ele- the aternoon games maybe a for lur00 00ecora a rneama' ad high school, in that r.'nd n ,Buy rour tickets to- HH" I T 1 I arm Hnway raxotmar noms er seco, arm ra at wroa city. gether to make sure you .get winner Is names _ Grvesde rotes .were aecarded iDt z .an..  Zmal were in hird P.!  .Saron Burk- Was united .in ma'rge to yotr moneys worth! 'Kds ttck- "child F Wkhow ...... l ls. IFva.. te .ora: .on] i mmst2gating officers. "lne m- hardt, Mode, mrtn. ._ M Frances Zielsdorf a Glen- ets are $3.00 for te 18 garn , f o _ _ : ..... ne: Fr'.ay,..J.u_ : lx: aoJ jutl ,ave expected to .rvl The boys  n0ne on , dive, Mot., on Nov. 19, 1941. aatd Mults are $6.00. Ree 2 .a aam'r [e Prg 1-11.11 CeiTlelery I v. [amn Itho Mrs. Rindahl reoeived i Range ntesea wxm yernn On eb. 5. 1941, Mr. Simmons seat tickets for the 18 games are t,u _nse=a.' Cguver: Wa.shitm_ . ,, : head m'.ies that .mAgt havi,teers  a1 the top rider_m .m e" ia the. Royal Cam__.Lai $10.00.I adlllts. .rn.e...ron a.v' m rf e n mec, ... ...n:been mub.h mm sermus., ech-levent wasJ._K.per. For ml AirFoee, ax-ervdwith them .. L ......... t:ounty. . ' ,. . _was. burimi on a er'tr bwtnm,tle was bli.mied by the sun asJack owm...a beautiful watch s a fligt . e  t-4.4.lA I[o| I The Achievement ,p eaca ' mmcumbed three .days I he entered the h'ghwa' but he donated by Den Bubhtz of the thre@ yem overseas,  recew- .u vtaaim year honors one arrner or :zlch- prev.'. -, on. July 25, at. a i and the oter occupant of his Beach Jewelry.  Ken Bor .r. ed hi honarble discharge on In Golva Area er in the Golden Val,yfl Con- hospflml m Ens, i:nei car, enny Kreit'mger were second, ad Pat han third m AugU DO, 1945. servation Dstrit for hts out- was lkl o ,rest beside nor aus- only severely shaken up. this event. ' .About  he and  wife Thieves have been at work in standing z:onservati .ets. The. bad who preceded her in death I " . ........... Joe Chase',s horse, ,Hardtwist, moved to te farm  of he Golva area, or at least sev- award for the irter s r en-] several'years gx). D,,,,,,l 00_ir 00-ets was voted as th.e top horse of Beac wlic  since been oral frrners have missed canes, larged colored ,and mortared i Mrs k*cora had her first heart i LO,t   _ _ the .day. BeSides the otes men- their P,0me. Mr. Sxrnons was duri,g he past couple of weeks.' photograph of is Savmstead. _The] att just one week after her J RN De00ree Aug. 15 fioned below who supplied stock wa' very active in ivic af- Louis Sdb:n..elng hs reported 3 ih.otograph wil ..lnted he] son Leo died, as a result ef a " . for th.s contest, there were sev- and he,longed to the 'm'ty calves mmsmg. One was gone winners of the 77 ofl conserva- heart atack a iEmis, Mont. 'She Miss Kay McCu.tcha graua- oral Barnh.rt hores thence from Et EiSht, art ogaizatiort for before they brawded awd two tion district in the state at a re- was hospRlized for several ted from the St Cloud School of Medora. which were purchased ve with overseas duty, and have disappeared since there, cogni.tion ,banquet hekl drirtg weeks and slmwed eouh ira- Nttrsing Tuesday, August 15, b Casey Tibbs before the rodeo alsoqmsrved as commander of the ;Romar. ,Fnneman las also lost a the annual meeting of the N.D. provtent, ttt he was ,allowed 1961. The graduatio ceremomes began. As ate would h,ve it, local Amerdca Legion ,Post, for calf, and some tool.s were taken  Assn. of .So ,Cormervatior Dis- to return to the home of her were bold at St. Mary's Cathe- he drew one of the homes for several years was a Democratic rom hi farm a few days before tricts, dugter "m 'law at Eretria, to dral at 3 p. m., when sLxty young his rd.e, the amous VChizz Ban teeman in Go i den the calf was stolen. Ted Nun- conV: tazlies Peceived their ctiplons --and was 'bucked off before Vlley County, and was a mem- berg found some tools on his Cincinnatian May sh ws there four days when completing the vide. bet of the Township board. He fazes, but ivstigation strawed Fater Will, im J. Fahnlader, -vas lso a member of  Elks tla they were not the oPes tak- Gift Boys Ranch her condition became worse, and she was ,agai admitted o the supevrgenfiea of Icrme on the Lodge, the Mammic ltge at en rom the Fmnemavt place. Pembina, and of the Kem hrie Nubeg fiost gasolivte drained Wtmn John J. O'Hara of hspita, where she passed wvay. Range or Boys, was ,rodeo man- Temple at. Grand Forks. from ta,nks ia the field av it C, inchm@ Ol), died recenly Her son l,yma.n and vife ac- ager. Rodeo stock was provided include is wie, his looked a if the tieves teft the he left a Wll wih he s'Ap companied her remains to Vaz- by Feek Toake, of Eklka, Mont., f,her0 Atbert irmnons, ad one stolen tools in payment. There] hat the sum o $500. go to the couver, VCn., for interment. Ben Johnson, tWatford C,ty; brother, Kendalt, ,bot of Pem- seems to .be no clues as to who J Home On The ,Range, to be used Mx.s. kcora is survived by a Bull Cooper, tSturgis, S. D.L Joe bin, N. Dek., azd several eces the fhef r thieves are, but au- 1 for ans' m,pose deemed rc, daughter, ,Frances, three sms, Chase, Iliday, nd Duane Row- arid meleWS ml other relatives, thovities are cortinag the] essary" e only catch to it is Lyman, Scott, and Jolm; mcl a mxl, M, innewaka, N. Dak. nd mawr,  friends. Mr. sea ' for the missing property that no towrt or cry w in- host of friends in this vommun- Alvin Tescher, Sentirel utte, S vats ,possessed  ml the ones who took them. i clded i the beque, t. ity. who w11 1,emcnber her for was arewa bor, Mrs. mltn rierlly ; This kd of thing is on the 17r. William Falm]ender, her kind, lovg ,nure. ,NeuertsNeuens waSas timerfield judge.and Walter, Both a v  of this m" iwe md people are ,sked supertendt f e Home it by m. 14 Million Fish from aia Faer F'adr is deeply out p,ob0000 Stocked In N. Dak, to of mam. get te , but he wmen- So far this year the N, D. rodeo ,in scores-of ways, to the Ou o o retaves who where- they ca ,be taken easily, there, wt didrtt sa ey wold community who helped a,t the t  last i.$ itlded: GOVENMRr CLEB/CL comag.  jud a"ted ,C/e and:Fish Departmet has K.C.'s fur  tickets, to the 1. ,*t Simmtms, and r. ' E]N OPEN Roy. bag to  a letter Socked 14,27329 fish ir various  McCutv2ta Dritl Team of  who parked ar ]M'rIMI ions, Cleral employees are m@ed- uag tlie bequest. kes atd ' streams, a as registered nm'ses. 'Miss Mc- the t!musan,,:o2 cars, to the of Pmnlmh ami Art Ulne W. ed ,hr federal offices in North " The IFraerum Order of ag.les fishery clief ,Dale Ienar. . Cu0chm is the daughter of Mr. concession stargl operators avid . Leton Cmmmmder nd Ear- stud South Dakota, A. LI. Sormtag, has given the home aiowade I ' Northern" pike led t stock- and Mrs. L. ,D. McCutchan of to all those !a" persons who e Sehmit of argo, a former Director, 'Ninth. U, S. Civil Se publicRy, a has spiked lmst, hg ".liSt,  wt 9'fl0,044 hvi Beach. lesident, ond a. deleg&cion ,ce .Region, annotrmed today, raiSivg clives for new build bee  lele$ed around the state.  will be returrdag to Ieach thisbY theiryear,.simtiitu-ov.xtt, sucheffrtSan.madeout- from the EIS ldge ,and ':Legionj "The new examiation for av#d ipovornen, ts at e ome. : Walleyes were second, wiah fora brief vacatiort before assure- standing s. _ Post of lYickinso.  - 9rose jcbs was opened Tuesday, Fhrmler ay i Mr. Oer S?S;) ,bog pr,*d, and **Ing her duties i the pediatrics w a Eale, then he is quilt August 1, .1961. No experience ;211,(D0 forage minos were I11 At Vts Hmp.-- will be required, but ali'appli- t,etar t the $500. wm be tocked i areas short of natural[ HospitaL'depavtmentIer paientsthe St. leftClUdon Fishing Poord,s At er of,Beach has b_et ctts mut pass a wrim test. ter. food. 'le other species aml eturday, .A'ust 1, to attend Odlan : Dam a patient at the Veter .as Admi*..0-'JS, with starting salaries rmmber stocked were as follows: istratin HopRa i lle' Cir ragi, ng from $291 to $313 a Here From leno--  trout 72,605; lage- the gradutiya, and at2erward Ior the past two weekS, where mort, h will be opening up over Mr. ,arid. Mrs. Roy Ra,tstead .ad mouth blk bass'4, 950; crappie glarer,Visited May]lye,at the home ofMrs.thrRobertdtu- theWheRstte aamegwbUPendOlFshmertDepart.fr0an doctors ,ave examkvg him av he next several months. These daughter re arrived i.n IBeach 19,280; ,bluegill 5,600; aead yel- Savage, in Mmmeepoli, IV[inn. ment checked the fish popula- last Sturady to visit Mr. Hal- k)w perch 2,300. tion at Odl,nd's Dam tlis week, takip x-rays, n art attempt o jobs vill be located in various pinoi his illess, a compBca- ,Federal ffces throughout North stead's sister, Mrs. lorence The summer nd" fall sockng the cor, cRtsi was finl NO tion of ever,t disorders. In the and Soufl ,Da, kota," Sormtag F, cb_miz,  his brother, I-Iexz program is yet o be completed. See New Grandson-- past few days {he has shown seated. atstead. They ,plaR to be here Mr and Mrs. Wayne Mllory FISH. They Retted 10 novtherns, about two more weeks before Here For Harvest of Beach with ,their sort Roy left with only 4 of them bi era)ugh sorn improvemeut, l his The examination is open to leaing to return to Catiri. ,Daldon Thelen and family. Tuesday for Platte, South Da- tOperch,COUtt,no 4sucleers,good siZedno crappies,Carp' 2 mar friemis hope he cortiues both male amt female applicants. to do so until he fully recove It will be oPen untie further The Roy lsteads ave occupy- from Mansfield, S. D. came to kota, to visit at .the ,hone of i*ng their former paa'tm et, in th/s area for the gra, i.n bin-vest heiv son Dale and family, aad boutard h .rgtreds6 or 7 ir lmg. bull,eads a- I-Ii wife, Grace, has spen about notice. st years' netting at the same every other dv visiting lim. .Interested persons may con- the bul, they own, n dn- at their rrn at Thelem His to see Dale's fir--t-borrh a boy tact their local post office or the 'to,n Beach. nmther was ver well lmw born just a. few das go. spot yielded 48 otheas av.d heie, being the late Mrs. ick other xareties  oam1ative GET TO KNOW YOUR Ninth , S. Civil Service 'Reg- numbers.  cormusion i that MRICKN JMF.GION ioWal Office, New Federal Build- Vi Grandatlmr-- Stovers, whose farm s nea the Medoraie To ach Hi-- Bb Myers, son of Mr. and the bullheads have tln over Question: Where, whe and ng, St. Louis i, Missotwi, for Iug avis of Sida', Mont., one owned by Lillie Palmer of Mrs. Pete Myers of Medora, will arid .the lake is de, act a far as by whom was-The America pphcations or more information, spertt a few d,a's v his Beach. Legion organize? grand,thor, Robert oIwtso aCter he [Beach High School fishing is Answer: It was organized in Return To Minn. Farm-- who is here looking after his Visit Hem-- ,this year, as he upper ,two grad- The only solutian ,soeras to ,be Paris, France. The orgaazaton Mr. and Mrs. Ted Dickinson hrm from his home n, Va luys, Mr. and Mrs. ,Phil.ip Morell es t Medora  School are to poisior it  start al ocer caca was held in Ciue de left last IFrRlay  return to their Calif.. ,Doug is  the Tavy, and ar'fm,nly of n Oieg Calif. beiv.g cRsconthnued t,his year. with a new partiz of fish. Paz, March 1517, 1019. I,t was farm a Vermie, .,  vs 'lmme o leave; he left last vksite'Fte C. O. Cm-lson home tBob, wRh his mother  bro- Whether .this will be done ov oured by fi, ghtig mer of the eh" two g0adchilen Jni and Tues&y to report back  lqor- last ,.k. Mr. Morrell is Mrs. ther Do wne i eaeh the first when will be t to the game & E. 1. Ted Heifer, aooompaed hem. fo1k, Vs. arlsdns. nephew, of  week on busims, and fslb, departme.