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August 22, 2013     The Billings County Pioneer
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August 22, 2013

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Page 6 Billings County Pioneer August 22, 2013 R.F.D. ,, , , by Mike Marland l. GEOGRAPHY: Where is Ascen- [] ANDC_ AMPA E WANNA ! / sion Island located? (, )II'4nTO'I-vlE -AC WII" _U_5, Ii 2. MOVIES: What film featured a ~ VOt~ A COt3Pl..ECf-'~,L(:r:~IxdJDDO~ ~11 -1~' ~-~ ,.,]2~ character called The3. ANATOMY: WhatDUde?divides the by Linda Thistle Solution below II outer ear from the middle ear in hu- _, .,-. --- "7 _,] mans? 2 4. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: .- What does an arctophile collect? "~ 3 7 5. TELEVISION: What were the boyS'ment,,?names on "Home Improve- 5 9 1 3 9 6. ANIMAL K1NGDOM: How many teeth does a dog have? 7. HISTORY: What English states- man wrotethel9th-centurynovel Amber Waves 4 2 3, 5 9 7 "Vivian Gray"? ...................................... H 'K, WH_0 C REs. 'N I 8. GAMES: What is the board-game I I I I I (~OINT w- ,ik-Bb ] I version of the outdoor game known ~~i~~J~ l{ as "Capture the Flag"? 9. SCIENCE: Where would you most likely find a Bunsen burner? 6 " 1 5 10. LANGUAGE: What does the word "hieroglyphic" mean in the 6 1 original Greek? Answers 1. South Atlantic Ocean 7 4 8 2 5. Mark, Randy and Brad Taylor 6.42 THEY LL DO IT EVERY TIME ......... B Y AL 5ADOTO 7. Benjamin Disraeli 8. Stratego I Ma/cu azacr/o/cs,'teE I " / I 9. Laboratory 10. Sacred carving (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc. Nulv z / / x...,,,n-, um vu"/ , FLASHBACK l. Which duo had a hit with "The ~ Mountain's High"? 2. Name the first George Baker Se- lection hit from 1970. Th 3. Name the rock group with these members: Peter Shapiro, Steve Dowler, David Dugdale and Ray Greenleaf. 4. Who had a hit with "Breakout" in 1986? Y- 7"O AV - C-75 Vv/l / 5. Name the song that contains this 5Y/? lyric: "Well, we're big rock singers, we got golden fingers and we're ,d/,,4 loved everywhere we go." IO r-ra4P AnswerSsong was supposed |l| ,~7'r/'d~', ~f~i !!~~ ~ ~ 1. Dick and Dee Dee, in 1961. The I~'/'dT"/l~"" to be the b-side [ of the record until a DJ accidentally -"1%a 'tb played it. The song went to No. 2 on I EL ~A#O/q, CA. the charts. ~-: 2. "Little Green Bag." The song be- ' rr ..... . ' ...................... I ' came a cult classic when it was used C O N Q U E RT H E 'W:H I R L E in the film "Reservoir Dogs" in 1992. Tom Jones even tried it in 1999, pair- M C A Weekly DIFFICULTY THIS WEEK: * * ing up with Barenaked Ladies. H E C E S M 8 3. The Marbles, a San Francisco psy- chedelic group from 1961 to 1965. 4. Swing Out Sister. The song netted a Grammy nod and ended up on the soundtrack of "Grand Theft Auto IV". 5. "The Cover of the Rolling Stone," by Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show, in 1973. The song is a satire about the group not making it on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc. HERE'S A TIP Repair enlarged screw holes with a wooden golf tee. Use a hack saw to cut it flush, then sand and finish! Punch holes in a paint can's rim with a nail so the paint that gets sloshed on the rim will drain back into the can. To seal the can, wipe the rim with a damp cloth and rub it with a little petroleum jelly, then cover the lid with a piece of plastic wrap and tap it back into place. Going boating or fishing? Tape small blocks of Styrofoam to your eyeglass arms so they will float if they go overboard.-- R.D. in Florida ACROSS 1 -- and aahs 5 Stir-frying vessel 8 Gets older 12 Opening night 14 Cat of "Iron Chef" 15 Priesthood school 16 Barrel 17 Actor Chaney 18 Slim and trim 20 Extraterres- trial 23 Put your foot down? 89b6L~g gSSLbL69 t6LS9gb8 gSgLb69L LbggS968t 9t6LSggS# 6Z9#SSLg #L6989L Jo suv 30 32 m 1 12 15 / /n oons I OOM Leon 2 34 Car 3 20 24 28 37 41 47 49 n m m 2 3 4 21 22 m 32 38 39 24 Infant 25 Cabal 48 Makes like member 49 Act 28 High card 50 Used a 29 Sacha Baron shovel Cohen 51 Halt portrayal Haul Emulate Ponce de 35 Freeway m 17 access 36 "The --Is Right" 37 Horseradish kin 33 35 5 25 J 42 I 48 m 50 m u 6 7 23 m 43 m 18 40 m 8 14 16 m 34 51 m 9 1( 11 26 3O 44 8 Take 31 Troubl 0 Soccer score 33 Besee Formerly, 34 Sport,, formerly venue "su!m :amp, uoBnlos a,e ;uv -- pZ OZ3 8.m 11 Rice wine 36 Collin! 13 Part of the Donat DOWN loop 37 Prisor 1 Photo -- (PR 19 White House divisic events) turndown 38 Lotior Raw rock 20 Lawyers' additi, Height of org. 39 Pivot fashion? 21 "Arsenic and 40 Too 4 John le Old --" confic Carre hero 22 Mountain 43 Ostric 5 Remove goat 44 Mel (3 gradually 23 Drink noisilyCoop 6 Hockey 25 Made a vow town 40 That woman legend 26 Needle case 45 Virgo 41 Partner Bobby 27 Campus mil. neighl 42 Florida State 7 Pennsyl- grp. 46 Kresk athlete vania, the 29 Spill the claim 47 Libertine -- State beans 2013 King Features Synd., Inc. 31 46 e ched S or ,n ~ERNOH OPHW DORWEC ~'EDO ~'EPCA SUMEA OWP HEERUC PHETD ~'DSNE J u} ~n "Y == to Ia- o @ Unscramble these twelve letter strings to form each into an ordinary word (ex. HAGNEC becomes CHANGE ). Prepare to use only ONE word from any marked ( ~' ) letter string as each unscrambles into more than one word (ex. ~P RATHE becomes HATER or EARTH or HEART ). Fit each string's word either across or down to knot all twelve strings together. le ent h's kin :rs- )or n's Sports Physicals Prior to participation (including practice), a student participating in NDHSAA sanctioned athletic activities and representing his/her school must have on file with the superintendent, principal, athletic director or school nurse an annual NDHSAA-approved Athletic Pre-Participation Health History Screening and Phys- ical Examination form completed by a qualified health care professional (i.e. Doc- tor of Medicine or Osteopathy, Nurse Practicioner or Physician Assistant under the supervision of a physician); the Athlete Pre-Participation Health History Screen- ing and Physical Examination is valid for one school year; a physical examination completed before April 15 is not valid for the participation the following year. Form: A physical examination is required by a Medical Doctor, Doctor of Os- teopathy, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant. The front page (the health history screening) is to be completed by the student and parent/guardian. The back of the physical examination is to be completed by the individual conducting the physical examination. Forms for students in grades 5-12 can be picked up at the High School office or Beach Medical Center. , Brandt Gaugler, Activities Director, Beach High School