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August 25, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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August 25, 1960

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VOLUME XXXVI I MEDORA, BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA I THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 1960 NUMBER 13 m Discount Wheat Old Four-Eyes To Water Carnival Harvest Nearly Mrs. Anderson Is S. Butte Schools o e L Health Nurse CI s abor Day n / /,N " For 1961,Named0 ea,rom every state i. the in beacn 3unaay Completed Here Et~elwyn Anderson as- Open Sept. 5 The same wheat varieties ~hich Union and several Canadian " I sumed her du, ties as ~PtSblic were discounted in 1960 because provh~ces have been,checked This coming Stmday, Aug. 28, The Ibi~gest share of the south-, Health Nurse ~for Golden Valley Sentinel 'Butte Public ~Sc~hool :Of i~e~ior minin~g or '~aking past the attendance gate at Bur i startir~g at i 'p.m wilt Jbe an- ern combiners have started for and BiUings Court.ties on Aug. 15, wilt open S~pt. 5th with regis, ning Hills Amphitheatre at Merle-' n'ua~l w,ater carnival time at ?,he home and' harvest in this area is~ with offices at the courtthouse in ~ration and enrollment ~rom 9 qualfties witll be subject to th~ ra this summer during the ,p, re i Goiden Va'lley ~ iem<)rial 'Swim- a'brm~t ,wound up for,a~other Beach. a m. o 11 a.m. The students will same discou:nt agaixt in 1961.sentation of "Old Four-Eyes'. mir~g ,Pool, in .Beach. Yourz~sters year. 'Ihere are 'a ,few acres re- ~;~e takes the place of Mm. Ha- be dismissed at 11 a.m an~ the The discot~r~t amounts to 20c a Foreigrt licensed cars have also in different ~ge brackets w~t be mainJ~g to be cut ,but this week- el Bauer, ~ho moved to Dickin- rest of the day .wii~l be used for ~)u~he~. 'It is designed t~o dis- been seen at the drama this sum- diving, racir~g, clowning, etc to end should see everything f~ut the son a few morrt~,ts ago. Mrs. A'a- facut~ty meetings Regular cla~- courage the prod~vtion of the met, mcit~ding 1 from Hanover, entertain visitors during, the af- potato arid safflower crop hap-. derscm came 2rein Placer County es will ,s~art on Tuesday, Sept. design'ated varieties and lessen Germany arid one from Tatpei,~ tern~on. I vested. 2~he dry ~eather of thei in Cgt~f where she was a Pt~blic t~he possi~bil'ity that U. S. wheat Taiwan. Island of .Formosa.Some of the swimming skJ.l.Ls past week ~ alhowed ~or ra@-~ Health 'Nurse. of irrfe~ior quatiW will fired its Largest number of states rep- they have learned this summer id progress in harvestin,g. ~/Irs. Anderson is a graduate of way into domestc and export resentated any one nisht so far wi''u ,be demor~t.r~ted in t~eI $if~ge cuttir~g is in futt .swing the U. of Ill. t~hool of Nursing,I c~a~me]~i this season was July 15 when 15 swimming and diving contests and the slmrt corn crop will be Cook ~ou~ty Hospital, C~icago, The ".discount varieties for states other t~han N. D. were in- for 0hildren and teen-agers, with take~ off in a !hurry. 'Ihe certi- I~l. She *has been employ~t in classes of w~eat grown in this o!x~cted, plus 2 Canadian pro*] three ~Drizes .~eir~g offered. No fled need potato growers had Public Healt~ Nursing in ~dinn. area are as renews: I nces t, egi. ration, irst,- is e ary p of .a c oo but and for those ~ 'rmt, tieiaate in the[l~ke a~t me order grains ~e yield ~ RIPD W~'NTER -- Blue' Old ,Four-Eyes plays eaoh Wed. carnival, ~acco~ '0- the in- { wi~ ~ o~t considembl:y ,because Jacket, Cache, C~ieZkan, Cimar- r(m, EaSy ~l~aekhu}l, Kan~Kir~g, thru Sun~iay night until I.~bor structor, Stharo~ Wer~bevg. ~wim-I ~. t~. hot: .dxy weather of the Kerkof $/ C 22, New Ct,Aef, Paw- Day. ruing races wil.1 include ~ree pesz s,x w eeics. nee Sol. 33, Purkof, Red Chief, Red ,H~]}I, ~Red Jacket. StaHord, Golva School To andStylegivl~andin'ba~kstr keage ,groups.~f r i)oys asTheone year{arrnerCanput~be it,su'n~med'most ~~ Being Paid Well Wasatc~ and Y.ogo. Tommy Schie~fer and Dick cry farmer made expenses thi~ ~" - ~ Start AugustV 29 ~o~= wil, l ~be the c~ov~-~s, and year, ar~ a few of them wil'l ~,aying of bricks for the newI 2,%1, Gasser, Henry Kinney, Pro- Terry Cossette, ,a ,lad from ,HomeI make .a little ~pending money, !Community H~spital in BeachI mier, Progress, Russetl, Spink- on the ~a.r~ge for Boys, arid Kar-i but t~hat's about it!" There are has Ibeen started. The footings] cola, and Sturgeon. The Go~ "a Public Scl~ool will en Steelier will c~o e~ibition} some excepidons, in the Al~:~hai an~i oundation work for the hos-1 W'&IITE --- ;F, iftyfold, Florence open on Monday, August 29 at liiv.i~g. I area w`here crops yielded better pi.ta,1 ~as Ibeen completed and the' Greeson, Rex, and Sonora. 8:45 a.m. All students are urged ,T~ere will ~be a penny toss for because they ,had more showers, walls will soon ,be erected. HA'RRY WEIR R,I~D WINTER --- Kan to 'be tthere promptly so that children under ten years of age. ~I~e ,c~aill in the night air, the ~Froesc~e and So~s, the con-i 6'&, at 9 a.m. and s~'h<)~l will be Queen, K~w~ale, Nured, and Sea-registration can ,be completed as Th, ere will ,be n,o advaiss.ion oh, argo startir~g of school in a few days, tractors, are to have breeze, soon as possible. ~ for spectators, anal everyone ts and the trees' cok>r, reminds ev the structure completedy ermtosed dismissed at 4 p.m. DU~U(M -- Gol~den Ball, Peliss New s~udents should bring invited to come m the pool to seeI erybody th,at it won't be long~before cold wen.finer so work onl Students from grades 9 thru and Per, tad. diploma or report card. thee carnival. I until the fa*tl season is upon us. the in,teNor may coz~tinue during! 12 will ~ave fees for book rent- The variety ~liscount for 1961Teachers .for the coming year Digging o potatoes is expected The Hospital (Board is pleased day. There wiil be nz)'book rent* w~l roe a~ap]Jied .to the farmer's are as ~ollows: Miss Teresa Ann ~o start in t~is coun,ty ~bout the the winter mon, l~h:s, als of $3.75, due on registration price-suil~port rate by ~e same Dobrowsl~i, grades 1 & 2; ~ irs. Albert Klein Rites t~at many of tthose who ~ledged al~ .for any student in grades one method lbeing ~o'llowed for 1960. l Josephine Schmitz, grades 3 & the sa~fflower wil*l be ready to su~pport to the ~Hospitai are keep t~vu eight. "-F~e producer will be asked ,toi 4; Mrs. l~atricia Sok~loski, grades Thursda Aug 25 be clot. The latter is not matureI ir~g ,those pledges oaid on s,ohed The hot program wil~ certify as ,to &i,s production of 5 & 6; Virgil Heidecker, grades y$ . yet, )being in the soft 'kernel~ule. The 'Board urges that all atart on Tuesday, Sept. 6th, an4 tm~lesira~ble wtheat ~,arieties. Be I 7 & 8; ~ Irs. K at~herine Hanmm~d, stage at t~is time. 1he dryness is paymer~ts continue .to be made ca,use w~hea~t varieties are diffi- English and Iibrary; Robert Fune~at services ", c~lt to determine from threshect Grasser. Science and M,; and du,c, ted for A~]~bert C1111~euC onfs 'tuatioetthe don~irmntw`hicthfactor, hasinespeciablyt~-~e crop asaS ~e~greedcontractors n She mustPledgebecardS'paid samples, iden~ti~ica.tion of the va- Howard Mack. Administratio t Beaeh Thursday, August 25, a~fected the local potato grow- each month. Piety going trader support wilt and Social Studies. Fo,:rest Sam- a: St. Paul's Lttthvan church. Roy. ors. Pledges ,may be paid at the be the a%~rmer's repoasibility ueis wil,l again be custodian.Kermit Kac~or will officate at According to local elevator First State Bank in Golva or a: based on ~ knowledge of the .~::. :~ p.m. rites. Interment wilt owners, t~he railroad 'has retained the Farmers and 'Merchants 8a~k varieites he seeded and harvest- VFW Of Golva o~ made in the Beach Lutheran the services of a specialist this in BeaCh. ed. Cemetery. yeaL 'H. P. Ka.~pel, to see ~o it ome of undo- Will Hold Anniv. Kdein s, uccumbed on Sun- that elevator operators have Mrs. K n " sir~ble varieties might have pro- lay evening, Aug. 21, at the enough grain-h,auling box carsI J[~. e neay tein eonten.t h~g'h en~)ug~h for a On Su,nday, Attgnst 25, 1960, Johnstone Memorial hospital. Hi~ to care for the faitl harvest of~ To Represent State pre~nimn, ~o protein premiums V.'FW Posg 4306 will hold a pu~blic :: ~:.y will appear in the next grains, .and to remove the grain wi]~l appl~f to any of t!he undo- observance oi the' 15th anniv, edi:ion of ~his paper, to the terminals, M~.owi~g more .Mrs. Bernard Kennedy of Sen- s~rable 'varieties in determinir~g o.f the foundm,g ~f ~he po~t. Cer- room for t'ate arriving grain to tinel ~utte, pres. of the N. Dak. sazppovt fates. Discounts to dis- emonies will .begin a: 8 p.m. a: cotzrage ~a, rrtin.g .of undesirak~le t'he Goiv,a Community ~Hail. ,~o[]a LaJoie Is i besupplyStOredof is saidThe representState Homemakerst~e 1,568 Council.homemakersWiili w~heat va:,ieties ,have been in- Cues: speakers schedu'l.ed to ride J. Lobe to be adequate, according to clubs of N. D. at ~he Nat'i Home ~cluded in the @rice-~support pro- appear ~re Pas: Deep[: Comm. m,anagers of Beach elevators.I Demonstration Coun.eil meetm,g ~ram ~eginni~g with the 1956 Ernes't Bailey, Past Dist. Comm. ~iae Congregational Church in Aug. 28-S~pL 1 at Madison. Wise. Co, ward Steci~ier. ,bo:h of Dick- d&.L.~on, ,~. D was the se~ti~g wheat crop. inson and Dept. Americanism for ~e marriage of M~ Leona Alvin Nelson Wins 'City,Mrs'stateWillardc~hairm~nOls n'of ~theT werIn- IX)I~S ~RDSA.I L chairman Lee i{utchin~n of Way- La3oie of ltay, N. D to Jerome Honors In Calif. ternational Relations Committee, al~ sm,de~ts ~,ho participate will Tom Tescher Rings :,:~. :N D D. Lobe of Medora, N.D on~ will a,tso attend, be reqt~ire,d 'to 'buy lunci~ tick- Up K deo Points Jr. V. Comm Earl L. June 24 19g0, at 11 a.m. Roy. Alvin N.el~on of Sentinel Butte An estimated 3,000 delegates e~ at a co~ of $3.75 for 20 ,Fib~her wid present 5, 10 and 15 Cecil Mee:~ ,offdciating at the. wcm first place in the bronc represer~ti~g 50 states and Purr- meals. These tickets may 'be pur- Teen TesCher of Sentinel 'Butte, year ~omirmous men~bershipdotrb!e ring can~elight cetera~- riding in the all around rodeo to Rico, are expected to attend phased either on kMonday or on back .in comfpitiort now. after awards, ny. event on Sur~day, Aug. 21 at Los t/he meeting. Thy will discuss Tuesday mornin, g. a severe ~back injury at Salinas, Enter~aim~en~ will be provid "ilhe ~bridc is a daughter of ,Mrs. Ar~geles, Calif. Another N. D. family life, health, safety, citi- Any new stu,dent who might Calif ,a few weeks ago is doing ed by members of the Ladies Walter Ke~baugh of Ray, ~nd man, Duane Howard of Minne zen.~hip and international re!a- .have special prc~blerns of regis- very wetll, t`ha.rtk you, in recent, Auxiliary. the bridegroom is the son of ~Mrs. [ wauken, placed third in the same lions, tration is invited to come to the 1Alice ,Lobe of Med<)ra, and the event. cowboy contests. ~e won a total I ~,chocd prior to Sept. 5t~h to talR of $920 fxyr placi,r~g in the steer Ruth McCurdy Dies 1,ate Paul W. Lobe. Miss Nita Rev. Harper Burns o, r t,heir Irc~blcms wifh the wrestling a~dsaddle~roncevents 1Ke~batz~h served `her sister as Visil Parents =- st~perintenden, t. .Parents are at ,lmth Casper and Deadwood, In Yakima At 51 f ,maid ,he.or, and Paul A.t Visitors at the home of their Dies In Seattle cordia y ir vited to come also. ~;. Oak. was ,best man for h!,s brothe,r parer~ts, Mr. and .Mrs. J. Lar- "l~'ree teachers are new to l~he Tom al~o won ,the bronc rid- 'M~s. ~uth Arm eBrovmon) Mc Dennis Ke~baugh, .the bride~ sen, over the past weeker~d were .Rev. Harper .Burn~. who was Sentinel Butte School t~is year. mg honors at Rapid City, where Curdy, a ~mer Beach res.identbrother, was u~er. ltheix daughters axed families, Mr l~pastor of the Congregational Harry Weir. the new ,superm- he played in dogging, winning di, ed at g,akima, Wn. of a ~eart The ,bride was attired in a g~wn ,arid dVIrs. ~u,sse}l Zinsdi of Shel- chu't~ in Ser~tinel Butte years tender, t, 'has taug, h.t in N. Dak. $987, and that same day, he attack on A'ug. 11, and services of white ~lace over tafifeta with '.by, .:Merit and Mr. and Mrs. ago, succumbed in Scathe, Wn, arid Min, n. for the past 21 years. boarded a l~ane for tBurwell, were .accorded her there on Aug. I e~bow ler~gth sleeves, a~centecl I~atZl S/l~ol~ky of Sidney, ~Mont. on Aug. 7. Services were held in He was ~born m Indiana at~d re- :Ne~r wb ere he appeared in art 15, at the ~First Presbyte~iant wi~ a s~oulder ,length veil dr- Seattle on August 11, at the Co-~ ceived his A. B. degree from evening lx~cleo, placing second in ohuroh, with trey. James Knopp ranged ~rom a cap of seed prams. Surpri~ Pariy -- lun~bia Fu,neral Home, with Roy. Hanover College in Ind. He has ~vonc Ndin~, and olac~g in o~fici~,ting. In'tevment was inl A rbouquet ~f red rose~ az~d ~Irs. Clara (Moore was feted a~ ~Bruce Ktine and Roy. J. W. S~her- an M. S. degree from the U. of do~ging, with a time of 5h sec- Terrace Heights Wfe~z~orial Par~o] a pearl neckl, ace .eozrtl~eted her a surprise party on Sat Augus~.~ry officiatin,g. Interment was in N. O. in Sditool Administration om~ there. { en~se~ble. 'l~he ,nmid of ho~tor 20 at her home, in observar~ce ofI Greenwood Memorial Park, in arid has ta, ken fu'rfhcr graduate Tom's Ibrother J,im le~t last {M~. ~M~Curd~" was born inI cereuses,at 'San Jose State College wore a ,teal q)tue ~ace ~ov.k and her 87th Ibirthday. Those attend-, Rent~n, Wn. Monday for the Sidney, Iowa, Spi~w~od, N. D Sept. 19, 1908 1 carried a tbouquet of pink ros- inn were {Mrs. W. Lo/~an, Mrs. t ,He is survived by his wi~e ,Haz- in San Jose, Calif. He has two rodeo, wthere he was the al.1- the c~at~$hter of Mr. awd Mrs.I around and ~ronc riding dhamp Presser1 A. Ba-o~on of Bee~, andI esA reception f~l, towed at the A~na ~?#perry, Mrs. J. Stevens el, 3 de.t~Kters, 1 son, 1 sister chi~rtren, a son w~m h,as been m~d ~Ja-s. (Don Walker. After (Mrs. arid 7 grandchildren. ~tev. ~ in ~e ,Navy ,Medics the past pocketiazg over $1500 for this. slhe and her ~amit~' resided here home of 2V/xs. Mm'vin CeN~oney ~/foore opened her many gifts was born Aug. 8, 1890, ~t (Free four year~ and a daughter who ~l~fi~ Nelson of ~zentine~ Butte ma~y yore's. ~atil the- family cousin of ,the ~ricle, ,g~ve~t 'by the lg~ was served by Mrs. AliceI po~t, ,Ill. ,He was a veteran of wit~:tbe a s(>Ixhomore at the Val- has earned a total o 10,007 points moved to Yakima Va'tley in 1928 bride's parend~. ~'oliowiag their ,~c)ot'e. t~e ~First World War. icy Ci'ty State Teachers Co, ego fo~ ~rotmd competition this Her father ~r~s deputy sl~riff wedding trip to ~e ~{~ac~ H~ls this year. :Mr. Weir will also be irt.~q~avge of the band and vocal year, ~ocording to the tx)deo: under Sh.eri.ff ~Mon Stone. She wa the couple ave at ~b~ne in ~ick-Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Lebo music. of ~ast week, which a past pres. of ~e Agenda C~ub insert, w{here ,l~e brid~ is ~edre, ,rest$1ts of Great ~'~al~s, and ~ wery active in many employed at the Ske~ly Off Sta- ~lenry ~lood of South Heart Deadwood and E~gene civic, c~tmch, and ~reternal orga tion ~r the Mah~ Oil Co and wilt ',be the new coach and ath- rodeos. Dean A~strocg, also of nizaCi~ns. ~ttends the ,DSTC. The ~bride i~ lethe director. He is a recent Se~tine~ ,Butte, made the list, ~l S/he m survived by her bus- a graduate of the (Ray hight ~o]t gra~buate ~rom Dickinson State so, with his 3,493 points. ~band, ffat~h~r, ewe sisters, Via%einia and ~ttended ~he ~t State Teachers (:k~lege, where he was Tom is ~ at Dos ~n~eles, Jur~ker and Dorothy~McNiece, all Teach/ors Oo~lege and the ~TC. prominent in athletics and oth- v, qaere he participated in the of Ya, kima. ~nd @toe brothers, The bridegroom grlduaeed ~rom er c~mpus activities. Mr. Blood rodeo on Sunday, A~g. 21. ;Howard, ~ic~a~l, ~tuart, Joh.n the ~Vfedora I~Ii~#a ~aool, and ds wi~ll teo~t the sub- and ynn, now eor letir g Worl for his Mrs. s. Thompson (Editor's note -- Mrs. Harry college degree. "I e bride tat gh "l e ird new faculty mem- .W:assnmn~ of Tacoma se~.t the in (Beac~ ~ast year, and this year bet is M, rs. Lo~s Birdsatl of ,Beach, Dies In Montana ~ove Lr~formaticm ~ the NewsA will tea~ ,at South Heart. N.D. ~e is the wife of Roy. Bir~a~t, pastor of Vhe Sentinel D. Wood re- Services For Mrs. Local Woman TO B~e Cor~gregationM (~uroh. ceived ward of the recent death Mv~ Birdsal,l will teach s~ie~ce