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Beach, North Dakota
August 25, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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August 25, 1960

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THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 1960 TttE BILLINGS COUNTY PIO)TEER. M:EDORAo N. D/UL. I111 l In t+o me real heart of me economic ural, ly +meat came in :for. a l` Apply For Civil Serv.I Beach Woman's i 1][l~ ~ I In V ]difficu'lty faced ~by the ~armers. ~f discussion, and here the oi-I T--L T-- nOL-' a i ll~.~+L, ~ 11 ** ) -- -- I J ( Proba,bhr no +group of peolMe in] vergence of opinion ,between dif-[ JO~3~ 111 1111~ z~r~u. I IIIULI|qCI+ OLII$UUlllU~ t -- . . ( I ~'~l [ 1~.~,~ ~ ?he nation is more famihar wltLh+ferent w~eat producmg areas, as] "~ - ) +" --+ ri'es were held for Mrs I,'~ 1~ lfl |l t,me u. ~. Army ~,r~gmeer t)lst. J a~L ~ ' . . ~10r[ ~ u ] the ,problems of agrmulture thant usual, was apparent. + ~ + at Om~M~a, needs l.nsp~ction Mary Pavl~cek of Dickinson o-a' ~ .+ i~g r~ [ ,-~, ~ ~ese members of the +two ;agrl-[In commentmg further on h.s ~ " 1' ts f r em lo ment in Tuesda" Au~ 16 at St Wensec ' '~pecla 1~ o 13, y .v, ~; ' - i ,bhort! culture Comm,ttee of Congress own vmws, Short stated that he co~.aection wi~ the "-ualit" con ],laus Catholic ~urch, Dickinson I '" t.a~ =*t1.1~v- m, [ Cor~gres~nan Short c+6mm~nt~1 is always+ relu~:tant to, en~do.rse!trot and i~nspection ~of manu~ with ,Roy. Adolp~ Pri~bl offici-I COCCIDIOSIS :+ ~,~,+~,~ r~ c (~ecial) ed in analyzing the ~erefl~e,[any l~t~n ma~ woum a p~ I ufm:[ fa~ure ~abrica.tion nrocessina t ating at ~e 9 ~.m services. In-t B, Dr E M Gildow : :'~ - w ~"'-'.-. - ' ~.~:[:'-~a~ ~'~" "Mr Nixon's objeCrive is~<~iier aere~ge cuts ~o ~. +D: t~.~or~] ;.~f~,1~+i a i~lln~ ,~ n~:': termeni was in St Patrick's Corn-[ Director~Friskie'~ R't~earCh +Kennels :' retu ressman ,uo. ,~ ~.~.-- '~ t is -'~+ *'+~" ' ' , g . + ' + o~als said, ~My reluctance a m . . . e~l today tJ~at he was extremely. 'shar~.meCOntrastj)emocra, to+ ~e +:~++rop +- I time is -articulavly stTor~g since] pellant k>admg systems ~nd on- momeretery t~e~re of Mrs.mS'oharles;Pavhcek l+ the] ten.detectedA dog d~,eaSen~(empeClallythats mote of-in ' ++ +:'+ P~~'l'~'e'r wi~ vice=l~resident+ m 'car~a~tte =or|+ Y ~,^^,t er +a~aeohaxtical faci4ities reauired MateJcekl G-a~ "" : ~ el*eft ~ts* hls,~ne surpms, ,ara spm.n, a,j . ' - " warm m i are+:` fthe coun ~:~"'+~';, ," errn over the President, w~ho has ca~ .-. for ~)at4tst~c missileeratmnal of :Beach, Donald Matejcek set,v- O s +. U o - . t.~mt:] d~'um h~ de~m=d co! " |s ~t~1011~.l tO " 'J 't ir, g~ l~l~m s smcere cone ' n L + + ~ ' ,nd Ms farm program o 'r~l~ ~ st'r~c . ~a~s ~arms r e from 435 ed as one of flxe paJl~beare~s ~, .~.~,~ . . agricultural s~tuatmn+a ~. + ' era~ du~+ the rest ear a~g $6, . ~ . ,+ controls Of produ~*tioff; more ski ~" n~ IJ ~ . . .p ~k md~RIy on pu~,*~ detervnmat~on to uncover everyI ~ --.~ while -~ of other varieties per year to $7560 per year. Lo- : Survt~ors~. are. a son, George, ~,~un= d0=s *Ince ~ old d~m nt regmaenmuon, arm more ~ su, o,/ "-" ' ca io of osRionswDl ~e in " " + "~ " .~ ** "" ;"Y~,' ;" i~ble avenue of zn~proverne .A. .~ " . t + t n p . Dick~on, 4 daughters H. are Immune. is a acute pose J,+ ~f ~eat ~ m o~her sta es . . ~ n .~+, Vme President met for two sidles w~t~ no ,-==l ~io~o~ ~td- Iowa, .~lebr~ka, N D, .or S ~D [K~audson, Oakes, N- D, ms. F~,~ ~h,~,r~ ,~+~,~a,t,~4+m,~+ l "l~he " - '" + - :. .+.+, " Jl'u~ +mm~eased .matermlly . " ", -- r ,--.~--.~- -. . ,':: ~OU~ yesterday afternoon, with tu~ly ,n~rovmg ,* tho~ +;.a~e~ j, +. ~hort .arise led '~l~e US~YA Ju+.l A civil $ervice examination.he Zi~bricl~+ Tacoma, Wn ~s.+ ~ - T~.'chitf symp[om i+ 6' dark . " '. ++I lotto Repu~ican men, bets of the ,House ~r~m,v. . ~ "+ ~, +* ']l~t t~ ~t' ~ates ~n~~'been annotmced for the position2,k~nso~bou~ -Bisma~l~ . and' ~icky~diarrhea, which, in many ~ Son ~amte Agricultural Co+t- ~r~ wen+ on .~o+,say5 . .*~-;~.whe~t'1~r~kmtion ~r 1960 at 245 Iwterestd, d persons may get m-I ~ I~. ~Iate3~ek, as waR. as 131 a~ m aecampanled by ~ . k%e tee i~ his Capitol office,', as ~,'Wsm~.l~a~ects agrmu.l:|mi~io~ .~eis. 2"~is is 13 mill-t formation : and necessa~] a~li-)~.dvhfldr~, and, 5 ~rea~,~ ,' " + : '+:"~' "/ :. '." :: (L ' co~r~tinuation of his efforts to get+.~m'e ~a~mn o~u .~ ~anation : l:m~hels bekr.v the 10,year)cation forms at their ,l~cal post c~klren, ~ sisters:~d 1 bromer. . ' ' :~ . ~ ~ ------------ meas o~ me v mus m ye s o~ evera~e wth~te winter+~eat ~-! 0~ice, or ~r~n the Executive. Her ~usband preceded her in ! !1 . t:ongre~s an~1 the ~en te were .~' Sec rd of C~w Se~ 'dea~ II~I11141~ K~I| evahtated The ~' Se~t"'++~p~+~ +du+tlth of+ Grassy +Butte NEW A~DMIS~IONS ] Carl Gonsior, Je~ie Stanch~ield, Mrs. Ethel Erickson, 'Mattie Thompson. Sandra Zinsli, Lewis tta~vik, Loren Wojahn, Clyde Myers, Laudie Prociv. To Portland -- Mr. and Wh-s. Ed Leivens left for Portland Ore. the past week after spending the summer ~onths in Sentinel Butte. They .wil~ !be at .'home a~ 4339 NE Ha:- sey, Portland 13, Ore. 'Patient Betler -- Mrs. Jessie Stanchfield. editor of the Wibaux Gazette, is report ed making very satisfactory pro gross, at the Johnstone Memorial Hospital, Beach, where she was taken last week for treatment of a heart condition and compli- cations. SHAGGY INSECT STORY Once there were two weevils.I One worked day and nhght and( fi~eldy 'became a big su~ce,~s.I The other jus*t lay around i~ a co,ton boll all nay and remain- ed the lesser of the two weevils. Horse sense comes from a stab-} le mind. " Brooding over your troubles in- I sures a ,perfect hatch.} INTROP'UCIN~ A HO~T OF NEW COMPOUN~ THAT #lAKE FOR EASIER LIVING' ~E ,~'l~v'~ TY,~E Of POLYUR'ETH,~NE ,COAA/I /5 USE~7 FOR REF, RI6ER'ATO,~ INSULATION A,VL~ INSUZATIN~ INPuSTR/AZ ~UIL~IN~. CATS, ,CLOATS, ,~ILTER'~ AN~ E'L OTH/VG /A'TE/~- /A/IN~ ~ AI~E Nv~ONO THE IT~, .L.~ .~A~E 14//7"/-" k+ i sion, general weakness, ]oss of weight and anemia from loss of blood. The disease is easily mistaken for distemper since the two have such similar symptoms. A veterinarian may make a positive diagnosis and determine which of the three types of coccidiosis the puppy is suffering from by finding the coccidia in the feces In the past, there was no sat isfactory treatment for this dis- ease, but today sulfa drugs are being used with marked suc- cess. How to avoid coccidiosis? The surest way is by strict attention to sanitation Puppies should be provided with quar- ters that are clean and dry. Their feeding and drinking dishes should be washed thor- oughly after each meal. Where the disease is especially prev- alent, the rearing of puppies in a wire floore~d pen will help re- duce infection If such strict rules of cleanliness are adhered to and puppies are fed a well balanced diet they tend to ~radually build up a natural immunity to the disease The chance of its being an acute in- fection is reduced, if not elim- inated, where proper sanitary practices are followed. Feedin~ Tip: If your puppy is a picky eater he may be de- fiuient in vitamin B-1. Giving hi:~] an all-purpose dog food .~uch as Friskies, which con- tarns liver and other good ~6urces of vitamin B-l, should perk up his appetite. : gilli gs County i i,neer "THF. %nuatlon of r,~ ~, -~.NDS CO'WI3OY" v ',+:,l:S.+ d in 1883 A+LICE " ' '~)V, ~ar~ag)ng Edl~o 'a " ~+'H!~BRATTON ~:, Publisher ~ubscrlptlon $I 50 per year in advanc~ Sntervc it, .~ e Po~t Office at Medor~ BllilrlgS +',t,~Ly. ~O~'f~+ Dakota. Feb- c~ary 15. l.q:~ "~ second class n~ltt~r unoer ,+ -~ ~t of March 3. 1~?II. O//iciat Ne~v.~p:,per of the Cou~ltt7 ~;+, ~+~rth DaRota, I t;++ ,+':I N+rt~ Dakota, BEFORE BUYING A NEW PIANO o~ ORGAN, BE SURE TO SEE US FO~ PRICES, QUALrTT AND SEEVICE. YOUR lOCAL MUSIC STO~E DICKINSON MUSIC COMPANY ]~~, ~. ~ .: z~.~:~