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Beach, North Dakota
August 25, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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August 25, 1960

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BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER. MEDORA, N. DAIL THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 1960 mmm~== i r'w'~] r,~ fie%d. Mr. and ~Mrs. Vernon Thonapson m said County and State. as the ~1.1~ ~-~'~]r ]V~L}S :Mrs. Harvey Frappier and and family of Pleasa~n't Ntat n,a, ve time and place or h~eartng & adjust- A --. ~--J O --'-- grandson, ,Dennis 'Frappier of gone to ,Devils Lake to visit rel- ing all claims against the estate af ,l~vt Steven Gawry~uk is spend- home. In the ~fternoon ,tube:, Newport, ]Wn"ohWerema R:u~r=g~mte ati--VeSa f'Emr Jh~rS'oTl~m'Ps0n'oh21'9- " 1 'sent d as he~ inhere e r vi ed i saidedee~dent eWt~ChrhaVeobeen pre- i~- ,:'~2 * ~" "-~-~ ~ vi-ited J'oe Reul at his ~ome so guests ,at 't~e J an t~ ' n, err~pioyect in j " " " p id . and ~;~tS lu~Oug,n at tnv tltnnv u~ ~ ~ ~ h~ -- ^--*-. ~. a ,~f~ oet,~ of town ,on Thurs ,Mrs. Frappmr a ~l one ,Park, ,he~ed Od Ftvld Ser-! NOVICE TO CP.~DITORS all person~ interested m said estate -. - ~ ~a,rs. teeth, arc. slsters, vt, ce on, 2don. and Wues m ~ late required then and there to show .~awT~'tu~, ,b:teven nas been tram-~ :~M~s Danny Drennan was me - " I ~ ,",rs 'Ed Le Doux. M~ and Mrs. Dan,n Krennan IN THE M.ATT~ OF Tl~ ATE cause why su~2h elan'a~ should not c-m . N~/. and M . . Y i''I~.~. m ~ .*.~"~'~n ~. ~ guest oz nenm at a pink a~ Mr ,and +Mrs. Don Le Doux, Dar- and ,Dave Brerman motored to oF Ru'nl EST~ ,aMl'nl, a~ l~own be allowed. ~V~T. and .vlrs. mm.~,l Strano nave ~blue shower ,held at her home ierte arid ~)ennis and the Mel New England on Sundaywhere as RtrrH .E. SMITH, I:~ [ Dated August 5, A. D 1960. retua~ned from ~ W!p ~h~c'h.t:~oK,Friday eve' She received 'ma, ny and Oscar Pearson ~ami~l'ies of they visited the Wm 'Urban,'NotiCe is hereby given *y.~e un-[ /s/ ArleyR. Bjella" ; ', mere as ~ar ~orm ~s .~gma, ~,~ ~,;~o" ~m.e hostes.~e~ "~"-~ I,- ~; ~x,~ to ~and~- on f~mil~" -, I ders ed ad'm/nis~ra~r ,~ 'whl an- ~d L~ra~r wl~h Will ~'~ ~-esK. -vney wsi~ea: rag, ,e*~ga ~. ,-- -,~" ' .:- " ,Mr a, nd ~ Har t " t Annexe " ' .~ . . =- - . E. BreS~g and Mrs. Joh~nrm Stm~y where .they met o~,er ry Go~l er r~xea ~ the ~ta~ ~. ~ ~ ~n I d . . r C ~,~.'~; .~ ~ ana I,~Jn'~s~/.r,~tu~( l~eu~ sem~ed tasty refreshm~nt&!Pe~, son rela~ ves~from ~he east. .er~tertamod gu~ts ~5 +ua~y: ev~ to~'cr~di~>m.~,~t~.hav-~eiIa,J~tr~b, Net~ & Pippin , .:r~' ~g,Dy way o~ t,~vc.~e, ~onz. where, Gue~ts~ iwcl, uded the, honored~ A" J'olm:~on:bU~btak fa!mily dm I m honor of ~ei.r daughter, Twi-'i~ el~mm ~t-~. ~le~ ~ Hedderlch ~Buildlng ,~:, mey visiCed relatives. ' I guest, ~0~s and Mrs. Al~red~ ~er~.w~s held tn lhe Jvbm.son l~'s 2nd *b~r~hday. "l?aey -were,~ t~~,w~ ~ ~, . ~.yl winiston, Nort~ Dakota -4 ~: l~tter's moth.r, :M,Ts:, E3~la Adam2 Mt~ ~Pete 'Ga~,~:l;k a? o; ~,LaXp~R mid so. of i~';do, ;M;." Syminow and c~ldrtm; ]~.! ~: ~-~j test ~ B,~' coun:] AUg. ~-2~Se.~t.1:' :: :, M~ ~tay. :' .: ~ :r ~ : .;: ,: . .: L'~urg ~m~,'Jer~ S4~mkert . Mi~s.~, a't~* ~I'ts,~ ~tl%~ert L,apt~k. ~ad~ 3 Maude .Boiourt and Mxs T~ree:!kv +~o ~, ~ak~a ~ ~ ~t l~,~e] z " '~ ~ ~Ir. mad Mrs. La~wv~twf .Bl~zas-;,I.~, :~uzalsky and~ Mrs, dan~*rs,- ~q~rs. A~na Lt~lltak i lt~oau@h and son of .Y@~ng, [ 1~ ~a ,~t~ t' .~a In ~d Coun*.y~ A fil~,~ l~l~'~r m wives, !. ~ ~f Avnidon were din, net guests Leonard Stockert of Ami4~n and. and. ,M.~.~ ~Iae Olson of .l~l~[iekl. Ant. -. .[.~,~, ~*aW ' . ' " |is a ~tiek with.~ wo ,-~ on Sunday at the Johanna Reul M s. Clarence Thompson a. Bel. Yws, Lowenstem and Mr, and C as. E. He era. : ~ " da~r~ter~, '~MrsFrances Howie man fi ~'on~a~eua, l~wa ar*{l Ali~ Le~, Ju4~e a ~e~ (:~untyI . ". . . ,Betty ,Beeman envoute from' u within and 9~r ' ~' o n ' " " and Maria WIorton and son v~- Co rt,s, ~ u ty and STAMP OUT TI,rI~.~"~gzg, .6, 4-r;k,d-,~ v~. ~.~.~.J e~,~*e ited ~.~s. EHen Johnson Sunday elM%tail, ~V[~ont where they had~s~ate has,by,~er fi~ t$~ t4 h dayl "--- . "ev~'~." ~ ~ %, ,w~ ~,v~,~ ~,vi,sited ~t theL O ttavnvi~'s'af Nov-m~: A D " " ' p.m. omer ca l rs were .hr e . me "hour{ ffi,ffi= Mrs. 1H, uscka ~md .son of Dickin- home. Io~ ~00 o'clock in t~e" a~t~oon ~f~ ~[/14|,o |'|I~V~ ~ ,n,t~ m~r M~rv I-~ormel of The Lucky Clover 4H cktb width said day at the Court ~ ii% the. ~llKJ l~ ~U 1 South ~Hea~t'. ,Mrs. Fred Johnson the heip of t~e G;ris Club of Court H.ause in the City ~f Medora QPd. Pol. Adv.) a~sisted by Mrs. C'has. Lupt, ak Medora wit~ Mrs. Art Gr~fgaard 0G,lad~ys) served refreshments, as leader, held ,a local achieve- ~.Mr. and tMrs, Leon Frap~p~er ment Day ,at ,he Town Hall on and children 'of St. Them, as, Ore. Tues. 'Several members of Lhe and Mrs. Harvey Frappier of Stitc~ ,and Ch,a,~ter Club and oth- Newport. W,n. have ,been visiting er guests were present. San~ples rhe Urban fatal.lies in Bel,field; o~ club Ihandiwork were on dis- al,so rel'atives and f.riend~ in the pl'ay and a forma'l table setting ~rea. v~hidh w~s neatly arrar~ged wi.ll aMr. ~.nd Mrs. L. E. Tarvestad, be used as a window display a! Nit. a, nd dVIrs. Al~ord a~l of Far- Belfie/.d a, nd ,Dickinson. Miss[ go, visited ~,rs. ~y~bil Oy~u's last G,ratsga.ard .of Medora was MC Friday p.m. They were on a sight and ,Miss Karen Ingman gave a seeing tour and planned to at- splendbd demonstration on the tend the drama tthat evening, making of ~ouse ~lippers from Men,bets o ~he Presbyterian wash clothes. The refreshmen, ts Ladies Aid motored to Nledora ta,ble was neatly arranged with ~~ a ~beautifu,1 bouquet of summe~ Thursday p.m, They were enter- t~owe~s K~ren s,u~pervised '~he tained a~ the ~h,ome of Mrs. Emar " - - t "~onklin serwng of ~e,freal~ments Miss l%ng The t~ev.t~ooert~ Cleo o " " " . ne Hans, n assisted Mrs gave the devotloTIs v~h~eh mel,ud- ~. . . -. ed a study of tlhe Psalms. Hymns ~w cger Newton wrth the 4-t,I , nda most -~atif-" orK aur~r~g me summer A mUO r '" ~ i i ~eve su,ng a g Y" r " - h-Id in re ' om *the Sot~t~ Cou,ntry as's~sted ln,g ~llSCUSSlOn was ,e ' - . e -er~0nal mea,nin~ w~t~ the ~ctivities, %ut ~he namel gara to m P " ' ~" and " leader was not learned by of variou's Psalm,s. A ~hort bust- . ~ " ' L ness meeting was held. A dolic-th~InsYr~ard Kenned o.~ n ious t~heon was served, by B~.~ ' ' ' y ' Se t. youvre a moi'e girl - ,- si~ted b - her dau-'ht~e t'res o~ me N D Items- The food may be excellent, the atmosphere restful mrs 'ong as y ' - ' . - " " in a sweater . and pleasant . . . but its the smile that counts! Be- ter~, Bonnie, Greta and Sheri, lyn. makers Counel,1, wl~l,represen~t the and ~irdrt bYJ ~,5o~ homemakers e'~u'os of N D. callse a smile is a symbol,of the courtesy and service ' at th Nail Home Demonrstra,tio:~ ~~/6 ~ that help bring back the customers time after time Council meeting Aug. 28-Sept. 1 ll~l'+lfV ~Vt' !at +Madison, Wise. Selling North Dakota with a smile-and with en- ~r~$ ~$e. ~%-,:Lester S~hwi,nr&t of Glendive thusiasm, knowledge and understanding-is an ira- is spending a few days a,t ~0he1 ' ,&'~k~- t home o~f his grand~a.rents, M- The costume look in' . portant part of the job that every food caterer under- -'~ ". ~ ~ .k.~"~i~ ] ] and Mrs Dan ~headle. "" takes when he encourages tourists to be his g ests, dyed-to-match turblend sweaters j ~ cowl collar pullover. Sizes lar and he, "1 34 to 40. Dart-front pocket skirt. I IltCU~]! +k ~r~it Iyear old grand~otL Ramon~ To North Va]cota food eaterers and food servers l[ IlOII ,Loa,retu Beach, we owe a real debt of gratitude for their help in build- I ~ ~~J~ Ipast Sunday evening from Wash-I green,'bamboo, woodtaul~, ing a growing tourist industry and a stronger state [,~,IP" ~ ~"/~ ing,ton, D. C where Mrs. C~aa~k! chalk blue, Violet mist. economy. I . --7. 1+ went .to attend the ftmeral oft Sweaters $10.90 tirt $10.90 ii i -] {her daughter, Ramon's mother,t advertised in MADEMOISELLE [ J[ : "] She remained there ,to disposeI + =+ + " *t a/ 011/ o+ the household effects of thel [ + + wn + your fire .+ + I boy w*il~ now make his homel ~--- L-------- .+ +1 perauma~,~y wi~h the Clarks. [ .~ ; ( ?% ] of an