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August 30, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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August 30, 1945

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THE BILLINGSf COUNTYdeal, getPIONEER - ,~ ~ I~ N rthwestern ] ec n mics current events liters- " ~ , STATE CANCER FUND N. D. STATE MILL I 11What My Community Should Do in Postwar Plannln0 recentlySA FLY DA AGfun DENHoFF--Gerald Konschsk, {BiSMARCK--Conslderable=MINOT--LeoEVENTS"page when ad--AT in OF the he ~'H[ Dickinson fell down WEEK sawfly Press.~a " ' |~I 42 36 Once more|l| 17] ] 109 Mountains Marb]esWa~,r;"i i i=I I ,ll s AI I : - ."I ~ ~w, ~,e m~oi I,inton #,r act large frets cities of the TOLD IN BRIEF FORM L D. F"']~ER ' of the state total of which $11,612 Gross profit for the precedin;/ Dtlringthetwo-hour ride in-, will be used. for research and the fiscal year was $392,572.20 with a to the city we talked of many i~2~i~5~k,i ~ university. Miss lure, music, art, crafts, alnd hob- EXPRESSES, THANKS .balancewH.lre.mai.nin.N r.~.Dak. ta net proflt o, $274,468.79. t things including the fact that l ~ Gibson, the,u-Ibies. He believes that it will be .m me state revision zor vuageung The governor reported that the / h= ~.~+oA ~ ~.~H ~. in,~s Of I ~ ~.ner lives In [ necessary to educate parents for re- DICKINSON--Robert Weigum, in a mucn enlarged program, mill produced 187,868,200 pounds /;'L?="'~I? ~:;'~'L: -~LZ~o~o( ?oe,uon, In . I duction of juvenile delinquency. Tollei~on said o~ flour during the year as compared,llx~ uwxl u~ ~11~ w~t~ y=L~t,o I ~m ~=.~u. ~own or t,uuo I Slope county rancher, expressed,' " " -- -" - ] e- l&tlon In ~ ~ome o~ me COvLrses mr ~cnnex- State Chairman E E Simonsonto 159 823 300 pounds for the / on the A1-Can mgnway. I P p~ i de ; ~" -- his gratitude for the end of war and Publicity Director R H Barry,preceding fisoal year Of the total / How I wish I might have [ Iroquois county, which is one ] s may .~e epp~ca~:e and fighting and the safety of his two sons in service, by taking a both of Fargo, have been in charge production for the 12" month period, ~ ~ ~--~ ,~ make an [ o~ the leading agricultural court- [ m-- -scn l-s;L ~' ~.naps me tO~KS m ~ . . . I ~:u, ao~u~= j~. I ties of the ]Prai~i= =~o~= ~#~,=,- [ y cum.munz~y wm wan~ not only o~ me artve, s'~sslsung mere were zuz ~,10o pouncm was nara spring Mxs. J. =. Snyder, state commander wheat flour and 85,582,100 was ~AI-C~. n~=o~:h= ~.-[ ~o~=~ ~om e.scho.o, of. [ hthev:?ri r p ?rt GScS;SsW~ His ad read: "From North Dakota, from Stark county, from all of the North Dakota flfqd armv and semo]i .i e our nome town z e- .mpxuy-I J mm~ ~me umveratty e= I ec ti," ' " te men '~ I llllnels, she became a teacher of manua u-ammg, persona~ ~ypmg, Americans in the United States, go the state ex u ve committee headed The total amount of this past I ment Commit e . [ foods sewin,~ interior decoratin= or thanks to the Lord for the great b,y Dr. I.~ V?: Larson o, Bismarck, year's production as compared to Icouldn't, however, for myI Ic d'p ych og . victory won. omer commJtwe members are Dr that for the preceding 18 months," uI1 " "- -r- " I commumty has not yet " [ ent she Is a free lance mmalist [ For t~ose adults who still enjoy "We the people of North Dakota~'au~ ~resncn o~ Mmo~; t~. w~Ison me governor said, "'snows tha~ ~ ostwar m and chairman Jo m o I takinu hart in nlavs o ~,-~,-~.n~t~, un F U.tLL-t.~tI~.~'XI ~UAJ.q~L;t,AV~ 1~ Ol pODIIO mxerm.- o .- = ~ ~mpathlze w i t h everyone i n ~ riter of argo and John H. Moore under, growing difficult war-t~me ) .]annin# J tlon for the Iroquois eounty clmp- J players' club m/ght well be organ. mourning for the men who bought oz ~rana z'orKs, conditions itwas necessary to I ~ N~ ~'c t- an a~ricultural ~ ter of the American Red Cross ] ized to meet once a week and to the victory with their lives. We, ~ iPnZ ~ueCectrrgn~ dvedareatlo mn r:v flo~;; ) county of 10,775 population in north-~ ~ present one or two plays for the the living, in our rejoicing for, the ~ . a ~ .v ~ western Indiana has announced its,~. entire community. Those who like safe homecoming of those who arelt~ lw~1~r~'~l~ Al~rl"t ~1~1"1" l~t a sngn~ly greater profit than was [ ~ ,= ^ ~' ~.~ +~, .It n~ [ ,/a,u, .~.a neau a suocomm~ttee o~ [ to sin~ might form un tv J~.v~,~.~-~ ~-~, va.t~.~ reduced . ,~v-vv=~=~,v= =.=,-,-~, ,-.~.: me Duuding interests whose task it a comm i coming home, leave all justice to p in the previous rmilmg + ~ miz~ee of 25 ] chorus which could present concerts .~T~m -M,v "aT -~ ~,~-~e m~year. ~ a ~= ~ o~ ~ b~ a COl ! w,u ve ~o supply the additional ] while th^ h m.~ + ~ the Lord and to the men named A~.t~.i ,tA~ .t~. ~. W ~i~JJ~ ,'r~= ~,+=~,~a~, +~o ] comprising men ana women repre-,homes and business st ct,~,I . . . ~o= -- ~ -~.~ .~ v==~ = =~u- by the Allied peoples to make a -'" ~ I sent tire f all ~hases of commu-,+~ r u A. ] slcal mszrurnenz rmgnt term a corn- mill" the overnor sai "must be . a. o . . .~ ~r=m man deals with farmingI " Just and stern peace. MOHALL---FunerS] services were . : -- g c - aid, . . ) mty life. Full-page advertisements ] interests, yet res/des in town, he munity dance band to sponsor six ?For the citizens of Stark and ~.~ ~, ~, r~+,~.~+ x#~,~ a~t-rmu~ea ~o me exncxen~ aria I -'aid for b" various service cmos, L dances. "~" "~"~'~ " ~'~"~" "~"~'" capablemanagement of 1t.M "~ ~ e run in all ~.uutu oe ame zo see veto siaes o~ Slope counties, by Robert Weigumfnr Mrs Mary Fyfe and her -. . " lot the different towns wer [the picture The Red f',-~-o ~,-~= [ Since our public library has a of Slope county." *--=~ vear-oid dm~=hte- Noreen, who ~angler Th= ,~=+ ~-~-,~, ~ ~1 of the weekly papers in the county, t service chairman and a minister [ small stage, these three groups v -- ~ .-s Re-Era 1o ent of Veterans are reco could easily use that as the|r meet One of Weigum's sons, Seaman were enroute here to visit at the -reduction "--- ~= ."~" { p ym mmended because of their " - ~nd class Robert, is in Burma home of Mrs. Anna Short when ~P~n+,i~,~.n,~ ~? +been a ja~a~e i The ad began, "More servicemen ] contacts with servicemen. [ L~g place so as not to monopolize serving with the Seabees. The the second section of the Empire .' " ~' "~Z~ .-~Z : ~ ~'. ~ ~.='. ~.'."'~' .~" I will return home with the progress,When this committee has worked,me .mgn. scnooi gym, which is a other son, PFC. Frederick, is atbuilder crashed into the first section ~o'ralCs~ vY,~m,e~oIaC,~.jna~.mei ot the war. The Re-Employment|out an information questionnaire, |t|c,~ mvme~l gym ana auditorium. Fort Bragg, South Carolina, after can be ublish ,nese crees as well as adult eve. m the recent train wreck at -o n ~ - ]Committeemen of Newton County, ] p ed in the local pa-] . . going through the German and Mi~t~=,~= ~ r~=~- M~I] ~lb~ c n~ rrea.upo me men aria women Indiana. in conjunction with its ad- per, for our weekly paper goes to all| nmg classes should be considered a Czechoslovakian campaigns, became anxlous about Mrs. Fyfe ~i=v~,~. +~= ~.~ ] vxsory comrmttee and the Agrzcul- ys an girls in the service. |, . . . oz me r~orm Dazota mn~ ana " the be d part o~ the algh school teacher's when she was overdue here and ~'~ .~'~ ) tural adv/sory committee, are on the,With the questionnaires returned wor.~. aria enough zeacners should ~[INOT-T-M~-~ traced her baggage to Minot. Upon awara. I alert. All citizens, both in service [ the committee can begin to corn-,oe tared to take care of the de- was electrocuted recently when a steel platform over the top of his ' "---'- [ "!' j . ] . [ drem truck struck a high-power line at LEONARD---Lt James W. Frey, ) The servicemen of our country ] who wants to retire from active ~ It will be well to consider rester- the Quality Lignite coal mine a son of P. J. Prey of here, was I are asked to co-operate with the Re-| work and become a silent partner lng to the elementary schOol the mile south of Sawyer where he YOUT]~ IS SHOT commander of the plane which was I Employment Committeemen and,MOnothe-em rial secondwc committee, the,subjects that were dropped because was working as a welder and truck the last Superfortress bombardier ~ the citizens by marking the infer- ~ bers a~mlen ould have five mere-~ no teachers were available: art, driver. Goebel was engaged in BY PLAYMATE to release bombs on Japan after,marion questionnaires below. Please I the ' " " .interested ,in sports:,cooking, sewing, and manual train- hauling slack to repair a road at victory was announced do not sign. Return to,mgn scnool board athletic chair-,Ing. Likewise attention should be the mine and dumped the truck. ROBINSON---Keith Ernest Brad,s, this~Is~ e a~dth t~ ~nC~ i~baan~ ~nrsCino~ / (nunm;er f pape;e)neral sechon were [ ~canham'~mgrna,aeaSC; :lbes :rdmaant~,e~a j given to possible" new subjects. As he did so, the steel platform9-yeer-old son of Mr. and Mr. ",sa" ' Y I " 0,-~,farmer and a v ter [ Every Day Llvin~ for Boys.' caught on the high line, and Goebel, Kenneth L, Brady of here, died the B-29 opened near the city of,lis~ed the zouowing questions: uo e an, me xarter r~ l Per~. 2400hisstartednot realizing foot volts to reached from step what the from the Line had the tore gone ground, truck, thI~ugh wrong, the As I I / his body, killing him instantly. His p on unced th . ~ ying,- ) n ' ~ ] " " 1 Boys. Both boys and girls might body was removed from the truck The 9-year-old boy, his brother wing, Prey s plane was scheduled u der G.I. B'.fll of Rights. Do you memorm] to ourwar dead than be tan h by John Dixon, ~remon at the .rid a san of Edward McGee were to dron an incendiary load on plan to go into business as an em-lsmleiy sees? I should like to see| gnt simple gardening p rac- mine. H Goebe! had realized his ) !~s~i!e~:a uces ana encoura - dangerous position, he might have ~ne o;tth~eea~d~en~ f~mey a~oun~ ~sae~r~rioubs~; wthha:n ~thWe p~anaSe ~-arcr~ne~g Sorans;m/1;Ya;~e;~ a~n~ I ~he~t?ipplagnt'Awm~ChcaiSn n~s~e~ ~:r~I OeW~r" garden plotsg~r~n;~: s~r e maple trees m the parking the saved " himself by lowering the a .38 caliber automatic pistol in a it that the crew decided on another / " . . " [ As a -a~ f the rubber tires of the truck at first saved him from sudden death. Surviving are h/s wife and four children. The /amily lived near the mine where the father was " " "" fficial Ja anese acce--tance / P"rig. p " ate or G.I. Bill of,have a well-run sports program A / tho,-,~ +~ employed. Six brothers, four sisters, of the gun, sending a bullet into of me o p P i Rightsarran=ements? run, ^ l ~-^-- ~= .~-: ".- l ~-,v=- evaluating stand- arid his father, also survive. +~- ~,~,~, ~,~'o ~= "~o ~,^~, ~* s,~=nder until the ,~lane landed ! - . ~ ,~u #uu l "~"~c~ u~ u~u~gs may De co~slct-, .r~ .~ ~ - ~ ~-=,-~ ~--.~ - .~--~.- ~ ,*a ~ -.--~ *" ! neeaa house~ Household e~ul~ I er~ .m~,~= ~=,~ o +.~ ~. l = ~ ~u ~m~ mey WILt Know now 1o dxed instantly, back at xts base. ~ ment~,rain= ,~-~) o* *~.~- ~,~,-~- o*~- :-~- ] j ge a newspaper, magazine, book, --W~E " "," ud ! Under ! ~, ~ ~ ~, o~,v~, ~,~ [ movie, and radio program, thus dis- , mF agrlcmrdral sect|on I me scnoot snowers ana aressing / cardi # +h,~ oo~, ~ .~ . were these ueshons " ~ =, ,= tenmg their NOT ;ZAIL LOSS i q : Are you in rooms available to the swimmers m~'~s onth~=~=i~s worth remern I : : : - = : : : : : : : : : : = : = = : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : terested in taking Up farming as a,The initial cost might well be met,berin= o ] lanaowner, renter, one-third share [by popular subscription with the [ Since " operator or hn'ed an coozmg ana sewing were re dari~age is being mistakenly ),~m~m~t~-~#~l~4m~ ~m~f~l~ ~',i," m ? Have you|school operating the pool after-|.uiredof~eiuhth r =." t ' ~k~KU~WUK~ ~/~/~w ~ t IpreviOus experience? What size|wards. [=era sens~ile ~aa;egtr~s't~wou~a reported by North Dakota farmers l . ~ ] farm do you have m mind? What,During the summer vacation, the / as hail damage, state hail inmn~nce," " quire of the ~ [ type of farm do you desire" llv~. I~I cnuld h~ n~,~,~ o ~+.~,~= ~.~,+. [~-~=~mman g~rm a nome management department m~nager C J. ~ers ( stock, grain, or general? IS therea |fro'-m 7~to-ll-with"~'~'~'g=class'e; |:o ~m'~e which could incorporate aid recently. ] MolmUem lm No~$ Zu~u house available? Do ou have a' scheduled certain n me prmmpies ot home nursing Y afternoons from 4 The " Myers, said that field men ) [ farm in mind to rent or buy? Will ] to 6 The athl~t! ~ .~^,~,~ i ] n during the three summer va- tnvestig~tin~ hail loss claims have J ,~ " ~ ~ cauons of " ' [| |~ [$,[4 [| [6 ]?. [ jS ]9 [10 Ill,] you take over from father or rela. |the director. In the winter the pool |the ~ei~ h~h school days found numerous instances where| |, ,; ~, =,~ -|,~V~e sWLH the farmer you replace,could be flooded and used for ice,as ;a~; vU~;:~at~itsS~oCnsePro'::tnS" the sawfly, which attaek~ stems I 113I i I tll~-I I I I [14,|,] ~,ek another farm, or~hare|~kating. / 1 - just below the heads of grain, ] [, i I ! (] ! i I ! !, t ! I I his operations with you, / Softball might well be revived, for jing aria cooing, with credit ~ be has damaged the stalk sufficiently,I$ 16,' 17 J J,The advertisement " concluded, the grounds are still availa Ib e ad .n given for. such projects after due so that raLn r wind will d wn the I [ ! ! ! L J ! th the Information thus assem, xt would not take long to hook up charge. heads, In some fields v{here hail I ~ ~/~1~ i19 I [' im~ ~o ~ ~ m- [ m [ bled, we shah endeavor to anticipate,the lights. Four organizations such,A first aid course comparable to damage has been repo~d, Myers I ". T u ~ u " .'--'~-- I, I, - - I your return home." I as business firms could each spon ]the one taught by the American Red said, field men have found all the( [~| 1~ [ ~ [ ~r~ [ [~4,| [ [ An Excellent Pattern |sor a team with one or two "~: |Cross should be required of every damage resulting from sawfly [ . . . . . . m~ ~ ' ~- S " a week set asid~ for doubl boy and girl after he is 16 years of infestation and no indication ofI 125 ] [ m m~ ~" [ ] B~ [ ~ r J"' ] ]ter~nUrthlYa~ thm;ttSmanune~tcellc:nttdPa-t'[games There shouldben:ha~er/ageandbeforeheisgraduated D .mZ0F zs I !"1'-51" I" I I I i [county-widebasis, however, iwould| e.r, consideration should be giv.|- . :, " :' ! .ceattorney, KIT.T.ED BY TRUCK [ - ! ! ! ' [~'~'~'~41 " |' ' I - i !,suggest that we use our high school/?Y ~o reins mRing croquet courts in ,cmrea uurscnoois rain.stunen s me park Ior the o everyu~mg ~rom carpentering to I I I I i~" [~f~'~] J ] J J,district and our consolidated ,Trade,Y ungsters and sch marking off s ace f to announc g but not enough ,f g~4~.|,45 . ooi district as the basis for our P or horseshoes . . , 4,communi boundaries for the oldsters anything, xs done about instructing two-year-old son o~ Mr. and Mrs~,"thfully follows high S ' My town fm men and women m marrmge ' Edward Konschak of here, was ~ |~?-- ] ] ]44) ] - ],J " ]49|$0 |$I ] tnce our men s servlce or=aniza. ,school basketball Mr Rmella s statement is so true recently killed when he became,[,] [ ] ] ] ~ [ [ J ] ] [,|,lion is the Lion s club the oflie~r~ n~ |,which ~rovides," " pihned under the wheels of a pickup ] '~'"n,m = n o.~,",-.~, n m.~.- ~ u ! I that or"anlzatio-~ u ~umu--" ask meY'--- oz-=" lexcellent winter recreo+~^- v = ~ o - ]that I think the. Education commit-. ] [ J J J ~ ] ~ J "-~ ~ ~, ~ J -| ) ricers of the Women's Club, Amer Ivey sholdd be made, however, to|teeshOuldcOnslderrec mmendmga truck which his father was backing { [55.[ [ [ ",]~ [ I,] [$7~[ ],| ican Legion and the L,~=i~n ~,~," ] see how the high school uvrnn~.~t.m Irequired semester's course in the up to a granary. The Konschak ~ I I I [,[ I I I ! 1 I I I I,iary to meet wit~- *~-^=--~"~:'~,~.~'~,may be used winter ev~nt~'~-~': ]senior year for both boys and girls farm is located six miles northeast,No . 1 appointing commi'tte;;";or p~':tCUa;[ adults for calisthenics, voile; ball, [.~. general socmlogy, marriage and of here. The father w~as preparing to haul a load of grain and was ~ " planning, such persons to be select=,~ [nandball, basketball and folk dane-|me ~amny. . from the entire -era . . ~" I ing In all of this s-- ~I m 1865 the zo~s of Pleasant Val- unaware that h/s small son was,IIORIZOI~PrAL I 47 Lawyer,22 Roman road,39 Prongs,rnunity. Thes/co n~i'tt eZesmemc ~h; I the goal must be toP~r:s tr:g:~me I ley. a little village in the foothills of near when he began backing the,1 Decree I 49 Anger . ] 24 TO throw I 40 Entrances |well be three" Re-E,~,~, ~, [community resources to ~r~,~o - Ithe Alleghenies, piled the relics of truck up to the granary. The child,4 Sou~ A~ri. [ 52 Biblical weed,lazily] 42 Things done,Memorial and Education~~''~ [ varied program to reach ~e"~,::~ |the Civil war that had just ended, had been playing near the barn,can ZOX o,~ ~'art o~ Z~Destres ' s . ~ ,~ I "t~ ~o" i o v~ i [ 43 End,Seven members could const~,o ~ I eat number of people. [the old brass cannon, the battered and evidently ran over to the truck ) ~ . -'~ "*r . I . -'~'.~."~. 1 44 Su---sed ! Re-Employment commi'" "?'~ I - ~. [ muskets, the bro~en swords, and the 12 Fuss [ 54 correlauve/ z~ ~rmgmg to [ ~P~,uee: a oust- ~ mcal~nOmU Neeas. ]rusted ba~,onets into one hea-- ~r~^. when he heard his dad start up,| 13 Ostrichlike [ of neither,a standstill [ emanation r ness man, a farmer, the banker th~ I Last ~- I' - o . ~, the wheel of the truck passed over . ] = uu~ no~ teas~ ~s me ~:auca- melted them sown and from them bird,55 Exclamatmn [ 29 Danish ~sland [ 46 Southwest- umber man, a uram m~ | ,-" I! h/s head and caused instant death 14 To lounge,of sorrow n 30 Woody plant [ ern Indian Cross home service ch~'~=:.~-= n ea,~,u~comm~ee wmcn snoula cons~sz [cast the gentle bells of Pleasant Val- ^~. . ~ ~ ~ ~u~ n ~o m ^~. ~ . . =,=-, ana I u~ ~ve memoers: the high school ley to ring out over reen field an .uv "~ "~=~"~ ~" "~' "" ~" "~~ Female a mm/s~er, x snoUla . g s d Besides his parents, the child ~ ~ 15 Artificial] 57 Command toJ 34 Handle ] sh business man an prefer for the,prmclpal the grade school princl- [ Ifertile farms ass memorial to their survived by an older brother and I language m horse ! 37 One who [ eep a zarrner to oe Le-,pal, a town father who has children [ loved ones lost in that war. t 50 Fish e s gionnaires and to act as co- ". " 16 Muskmelon trades for ~ gg . . chair m school, a farm mother who has Likewise, it is my he e that the ~.on~e~== m ~uru==~= I u~w UUslness adventur~ ! a],~----- -=- "-- -- -o Small Boy Killed / success of ~ I r.~ g o= me ~e.~sm- na"v " -- = i- "1" "" / ~u,u~t~, u~ ,utter m oe cnaxrman. ] pioyment, ~v~emorial, and Education ~l .~art ox.wm- m u e ~n w,~to~.affiu~.~. ~ ~e reaso~ zor suggesting the,The business of this Educatmn # comm|ttees will result in makin By Pitchfork Tine ) 23 Toa WpostponeCaSmg ~ 3z ~OsouthSUmpacificUP "I --~ ~-- ~ Dar~erThe "lumber man / committee should be. to" make asur-" ]my community" a Pleasant Place ing 25 Axis nation" island ' ~ = ~ ~ ~ ' ' ~ ' ~' " ' " ' ~ .T=r-=r'~,u, me Other vey of me postwar eaucational needs [ which to live. MINOT--Leroy ALlen Jensen, I 27Speck I ~A~z~ boxi ce |; ~ : '~ : ~ "~'~''~ O .O~ | =-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. l =Rested o e p e Future Pros U.S. Sound Postwar - Andrew R, Jensen, who live 12 k 31 Poems,of pottery,=-,- ver].: ~,epenus on rtanmng miles south and two miles east 33 Kitchen,6 Felt,~: ~, -~- ~~s T A R ~- h mstoricauy, america's economy I other fourth, living in small towns I therefore, makes a maximum con- of Palermo, was instantly killed utensil 1 7 To dine ] ~ ~i n ! r A- ~ R I| B| - ad its beginnings in farms and in and to some extent in the cities, de- tribution toward the r " . 35 Noah's vessel,8 To assuage| N ~|A] P,J E]P~m~'~ ~mall towns. As more goods were ] pend on farm trade in one form or I rolls and jobs. c eahon of pay bR/omzaen ~itk~pear 11 A R A ~r duced andcas ~arms multiplied, ~ another for a livelihood. These two I Sound postwar p]anntng should reo hole into a cow manger from the hay mow, The back part of his 38 To trap" ! suo=~ ~= ./ IAl~[~q~ ~ v ~ ~. i being and I groups represent at least one-half]" suit not only in more jobs in your, head was p/erced by a tine of 39 Cornered |,1 so~he :xiths~enger~ |our population. ' |community but in permanent ad- the fork which was in the mow. 41 Plurnlike fruit ] Europe / ; ~" ~" B ; ; ~ ~ aT ~ L-e ". the large cities [ The importance of prosperity in,vances for the United States In a sees no~, nowever detr mother was washing a cream ;; / o" me- / = 0 = ; ,m I rural America to the rest of the I democracy, progressive community separator in the barn and the ~ ~'er~amm($ [,u ?, . ~=- I ~ ~ ~ ~-~:~,nce o .rur.a| communities economy is indicated by the fact [ action is essential to social and eco- boy slipped away from her before to a pre- / sure ~p ~ / ~ ~ ~ emou~ one-xourm of our people are,that approximately 70 cents of the,nomic progress. -- From "Postwar ~he knew it. scribed place |21 Hindu aeity / Sotin E-~ farmers and dependent upon the farm dollar goes into the purchase Jobs and Growth in Sm ~r~c~,r?m their 'and,or near- [o~ things which,to be - i ~ metr raceme. Roughly, an- factured. The farmer S prosperity, ] velopment handbook.