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August 30, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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August 30, 1945

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4 s / E STORY THUS PAR: Melody leven from Monte " He - PayneviUe Melody was mistaken for] own 1door / Aaf r . Jones and George Fury had ridden Into slab face d turtaea me put a buuet through the top of the ,~h~:?;ytla~, M~:g J~rr:aaveMMn::~ ga~L I leaHs~t)~oo~.ihiMsO~et:~" "From Monte /wa?e:rprG:yd'er he,~hie:rPe~e:~ a~de:rt / ''~w~" L Melody, got them Involved In me ' He walked across and I God in h"""'-"-", .o ' ~,~ i murder o1 Luke Packer, the Insurance counted Geor e Fu '. =avcu tie put a g ry s pulse, then shot Into th " # cop. Fury had met up with Monte and .he propped up George's head with./. - kitchen, past Monte / I /O" nON ~" us . ^ Was shot by hlm. Monte returns to the I swathe of h~v n ;, - I arraa l,I ~*. -. ~w, u lWlllql~# !-ll|Vl, I=I~=. Im~l~ | farm and finds Melody. Cherry soon re. /face toward-a' cra;l~i~'~thU~=-,e,crge's .[. Monte had one cartridge left, and / It TH --" "AT WAY EVERY TIME WE' turns with the wounded Fury. Some of,"What are "m "=~; ~ ,^"-~,~, ] ne sent It now; and Melody was hit I,~ ! RE Monte's men rode up, hard pressed by [ - ~. u s ' again, this time hard T-I. hnl~ ~ /,~. OW ON MEAT I:PO P the h,~sse Flrln" -tarred on all sides / no---no re,g= want sea." - .- INT . ~- " "" " "See~" . u uxoppea his weapon; but he Melody took charge In the barn, saw I She was turnmg panicky. I didn't fall down He ' " " |,' . Don t you hey- / A shot sounded behind him and / ',~ [ {~ [ nyZ I :r d::bt yourself no more. Because ]in the same instant a huller said ~,~' ]{~ ( ~=.*<~ ~ "~e nlames everymmg on ne got [~ Y ay wouJa love you, always I"Cousin, ' directly in his ear{,II L i ,~1 ~ )k I I ~ . something," Melody explained this I that, any more." He grinned. "You Ithe gallery, all joints gone loose, as to Cherry. "He says California ain't I don't have to lean on no pistol-punk, [if everything was cut down at once. a state at all--irs a dang fish tank. I like him. That's ridic'lous.",Melody could not believe it at first. ~ I/ George, I'Ll buy you some liniment aH~k turned away from her, and I When he had got it through his head I |~ /Vow shut up." Iw ed to the door of the barn He Ihe backed off watchfully, his heels ( II Melody had got hold of a knife and I stood there a moment in the sun- [dragging in the dirt. Lee Gledhill t V ! O i.~~-~k~.~,~l~ ~ v l a piece of m~nzanita root, which he Ilight, almost in the open. /was still in action in the house; but ) [ ] l'~'kN~,~-~,~'~~"~. ~ [ f'~ was carving into a mestook. It up- [ "Where you going?" Avery de- [Lee did not take him under fire,| peared to represent some kind of a [ ma.nded. "What you up to now?"l.aGeorge Fury was prone in the]I/Jl / /~ / /' fish face, but with a long nose, three ~ "-~othing,'" Melody said. "Noth- IP rn Ooor, collapsed from a crawl- ),) / I ~/ ~N~ ~'~~x~~.~~ /" /d legs, and wings. When Cherry saw ling you can hinder, son." ling position the carbine in the dust I i/ ~ I I~ll~ ~. x.~I~%~gI' A.~ that he appeared to be absorbed in [ Melody stepped out into the open, Iby his hand. ] I I l I~ - :~I~%~ I I his carving she leaned against his I gun. in hand, to the house I Melody said, ":eorge, how many } II /I I I shoulder, gradually, as if she hoped I and to thehills. He raisedh/s ]times I got to tell you---" He let it J II / I I 1 n / she would not be noticed. / I go, speech being considerable effort I L~ I I I II / Moiody stopped carving o. his land eorge beio three uarter ou ' II /I I mestook. He was thinking of old I and not listening. Fever Crick was| ~,! / I ~-~) k--n/~~ /~/x--"~--'-" ~/ Mrs. Rowntree, who might have laid ]standing around stunned and use- ~k~ ~ ~ ~ ~---~" ~---~/ her head down on her rifle, in the I less, and Avery was just coming to IN ~ .~ ~ --------X--~-D.)) ~ ~ ~=~" exact spot Cherry had showed him. his senses, but somehow Cherry and : as if it had ever happened. And he I sn . could picture somethifig else, that ]"That's the first time " Melody] said v ' - -- hadn't happened yet: He could see I sa aguely, "I ever knew George I " [ toto fire left handed " Cherry's head laid quiet on a bale The " TIN t of moldy hay, with the wave ing l glrl caught the carbine up, [ HATS By Stanton firelight reflected on her spread-out Ins. if she were rescuing something ( hair I alive. "You---you imagine it.' Sud- I i "George," Melody said, "I ain't |denlyshedroppedtheearbineinthel I L'~.]~ '~ "-A-:" : -. dirt covered her a-going to be able to git it done. I've t di~,face, and sat I I ~-~.~.~-C r' r-9-~ .~ t / ,r'A. K ~1 went to work and fell down again. I down. Melody stepped toward her, I ! %~~, -LL~- .v/--2~b ~, CJI IkindofthoughtIwould. ButIhad [lurchIng a little; he reached o~ut a l I -" ) ) I to try " I hand, and touched her hair. [ I ~ 71P.N"~ ~ ! ,"Try what?" Cherry asked, r, 'Don't touch me," she said and(,t /" . J I Melody took his hand away "Don't "He taken and set out to bust up ever touch met'' " I X" k.~ % ) I Monte's wild bunch, "George said. . I Melody Jones ste ed b 'He said he wanted to be some- pP ack, look-| |dt['~'1~~" ~';~ body " hag befuddled. He swayed a little, | Cherry stared at Melody. and sat doWn slowly, his back' I~h.I ~u~ ~k~'~ n against a bale ' I reckon it was right silly Me]- 'H," / I 1 i t. ' ' eck, he said ~M/ ody said see now ,hat no such I I thing could be. But that wasn't why ~. n tue. after that, Lee Gledhill,~ '~~~ " '"~ ~ ,---- ~./ I rode Monte's saddle into Payne- wamea.ou.t" ann surrendered, Lesterl ~ / " ~lI~-.-~ ~ ~'~ rifle " ~.otmn taking over. -.--- ,=.i At the heart of Payneville rose anI, ~ .-'~"'~ -- -" ' znen Why---' . ~ ~. . . unceasmg tireless ~abble ;,~ ,s I-'~ ~'~ ~-" r" - ',-,- Melody looked at her mournfully, name of investi - -." I >~ : ~ " -- but without seILconsciousness. "YOU hod" and h" ~au.on, wnue every. I x ~ ~s cromer questioned was all tangled up In Monte s devil- Melvin Jones alia ' "~ ,~ ~vlelooy Jones--. ments,' he said to her. I c~uld and forced him to an ~ " ,over, tOO, on see there wasn t no way to talk ~ paIn of unhopeful consequences~for I II llI PEKOE ONCE DEMOCRATIO | Twenty-three years ago, this I wr/ter, visiting in Japan, got consid- Ierable first-hand information about Ithe emperor from a young Japa- ~nese Quaker, Renzo Sawada, who lhad been picked to accompany Hiro* lhito, then crown prince, on u trip I o see the western world. 'I Why Sawada, educated in a Qua. [ker school in Tokyo, wag chosen to [accompany the young prince on rials Ihist ry-making trip, I, do not know, ]except that the Imperial council of I~idiucat~on wanted a eommormr of Ir~ romto's age who spoke Engfish land French to travel with the fu- Iture emperor. I Never before had a ruler of Japan t}eft Its shores. In the past scarce- I!Y. was the emperor even seen by lhIs subjects. Some Idea of his isola- It!o~. can be gained from the fact l~a t the word "mika" mean th~ .word "do" means Irn~e ; and tae n~me "Mikado', I m~ ans 'awful-place I In the old days, priests came in I worship at the "awful place," but ltl~ev never saw the emperor whose /other name even today is "Tenno," I meaning "son of Heaven." The I emperor is synonymous with the sun /and from this comes the Japanese lflag, with 16 spreading rays sym- lbolic of the rising sun and the em- ~peror. In those days, the Mikado was the I theoretical owner of all the land and /all the peop/e and their posses- i sions. He was their God and pro- tector. His /ance and shield came Ifrom Area, "the ancestral region." 'lf arose the cult of Shintoism f wmcn actually means "rule of the superiors', or "way of the Gods." Even the word for government in Japan, "matusurigoto, mean "shrine visiting" or "religion." s Modernizing the Emperor. Thus during most of Japanese history; in fact, up until just after the arrival of Commander Perry in 1852, the Mikado was an ethereal spiritual being, not a ruler; and it came as a definite shock to many Japanese that their should sail off to England and France to absorb western culture. In fact some of the more intense patriots actually threw themselves on the railroad tracks in front of the train carrying Hirohito to Yoko- hraema in protest against the depart. Naturally Hlrohlto may have changed a lot during the years since his trip. Naturally, also my friend Sawada was prejudiced in his favor. Hew- sense into your haid, gals being like three long everlastin~ w~,~- ever, the atory of that voyage they be. So, It seemed like the only They turned him loose"-'-':~ ~ was one of a young man at rest and ~,~ &nxlous to mingle with his fel- way to get you out was just to bust he rode out to the B "~ up the whole thing." morosel ~eu ~ose lowmen, astound the emperor- y, ~ursmg a grouch for al- ~#.~ worshippers by wrestling on the "Is that why you rode down to, most the first time in his life. He % ~ ~ deck with Ms aides, get a bloody ought to go over the hill?" I and fom|d his Ktm. was bandaged In places, under his of Atholl In the s~me "bar- "Whut dld you think it was~ Oh clotheg. ,"~ ~'~ ~'~ with the servants of ~ Duke ,voice as or, vcrs snou mu,e, see. You thought it was me thou-,"You, Monte' Monte JarradI" tieorge ~ury was suu out there barlc, Scotland, which, accord- sand duffers Well, it won't I " . for the reason that there w + ~.-= to Shinto ! priests, ls Tnere was a moment 01 dead sl- ~'~"lbA'llm~-- ~ matter much no more. The wild way to move him H ' ~ r n 1 . e was still ~. ~[ i~m the mud and sea/earn h g t g busted, all right, u at on his back, and gettmg blanket. -~m.( ~ ms over after creation el the bunc is i tin fence, me attac e s e o paralyzed, fi But ou re still in e ld aKen vy surprzse Tnen one ntmet sore arc y ' " th m dle of it, /. II in "Thwe -* und the shoulder blades, but "heavenly isles', .-. Japan. ,new over sp g et as it bad as bad can be. And there din t / a sod overhead" but it went he was on the mend all right, to ','Dawimmalt, Kimple 8amsoa-.-le~d a i~nd! X ~ ~ tank is stalled!" much left to do about it, seemingly." [P s. . very judge by his conversation. Hirohito even managed to de. "I "ire u-" " Geor-e said |high, as ~r me gun nan oeen struc "So "ou finn"- s-b liver a public speech to the lord s . v: . . ~ ~. ". |up Some voices out there were his firs~ wor-" ~ ~o up, were mayor of London; and no emperor rfis woros traileo on m sucn a vlur l~ ~ ~u,~ +^ ~ la ~o us to r~etoay. that Cherry and Melody looked at /"~.*."'~ .~.~" "~ "~.~" "~ey only just now cut me ~ W0~L~ AT r~ WOi~. !~ 'a~ryA$ "~,~m I in all the history of Japan had ever ' ~i:Lonte Jarraa penea the a r ' l se Melod sald l-- " I ~~ '! ~~f . . : . L - ' - w- I delivered a public speech before. In ~:;hh::h:j~ goh:;~Lo~ehoer~:,e:tsl~e' [all Japanese history, furthermore, kiat::e:oulgdn:~ ~ed ~n:ntSfre:rn~e. ]you ~yeady ~owed ~at, l~tth:uA~t d Y, sald it no emperor had purchased an arti. I cle of any shape, slze or form. In ba~t ~t~::dStor:Z%htse~rgehuPd aSh~ J there in the shadow:, but he was "What all went on down there? :. movmg very smwly, ~e a man m a How man counts was looked uncertain; then-placed her ~. ver dream I Y you accused ~ Paris, however, Hirohlto Insisted on lips to his temple to see if there was ] re ; - . ~ on, and how did you lie clear?" ~going alone and buying a necktie, ~enma ~etoay ~nerry screamed, 'The brun a o n fever there. Melody felt again that |, No no no " ~ Y g pe verdict. That s ~and later a pearl for his mother. the legal way of uttin disarming surprise, that a woman,'"e" d' called'out "Take c ",P g that they Hlroh/to Goes Underground. ghould take pains over some old |yoursel~,~a lo~Ymonte are or,ended, up confused, kind of." His greatest ambition, however, man whom she hardly knew -. :I know that much, you nump! was to ride on the Paris subwa or Fever Crick was wh~ Monte's gun came up; ou~ instead |Bu~ wnat happened?" ~, "metro." Before leavin~t To~v,~ ter a ain and Cherr to~l~'~''~'u'wu" |of firing he haU lowered it again. / "Listen, George,:' Melody said g,Y tO ram. nd o c " , "Why does this happen to a man II'Iis left. ha .m .v.~d over and |wear fly,my ears is wore thin. I Hirohito's staff had been strlctlyfor" , seemea to ree~or me gun, as ~ icam'tstand to hear all th~ o~.~ bidden to let the heir to the throne hke me, he whimpered, that . wr -" w~.~a ~, ~ ,o.~ +^ ~ o,~ ~ ~ /somethmg had gone ong there, |over agam, not even in my own ride on any subway; but despite this, the crown prince bolted most Y'Can=t th"ey h'i'; a~no ;ood"p k/and he didn't know what it was; but/voice. YOU can go down and read of his staff and ventured under- " -. [his astounded eyes did not leave fthe damn records some time. Or ground. He insisted on buying the nKe that clones, mat aln t worth his I . "elod /^, .~.= room to nobodv'~" iM Y. ' lU~= o,= ~ uuw. oo.= u~ck mules h tickets himself and handed them -~ .-.~- / Melody fired, wit out effect. He land glt em hauled up here. Allow a ton~ t~c~ no u 7 aanTe h l en Iknew where his shot went. Even |ford short ton." to the fat lady guarding the gate. off I'without seeing the splinters jump I "It beats me," Geor e~ ~a ,r But he handed them to her in a ,a m. ule. [from the door jamb, he knew it Inever see such a town for kicking bunch, instead of spreading them said~e'~n~%he]tn bTi: ;n u'~e fl%%e I wasn,t any good. He was concert-]away their opportunity. I'd of swore out fall shape, so that she could not atbergasted--becaUSea man Who can yoUqlact a -iitt/eget a tOOkdif ] trating everything he had on putting ]they'd hang you. What did they say Ii ~R.~ fi D .t~. OF .'~![ TRON'~ "000R {:L05|l~b, Y00. [ punch them quickly A]lof of which a ShOt where ne wanted at; nu~ ne Iwhen they unloosed you?" / brought forth a storm abuse in " l never had had any way of doing l "Theysaid" ,Goodbye I "~~LH~E~C-~O'AND~)IS~O~E~0t) ][ metro French, heaped on the head lit i that' and he had no way now. He / George gave it up then. He glared AP ~I~EN 0PEt~D/qL~RF.LV fie tim~ Th ;a~s r~ ~ " I walked closer, at Melody for a while. "But the re. * * * ! 'n'~ ~'~ i~t~#~lP~~/~|H~ I of the future ruler of Japan. ~- ~ -,~ ~, ~=~, .= c.- ~ " -'^ "~'" -tier Melod-"s a~. ~ . - dously overmanned posse was get- ~ n~am,~. ~ s ,~ ~. =**u.~ warn--you anyway got the reward?" CAPITAL CHAFF .----- Monte urea; lie nreu from celt-level, ' Whut rewardS" k - ,~m~,~-- ~ ',~ ;hogs:ea~tL~n ~or~ul~%mt?~g:=:a~Utt and h~sle:ned:n~:h:n;t~fe t;Yt~nrg to George Fury whimpered inartlcu- ~ -,till ~ The 1946 congressional elections probably wili see the bitterest fight w u put g mg lately, and the most money spent in years. o ld be. Melody flashed his ~ob " w of carving on the plank, and he slg- of the bu!!et Hjs ;hoO!e body curved . Oh, the thousand dullers," MeN CASE OF SCOTCH TIT FOR TA~-'-'~ Both sides are gearing ford show- to z~, wzm mc c ~ u~ wm mac ca remembered ' naled Cherry to come to him Y . Thet. Well, they down, partly as a result of the Brit- Even when she ha'd looked at It, was corona me lead, ea.eloay ~a.l- give it to me." Employee I hope I et ish elections Conservatives are say- terea nut ne aid not go aowrL ~e Wh in hell didn't , she did not understandwhat it ' - e -'" ,i Y yew say so? Mrs. Brown--I just found out that -- g a proton, ing: "It can't happen here." was ~ ~o" came ahead wa~mg st dally. Well, Geor~'e "'ou my husband has been deceiving me. uon soon, slr. You see I'm taking a ~. Truman was kept informed re. . ' . o,~ ~ce, x gxve it Mrs. Blue--What s he been doingr make more anne-- garding all these incidentsti "It's a tombstone, kind of," Mel- .M:l.ody fired agaln, and missed back.",correspondence course on how to , etea Mrs Brown--I've been giving him Em 1 ~" -, ody said sheepishly, in case it s " 'wha-- Why, yew befewzled-J, off that Japan w~- " =" . p" ,A clear blaze of fury broke u the ~ P oyer--Well, I don t know ca '=~weaKenmg needed, after while, blank astonishment of Monte's p I ]estdtdn t figure it was coming a dime for car fare and he g been You see I'm taki ' ,nga correspond. Carved deeply into the oak were . . ace. to me, George; You can go git it ~vi~ks~ng and spendlng the money on ence course myself on how to re- =,~.a~er ktussla dec/ared war "~ -~u ~aps did not declare war i~ . . . He fired three tlrrms, crazily, as fast yourself when ou'r , me woros Y e abler I m ~emrn -, as he could drop the hammer - auce expenses. Mel- sick of them jiggers." ~Congressman John J. O'Connor, I BE DAMN IF r AIM TO STAND FOR THIS. GEORGE FURY. ody jerked a little and swayed, but kept his feet. He fired again, and his shot split the edge of the broken screen door. This wasn't Monte, firing from the door, but a different p~oposition, torn in two by enough crazy anger to poison a bull ~train Melody saw that, and he dtdn't understand it, but hd knew his chance. He knew he had a fraction of a second of time now, for he was standing in front of Monte Jarrad, and he was not dead He fired, and "All of hisdife he's harped on that one string," Melody explained. "I cknow this-is the way he'd feel about it, if he realized he was being buried." " 'Damn if I aim to stand--' " Cherry read; and burst into tears. "This time he's right," Melody Said, "for this one time. They gone $oo furl We cain't stand for it. Not It was some time before George could speak. He turned his face to the wall, chewed his mustache, and prayed for the strength to get up and k~l Melody. He was under control, though, when he turned back. "After 1 turned back the thousand dullers," Melody said, "they come tt~ with a bill for my board. O' course I couldn't pay it. So they held me in the jail three days more, on a charge of vacancy. Or sonar. thing like that." (TO BE CONTINUED) ounger Generation Jane--I always compliment my teachers on their clothes. 3can---Why? Are they smart? Jane---No, but I try to be, Right Answer He--Have you got the time? She--Yes. He---Good. If you've got the time, I've got the money. Wisecrack Nit---Got a drum in your ear? Wit--Yes. Nit--Then beat it. And Half-l~ked Joe-Love is llke ;,pple pie. Bill--Meanlng? Joe--ALl you need is a lot of crust and applesauce. Sounds Right! Teacher---And h~w did God create woman? Jimmy--/think he ~took the brains out of a man and made a woman. Good Question Him--If you refuse me, I'll never love another. Her--Bu*, what i~ I accept you? victim of the Roosevelt purge and who has never forgotten it, Js among those backstaging the Christ/art front campaign against Gen. Wil- liam O'Dwyer. Another Instigator [s Father Edward Curran O'Dwyer fought the Christ/an front when he was Brooklyn prosecutor. qL The army is due to cutback on. amost everything except hospitals. Several new ones will be built in- cuding a $20,000,000 array hospital in Puerto Rico by the L. W. Robert firm of Atlanta. He was secretary of the Democratic national committee. @