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August 30, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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August 30, 1945

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TRURSDAY, AUGUST 30, 1945 rilE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER PAGE FIVE / t'l~| X,T 1 A 7 ~ AI" 1 time left for her h~ne on No 41 BIDS WANTED I STATEMENT O- T------ ~ - ' " J J t ~KASURE. R'S ANNUAL REPORT FOR PUBLICATION Inn vveeK /-kYotlna Ivleaora Thursday of last ~'eek. The Board of Trustees of the Con I ,ecelp,s an ~aneral Fund 40 3054 85 "06- " /Runestrand and little dJau~qtel; !premises known as the Con~,re~a I . . unt rece,ved during year from State""E-uaii" ' !ng of last week. Later in ~he day,! place tPaula, left for l~argo Friday of l tional Church Building at the" ~x- [ 5 ~m~ n'-Fund- !To tal of.a, b, c and d) .q ~ 679.26. h:rchfat~er ~ook her home to eheiatAt::llT~tende:llda:ceMe~?r?eld/l.~st week, w~ere they will jointpen~e ~a~ttheTP~srchaS~rnka.s f ~ ~s~ / 6 by:D~i~t~tCr~::S~i~ ?la-uBmgrdYea[-'t'~"Ta-xes-~e-~!-~d 2321.79 ' ' ' eu Gurln ea Mrs usth evening with I BTVs ,T al of a bg ardfr ot or Revenue 3999 wD~cki.nson to shop Thursday of lastI~u(:::~%:Y nls?rgitO~shTe~oart~l~/tl~lvl2 to Wit friends and rela~/ to nA~ltaht~fteetrh:oSl~tgwt~t!e r 1~, Sl~Se. l 2ta~le~a~m~ntn~AerC~i~e~;< f R~'dtmhser n n-reve~aUe're$391~99 4770 " " 1 Frame Buildi kno,by School Tr' su ef' iS"rfi " Homemakers held their regular[ Chat the music was 10ud and ex-[ L 'M Rarnhart and famil, ~rt / ~$ wn as the ] B Tyear {Total of items 1 to 9 i~h,=~ " g the " . ~ - ~.u~t~ chop anu one ~ rame C Gran . " ' " : 3 mv~t:ngd2~ ~e2.S~O~v:~ cel leh~dabd a~lata very good time/~e::~, t~h show in Beach last/ Gar~g~e BUsial~ng' frWoitmh thee r~giht 1 urerd T ltaulla~%nt roenCe~endd ~t2ch~OlaD~St~iect T~eas- 754 $ " " Th ' . y ~ b. premises on or after October 2nd . EXPENDITURES OF GENERAL FUND" ~,r~.u~ Joined up and Mrs. Wllhe Bahrn] e second trick at the ~l. P.[ We have received ~ord that the[ 1945, but such buitdings must b~ J 1Gene~rma~U~n~r~d ,D~.-~- -~ for ~he Fo.llowlng Purl~sea: was eneert)ained a~ the ~uest of the~Depot here Is closed ~or the pre~-|residence of J~nnv ~n ,~, ! removed from the premises with ,~ . ~cnoo~ urncer's ~zharles $?0365 -~ . -~------, v,~, in a reaso " " Expen ~ $52.10) " evening !ent due .tv the fact that the oper-|of Belfield, was .burned to the l The Boar~nableTtLm~es reser I 2. Instructional Service. (Teacl~ers;'""Sa'iari'es'"'$1405"~ 155.75 e~,or Helen nol Lmrary Tucks 1070 -- First Lmut. C. O. McCx~tclmx~ and !,Ar d, has entered the |ground dm-lng, his ~vbsence some I right to reject any or all bids $o. Supplies $55.98 Teachel's' Re- All oius must be written .- . t ---=,-=-~ runu Feneral Tax $22060) wife are visiting friends in Medora ] Glendive h0~pital for an oper~ti0n ]time ago. We "do not have details I an envelo-e ana sealeu m,3. Auxiliary Agencies (Transnortation ~a on "~:.i~i'2"- 1708.98 . at present while Lt. M~C~chenlana no. s~titttt.e was avaflable. |but e~ctend our sympathy to J~hnny. lposited wltb Mrs. Harry Roberts,| 4~pe~ation-o~-pi~n~"'";~:"::,'.;~X':.=.-'= :. 113.20 In Germany at the close of the[ ~Ixs. C. B. O~en, ~ho has been| Mel-Mathson of HaMday visited] ClerkHarry Roberts,|D. T otsi amount Paid During School Ye$r "b~ "Dis'~ict 72.22 ~almr, ~la~e~i:blis~d~nalelnvi~b~ V~iu~tl~gdl~h~ra~a~urfd:YS~:dtv'~l~q~atl:~dL~e~tu~hl~o~e~/ NONCE ~ / Treasurer record as a soldier, promoted from met by Mr Olsen, I Saturday afternoon the boys both |'CHANGE OF N-}~ N--FOR WAnR~S 'ISS~/ED 4513.9~ --,~ ~u~ ~#- /~arran~s lSsueu, July 1 1944 to June 30 1945 Ite the ranks to first lieutenant and/ ~,al ranchers sh117ped out 221went to Halllday to visit at the,INDIVIDUAL. l Clerk's Annual Report),( m B. earning several well merited dec-Icars of beef cattle Friday of laSt IM~;t~son home reeurnlng :to ~e-] Notice is Here---~'~--v ~i GENERAL nqFORI~ATiON CONC~-RNING'DEB;r-oF DISTRIc~ 2502.50 orations. It is repoDted that he/Week. The c~ttle were in fineldora Monday evening. I~nd~:[~.gneNd, George ~v~'7.d?~a~l z%~Iwarrants Outstanding (Item(~Sc~frJ,~n~:Oul9~)port. --- Was un@ble to find forage for hisi .sha~pe and represent a substantial| The W. J. Ray family and Pierre ]to the' Di [:ht Dtko ta' will .apply] Grand Total Ou~ n din~ ! 207.40 horse rn the occupied area, so, [ income ~o .me owners. Don ~ay[ Lebo took in the Be~ch movies on |County North Dakota"~ for~ le~rags I County o~a ~llln~ ~ORTH DAKOTA, ) ~ " aecom anied the shi eft to South change his name from Green ~ - )ss. calhng u~on his resourcefullness 1 P pm JMonday evemng and report a won- I~d George G. I. River School District No. 4 ) a 1 ,~-,~,uy WnlCn ne is now i uo solemnl swear t o ' learned ~hlle living in bhe Dad-] St. P U. Iderful show. ]~nown to George G. Hall. t within is a true Yand corrtech~t:;o:h%fbe~lt fonmYs k2 Wledge and behef the lands, he went forward into no-I ~Mr. and ,Mrs. John Godfrey and,J. J. To~mmichel took his wife IfoSaideaaripPncaU 9 will come on ]me as School Treasurer. Y cetveu ann paid out by man's land, under fire, and secured|Mrs. ,~arold Di~us were shaking It~ the Dickinson hospital for a tCourt at ~he ~%rebe:sne of D~:I ~ . TONY QBRIGE~VITCH I check a I Harv~ J Mil s . ~reasurer o~ Green l~ivcr School Dt" ' the much needed feed for his / trends w~bh friends and sholypmg m ~ . -up ndto rest a week. ~ ~Y . ler, in the City ofI Subscmbed and sworn to before me this 20th ~ strict No. 4 norse. Welcome home, Blackie, we ~ D~ckinson Monday. [La~est reportsare that she istAM of the 24th H~- ,~*, ,~ - - ~ ANN M BRO~'v f ---~ ~- ~ep~emoer -,~ are proud df you. ~ ~Ir. and Mrs. M~hlon EverettsI eellng much better. /19.45: Any person objecting to said l' County Superintendent ,er 1 Frlda fr ' ~Ir and Mrs L O Brown-"-'~-~/applicauon must file them with the 'Miss 'Loll ~Brown, traveling clerklarrlved h e ast y om Cali-I. =: .~ . . ".' " ~." v~Clerk of The District Court, Me-tSTATEMENT OF TREASURERS ANNUAL REPORT FOR PUBLICATI N for th~ S~I tl Service svent~ fornia for a visit with Mrs. Everett s,in ~emelu ms~ lsun~y evemng nora .N D within thirty da s /Roce~pts in General Fun ec ve ~ " ' " " - Y d ' ~ ' ~r and Mrs Ed I-I~rdin-^--,~---~ ~a~ter me nrstpublication of th" A. Cash in General Fund (in hands of D~ Mond~tv and Tueedav of this Week I l~aren~s Mr. ana ~LrS. l-larry,' ~ v"J"JYvu In~fi~ m t "strict Treasurer " ' ' - ' the showIn h " l ~,u e~ctuulng ~in~Ing Fund) JUly I, 1944 3350 instructing our new clerk, Rober~a|Robe~s we unuem~ana .~n~ Mr ~ la~ ~onuay,Dated A u.gust 16, 1945,1.Tot~t amount received during year from ap'por: "-- ' Evere~s ~s to re open ana conuuct'm~n~ t GEORGE G ZDR~HAL / . ~onment of State Tuition Fund tooer~s, in vne wnys ana where- - ~ First Pubication August 16 1945 ' z. o~al amount received durin e 34344 fort~ of the duties af her amen.I the Evere~t Real Estate & Loan/ Leonard Orvedal,District FSA (August16-23-30) ' " / tionment of County Tuition guY~ar from appor- 320-, Miss Brown l~t Wednesday morn. ~ Company afflce at Dickinson. |Supervtsor, a Mr. Lynn, of thel,3. Amount. rece!ved .during.year from'"'Stat'e'"~.qua'i/: '~" Cour~y auditor J P" Tester leftl has been ~isiting him for s~ne| ~Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson and].Lee M Warden'VS"Admin' ~" /|C" Grandurer T t'a~mcludingam Untcash~eceivedonhandbY(ItemSCh lA andD'is't'r'i'ct'"Tre'as lItem B 5339.10 Mrs Junior Cook of Grassy Bu~e i " ' " ~ EXPEND ) 8689.39 STATEMENT OF TREASURER'S ANNUAL REPORT FOR PUBLICATION/visited .Mr and Mrs John God, re--I i~trg vrid of ~aerdeEnS~ant~ .) 1 Amounts Paid Du~EYSaa?FforG~?%AolL1 FUND ur l. 11 . !' ceipts ='":'"'":'"= = .: 624.1,Se.~, . " ' I in the Complaint ~,6. Fixed Charges. (Insurance $1i'63~ 42.46 B. Total amount received by ~cnooi Treasurer ourmg zne / / ~Defen.~ ,' / 7. Capital Outlay (New ~m,i-k--=-; ;;Y~"==- ~o C. GrYe~e:~~ro~liid;:~~e~m:~N:. =': I '~t~Sh:~ yof~d~ev~fllfltladt ~ed R:c~w~ri / THEuN.:TA~:e a~Oc:OVo~OR~u~Ma!?ODrDA/:' ~r~rerVi:~!M~~se:~;~b~4 'District ~20 473388 " e Followtn- P ---ses" ~ a ~ y here-/ ' ~ ' -'"of"J'u'ne"3"0""'1945 Amoun~ Pald During Year *or ~ . . ~.^^~"~* " l a-.~ ~. ~,Icy summoned and required to an-| ~--=, ,a, *reas. ~eportl ' ~n~=~, 1. General Control (School Officers ~alarles .u"^~ i .~,u *~u,* ,tunic, *v~,~,~ ~ oc,-|swer the Comnlaint= of th~ ,~,t-~,^,- ! WARRAN'r~~g-gTI~ ~ ,o,~ ~, 8 AEAuPx~is~ SA~S~0cMslSCe~larnne UpSr$5mt00)n"$~'~''~'''~ui~j' n ]field 0~I NO. g Monday. ]twiffic~nisthfi~edabovethenti~lede action, lWarraa:SrkI,~s~2AuJa~l~elp,o1744 to June 30 1945 (Item B " " " " 420 00 I~1 is reported that Margaret War-/ f the/ ' $96 00) . : District: " Clerk of the District Court of Bil GENERAL INFORMATION CONCE~'NG'"D~.BT OF 488568 D T~raleasAume?Unt Paid During School Yearf JunebY 30 1945 490 O0 |ois, nee An~l~on and J o~n Vehite |~lng%ervC:u%tY,co North Dakota and |Warrants Outstandin (Item (EA.s of June 30 1945) DISTRICT nee Anaerso,were ~o leave Port Py of your answer g Clerk's Annual Re ort E. Cash on Hand in General Fund as o /upon the subscriber a hi~ ,~/.~ STATE OF NORTH 'DA1~O~,p ) 151.80 (Item G, Treas. l~eport) : 1800 231~and, Ore last Monday night ~O/in the City of Belte/d"- ~rl~[~ounty of Billings {~ STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA, ) [ visit at t~he parental home in Me- [County, North Dakota, within t/dr: I ~emores School District No. 2 i~ County of Billings .~ss. Idora for a few days ]ty (30) days after the service Of[w~wi ~ uo solemnly swear that to the best of my knowled e a Tester School District No. 8 ~ 12 " this summons u on . thin is a true and curre~t . . g nd belief the I do solemnly swear that to. the l~est of my knowledge and b elief, t" ~ el Irma ~l,ry Le~o Is now holding/of the day of PsuchY%U~rv~cxc:lu~vde |as School Treasurer report of all moneys received and paid out by me Within is a true and correct repor~ o~ all moneys recelveo ann palu ou~ u~- s**~ I-, ~'- /in case of our f ' l uOWn~41e pO~ oI ~terK Of t~e~ Y~ allure t9 appear l MARION CHRISTENSEN as School Treasurer or a,rower 3uograen~ will De taken~ Treasurer of - MRS. SAM B ASAR~ A .[Selective Service of Stark County]agalnst ou by d ault f.~ t~ -^ Subscribed and swor to ha D,eMores School Dmtrict No. 2 Treasurer o~ ",'ester ~;cnool .~isErlc~ P~o o ] i kinson ta n~ ~.~. h,~ ~ +~=~ J fief deJa~nded- ineft~- ~-,~,~]~,'=-~ (SEAL) n ~ uus lure hay of July 1945 Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1Oth day ot JUly ll~la I at D c,1~ ~ ~ ~auv Dated August 4th --A I:)-.'"~ - " ROY L~LLmmDGE Ion Friday of last week. She vl~it~ed ] H E ;. ~; 1945. I PA.UL W. LEBO n~x Notary Public, Billin s o STATZMENT OF .AN~ UAL REPORT FOR PUBLICATIO. her parents, Mr and Mrs Paul W RA~?~enecYe :or Plaintiff, NzD. My Commissigns ~c~?r~ A. Cash in General Fund (in handSu~f Dlis~4t Treasurer 238930 'end. ] kota u, ~lo~n Da-.$TATEMENT ~ l.nTdot~ClaUdmionugntSinekctenigv~ndddring Yyear frol~["-ai~ior ' ] J~II ~ and Marilyn Christen-]TO~rT~.Z ABOVE NAMED DEFEND- . - OF TREA~Rt~I~ ,~ai ~POlq'l" FOR PUBLICATtOm tionment of State Tuition Fund =::. = ~;-~ 166.78 . ]sen Visited and shopped in Dick-|. further take notice that ~" ~;aaShdin~ener~ ~un d (inhands of Dls~ric't-T 'reasurer 5. ~moOuVn~rPteYme~ f~%%n~ ~na~r ~ru~' ~'axe~s L~v]et~ 1968 85 I L~on fl~mt, Thursday to S&turdey / ~~i n %~ec~o fcltu~ee ~-heb V~)efeenn?atin~ 1. Toot~aml' "amo~n~'r~V.Ve~iundau~r/ 44~8~, by District School rmara ; ;~;;.~; ~'t ~="~ "=~. . |Fom any. es~te or interest in or 2 Totsl~.~ .Sta te .T u~tl P .Fund - 4~.~ C. Grand Total amount reee Y :" 6034 19 Lrl ~he Air Co~ on leave and North West Quarter of t 5 Amoun ' ' .d d) .= 794.24 urer including cash on hand (Item A a na ~tem~l " enr-,t~ ~'~ th~ ~,~, i-+n| seeuon 14, in Township 138 N I ",by n~c~veu uurlng year ~rom Taxes Levied EXPENDITO2gES OF GEI~-I~L z.~ ~-~ ~u~. ""1 ~ange 100, West of th F~ 1 .-k' --'~r z~cnool ~oarn 31.22 Amounts Pald Durlng ye a~, for th~ FoIIowing~rpos~. his new post at C04~m~la, S. C | Principal Meridian, Billin~ Co~r~: ] o.~.~nount,~c~ oxreceived during year from Sale of Cer- 20 . 1. General Control. (Scnool omeer's ~alarles ~.w ,~, and Mrs Gibbons ~11 a,~/9", morth Dakota. ,~^ ln~e~e.aness : = 55.40 .~.w,e.~o.~~ SaidDe:tendants will B *.~UnL r~elveu ny ~cnool rreasurer durin Expenses $10.00) ; further take . g the 2 Instructiona~ Service (Teachers Salaries .$1627.~ briefly last Monday. Mr. ~lbbOl~'/noticethat no costs Will be aim P ,~ yea/ (Total of items 1 to 9 inclusive) * " ' irement cl - v. ~,ranu ,'o~al amoun~ " 389880 Text Book $49.10 Supplies $4~00Teachers Re~ ~oao.a father ~ formerly station saent left by. the Plaintiff against any Of ur~- ~ ~, received by. School District Treas- " Fund $19.20 Federal Tax ~lu.t~l .: =-:=.==-----~-;; ~" ,~ ~,n, ~,~ k ~ ~--~",|~ne ae*enaan~s not appearing or an- ~- -,~,uum~ ~asn on nana ~ttem A and Item B)' 7755 12 3. AuxiUary Agencies. (Transportation I~.~1 ~Is- .~ ~*~ *~I~*~o, .u~~*c ~uy|swerlng. A--- . ~DITII~ ~ OF GENERAL FUND . o u~ I cellan[ $850) ~18 1~ here a good many years a~o. H. E HAN~ 1. GentrWl%mn~la loultl,~ .-- zor, fll~ FolIowl~tg Pultpo.S: 4. eratmn of Plant (Fuel $78.00 Supplies $7.18) Attorney for Plaln r o!. (School Officers S.l~,i=~ ~3 5. ~intenance of Plant (Repairs toBuilaln gs $3700 Major ~ns is completing ~,(Aug. 9-16-23-30 Sept. 8-1~)uff" ~ r~o,~,~+~ Ex~ $73~;.: :~------. ;""='= " 138.23 Miscellaneous $8.85) :-: o,~ sevenm year In me .~Ir uorps ? -- -.~-e~-~.-.ITt ~er~rlce, iTe~.cners salaries $3418.10 6. Fixed Charges. (Insurance $i~.78 M^~.cenaneOus ~ J,~M~O~ ~ ~uu~ e~*o.~o Teacners' l~etlrement Fund $5.00 Refund to ~ounty Treasurer ~-~.~J~ 3 ~uxiI 3587.0{} 7. Capl~l Outlay. (Check Exchange $1,85 Miscellaneous 920 W~lllllt AJ~ ISTA OF NORTH DAKOTA ) 4. Opera~orTn Aoge~Cien~ ~Transportation ~.1.80.) 61,80 $7 55) .: =--.:---:--': VV ~g, ~.~0 I ' %SS "~a~ ~ I~.o t~ue* ~v.~v oan~,or's wages D Total Amount Paid During School Year oy ~istnc~ ] COUNTY - vv ~,~o.~ 227 2560~0 OF BILLINGS ) 5. Maintenance of Plant (Re irs to 24 E. Cash on Hand in General Funa as ol June 30, 1945 ~. ~. ] SIXTH JITDICIA " $ ' ) 47 59 Treasurer =-.-.= ]FOR ~ head re~ IN DISTRICTCOURT Upkeep of Ground- - 120~ pa Buildings $35.54 (Item G, Treas Report) = - -,-- ~ y~.r,m,S .vmm, a~ z nea~ at lAlex Meduna, ~ --,~'~l~'~." ~.~a~t,~Ou?taY kMis?ellaneous ~.00, O. ther $291.90) 298.90 RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES IN $1NKU~G AND X~Z'~L~nt z,~ reg~erea ~-year om ~tt~. Ra~ Plain " . o=av,ce tt-erunca~es o* maeb~eaness Paid 1944 tiff ) $5 00 Victory Tax) Receipts during year plus cash on nana JUly 1, -, ,~osser Tratters ------ [ vs ' . " -' 324 ne'"30"'"i~ I STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA, " " Cash on hand in Buil~ng Fund as of Ju,Katherine E Beard nh~ Co ) cite,- *T Tr^as Re"ort 534.82 Lebo, Medora. 8-~ t " o],~ - ,un.ty of Billin~s . )ss. '= " ~ ~,&'~'~',~'"~'&~ I ~a~u~y ~ ~eunaKe, ) ~aaale ~utte ~cnool District No. 17 ) W~,~-~,~, - Item B ~:asper J. l-lellhake; Mrs. ) I do solemnly swear that to the best of m Warrants .Issued, JuIy l, 1944. to June .30, 1945 (,~ FOR SALE-- 1940 Chevrolet 1~ ~ Mabel Hellhake. Blanche) within is a true and co ^~ y knowledge and belief the . ~),rrect r~.~ v ~ u,~y~ recelvea 'an t~lerK s Annual ~eporD ~'auline HelIhake, and all as School T a palo out by me GENERAL INFORMATION CONCERNING DEBT OF DISTRICT ~on truck with gr~ln box ~Ild]persons unknown havin~ ! reasurer. Warrans~TA(AOT~ta~mgNO(IR~T~A% ~AKle~,~A: A~30~luall~eport) 73.80 R alm~her~losse~,cen~ot~g~. ~/ !nnrtceurCelm~:a?ce a:ru ~:lint~ente : e~ i Subscribed and sJ:rn~St%re~ef ofr:~amdUedl~sBBR~Itt~?dWaSI;hSo ~CflHAuDiStri~tsNo. 1'/. County of Billings ' )ss real property de~ribed ir~ ~ ANN M. BROWN" " Spring Creek School District No. 18 ) the Complaint, Whether ) ~:ounty Superintendent I'do solemnly swear that to the best of my knowledge .and ~ lief thm: [ IJ as the creditors, heirs,) . witi!i.n is.a true and correct repor~ o~ au moneys recelveu mau pta*u ~u~ *~.v ~ [ W.J. RAY ! [adrrflnistrato rs ) ~TAT~T OF TREASUN .~tl .ANNUAL B EPORT FOB PUBLICATION as ~cnool Treasurer. ~ .~or,~rr~,~ I s*, .-- I iox 1-1. A. HelmaKe, ae-/) *~OCelpts In ~anaral l~und JO~ ~.o~~-~,~-'~ ~-~r-~.-~w ceased A. t:asn In General Fund in h," ~,or otherwise, ) ( ands of D~strict T Creek School District No 18 ~ reasurer Treasurer of SprlngOI JUl IV ,o. ",J l ' Defendants, ) and excluding' .Sinking' Fund) July 1 1944 Subscribed and sworn to before me this 10 day ~.~t~y ~** [ PRA6~rICE IN ALL COURT~ ||T HE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA *.~*'otal a moun~ .rece* ved auring year from aDDOr- 3123.92 DCHAK / J ITO THE ABOVE NAMED DE- . ~onmen~ o~ ~m~e TuitJo~ Fund -- 13992 "" F1~2~DANTS" z.'roml amoun~ received during year from "'ap'po'r'~ " A~v,~mm~ / Medora, N. I:lak. i JYOU and each of you are hereby . tionmen.t of .Count~- Tuition Fund 66032 serve a copy of your An s Receipts 1" ~I~'~!~1~ ~ ~k/'1~1~,|swer upon the subscriber at h~ B. Total amount received by School'Tr=J-::-L"2"-;. 0.80 his lawn mower .the our, st.war a Left Thigh on Horses; ~|,Section Fifteen (15); and the f~ 00. Supplies $249)" " 's wages ' when somebody snows mm p~- ~'~ ~" ~" ~ ~ ~ | West. Half (W~) of Section o. mam~enance of Plant. ;i'Rep'ai'~'"~'"Bu{Iciin'~'"~~ 82.49 , that runs un- how to make life corn ~ tT~) lae ~atrae, ~,"rwenw-~nree (23); all in Town- ^ ~u.PKeep of ~rounds $500) --o- v-.~. and e~ - ' "----I/ snip One Hundred Forty-one (141) ~. [Ixed .Charges. (Insurance "~i'1"1)' "ii[ii[~i[iiiI 7.50 der its own power. " -~/-'- ----rk work you do running off Submarginal Range, ~ ] North. Range Ninety-nine (99) D ,~'ap~m~.Ouuay;~ ( New Equi.Pment $2.49). ::::::::::[::: .---- --! ~Ili. "I lib a vn~uoor w~. -- . South of x~ ,ra.~ ~o~+ ~! / o nungs t:ounw, ~'4ortn l~axom, --~. ,-,u,t ram uurlng scnool Year D Di " 2.49 I~nncKs ~,---, ~~ ~ ~, .~o, v, Y strict ,7 I /o o i wnur back ! |ana is brou ht for the ur use ~reasurer lawn mower that gives you s me w~m.$~ -~ ~ ~Y,=~==~.~bod~,s Submarginal fence on North,|of excluding g~aid Defendantsp ~rom E. Cash on Han'd"lnGen~ra[~kun~"as'"o~-~une- -3-0---.-/~ 2567.IT ~ ~ I ov d~ It ~e~s -ougn~ ~o uv p~-~ ~ ~--~ # ~ si,~ f |any inzerest In or lien or encum- tlzem G Trees Report) ' ~=" ~ ~m~ ~" b ranc ' and post-war plans. And on a hot ui e upon the same, and to Warrants Is W&.RBAM~TS ISSUED 3741.88 the old blood circulating r^'s alwa"s You will be reimbursed any ~ /~. et. title in the Plato tiff as to "~1 . ,ssued, July 1, 1944 to June 30, 1945 (Item B --=--~,~.1 thlrSt, oay, as Wlll, says, tttv v $ ,-- -^*~ ~ ~. a ~.~ I |all clmms ot said De~enuants ~o t. erK s ~nnual l~eport) $2565 97 Cash[he Cheole~ ~ -:~ W rK a wonuv ~Apczl~v111uvb, 3 ~.~ ~ uz @~ m, o s up ""~" + #hat snarklin~lass of beer as a . : ", "I iPersonal judgment is asked against . STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA "~ 2567.1~ ,qvh ~.~,~.~- lmrHl ~ daS- WltU z~w~ ~- r ~" ~" iormauon concernmg me ~aKlng- any of said Defendants ~oun~y of Bilhn" s ' ss "there's nothing in the whole reward! /~ ^ ('7/// -~ or stealing of this livestock willI [DDated. this 20th day of July A. Me%Uric StheOOl ll~irtrict NO. 1 ~ " -fE~ be rewarded un er h . i / ~wa. -- mn y swear ~nat to ~ne .vest of my knowledge and . world that tastes as good as a, ~ t d t e Stocx-|,J W STURGEON,wl~ln is a true ana correct repor~ oz all mon ~ ' belief the ' - as School Tre ,-*~ -=~=~v~u ana pall out b me ^ ~ ~ ~# ho,~rp, ~ growers Association Reward aS! [ Attorneyfor ~eamur~, ~*~,-~-. Y ~uoor*~u~ ~, vL .~.~ - I / residenceand P O ~"'A ~--~--- pUDilSnea ! ~v ~1~ ,] address Treasurer of Medora School District N. . ht, 1945, United States Brewers Foundation ~ ~- ' Dickinson, N. D. ~uoscnoea ana sworn ~o oe*ore me this 27 day of J-~v ~ o 1 / (July Z~; .~-ug. 2-9-16-23"30) WALTER-G. I~EI~'"