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September 8, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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September 8, 1960

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BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER Modern Wayfarer Stops On 25,000 Mile Pilgrimage-- Volunteer Campaign to Hel p Equip Psychiatric Wing i O ing, p~inting, woodwork, metal- work, printing and handicraft, and nursing station. Other facilities to bc financed through the fund appeal include n Plans for a campaign to raise cepted part of general hospital op- doctor's office and conference room, more than $200,000 needed to equip eration, because of the frequent examination and treatment room, a new 28-bed psychiatric wing at overlap between medical and psy- recovery room, small laundry with St. Alexius Hospital in Bismarck chiatric needs of more and more adjacent beauty parlor as recom- were announced this week by 'Ja- patients, mended by the U. S. public health cob Swenson, president of the hos- "Presence of such a clinic greatly service, ~nd an outpatient clinic pital's lay advisory board, facilitates short-term therapy and with rooms for the psychiatrist, A. Patterson has been named encourages patients and their famil- psychologist, s and socialworkers. plus oral chairman eta one-day fund ies to seek. help in the early stages two electroencephalograph gppeal Se~Jt. 12, in which he will of me-- L ~.tal ll ss." rooms be assisted by a dozen drive majors When completed, the new psych- A roof deck located above the ~ 108 volunteer contains iatric wing will be staffed by psy- addition will provide an area for ~" " " nd " chologlsts a social workers di- volleyball, sunbathing and outdoor " ms is not a toga pressure cam- - ' - recreation. Note the grillwork visi- " ed ""'- rectea Dy ur. ~aKer in actOltlOn to pal~n " rat~erson stre~u . wE are ' ble in the illustration. ' . . other members of the hospital staff mv~tmg business establishments to 1 sucn as nurses, oraernes, aloes ann Entrance to the new psychiatric ]otn us in neiplng to estao lsn me ,~o,~h,~ ,~ th~ ~,~,oo~,~n ~ o~ wing will be by elevator first psychiatric clinic of its kind ir~ T~nrth Dakota This is a much In citing the need for financial In a modern hospital, it is esti- ter for the entire area assistance Sis Paul told drive neenea mCnlty ,he met re ated that each bert represents a not just the Bismarck community majors~ . cen!ly at the hos- total investemnt of approximately nr trade territory pital mat nearly all nosp~tal costs Sister Paul $20,000 and that maintenance and ~-"~'-lne -unit wl~ll" o-e dedicateo- to have, skyrocketed ume" " ~ne ~----.-:,:T-' a operating7 500 expenses total about "-e eo-le of North Dakot 'Our departmental expenses to- said' I$, per bed each year se,r~.'e m p .~p . a. taled $181,000 in 1945, but climbed "This study was made by James[ ---I~--- ~A nlle we Will welcome assistance . . .^~h . . , . . to ~l.o mlUlOU mr lung, mr exampm, A. Hamilton Hospital Associates, ITe~t~#%~ r~~, &#, from anyone wishing to contribute he naintod o,~ " n 19a& a,v -~- t ' s t. I X-,ay University of Minnesota, one of thet.ltJlh~J.Ull OIIIIhUI IU we an not plan any olrec SOllClEa- ~ ~ . ~^ e or i d'v'~ual " co~t~ a ounteu to ~a,Dov, comparea ~lon el iamltl S n I lu S . " with $97,000 last year. The budget leading hospital survey groups in 1111" i - NIIr ~1 Hospital Administrator, Sisterfor nursing service was $18,000 in the United States." IlvleeI in lvlanaan Paul, 0. s. B said bids on the $1,- 1945, but ai'ter adding a hundred "National studies also show that "I consider myself a citizen of the naUonal government the right to 600,000 addition to St. Alexius Hos- beds, this expense climbed to $210,- one in ten persons is now hospital- I The American Le~'mn's ~,hv=:- - world and a member of the human make war. She feels this right pital will be advertised Aug. 8 and 000 in 1950, $285,000 in 1955 and $380,- jzed once a year for mental illness [ committee has sch~eduled its an family" said the tanned, sliver-hair- shou!d n~,w be given by the nations called in on Sept. 8. 000 in 1959 "Mental patients now occupy more nual midwinter post officers' con- ,i ed woman who calls herself "Peace to the Unitecl Nations Organization. "We of the St. Alexius Hospital "Sixty to 7~ per cent of our total that 50 per cent of all hospital beds[ terence in Mandan next February Pilgrim " She added that nations "would not staff are more than pleased that the expense is salaries, which amount- in the United States," Sister PaulI Meeting recently in Fargo the '~ In January of 1953, she left Los or should not. give up any other lay advisory board has seen fit to ed to $45,000 in 1945, $156,351 in said. h n the 75th anm edJu e 25-27 I N- rthnDak taasC mmittee announc- A ~geles, Calif on the first leg of rights. Anything that car be fairly sponsor such a fund appeal," Sister 1950, $678,0~0 in 1955, $957,000 in "We have c ose '-1 - the dates for next a tour that would take her on font ~,nJ ef~icic~,tly handled ai the grass Paul said . 1959 and will total $1,172,954 this versary year of St. Alexius Hospital year's convention in Fargo, Ad]u- * through48, st ates. tenCanadmnprn ro~ts level should be handled "VCe wish the general public to year " ' " " there." understand that all funds from this "Hospitals now rank fifth in size to move forward towards provid- taut Jack Williams said. , v~n~s n~dMeX~C pillgr :n: ~:~: lh n lug our area with the psychiatricD es at were also selected by dis- Apparently feeling no ill effects campaign will be used in furnish- among all businesses," Sister Paul facilities it needs " trier deputies for fall meetings. dedicated herself to walk 25.000 from a l::fe in the open, Peace PiN: ing the psychiatric wing with the said. Th:~ s,ketch from the office of The si.tes and dates" and s e 'Addltmnal costs are thus quite miles in the interest of world peace, grim states that she hasn't had a necessary beds, furniture p c- ' ' ' " Thorshov and Corny Inc St Paul The 1st D~Strlct " She has now walked more than half cold or headache or been ill a ial equipment needed for the carl-formidable, and yet, the community Minn. architects and engineers, 10th District, Co"Farg 'gsWen. ~ept,Sept"z'i'2~-; of those miles. Her vow is "I shall single day since 1953, when she ous types of therapy None of the shows how the new $1.6 million ad- 4"h~'" ' " "'---"-" x~-'ll ~ Ul~tnc~,~amesmwn ~epz. z~; remain a wanderer until mankind started on her 25,000 mile walk. proceeds will be used for operation ozuon to bt /~lexlus Vl 5th DistrictB " ' " has learned the way of peace, walk- ' f ismarcK ~ept 29; ing until I am given shelter and Wbile in Bismarck, the pilgrim of the hospital itself or for con- look from the southwest corner o ' .~ . ' ' ~n uistrle~, ~eacn, ~ept. 30; 7th was a zuest of the Rev. and Mrs. st,r~eting the addition, property. District, Mandar~ Oct. 2; fasting until I am given food."R. "V: Tannehill. She'appeared be-" 'We also wish to emphasize that The new psychiatric wing is lo- ~ ~nphasizing that she is not a men- fore the adult Sunday School of we have always prized the excel- cated chiefly along the south side ---td'-- dicant, the pilgrim said she has the McC~be Methodist Church and lent relationship St. Alexius Hospi- of the L-shaped addition, with ad- YlINTAGE TRUCKS never missed more than four meals ~,~ ~ s'~ok- ~ a -ublie meetin- at tal has had with all segments of our ministration offices to be located, STILL LICENSED ,~ ~ ~ ~ v ~ ~" community, and that in this con- ~, ,-:~ and has had to sleep m. hotel lob- the F;rst Baptist church, nection, we do not wish to impose a'The V;;oj::;~s~b~ng financed 46 Although the number is deereas- i bies only two of three times. . ~v~rs. -~annemn remar~eo ~nat Sue carries wi~n ner no personal . on any business firm or member ing steadily, there are still several peoplewho heard Peace Pilgrim per cent by nin-~urton zunas wire vintage trucks on North Dakota of the community th re "n possessions out mose wnlcn can oe speak were "quite captivated by the hospital financing e real - I highways sporting 1 9 6 O license ~ls~er e'aui saia mat me new wing carried in the pockets of her unl " "- her vivacious personality and her will also include a new surgical der through available funds and an tplates. form a short navy blue tunic worn additional loan. Building funds in- I i obvlous dedication.' She said that suite, central supply ann aamlnlS over slacks anc~ a snlrt oz tne same ce D ked "wh " clude about $45,0{}0 still available[ The Motor Vehicle delyartlnent ! many of the ole as . - - Y trative facilities tz 4 00 rant rec lve reports that two 1915 model trucks color She walks without a penny ~, trlvlahtlesP, are ve bothering with" .' : . . . om the $21 5 g e" d by I St Alexius establisnea a zempor- .' . the hospital in 1957 from the Ford are still operating and carrying m her pockets " f and had found inspiration in the ary psycmazrle wing on lZS rourm ,~~,~, their share of theload Just Hke When asked how ner way oz u e ~ ~ could bring about world peace, -" l~i:~ - in lmvhlgmodetsofvlntage yell. the pilgrim repliect that "inner ,ace T 1Fe~Cae lf~lrgrjammlee~to:nlsam:~c~r:n g gl~ ~ e~; ::diqtiu p on the rood, however. There ~'e i is the most important ingredient " ~ of world peace" She says she has mere win travel soutla mrougn in ment for the new psychiatric wing:l i~~! me ~outn LtaZo~a ~zaze ~o~pz~at B~-~- --~ room furn:~hin"^ f^- ~" ! three 1916 trucks still running an~, . . " t ~'outh Dakota Nebraska and Kan- Yankton, S Dak R ~ -- r natter~n =u~ auu ~ ~ ur o,i ~ zouna inner peace ann ma~ oy ex-~- ' ' " - " " patients a small homelike kitchen [ five 191~ models, I ~;~ Although the unit was equippea -- s i ' " r " " The proportion decreases in the ~ ample may have inspired others tosos -- ~----' "--'- "~-^ "~----~nd must have such needed facilizies as poe ous nay onto lounge w i t h ] find peace .and harmony in their i --F'I-- w uauu*e *~ r,a~=,~, -,= u=,o .~ " chai Roaring Twenties, though. T he in rs lam~ anu carpeung a Oln "'" a a ~ne new psychiatric w g ; - for such faclhhes has cra ted in- area e lives. No 1 malting barley can contain blish the 28 g room qulppea zor zamuy record shows only three from 1920, substantial waiting list much of the Our decision to esta " s~rvi w th " " " [ three from 192 l and only one built Twenty-two years ago Peace Pil- only 4 per cent skinned ~nd broke:a -- as based on ce i ta'oles and chairs for I grim was leading a typical Ameri- kernels; No. 2 6 per cent, and No. time, with as many as 16 in-patients Den psycniazric warn Wmmissioned four- quiet lounge ~or reaaing ~e |~ in 1922. 1923 has three left. can life She said she found money 3, P, per cent. ~'he percentage allow- being cared ~or at one time a study which we eo ' laxin- d ' ' ," ' and " h t this facilit g an watching television The total cre n.s upward slightly makin 'quite easy '' but finding ed en No 2 ~nd No 3 grades went Dr Baker said the psychiatric which showed t a Y lar- tin '[ re n ge occupa hal merapy aeparx from this point ~nd the survey re- g ' " " " " ward as such has become an ac-was actually needed at the p se t meat equiped for ceramics, weav[[veals herself increasingly dissatlsfled with into effect July I, 1960. many mid-26's still work{rig. ::~ her sterile life, she began doing col til - ww ~ m m maintenance" Arnold Goplen Bls-~ ]As would be expected there are unteer work with the American ~ ~l=~m ~'-~ I ' ', Im L~ ~1"/1~ ~J~ I IV I marck, housing, and Carlyle D: Ons. I~ra, ara~ l ]"i'll ~ t~ ] several models I caching back to the Friends Service Committee, and - -- .-- rud, director of the state publie~vt|-I I~ I~l t~Jt 15KI~, .Ik$1~i~ ] late 20's and starting with 1930 the !~ with the emotionally disturbed in I~ I fare board, Bismarck, the governor's ~. ~. / count rises rapidly, ii~ health resorts and camps. Finding cn,~,~ ~, 1A nn forgo dele ales IOWS increase / mo o, satisfaction in this way of life, she t~llt~|~l ~l~d~o m ~ ques publicity, election law~, and [ g : North ~akot " / trar, says an annual study is made gave away her possessions and con- North Dakota Democratic ann,s ' Forks The ~ a is experiencing anl i~ tinued in this type of work, re: Nonpartisan League candidates have basic issues in open discussion se-~ Arthur l-~veet tirann " " ~ i~! odore Jones Bowraan Dr 'R P ea~"nm~ ~eu[era~,e in venereal am-/ f trucks on the road for the benefit relying n9 payment other then lena scheduled their campaign ~ie~ox~ sinus. ] . ;. " se. part" a y in the 15-to-19- of legislators. The study is divided and shelter. In 1953 she felt called Sept 14 in Fargo, with a 6:30 p. Anderson also announcedthe l Froeschle Hazen" Mrs Chnton Shef. "'e [ into groupsby year, weight and .~ "I " y ~z-u~u ~*uulJ, aecorulng zo l~en- ~ Den-mcratic-N'PL headquarters wll[ field, Dickinson;Mrs. Elizabeth neth ~0r,~sser head o +he **o '~ ~'+~J model and is used as back-ground to "dedicate her life to world peace, m. rally, according to Scott Ander- z " lia One of the ways the average cit- ~-n campaign director, be moved Sept 1 from the Porte "- Murdock Grand Forks" Wll m /information when legislatorsare - ~" ' " d ' ' ' ueparzment's prevenmme alseasel dealing with truck legislation. izen can work for peace and the The rally will be televise at s.n Hotel to 201 Main Ave% in I Galloway, Valley City, ann me t~ev. dlvls,u " ~^- U general welfare in these changing 9"30 n m. it was decidect at a strategy E.ismarck [ Pernie Pederson Williston. As of July 8, there were 104,378 " --," aaosser said the increase is dis- / trucks registered in North Dakola. times, she says is to commend every session this -.reek in Bismarck. --L~-- ~ "-~ . tributed over the entire state, not[ good thing that comes to your at- Democratic guoernatorial candi-1 ~t ~-~ ~~~. ]t[~1 z " simply concentrated in a few "trou-] Aparently 1948 was a good year o ~, i~l]flllR0r I~ ble spots. He said that the mcxd-]for trucks, Lavik aid, because there tention to glue it moral supp rt ~,to William Guy of Amenia will I- g~ I1~ m~=m~, . . . She recommends the establishment speak i"n all o~ the state's 53 coun ~-L s. ~ #'-~--.--~.--L~ ~ Jr" ence of gonorrhea, for example, has| are still 10,043 of that year on the DTOTe Ol unTuu of a Peace Department which WOUlOu ape Teen be " ]Tall '~'~ ~til~r jumped from 232 reported eases int road. There are 5,089 1959 models f)i be ~iven power to do extensive itewastrevealed,p~ A,in, ].vi, JLIA~.I~JLUJL I 1958 to 492 reported cases in 195@.1still being used and as of July 8 research on peacezul means oz re- Gu, outlined to candidates what vmm ,dr'l,~ ~ Pro-football games to be telecast The total number of cases in 1957[there were 2,309 1960 znodels regis- :::i~ tered. ,o solving conflicts, She also supports he termed as the general issues of e I in North Dakota by KFYR-TV, was 176 and the totals in the early [ Total license ~e.s colleebed for the establishment of a world langu- ~orm Dazo~a ne,egates zo m age to be taught aSol~ truck registration~ to July 8, ln- secondlang- tnecampa:g,n, atnl~sd:lv:lopment, ed- WDAY-TV KNOX-TV KMOT-TV 50s varied between 150and 177 cases.[ ~ White House Conference on Aging and K~-TV will carry public Mosser said cases of gonorrheal .:i uage in all the schoof the worlcd: ucation'--~ "--~ "" -~- -- -taxation oil and administra-Jan. 9-12 were announced this" week. I service" messages instead of beer have shown a 112 per cent increase [ cluding penalties and registration '~.~ She notea that in the formation oi ' ' b Gnu $ohn E Davm comm ed the colonies into the United States, non candidatesY " . " . ercials, it was announc this over the 1958 rate in the 15 to 19[ fees, amount to $2.991,02389. Delegates ann ~helr committee as week b A vice ideal Tom all states gave up one right to the Guy suggested to the " y W'D Y pros year old group. [ "--[]-" [:~ that each man make a study of the signments: Barnes and Frank Kiewel, president Syphilis has increased 19'~ per] Water is probably the most valu- office for wltich he is running. F.H. Gilllland, Devils Lake, chair- of Minneapolis Brewing Co.eent during the same period. ~ able product the American people ii 1=t~,~kl~T1 I'1"~.~ ~ ~1-~The group also laid plans to co- man of the delegation, assigned to The firm wllI present its regular Mosser cited investigations in one]get from the 181 million acres of ~ ~%~x~. ~,a.v,~,~ ordinate the schedules of lesser education; A. C. Bjorke, Rugby, commercials elsewhere in the area North Dakota city toillustrate what[nati naif restlands ,although these ~1~"~'~ candidates and discussed campaign health and medical care; the Rev. where it is sponsoring the games, he termed the "extreme seriousness]lands also provide outdoor recrea- ;:~ L ~V0ul~rl UU-r" techniques. JamesDr CarrollKeller'Lund,Jamest wn'wflltston,religi n:health daBeginningame Sept.ll a25th' hthe Sun-of the situation. He declined tel ti n'l timber.Wildlife' grazing range and . . . y g s wi fe ture t e World name the city. State Sen Edwin C Becker Jr Lloyd Amdabl, candidate for p" a C the Mosser said a physician report-] "" Youngk. Republicans" state:2 secretary of state stressed the part and medical care relmbihtatmn Chum zon B ltimore ells and i of Wiltow t~iw was namea ~orm ,' tenanteand~da~:; ;~ ak'~-~ ilr.' "'~'n'"l:~e'hmddonlay m Mrs. Violet Wiper, Bowbells, free Pittsburgh Steelers. eda ease of primary syphilis to the ] locate infected persons while they Dakota hme activities, recreation, volunt- Kiewel said 'q'he Sunday Pro he,~lth department. [ are still in the infectious primary chairman at a recenz meezing oz me ' ary services and citizenship parti i- football schedulegives our compan~ An investigation resulted in ex-] and secondary stages of the dis. organization's executive committee He urged each to have ,facts to in Jamestown. t-, ck up any statements they pro- potion; Dr A. Adeline Olson, may- an opportunity ~o expretm ottr In- amination of 19 individuals between] ease. These patients must be treat- ville, research in gerontology, sci- retest in the community. After all, 16 and 26. Ten early infectious cases~ ed early. Becker served as organizational pose to make. cial 1,GOPein the state Also announced were plans for ences and psychological, state Rep. we get about 90 per cent of the of syphilis were uncovered. [ Field representatives of the health director for the Murray Baldwin, Fargo, state or- malting barley used in our opera- The investigation is not complete[ department have received training primary and specia ection, legislative sct,oois to be held Frl- ganization, and Richard l~'urness, finns from North Dakota." The because additional contacts made] in interviewing techniques which He succeeds Dave Nething of dey at Devils L:,ke and Saturday Mott, s~Ciai services. North Dakota Economic Develop- by the 10 new cases must be located encourage the infected patient t~ Jamestown, who resigned to contin- in Bismarck. The schools begin at The delegates with "professional ment Commission, state agricultural and sent to their private physician talk freely of his eontact and ue his college work. 1 9m. and are expected to la~ backgrounds are Jack R. Smutz, extension division and game and for examination, or to whom the infection may Becke~ said the executive corn- into the evening, executive secretary of the governor's fish department are ~ ~ A teen-aged boy and girl were spread. mittee will meet early in Septem- All legislative cvnclida es plus key committee on aging, Blsmarck, as- groups being invited to prepare ma- said to have started the cycle. Mouser said contact investigatimll ber to make plans for the Nov. 8 cvmpaign personnel in each coon- signed to federal organizations and terial for the non-commercial m~s- Mosser explained the control pro- is the leading ease-finding and ve~- ;~ general election campaign, ty will discu~ campaign techm- programs; Ralph Atkins, income sages, gram for venereal diseases must ereal disease control method.