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September 10, 1964     The Billings County Pioneer
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September 10, 1964

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The Billings County Pioneer VOLUME XXXX MEDORA, BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1964 NUMBER 14 d Fair Campfire Circle Stanley Wins Closes For Season Named Warren D./G01f Tourney I-[oehkiss announced today that Our weather was just about the last evening campfire ,pro- The turnout for the Lbor Day for our Golden Valley Fall Fair, held in Beach hg2 ?hh mlPp6 ' past weekend, Friday and a a re as: in tS golf tournament was below ex- pectations. Many men thought Cottonwood Campground 1,ast the competition would ,be too Dipl,ays were just as Sund,ay evening, Sept. 6. tough for them and they stayed as ever, and the vari- [ These illustrated talks are pre- home. However, as one looks over NOTICE We have just been advised by the Postal Dept. that we must remove all past due subscrib. ers from out sub-ription list. If your subscripfio is pat due send us a year's subscrip- tion ($1.50) now and we will pay you up a year in advance Funds Offered For Tires, Etc. Sale At Joyce 00einreis i 0000ooseve/t Vark Wed. Medora Museum S00perintendent Warren D IS Bride Of Hotchkiss of Theodore Roosevelt Gov. William L. Guy and other Naiona 1 !Memorial Park an- E Bosserman N!o.rth Dakota officials got ,an niounces the sale of used tires " 'ofer in Minneapolks Friday for and scrap items, at Headquarters, Miss Joyce Eiieen WeinreisD funds to finance construction o2 Medora on Wednesday, Sept. 16, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ioyd wo museums, at Bismarck and at 2:00 ,p.m., MST. Medora Weinreis of Golva,  D., lbecame entertainment features prey- interesting to all spectators, seated each evening from mid- the scores Tm sure some o ,those no matter what your date he official's flew to Minne- The sale will consist of two lots: Lot No. 118 used assorted the courtesy of our June until Lbor Day .and 'are men that stayed home could have roacls on ihe lilqtle yellow apolks Friday, to discuss the pro- tires and Lot No. 2Approxi- open to everyone whether or not won prizes. The .men that came label .o you: paper, posal with H, arrison V. Johnston Coun,ty Extension Agent, they are staying at the Camp- out had a 'wonderful time and De this today  our li . Edina, a Minneapolks suburb, mately two tons of scrap iron Matton and his secretary, Stobeg, we are ble ,ground. all are lookimz orward to next must be changl by next Johnston, althoutgh a resident and metals. . give you the names of the The programs have been well I year. Pastor Stanley was the week. Many flmnks, of the Twin Cities, is a well- ,Bid blanks may be obtained at attended durin th medalist winner on Sunda with -- lnown North Dakota business- Park Headquarters only on the in the arious events, g e summer and Y , ] chte of the sale. All interested follows: i have Ibeen a sourc ' m a46, and J E Oien finished one C. F M Dies, .fan who moHteke.s period visits!! bidders are invited to inspeot the . e of. mfor a- .... th ol:3:rmenti rk:fthidn I l".h r4  aDcr ' %%tte ieotl  of r Parades 1 pl ' I' items ,prior to ,bidding. giddies: 1st Jim and Jeff teared msplratmn thi k t -- r' .' o. a er o 2nd --Dick Kukow- The Visitor Center , a#,.^ ] On Lbor Day the 18-hole ],J- --*. ltL|_ /largo, as well as other busine i children, 3rd -- Mormon, which has ,been open ail'v'fom : championship fl*ight winners |l|L k-pLe J.L][| fin Minnesota_ and 00outh Dako00a.'00 h B Meet Lechlers, Nistler, 3rd 7:00 a.m to 7"00 p m, went backl were "pastor Stanley with 77 and Last rites wiP '^  ....... 1 onnsmn, 7, a native of St ac us ,Ruin and Bdb Gilman, to the winter schedule on Sept 8 I J,.E. Oen runner-up ,.wlt.h 78 for George Fakler this Thursday , u^ g ..... P 1- North Dako , ,Delbie Lynch and Edith " winners oz rne s " -, ,.= - ,a ne re Durm.g the winter, it will be, ............. :econazitgn, were Sept. 10, at 10 a.m at the John-'fin ............... , ,o e e ere rl. 3rd -- Jimmy Chaska. open from 8:00 a.m to 5"00 . m  vue uecem wtm 1 ann u.a son Funeral Ch,,; ,-- ...:,. -,, ,-,,,,,,,,u, oz me two "  " ;onnek with 87. Third iht v .......... '-:'_''i':="c*'..'.",museumsprimarily for Indian The Beach H'gh School Burs lst---yle Walski, 2nd ea, ch day. Su, pt. Hot.chkiss hopes wnners were tFmnk Kilypl-ey ..... ,,,,,,m a,m.armer onncm- and Old West reHcsat Medora, football team got into action last in, g. Mr. lak.ter, a long-ne in the Badlands country near :Friday night when they played and% 3rd---Mike and Rich that the lark neiglbors from the with 96 and Tom Muggti with 97. resident of this rural co .rmnunity, Iwher e he spent several years as some of the former Burs football 3rd---5.,esly .Ann iFreese, nearby towns and country .will All first and second place 'flight passed away peacefully in his a young man, and near the state stars to a 13-0 win in a scrimmage ene Allen. Ponies: lst visit the Bark and Visitor Center ,winners received trophies. Rohan, 2ndPatty Schme- frequently during the winter Merchants contributing mer- 3rd--Darrell Schmeling. . months. Travelers from a dis-' cha,ndise prizes and the winners Commercial Floais: lance on U. S. Higlway No. 10 are as folIows:. Dickinson Store, Montana-Dakota Utilities, find the Visitor Center a good Dr. O'Keefe; Clara's, J. E. Oien; In.surance Co., 3rd place to break their journey for Adult Clubs: lstKopper a .bit of relaxation. Garrbles, Father 'Backes; Bijou Klb 2nd--Happy Valley Theatre, .Larry Still; Coast To Coast, Fred Smith, Homer Mad- 3rd -- Bonnie View C Witte Services Boys and Girls: 1st & Sirloin 4H Club. 2nd Held At Wibaux 3r.dJr. League. Horses: "-Roxanne Jefferies, 2rid  Roy. H. E. Meyer of Our Pullin, 3rd -- Mrs. Chas. Saviour Lutheran Church. Glen- sleep Sunday might, Sept. 6. I capitol in Bismarck. game uder the lhts. He has been a resident of this His plan would be to have the Because of the Fair a6tivities area s:nee 1907, was :born in Medora museum on the site of the game was shortened to bout Winona, Minn., and was un- the old Marquis de Mores pack- 30 minutes of actual playing time. married. A complete obituary lag pant at Medora. . The ucs got into the scoring will follow in a later edition of The packing plant was desroy- column riffkt away as Jerry Priv- this .paper. ed by fire in 1907, Johnston re- ratski, on the first play from ison; :Firestone, .Hank Reiter; l 'Rosary services will be said ealledwhile he was a Billings scrimmage, got off on a 30-yard for Nr. Fakler this Wednesday County deputy sheriff, romp that took him to the alumni .George's Banber Shop, B. L. eve au 8:00 at the Johnson Funer- De Mores was a French aristo- 20-ymrd line. Six plays later Priv- Shurman; Sleight's Drug, Don al ChapeI. cvat who moved to Medora in raki ook it over from the 3- Marm'an; Rohan's, R. Johnson or B. Eckes; Beacon Oil Co., Dr. pioneer days planring to build yard line Joe Halvorson made Jh Ho a cattle and meat empire" But the exa point n a run uP the O'Keefe; O-K Club, Father 0 n verson :s plans fell through, middle. Barnes; Smtty's Tavern, Larry Tophias i dive, officiated at funeral serv- Still. Dies At Seattle Johnston said he also proposes From then on it was a de- Lees for Chris H. WLtte at St. the Beach Golf Cltto thanks' to constrttct another museum at fensive game umtil the Burs site the state would select near scored again on the las play of completed her ensemble. Champion Bull  Bob John's Lutheran Church in Wi- each merchant for their support Funeral services were held at the capitol buildings, the game. Joe Halvorson got the Her attendan were dressed Grand Charpion Helfer c, aux Friday, Aug. 21 at 2:30. of the tournament. I the Magnoia Lutheran Church When asked how much the second TD as he again ran up in sleeveless plank street length Lurid; Ch.mpion Pen Fat Mr. Witt.e died at Bethesda Hos- - _ -Ballard; Champion pital, St Paul, Minn Monda,, T "_ ,' ,I, , in Seattle, Wn, a few da s a o museums would cost he , , the middle for 15 y . The frocks accented with white - . ., , Y g , said .I ards hats ara  Kennem vtoe, mcre se n . [ ..........  .... } Aug. 17, following a thee-day a 1 Trave! ]for John O. Hoverson, 53, of 4580 dent know, but I ,am a multi- extra point failed, and long, white ,gloves. They illn. arh was oared from At Roosevelt Park 136th Ave., W. Sea(ttle, and inter- va,tlionaire. I',m worth $6 miMion Coaches essel and Soulis were carried pink,and white ca'rnatioll ..... v =v - .I a heart attack Mrs Richardl I memt was in the Pacific Lutheran or more, arid haven't got many particularly pleased with the bouquets. The men af the wed, "tmte llPom%arern / chroeder of Beach aecopaniedl Tr, avet dxlrirg the lnth of/Cemetery, there. 1V. Hoverson re,at%yes to leave the money to." boys on defermve play, I was dh jmrty wore tuxedo trousers ,_'_ .. _ ' .... J Mbs Fred Bald haup, Mrs Iarry / Augu shwe an increase to  was 1)orn in Beach i N D, and his. His wife died in the late 1950s, 'lard to single out any individual and 'white d2pmer Jackets. Haal:SE-cT;reVatZaake:an'/Hayden andMxs. Carl IJeckert,'both uni of Theodore Roosevelt fa4ter wag ia ]aner;hip with and he constructed a $0,0 atheyalldidaretb. There  , pi, 't" Wm Johnson; =4 Horse- h0.sang ']n ^,Heavenly ove' atronal Me=oriM Park. Supt.[)vem.tads z the hardware busi- mauleum for her at Roseli lbably  wea|, t o the lWa rd for 109 lests in the church hi-  .... ,,, .o,.lo, 4 bmmg ann u, Ivtaszer Let Me' warren u. nomamss stoma that. hess nero for many years, uemezery m St. Paul. ] gme was the trMltW of the' lnors, ivea by the .prertts f ); 4- Swine Showmanship Walk .Rh. Th:.,: Interment.was ' t[avel to the north umt.mcreased . He w.s a eatl.e Transit Sys.- Johnston sad. ms tmpes and ..s to .handle md h014 omo the' the their wed- enneth Moe; 4-{H Sheeu,maae m me waux uemetery.' ou per cent over the ztres for tern senior supervmor, and men pmm.,g couectmn cost $250,000 i.ll wnzcn was most likely cus-mg trp ne Grand Canyon ma-- _a.. ,t.o,'. I r, oy uaora, mn zirma, Ollie &ugus o last year and 4 per a his home of a heart attack, to .,ot. Iea rom he Jtters. However, 2tey i in ,rizona, ae couple will be ....... .. ...., v,.,,,,  i .... 'He " ' ' ,, , .- i )ai- Sh,,-,a-shi, --. "--- Z na, .Arley Helvk, Art Hanson cent m the south umt over the reskled n $atle saace 1926.. I don t intend to strip my have a week to correct theft t hme 0n te erman farm -.7 AA' , ks AAA n " 1 " " .['t " " i" ' - o; 4-H Garden Sw t a d RObert lome, Jr., were Same permd. He was graauad .from Highhne ome bare, he said but added fqblin, as .they open the st- m the. crmuaity. The bride s t: ........ e eps akes paubearers.  Visitors re$istering at the Vis-[ ri,igh oo and bad *een a he woma wgnt some items of son wire a nome'gtme against a raauate of the Ctva ,vrmuea on page e Chris H Witte, 70 retired itor Cer#ter in Medora ntrbered Transit System erployee since bgs collections to go .into lhvmer, rancher, was born Jan. 12, 1,26. Supt. Hotchkiss reported Aman :   Lenvx, $. D. He came to that several persons fi'om oreign Paul's Pastor WJaux with his parents ial 1906. countries lpekl at the Visitor He was married to Augusta Center during the month includ- Pev. Norman will 'be Kafner at Glendive in 1919. Five  visitors from Canada, Get- as pastor of St. Paul's daughters were born to them, many, CzechOslovaa, rance, Chu'rh of Beach and one daughter Edna, )receding England, Scotand, BzazLl, Ice- Lutheran Church of him in death. Mr. Witte flarmed land, Austr, ala, Japan, Korea and )ik Mich., and will reside parsonage at 411 Ave. Rev. Erich H. ,Heintzen, of 'Lutheran Church, on, will preach the in- sermon ,Pastor Heint- served the Beach con,gre- the past three months. the neighboring Slope Circuit will assist H. R. Thekss of .Halliday installation ceremony. NFICE First Lutheran Church School will begin the this Sunday Sept. 13 at Mont., on Sunday, Sept. north of Wibaux for ma,ny years, servimes will Ibe .held at then moved into Wibaux. Ir.! Lutheran Chmch in and Mrs. Witte were visiting .at 7:30 p.m. relatives in St. Paul at the, time Aman wos orn in Lehr, he was stricken and hospitalized. an4 attended elementary Survivirg are his wife and four daughters: .Alvirm (h-s. Vernon Rrockmeyer) of eBaeh; Mae (Mrs. Elmer Wryer), Betty (Mrs. Kenneth Brockmeyer) md Shirley (.rs. H,arvey Dorsett) all of Wbaux; six grandchildren nd a number of ,nieces and nephev and a large grotp of friends. Attending his services were his cousins, Mr rd Mrs. ill Witte, St. Petersburg, Fla., two nieces, Mrs. Henry DeYoung and husband and Mrs. Sidney Brown of Sioux Falls S. D., two sisters- n-law, Mrs. Fxed ,Nelson and Mrs. Re,bin Trulock, both of Kent, Wn. Trap Shoot Here Ellendale, Sunday, Sept. 13 The Beach R le and Pist Club[ school at from Con- will hokl a trap shoot on S nday Seminary in afterhoon, Sept. 13 at 2 .p.m. This shotgun event wll be for] Ill., in 1961. ,Pastor both ractice and for prizes. ! served in the armed serv- 1953 to 1955. He attend- Shooters cart sign up for a prize State College for shoot or can sign up for a prac- prior to entering the tire shoot which would cost less since no prize is involved. Aman served a one year WRh t'he approach of hunting ge in the Grace Lutheran season now is a good time to in Hanna, Wyo., and has practice up for the birds. Hunt- Pastor of the Lutheran mg season begins next week so of Moosomin, Sask., Can- this weekend would ,be fine or the last three years.  getting the guns out of storage. new pastor of St. Baul's Plan on coming out for a few Church in Beach, is minutes on Sunday and shoot a Delores ROberts few clay birds. Brimg out your son or datghter and see if you can oukhot them. The shoot will be held just east of Beach. Directions as fol- lows: Two blocks south of Fahl- strom Elevmtor, look for and fol- low the igns. Beach Teacher At Canada Music Camp The third annual S'aslmchewan Music Cmp Band held in Prince A]lbert, Sask., with several Dick- inson State College fa.culty mem- bers and ,former graduates, as staff members, has just been completed. to 10:45 with church DSC .graduates and faculty to follow at 11:00 a.m. ' members teaching at. the camp entering nursery must i this past August included Mar- Years of age by the firstvin Eckroth, who is the music : ., lj] ] teacher at the Beach High School. the 'bride of Ervin L. Bosse, son af Mr. and Mrs. Floyd [Yser- nn of Golva on August  , at the Evangelical United Breth- ,ren Church in Beach, with Rev. ,harold Keller of Strior, Wks., officiating 'at the 8 p.m. double ring candlelight ceremony, with lighted tapers furnishing a*t il.luminaion. Bouquets of pink ad white ,gladioli decorated the a .ar, and pews were tarked w}th pink arid white bows. Mel- vin Bosserman was soloist, a- companied by Mrs. Frances Brier, Edith Bosserman of Golva was natron of honor for her sister, ann uth Weiareks ras bride- mat d. Melvin Bosserrnan selw-ed his brother as best man, and Charles Weinreks was groomnan, Valerie Bestyan was flower glrl, and Michael Bostyan-eras thug- bearer. The bride was ,given in mar- riage by her father, and as at- tired in a floor length gown of lace over taffeta, with miniature seed pearls ,and sequins adorning the neckline. Matching gau.tlets, and a ingertp length veil  ailk illusion 'was arranged from a tiara headdress of seed pearls and crystal beads. A shower oor- sage of pink roses on a white Bble and a double strand of pearls and matching -earrings Nation, al Bank. Reistration school. startirg at 9 a:m S u. Hagen of Dickinson Public Schools will BUY HOGS Hr:E ,give the welcoming addresshe MI' SEPT. 25 .will talk on "Trends In Educa - According to his adv. on an- tion".  !i other page, Jack Bllard will be School superintendents, prin- buying all types f hogs ne4 on, teachers, and PTA'ers and Friday, Sept. 25. See adv. for friends are invited. I details. ,the Bel2ield on Frichy night, Sept. 12 School ad was employed as a 1937. museums when they are corn- at 7:30 under the lights. ank catier. The ibridegrom Ir. Hversos a chater pleted, and the remainder aer Some of the former slars that raduated rom the Beach Hip merber af the lasaot.i.a Ltth- he dies. :   action were Joal  now engaged i eran Churv2t, a menber of the "l'he business marl sat@ he son, Irry Deal, Roy' Zinsz, (GilXil on Pae 6} : Scathe Civil Service League and wanted to do something for Werner Nistler, Doug Jolvmson, . -_--'r--'----"--------. a memlber of Seattle TransR North Dekota. ,c, ares, Bruce Mogle, Don Falls l00oin Tree Union, Local 597. Johnston said his inarcing the Davidson, ,Larry Kouba, Billy Survivors include his wife, museum's voul,d depend upon Johnson, Dave Craigo and several t00r,acally Injured Egypt. Marjrie; two danghters, Mrs. approval ,by him of plans and others. Larry Deal had the mm- Clifford Wilson, a brother el Cam.p@re programs were pre- Dorald CAarles and Mrs. Louis details of construction of the fortune to pull a ligament in his Chavie and Ralph Wkson o1 seated nightly in the Cottonwood Parent, boh of Seattle; a son, buildings, leg and 'has been crippled tp the tins ural community, was crit- Canpground in the suth unit of John Jr., Seattle; J/re brothers,, One reqmrement: "I would past few days. lca,. injured when ne tell from the park with a total attendance Alvin, of Concord, Calif.; Carl want my nanethe Harry V. Mickey Schroeder is hospital- " of 3294 people and art average of Pearce, Ariz.; Jlius, of Kirk- 'Johnston Memorial  on both izea wh a compound fracture a 50-foot tree while workn& nghly attendance Of 114 persons, land, and Andrew and Paul, both buildings in large letters," he of h'i left leg, hurt during foot- pru,.rtg trees at the Scammon home in Wbaux' last Tuesds,,i' 21here were 18v, apire program, s of Setle; four si.sters, Mrs. said. ball practice Tuesday evenLng, afternoon, about 3:15. given at the Squar Creek Oamp- George t2Aetweed, Danville, pt. 1. he slithered a concussion of the ground n the north, unit with a Clff.; Mrs. Evelyn Agoff, Fla% Feldmann Auction Mm CONAY KEENEY brain, a shoulder injury, a corn- total of 670 in attendance. Alasla; Mrs. Vary Freeman, Cavalire programs in ,both the I Sttquamish, and {Mrs. George Tuesday, Sept. 15 v00rrs IN OMMUNIT pound fracture of the left w-zi[ tMrs. Marie Convoy Keeney, and hand, 'his lett hip was frac- north rtit and south unit of the i WHey, Sam*amento, Oalif., and Ervin Feldmann will hold art now of 1201 S. 6th Ave., Yakma tured, the right femttr (thigh park l'tae ,been disconrmed for four randchi!dren. auction sale of an extensive line i some ha ,been spending was /)roken in the fall, and thet the surn, mer. The Visitor Center time ,in Medora witl be open or the MEDORA LWrEKN of modern farvn machinery of all, visiting old friends in the com. are some interrta injumes one T NEW P T types, including miscellaneous enjoyment of the visiting public INS  A OR .. "., " " .raunity. She ws known as Mrs. broken rias. from 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Several member of the Me- ems and tools, ducks, chicken/Cway when she lived in Me-[ Dr. draund J. King, who re- every chy of the week Uniform- I dora Lutheran Church attended .eeaers, .n.ousehold gooasj wash- dora Sde taught school and also cernly left Beach to set up hU i:U:rsPstgt{:arh n!UYT:egooi! '" . . . . ma " o :::?o/enrceAfi t wna! saltteoa ,erved as Billirgs Cou.nty Treas-pvact,ce in Wibaux, .as sum- urer at one time. She has been moned and immediately aw g . . . . . . staying with Mrs. Cel Mallory at ..m first aid, and later, tKat 00oo00o00el, 2= *o000 r I Rev, Elmo ,Grimson, Western Dis- Me ..... ] , , . , from there. On Friday morning Cotden Valley Community Hoe- d t /re.?v dnts:AV2aR0:joian t urrCo iverte e;Re dBv. Mrs. Ruby Tisor. Marie is looking unconscious for several days, Record Crow A n they had morning coffee with pital at Beach. Wilson remaiaeo {S L a "a - --, , ,,, n _, /service for Belieki ... _, o another page for more in,for aalanos "lrall ll{le  , vzeaora ann .. ' .. . ,- well and was on her way to visit but is now showm definite it- ................ s -as mauon concerning inks rig auc- her son John and family now liv- ,provemen% althoujh, his condi- L, aglu21 lusllez,,z ,Zlurne . r - tion The fifth annual ad]ands Trail tor Jensen and his fan%ily come %-. ...... . irg in Quantico, Va. He is a tion is still critical. Ride was held in the north unit Iroal Maine A potluck dinner vr. ana Mrs. emmann ana arine colonel and is servirg at Despite all these severe in- ,. their three children will 'be mov- @resent on the teaching staff of juries, Mr. Wilson's glasses were of the Theodore No- was held after me services ...... ' I " mg to 'Irgtis, wan,an, a, ver soon tional Memorial Park last Saur- I Services w11 be held regularly ......... Y Varine Officers Trainirg School not broken and the priming saw ana :rvtn wut ,De rarmlrg there day, ,Sunday and Ymnday. t in Medora from now on with .......... in Virginia. He has one son and he had in his hand when he el The growp of some 250 horse- Pastor Jerrsen oficiating. The rose. lngns s. nis wr.e s home. wo d.atghters. Her oldest daugh- was still intact. men, and women came from all Lutheran Sunday School will also The Feldmann farm has .been ter Patricia is .married to a chem- He was transferred to the ia over the state, camped in  start Sunday, Sept. 13. purchased by Charles and Terry ical engineer (Ki,phart) arid they marck Hospital ths We@mesda special area of the Squaw Creek Smith and the Terry Smith tam- live in Wco, Tex Her husband morning, ept. 9. Residents o, Cam'pgrounds, with their own CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH :.y will be living there .n the .s plant manager for Ro.cket.dyne this community all join in th horses and gear. BEGINS SUNDAY SCHOOL near future, in McGregor, Tex., and P,atricia wish for his complete recover) John Patterson, distrct park At 9:45 a.m. the frst session IT IS WRITTEN s execuuve secretary for the ,n the shortest time possible. ranger, was in charge o.f the of Sunday School for the coming TEI.VISED ON KDIX . president of that firm. Patricia series of short tail rides, year began in the Congregational The 1964 autumn series of "It h, as one son and two step-chii- Watt Johnson In ,, dren. Norabelle s married to Dr. Dckinson Hospital Saturday's itinerary included Ohur. 'Fourteen youngsters Is Written begins Sunday, Sept. C. W. Nellermoe. has four d, augh- rides, .and rodeo horse show were present for the classes. It 13 over Dickinson, KDIX, chan- .ters and they live at pokane,  events with trophies and rbons is planned at present to hold the nel 2 a 3:30 p.m. Watt Johnson of Ieach is a Wn. Peggy the youngest daugh- awarded. ,class each Sunday at the George Vandeman will pre- ter is Mrs. Lionel Haywood Her patient at St. Joseph's Hospita in ickinson, and has been ther Another feature of the three- time, 9:45 a.m. Mrs. Joy Chase is sent the meaning of man's step husband is a biology teacher in the .past three weels, where dec day ride was a queen contest, superintendent and leads the into outer space, the mysteries the high school at Auburn, Wn., tors are treating him for a hear The winner s to be sponsored worship service, wi,th Mrs. Bev of the past and their of and they have two sons and one condition they found whih by the Badands Trail Riders or- Kirlatrick in charge of the our day, etc., with a new ap- dauhter. ganization in the Miss Rodeo nusic. Mrs. Ac  Myers is tech- preach to the challenge of liv,ing ........ about to treat h.m for anothe: North Dakota contest at Minot ing the pre- Oolers Mrs. Judy Tune n each Sunday  ,, n rmay a[[ernoon vrs. Con- ailment .......... ne nas o 11e qtuelJy u in October. Osterhout the primary, and Mrs. tat  r, " ...... .Way Keeney was honor uest at - '. ".. t .............. an imoromrtu coffo ^  ..... Pert un%it some improvement L, ' t Ruby T,sor ne inCered.iate i Ihe home " Mrs nnePaBrYown; noted in his condition. PTA Conference grades Mrs. Wi]Jbur Doudna and GO, rw ,m ,.,e, --  .............. '-, I We mnagme that he zs no (kerflyn Forg wtll be stbshtute, TUE-av _wv  land 1'5 old friend: were Present . ' - " . " .............. to visit with Mar : -^= '"^-^ permitted to have visitors September 26 teachers. Mr. E,rrar ,Fomg had ' ..... ' ........ bu ..... built and donated some very ] A very important business I R,= Mallo,,- +,,,,t ,o ,. .... a  we are sure ne wotua eno) The annual fall PTA Con.fer-, . " wee : tig of the Beach Golf Club teir gues( towist "te"Gene hearing from friends here. The nine httle talbles tha fit the mee Redlmonds in Riila .a M:. whole community joins in WiSh- ence wH be held in Dictinson, olk very well. Mrs. Chase states will be held Tuesday evening, "" ................... i ...... ng watt a wt ann very early Saturday, Sept. 26, in the Hos- that any other inCerested young- Sept. 15 at the Legion Hall at also planned to stop enroute to ' = it#itality Rooms of the Lberty sters will be welcomed at the 8 p.m. Officers request all mere- visit her 'brother George Kale- recovery. hers attend as important business for the club's future plans are to be takert care of. Also all this year's business will rbe reported and acted on. Merbers please attend. This is your club and your attendance means i.ts future. Keep Sept. 15 at 8 p.m. on your must list. berer and her sister, Mrs. Clar- erce uskel, both living at New :Salem, N. D. DATE IS CHANGED The Royal Neglbors meeting date has been changed to Tues- day, Sept 15 at the home of Mrs. Anion Schillo. The meeting will get underway at 8 p.m. MARKET REPORT wr Spring Wheat, 58 bs ....... $1,34 13% protein ........ _. '1 14% protein .......... 1,3'7 15% protein ....... ,=.-- 3 16% protein .. 1, 17% protein 1.42 Flax 2,4