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September 15, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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September 15, 1960

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BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER. MEDORA, N. OAK. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1960 feet of walerfowl must remain at- wood duck & one hooded merganser III from 12:00 noon Nov. 18 to sun- south on St. Hwy. 20 to St. Hwy. 15. ~deer stamp which must be attached i~a 10 l'r0clamatl0n taehed to same during transu~rta- may be in the daily bag & t~c~sess- set Dec. 18. 1960. thence eas~ on St. Hwy. 15 to St. t~ th.eir deer hun,ting license. t~on. The head or legs and feet of ion limit. The daily bag & possession 22. :MUSKRAT may be taken with Hwy. 1, and bordered on the east 25. SPEX:IAL MULE DEER PERMIT all pheasants must remain attached limit of coots shall be 6 & 12. There traps only in Unit 11 of the Mink by State Hwy. l, hall be open to AREA: That portion of the state Pursuant to law & the recommen- until same reach final destination, shall be no open season }~n canvas-& Weasel season from 12:00 noon the taking o not to e~eet-~5@9de~gnated as Units III, IV, and VI dations el the Game & Fish Corn- Identity of sex of deer must re- backs & red, carts. No~'. 18 ~o sunset De~. 18, .1960. - deer. shall be open to the taking of not rn~s~)r~er, I, John E. Davis, Cover- main attached until same reach final 16. GEESE may be taken statewide z~. :vl)nK. wease~ ~z ~,lusKrat Iurs SU~-UNIT II-G- That port,on ~>f more than 8500 mule deer by special r, or of the State of N. D. do hereby destination. For purpos~ of iden- from noon Oct. 7, 1960 to sunset that may n o~ De possesseu py tne Unit II bord~-~d on the north by a permit only during the deer-gun see- declare an open season on certain tity of sex and species, any big game day & from ~ hour bet]ore sunnse after. Dec. 2g, 1960 without a specml road running east fromSheyenne to son in these units. A special mule species of g1~oUse, Hungarian part- animal that has been dressed in to sunset of each day thereafter permit fv~m tne u, ame & Fish Corn- State Hwy. 20, thence east and south deer P~st area in Unit VI as des- ridge, pheasants & waterfowl, & for field ,or otherwise and ~qll be through Nov. 25, 1960 except that mlssmner. ?~enS~ HwY. to 2~t ~,St 32Hw~o]. t~lJ~ eribed in section 26 hall be cl~sedi deer to be taken by bow, also by gun, transported pr~or to its final place within the following, z~ day unit the 24. DEER GUN SEASON. . . . iF n . to the taking f mul~ deer only. $~ & for the harvest of certain fur-of storage, shall be accompanied by taking o~ geese .snail be fllom ~tTNIT I. Unit I consists of that eas~ toH~t~ -l-lw~,- ~ on ti~e sou~n iai mu~e aeer permits are non-trans- bearers, the head and hide with the metal hour ~e~ore sunm.~e to 12:00 noon portion of the state bordered by b~ St. ~ ~wy. 7, -and on the :~ve ~ by .ferable t~k will be issued in a man: 1. HOURS OF I~UNTING shall be locking seal attached to sart~e in each day from Oct, a throug~ Oct.Canada on the north & Montana on u. ~. ~wy. 281 sha~l be ~ tO the: her pre~xtbed by the Game an~ Central Standard Time. On waterfowl stmh a maner that it cannot be re- 28, 1960. The a~ly bag and possession the west & the south & east bound-taking or I~t to e x~. 800 ~eer o Fiah Cotnmiss~ner & in accordance & big ~ame semsor~, will begin at re,eyed 12mlt shall be five .and may.not in-aries shall be as follc~ws: Starting UBI~ dll-H: .~t''p~:t.~n,f with tl~e law, 12:00 noon the first flay. "B~g~ame10. Male ph~a~ua~ only may- be ca~ue mm~e alan: a) one whi~e-$ront- where ~I. S. Hwy 2 intersects theUnit . bordered ~ ~ ~or~:.~y ~ ~%~::IAL REST ARF~S: The gun shall be ~ sunrise to stmset.taken from 9:00 A M. Oct 22, 1960 ed .g~ose, or b)two Ca.nasa-type geese Mont.-N. Dak. state li~e, thenc~ east ~a~e ~2.W'y.~,~: ~. ~e east by~.~te ~ll~vID4~ ~'~a ~all be closed to an on all o~her: days. ]Big ~ bow ~ntil mtset Nov. i0, I~0 in Units (whfive cneekedjl~ or c) one ~armda- on U. S. Hwy. 2 to St. Hwy. 8, wy o~ =~e +.~ ~th by .~:~r- deer .~k.-htlnti~.~ Art area b~d~red & waterfowl~ shall be fl~om 1/~ I and II and fr0m"@:00 A. M. Nov. type & one w ite-fron~en the Airport Road to a point than 10 gauge may be used. 'borders to the point of origin. From 28. 1960. age or sex from 12:00 noon, CST.281 shall be open to the takingof where it crosses AlYPle Creek. the,Ace 3. SHI~PING PRIVILEGE.S ortton ~>f the' ,~ 7. Deer Rest Areas shall be open Missouri ad Yeltowstone Rivers to UNIT 1. The ,entire portion of theby U. S. Hwy 2 from Lakota to state bordered by S. Dak. on the Rugby, and on the west by State south, U. S. Hwy. 83 or~ the west, St. i to hunting with bow and for small the Montana line. The daily bagstate except. Bottineau & Roulette Hwy. 3 to State Hwy. 60, thence H'wy. 7 on the north, & U. S. Hwy. i game. No sh'~oting within 40 rods shall be 5 and tl~e Dossession limit Counties & the 14 countiessouth & west of the Missouri River. north on State Hwy. 60 to St. Hwy.281 on the east shall be eden to ~f occupied buildings or sohool 1015. LUCKS & COOTS may be taken UNIT It. The 14 counties lying 5, thence east to St. Hwy. 30, thence the taking of anyone white%at.led deer houses in use shall belegal $. Hunling Do~T~ mtmt have been state-wide from 12:00 noon, Oct. 7, sottth and west of the Miss:uri River. north to Canada, shallbe open to from 12:00 moon, CST, Nov. I1, to the taking of not to exceed 600sunset Nov. 16, 1960. During this vaccinated for rabies at least 301950 to sunset that d~y & from ~ UNT IIl. Bottineau ~'.Roulettedeer. days before being brought into theh, uur before sunrise to sunset of each Countless. same period any on~ mule deer may state and proof of such must ~e day thereafter through Nov. 25, 1960. Ooen season dates inUnit I shall SUB-UNIT II-D: That porti,on ofbe taken by those holding a special avealable. The dally bag limit on ducks shallbe from 12:00 noon. Nov. 18, v.~ sun- Unit II bordered by Canada on themule deer stamp which m,~st be at- 9, The Head, head plumage and be 4 & th~ possession limit 8.One set Dec.11, 1960 &in Units II & north, Minn. on the east, St. Hwy. 66 tached to their deer bunting license. on the south, and State Hwy. 1 on UNIT V: That portion of the state th~west shall be :.pen ~o the tak- bordered by Carmda on the north :3 ing cf ~ot to exceed 600 d~er ~a State Hwy. 14 on the west. St. Hwy. restarea described in section 2S in 5 nn the south, & St. Hwy. 30 onf i~I:l&V~h:llg I:l:l"'ll-'l+l*IC'l:l'-'%"~l~lltl+~ Here' a g r a p h i e illustration of a field cultivated by a I~OL-A-DAM dam- mar . . . showing how valuable mol ture Box 702 this proclamation shall be closed} the east shall be open to the taking SUB-LrNIT II-E: That portion of ~f any one whitetailed deer from Unit II bordered by Minnesota on 12:00 noon, C S. T Nov. 11 through the east, on the south by U. S. Hwy. sunset. Nov. 20 1960. 2. on the west by State Hwy. 1, and on the narth by State Hwy. 66 shall be open to the taking of not to ex- ceed 600 deer. SUB-UNIT II-F: That portion cf Unit II bordered on the norti]by U, S. Hwy 2 on the wes~ by U. S. Hwy. ~81, on the south by a r~ad leading east from the town of Shey- enne ~o St. Hwy. 20, thence east & UNIT VI: That portion of the state bordered, by Mont. ~n the wen;. Unit I on the north. Units IV & Ii on th, e east & S. Dak & Unit III on the south shall be open to the taking of any 'uric whitctailed deer ~t'rom 12:00 noon, Nov. 11 to sunset Nov. 20. 1960. DurL~g this r~me per- iod any one mule d~eer may t~ tak- en by those holding a special mule For further information on the Dammer, call or write: PERSON MFG CO Valley City; North Dakota Phone 1838 Roy's Movie News "TttE T/~LL STORY" is a gay and wonderful comedy combin- ing lau~hs and rhril~ starring Artthon~ Perkins and Jane Fen-. da ('dauSh~er of Henry Fonda) opens at '~he Bijou Theatre ~his Sun ~VIon and Tues Sept. 1% 19. an~d 20. June. who goes t~, cod, lege wi~h just onc object in mir~d-~hu.~ba:nd hunting, .tries ev- ery trick of tLhe game on Perkins: ~ho is a top ~lc~tc~h ~baske~ball player. Jane is a babysitter }n her spare I time at the home of the coMege professor. One night Perkins de- cides to help her wi,th t~he dhvre. However, this is a very difficult assigmnent, si~.ce ,tlhe you,ngstel~ have ,always been permitted t~ exl)ress t~hems~l.ves f~,eely by ~eir progressive-minded profess- or f~her, T~i~ really proves . a mttsing ar, d interesting. 2~is is jt~st a smal2 sequen,ce of t~is wonder,u.1 comedy. Why not come out ~or t~e evening and jus~ forget all your w0nies a,nd rr+,0.ems and laugh and relax with every.body else. TIME FOR A REFRESHER COURSE FOR Maybe you've forgotten how it is to be ten years old. The promise of a football game in the vacant lot makes every second precious as a youngster hurries home from ~chooL Or, what appears to be a small boy may actually be a epaceman, soaring high above the clouds. Spacenien aren't concerned with such earthly things'as traffic or safety signals. So, it'S up tO you to keep your feet firmly on the ground-- to think, antici~td and be-doubly cautious, so our children can live to see their dreams come true. 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