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September 20, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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September 20, 1945

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PAGE EIGHT ------ -7------- -- THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1945 ,* ~ Hi~%r/ prp~;~pn~ .~Ut]f(] ~"-- 0 " ]~ * rl~ service assistance to farmers results State s .Ihghway 7 N. -" -- |" vwsts 3peclal 3erwces lo from the victory over Japan and ]the expectation that supplies will ~q~,m~14~ I~ Jq'n~Af~tbe adequate soon to meet all de- Pedestrian Safety Deaths In August Farm Safeguards ,-,uo ,o The current policy of the H d"ecor"niaa"era"e" North Dakota had seven highway President Trun~an's reconversioh' County AAA Committees are n~lWar Production Board is to grant fatalities during August, reports message to Congres~ included hig longer issuing farmer certificatesi general priorities assistance for fox copper wire and will issue[ non-~rnilitary needs only in excep- North Dako%a's 1944 record in State Highway Patrol Chief E. M.I praise and encouragement fo~" the lmnber certificates only until Oct. 1. iti nal cases. reduction of pedestrian traffic Klein. This is five less than for] Nation's farmers. He credited Lun~ber certificates are now re-l Production controls have been des, the has received national recog- the same month last year, he[ farmers with a magnificent pro- stricted to maintenance, repair and I dropped and preference certificates nition. A plaque was presented last states. The total number of fatali-[ duetion job in the war and said operating proposes, or emergency ~ are no longer necessary to obtain week to E. M. Klein, state highway ties for the first eight months of/ that no group in America labored cases.Discontinuance of this warI farm engines, the Area advises. patrol chief, by the American Auto- the year was 35. Last year forI longer or harder to meet the war mobile Association at an appro- the same period it was 43. I demands put upon them. prlate ceremony in Bismarck. The August fatality record, in'i "~e Government now mu~t be The 1:~ ,~:lue was presented Klein eluding age' address' date and place 4 prepared to carry ut t~he Natl n's : SALE 34 rotary of the North Dakota Auto- lows: making their neces~ry readjust- ~ #$#~ mobile Clt:b, and affiliate of the C, otlieb A. Sailer. 60, ,Bismarck, monte f,rmn a wartime to a peace- AAA. Aug. 8, 22 miles north and five time,basis." PresidentTruman Connolly said the st, ate highway Re~ patrol had been chosen to receive pROBlff)t4 Ibm I-0Vl~--It'$haed miles we~t o~ .Mandan, heart pointed out. He asked additional [ t0 Imagine Go pretty, miss's trouble, ran off roadway, legislation 'to strengthen the |$tered Herefords the North Dakota award because of Colleen Ward havlnQ difficulty in the patrol's activities in the eC"1 marrying her sweetheart. That,' a Claytonr~ IAllehauge, ~ ~ --,--15' L'era~on, l.^~ .~l sttppor~Chinery commil;mentsf r ,carrylngandOUtfor l~elay. cident prevention field, including her problem as France1 Adams In e ' ~ ~al,"Barry Oameron:' Lemmon (in North Dakota) -ass-ling the basis for broader peacetime Inspectmn organization and sponsorship off EEL IELOL--F---" enger inear running into car ~rk-' markets for agricultural-products". Monday, 1 school patrols and a continuous ed on road without lights. ~Phe President's recommendat$ons campaign of street and hlLghw~ty] Joe Delchert 19 Strasburg Aug. to Congress Included: ~aking an O p. m. s, a letter to Klein, Burton W. 16 halLf mile ~t~t of Strasburg additional $500,000,000 availa~e to SALE Marsh, AAA safety director, s~id[ T-5 Otlnrml'd Johnson hasar-Idrlver apparently asleep, ran off the Commodity Credit Corporation at. 1st tread, to safeguard farm prices, possibly . ~ ~ ii~l~r North Dakota was given honoral#le~rived home for a 30-day furlough. through transferring lend-lease 2 p. m. mention because of ins "excellent [ Gunrmrd has been in service in herman vanoermurg, z7, uarz, funds ~o" ~n"e accoun~ oz (~3c on pedestrian safety record." The state the European theatre of war for Aug 19 three miles south of Jud- . '" " r a continuing oasis' ~imumtion of son, leIt roa'(l, struck rOCK, eve - "h ' " ' showed a death ,-ate of only 1.9 the past t~o years. . ~ e expo~ of rarm products, par- 14 BULL CALVES persons per 100,000 population and ~L~. Verne King was hostess for ~U~;r.~i Erickson, 14, Beulah, Aug. ~CoUl:rl/oodth::UwgUhar ,~hiTe~nt:rej! 10 HEIFER CALVES Marsh said "only one other state the Wednesday Study Olub with 11 re" 25 city limits of Beulah, coming stren themn " ' reported so low a death ra . me~r~bers present. An interesting fr~rn behind ~arked car g ",g and further develop- 10 -- -- -- COWS k~ p~per on "Painting W~r in the ~ i" . ~.'-Z "'~ d-ri-kment of the l%derai Crop Insur- neroer~ t~. Jenrm~ a~ r're ~ c, ,Wor reau P,~cific" was given by Mrs. H. E. . -- four and hal~ ante Program w~hieh together with Haney. Mrs. C. E. ~eesaman had ~. 19 Aug. ~I irat~ the assul~ance reasonsble and stable OS~q~ ~tK ~q~lGSi~rl~ ~LD P1 yR-' o u Charge of the vocabulary tests, ed over in ditch drowned, tow "P" ''" go a long waY am Safet ,es 5~vt. charles Luptak left Saturday ~,~,~,~,win, A-~, aru meeung basic problems ,~ ~, " " whi morning from Dickinson to report "' f Win 'driver ch have plagued farmers in the - ~ ES 'SOUTH O SENTINEL BU E Sa~fety rules and regulations are b~ck to his duties at Camp Robin- 28 half mile east o g -a s t a n dn ' . . P ; C0 tlnuauon ann of on-coming car d~d not see boy being prepared by the Depar~men~ son, Ark. strengthening of programs for the of Safety of the Workmen's Corn- Virginia King left for Hebron pensation Bureau for each individ- Saturd~ay where she will teach His- ual industry within 'the state, Re- tory and music in the High School cording to ~afety Director Th~nRs there. J. Kitowski. ,Mr. and Mrs. Coy Ceperly and The sagety program is being daughter, Dorothy, were Dickinson worked out wi~ the advice of rap- ~hop~ers on Saturday. reser#ta~lves of employers and era- Mr. and Mrs. Gillenburg and ployees for the sole purpose of family are now occupying the ~urthering lndtmtri~l safety in the No,r~ D~kota's industrial plants, rooms at the depot. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cheadte have ~ffety rules will not alone check moved their household goods to or slow down m~ciden, t frequencies Behqeld. and will establish their but .by the observance of these I residence there. Alex F ahrman- rules we hope to succeed in the trout did the trucking. prevention and recurrence of ac-I Raym~ml Coulson and daughter, clden~," he said. I Ivonne, and Miss June Cheedle ar- "The department is no~ only in- rived from Buffalo. Wyo last Sun- forested in the prevention of ac- cidents ~o the personnel of an in-Iday" Ra:anond and daughter will dustrlal plant but is also tryingI spend a few days with relatives ~o prevent delays and shutdowns[ and friends before returning to h4S due to the numerous 'unavoidable'/ duties as manager of the J. C. accidents recurring in a numberI Penney Store. of h~du~tries." I WIr. and Mrs. Walter Cameron, "There is also another angle to] Rober~ and Richard arrived l~ri- our objectives--lowering of premo~ day ~t the home of Mr. and Mr. Paul Loffelm~cher for a brief visit. ium rates." I ~Mr. and Mrs. Sethrye arrived Kibowski States there will be a safety code for each industry. ~iRte Saturday from Wolf Point, Mon~ to visit~ at the Emil Strand home. elevator code is almost ready and will be sane out ~hen completed. This indU.Vtry, according ,to de- partment records, is one of t~e most hazardous in the state. lone l~u~ch Registered Nurse is spending her v~cation at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Paasch in Be~fleld, Miss 1%asdh iS employed in a hospital in Iowa. ~VIrs. Allen Thompson and chil- dren of l%irfleld returned last week ~rom a visit with her parents at Sheyenne N. D. ~vIrs. August Glade is in Modern assistlr~g with the work at the home of her daug~hter Mrs. Waiter Olson. Mrs. Olson has been in poor health for some time. Fairfield School opened Monday, ~ept. 10 with Mrs. Lucille KnudtSon as teacher. *~ehfleld is expecting a big cre~vd to attend the H~rvest Festival, which is scheduled to open today (Tuesday) with a caravel, dar~, show and all the usual attra~o t~ons. ~rs. Gee. Pasczniuk, Snow, re- turned to her home ~l.ast week after beking trea~am'ents at S~. Josoph~ hosplt'al, Dickinscn. ,Mrs. 'Don O~Brien and baby daughter, t~aron, were guests at the home of Den's parents, Mr. and ,Mrs. Jack O'~rien, ~air~eld, the pa~. week. ~ay~nond Oouison, Buffalo, W~o a former resident here, spent save oral days last week calling on old friends in and around Beh'leld. Henry Kirklng, Couer d'Alene, Idaho, arrived last week and-will spend a short time visiting rela- tives and old friends in this vicinity. Kirklngs were Billings County r~ei- den~s until moving west a few years agO. Sunday callers at the Ed Schmel- ing home were W~n. Glade and son, ,Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fritz and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Matkowski and JOe Hocker. Bill Anderson, Leo Davis and Jack O'Brlen shipped cattle to Far- go last week. Bill Rodakow~ki is a patient at St. Joseph's Hospital, Dickinson, with an irffeetl~n in his foot. He su, bmitted to the amputation of a toe last week. ~oIne of the Belfleld young people ab-tended the dance at Fryburg Sat- urday night, while others journeyed to Bishop's hall to attend the dance h~ld there. .Mr. and Mrs. Thee. Barrow and ~vIr. and Mrs. S. C Brownfleld en- tertained a group of friends at a 6 o'clock dinner on the lawn at the Barrow home Sunday evening. Out of town gues~ were Mr. and M~s. Roland Eslick and daughters of He~ron. Mrs. Sta~and will accompany them to Fingal where they will visit Mrs. Strand's and Mrs Sethrye's aged paren4,s w~no reside there. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Talkington have t~ken possession of the for- mer John Nelson house where they will reside for the winter. An interesting article on "C~ow- ing l~ruit in North Dakota" a~- pe~rs in the Sept. 8th issue of the Dakota l%rrner. The beauty spot met~tioned in the article is owned by Henry Biel, Jr w~no lives 18 miles S~utheast of Dickinson. Mrs. ,Bisl is a d~u~hter of Mrs. Ernm~ Sc'nnell ~ho lives sout~ of town. {Mrs: C. E. Adams was hostess for the Stitch and Ch@tter Olub Tue~ay P. m. with eight members pree~n,t. The guests were Mrs. Stnmd and Mrs. Gillenberg, the ~tter having her n~me added to the membership llst. The p. m. was spent in hmmaflng dish to,~eis v~ieh will be presented as gifts to t~e members who are leaving. Two g~ts were presented by the h~ w~nich were won by Mrs. M~tteson and Mrs. Ingn~n. I)e- tiolotm rof ~hmen~ were served at t~e close of the p. m. ~H . and Mrs. Alvin Chea~le and family of ~eaoh visited at the C. E, Admns home over the week end. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Ingnmn and fami1~ were guests of honor at a farewell party given at the Saturday evening. The Ing- msas are phmnlng to leave soon for Wheadmn, Minn where bhey will establish a new home. ~t~r. and Mrs. l~ttph Low end daughter, Betty, were dinner guests l~t 2,nursday at the Verne King h~me, The special school eleotlon held ~turday aeternoon carried by a f~lr m~,Jorlty and plans are being ~ol~ed ~or a continuar~e of a year Hig~ School ff a com- petitor ln#tructor csn be secures. VFonne Joubert visited Veda and ]~he~ J~a~l~on. She has also been a-guest df Lorett~a Olson at ~he ,Be~nt Olson home. :l:*ete Palm and son,-Donnie, ~f Oalif, visited his sis- Emma S~nell last week. not seen ea~ other for son of Mrs. Hele~ Kropilnieki, former residents north of ~n, but now of Bel~teld is home on furlough. Victor s~w e~ct|on in the I~allan car~palgn and erom his report Italy is not so warm and sunny. WOOL PROGRAM CONTINUES Sale of wool to the Commodity Credit Corporation is no longer, ma~ndatory, a~)hough sales may stillI be mode ~o CCC under the pur-l chase program in effect until June[ $0, 1946, the AAA advises. J on bicycle due to high weeds. Extends Motor F R "p "ty ee e 1 rocl Motor vehicle iee rec~prcmity agreement between North Dakota and other states have been ex- tended to cx)mmon carriers by an executive order of Governor Fred O. A~nda~l. Governor ARndahl's order amends an order issued July 30, 1943. 'by conservation and improvement of our soil and forest resources, and also for scientific research. He re- ported that Seerebary c Agricul- ture Anderson is studying exis~ng farm programs to see if any chaDge.s are needed to meet peace- time c0ndi'tions and asked that .~fi~g~e~ also consider the problem ,and make any adjustvnen~s which will make farm Ix-ograms more effective. Hearing Aid Expert t~he late Governor John Moses. Scheduled Sept. 26th The order of that date exc!uded conm%on carriers. R.J. Carubh. of the Maico Pre- AandahTs order fixes the terrain- c~sioneer Scientific Hearing Ser- ation date of the reciprocity pro- vice, will be at the Golden Valley gram as June 30, 1947, unless seen- Hotel, B,~ach. on Wednesday, Sept. er terminated by the governor or 23 between the hours of 1 p. m to by congressional action terminating 8 p. m. the war. Extension of the reciprocity pro- Over 90% of 'all precision tes~ instruments used by ear physicians, gram to conm~on carriers h. ex- ho~pitals, clinics, universities, gov- peoted to, increase reven'ue to the eminent, and the armed services, state highway de~trtment, through additional truck fees, by more than states Oaruth, are Maico. $11,000. according to Zhe governor. The miracle of elecuronics ban- The new order means in effect islq'es deafness. Your hearing is uh~t all Class "A" carriers oper- precious, adds Caruth. Have it ating in states where similar re- measured on the famous Maico ciprocity agreements are in effect audiometer and be told exactly now may enter North Dakota on lwhat Maico can do to help you. interstate businec~s without securing No~h Dakota permit licenses. Is Your Subscription Paid Up? Hew many houses will Jack build ? Estimates put the immediate postwar housing need at 12,600,000 dwellings. That's a lot of lumber and cement and stoves and windows and plastics, kitchen sinks and telephones. For the tctephone will have to keep abreast of tomorrow s 'unfinished business,not only to provide communication for millions of new h0me owners, but to help plan thosc homes, obtain the materials, get[them built. It will be no small }ob. It will take an awful lot of precisely built telephone equipment, a great deal o~rskilled human effort anda tremendous investment of new capital to pay for both. Our capacities will be taxed to the utmost but we look ahead confidently. As the work gets under way, the benefits flow two ways--ro the new customers enjoying tdephone service for the first time and to prescnt customers. For new telephones installed add to the usefulness of the service in general by, more people into reach by voice communication. A time-tested policy guides us to provide the best possible telephone service at the least cost to the public consistent with fair treatment of employees and the financial safety of the business. "WHAT ABOUT MY NEW TIELEPHONE ?" We'd like to tell you we could instMl it at once. We're sorry we can't--there will still be considerable delay for many. In the Bell System about two million orders for telephone service are unfilled. Telephones will become available in fast-~ncreasing volume--but a tougher problem is the manufacturing and installing of other facilities including the tremeodously com- plex iob of expanding central office switchboards. For your patience in this final period of waiting, our warmest thanks. NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY I Beac North Dakota PENICK"3 S2-OZ, CRYSTAL JAR, WHITE WHILE IT LASTS GOLDEN SYRUP52-OZ. JAR 3'l~ 4-LB. PKO. L.AKELAND SELF-RISING FOR LIGHTER. FLUFFIER PANCAKES HOUSEHOLD TYPE 15 CUBIC INCH CTN. 3-LB. COFFEE DE E.DO. =o 59 FRESH GROUND--~LLB BAG 21e FLAVOI~EE--FRENCH ~r~LE CLAM cHowD 25' HEINZ FAMOUS QUALITY TOMATO JUICE '23' LADY LYNN BRAND CASE OF 24 20-OZ. CANS FANCY t9-OZ ' C~, CAN --GUARANTEED FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES -- NOW AT THEIR PEAK IN FLAVOR CAN THEM THIS WEEK CALIFORNIA VALENCIAS DOZ. WISCONSON WEALTHIES SEEDLESS GIRDLED INDIVIDUAL HOME GROWN LBS. LBS. EACH BROWN SUGAR GOLDEN--SOFT--MOIST STAMP NO. 38 VALID FOR $ LBS. GRT C.~ISLER'S FOOTBALL BOOK FOR YOUR BOY POST TOASTIES 2 0::25' GIANT SIZE PACKAGES A LITTLE RINSO GOES A LONG WAY--KEEPS WHITES RINSO BRIGHT A LUX BATH FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN . . . SOAP OF THE STARS FOUR SWELL SOAPS IN ONE TWO SIZES--IT'S ALL PURPOSE ONLY SOAP ESPECIALLY MADR TO STOP B. O.