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September 22, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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September 22, 1960

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HILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER r I No th t l gavra H0 ehl Dakot s G ea es a 0 ov n r a' r t . . cine" for motor vehicle accider, ts--,NI).Fl'gh! I I ,o I. oo, to 0,ov ,e aoo ont tse-I For 1,I It m, | .w but to prevent a person being kill-I There are tricks to every trade--- who learn it and stop studying, ed as a result of the ace,dent T2 e~Aero~naul~ticsa m [ ~~%N / ~U ! even that of being a successful stu- Ask yourself questions about what Accidents, ,and espeeially motor dent. Success in school, according you are studying. To impress in- .ve~lcle acmdents, kill more.Amer-jt Cam ission4i- to the National Education Asso-formation forcibly on your mind, roans toaay man ever oezore in,iiCtied:d!~a~lpo~iGrnism~ii ~v:hr:o~a? II F 1' i 1,$ I clarion, is the result of good plan- close your book from time to time prol~zon .to the n .~.-mber of cars[ r ning careful budgeting of time andask yourself questions about ana ~UCK on me roaa, aecor amg arm Coverage -- Gels Resu ' have be- -eadin" ~ mrormauon znom zne State~ Knowlng hOW $O hazes, ana ozner %ne page yvu un r s Pnr;V~qoat;r~Pn ~;dl Ard~rneau~O~",BUYING SELLING | tricks of the learning trade. Write down the answers, and check neann uepartmen~. J them a"ainst the text One of the studies carried out at i tend its service from North Da- I Teachers in junior and senior high s ","ornel" Univ-rsi*-- ro t kota to Regina Rotes: 1 4<: per word first insertion - no ad less than ] . ~ - anize~ r,o ,+ ~ r-,e ~y p yes ma~ azte I forSCh Istudentshave whothe wantf ll wingto zmprove" aovice, just" ~mOyplungem anm Or~ano. waaeU waY.mroug~, ~'~n h~1oana]~Tsin,~,~,~,+~g I0 000 ^ecases,h~,~u f motOroncm "'~; [l Vavra sa,d" Bzsmarck",Mmot" d~land l $2.80 --- ] 2C per word eoch o.4,41~,~,~I ; ~ ~,L ~ 0 A ~ !I I " " k sion, adding: "North Dakota had I ~'" I their learning ability: i t h.e he;::dm~ema~OUr~r tex~bo~;e valved occupants using seat belts, l Williston are affected by the "-I ,~,l,~ M " , "Budget" your after-school hours. It:trs r y ~ ~'^^d all passengers are much safer ifl hopes of faster Convair-type service,SEND DIRECT TO: I enap~er s cu.~.~. ~,~. r~uu ,~=~ - " " ! Make a chart, leaving a space for they remain reside the car when[ as the end result." rags ana ~uDn=~UUlg~ utruu~.uL,~ ] ! each free hour. Then schedule your, elan acc]der~t occurs. Seat belts lhelp[ Vavra said he believed, however, [ BISMARCK CAPITAL uad me cnapter, xr you Know wrier kee " " hme between study, sports, hobbms r is pin " n en I p you inside and ahve! l the President left the door open for,ASSOCIATED N WSPAP R$ ! outside reading, social activities, l.mecnap,ter g~ll g :your co c "1 The study shows that 12.8 per/ the civil aeronautics board or the I ~ mad Mmz~h~ tree l o 8 t Don't allow interruptions during stu-: srate~, smay w~ rot~ mong more j cent of those thrown from the car/ airline to establish a reasonable pr - I | dy periods, smoomxy I were killed. Only 2.6 per cent who| bability that the service can survive,~IS1WARCK, N.D. ! . . I Do something extra 'above and lremained inside were killed! I l~aaKe use oz PaSS anu enos' o~ " ~ without excessive cost to the gay-',f ~ ^ ~+ ~ * ~ ~roo ~1~ oeyona me can or outy.' l~eaa a} Toe ns~ *s rive ~,mes greater for/ ernment. Farms For Sale 2 Personal 38 ~'"'~' ~'"au~r~ ~"~k~t"~for~s~ud* in=short story in the foreign language I thosee thrown from the vehiel/ "The civil aeronautics board cam- -- -- car s. n yo poc e . . . Y g l you're learning Like math* Try J than for those ~no remain inside.~ mited the overnment to over $3 Half section virgin land between CARE FOR U N M A R R I E D "rencn veros cnemical mrmums or - " . ' :. a paperback book of mathematzcs[ Seat belts are the answer. ~ . . g I'.i.t:e Albert and N. BatOeford, MOTHb~RS Florence Crlttenton mstory oozes, wmm you wmt m nne nuzzlers and ~roblems Read mag-J The National Safety Council est-[ bilhon m subsmms last. year when Sask good soil water, good road, Home 711 13th St. So. Pargo, it decided the 'seven states airline ~nres~t~eo ana gram country ~v North Dakota. Write superinend- orgrab a qu,c~.lunell, -- ! aztnes and books about your favor-Iimates that ~o out of every 100~ r ~en ~z~ acres oreaKanle ent for lnformatio proceeding,Vavra sazd, and over (light ,)on .{ ~4 nan nn ,~ ,n~ n. All inquiries x-~am yourse~ m.~ agooo nsten- ite subject--whether it's biology art cars on the road today are. equipp,[ la~ confidential er. wnen your mlna" starts to wanaer led wRh seat .~lts untor,o~- ~.a,l $500,000 m the dec,s*on on the tract to r ebuy NW 31 48 & SW 3l - in class, try listening "for use." m~ory: [out of this number, only about .R0[ 'Montana ~ervice case." ~sl4 for ~5,000.00 Sept. 1965 ifpur- ~-t~P.IaP I'%~It U'NMARI~IED l n rougn asslgnmenv, t~ive yourselz -- This means looking for informat'o " l per cent use Chetr belts'cousistent-~ "While this was going on," saidenasea is azssatisxzed." L. ~oule, MOTHERS counsel and nm~inw Robson House, UBC Vancouver 8, care. Write Hous o can Pluck out and ,~e from a rewaru' Ior aping ~t. when you~ ~ a ,~ - --,Vavra, "there was harly a ripple C tnada ' 11 St ~ :e of Mercy, 150.5 y U . ,-~ . . *.r. ~,u~ ~ ~r ~z*~ use r, nem have a serms of comphcated math . , what is being said facts that will . . . [ sometimes and about 13 per cent/ ~ h u~n, ~'argo, -~or~n from the White House involvin~L ~ Dakota. All inquiries confidential help you understand a difficult part problems, to eCXm:me pr mlse'y ur'l use them "occa,ionally" SUTb~Sr~ctor explained the service of the subject information that seiz a tnp.m meat ~amourger[ S~te Safety Director Floyd J./ t2n's F nat b e~b ~g~aiancC:ep-'*x~ffl01e --'f ~5-e-- '-*---: Notice is not in your textbook, neave.n or lea yoursei~wazcn a gooalUpham has said many times that| to Regina case was the result of 2~0~ . "e pasture and timber. About ~k now In corn, z moaern sets LARG.~ST wholesale supply in U t iaC? ::m~itte~a~o" verl rnm~e.' television program, azzer me pray ~ ~ y pur- . mture, clothing" annli / e~ e~eseY ur chances f c ming/of seatbeltswzll greatlyin-| an international Dna~erax agr~men~ ofbld'*s NIc~ home Ma- be S Fur *- " " lems are done. between zne u.~. ano Canaman chased with landlord's share of ~nees, autos and accessories f~rm mary a series of dates, a list of Take an active part in classroom] ~h~ ugh a serious acciden~ alive.|governments. ~opsd f~r zm?edlate possession, equipment, .tools, housewares, ne'w ~a " ~ oo pe A. Terms at least products zmpo~ts Free details foreign words and their English discussions. If you're not particular-! At the present time all vehicles and|'Tne agre.emenz ZOO K. over xu $10,000 down. Will sell aa 2 units. Associated Wholesalers, "Box 20~ meanings, or a poem that you have ly interested in a certain subject,] other state departments are set-| years to bring into oemg, sala Ben Dietz, owner, Winnebago,-BN, Sioux City 4, Iowa. been told to memorize study them but know that you must get pass- I -mul~Y considering installing them, Vavra minn. All~. ~ He Sald since the l-'reszaent na Farms For some more. Tests have proven that ings marks in it--make yourself Up m ~aid. ' s Chinchillas must sell. Gold Seal " n Sale: One 240-acre farm, animals with cages. Write Box students who study material a while interested by chiming in on class- ~ refused the proposed order, It o buildings; one 240-acre farm 391. Edgeley, N. Dak. 11 longer, after having learned it, will room discussions. The result may .DE PARTlt~WI' TO OPEN looks hke' the case will" just" sit acreWith a granary & barn ; one 190 A---~oz-* . .--=--~-------~-- . ~ mrm goon ounomgs, all mad A tenu Maler Barber School in .member it longer than students surprise even you, I '0'~hAs{st~a~Se .ate gameTO ana~NGnsn aeparz-" .or awnue. --C~--- iri]hd!ni.~:.5~lo2~C:~c4rfe~fmregm f~ ~i~or~ ~e U S. A Ma'er~. o'~ "r ~c~ V"~ndc ~Vr~rersW~ns~n'~ GJnL~va~ ment will open 40,285 acres of state ~,! .~,~.~= ~,~m bu ldings~ E. M. Hedahl Twin Val-515 Main St. Vancouver, Wash'. land to public hunting this fall, an- b lltllti [lt Icy, Minn. " 11 ,~ ~ 4-11 nounced Gmne and Fish Commi~- BRITTLE BONES- John V. Haraksin fans ifl~ ~.week-old daughter Julia, who is encased in a piaster east from neck to toes in Lea Angeles Orthopaedic hospital. The baby was born with a rare defect--brittle bones-and must remain in a cast through much of her childhood. PROMPT WASHING OF [ MILK IS ADVISF~ As goon as you've milked that last cow, flush ou the milk units, is the first step in keeping your milking machine in sanitary condition, say Howard J. McLeod, NDAC extension dairy marketing agent. ; ~I~elaying R~a-oper washing only 20 or 30 minutes is enough time for milkstoneb to accumulate, result- stoner I. G. Bue. Fifty-three areas, totalling 44,268 acres of land and water, are now being managed for wildlife by the department Such areas are known as game management areas. Most of them are owned by the department. but several large areas are leased from federal and private organiza- t/arts. Of the 53 game management areas under the ~dministration of the de- partment 91 per cent, of 46, will be opened to free public h,mting this falI. Open areas comprise 40,285 acres of wildlife habitat. Seven areas will be closed to huntin~ with firearms. These areas are waterfowl resting areas, special game preserves, fish rearing sites and research project areas. All of the game m~nagement areas, except two, will be open to hunting with bow and arrow. The two closed areas are the St. John Game Farm and the Spiritwood Lake Field Re- search Laboratory. DRANAGE IMPORTANT FOR FEEDLOT LAYOUTS Lay out your new feedlot to pro- ~ide drainage away from the bern and the feeding ,and watering areas so these areas can be kept as dz7 as possible, suggests Arthur H. Schulz, NDAC ex~nsio,n agricul- tural engineer. Many farmers are planning to use fenceline bunks or may even- tually go to ~is type of feeding, report as of March 1 on the number he says. If possible, lay out your of early milk lambs (springers)that lo~ so the drainage is away from will move to slaughter during late the area where these bunks and March and April for six or eightthe drive will be located. Laying of the important early lamb states. During the period from mid- Pc- out i~e ]~t so drainage is across the lot instead of to the front or rear tober ~o mid-Ap:il, practically all usually works out bes~, the specia- of the lambs marketed are first con- list adds. ditioned through feeding operations. Maay lots have little or "no slope Thi~ volume represents half or more to provide drainage. ,In these lo~ of our annual national lamb slaugh- Schulz recommends an 18 to 2~in~ ter. /.ill ~or the barn and feedin,~ and ing in a high bao~eria count in the "An accurate March I appraisal watering areas before starting the m:,d~, he says. of the condition and development ~on~g~tetion o~ an~ permanently Once milk has dried and formed of early milk lambs would be a installed equipment. Drain the re- milkstones, a light washing wrn't valuable guide to feeders and enable maining lot ,area in~ a drainage ~elp. Milkstene is tough, and bact- them to intelligently integrate the oi~cn mcated ounce the lo~. The eria multiply in :t It protects them cleanup movement of old-crop fed excavation you make $o get the against future attemp~ at sterili- lambs with the marketing of early ~ for the fill frequently will pro- zation and leaves bacteria free to springers," the magazine said. vide the drainage ditch needed to grow and do their dirty work of down-grading your dairy products," he states. Don't give mllkstone a chance to form. Clean Your milking machine immediately after each milking. If milkstone has developed on at~z oz your dairy .utensils, get it off fast. You can buy a milkstone remover form you local creamery or dairy suppler Store that will do the Job easily. If milkstone accumulates in your milker, it is due to improper wash- ing, or to the use of a detergent that doesn't blend wRh the part- icular water on your farm, ~e ex- plains. In ~e l~er ease, do some ex~erime~'th~g until you find the xi~ht combination ~or your parti- cular situation. USDA TO OFFER BETTER SHEEP REPORTS The National Wool Growem Assn. has won congressional approval of it~ request that the U. S. departmen* of agriculture expand sheep and lamb reports to give more informa- tion on the number of lambs on feed, reports National Live Stock Producer. Congress included $250.0(}0 in the USDA appropriations bill to cover the cost of the additional reports. "Adequate and freqUent informa- tion will help lamb feeders alter operations to avoid market gluts and provide a more uniform supply of lamb to consumem," the magazine states. The association has asked USDA to expand its sheep and lamb reports ~s follows: Issue comprehensive numerical re- ports of sheep and lambs on feed of March 1 and Nov. I for 28 to 28 of the most important feeding states. Issue a com~ive numerleal DICKINSON FARMER HAS PLAN TO FIGHT EROSION Wind and weter erosion has been a major problem for George Kun- chynski, v4~o farms 960 acres north. w~t of Di~inson. Soil drifting hag bee~ ~aarticularly bad on his lighter-textured soils. He decided to do something a- bout it and last winter, in cooper- ation with 42~e Western Soil Con- serva ion District, he laid plans for carrying out a 3-year conservation ~rogram. The pkan called for the construc- tion of a diversion dike and ditch around the farmstead, contouring of several fields and wind strip- fields with ligh~er-~4extured soils. In addition, grassed water- ways were @o be established where %'h~lies ~ fornled a~d seve~/ fields planted to tame grasses. Although some of these practices are still not in effect, Kunchynski is confident ghey will go a long way in reducing erosion on his farm. ---4:]--- FALL FABHIONS There~l be less emphasis on hard, molded curves in the 1960 fall fash- ions, sa~ys Mrs. Freda Record. I~D. AC assistent extension clothing agent Even the sheath will asmmae a new soft, slim, patk, ician look. drain the remaining lot area. A comDletely d0ncreted feedlot is always desirable; however, cosi~ run fairly ~ Schulz's advice i~ if you have heavy soll~ no natural drainage, at" can't build drainage, perhaps your only answer is ~o go to a concreted 1o~ built above the level of the yard. Ig concrete is used, allow about 50 to 70 square feet of lot area per animal YIELD CHECKS HEL~ DETEEMIME BENEFITS To determine benefRs gained from fertili~r, chemical weed on- :%rol, tillage difference and other ~ rop produd~on praettce~ make yield comparisons wheneve~ pos- sible ~n 'your farm, advises L. A. Je~ sen, NDAC extension agrono- mist. An actual yield comparison i~ the only zeal test of the value of any given practice. Too often, far- mers say ~hese yield comparisons take valuable combine time and, therefore, they can't be 'q~ot~her- ed with e~hem." Other farmers say this need not be the case because such yield com- parisons can be done early in the morning or on days w~en it is Just a little too weg to 0ombine. Once the areas to be checked are staked out, they can be cmnbined either before or after the field as a whole is combined, ~he spec~alist explains. Even though the moisture content "Fluid Line" is a term. you are go- of 1~e grain threshed in these yield ing to ~ear, as there will be no pin-~ vomparisons areas runs s little high, ched Dr cinched dresses, she adds. the volume involved is so small The design will define the figure that the bags can be set out for ,and also allow for freedom of drying after threshing. movement. Silhoue~f~s will vary-- Circular AF ,~6, "Checking Crop the illusion of a lower waist line, Yields b~y Combine Method," is a-I ~aehieved throu~ t~vo-piece styles variable form your county exten- i with over blouses, ston agent, or the Agrieul-tural ses with shallow for~t~ou Department ~ NDAC. It ~iVes information on checking yields by the combine method. Urged i0 Back Farm Research More agricultural research is needed in North Dakota political candidates from both parties were advised recently in Bismarck dur- ing sessions sponsored by the Great- er North Dakota Assn. Representatives from 11 agricul- tural groups in the state attended, including the GNDA agriculture committee. The candidates were told that 80 per cent of North Dakota in- come comes from agriculture, but less than one-third of one per cent of this amount is invested in re- search at the present time. A representative of the Stock- men's Assn told the group that farm research is not a political issue. that everyone is for it. ~)ut still the job isn't being done. Generally the farm group repre- senative asked the candidates to work for higher appropriations to carry on research. Results of this research, they said, will not be seen in dollar signs immediately, but will result in a more sound, over-all future for North Dakota's farming industry. Clark Jenkins, manager of GNDA agriculture department who presid- ed over the informal sessions, said the GNDA met with North Dakota Agricultural college experiment station and extension service per- sonnel last March. "From our discussions," Jenkins said, "we don't think their budgets, if approved as requested this year, will be sufficient to get the job done." Business For Write Ad No. 9960 Box 9@ Blsmarek, N. D-k. MATINEES Orch. L.~I aale 2:00 p.m. |.7~ 1.$$1.20 Sat. & Sun. 2zOO p,m. 2.40 '~.20 I.~ All PHees Ind. Tax EV~INC$ O h. L~ Bdr Msa~ tt~m Tlkur#. S :$0 p.m. |.~$2.40$.75 ~i. & $~Z. S:30 p.m. ~&$ ~.~$1.75 Sen, 8 .-00 p.m. ~.6S|.401.75 B~Or Sale: 296-acre Farm, Good buildings. 60 acres in hay. Excell- ent for beet" or sheep raising, Also ~n good fishing lake. Chester Mc- Cann. Longvllle, Minn. 10-11 Female Help Wanted 26 WANTED: Honest. experienced farm girl to assist other girls with general housework; wait on Ctlstomers, help with milk uter, Mls. No mnoker. $25 week. room and board. Picture, references requited. Year aronnd job mile from city. Mrs. FVed Thiesse. Route 1 13 St SE Brainerd, Minn. 11-]2 NURSE Operating Room Super- visor ,'@urgery Suite located in new hosI~it~l addition Salary $385.- 3(~ & up. Director of Nurses. Owa- tonn~ City IIospitaLOwatonna. Minn. 10-12 Livestock 7 For Sale: Registered Suffnlk and North Country Cheviot year!ing ram~ and Yorkshire. spring boars. Phone Clinton 2-4133 L. W. Reim- ers, Route 1, Jamestown, N, I:~k. 11-12 ~'or Sale: PUREBRED HEREI~)RJ') P()LLED BULBS AND Ht~,IFERS A l'~ Nelson Wiiton. N.D. 37 A r.~hires Will sell 53 head of reg- istered natural Polled Ayrshire heifers anu 3 Polled bulls at Brown County ['~air Grounds on Sept 17. All are calfhood vaccinated, 30 will freshen in ~Oept and October. For ~atalog write Elroy Harringt0n, Route 2, Aberdeen So. Dak. 11 G'ermann Jorgensen, Rolla, N. Dak wilt disperse his herd of 55 reg- Istered B~own Swiss dairy cattle, 12 noon.-Friday, Sept 23rd at his farm near Rolla, N. Dak. All mach- inery feed and hay will sell on Saturday, Sept 24th. For infor- [~latiOn on cattle, write Norman Magnussen. Brown Dwiss Sales Ser- vice. Lake Mills. Wise. ]1 l,'or Sale: Wisconsin Dairy COW8 and Ist Calf Heifers. Some fresh and others close up. Calfhood vaccinat- ed T. B, and bangs tested. A new shipment each week from our farm in "WL~eonsin to our barn in Medina, N. D. Come and look them over and pick out what you like. We always have several nice large close Up heifers both Holstein and Guernsey out of i~rndueing herds. A good many tO select from barn in town of Medina, N Dak. Wisconsin I)airy Cattle Co. Geo Palmer. Mar. 11 39 Polled Hereford cattle. 26 bulls 13 females at the Minn-Kota Polled Hereford S:tle, october 20. 1960 Winter Show Sale Barn, Val- ley City, ~orth Dakota. Herd hulls ~nd range bulls selected frmn 12 outstanding herds in Minnesota and North Dakota will be s01d. 11-15 Wanted 33 Wanted: Soil mover. 2 to 3 yards. State price, make and condition. Oscar Anderson. Voltaire, N. Dak. 11-]2 Male Help Wanted 25 IANOT YPt~ operator Employee retirement opens permanent po- sition setting straight and tabular matter on Model 31 Linotype. 4{) hours week. paid vacation and holi- days, Medical and life insurance No drinkers or drifters. Open ap- proximately October 1. State Pub- lishing Co. Pierre, ~9o. Oak.11 For Sale or Trade 18 I~rhat have you, Several brood m~res with colts by side and re- bred ~o good buckskin quarter norse stallion and several long yearling Shetland colts and over- size 4 yr. Shetland stud. W. L. Voorhees, Poplar, Mo~t. 10-I,1 t~uality violins Rnd cellos, priced very low. Terms. Making and re},~tlrlng string instruments. Carl Schulz, 1001 8th St. Bismarck. N. Schulz, 1001 8th St. Bismarck, ~,'. Da k. 10-14 Brick beeutiful and ewer- lusting, economicol to build with fre from mainte- nonce Prowides bettm resale volue and will make your house dream home. It to i.vestigat# Hebron Brick CO. N. D. USI@D AUTO PARTS. Used parts for all mtkes and models of cars. Tony's Body Shop. 213 So. 14th FR Bismalck. N Dak. Dai] CAR- )547 5tf Will Sell at Minot. North Dakota, Sept. 20. 1960 Harrington Sales at 2:00 P.M 30 coming 2 bulls. 3~ coming 2 heifers. Earl B. Rice, Chromo Polled Herefords Forsyth, Montana 911 HUNTI~RS: Used. Guaranteed Rifle reloading tools, new dies. com- plete $27.00. Also several used 16, 20, 12 ~uge shotguns, & deer Rifles. Bullets. powder, shot prim- ers. 'Nodak Gunshop, 310 Second Street. Bisnmrck. North Dakota Farm Equipment 4 For Sale: ]95~ Auburn trencher on 1HC 330 tractor. Also Viermier NO. 10 stumper. Also TD 18 cr~wl- er with cable dozer. All very good shape, Must sacrifice for immediate sale. Call ~'ltliam P. Lohren~, Mountain Lake, Minn. 3661] 11 12 ft. IHC 125 SP self propelied Combine with scour riean and straw chopper. A-I co~adition Alvin Blaser. Gaylord, Minn. 1,1 New McCormick Plows-fro" sale, 3-]4 Model 8. Plow chief bottoms on rubber $190. Ray Lebrun dial CL6-2279 Lunffdon, N. Dak. 11 For Sale: Allis-Chalmers corn pick- er slightly used. $80@.00 L~@ Leingang, St. Anthony callGL6- 5236 II For Sale: International ~VI~-9 trac- tor, 1952. new tires on rear, good condition. International 4-14 plow, No. 8 Plow Chief bottoms, ln. teruati 0nal 4 row planter No. 44 on rubber large boxe~, double disks; 160 rods wire. l~ty- out stakes, International 4 row cult- ivator No. 438. Also deep appli- catnrs for fertilizer to fit culti- vator. Used this year. All this machinery is in good condition. Marvin Osterman, lferman, Minn. -Phone I,O3-4598 %Vheaton. Minn, 11 Business Opportunity 9 Service Station. garage, cabins, stock and equipment. All stucco buildings with living quarters low taxes, Dunscith.'N.Dak. Phone 4532 11 laine Opportunity, Building desig~n- ed for drive-in night club, sport shop, country grocery or ~u~y sm~ii business On very busy hiway 152 near many lakes. 5~ mi from Twin Cities. Includes rood. 2 bedroom apt. Ken Adams Rt l (at Enfleld) Monticello, Minn. 11-12 Grocery & small market. Bldg, & & fixtures, $13.500 1/3 down. hal. on contract. Inventory $11,~. Cash, Gross sales $120.000 ,1959, Reason poor health. Write Ray'~ Grocery, RounduF, Moat, 11-]$ For quick sale-Hiway Inn, 3/4 west of Rolla, Highway 5. Drive Iinn, 10x26 feet. Six-room house, re- modeled and planned for steak house. House has new walls and ceilings, new insulated siding, n~w wiring, ii0 and 220 current, .hard. Wood floors, new well, plenty water. septic tank and drainage not con- nected. Approximately I-~ acres of land. A wonderful site for motel, room for 20 unlt~. About 400 ft. frontnge. Fred Buttke. Write Pox 542. Rolls or Phone 261, City Care, Rolls. iX D. 11 For Sale: 5 unit modern motel and small home on four 5P/ft. lots. Room for expansion. Reasonable. Swen Berg, Red Lodge, Mont. 11 For Sale: Restaurant. complete with new home in back. All bottle ~,us heating. Clarence Gross. Klum, N. |)ok. i0-II For Sale 8 For Sals: Furnished 2~x24 -2-bed- room cabin at Lak~ Metigoshe, North Lake good lot including 10x20 Pontoon barge. Rudy Nelson, Rt. 4 Minot, N. Dak. 11 Native Ehn or White Oak Lure. bet for sale. Sawed to your speci- Uc~tion~. D ~vid Purrier. Route No. ~. N Mankato, Minnesota.' 11 For Sale: 1948 Ford School bus. Sixteen seats. In good condition. Frank M. Schmidt, Dickinson. Rt. 2 Phone 224-2494 11 Real Estate For Sale 1 For Sale by Owner Fifteen unit motel: five house rentals: six spot trailer parR, five room owner's tpRrtment Texaco Servlce Station; S & H Green Stamp Franchise; located on twenty lots; Write Box 5t7. Deer Lodge, Mont. 11-12 Noah Dakot~ Newspaper Assn. Bismarck, N.D. 1960---11 'i