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September 22, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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September 22, 1960

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BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER y C Sp II I I f J ohnn an't e J: n /: i i / "i i "I- i i l I"UVJ./I/ mere s Mow In melp / I Conducted by i Poor spelling can pull down your machines, and more than 13 re-/ ~ I~ ~DCAaihkl~ child's g::~des in s,~ci~! studies, read- I search and education groups ~re de- / Jr~t.L. v~L -n, ~ ing, s:'ience an~ o:L'e~" school sub-t veloping programs for the mazhin~s /BABY IN PLAYPEN HOT WATER METHOD; jects, s.~y the nations elementaryI According to these specialists, [(Mrs M R Bismarck) SWEET POTATO DISH" school teachers. Many teachers mark however, the teaching machine, far |," ; "J ~ ~ur~.v ' down book reports, project note- from making teaching len~ personal,/r^~n~re.p~y ~,irs'~-:-l~L sreque~ o Dooxs and test papers because neyl --u--- i h " . . h a ck) . appy in a pmypen. 3ust make " I w~,~ spelling-so difficult for Bas, Full-- ]LLaYV ;:ulry emn:nl~ghh" I fta:;ad ou;t~?~e~og~je~tLa~our~atmgnPottaru:~~ 3~.rnJ=n spelhng and grammatical Grand Forks /sure you start putting "him in the -For Mrs )%R regar.ding the hot many children, l ' [for ver~, lon~ -eriods *-, ~. ~+ g avily ~fter it has ,- - . ~. ~ v . ' ""~ ,~'~ been prepared. Once the dough is Learning to spell English m hard J [to get him used to it. Get bmght work," according to the Nationali~l,#~=~u~==Ita| )colored hanging toys for him to prupareu: work qUICKly, and li you . are working in a cool room k is Education Association in its book-I "~' ~watch and hit at while he's laving o+,o~ ' . L, UL L~Ull t Jr L~WlS .~roul~ anc! . " ~,~. let "How To Help Your Child [ base commander of the 478t [ there. I m firmly conwnced that if Learn." "Johnny would have an ~ ~h ~,h,^, - n rlgn~erj you wait until the baby is erawlina To prepare the dough, use slightly ~ruuD ann 1~, #,~ ~,-xnrereepter . " ~ more shortenin h " easier hme of itwith Spanish orI ~,~a~ ~ ~,~ z,^,t-o a~ z~^ ^~around and enjoying the freedom g t an for ordinary Finnish, which are far more con-[ ~.~"~' ~ " .~ '~='~'~ ~"~'$' ?:" ~ u~=~[ of the floor he won't be happy pastry, and have it at room tern- ~~ ~ a.nuunctm ma~ me /klr Ie'orce ' ~" er " " $mtent m thetr rules, h ~ ^, .~ .~. [ pe~ned up~ Babies can learn to P ature before beginning. For each I a~ uvt;~areu rueease lUllyoper-~ " " 2/3 cu- shortenin- -m ~ . Most schools concentrate on teach- ational |craw~ m a playpen as well anal m . P g use ~/o ~upo~ ' " ~ the case of our bo" he er~lod ooiling waterCombine these two ing children a list of about 3000"n ~ ~ " ~ ~ creaseo mr acuww at me base and -ulled himseV - ~ ingredients and beat until cream ~ngllsn root words mat make up r c ~ v ~ uv to ~ standing .~ Y, e enuy has been ~ue to opera men add 2 cups pastry flour 98 percent of the words both adults tion~ ~ ~ [ posltmn much earher than average , a~ ~t~u~,~ te~s wnlcn me He was ,~erfectb, ha,~--- ~,~ ~o -.~-, teaspoon salt gradually,Dentin and children use in wrlvoen ex-air '- "'- ." ~ ~ ~ vvj ~ v-,~- ' " g uuse umm passed wire hying ] Den while I went ab u with fork When mass is stick wra presmon. Aoout z~ percent oz mese -oloro r ~ .^=.~ o t my work . . Y P words don't follow the regular ~,u. ' until he was one year, four months, m wax paper chill throughly. Roll alphabetical rules and these areThe SAGE (~emi - automatic He would havestayed in it even on woouen hoard with wooden rol- probably the ones that are givPng ground environment) air defense longer, but I took him ou~ and putling pin. Will make one double Back-to-School Cloth, Dressier This Year Two points stand out in this year'si three-quarter coats featured spec- girls and sub-teens back-to-school tally for sub-teens. clothes. In girls' sizes there is a Women's Wear Daily finds that definite dressy trend. Meanwhi!e, color breaks all the laws this sea- ~uvT.teens go oz~ ~n me opposite ai- son. Brass, a greenish gold, is the recuon: "way our' ~o Dea~mK major sportswear color; plum will roOK: rnese are nn~l.ngs o~ .wo- be the shade important in children's men s wear ~any zasmon editors dresses. Brass is just one of a range alter review manulacturers' cohec- of green into browns Plum or grape t~ons of this year's back-to-school is a tone in a vintage color scheme styms. . which ranges from burgundy to deep Furs and velveteen suggest the purple. And that's not all, this sea- dressed-up feeling which has slip- son blue is high fashion, with new ped into back-to-school lines. Furs slate or stone blues added to many range from a real fur coat through dress and sportswear lines. countless versions of the pile eski- Sub-teen tunic dress is the classic mo parka, style this year. The tunic is square- This fall, if every girl is not wear- necked and has a full skirt. Solid ing a fur coat, then, thanks to man's colors are deemed most practical inventiveness, she can have one of because they can be worn over a the pile fabrics which are made variety of old dresses, making last this year in infinite variety. If the year's wardrobe look new. Corduroy fur is not mink, it can be rabbit, is the most fashionable tunic lab- and in the pile plushy fabrics, the ric; gold and black are the two best effect can be of otter, or of long- colors. h:~rueS~alr 2~enralvPaea .teddy bear An easing up is the rule in sporf.s- g m m lm~u. wear. Not only has the pleated skirt The return now of the velveteen in numerous versions repIaced the your child trouble. Here are ways, suggested by the NEA, in which parents can help their children improve in spelling: First, make sure that your child has no physical handicaps which may be holding him back--a speech defect, faulty hearing, or poor vi- sion. If you suspect anything of the sort have him examined immedi- system at the base was declared operational last December. More than 2,800 officers and men are stationed at the base and 400 to 500 more are expected by Jan. I, he added. The personnel complement should b~ more than 4,000 by next sum- nter. the Christmas tree in. I felt this was easier than trying to keep him away from the bright-colored tree all the time, as following hi5 noon nap, I would let him stay outside the pen. Another thing I did which worked very well with our boy was put only a few of his toys in the pen at a time and put the others away. Then about once a week crusted pie, but if pie is jucy, sug- lace proves that children will dress gest use only for the top of the dress with wide collar of imported pie mid ordinary crust for the but- up earlier in the season On a less tom crust. The best shortening to rarified plane, old-fashioned cot- use is butter, which should be rins- ton dresses are lavishly trimmed ed off in cool water before mixing with eyelet ruffles and black braid; to remove salt from the outside. For the princess coat with the fur col- a richer pastry, use a pound of but- lar signals reviving interest in Sun- ter to each 12 ounces of flour, and day coats. straight skirt as a staple, but one firm is featuring slacks with less taper, several are promoting cul- ottes. The many heavy bulky plaids and heather tweeds require easy styling; the knits, from cotton to blends to imported wools, lend them- selves to fluid lines, Women's Wear Daily editors point out. do not beat for as long. Good beef It should be noted that the dressed The sweater look this fall is "~* Titleuprr0u- ~[Ul-- I'd switch toys and he was per-suet may be used instead of but- up look is generally superimposed shaggy andheavy. Fine guage sweat- fectly thrilled to have "new" ones ter. on classic lines. The boy ocat, for ers which don't conform to these Have himmake his own dictionarylvleI''e" "ex-l~ t to play with.*** Plain paste recipe: combine and instance, is trimmed with braid or rules tend to be styled like shirts. ~iolth~o~ni~e a,~he~ieth,~a~ roll out in cool room 1 c~ps flour, lined with fake fur. These shirt types prevail for fall: T~ESTING BAKING POWDER ~ teaspoons salt, cup shortening, The dropped waistline takes nat- Plunge placket, McMullen type, 5 tablespoons cold water, urally to the provincial look. The button down, tunic top, cowl neck- (Mrs. G. K Mandan) For Mrs. A. B. Mandan, a sweet princess, out of favor for several line, embroidered blouse. ,The North Dakota Title Assn. To the lady who wondered how potato cake recil~e: combine 1 cup years, returns in both dress and coat enters it on the proper page. will meet Sept 8-10 in Bismarck. lines, according to Women's Wear Trend to watch in snowsuits is Give your child the fun of ad- Chief speaker will be John M. to test baking powder, drop a cooked mashed sweet potatoes, 1 Daily. the slide to ski, as opposed to snow, venturing with words. Encourage Cumfort, abstractor at Virginia City, small amount in w~ter: If it bub- cup mashed ripe bananas, cup him to make a list of new and in- Mont. bles or fizzes, it is still good. chopped raisens, 2 slightly beaten Austrian is one of the provincial fashions. Trim downhill ski pants teresting ones he comes across. Play The banquet will ,be held at 7:30 (Mrs. D. V Bismarck) eggs, 1 cup milk, ~/4 cup sugar, or quaint themes for back to school, were the first clue. Now parkas, games with words. Oral riddles are p.m. Sept 9 in Bismarck Municipal To the reader who asked about teaspoon salt, citron if desired. Bake Actually this is still another round pull-over or zip styles, with hoods, fun. For example: "I'm thinking of Country Club. old baking powder, I would like to in quart casserole in 325 oven for of old-fashioneds. This fall all the make snowsuits look even more a four-letter word that means Other speakers will include A. tell my experiences. Several cakes 45 minutes or till golden. Serve various versions have been wrapped business-like. sharp (keen). What is the word and T. Mitchell of Newark, N. J repre- were failures when I discovered hot cut in slices, up into one definitive statement fo quaint clothes. Look for eyelet, TT tO hcense how do you spell it?" Or ask him senting Equitable Life Assurance that the baking powder in the For Missouri sweet pickles for black braid and bright rick rack . . how many "happy" words he knows Society. Mitchell will discuss the bottom of the can does not con- Mrs. M. R Mandan: Cover small trimming. ]Look for full sleeves and smile.h w to, spelljolly).(gay,How,CheerfUl,many, merry,Sad, role of the large insurance company tain the ingredients to make cakes cucumbers with water in rolling flared cuffs. Look for tunics, ap- L~ V~:~TP'" .Vaccine" words. How many holiday words?StateaS a lender.HighwayFrankdepartmentJOhnSOnwillOf ex-the rise.the powderA friendup fromadvisedthe stirringbottom boil and add 1 tablespoon salt for runs, overskirts and pinafores. Look each quart, let stand overnight, for dropping waistlines. Look for U.S. Surgeon General Leroy ~. Encourage him to write frequent plain surveyors' terms, platting and each time some is taken out, as drain rinse, and dry. Fill a crock jumpers and one-piece dresses that Burney has announced a timetable notes---to other cenildren, to relao description of property, i that on the top is more potent with the pieces, stand in cool place look like jumpers, regarding licensing of live polio fives---as thank you's for parties Mildred Benesh of the North Da-J Since I have done that I have had and cover with cider vinegar to Simple suits state the tailored virus vaccine next year for use in and gifts. Check with him to see kota Guaranty and Title Co Bis-I no more failures. that all words are spelled properly marck, is in charge of local arrange-[,which has been added 1 cup granu- side of the fall dress story. Little the United States. andObservethat thehownOteavidlyiS legible.your child meats "--[~'-- I (Mrs. S. O Bismarck) ] sugar each day for 6 days. On the kets over plaid cotton jumpers in service told a news conference, J WHEAT FREE RECIPE? fated sugar. Stir daily and add 1 cup suits range from braid bound jac- The head of the public health second day add either of the fol- transitional lines to velveteen jac- "It is not anticipated that the vac- watches television commercials, and LICENSE SALES DOWN [ My little boy will be four years JJowing combinations, cup dry kets paired with woolens or wool- cine will be available in any quant- turn this interest into a spelling The sale of both hunting and fish- I old in a few weeks and I want to I mustard, 1 cup pickle spices, 1 tea- like blends for late fall. Often de- ity for a number of months and it game. Ask him to name the pro- ing licenses declined last year, an-[bake him a birthday cake. How-[spoon dry ginger, 3 bay leaves; or signed for 7 to 14 sizes, a range is doubtful whether substantial sup- ducts he sees advertised, and spell nounced Game and Fish Commis-J them. Aspirin, automobiles, bread, sinner I. G. Bue. lever, he is on a wheat free diet. cup dry mustard, 1 cup pickle which features a decided trend to- plies will be available before mid- Does anyone have a recipe for a spices, 1 cup cassia and capers. Pack ward simply tailored clothes this 1961." bottles, soap, shampoo, shave---the Although the sale of all big game ] tasty cake using flour other than cold in jars on seventh day, needs fall, they sometimes spill over into list is endless, hunting licenses increased slightly [ v . no sealing. Citron which has been 3 to 6x sister styles. Newest suits processTile regulatiOnSof being formedWhich arewillnOwlimitin Play word games with him, such in 1959, the increase was more than [ ~ "~'at~ * * cooked 5 minutes in vinegar and pair two fabrics, initial licensing to three strains de- grams,as GhoStHangman.JUnior Scrabble, Ana- small ver'shad Wedgame and fishingby l/HOT WATER METHOD redWater'peppersCaUlifl weror smallheartSonionsandmaydrybe Sub-teens are beat by nature, veloped by Dr. Albert Sabin of Cin- Give him his own dictionary. He will use it f~ ithfully, bf rou give / added on the second day if desired. him the good example of "looking [ Cover pickles with the mixture in Th (P. D. Mandan) Anyone who has watched a once cinnati. They have been widely will use it faithfully, if you give ~ .umoer oz nsnmg licen~.s Is- ' ~ ~o~+ -~--, For the lady who ~,~a o~,+ prosed httle girl go through the be- used m a number of foreign court- /tim the go a exampl{ o "1o ~lng SU ~as uuc~in~t Dy 11.[ per- . as ri hot water ie ru . . . . . gmnmgs of adolescence will see t es. uu" the suelling of words cent from the 1958 sale, and the . p c. st---here is a the crook, adding more vinegar if I +~ ~+.: ~ .~ + ~ aid +hat ~n-, manufa~ Avoid "baby talk" with your pre- ~TracIJ l.icense sa!es la st fall was 27.3 cru~ -i:r (~:: hTl~a'--u~a~ :~zep:.tyo necesSary, able for this age. Shaggy, oversized turer interested in production of p enc DelOW me 1~ reeor~ ~" ~-v u.~= a~, schooler or first-grader It may be '~ year. i/ cu- "'- =--'~ Pans tend to stick more when sweaters hlde a multitude of bulges; the live vaccine will be permitted ~onslaerlng all glnos of hun 74 V water I~ cups great fun for parents and doting tmg ; " " flo"r ? "" - food is fried, if the pan is not hot black goes with charcoal eyes which to use the Sabin strains as he un- acen~es me aeenne u ~ ~easpoon salz~ teas uncles, but it's no help to your child," was 15.6 per- '- :.2 ." enough when food is placed in it have replaced the dazzling mouth derstands it, because ~fl~ey were cent poon baking powder l~lace snort for fr in the real life of school. Make suru .~. . enin~, in ~ bowl ~aa" t,~n~ ~ ying. Also if too much is put as the first sign of adolescent re- largely developed under grants from he hears all words clearly and cur ~ne numcer of fishm license ~ '~"'~" in the n a . . . " " g S and beat ,n+n" ~,~- ~'~'"'~-~.~ -^ " .pa t once so thr~t it tends bellion" a~ the hapazard quality the National Foundation, formerly rectly pronounced at nome. sum in z~9 was 77636, as compared mainin- "" ='; ~'; ~u ~- to spatter. Adding a b~t ot lemon of the t)eatnik look is a blood rela- the National Foundation for Infan- ' - - - :::e~ng~ohTrb:a~rC~rao~lli c?td~ et! ~nC~ea~d Y:t:phasized that in the put to fix a fuse) feeling a littlei . was 93,939 as corn- sheets oe ,-o~,~a T 1 decrease sticking after the the loden d,~fel coat, u~iform for best judgment of health experts faint i pared to 111 336 in 1958. Resident,"; .::.-"~': ~Y~. I mud has been served, beats leads in a whole range of know the live vaccine will not re- " 'never Iall" an(1 delicious ' The mental nieture of her Johnnv { small game hunters decreased from . . I,-- place the presently used Salk vac- ~oor--,~-~ ~,~ ~r ari+hm*t~ ~r{ a record 72,548 in 1958 to last year's ~ - I PLAYP~N? ' PLENTY OF PEACHES cine. ~'*~fr~"~""~-~"ohor"'~'h'~ l~r {,~4,125~ This is the second I,~OWN ~UGAR BROWNIES ] ( .T W Bismarcl~ TO FREEZE THIS YEAR ~-] .~,~ s -oxx eat ~ . Mrs number of resident birdhunte (~rs L D, Mandan) Fr a STATE FARM TOTAL more like Univac than Miss Jones is " rs ' " ' [ We have a new baby in o,~ esh pe c~e~ will be in peak " far from reassuring. She wonders ncensea, in the past 15 years. Only For Mrs. D. H. Bismarck, here[house and as a new mother I am supply this monA~h and next, and NOW ~,~@ if all education will be dehumanized ~ wnen mere was no open phea- is a recipe for brown sugar brown- [ thinking ahead to the day when I ~he crop is even larger than last During the past five years, North ir~the next few years. ]sa.mseason, snowed fewer huntersi ies which might be what you are[can put him in a ~laynen'I under- year's. So every member of the Dakota's farms have declined from atteia, looking for: two cups brown su ar " =- ~, ". famil can sg0isf his a etite e 61 000 to ~5,000 the U. S. agricul- The a~swer, according to the Na-l ] g ,lstand some children don t Like vla.- . y . y pp Th tional Education Association, is an] ~ne numoer or non-resident small[~ eggs, ~ cup hour, ~ teaspoon lpens and never ~et used to them homemaker can serve peacnes fresh turat census to~ 2~or~ ua~om re* emphatic no. I garne hunters decreased by 81.6 per-] baking soda (scant), salt, vanilla I Does any reader'*have any advice in many ways and also put some veal. This is a drop of 11.3 per It is true that teaching or self-in- I cent last year, when only 1 353 vial. I and nuts. Bake at 325 degrees for,on how to keen bab~ ha~,~ i- ~o in her ho~ne freezer, cent coat,pared wi~h a 5.3 per cent " ' 2 " ~" ~ ~ i e " 9- 4 struction machines are on their wa~ J tors treed bird hunting here. This is 15- 0 minutes. I use a 15x8 inch J nlaynen~ ~ v~rietie~ of ~reestone decline dur ng th period of 194 5 . to the modern child s classroom. [ the lowest number of non-resident J pan. That s mght, no shortenmg! ] . * peaches are good for freezing, es- The 16 per cent r~u.ction, in the nun * * * h number oz mrms aurlng me past Highly successful in armed services |ters seen in North Dakota since],SWEET POTATn DI~r pecially t use with flesh that does . . teaching units, they are now in pro- J before World War II. (South Da- [ HOT WATER METHOD / (Mrs. G H BismarCk')~= not darken easily when exposed to decade is the greatest of any on re- duction for general clar, sroom teach- / kota had 45,000 non-resident hunters J (Mrs. J. M. B. Jr Bismarck) [ I hope this is the recipe Mrs air, says. Ruth M. Dawson, NDACcord, according to Harry G. An der: lag The Department of Audio Vis last year) I |A B Mandan i~ 1,~- ' edtensio~ nutritionist. For freezing son, ~.~c extension agricu~zura~ . " " " .Wife. ~. r~ ~ismarcK, asKea tor -,o w,lng xor. 1~ is ual Instructmn of the NEA recentlyAlthough the number of visitors [ a h,~+ + + J far -ina--~ ~,--~, choose peaches ~hat are sound,economist. The reduction in the de- ~ v,o-~ -~,~,w. ~ c~u ,- ~-~. ~.~,o,w ~w~-~ caae f 1939-49 as I1 er pubhshed a hibhography which re- fishmg m North Dakota is ln$1gnl- potatoes- 2 cu s mashed sw firm r~pe, and juicy, with no tell- o w -6 p c etaL veals that there are now 25 different ficant, for the first time in the past I be rolled .and. rerolled if neces-{toes, 1 cu~ ~Ik ~. ~-- :eet i~ta: Sale traces o~ green. The census also revealed time machines in actual use Thirteen fifteen years a decline was ex,~ri [ sary aria s~nl t~e good.J~,i~e ~ ,:, ~--.~ ~----~v~--.= Allow 1 to 1 -,~uncls o" --eac~-es averag~ size of farms in North Da- ~" " Water h" ~--~,uup ~cea plneap.ple Z ~ ~ v - - W ~p Pastry (for two 9 kota increased from 676 to 755 acres companies are manufacturing these enced last year. [. - "- - -. : [tablespoons butter 1/- teas,~n ~- for each pint container to be filled lncn crusts) CU s ve l,'6 " re resen" i - { % p g ao e snort-/ After washin~ +ho ,',i+ h~lv~ .ha P ung the .mpact ot tecnno- (ening, 4 tablespoons boiling water |namo.n. ~norougnly mzxan .me m.- nit ~t o"d '~'~"~'~ :'-~'~o-~= logical develolmlent in agriculture, 1 tablespoon m'll k, ~~--vo~"r~c o ~u~;~+'~ [greolents ana oeac untit light and " ~, o u.y-----,~-~,--A~tel~re~n 1.~|i~, s~ ~=.~ o. ,[ ~, [fluffy Use more milk or fruit juice hand. The ~.mesavmg method of ,r,ho ,~,~,ffi,~ ~ + , , / " " . /zt neeaea l~laee in buttered cas ~*v g e pea~, ,n~ not, ~-~. in" -'" "~- "---" "-'-- -- [ " I so that the cut fruit won't dark- the past five ~ears from 38 per cent / ttou dOUgh ouz ~etween waxed ! (All inquiries and contributions to the mr, slice peaches directly to 37 per cent, but the proportion ~. ~o~. top. the Readers' Trading Post may be into the cold sirttp which was pre- of part owne'-operators increased [ot~:ra ~ inch p!e plate anu peel o~[ made by addressing Readers' Trad- pared and Cooled aneaaof time from 41 per cent to .~4 per cent. Th~s J p per. "lTlm e~ge, reaving en-, ing Post, Conrad Publishing Co Box Mi~ Dawson suggests. ~ rnake~ seems to indicate thmt the majority /o gh to make fluted edgeL Pl-ick { 90, Bismarck.) $irup, di~olve 3 .~cups of suga:r in of farmers their opero ! over oottom ann siaes wire zorK * * * .'~ CUpS oz ~aster. xmis makes about a~ion by renting adclitior~l land /tines ~a~.~r~ ~o ,~o,~ ~ cup o irup, and 2/3 cup of ra~her than buyi i the NDA ," ng L C [ Bake about 20 minutes at 375 de- SPURGE UNDER OONTROL sl.rup m neeaea Ior each pint con- economist says. [grees or until brown. C~ grazing of leafy m~ur~e is ~mer ot.peacnep. TO n elp prese.rv.e The census revealed the large in- --- ~- ~ne peacn Color and zlavor wnile crease in North Dako " ,For one 9 inch crust use the fol- helped to control th|s weed pest on ta m the use m me xr~ezer, aaa powaerea as- at commercial ~ 1 |lowing proportmns: cup less 1 ~he Joe Slaubaugh farm near Wol- ^.~.=. i= ,~,: :" ~ . erti izer. Farms ~u,~ a~; t, ~ v,umu, ~ ~ ro me cola Using it went from /tablespoon vegetable shortening, 2 ford. ~t "-'n" *~ "~-;'---- "" "~--* : : . 10,000 to 23,000 [tablespoons boiling water, 1 tea- Heavy bruslb In his pasture i~.~n~'~'~ ~ ~-~v~ ~,~m ~.~ - .and acres treat ed, rose from 1.7 rail [spoons milk, 1 cup sifted flour and arotmd Island Lake has hampered A~.~r'bic ~i~-~'~--:= ~uF~-- -[ mr up. ,*ion ~o ~.1 minion. Wheat was the +u -~v~ ~ ~ ,~ ~,~ ~ uvug ~wr~major crop tertilized. |~ teaspoon salt. = ~u. ww~r s pruy equ~tmmn% and some freezer-locker plants ~ /,*,so toaty spurge got out of control . ~una msr ot gram comDlnes IB as w'ell as osin a serl ~*ress me ~rult down m tne conaecnne~ ~tghtly Andergon ~els ROWN SUGAR BROWNIES p g nun threat " (Mrs. P. J. H Mandan) Recipe for brownies for Mrs. D. H Bismarck. One cup brown sugar, 1 cup white sugar, 1 cup butter or oleomargarine. Cream weli and add 4 egss, beating well. And 8 table- spoons cocoa mixed with cup hot water, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1 cup chopped nuts and fold in 1 cups HI~HI! DIAN AN ELEPHANT'S EYE--The folk~ are going to sifted flour and 4 teaspoon salt. Bake at 350 degrees in about a 9x12 pan. FroSt with powdered sugar chocolate frosting and cut in squares while warm. (No leavening need- ed.) o adjacent cropland, tainer, ~over with sirup, and put i ' "fin s wear he fenced the 17 acre of crumpled parchment or locker pap- the pasture having Calm heaviest in- er on Cop to ~old fruit under the festation of spurge. In May, he put sirup. Leave space at the top ~o 4,5 ewes ~nd 38 lambs in this small sllow for expansion of the fret pasture, So successful were the during free'zlng. In ~onta~ners with sheep in keeping the spm'ge down straight sides and wide tops, leave $~at he plans to fence in other inch free in pints, 1 inch in auarts. In containers 'with narrow areas of his pasture and-expand his tol~, leave ~ inch head space in sheep numbers. pints, 1 inches in quarts. "Even ~though the native grasses made good growth this year, the Wipe all sealing edges clean for sheep prefer the vpurge." he says. a good seal. Fasten .lid on tightly, A ~on-in-law, Robert Gingerich 1able with name of fruit ~md: date is Joint owner and operator lo~ thctr of freezing. T~n, freeze and store farm. lmown as ~e Magill Raneh. at zero degrees F. or colder. this represents an adjustment to lar]ger sized rrmahines for larger farms. The number of automobiles also declined. Tractors, motor truck~, forage harvesters, ph~ktrp Daters and corn pickers increased Dy Varying degrees. Measured by such things as rondo ern conveniences in the home, North DaMota farm families have participated in the rising standard of living. More farmers reported having telephones, electricity, home freezers, electric milk coolers, and other home appliances that make the burden ef ~u~m~aldng lighter,