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September 27, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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September 27, 1945

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THE BTT,LTNGS COUNTY PIONEER II I EDITOR'S NOTE: This newspaper, 6]wough Ipecial arrangement with the Wwhington Bureau o? ;f'estern News. ~p~inUnion at 1616 Eye Street, N. iF gt~n, D. C is able to bring readers this weekly column on prob. ot the veteran and s~rviceman By Harry F. O'Neill ill md his family. Questions may be od dreued to the above Bureau and they,"' ~tU be answered in a subsequent col. ~. No replies can be made direct by ~ |~~l~RO~O~ = L II TAYCL0SE, J ! mall, but only in the column which will IilB O CHO { JGRt~$5 WILL ~)kD ~ ~/AR~IN't"~ ~ ~FANWMIL~,T~F { [ ~RE%T ~,ILLUMI ] ] OLD CROw t ] ~ i appear in this newspaper regularly. ~[~$1L,L AND~D'| ~WHI~ ~GO~ kk~ ~ J~ ~}~tEF'S DAUb- ( J ~ACE ~ I J J~.~ NEEd[ ,8- J Veterans Bill ot Rights I| "t E CA UR O I I - It Is virtually certain that this FA~ER.'A%K~ ~ k 2 ~mssion of the congress will liberalize FOR H,5 REL~SE ~.~ ~ fanny provisions of the G.I. Bill of J|E~V THE NEw ~1~/~/~ ~ ~')~"~1~'~- ~ I ~~ " "~,~r~ 11 A,t'~D .%~LP- IRightl, particularly since Presldent ADPO'b4"r~U) I V~~ ~f'~ I/~/~ ,Th~ ~ruman and the Veterans adminis- [|CHtEF, ROt~Nt~G|A~r~' ~ ~ ~ ~./~ ,l~i~li~ gratton have now given added im- ]|DEER,D~ANDS[/ ~ ~ . u ~petus to needed clarification and lib- [| THAT T~E ~ t,~ ~/[f #1~ /~v ~ ~L0~E~N~ CLO,~=-'~ raUzation. [[NOw TAHF. A PII. J[ I In his message to the congress, I| UV TO J I I the President urged that prompt llt-ll~ i~El~~-- Illlim~Jt~ ~, ~,~ /~I lt~t~ ~e~ ~,~ru~,w,t~ I ~consideration be given for more lib- O-~ f- ,oral hospitalization and veterans ~are, more vocational training un- ~ier the vocational rehabilitation act ,and to education and training under the serviceman's readjustment act {G,L bill). The President further ~rged more specific language for re- employment of veterans under the :selective service act, so there can be ~o doubt about the right of a vet- ~ran to get back his old job should ]he desire it. The Veterans administration itself "will take the lead and spearhead the gight for these clarifying and lib- eralizing amendments and the ad- ~'ninis~ration will have the backing ,of such the Amer- ican Bar association, the Am$rican Institute of Banking, the American :Legion and the Veterans of FOreign ~-~ ~:r~j~ 31-1#~T ~E~::~ bEVit, wrn4 "11~E "R)fl'A~U~II~ Wars. .N.V~iT.H IL.E ] , "!~ CbE3~IT" At thin time 22.349 veterans, out A'~AiTtt~IT ~ ] TOt~t~ ~f more than two million demobilized~t1~,~'11~ 1 15KUt.L thus far, are taking advantage of the ~ "1"~ , ~ducation features of the bill of /~k~,~/ FI~OM~ :~lghts. Some of the proposed ~ d~P~,~ikkl ~mendments would include "ade- AINI~'i"HEOLt)" 4uate subsistence and travel allow- "TIN~I~ H ~J~ ~nces for veterans taking intensive "11"l~ffi cJ'4It=-F ~ refresher courses away from home; A,1~11r,~ :]permit instruction by correspond- ~-IA'FTH~ ,once, particularly from approved ed- I~ J=l~)~ ~-~i~ ~eational institutions which have not 6~-.~W FArriER ~itberta conducted correspondence ,~ourses." 4 uestions and Answers Q,--My husband was given an J~onorable medical discharge :March 9, 1943. At that time they 4lid not receive a discharge but- ~uu. Where can he obtain one? Mrs, R. R Marshalltown, Iowa. A.--At any army separation cen- ~er, probably at your local draft ~board, or one may be purchased at ~tlmost any army store. ~.--Has an army officer the right to cut off the allotment to ~la wife and child without any teas~m? Has he no obligation .to meet em~verning his family? ~ife, Stilacoom, Wash. A.--Y~, he has the right to dis- ~ontinue his allotment. He has the same obligations concerning his gamtly as any other husband. Q.--I am making an applica- tion for a one-ton truck. ! have s farm of Z~ acres and need a ~ruck very much. I am an hon- orably discharged soldier, with two years service. ! would like :to get a government- owned truck If possible. $, F Sche- neetady. N. Y. A,--If you are referring to a sur- ~plus war property truck, would sug- ~lest that you contact your local .AAA county committee or your ~cotmty agent for information where hese surplus trucks are available ~rom a bona fide dealer in your eom- ~munity. You are entitled to an A-I -~ -= ~ [1~' ~Lk O~TH~ ~hT ~'~*~ J Jprtority without red tape if there ~P~HB. 1 ~IFA'I~EF ~~GC~EF i~ J ~re surplus war trucks for sale at ilHO~4W .W.Ib4~,~-~ [GROWLtNG I~r .~R HA~I .~, ~any of your local dealers. I|C~0W DR/~| ,~P'~l~ [NOW COt,~ ~C~,~, rJ~,~ ~ Q.--I want to know if a man I~0N TO ~,fl~/~ ~ ~-"~ ~ ~.~IF"/ l that has been In the navy 16 ~Tp~pTL~'O~i~[/f ~ ~ ~ ff~,-"~ 1| } months, Is 26 years old and has ~[l~D~e, t4 Cl'llEl% ~[~f~ /L4L .~ ,l~ t~,~'-~>.~ II 'lJ a wife and two children, will get M,~D ~e ~v [ It, ht(f a a d~schaege soon? Wife, Vida, ~Tl~U~~f~~ - ~~1 ,~ Okla. IIEX I, ll A.--NOt necessarily. The navy [~WH0 ~ l~'~JE ~i ~'~J~;/~ "~ Z~"~x ].~ ~J ~r~.~ Jb-,[~ faan will be subject to the discharge I,~'[H~I~ k~r.~I:~E~ ~lr ~k~~ J ~ ~.'~g~,'/~lJ~.~JkX[ ~ysteffi of rating adopted by the ~ I::~'- Q.--i am a World War ! vet- eran and have a Job. Will ! have to give up my job for a veteran of World War II? Does veteran of World War i have as much right as a World War II veteran? W. L Morn. Minn. A.--If you are holding a job now which was given up by a veteran of this war, then the honorably dis- ~harged veteran of World War lI ~as a right to that job back under the provisions of the selective serv- ice act. A veteran of World War I ]has all the rights of a citizen of the U. S. A. and as much right as a vet- eran of this war except for the ex- press benefits enacted for veterans ~f World War II. Q.--A serviceman owed his father some money before he en- tered the service. Then the ra- ttler became suddenly ill and was unable to work. The serv- iceman then provided the father Jt family allowaflce from lhe gov- ernment. Should the serviceman get credit on what he owed his ~ather for the amount the gov- ernment sent? Reader, Hoyden, Cvle. A--That question obviously is a ~rnatter for private settlement be- tween the serviceman and his fa- Papers of Historical Importance Spread on the table are the complete Japanese surrender papers, Including terms of surrender. In the background can be seen one of the Japanese delegates as he gazes at the papers. At least his hat got~ in the Copies of the surrender will be preserved for future generations, and as a guide for newer generations of Japs. Hurley Serves as Peace Maker Mao Tsc-tung, Communist leader of China, was escorted by Maj. Ger. Patrick J. Hurley, American ambassador to China, to a meeting with ChiaDg Kai-shek. The result of Hurley's efforts w~.s a report, "No~ with the victorious conclusion of the war against Japan, China is about to en- ter the stage of peaceful reconstruction." L. to It Moo, Hur!cy, Chiang. Cover Lamp Shades With Jiffy Crochet AMP shades shabby? Can't find L~ the right size or color? Cover a shade, new or old, paper or silk, with crochet in chenille or straw yarn. Solve your lamp shade problems with a simple crocheied cover for your shade. Pattern 734 contains crochet directions for 2 lamp shades. Due to an unusually large demand and current conditions, slightly more time is required in filling orders for a few of the most popular pattern numbers. J Sewing Circle Needlecraft Dept. j [ 564 W. Randolph St. Chicago 80, Ill. [ I Enclose 16 cents for Pattern J I~ I Name J Address J DEPARTMENT HELP WANTED---WOMEN NURSE, graduate, general duty in small hoslaital near Yellowstone Park Good sal- ary. Transportation it stay 3 months. State qualifications and references. DR. G. A. TOWNSEND, Emigrant, Moat. FARM MACHINERY & EQUIP. FARMERS: For Lumber--Roofing--Silos --Shingles--Paints--Nails, etc see CHESLEY LUMBER & COAL CO. Fargo. N.D. .Just East Powers hotel All buildings in three days with Power- Aire spraying unit recommended by Suc- cessful Farming, covers 700 square feet an hour--does work of five men, covers per- fectly, $5.00 per day rental' cost. Write us for name of our nearest dealer. FARGO GLASS & PAINT CO. Fargo - . North Dakota. HOME FURNISHINGS & APPLI. Buttonhole Worker--Brand New--$10.75 ~M. O.~. Instruc. for Singer Sewing Mach. Specify side or back attachment screw. Federal Mdse. Co Box 7506, Phila. I, Fa. . INSTRUCTION Learn auto, diesel mechanics, welding, top and body. lathe machinist. Good peace- time future. Practical training. Free cat- alog. HANSON TRADE SCBOOL, HU~ 1780-X. Fargo, N, D. LIVESTOCK WANTED--Old'wild or blemished horse~ for fur farm slaughter. Also have spotted Stallions and Jacks to sell. Shetland Ponies bought and sold, TBE ELDER HORSE CO Jamestown, N. Dak. Spotted Poland China AUCTION SALE SAT OCT. IS. 1 O'CLOCK AT FARM 45 Boars. 35 Gilts. By F.B.I the sire they come to see from 5 states. ~-asy feeding to weights of 250 Ibs. at 6 mon'ths. Other~ by tSpotlighD, feeders quality. Write for Free Catalog. ALBERT KREMER Lake Lilllan. Mlnn Route L MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PIANOS. Large piano warerooms. SpinetS. grands, small pianos, rebuiR pianos, pla~ - era, all well known makes. Priced from ~I~ to $1,000. Terms: 20% down, 12 months bal- ance, Write for catalog, complete price list. J. M. WYLIE 115 Broadway F&rgu. N. Oa&. WANTED TO BUY FANCY ]PEATHERS WANTED! Pheasants, Roosters, skins and tails. Goose and Duck feathers--new or used: also qmlls. Farmers Store. Mitchell. So. Dak. The Ads Mean Money Saving to Readers NO ASPIRIN IS FASTER or better. ~Demsnd St. Joseph Aspirin, world's largest seUer st 10c. 100 tablete for 85c. Why pay more? Why ever accept lees? Always ask for St. Joseph Aspirin. WNU--Y 38---45 80.6~ of cases showed dinical improve- meat after only 10 days treatment with SORETONE in scientific test. SORETONE Made by McKesson & Roans ~d ~ a~ 50# and $1.00 :i