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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
September 29, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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September 29, 1960

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BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER Oln,a,i,n,oorment tion of acid Odds m y- a----al i when change or spoil flavor but does that effort will be blown sky not make them unsafe to eat."high by the President's decision," --D-- said Julian Audette, chairman of = ~ ' the chamber's aviation committ- ngma br0up P,ao~ to try to change the de- ~ u 1[ l 1 '1 cision will be made next Thur~- DV day Frank Buttonmer, vice president of North Central Air- i ~t -'-'1-=---- "1~--1-=-- -- lines' visits Regina t tatk ver[ F B [ ! trune nuunu the President's decision, arm Coverage -- Gels esults v The United States Civil Aero-| ~UYJNG SELLING [ The Regina, Sask Chamber of nauties Board approved of North Commerce is protesting to theCentral operating the route be- I I i!i United States government again- tween Regina and North Dakota. [ Rotes: ]4c per word first insertion - no od less then [ st President FAsenhower's re- Audette said he believes the ] $2.80 --- ]2C per word each additional issue, $2.40 [ ~U::l~ perm~ea~e~wmeerlean air- proposal was rejected because [ minimum ] P . . l-iegma the route would have needed and North DaKota. government subsidies on opera- [ SEND DIRECT TO: ] "The chamber has been try- ting customs and other faeili- I ~]S~ARCK CAPITAL ond l ing for 15 years to acquire tl~is ties. ! [ ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS I [ ~: ~.:.~,~ ~:~.:~ Personal 38 ino " '. L ,IARRII~D ~: ~ uaes ~*llalfa. Roger METHYLS Flo,enee Crittenton D, tit~MKan, N. Dak. Tel. Alpine ~ome 711 13th St. So. l~,~rgo, "~ i~" 9G674 12 North Dakota. Write superlnend- ant for .!nformation All inquiries Male Help Wanted 25 ~onfiaentmL l,]xperi~.nced clothing s~lesman. ~x- MOTHERS counsel and nursing cellent Ol~Portunity for the right o:~re. Write House of Mercy, 1505 man with an aggressive company. 5th Avenue South Fargo No h Good pay and working conditions, Dakota. Allin uir'i,rt m~l)y company benefits. Write ~[r. q (s confidential i S.E. Maxwell, O. J. DeLendrecie Notice Co F~argo, N. full 2~ resum~ of experience. .12 L--I~- " " ~I~T wholesale s ," S - ,uppl:~ in U. T e ed Mill, seed.and coal, in Idaho ~. ~'urnltur~, clothing, appli riCing over ;$h,~0 yearly. I~2~tab- ~.llee8, autos and tccessoriee, farm i lished 35 Ye~rs. $7,500 handles, equipment, .tools, housewaree, new Col. Joseph Mobuto (left) mad Premier Patrleo Immmlm Kashfinder, Wichita, Karts. 12 products, ~mDorts. Free details are shown in Leopoldville before Mobuto's take~ver action. Associated ~'holesalers B ' -,ox 2065 Auctlon 32 Siou City 4, NEW (CONGO) COUNTY HEARD FROM -- The Congo's rip- ~ . - roaring ChaOS was further ~olixed up ill Leopoldvllle when A.~t~S AU{:TION B.Y MINN. SfoErDallAUTOesPaAndRT~dUTdf p~rts '~ ' ' ~ ,u~av ~not) 213 So ;I h the 30-year-old army chief of staff, Col. Joseph Mobuto, de- ~oon October 8. Bulls Females ~ I~l "~ - : 4t , .', c. ,~ t~aK DailC cided he'd had enough hullabaloo and moved to take over (.lub (alves, both steers and hetf- }547 . A~= the government. He placed Premier Patrice Lumumba and t~l)e~{~rn:?t,dlgn~ot?~.( lem (.has~ ~~ President Joseph K asavubu under guard,a 'simple, rdered allpeaeefuiCOm- ~ ~~!~w ~ed' Guaranteed Rill* munLst~ out of the country, and neutralized the offices of ii premier and president till Dee. 31 in revolution." But Lumumba bounced back, had him arrested. ' ' " 11-12 " . Bumness Opportunity 9 WANTED: I~FILIABLE PARTY to :resUme balance of 5'/~ month old ~---" ' ~,rocer~es dry goods sh ~Vh~t~ forward and reverse stitch b r * ", des, rub- So ~p,ig t :n ac hhl~ e~ il t h~ae~hnt ~e Cs ~ u~s~lnlki !~a~! e ~n ~ :' ~ ! et o~ neko~t n m'~ke buttonholes )}lind hems over- nmntty. Call 6441 dur- ~ t ,o ' ~' lng day 7911 evenln so ' -~ st't hes ~lI)I)liques mends ttn(l ]~ ,~ ":. ~ .~ g r write ' ' - ~ ~[re,tte ~treeterN darns, al~o n]:~l {~s inane fancy tie- " ", . Dak. . "'~ * ' " i'd for drive-in night club ('~s.rl ~V "lte ( redlt ~vlanager ~ow- sh0n ~"'~+-- ' sport ~.v~,~.~ ~'roeer3 or tin sm I I ing ,Xfnehine Dept, Box 316 water-b,oln,~o~ c~, " Y ' 1 town S Dak 12 n=~-'-2~:2-:'~'-'-~er)-~u::Y hlway 152 C,~ties.'"~;n~l;a ~e;s' n~odm' 2frobm Twin For Sale: Like new 1959 round .~" . ";; =' " . . edroo~n bobbin Singersewing machine ~pt r~en Adams 14t 1 (at l~lffie!,l) 1~ * "~ : 'l OIlt CellO Minn 1] '} Th's mz:(~.h ne ~ews forward an(/ " ' -12 r ve se and co'aleswlth att:~ch- G,oeer, &~n-~'" " ' ' .* ~ ~a~I mariner Bldg" & m~ntu and new guarante To be & flxtur(s ~lU-r~ ,' ",v o o~ [/0 (lOWn sold in thi~ ~lrea soon for e,ght b;tIon eontraot " - - *, ^^~,' --~-, liiven[ory .~11 lJ~'~. (,~) payr~te~ts of $5.41. Will give (~'~sh. Gross sales $120000lab9 e'}sh dis(,ount. For more informa-Reason rm~rhe~'~,~. L;. ~" " . . - ~v . ,x~tII. w t-l[ell.~ ~' s Thomas Kanza (left), Premier Lumumbss representative, and Justin Bomboko, President Kasavubu's representative, seem to be good friends as they shake hands at the UN in New York. The UN was trying to decide which to talk to. :.:::::.::::: . :.::.::.:.:!~i:!:i'::~:~i~!~!~ii~!~!i~!i~i~i~i " " ' 12 Will Sellor Trade for cattle; 12 ~-- !=, ,~ , N Dak ~ " ",gs, " " " -- and sheep 1270 A, 550 cropped, !~!;~i!~i!ii!:~!!;~;~!ii~iP':':': .:.:.::.::::!:!i:ii!::!::i:ii~ii "~iii:;ili~i~ii~!~!~!~i!~i!!~i ~----~ --~ ~-, ~o b:~lance Pasture and timber. About La~{l ]~or ;~e '~ 250 A ]aow in corz~. 2 modern seta of bldgs Nice home M ty be pur P~rm'nent I osition Oi~erato'-pr" t- t has- ~ " - ~" : " " :':" :::.:.;~:~2~h~:~!:!:i~H~:':H~!i~!{:.':::::!:::!:i::i~:~:~:~ ;!:~:i er.ITS on 5 14for).ds Some (lops for " " '~ ' +~i~ ~i.i?i~ii~i~!!~!!i~!~H~!i~ :~.!~ii;~i~!~!~iH~!~!i~!~!~i~!~ii~H~1~i~i~!!~!~ !H ' " ~ " ," lmmediatt DO ~esslon floor",o'k & Presses'Need lm- l'riee~l "105 ~ :~ " medi'~tely. I'resent n: ~ e g $10000down Will ~,~ o- - -- ~ " " " ns ' '**a-'* ~ nnlg~ to ('olle e (jood %%orklllg tondltlo,~ l)io* " ==================================== :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :.::!:!: ' 'g, ' ~ "" hrs B(n --~t~ vwtier wlnneDa~o I}~, id$2.50 holidaVSper hr. &Novacati nsflo~ters.a~ Boat' MIn,~,uHttL ' ' 1112' s(:l~ools, churches, fine community, l~et~|a KI ~ DONNA LASH~:5 ~AST--Map shows area from New Jersey to 50 miles south of Chicago Write ~ ueip wanzea Z0 Trib,une P O. Box 428. ~owen. WANT ") - Maine where Hurricane Donna battered its way up the North ' " ' 1~ ~2~ -~aonest experienced Indiana farm " ' :' Atlantic Coast, threatening an area populated by 20 million " - girlto assist other girls ~-- with general housework; wait on with gales, tides and rain. In New Jersey, low-lying coastal ~ L'~ : A customers, help with milk ut(~n.*|ls. areas and estuaries were evacuated and some schools were I(arm - qullttuvl/t ~ No smoker. $25 week, room and closed. In Connecticut, Gov. Abraham Ribicoff set up a field board. Picture, reference ; requlr~:d b~or Sale: 1955 14t I. H. self pro- Year around Job *~ mile from city" capital at the shore and New London declared a state o palled combine with flax roll. Mrs. Pred Thiesse Route l 13 St. emergency. Gay. Foster Furcolo, of Massachusetts, also estab- :, nd n,w I. f:l.le~iC~ls $3~0?:lml~br~ ~rd0 Minn. - --11:',2 I00 self-prop ' ~'- ' ~ ' .' lished an emergency capital and urged citizens to use phone,12 foot combine in excellent shape, N~l~aSr~: Operating Room Super- only in emergency. In the New York area, populous,secti nSurwith Sundc ui fie ttingment Cat-ioI~ick-upF, quipand n e'~" hosrdtal" . t gerYadditionSUites:~ lai-~'l cctted$385in of Long Island were early targets of the storms f 7. cutting et P "P - ~) & ~'-.~. " .- -- . ~,- 1o t p /)tree, tar of NursBs, Owa- merit (:arplo P, L, Ztr~ ~ tO ~ " ~" ~ nna City Hospital,Owatonna, Minn. " 10.1~ Livestock 7 ~or Sale: I~egistered Suffolk and North Country Cheviot yearling rams and Yorkshire spring boars Phone C'linton 2-~133. L. W, Relin- e)s, Route 1, Jamestown, N. Dak. 11-1~ ~'orS~le: PI~TRF~BI4ED HER.F~]~Y)I~D AP L~D BIfI,LS ANt) It}2FEI~q E.Nel:-:on Vv'ilton, N.D.3 For Sale : Registered Milking Shorthorn bulls 6 months to lS months. B"ng~ accredited. M. Rus- sel Rime, Emmet, N.D. 12-14 For S~tle: 20 head registered b'>ef Shorthorn cows and heifers. Also some .~erviceable age bults. L}rnest R, Williams, (21e','~,l,~nd. N. I)ak. Phone Gackle 5513 12-14 BUILT BY BUSHNELL AND R/CE AT THE END OF THE C/V/L WAR, THIS EARLY US. SUBMARINE TURNED OUT TO BE A REAL "JON~d'l/" HAJ~IDPOWERED THE WHALE WAS DESIGNED TO CARRY AN 18 MAN CP&~N. SHE FEATURED AN AIR LOCK TO I~RMIT A DIVER TO FASTEN E~'I.OSIVE$ TO THE BOTTOM OF A TARGET VESSEL. THE WHALE'S 'RL .Si IN DISASTER W~i'ff A I, WE$~ SHE 39 Potled PIerefor(t c~ttle. 26 bulls 13 fema:les at the Minn-Kota Polled Itereford Sttle. (3{;tober 20. 1960 Wit~ter Show S~le B~rn, Val- Id," City, North I):,kota. IIerd bulls and rO.nge bulls ~eleeted from 12 Outstandi~g herd~ in Minnesota and North I)akot~t will be sold 11-15 ATLANTIC CITY Hff--Sweeping down on Atlantic Tides blocked the two main causeway routes Into City, NJ Hurricane Donna ~ent 20-foot breakers the city; schools were cio~i and r~ident~ of on boardwalk which was, but communitie~ taken into hotels. Here, members I'~or S:~.le: 164 head of he~lthv Herefords, age 17 months. A un- lform herd and branded. Purchas- ed from one breeder forepart of last May. I~ excellent pasture all summer with spa'ling" water supply. 80 stee~s, no horns, g4 dE:an heif*~rs, t 't~lk~ ';~o(.inat~,d. Prefer if po~ sible to sell entire lot at one time. Buyer may leave entire herd in l??sture fov an)" length of time this f~ll without charges and herd will be ,~ttended antil removal. Write D~n Prezler, M~lina, N. Dak. 12 North Dakota Newspaper Assn. D. 1960--12 i! i