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September 29, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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September 29, 1960

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SEA MONSTER HARPOONED -- This is the mammoth "sea monster" which has been frazzling nerves in the Revere, Mass area. It's a 1,800-pound ocean sunfish, harpooned by yacht Capt. David T. Dionne (middle). With him are Robie MacDonald and Mrs. Dionne, on the Bea. M, III, at Point of Pines Yacht club, Revere. Dionne struck it twice with the harpoon, and each time the harpoon bounced off. The third strike was on a successful scale. Shoe Fits rst, Make Sure l't hoes! BaUons, pencil boxes and com- ic books are one kind of an in- ducement to get children into a shoe store--but there is a bet- ter one. Good foot health is the best reason in the world for a child's trip to the shoe store. A survey of pre-school young- sters revealed that 40% of them had developed foot ailments-- already! According to the chair- man of the National Foot Health Council, "By the time children reach high school age, 65% of the boys and 80% of the girls show evidence of foot trouble." By the time the fellows reach the age for the army, bad feet are the third ranking cause of rejections. The women don't fare much better. Take a look around the next time you are in a restaurant or movie. Those shoes underneath the tables and seats are there because they are uncomfortable and the wearers want relief. Proper foot care and the pro- per education on shoe buying could have saved most of these people much unneseccary griefi Bad foot hygiene and ill-fitting shoes were the culprits in most cases. Making sure their children have proper fitting shoes is also the parents' responsibility but one that too few take seriously. Proper foot care begins at birth and continues daily. Feet should be bathed daily in warm water and cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soap. They should be dried thoroughly, especially the skin between the toes. Ingrown toenails can usually be avoided by cutting the nails straight across. C o r n s, calluses, and skin trouble like "athlete's foot" are a medical problem and should be treated by a doctor. Do-it-your- self medical care is expensive - and dangerous! Fresh proper fitting stockings daily and fresh shoes too! Leath- er is porous and should be allow- ed to dry out and relax between wearings. A child's shoe wardrobe should include several pairs and kinds of shoes. Pairs for dress, play and school--and extra pairs so that shoes can be rotated daily-- help keep feet healthy. A doting mother in New York treats her dadghter to a shoe- shopping spree every birthday. Two pairs of dress slippers, two pairs of school shoes, one pair of saddle shoes and three kinds of shoes for play. This naturally makes the store manager happy. It makes daugh- ter happy too--for about three months. After about three months daughter has outgrown the shoes and faces nine months of dis- comfort and foot damage. Far better if mother made more frequent and less spectacular trips. Your child often outgrows shoes before he outwears them. The Parents' Magazine Children's Shoe Fitting Manual gives the back hurt. Teachers complained he was inattentive. He was too tried for games after school. A medical examination found him in good health, but foot tests re- vealed the child was wearing size 2C shoes on size 3 D feet! Roger insisted his feet didn't hurt him but the soft bone structure, nor- mal to his age, was being twist- ed out of shape. Fortunately, the correct shoes cured Roger. A active child covers about 12 miles a day and takes around 30,000 steps. His feet need the support of well-fitted shoes, Shoes made of good material, fashioned around accurately de- signed lasts, will give this sup- port. Hand-me-down shoes are po- tential Chinese boots of torture. The first person to wear a shoe casts his own foot shape in the leather, No parent should want to force his child to walk in foot- steps he wasn't born with. Autumn will mean new shoes for school. Bring the child--and his old shoes---to the shoe store. The old shoes give a good salesman a lot of information about the feet that wore them. Worn spots indicate distinctive pressure points. Make sure the salesman mea- sures both feet. They may differ in size. Shoes will be fitted to the large foot if there is not a sub- stantial difference. Good fitting shoes don't just happen--they're made that way. Shoes from reputable companies can be depended on to give the needed comfort and support so vital to growing feet. BILLINGS COUNTY FIONEEII THINGS LOOKINC UP? They always are for these gentlemen, housed in below.the-ground inspection located'on each side and underneath the mmp' .at e big electronic railroad dassificatlon yard in Minor. These all-weather rooms are staffed bv alert railroad sonnd stationed behiml shatterproof g]ass wi'ndow ev report defective or unsafe equipment so that cars be quickly routed to the repair sl op. (G,N. Photo) Special points to look for in fitting shoes are: 1. Enough width and circum- ference at the ball of the foot. 2. A box toe high and wide enough to allow toes to stretch out and wiggle. The shoes should give about 3/4" extra toe space. 3. Ample width throughout the shoe to allow the foot to rest properly on its suspension points. 4 A snug fit at the heel. A heel that fits too lose is an invitation for blisters. 5. Material. The material used should be firm, for support, but pliable for comfort. 6. Strong shanks that give firm support to the arch. "Breaking in a shoe" often means breaking in a foot. If the shoe doesn't fit comfortably in the store, leave it there! The chances are it won't fit any bet- ter later! Don't let your child bully you into buying cheap, poorly-made shoes because they are colorful. Good shoes are colorful AND well made and comfortable. [IMPOP.TANTNEWS ABObrr LI,$, SAVINGS BONDS ] :urn rincipal Effective now, owners of Series E Savings Bonds can trade them in for H Bonds without immediately pay- ing income tax on the interest accumulated, This new conversion privilege allows you to pay taxes when your bracket may be lower; permits tax money to earn interest for you. This means special benefits for people near retirement, or who for other reasons want the cash interest paid twice a year by H Bonds FACTS ABOUT H BONDS: * You buy them at face value. * You receive interest by check twice a year. * You earn 3sA% interest when H Bonds are held the full 10 year maturity terra. Get full i forma- ties (and order H Bonds) at your Bank. VOU SAVE MOI THAN MONEV WFrH Series H and Ser;es E BIGGEST EVER--This is the Enterprise, world's first nuclear- powered aircraft carrier, nearly finiahed at Newport News, Va. It is the largest and most powerful ship ever built. Launching is scheduled Sept. 23. The Enterprise will be driven by eight atomic reactors. Navy rates her "in excess of 200,000 horsepower," with speed of over 30 knots. Length is 1,100 feet, beam 255 feet, displacement 85,000 tons. UNIQUE C00KLtlDEX Color-Pltoto Recipe Ytle holds ls400 tested recipes and food ideas on handy 4x6 inch file cards. Color pictures on one side, ecipes on beck. When cardls inserted in lld and cover closed, recipe .is J,n full view through the Hagic Vue-N ndow and stays free of food splashes and fingermarke. Beautiful gleamtdg copper and white cabinet. On sale weekly now at Iational Food Stores. The Seadragon dived 500 feet to get under this berg. Inset: Cmdr. George P. Steele H. average rate of growth as follows: Age 2-6 years, Size Changes Every 4 to 8 weeks; 6-10 years, Every 8 to 12 weeks; 10-12 years, Every 12 to 16 weeks; 12-15 years, Every 16 to 20 weeks; 15 and older, Every six months to age change from o,~ " e during these periods. This is why that little girl in New York, and thousands of others across the country, can't really enjoy their birthday binges of shoe buying. Shoes for growing children don1 h~ ve to b~ e: pensive but they do have to fit right. Good don't have to be expensive but [ they Io h~ e to ~it right. ( God Photo made from the Seadragon shows part of the Ice pack encountered In Davis strait. ] | shoe construction also helps give NORTHWEST PASSAGE CONQuERED--Here are scenes from the historic cruise of the U.S. |r the proper fit as well as sup- Navy submarine Seadragon, which embarked for the North Pole from Portsmouth, N. BL PROJE~ COURIR--Second stage booster is placed atop the ' porting the foot and body during Thus it achieved a route across the top of the continent sought mince Hen~ HtKisoa missile in readiness for Project Oourier satellite firing at wear. . tried it hundreds of years ago. The Seadragon used outs/de-mounted WV ~ as Cape Canaveral, Fla. rT~S me blew up after ~l~ ~ r r Eight.year-old Roger said his well as ~ar to traver~ grid irh,rlv th= ~,t=