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October 4, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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October 4, 1945

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S / 1 1 VOL. XXVII. MEDORA, BILLINGS COUNTY', NORTH DAKOTA Thursday, October 4, 1945 I CIO Strives to Maintain Hi,hl I Oim o. I J A two-ocean fleet a/most five times / r~, o / / ;-- r~A -.L I ~ ~ / ~ the size of the pro-Pearl Harbor force Ir'uy Luvvz m r'O Lwur maus[ry; I by naval chiefs at a 14 1 . ~ " ~ "11 -- . . / I g house naval commit /ACZ 1:03Dur DUlldlnfY AC - r .=vLgy II U. er the proposal advanced Dy L Reiesled by Western NewsDaDer Union ~,~ ~ecretary of the Na (EDITOR'S NOTE, . ~ vy Forrestal When ?pinions are expressed In these columns FI and We.t n= N,w.p=pvr tr ==,=hi "--It.t= = d ,o ne,euaril, of' l:t:oa: .t~o=, ,! I Le et Admlra! King, 300 ships would wm a,e z-emaln m active duty and another ]00 would be kept in ready reaerve. The remaining 680 vessels would be laid up but maintained Jn sea.going condition. A total of 500,000 enlisted men and 58,04X)officers would be neeaed for the 300 active ships and planes and 815,000 to man the en- N I " aflon Can Head Off Postwar Crime Wave FARM WAGE DELIRIUM Quick Reconversion Can Prevent Era of WASm G ON Live-wire Re- wlessness, FBI Chief Says; Expects MainePUblicanrecentlySen RalphtelephonedHrewsterhard.Of La Vets to Demand Order. hot Carl Moran, also from Maine, working Assistant Secretary of La- but a Democrat tire fleet For implementation of U. S de- By BAUKHAGE tr::Ps ;ltlt~e: ol; :hme noguntht:y,n,!nLdni:" fenses, the navy recommended es- News Analy#t and Commentator ! for Brewster retain tablishment or r ded Moran "As etentlon of majorWNU Service 1 you know, Portl naval bases for the Pa ",616 Eye Street NW, in - I . and shipyard work- . ClfiC m the Washi ~,ta. n ~ I takinglife and ap to flail era have neen dlsm ~,euuans, Hawaii, Canal Zone n ~ / propertv tha* p r p ng I ~^~. tssed from the/r W"" "~ . . I,- uuen no~ belon to auu~ WhOlesale. Meanwhile f ~uam, ~alpan, Tinian, the Benin- ,u there oe a postwar crime ) mere? g ) u- 'n . . armers Volcano island ~ro,;- the a.~,wave in the United Sta ~ -- =- ,~uus~ooK county can't et o--~, ---,a~- tea. V " unyone to brin g ttes and Philippines Atlantic n.~ . That questzon was nut to the ~- [ eft Deacre g in their potatoes would, include Argentina in" ~lew~. who wi~ h ave to deal'with it if th'e;; I Orderly Commu-'.* ' w n~hean you do about it?" " xounaiand, Bermuda and Trinidad. Is one--FBI Director J. Edgar HoD- / ~ "'"J" =~ nrefney paying [or farm ~ ver. He threw the ans ~.t 1. suolect Director Hoover labor in Aroostook county," asked wer b Issuen an em hat/,~, : the assistant secre a . A IUMIC TEST: ~-and on a lot of other people In ~ P c No. Here Is "s* t ry of labor, ' ~nese Unit -" #,~ zuasonlng: ,~,~ ~vur cents " I ea bta es. Here it zs:/ "Of course, soldiers are trained to MAN:,'', replied the senator from On Battleship . Whe!her we have a postwar crime kill--but so are we of the FBI and ,' There's a guaranteed wage Even while plans were being, wave in the United States de-ends / of 1 , .mapped m Washington D. C. for ~ on how well we as a na -~ |~.u n[ e po,ce omcers. ~ut no man of $ 2 a day me o fleet ,naval official, pre-/ convert. If we do have ';U"er;odp ~:; line ~.'BI has ever been arrested for Assistant Secretary Moran said he P:s~war . crlme of violence There will be would do h~s best to switch some pared to carry out a test of the = lawlessness, it wzll in all probabd,lee e ,=o b win e ect on su-ace yes-/lty be led by teen-agers The re- ;'amn;na}s; among the returning vet- workers up to the potato farms. provisio~ ASgleft, w:=m 7sa:~ ;;:t~ :ple;;:vSe ~rCl~tc~ ~o ::::~ nese shorem:lea o17 conquered Japa./torning veteran has it in his power I oper;teZ'r~;;u eeeeffiCcr'm!nais,who will ;;~de~:; t~: might well have re- 7 s, u Tar . . ! make or break such a crime !we lently trmn they . e labor aepartme~t was neld, while at tight another woman Is pictured carrying home wood found mi .gee for the experiment, which Jwave. } . m.~ nave it they hadn't had army mat .!n name only and that it la shelled forest, grit eventually lead to a redesl~,~ / That'- --^, ~ - - I ,~mlng t~ut these are the n acmany nad almost noth n to do of surface vessels as followed B.'~,: ] ~ ~, uyatmg arouna the } wno Probably would hav~ ~ m~ with labor i g I A]~d-~l~. I r~t#,~nrr r,T*~r~r.-~r Mitchell's test bom~,---~ ~uy |~s.n. Let s lOO~ at the facts, dis- I inals anna- ~* ~'-. : " Yz~7~J~zt I L~IVlUDKI,IL~2~kllUI~I : Virginia in 1923, w~i~l'Ube~"th;Z~e /~;/mg th ugh theymay be, as the / eivilians:"~t;;a~H'~h;aar~rem' amed .For the fact is that, under batt hi v uzreC~Or lal~ them before rzny zs omy mlss ~erkins, the I seek Fence C//$ t lea p Nagato, with its 14dnch me a cross-section of ~e * abor depart. providing for a further decrease mained vulnerable ~- ly broken up there was some de- crime " Hoo as in combatting lnder the War Man wet co any Underwater effeeL[ c ' i'm s more to see their comm arged shlpy~rd work. mm~ ::~lin~ ~rh=f:j::kdJu:=b Marshall reviewed demobilizationI ~,ases of murder and manslaughter to normal, peacetul?~tlv:s get back ell to help h&rve~t the Aroe~ - " " ~" ~ptans at a meeting with 300 con. y . ~ney are look potato crop ~,than England and Wales more interested in t up to wartime overtime levels, and gressmen at which he also affirmed I 16m ~hild H=" I / With our entry into the w-- c heir homes and ~.t ~L)I ~-~$1; =~, ~vxl a~alrs ~uls in ZUl~ 11a major produce~ bucking the de- receipt of General MacArthur's es ~ ~ ~t~{~c~ ~1 I crimes increased the emphasis on der one ",y want law and or. oth ' s brought out an- " t . ' r nere er dtfflcul . mands in the face of rigid price con- timate of an occuvation force of only " I ype changing from cr es ~.~;no* ~ affecting not mere- trol. 200,000 for Japan-by next summer. -" I property to crimes a.:i~nn~s,~ ''.~'~ = k Th e FB.I expects the veterans to ly Maine but the entire nation Most son = ,~,= v=r,e a major Influence war worxers, dra In all instances, ClO demands for Though MacArthur hac~ reduced his ---murder, assault, rape and th; inal -- - on the trim. k . wing $1 to $2 an :~b~ta:ti~::l~TY~:~;e;:ymi. i ~s.tiemn~toewer,Msar;;:fe s;id~0,~0ne;oa~r bgnng Ve~mr~Yte~ emv:~r2~ern: co~l:~}:~i~:b~th:er?:~g;::hers panies had made sizable wartime j Germany remains the same I~" ] -- ~= . s In the United States One -er" "o b own into jobs or n g The labor short. son v - ~ =~z m SChOOl ~s= on me farm profits and could use the money to I ~ . . i/r~ ,~'~ in every 22 in this countr th,they can show ~ ~ . . s, even after V-J ~eemrlng ma~ me presem ra~e o~ been ~ .an e younger noys and " nay, as as acute defray part of the increases until J ~~ arrested at some time o gzris how to be [ --- . as ever Farm '~ ~- re I rezeases nas seen aeCermmea solely ~~~ - - u~==r.S~O emzerm The ou wages are hlgner tha peaceume prooucuon coma ~m - a Y ngsters look n ever. thoug~ ~.;;o~.Aa ~ ~ ;= ] by the vallabihty of discharge fa- ~~ Nel~ Crop of i up to these men as heroes--th / still a long way om ekt a ~S;,~ ".',~ ~^:; -,-eL';- ~ad / el~,es: m~.shali said that a, G~s Tee. A j ben strong influence on-~ern',';,~ "=" ( and aviation factor;"" p~-~-a~= ,= u,= wv=~=,= =,* =-a - I wiCnou use1~11 army work would De ~v.~~- - . --::: -- -- " - --~'" e---- I ~ut the res,o,-;~:-,-- - -" . ! somehow or ,+~^- --- " - " ; ' I ~" .-,~u~u~y t0r zeaaln [ ~.~. z. eisner farr~ walked out of mldwest refineries n fre w th Perhaps the ross the t g wa -,ed i in three to four weeks. J fac tominous single I . . een-agers arlght does not rest/ . g es must go up, or war workers a strike that ~reat- |With the exbaustion of high point I ~'%" I .mr a oout the picture with which ~ s o~e~y on the veterans,--nor alone must go bac~ to less money on the ened to spreaa, ann [men by late winter, the army may I ~I ~h; ~ar~ z ne postwar years is that ~ u,me agencies of law enforcement, f~ rrn. In the former case, the farm. imperil the nauonal |furthe~ alter its demobilization pro- I ~~ I U:it m ~.zrequent criminals in the ~e question of crime among our era will have to.get more for their ~~ fuel supply, princP |gram by releasing all men with two } " I . eu b~a~es tonay are boys and } yuum cannot be pawned nR crops, whlch or cours,~ pal interest con- |years of service ~ .f ne mooper o/.1.$ ,children, Mrs girls 17 years of age. } Juvenile courts overbu-~: ~ ~ ~ ~hlgher cost of livin. ~,~ ~'~ "~'~,~"~ = lb ' . ~ . --~- ,u~ver explained wh = uureaus, and the lo- - ~/ the troubled auto- I pn T r&R nrr[tnrrw . / ;- baby girl= Them~ant was ane of the I this has come about Th a y ] Director Hoover e?l pol~ice,Ambassadors, Wives. :: - montte s~cua~xon, / ! born in 1916 'mJ'-i."-''' " "~ ~'Tm-er /agers nave been maturing in ane |a~gencles can help materially kS,"-~-~ I .~-~-wee~ mls column reported ~~ where the United ILld (~)~ ~ years old Mrl ;~o~; ;:e .rec ora. ~,rind of great political economic and |big Job is getting every ~-::~,~.~a.e i taa~ Ed .Pau/ey, wife of the . r~,ue.~ oI sOcia ' [ - ,- ~ -i]U. S. re ara ~~ Automobile Work : ^, ~ ~.~M~ Lawton, P~. - / . 1 upheaval, As the ,were en hess man school tea P tmns ambassador to .=,~.=, u. = ~ ~ ~,- . . Y -,cher, salesm ~~:~:~~~:'~ ers headed'.by R. J. I. ou ~, ~uvern-'^n e ~ a~c.~ie"~ u=,~'~"",| terlng the critically formative .yea-- (farmer, mechanic h =wife andan' DM Sc w and. former treasurer of the Thomas la,d plans I~. t~ /LONG FLIGHT. /for them in the beginninu teens ,- /every other forwar.~ '. emocrauc national commRte, R $ Thomas for enforcing their ] :~"ff" '~ ~ ' ',~ ~. : ~ ]"~ '~'" ,"=,== ~: "~.~.'~ |# i-, . ~ ",|thers and big brothers" to wh^'~" |to knuckle down. ,~-~u~mg c~izen. [was listed to receive $25 a day ,~x' up uo, .uu,o, a, u,= .across " . uttt ~" =wo-nste en - " ,demands for a 30 I,t e-'n o ~ .rem Circle ~they might have looked for uuid IrealizatiOn that this Io t, a I P Sea while accompanying her per cent wage increase by walking h~a; o; ~n~'~;~o:a~-v%~;u~ry~lm~Appr xlmately" 25 hours and 43 [servanCe' left home to enter the arrn~ |it is up,to them to d~'=~r0 somethmgJU I havenUS andreceivt Russia, Since. then, I out on individual companies andlii H~ore~onvers, 'od I nutes after taking off from north / ices. Motbersfrequentlyhadt I ab utit. ed further reformation ---5 ""'~" .v. z-'~*. - " -- O th , leaving their competitors free to In- I" [ern Japan, the first of three o~o,~, [take jobs which ke-* *~ J-~ / But no matt - l at Mrs. Pamey, although listed h. vade their markets. |.As experts ,ooK?d for crocus?bombers glided onto Ifrom home, leaving Its meet a to try I the state department as-a st ~,~ private aweuings next s rawIin Ch" to their o s ~ has . a.un mat now member of the a t In assuming command of a labor I a . ,~t. M ~ n,~ ~n la4~ I p g zcago airport, to be I wn social and recreational It a potenhality for ~'reat e ~ p r y, declined to, department strengthened by the in- ~' ~ ~. snortly followed by the remaining devices,this country there is on v-. in accept the ~z5 per diem clusion of the War Labor board, war I ! ~.offIcIals sought~,;,a;to mcreaSe, o~,;.]. ~ tthe sup- two afterah,99~mdeexperlmentalt'" Frequently, families" pulled un I ~hich Hoover believes will ~ ~ l" ' e thing However, I sUll beli.v manpower commission and United I ~',~:,:~:y':':~"=~;~.~,"'~o-st~ ~ ~ ~-~ ~ ?~ ] run ) Icotst " and moved to teeming lr~dus-I,rmlne in the long run wheth-er it will"/ highly debatable point, whe~ "a States employment service, Secre-I ;riorities to break bottlenecks ill P fore. corn-I'co ther par~, of theI" ?.f taw]essness from here on. / wire mree to U S air real centers m o be law r m~ .y o:, G.I.s are .st tary Schwellenbach planned to pro- I n^^es-ar" ~ . a Invents"~-a controls, also {-= ue,'n m.mela planes, the original t war-~'-~'"~Y wner'e-3 Os could be had in . nnemer or not we have a post ~o nave their wives come C ed slowly before exerting emer-Iwere to be strengthened to prevent -- " p I! . ". " g was ira. [.~ . ". will depend in the / American higher. e I P ns Called ~0r a non sis run to pmnts Normal hvtn war crime way abroad, that gency powers, first exhausting ordi- J ~.~;. s a *is" .e .rt;~,;~,circleWaS'mngt n'ro t D.C to test the great !~onP SSl [e'' unaer such overcrowdedI~tast ana l.Ysis on how we as a nation| ups ~nould take their wives with narT procedure. I :~ ~ u e ana attendant weathrle . dltlons There was a general I~c nvert ton peacetime basis " r~, / them so oversea, war a I "".~'~'" . ~ m me ~ar north. Because of strong I splrh o! wartime abandon which ira. [ rector Hoover announced ,m'~,~'~" ~ After all, the average Am~:eg.~ At the same rlme, UFA announcea neaawmas aurtn resslonahi - " ~"=" --'-- FAGIFI~, Ith " "" w uld ti hten i e t " g the early stages of I p e youth was not long in I ca//.y. You can't divorce econom- I sol~er now eeeupying Germa~ Mn Arth r I t na t ~ T~- .--g prec control } t~e mgnt necessitating increased use / catcnlng--lac~ of discipline, lack of ~lcs from crime. Although it is tru~ ~ or aapan has not seen his ~fl ,~ over ~,um$ m=t~u~ ~ ~um~ter oz gas however tn persona~ re mat - -- "'---'~ ---;- ~" " ] :'~ |. - e B-29s decided to s ponstbility, became the I~ having money does not neces- {,or more than a year. - ,rak/ng sharp difference with Gen. / ac~ :neavy .uvmanu, w m~e z.eaera~,lane m me wmay City for refueling a.cce.pte~ t~ing. A "war hero" at- I sarl}y prevent a person from com. When the Pa . :. Douglas MacArthur's declaration in,creaz agencies preparea to azscour-,Tnoug~ traveling 5,995 miles in a [ umae aevemped m many of those I m]mng a cr~me, not havin, ms- I ston arriv-~ - uley reparations m~- Tokyo that only 200,000 American J age !nose financing in a market |long journey which took them over ~ tooyoung to "join up." lis a definite cause of it. ~en pne~ / party we;e:-~,n- western Europe, the troops may be needed for the Japa-,~ommg w~m nome neons ana pros- [Kamcnatka, Alaska and Canada be- ~ xnen teen.age boys and girls found Iple are out st work, there is a -r~at,itod acco-~ P"~.up' because of lira- nose occupation Pres Harry S Tru-,pects forhigh postwaremploy. |fore reaching the U. S the Ameri,that because of the man,ower -~---- ~ er chance for the,~-, s " I mmouauons in Moscow '," " ' ~ " ~" ~--ul-to ,~ tU ge~ lnt " man feared for its effect on army,merit. !can airmen led by Maj Gen. Curtia /age they could stop school and take Ible than when they are e---'O-~r-?u,; / oup, including some of t~ " / "~V~ YeG" l. ,DeSt ex demobilization plans and Acting ~-,~r~ E. Le May fell 1,100 miles short of |Jobs where they would make more perts on reparations, we Secretary of State Dean Acheson |"J~l+-/~Jl, J~'lt|l~l/'l-x:+the record non.stop flight set by |moneythansomeoftheireldersdid | theRepublteans -- +~to.rernain In Frankfurt, ~7 said that at this time it was diffi-,ult IAbsorb Increases /two Britons flying from EgYpt to |before .the war. Coming suddenly I this guy Truman is ao n? leak out,to ht^Y: Deeau se. there was no room ~of:recast the eventual szze of the [ Declaring that up to now retailers ( in|938. /:nnd0 ~fn~e;;eom~ ~ad~:g w;:]u~th ~ I~'~ votes right :u~m~romPlCn~dU? ~ Paul:;e ~le;~l~ ~ ;tc~W'aBUt Mrs. a ew noses h commo. Basing his estimate upon the Japs' Ihave not been squeezed by price ~ WAH CRIMES. /them unprepared to use it -,i--'- j ml e s so darned human I dations went on to M~ . w o~;~j, a 11 - ' ---- wholehearted effort at co-operation |control OPAdmlmstrator Chester |Tr Naz; "We have been developin- a ~e- [ -'p~'~ uc-ai Wlse ac,re whispered to me I Later, she also --;--[~":: - - ,j u~o ~ ~ u u~ Fress ~J1 ~*~te~ t'Ot with his command, MacArthur 8 I Bowles reiterated government pol-| . . i eration of ---~ " I U0 party for Byro- [ for the Bi- ~"--- saam 1 unargea with s stemati,o.u ~-arac t'rlce - ~ ~uree session She Wa atest figure of 200,000 was a sharp licy that' dealers ~vould have to ab- ) Y "c starva- [ for-poor Americans " ] ,- " . I the only Arn~-~ ~=n w " a . --e were watchin th . ire present tIon ann neglect 0Z internees at the reduction from the 400,000 i'ecently }sorb any increases in manufacturing |notorious Belsen eonc t,While we had our attention on the / mingle with the ~g. ~le Vresldent j Mrs. Truman and Mrs B . projected and the 900,000 at first I costs in the reconversion period en ration (far-flung battlefronts th=, .~ I su~s, ooviousl- ~ wue of th " yrnes. camp, 4:~ ~azi men and worn n w " ~ -,-,u un,ea~oymg himself 7 . ~ ==~re~ary of state, re- thou ht necessa In making his e tried as bern la st.~gn mry~ ia thor the / Rejecting a plea of s retailer tin fight back at their war crim !i stw g id for one of our major Just then a collea u / I rnamed at home. And durin the =.~r= ~u~ o= ,- = es pc ar robl [ g e of last g Jap .xecution o, hi, =ctat. I ~. ~e~.'o~';cLy=7:;;"Bo:~e: ~t co.ducted ate Br, tish mi.ta~ ' front P era, ~. ~e horn. ~. weekly, press Came up, ~'i;~a;: ' Partitas::t ionf ~e Rig Three, Mrs. 1 frame-,court in Lueneburg, German as wreathed in sm/le gallery a ri , through their governmenta l=ald that dealers markups were not I ~ Y'. . Thereis another condition that I ,G,=" s I ileged witness to ' p v wor~ relieved the U. S. o~ estaollsh- I reduced dm'in~, the war add rec^-a-~,x. seexmg ~0 aezeno memsetves, has been a breedinu. orn ~ mr law- just sai t =~, tie exclaimed. "I runny. Many U. S"'e nts~or!e cere- mg s. e ber.te mtUtarr .utho, ty I ;{,ow that orofits soared und~ r Ithe accused followed the line that lessness durin~ th / d o the t~restdent Tm e.^. / pert- =. =tad Britlsb ex- " m0 t f th ~ ~ wa acuuroxng ~-ansas Uit ' -,utx~ ~ -- u t~aU I]~lt we to perform the same tasks. |creased volume and lower r, s o 40,000 prisoners in the to Hoover and ~;^~- =,Y and what do you *~,-,- / fn- fo- .~-~ eks prepar- --v~-=-" ca ---,'-- may spreaa he said~ ', - u~ " "" "~= mg C~ax la~ seeking to offset expectations I i~ costs. Whereas the profit mar- [c :rap were all habitual criminals, I if crime detection and law enfo.- --o / 'That s a suburb of acer. / burned mid-.' and who had ,~emns ann nomo sexuals Briton me ,-~ ~am mty tan t its' ', ,~,- ou wnlppmg the that MacArthur s announcement I gin of department stores stood at 1~takin-" over the c-'-=' s ] I,nt do not keep ahead of it, / And my friend" -- [ agreement into shape were m/ght lead to speedier demobiliza- I during the 1938-'39 period, it reached a . . amp upon me ~azl I t~angsrer/sm has been showing/Re-ub]i -, w,o has seen a ~ =tom seeing t~ Windu,~ barred ,couapse czalmed that their ersi v ~=,z since ne ca ] ~" tion, President Truman declared I I2 per cent in 1944, he said. 'ence showed it was not nec~exp l- I .gns of~revival during the war," he land especlally so n remember NOTE-'On August 4 the program was not dependent uponUnder OPA's nrict-~ -,~;~-- * art,= u. -x'nere nave Veen ~an- in -,~ last 12 /reno~,~ ,~.-, .-,this column occu-ation needs - .--~ w-~7 :ur m use zorce to govern the internees [ in places wher ~ ~ --.~ ~= ,#,ears, ts ~egmnmg to tMn a, m.e omee of war in- =, ou.~=~=u. r= mr me reconversmnIn ~.=t so'-~-- t. they used to thrive. I' this ~uv T'~ k that Iformaflon had my ~ Speaking for the state depart-period some increases will be ~ ~: ~:~,~ ,-~ u.~mp, -~e t~rl~- [ hiJacKing, shakedown rackets black,~Z "~. ' ~ '~'~" ~s au right. /Clure, wife ^-%:,'- :,== ~. ~ ~c- ~- t~. co~.ea la,~ aeaa, an, anothe ' "'"~" "~ par~y wa u. t~eneral MC ment, Acting Secretary Aeheson as- mitred to allow for hi,he I bor ~.R ~ r markets and bootleg have beenn Jth~ ~. L . . S breaking uD |privileu d ~^~. . C[ure, a sert~d that the ultimate size of the m==t,=ei~] en~t~ ~--o; r a: 2 .o,uuv men later oecause Inetr con- the increase ', o I ---y. ---~.~menz Was heard to obo=,~.i Ir~si~, g,e7 . "'. == receptionist In occuvatlon-force will der~=nd upon ;~'-'h~'I;- to-~''-''=-::u-n':--margms ~ dition was beyond treatment, reed. Therefore" the |w~,n .a 0road Missouri grin that'Le ~h;;',~ ~arls oz~.ce, thus permlttlng ,v" ~ u~ ~ ,= ~ ua=t tzle lnaustry.wlde ,~,~wu~ naS was na - -~ ~- ~ ~m near the scope of the job of eradicating average for laruer b-=~ offleers .charged. Though sup- been laid for a new era of DilIin,~o-o I~ ~ . vm.g as good a time as h.- |man- aer husband in Ger. the whole Jan war-makln~ econ ~= .--::;~-o~= or puss were ootamaote in the imme. Then there ar~ tb, ,~ ; =o=.:. j,u~a when ne was at the Press c,I,~ |tln. =* =~"=- ~emateiy after pub~lca. =- ----= v-~--=- ,~v=,~ =ur smauer arms,dtate vlcmlty of the camp, no ef.scans ,s vcL-]~tasT. Thattime he was . -- u I, ,"-" ,*- -=,= msclosure the OWl ro- omy. however Because of their peculiar stdi vice ceived an ' fort was made to procure provisions train/n~ m I president and h/s picture w order from the White -, ---, ~,=~, presen~ a new, t : . =. taken t,~uuse for Mr* ~r - . band of criminals efflcientl- ~-;--~ I~"=~"~ ~u= paano with movie star lback to *~- ,:.~ ~,~,~re ~0 come a .-=,cu t t-auren Uacau v v~e~ ~tates perched atop it " "