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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
October 4, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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October 4, 1945

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TH~ t~tt,T,t~c',g c(aTTt~'T'V PTONEER III At That, the City Chap g tsn' t Doing So Bad! A city chap was fishing on the banks of a stream for several hours without as much as a nib- ble, when a country lad ap- proached and asked. "How many fish ya got, Mister?" To which the angler replied, "None, as yet." "How long ya been fishin'?" asked the boy. "Oh, I guess a couple of hours." "That ain't bad," observed the the boy. "There was a feller fished here for two weeks and he didn't get any more than you did in a coupla hours." And the fisherman could but re- ~ark, "You don t say! ' DEPARTMENT I iO FARM MACHINERI~ & EQUIP. FARMERS: For Lumber--Roofing---Silos --Shinglea--Palnts~--Nails, etc see CIIESLEY LUMBER & COAL CO. ParSe. N.D. Just East Powers Hotel. FARMS AND RANCHES --'----FOR RituAL FAI~M-B-ARGAINs------- at prewar prices see us. We h;tve farms of all sizes in Kanabec, Isanti, Chisago. Pine and Mille L:tcs coonties. W. IF. IIAMMARGitEN " Morn, Minn. Guod imp. 320 a. farm 1~ mile S. XV. of J~' llgt~l, Barnes Co N. D all state bgwy. -~9 All bklgs recently repaired. 257 a. crop Lmd, hal, p,~'~;ture, lbnt'~'C farm cultivated. .;ear good school, h~urket. Also other good tlflp ~ 1~ rid farltls. These ftlrll3s Call be L'ought ~ilh small tin. pyt b;H. |ong peri- od yrs. low illl. rate. Joe. G. Aogusttn, 1st Nat. Bank Bldg Valley City, N. D. FOR SALE---Ill2 Acres wild land on south end [,eke Hattie. In Lake tfattic township, ]4ubb;~rd County. Milln. E ccllent place for htu~ting and fishing. A great deer coun- try between two game reserves. Will give warranty deed for S1.000. CLINTON DITTY 701 Pershiag Ave Bemidji, Minnesota. FOR SALE--120 acres, 100 acres tinder cultivation; full set of buildings. $4.000. ZEAN L. DOUGLAS, Cumberland. Wise. LIVESTOCK "-spetted Pol,nd China AUCTION SALE SAT OCT. 13. I O't'LOCK AT FARM 45 BO:~YS. 35~3ilt~. By F.B.I the sire they come to see from 5 states. Easy feeding to weights of 250 Ibs. at 6 monti~s. Others by ~Spotlightt, feeders Ottaliiy. Write for Free Catalog. ALBERT KREMER Lake L/Ilion. Minn. - Route S. WANTED--Old. wild or blemished horses for fur .rm slaughter. Also have spotted Stallions and Jacks to sell. Shetland Ponies bought and sold. TIlE ELDER HORSE CO Jamestown, N. Dak. MISCELLANEOUS ,-,-PoWEiS COFFEE SHOP is a popular-priced restaurant that any. one can afford. Visit it next time you are in FARGO By Harry F. O'Neill I ,[RtmN NG orc.sle l I [v 4me poor-oElfta, tIt3o,oov "IL H. 6ROWLING! It~t~.o ~"~o~ ~KYI ""~~ I I~OMIF-EYH ~=A~-- es~ I Le.'e, TO --- 1 I~.~= -( ' ' II~E REO C~I~EF ~ TO ODE ~?rlot~ HE EbELIF-~-'~ IS FRO~t TRE Gt~ATI ti, E,~N THE 07t-t~.1~ ~Ab4W. ~.% MiC'rlt,l OP A ~A~ING L -, . = I .~~'~Z- I-i- - N~--~'--"~~ I MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS [- ~w, ~ ~V utrr~E ~ q~ -'v~ GOTt'~ t-t~O~ PIANOS. I arge piano warer0oms. Spinets. t ~~ tt O=L~~ grands, small pianos, rebuilt pianos, play- ers, all well known makes. Priced from $35 ,-~ , to $1.000. Terms: ~0% down. 12 months bal- ~ " ,- - ance. Write for catalog, complete price list. J. M. WYLIE ~' 115 Bro&dwar . Fargo, N. Da~t. A WANTED TO BUY , -"--'~NC Y FEATHERS WANT~D[~ Pheasants, Roosters. skins and tails. Goose and Duck feathers--new or used; also quills. Farmers Store. Mitchell, So. nak. -T1-4 Hlt.t Let the Ads Guide ~o-~ " ~,-,---- You When Shopping VAL~ s ~HE it-u;r[Eti "~"" - 71-t~.i~ tOO'r ANC~ O~3N13NUE L~ ~=~r, ~OT ~--I I always rely e. this great rub fer CIRCLE B p~fi I :,-c=, ;I|i' I to relievs c~.ghs--muscis soreness I ust CHILD'S MILD ~ In 'Hall of Fame Will Try German War Criminals Allied Prisoners' Aid Relieves pain and soreness WNU--Y 39--45 For You To Feel Well 24 hours every day. 7 .days eypry week, never stopping, the k~dneys filter waste matter from the blood. If more people were aware of how the kidneys mu~t coostantly remove sur- phm fuld, exce~ acids and other waste matter that cannot stay in tbe blooo without injury to health, there would be better tmderetandinl tanding Of why the whole system is upset when kidneys Pail tO function properly. Burning, scanty or too frequent urina- tion sometimes warns that something wrong. You rely suffer nagging buck- ache, headaches, dizziness, rheumatic pains, getting up at nights, swelling. Wb~ not try Dean's pt'//s? You will be usmg a medicine recommended the country over. Dean's stimulate the func- tion o[ the kidneys and help them to flush out poisonous~ waste from the blood. They contain nothing harmful. Get Dean's today. Use with confidence. Dick Fowler, 20 years old, Phila- delphia Athletics, who by pitching a no-hit no-run game against the St. Louis Browns has entered base" l~tll's hall of f~me. Left shows Francis Blddle, former U. S. attorney general who has been named the American member of the four-power military tribunal that will try the major Axis war criminals. Judge John J. Parker, of Char- lotte, N. C has been named as Biddle's alternate. Parker was nomi- I Imt ed by President Hoover to ~e Supreme court but rejected by the senate. Evelyn Gore-Symes, 15-year-old] English girl, who spent seven years [ in Budapest. Through the German[ occupation, she aided scores ~l .~ 'ed prisoi~ers to reach safety. [ 1 UOIJSEHOLD iI IItTI~ Alternate your shoes. Keep two pairs in use. Keep the shoes clean. Shine the leather regularly, and replace heel lifts promptly, before they wear through. --O-- A geranium leaf dropped in a jar before pouring in apple jelly will help flavor it. A gum eraser is excellent for removing spots from dark suede accessories. Brush thoroughly aft- er using. --o-- Treat a long-handled dish mop with furniture polish in much the same way as a dust cloth. Use this for cleaning bedsprings. Makes the task less tedious and reaches every sp:ck of dirt. A piece of umbrella rib that has an eye in it can be filed to a point and used as an upholstering needle. SN FACTS A U. S. Senator traveling in the West stopped to help (I young lady change a fiat tire. The flat developed a friend- ship that blossomed into marriage, Soap is one of thelmportant manu- facturing agents of synthetic rubber. B. F. Goodrich has developed a synthetic robber using a rosin soap derived from Southern pine trees fhuf is a great improvement over ordinary synthetic. Demand for passenger car tires will fotal about 70,000,- 000 casings in tho first year after the war--for both new cars and replacements. . . . 1 ,! L Many doetor~ recommend good tasting Scott's Emulsion be- cause it's rich in natural A&I~ Vitamins and energy-building oil ehildren need for proper growth, strong bones, sound teeth, sturdy bodies. H~/los build up resisfanco to colds too if diet is A&D deficient. Buy Seott'n t~da ! All druggists. USE COLD PREPARATIONS LIQUID, TABLETS, SALVE, NOSE DROPS USE ONLY AS DIRE(TED PAZ0 ,=0, PILE, |elieves pain a.d s0renes Millions of people suffering from simple Piles. have found prompt relief with PAZO ointment. Here's why: First, PAZO ,In tment soot hes inflamed areas--relieves pain and itching. Second. PAZO ointment iubrlcntes hardened, dried parts--- belp~prevent cracking and sore- nose. Third, PAZO ointment tends to reduce swelling and check minor bleeding. Fofarth, it's easy to use. PAZO ointment's perforated Pile Pipe makes application simple, thorough. Your doctor can tell you about PAZO ointment. SUPPOSITORIES TOO! Some persons, and ~tany doctors, prefer to use suppositories, so PAZO comes in handy suppooitorlee also. The same soothing relief that PAZO always gives. ( Alse flue Stemachlc Tnit ! ) Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable com- pound Is /am,us to relieve not only monthly pain but o/so accompanying nervotm, tired, highetrung feelings-- when due to functional perlodlc d~- turbances. Taken regularly---it hellm build up resistance against such dis- trees. Plnkham's Compound hel~ turel Follow label direction& Try ill