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October 4, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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October 4, 1945

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PAGE EIGHT THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1945 Red Cross. Conm~tecs report to 1V ary Jun~tunen each week if Pos- sible or to Ann M. Brown. The workers are as follows POST-WAR CHOICE -- Vi kl Vola~ Miss Miller of NBC'S "Mr. Dietrl t Attornsy," has been choeen wrhe Girl I'd Like Most for My Post.War Secretary" by men ~atloned st the U. $. Coast Guard 8epsration Center. ryC Trl-Countv Supper iGetz Pouh ar Conference Oct. 7!At Beach Oct. The annual fall supper conference I -. ] ~ecz ~ne ,~luare uea~" ~'oultry m connectmn wzt~h the church,~~~ schools of :three counties, GoldenBuyers' echo for years have served ~" ",B'lli ~s and Wibaux Merit; Billing's County and western Nort~ V~l?eYe hZeldn~oni~ht (Thursday) at DuSk ? 2r u.~, ~ !'ihn:Zrr congenml the Beach Oongregational church Y,'" . y W de .s, will be ~e meetin~ which will -~e~ un- ouymg poultry at Be~cn on Sat- a--,~, ~+ ~ six o'clock r~tluck u'day, Oct. 6 and Monday Oct. 8. ~i~^~ ~ ~ ~, ,~ ~ Postcards announcing prices for = " r~,t~,~^.- ~.~ +~o ~arious grades ofch, ickens were ' i distributed Fzid~ y t~he opening -,-Hial ~nvitation is extended c~ay of the C-olden Valley County +~ oU ~,~ ~n th~ Fazr at Beach. Bring your poultry ~~:~ to Beaz~ on e, ther of the above ~~;| ~r~lan we~are oz our y~tu~,- . ~~~'~::a ^~ ~ aays.~e~z g~axa~teeeshighest ~~| St:te To Observe iOR1 Week ,Of Oct. 7-13 i ] "g HE MEANS mr - Barry Wood l~ou~e of 1500 fan, flies. Write to-i singing emcee of NBC'$ "Johnny T~a a procl~m~tion issu~l a ,his day. R~wleigh's Dept N-Dl--143--j Presents," really gives when he office in Bisnmrck on Sept. 27, .'. " t gets up to the mike for one of C~v Fred G Aandahl proclaimed ~, mmneapons, Minn. 16-tpl ,the show's production number=. ,~e'week of" Oct. 7-13, 1945, as 'I~tional Employ the Physically Beach, N th k In his proclamation, the governor or Da ota appealed to the Disabled American Veterans, the Veterans of Foreign Nledora--Mr. and Mrs. Jack Con- as a baby, your child wil'l probably F. Brennan, who farms on the old Wars, the American Legion, the hen need further protection when he Jack Still farm just across the Vet, eran's Advninist, ration, the Fed- De2V!ores, Mts. Lena Vanvig, Lo- rioters school." All children who line in M~ntana'raised market, hie eration of the Physically Handicap- dema Myers, Lucflle Cossette GI~ace were intmuni~ed for DIPTTIERIA "TriumDhan~t" ~tatoes in just a ped and the public in gene~al to join in observance of the week Stoebe. 4-5 years of age should have a)lit~te over ninety days.- and urged all citizens, employers, t I~tm--Mr. and Mrs. Melford reinforcdng dose. Adu4ts and chil- The suuds were plantedon the industries, and labor unions to-I Vanvig, I dren who h~v'e not been success-ttwen, ti~t~ day of June and har- gerber with all civic, religious andI fullyv tccm~tedfor S~X ~reen River--S~m Krivoruchka, ] ~ ' (vested on ~he bwenty-etghth chty of eduoattonul organization to join wt~hln the past 5 7 years should Steve Oawrylow, I be'" revaecht~ted - . (September. W~fle . the acreage, toward the full, useful, suit mei Indian Surina's--Mr. and Mrs. An-I plan~ed was small, ,t was esttmat- and gainful emgloyment of all era-I - - v~cclna~mn prevents ~~~ . drew Sy~nionow and Dorothy ed that the y~eld would run close ployable disabled Veteransand i ' t an~ is ts the only projection a4~mnst to 150 bushels to the acre l Frylburg-- Mr. andMrs. O. F.[ thi~ disease ] other handicapped citizens. Oorl-mm--~r. and Mrs. Win. daza~.erous disease for y~ung babies ~-~:~r~'J:~f Nt ,~|~:~r.~ Glade i to oateh. Most phy~sicians believe ~,= ~--,w~,~v~. =J~,~, (Yerman--Mr. and Mrs. Morris blot WHOOPLWG OOU(~H can be w,~ 1~ ~=, Gerb~g !prevented by vaccination, l'ro ram Oct. ith ~NI~tteson--4~Ir. and Mrs. WillardI The free el, lutes will be conducted {D Porter I by Dr. Mary Soules, I~strlct Healhh The In~rrtatiorml Harvester corn- (Rocky ~idge--4VIr. and Mrs. Rich-I Offtcer, and a nurse from the party offers what may be considered STATE OF NOR--R'TH---DAKOTA I ard SwenSon I~te Health Department. a new concept in radio entertain~ COUNTY OF BILLINGS ) qh~hlte T~tl----~ephen Zagurskt,--~ merit in its "Harvest of Stars', IN DISTRICT COURT Fairtleld---~r. and Mrs. Jack O-,which /toes on the air over the~ SIXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT GORHAM Alfred Schwartz. ' Brlen ~t~lons for a half hour -vs- Plaintl~, l~ghland ~Mr. and Mrs. Harold broadcast ~t 2'00 p m. eastern Imrson ,~)ee Ea~tanan ~rom Kansas, ~m. ~,ndav ~t 7 "and'regularly Jens J. Jenson, John T.) ~, Eide,S. K. Pladson, the ) l~ioneer---WaRace Osadcbuk ~ladys Oheadle and Ba,be EWIy, thereafter unknown beirs, devisers ) Dlvide--4V~. and Mrs. Roy Crete- 'f~,elfledd, ~ and Elnil Haniuk, .~ a~. ~'~ a~.~.~+i ~,~cnd or legatees of E. H. Farin. ) -- Phlll~a Hecker and A'~-^rt ~'~--'-- u.~,~, ~,~ u,~ ~,v a Deceased, the unknown ) mann,~ 'v ~ v~,-a~- or heirs, devisers or legatees ) wt~s~h were Sunda- -uests a" John ~Massey in the dual role of narrat ~&~lale kiuv~e-=z~lr, anti mrs. vln- v S ~ of J. S. Johnson, De- ) cen't Volesky Eg4y~ an(1 actor me program gel;s oH rA) ~'eased. and all other) ~pring Creek--Win. Rlskevich. ~:~ty I~atley dressed up ~ll the anotedg~Ho~Trtd" B?~ohw ha~nco:dlcble, personSing any estateUnkn Wnor interestClaim" )) n or lien or incum- ) I'f yOU ha-re not a4ready 'been buildings on h~ farm with a new ^r .~ T~,~ orchestra A choir ~f brance upon the prop-) so}ic~ted see your worker and give coa~ of pain~, twerttv mixed voices will lend vocal erty described in the) your donWtion to ~em, ff mo~ con- Vernon Fritz received word of the ;up~r~ to the production. Jan co plaint,Defendants. )) venient see Mary Juntunen and marPiage of his brother, Guy~e ~o Peerce noted tenor of opera andTHE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA sue will .t~ke your don~tmn a W~hin~ton girl He ' entl ' . TO THE ABOVE NAMED DE- " . rec Y ~adio, will be the first great star FENDANTS: WAR ~URgI)COU~NCIL ret~urned fro~ overseas. Guy~e wason this program. You, and each of you are here- by sumn~oned and required to an- "--- a former restden~t here before nmv- --"I---" "~" swer tile Complaint of the Plain- n " in, g to Waz~hinge~on. Co structlon Town Eleanor Johnson and son and Dickinson L D R t,r the above entitled action, which is filed in the Office of v t)~e Clerk of the District Court of Location Changed The construotlon town for the Garrison Dam will be located east of t;he river, it is announced by L~. Col. D. B Freeman, Omaha Army I:lfistrict Engineer. The dec~icn was reached, Col. Freeman said. after representatives of the Mk~ouri River Division Chief of Engineers and the Omaha Dis- triot Of lce had given "due con- sideration to all factors included in studies ~hlch had been made to date." U. S. Army Engineers will both marm,ge and police t~e construction town under supervison of a town manager. Adequate cctnmunity and recrea- tion facilities will be provided as a part of the town'S design, an army sImkesmsn said. Desirable facile itios will be provided within the town to accomodate any member of the population. LOAN RATES GOOD ,North Dakota loan rates per hundredweight on U. S. No. 1 po t~Voes etre $1.12 in farm storage and $1.22 in other storage, the A~A udvlses. U. S. No. 1 size B and U. S. No 2 rates are 34 cents on the farm and 44 oen~s in other storage. Ru'tih Liuseth and ~hree children spen't S~turday and Sunday in Bel- field and Div2Anson. ~D~t Fritz spent Thursday and Friday in Belfield. Her niece, S~aron Al, ter~berg returned home vttth her for a week end visit. Shirley, J~ck and Ronnie E~ly, and Emil and Rose I-hniuk a~end- ed the movie "A Tree in Brooklyn" In Belfleld Sunday evening. ~Eary Palaniuk sper~ the week end ~t ther home here ~r. and Mrs. l~ichard Oonrad and Mr. and Mrs. Bud Ware spent Wednesday p. m. among friends here X~ey reta~rned o tvheir Whshlngton home~, by train, Wed- ne~day evening. ~f.r. and Mm. Roy Cu~,~nann at- tended services ~t t~e NRmrene church, I~ckinscon, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs Nick Logesz, Bert- ram Johnson and Steve Zagurski were Belfield visitors Sunday eve- mug. ~Ir. and Mrs. E. W. Tel ord and Leering and Vtc~ria Johnson were callers Sunday a~ternoon a~ Ray I~tleys. ~hirley Eg'ly and her pupils en- joyed ~ birthday par~y 8,t he~r school house Friday for one of the pugils. A bir ~hday cake was the r~ain feature of the airier recem a~ivMies. Convention Oct. 7 The Dickinson ~ircuit L D. R. wlll hold its annual convention in Dickinson Oct. 7 a~ 2 o'clock. The theme is "The Open Door" based on Rev, 3:8. Miss Cora Martinson, a China missionary during the war, serving as dean of women as Cor~ordia Oollege, is ~o deliver the missionary message "The Open Doors of the World", I Ctor. 16:9. Discussing various phases of "En- tering Open D~ors" are Eleanor ~ig~tad of Sentinel Butte, Olive Stenerson of Dodge and Mrs. Aloha Ous~a~son of Hallid~y, who the past few years has been parish worker for the l~ational Lutheran Council in Sea~,tle, Wash and Port- land, Ore. Local persons furnish- ing ratmioa~ numbers are Mrs. S. Thompson and a group of Junior L. D. R. girls. Clrvuit officers axe: President, Sophie J@hr; Vice President, Gl~dys Goddard; Secretary-Treasurer, Alice Sandness. Billings County, North Dakota, and to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscriber at his office in the City of Belfield. Stark County, NorthDakota. within thir- ty {30) days after the service of this summons upon you, exclusive of tl~e day of such service; and m case ofyour failure to appear or answer judgment will be taken against you by default for the re- lief demanded in the Complaint. Dated this28th day of September A. D. 1945. H. E. HANEY Attorney for Plaintiff Office and Postoffiee address Belfield. North Dakota. TO THE ABOVE NAMED DE- FENDANTS: You will further take notice that the object of the above entitled action is to exclude the Defendants from any estate or in- terest in or lien or incumbrance upon the following described real estate, to-wit: All of Section Three (3); and the South East Quarter (S.EA,~) of Section Eleven (11), all in Township One Hundred Thirty- seven t1371 North, Range One Hundred (100), West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, Billings Coun- ty, North Dakota. Said Defendants will further take notice that no costs will be claim- ed by the Plaintiff against any .of the' Defendants not appearing or an- swering. H. E. HANEY Attorney for Plaintiff. (Oct. 4-11-18-25; Nov. 1-8) I II I REGISTERED m 26 Bulls, most of which are ready for heavy servia, .and 4~ Young Females, many of whieh ej~rry the service of tne o.m- standing Aberdeen-Angus bulls of America, will be sold .at auction. Never before has there been such an opportunity m this area to secure high quality Angus breeding stock. Every livestock breeder should plan to attenu. Sponsored By The NORTH DAKOTA ABERDEEN-ANGUS BREEDER'S ASSOCIA~I01~ AND THE DICI~INSON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Write for Catalog M. H. McDonald, Sales Manager, Fargo, N. D. ".HARVEST STARS" RAYMON D MASSEY Master of Ceremonies HOWARD BARLOW and 70-Piece Orchestra LYN MURRAY . . Directing 20-Voice Chorus JAN PEIERCE Guest Star / Listen very Sunday FULL NBC NETWORK COAST-TO.COAST 2 P. M. Ewstem Time 12 Noou Mountaiu Time 1 P. M. Central Time 11 A. M. Pacific Time J WELCOME TO BEACH i FAIR DAYS - OCT. 5 and 6 I i MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HEADQUARTERS---NOTt ONLY DURI G THE AB??E DAY.BUy= EyER!DAX I '[ n, t CALIFORIlIAS CALIFORNIA . i VALENCIAS DOZ. ,CALIFORNIA 0 L ICEBERGS HDS. FRESH-CRISP ] NEW MICHIGAN EACH J $20LIM HEA DwSN L BI OWL ~-~b. bag $22@ ENI~ICIIBD 25-Ib. bag $I.0~ PEAS WIZDOM--STAND. ~J20-OZ NEW:NO. 3 SIEVE ~ CANS Z3' CORN FANCy 2~oz~25, BUTTER KERNEL FANCYNEwTOMATOcRoP 46-OZ.cAN 25( AUNT ,LB 33' DINAH PAIL MUSTARD GEONEY'S ,o~, 9, SALAD STYLI. JAR RED OWL GUARANTEED SAUSAGE MEATS, MINCED LUNCHEON LB SAUSAGE FEINBERG'S GARLIC FLAVORED KOSHER STYLE SAUSAGE LB. ALL BRAN =LLO~S "~1 CEREAL PKG CREAM o, WHEAT 7~ 22' SOUP CAMPBELL'S ~.s ~O" O2.AK~ CANS ~'~."~ ~ 3S' PRUNES ~-P^=D ,0o, 25, RED TAG--F~Y. JAR SOAP SO PURE LARGE "IT FLOATS" BAR YOUR CHOICE OF EITHER OF THESE FINE QUALITY WASHING POWDERS LARGE PKG. FLOOR WAX PT. QT. se, EFFIC1F.AqT 24-OZ. GLASS CLEANER BOT. RED OWL'S "SQUARE SHARE" POLICY to share our merchandise fairly At times we do ~o~ have enough ol" all items to ~e every cust~ but when ~ sdvertis or offer such products for sale, everyone will be tr~ted the same . no trader.counter selling. Our plan of limiting individual purchases and selling scarce prodqcts only fr~n displays provides equal opportunity for all to share alike. POPULAR BRANDS LIMIT PLEASE #