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October 6, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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October 6, 1960

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VOLUME XXXVI n MEDORA, BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA II THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1960 NUMBER 19 % VFW To Hold Tourists Reclaim Peter Madzo Dies, District Meetings Money At "Canyon" j Dickinson Meeting and Mrs. Ed~vin Strom, Rites At Rhame Oct. 10th and 17th tourists from Chicago, hat, ted a Peter Madzo, ranc~her of the Six District C<)mm~lli~cy Meet- Robert W. Moran, Wil.tiston, trip a, brugtly at Dickinson late comn~unity south of WIedora, in, gs have been scheduled ,by the Def~H;ment Commander of the We ,d~esday ~hen ,Strom,missed Veterans of /Foreign Wars ~f his ~bill,fcdd, containing $1,187 in23,succun-~bed1960, passinglast WednesdaY,away suckienlySept" L ofN" D.oct.JFar~ml0thBva'eaU.and fOroct.gnel71thweeksin the U. S w~ll speak at the cash. after a .brief illness. Ite was a d~ferent section, s of ~he ~tate, IFirs~ IDistrict meeting of the The Strom~ decided to retrace 'brother of .Steve Madzo. well-l according to G. H. 'Mikkelson, of V. F. ~W. at ,Dickinson on Men- vhei, r most recent touring and known ,rancher of the ~Iedora Starkweather, who is N. D. Fenu dav OctJber .10' 1960 . ~ headed west, ~hecking every area. ]Bureau President. 'Hugo ~reRmger, Beach, Dla- place at w,hieh they stopped. Funeral services were conctuct-i rMil~kelson stated that the din- trict Commander will preside,By 8 p.m. they had reavhed ed at the Catholic Churoh in ner meetings will ,be attended by a~ the ,meeting AVhich~tarts the cafe at Painted Canyon, on at S !p. m. in the Veterans Rooms U .S. 10 about 32 miles east of l~hame last Friday, Sept. 20, at~Cotmty Fa.~'n ~Buveau C~mmodi- 10 a.m with several friends ty Committees and other cotmty at me Stark County Court Beaoh. ,Mrs. Basaraba, and ~eigl~bors from com- and state .Fanm :Bureau ~eaders "l~here ?eorge munity attending. Interment was lie dAsctms the program for the House. Clhester E. Lahern, ,Fargo, ~ho with 'her huSband operates Senior Vice Commander; Earl L. ~he cafe, had just found the bill- in the Tuttle Cemetery, there. I coming year. Fischer, G~l~a, Junior Vice fold, complete with the $1,187.Peter ~Madzo was ~born in 1900, Meetind~s wi~l ~e held on Oct. and is su,rvivd ,by his brothers, 10 at Dickinson, Oct. 11 ~t B~s- Com.m~nder. Fred Jordan, ,Fargo, Strom gave her a "suituble" Steve and ~Paul. "l~his paper was'maa'z~c, Oct. 12 at VMley City, Oct. 'Department Adjutant, Richard reward, ,~he stated, unable to secure COml~lete de-t13 ~t Devils .Lake, Oct. 14 at Quesnetl, Grand T'orks, Chief-of-,~ r - sscrman tails of the life of ,lVtr. WIadzo. Grapat ,F~rks and Oct. 17 at Mi- Staff; ,Floyd E. Henderson, |-a not. A~lll meetings will ,begin at Fargo, Commissioner of Veter- Rabies Clinic To p.m,oc l time, with din- ans Atf~ah,s, have *been asked to ~ net. speak on key progran~, a,nd TO Nat I Cony. B~ Held Oct. 8th Person~ invited to attend ~rom other agfairs of the veteran and Golden Va~ey County are: How- the V. '.F. ~W. '.Larry Bosserman, menvber of Rabies is still 'showing up in ard Hardy, l~bert Car~on, Win. appear in Beach Wednesday, Oct. 1961 vnen~e~hip quotas and the Golden VaUey Chapter of the counties all around up and Melvin. Law,fence Ku.lcm~ski, Ed 12, ~hen he will be ~he featured award~ will ibe an'nounced at FFA will leave Oct. 10th to at- since i,t h,as 'been two years since Fahlstrom and Don Wisdmw. speaker at a meeting in the Le- this time. tend ~he NationM FFA Conven- the last clinic, Dr. Wm. Amsden, ~rs. Kay ~vIastel, Fargo, De- tion to ,be held at Kansas City, veterinarian for this area, advises Well-Wishers Gift partmen President, of the V. Me. Larry wit, i join 107 other that aR area residents ;have their F W. Auxiliary will attend tlhe members from 38 chapters in pe~s vaccir~ated against the dis- Clark With Stetson Auxi~ary meetly.g, vChich will N. Dak. at Fargo. and will go:ease so 4he breakouts in other be ~helki in conjunction wi~h the by chartered bus. areas need not ,become a scare Rtrbe Clark, recently elected District meeting. More than 10,000 Future Farm- here. to the National Cow~boy tiall of V. F. W. mem, bers from ers from every state and .Puerto The rabies clinic will be ~held Fame and iV~useum, is the proud throughoutthe District are urg- Rico will attend the oonvention, in ~Beaoh at the Legion ttall on possessor of a fine cow~boy style ed to attend the meeting. Ques- ,Ernest DeAlton State A.dvisor. Saturday, Oct. 8th from 2 to 4 Stetson hat that was g~ven hhn tions pertaining to the Veteran, will accompany the N. D. delega- p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m by a group of local friends, in will be answered to the 'best ,of tion. One ~half of the expense of Shots at this clinic are $2, while recogni, tion of his deserved fame. the ability of those officers pres- the trip will be f-p:ni~hed from Vh~y are S3 o~herwise. Remember IPOb &)nes and ttollis Dietz of eat. funds of the local ohapter. ;o bring in your dog or cat or Beach took a leading interest in Members of the Taylor VFW other ,pet and protect itand the project, and found a number Post and iN Auxiliary will host Schedule Clinics yourself against rabies, of friends here who generously the meetir~g. . made trp a pu,rse to buy ~he gift ' For Immunization Here From Mont. --- hat. Mr. Clark was overwhelm- ed with the gift, which he says Fire Prevention Under l~he direction of the Mr. and h~rs. 'Martin Hendrick- is one of the nicest thi,t~s that Week Oct. 9-15 Southwestern District Health son of K.~lispell, Mont vis.ited Unit, immunization clinics for gheir friends, Mr. and Mrs. Os- ever ,happened to him. Sunday, Oct. 9 is the beginning DPT, Smallpox and polio wil.1 b~ car Everson at Beaoh for ,several of annuat ,Fire Prevention Week held in Golden Valley and Bill- (lays last week, Ieaving Thurs. Drive so you'll arrive ALIVE! Evers, one Stinted Aook .over their mgs Cou,r~ties homes, farms, places of busines,s. Tuesday, Oct. 11 h'om 2 to 3 el.c, to see that there art: no p.m. at the Sentinel Butte $choo! places wenere a destructive fire by Dr. C. A. Bush. could easily start, TueMay, Oct. 18 frorn 2 "~ 3 Statistics prove that e. cb 24 p.m. at the Golva 3ehooi by Dr a:ou~s fire attacks 3 hos,)ttq:% 7 C. A. Bush. schools, 8 c~ua~ches, 13 theatres There wil:l be no charge for ;he aM amusemen centers, and nu,n- DPT, and smaU,:,ox !mrnuniza- ~erous other places, mainly Lions. A ehal? e of $2 wBl be made are lost ~or ail polio ~hots. BriCkwork Almost Waterfowl Season Done On Hospital Opens This Week 'Brick~vo.rk and laying of tile have a%most ~been completed on walls of ~e new Comm ~tm~ty "Dhe grouse season opened in Hospital in south Beavh, the~ N. Dak. last weekend and the building rapi@ly ta, king shape i.n water~ow,1 season will <,pen to- the last ~ew ,days. It ls estimated morrow, ,Friday, at noon. The tha*t ,eli the masonry work w~ll pheasant :season does .not open be completed in about 7 more until OCt. 22 in Unit No. I. working days. I The amount of cover this year, The basement and first fl.oors! and with the soil ban~, birds have 'both ,been poured, and the: have plenty of protection and next step after all ,the masonry hunter~ have to work eve get work is done will %e in~tallingL their ~beg, ~but ,the sha~p~il the roof. i grouse ,Population in Golden VaN 'l~imse .who have pledged ~cls [ Icy county is definitely down. toward Ibuilding the ~ospital, anctlFive hunters came tback without have. not paid them yet are. re- I~a bird ~or every one 4~at got minded to ,take care of this ob- It, is limit of three. Others came ligation very soon, as al~ these l in with 1 and 2 'birds while otho pledges are needed at this t'Lvne I ers had a partridge or 2 for their to heSp ~inance the new ~ospital. days work. It looks like She time yvenase io a too ore grouse w~l !bs a thing ,of the past, and Speak October 12 ma~be there t anything any- body can do about it. Ray Ven&sel, State Senator, will Waterfowl ~unting in our county is always very lin~ited and as yet none of the v.orthern birds have 'shown up. Local ~arm- ers say that the cranes haven't made an appearance yet /but some geese have been seen and heard going sou~th, While the doves and meadow {arks are still around ~but bun~g up to get ready for their ~li,ght south. We may have some nice weather yet if our ~e~thered friends aren't giving us a ~bt~m 'steer! Civil Service Positions Open The Board of U. S. Civil Ser- vice Examiners at Min~t Air Force Base, N. D. has announced Civil Service Examinations for positions at Mirmt and Grand Forks Air F~rce Bases. Selection for Career-Conditional Civil Ser- vice a~P,pointments will be made RAY VENDSEL from applicants w,ho have filed gion Hall starting at 8 p.m. He under these announcements and is now a candidate for U S. ~,ho have met the qualificati~)n ~ Representative. requirements of the positions. Recruiting is being done for the Or*her Denloeratlc canaloatea ;, . IO1 0 ~ IDJ~ from the 39t'h Legislative Distric; ~ " '' positions: wil'l also be present a't this gath- Et~gineering equipment opec- cring, wi~} free refreshments be- amr, heavy vehicle operator, me- in.g served. Everyone is invited, dium vohi.c,]e operator, ~i~ht ve- reNardless of their political pre- hicie operator. ferences. Mem, bers of the Golden Anaouncemen',s and necessary forms~vnay be obtained at any Valley Coun,ty Democratic Corn- f,i~Fs~r second class poctoffice. mittee are sponsoring this mee~.c homes. ~'~ es of I~es percentttge ~tl~n b:~ing child- L i~4. " ren. ~n ca~' 0]~ a fire, can you.r~ DAKOTA SALT PLANT by Faith". This will be a reemnp- tio~ o~ the stud~" of the ;Epistle of To West Coast -- Romal~ ~)egtm 'last spring, butI ~hX. @rid 1V~rs. L: .D: McCutdl'tan discXmtirmed thru the ,summer. le~t on dJhe N. P. Friaay, ~ept. 23 We will lbegin with (:~h@pter 5. for their vacation on fl~e west l eoast, where they are visiting MEDOR~ Mrs. DlhCutchans relatives, anti LUTHERAN CHUIICH their son ~nd wife "m San iego, Rev. Altou Johnson, Pa:;tor t p oyee vf lihe N. P. ~t 'Bea~. C~lif. ~Ir. Mc, Gutohan is an em- S U NDAY 8:30 a.m. Commu, nion Servicei 9:30 a.m. Sunday School. 7:30 p.m. Ad~St Bible Study on I Peter 3 & 4. TIIUI%SDAY 4 p.m. 'Sr. Confirmation 5 p.m. Junior Cozffi~nation. 7 p.m. Luther League. HOSPITAL NOTES SUP~HRY Mrs. iVIaynard Bury, Valarie McA ,mlly. N~ A~VI~S~ONS W.m, Wi.~,zfekl, A11en ~ovell, Morris ~ ,Duane Hecka- man, Ea~l Wymore, Barbara Se- ~era, "lRelea C~hsska, ~-s. And- rew G~y, Mrs. Mary ~n- K mCe Stm gev Ed gger, Htil,R m, Leonmxl oeM- ke Mm. Car GonsioP, and Mrs. E eanor O aska. ~VIr. and Mrs. Correll reside at Fatdie Kuntz of Glenctive, will.' Barnum, hli~n, and ,have ~arge take over ,the ~amrocic ~lub of a music camp there every in Wibaux, Mont. ,this ,Priday, smumer. ~.r. Correll directed the Oct. 7, ~rom the former operators, ctmir and mimic ~program at the Marvin and Jack Starfley. The Asbury Yot~th Camp at Wa.~bu ~, ClUb wil~ ~be closed aH day on N. D this strummer. Thursday, to ~propare for the re- The cormert is open to the opening the foklowing day. ptSt~c wi~h a corcliM welcome. Me, ~u~tz cames well prepar- - --~--- led for fl~is ,type of work. hay- Sunday Visilom irtg ~been .associated with the Mr. and iV[rs. Don Kettner and El~l~s ClUb in Glendive for the cihil~'en of New England and past two years. He ,and his wife Mr. and /Mrs. Bob Kettner and arid camily moved to an apart- son of ~lendive, Mon't. visited meat in W~baux this Tuesday. wi~ their mother, Mrs. Sylvia See their adv. on another page KeVtner on Sunday, Oct. 2. for details of the entertairtment for ~his coming weekend. BY THE DOZEN COUNTY TEACHERS The police of a 'big city were MEET AT COURT HOUSE hot on the ~rail of an escaped The Billings County Tea~ers convict. "vVhen they learned tl~at met at ,~he Court House in Me- the fugitive heading for a dora on Friday afternoon. Mrs. small vown downstate, .they caN- Ethel~vyn Anderson, l~hIic ed the local official t/here. Health Nurse and Mr. Jo,tm F, ields "You send me a picture of that of the Southwest Oist. Health guy and I'll get him," the ofh- Unit were a~so present. A~ ~t- eer promised, t ten*crirtg rePorted a very enIig~t- tee enm~ and I ~mmediatelhr the cry .~" i " ~,~rof'table sessi(m. mailed a ~ozen picttares of the wanted man--~rofi]e, lh~l~ ~ace, To Arizona--. I star~dintg, sitting and in variousI ~ Balp~ H, alvors stopped in I costumeS. I~ead~ last ,Friclay enrouCe to . } ~7 ithin 2~I hour, ~e ~va~l[their 'bxmle in Tucson, Ari~ They Pictured ~bove are Z/Ix. and were ,guests of their d~.u~hter, l~own, offic,'.er ca~lled back. '~ 'elhad ~ ~he summ'ner mo~nth~ Mrs. George :Fischer who c~e- .Mass Mar~m-eLFiSher at a dinnerI got ii of Rtose ~ooks," he boast-]in Dm~nso~ ~. D. "llhey are brated ~hetr 50t~ or Golden Wed- .In .t~.eir ~ at the Palaee Cafeled exert '*~a~l I ,aaranteet 'r m the.Sentin cling Av iversary on Tuesd,m Wro ux, Mont. " jug the last one before motto-I . area, sold thmr spread Oct. 4. On Stmday, Oct. 2 t~ey ~, (Cameo Photo,:ling." It ~ne GRen Roens.