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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
October 6, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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October 6, 1960

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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1960 THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER, MEDORA. N. D&lS !' . Attend Church On Sunday ~ I i ~tl~|li~lql~! ! I I ,nq ap~o.l,p ,t,p',0 I ,uimnmuJl mmllm,lyfflul|l;t,lnill~! i! :~! llllllllllllllillll!!llllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllll,I]ll,: "'" .n,ltitl,l::.lll ]h-J;~: ILl t ~ ;" ~} ,'t iIII1 11111.~ I. :".~ 13,;; " td,hi|[iL;i NEW --- CLOSER ~-- --- IjOU VITRIFIED CLAY PIPE '--Sun Mon Tues October 9-10.ll Is now available from our new, = North Dakota plantl A high qua'l. pipe at grea! savings to you. (:or~iact your nearest supplier, i -- ~ er write or calL I-------" DIC-KOTA CLAY PRODUCTS CO. Telephone 224-5155 DICKINSON, NORTH DAKOTA I GOVERNMENT SURPLUS SALES NOW a~yone can buy DIRECT f~m U.S. GO 'V]i~2CM~NT SUR James Garner NmNieWood NINA FOCH. DEAN JAGGER EG. MARSHALL. HENRY JONES , ttH,q~{i{j|{|llillll - BEACH Wednesday, Thursday, Oct. 12-13 Here is a fast moving picture with an excellent story and cast. GAYI GRIPPINGI GLORIOUSI OUR MAN IN HAVANA : Alec Guinness { Burl. Ires ureenO Lra i Ernie Kov cs-Noel Coward | Ralph Richardson JoM0rr0w FF, ID ~,Y-- SATURDAY OCT. 14-15 BOY AGAINST CHARLES SUSAN NURIMI HERBERT- GORDON" VYE . E, UTIIAII COI.OI. NOTICE --- All chiklren 3 years and older must hate tickets. ,Reg. 20c if with an ad~u:lt -- 30c if not wit~ an adu,lL FLUS I)Ea~D'rs. by marl for your- ~ rMS is a wonderful comedy picture ael~ or for resale. Cameras. bin ~ ~cu~.m, caa~s, jeel~, hn.leks, boats,, oSfice madh~;nes and : Come out and relax. equJ@ nent, ~en~, tools and tev~- :~. ~a,/-fl~wusands of o~laer item~ at a ~--~ . ~, -- = ik'action of ~e]r omgmal cost ~ . . . " : ; --Notice - Wmter schedule startmg undav. Oct 3 - Matinee 2D.H Evemne shows 7.30 ram. ~y items ,vra~t new. for xs ~ ' ~ J" ' 1 (g a f hm~d~ds o~ U. S. Governvaent -- . . . . SurlM~ls Depots, located in ever:; .~HH~H~H~Hi~ji~ij~j`.]]]j~H~ji]HjH~ijH]~iHH]H]~HiH~iWHii]~]~i~H~H~H]~iH]~mj~H~r. [!]]]~~~~]~]~~~ji~~~~~~~~~~~i~Hji~~i]~~~~~~H~i~~~~~i~~~i~~~~iHHHH~~~~~WH~~HH~~~]~~~H~i~~~~~~~uH~ State and overseas With pam- ! ~"~ow~z ~tc~i~ ]the A1 Stude home at Grassy They were ,trucked to t~le new l~- ~lasses. He ~had the mL Week Around Medora Butte. cation ,by Ted ICArkpatrick and of 'breaking the old ones .- w ~ ,~.~ ~ ~ HOW TO B~Y arid how to geti Carol McBride and E~len Os- W,m. Lawson. working on a construction ~'REE SUI~PLUS, m~,il $2.00 to 'Mr. an~d ,Mcs. Art HendersonI Addle Anderson and Mrs. J. te~hou,t were Dickinson callers ~Mrs. Ellen Osterhout wen, t to ject near Durra Center. SURt~US SALES INFORMATION spent Su'n~ay at t~e ,Ed Bry C. Rasmussen were dinner gues[s on Saturday afternoon. I Wibaux on Wed. to visit Mr. The DeMoTes S~.ool G,r SERVICES, P. O. ~ox No. 1818, t~ome iv~ ~l~iel& ] at the Ray Bowens in Be[field The Ted Cornells of M~d<~ra "and ~Irs. E,mory ,Brow~. The and the front of St. kMary's Washington 5, D.C. 2-52tc ,L. M. Barnhart returned to last Wednesday. and Mr. and ~Mrs. Wayne Met- Ik~ow~s are .leaving soon for olic church h~e:. been beat his h~me in W[edora on Saturday'. ~h'. and Mrs. Jim Hickey of calf all called at John Cornells Arizona where they wil~] spend by the' a~ldition oi' several - -~~"- --- -. " - I a~te~r ap~ding ~bout a week in Glendive and Greta Fong Who is in 'Sentin01 Butte:on Friday night the winter. ~pruCe ,~rees. ,:~T~ie, trees t the ~Didkhtson hospital arid re- teachir~g in*Beach spent tihe week- to help little Paul Cornelt cele- a~ [rs. Natalie Adamson, Co. Supt. pla0ted :by jan~ ,t0r John Phil brate his Gt~ birthday, of Schools, and iMrs. Et~helwyn Daniel OSad~t~tiki" BROCKMEYER i cuperating at h~e home of his en,d visi~ir~g the Einar Fongs m Mr. and ,IVirs. George Raisler of Anderson, County Nurse of Beach son Gerald. Jim reports that he Medora. The regu.lar PTA meeting Beaoh visited at ELlen Osterhouts cal4ed at .the J. A. Thomas home be held at the De Mores ~c feels much .better and his cheery, Mr. and Mrs. J(~ha W. Jay Jr. and at the W A MaHorys on in Medora on Sunday e~ening. ~ on.Wednesday vnino, Oct. 12. ? ; .au,o oerv,ce ~ooed.~o,~ can "be' r ecetvea 'left on Saturday for a National b3 t~.m many frtends ea~ nay t "~ ' ' . .' ~ Park Meeting at Yel, lowstone Na- Sunday a~ternoon. : The Harry Halsteads visited ~- New Restden~ l~hone 2-4323 ,becwee~ ~ni'ae and 11 in t~on~ or tional Park Mrs. 3oh~ Nunn and ohildren' at the Ellen Ostez~hout home " - -- of WLlliston spent the weekend on Tuesday afternoon, f New residents at the BEACH. NO. DAK. i hL~ tDu~mess place m dow~town Those 'from Medora a,ttending visiting her parent,a, Mr. andI The Co. Commissioners met at Rest Home are Mr. and Mrs. [ l~le(lora. 1-I the dedication of ~he new chtlrcll Mrs. L. M. Barn2hart of Medova. the courthouse in Medora Tues Bevkman of P, lhame, N. D. Emerson & Motorola ",~e tt~aeaora %irazw~g /tssn. ~e'a .~ "~" w ~'" 'r "~ ~"'*s"~'"' ~'" o ~ ~ ='= "~= 'W. J. ~ay ~as: moved his string Douglas Aird spen,t a couple Carl Wilhelm of Dickhtson, Radios and TV Imetr ~mn~y anee~mg a~ t ~, w c~ ,~ ;~, w,~, w "' 1 "-"" of dude horses to ~F~yburg wh,ere of days in Medora last week a~ arrived here on We with JOtl~.X '~t or t~e~tetct has lf-r vi-'s he will pasture ~hem this winter, while waitin,g for a new pair of Sept. 26. Uact- our sos f,ees m e l. raenr,aY: 'Eiehhorsts ~he Art Hendersons, RJ 1- ' ::: - : I- ""-Mores UIL+2 L~tFS i:lll~l lYLq+ U tl V~t'Zl been, .~--ta~,e~l~. ~y . raft ~ ~. Mt~s. Clyde Ztlsdorf and daugh- repair service. S~oOlAIf, o~ to han~tc - ters and ,the ~'a "aisler famit B E N H U R lues ~d~.j~miLor at ,the ~ooI zn ' i~. y g y. FROZEN CHESTS Mod~:~a~"**t~.e, 1960-61 year. Hef 'S~hy Otto returned to Meaora FOOD ts we ~m/6w~, ~hl~a, ]~ASY SPIN-DRIER WASHERS " 11 n " rea and from Glasgow, Mont on Monday ' willl~e .a~"e~'~"~ re'*" our town and wnerer me . had been visiting, his Fishing Supplies ~.o, :' " son IMaumce and family. Record Players McLeod caught the Guests at ~he Lars Vanvigs on ~O~ in I nneSOta west. tim~n~l train out of ~Iedora Thursday evening w(re June and t eenrds." y : t i,- h ' on ~attt~ay evening and will 'P~,o.rvad ~, ieland, t e ~,V]il,ard spend several weeks visiting Porters, ('lhar]cs Cot-ne~l and Mary her dattffhter Mrs. Buddy Mace at B. ( ;ii'ham. ~]]t!tt[[.],]iil tL ll,t,!I[!ll,[L,tl,J[tiI,: I'~:'= and 'L.ena Vam,:ig and business callers in Medora Men. 'll ~%','v .L.ham were Beach callers Juanita Organ and Mrs. Steve ~,~ Wed, 'I~ey ~topped in and had Ku~y were business and clinx' dbmer at 'the Thorvatd Vielands calSers in Dickinson on Tues ~"hile ~ere. "l~he Jc~hn Cornell family of It Ls reported that 1V~rs. Gert- Sentinel Bite ca;led at the Ted SUNDAY. MONDAY. TUESDAY OCTO BFzR 9-10-11 ,WS IN HIS FIRST FILM ROLEI WI~DN~DAY, OCT. 12 A PkI~MOUNT RE-REL~ TITUR~D',V, FRID,aY, & SAT, OCTOB'E;R a3-14-15 rude C~rmell aaas had the mis- fortune of s~raimr~g her anMe lwl~i~e vecuperatin, g from surg- ery at her son's l~ome in Minot. T, he ~prain vchile not too serious wil.1 eonfkne IGert~ude 'to her Cornetl ,home in Medora on Sun. ' ,Mr. and ,M, rs. E. Johnson and Mrs SchmelinR of t~each had supper at ~e Lars Vanwg he:he on 'Su,nday evening. l~l:5en Osterhout and Eileen bed ,riot" a ~*hile and ,her many EiChhorst attended a meeting of ~rien, cls wish her a 'speedy recov- 10he Eastern Star in Belfield o~ cry en~t ~ope that they w~'ll see Tuesday evening. her around Me4ora soon. A roofing company h'om AbeT- Mr. and IMrs. L. G. Brown and deem S. D. is repairing the roof Mrs. J. C. llasmussen were din- on the Rough Riders Hotel this nor gue~t:s ,at the .Ellenester-week. hout ~ome on ,Priday e~ening The Al~en Anderson family ofI Patti ~ Edilfi~ Lobe tran~t- New England visited Addle And- ed ~usia~ess in .Biamarek last erson on Sunday. 'I~hm'~l~y. ~ ~Mrs. Gaylord Barnhart and ;Mr. ,and IMrs. Wm. Dudde~ of Mrs. Jim Bird were Dickinson H~l~r~ke, Colo. spent the week- callers on Saturday. end ~,t the Art Graf~aazdsL. Mrs. Arvid ~cot.t is currently work- Dud~en is ,a cousin of Mrs. Grafs- in,g in ~he north unit of the gaavd, j Park. ,His family is visiting at IF YOU WANT KENNEDY FOR PRESIDENT Sunday nmtinee at 2:00 p.m. shows start at 8:00 p.m TEAR OUT THIS AD AND'SEND I1 TOt m mrm HELP TH~ WILL HELP : I~A J~CtNCT ~"75Y WORKING WORKER. : . - I~JAT HOME r--'IO"'A:TmmONE r-l v I IPAIGN COkI~ITTEE, L,~EAD (~U e~TER$. E~CONTRIBUTING TO THE CAMPAI@N FUND. YOU CAN MAKE AN IMPORTMqT, PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION TO THE K~NNEDY-JOHN$ON CAMPAIGN. ?H~ K~NNEI)Y- JOHNIoN CAM~ PAIGN NEEDS PRECINCT WORKERS PEOPLE WHO WILL WORK IN THEIR OWN PRECINCTS TO OF. T OUr THE VOTE. NJl~ r " " . ADDRESS I~oN~ NO P0t, ADV. |PNInO. PD. ~OR I? "fW! II, IIAK, Cl 'f i ili'N l c oi414, 1401" in South Dakota NOT in M, I olr /n Wj,om/ng No r in Canada 1401" IN 42 S AIES [] NORTH DAKOTA IS AN ISLAND! It is the only stato ia tho entire Midwest that requlr a Surplus Brake. man ride on certain freight trains. He is not needed in the crowded ea m state,nor ia tlm mountainous w t. And, in North Dakota, Hesenco is .needed SAFETY IS NOT A FACTOR! Every official inv tigatlon conducted by Federal and State Legislative Bodies, including the North Dakota Legislature in 1959 . . . a U. S. Presidential Fact-Finding Board, a State Supreme COurt and various Public Service Commissions all have found that the Surplus Brakeman makes no contribution to safety. JOBS NOT A FACTOR! This is written into the law and pledged by all railroads operating in North Dakota. Surplus Brakemen wiU keep their jobs until they retire, are promoted, or quit. Support the of Your Legislature