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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
October 11, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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October 11, 1945

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/ / THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER li CLASS IF! E DHome Building Resumed, but Will Be Year or More O ,NEss = oPPo " Before Host People Can Expect Their 'Dream House' Me jAhov:e,: - No. i2.' s. Vak. Material Shortages ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT War Surplus Release. New 2-burner elec- tric stove plate, black crackle finish. double switch, with cord complete $7.95 e. O. d. PROBST SUPPLY CO 707 West Grand Ave Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. FARM MACHINERY & EQUIP. FARMERS : For lumber--roofing--shingles and best quality barn paint reasonable. See CHESIbEY LUMBER & COAL CO. Fargo, N.D. Just East Powers Hotel. FARMS AND RANCHES 788 ACRES, excellent, buildings, dwelling modern, artesian water, electric lighted, wooded creek through farm, good soil, gentle slope. Buildings mile from county seat, graded; high school and North Da- kota Forestry Normal; good hospital. Owner age of retirement. Write SAM WILSON Bottlneao, N. D. HOME FURNISHINGS & APPLI. B.UTTONHOLE WORKER "--Brand new, $10.75. Instructions for SINGER SEWING MACHINES. Specify Side or Back Attach- ment Screw. Send M. O. to FEDERAL MDSE. CO Box 7506. Philadelphia I, Pa. LIVESTOCK DOLLAR BILL BRINGS YOU .hundreds of profitable sheep raising ideas, ~'ear's sub- scription to monthly magazme. Write SHEEP BREEDER. Stockyards, Chicago. MISCELLANEOUS HARD TO GET WALLETS $2.95 Genuine leather, zipper all around with change purse, pictllre holders, two- way bill pockets, in black or brown. We mail e. o. d. Money back guarantee. Gold initials free if money sent with order. Send today, do not delay. J. L. WALLET CO. ROX 448 Salem, Mass. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ]PIANOS. Large piano warerooms. SpinetS, grands, small pianos, rebuilt pianos, play- ers, all well known makes. Priced from $35 to $1,000. Terms: 20% down, 12 months bal- ance. Write for catalog, complete price list. J.M. WYL/E IIS Broadway . Fargo, N. Dak. WANTED TO BUY PANCY FEATHERS WANTED! ]Pheasants, Roosters. skins and tails. Goose and Duck feathers--new or used; also Uullla. Farmers Store. Mitchell. So. Dull CREATING NLL-W WF.ALrH TO ORDER Advertising creates new wealth by showing people new and better ways of living, and as it creates new wealth it con- tributes to the prosperity of everyone touched by the flow of money which is set up. In this way, don't you se ~ advertising is a social force which is wo/kiag in the interest of every one of us ever.}, day of the year, brlni~g us new wealUa to use and eJajoy. "NO HORE TROUBL WITH CONSTIPATIONI" Says Long-Time Sufferer Who Tried KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN If you, too, are disappointed with pills and purgatives, be sure to read this unsolicited letter: "For several years I was afflicted with common constipation. I tried various reme. dies, but got only tem'l)orary relief. ~everm months ago, I started eating KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN each morning, drinking water freely through the day. I have since never had the slightest trouble with constipa- tion. My gratitude to KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN." Mr. H. M. Riley, 11 E. Division Street. Chicago, Ill. Do you want to be free of harsh laxatives for the rest of your life? You may be, if your constipation is due to lack of bulk in the diet! Just eat a dish of KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN and drink plenty of water every day! If not satisfied, send the empty carton to Kellogg's of Battle Creek. Double the money you paid for it, will be paid to you. ALL-BRAN is not a purgative. It is a delicious cereal made from the vital outer layers of wheat. It's o~e of nature's most effective sources of gentle-acting bulk, which heIps support normal laxa- tion l Get ALL-BRAN at your gro- cer's today. ALL-BRAN is made by Kellogg's of Battle Creek and Omaha. WNU--Y Delay Construction On Any Large Scale By W. WADSWORTH WOOD Governmentrestrictions on build- ing of private houses ends October 15. This comes as heartening news to the 12 million families who are said to be ready and anxious to build new homes. Now these people are wondering: Should we sell our present home or give up our lease in the hope of building right away? What plans can we safel~ and con- fidently make right now? This question raises several other ones, which may be summarized thu s: 1. What will building COSTS be, in comparison with those of prewar years? 2. Will conventional materials such as lumber, brick, etc be of poorer quality than prewar? 3. What are the new and dif- ferent features and materials so widely discussed for coming homes? Are those miracles In terms of revolutionary heating, streamlined kitchens, and push- button laundries yet available? Here is the result of serious think- Ing, first on the subject of costs. While the government unofficially estimates that home building costs have increased one-third (requiring one thus to pay $8,000 for a house that could be built for $6,000 before the war)--these costs are really apt to run somewhat higher. It may take $9,000 to build that former $6,000 home. This is partly because labor costs are steadily rising, and 73 per cent of the total building costs are directly or indirectly labor costs! Residents in some sections of the country, such as in the South, may eonfidently expect lower prices due to the fact that the less severe cLi- mates permit the eLimination of basements, sub-floors, etc. Less ex- pensive insulation, also less expen- sive central heating plants, prove adequate. Recent wide and authoritative studies, such as the two-year survey conducted by Small Homes Guide, reveal very pointedly why this fact is so important. They show that 47.4 per cent of families now plan- ning to build, expect to spend from 000 to $6,000. Another large per- centage, 30.7 per cent, plan to build in the $6,000 to $I0,000 class, while only about 6 per cent are planning to build in the $10,000 and better class. If these families are to get full value for their money, the home Stone and wood combine to make this attractive house. The built-in garage is one of Its most appealing features. Contractors estimate It could be constructed for about $9,000, which Is within the range about one- third of home builders are willing to pay. low the trend towards saving ex- pensive site labor costs. While the home building restric- tions are being lifted, as of October 15, the announcement carries with it a six-point program that involves several directives aimed at correct- ing the present situation. These will seek to hasten production of scarce building materials; will strengthen inventory controls to prevent hoard- ing; will expand 0PA price control of building materials ~ prevent in- flationary pressure; control mort- gage practices; facilitate action by industry groups and widely advise on home values. In the directive, great stress is put upon the rapid expansion of the home building in- dustry as the greatest single add- ed source of jobs in our entire econ- omy, and the statement is made that: "we also know that the present housing shortage is bound to con- tinue for some time and that there may be pressure to increase the price of new homes in response to an active demand." In the light of these facts, thou- sands will be asking such questions as this: "Should I renew my pres- ent lease which expires in six months, or try to build a new home right away?" Wise advice would ap- pear to be this: Renew for one year. A year and a half is not too much time for thoughtful planning and careful working out of your family's requirements--from site selection ~.o the details of built-in storage facil- ities. There are countless,houses that could have been good houses If a few extra months had been used for planning. Electric ranges, refrigera.tors with deep-freeze compartments, sinks with built-in dishwashers, cabinets of all sizes . . . everything will be ready for the new kitchen early next year. Still other thousands will be ask- ing: "Should ~ sell the home own now, rent for several years and then plan to build?" To such, wise counsel would be: Hold your home, as rents will be high and there will be no sudden drop in real estate values. First, because of rebuilding costs due to higher wage levels, and second, the very sizable backlog of demand that will require several years to satisfy. Start planniilg your new home now. It will likely take you a whole year to get through an the steps carefully. Selection of your new lot, title insurance, getting your ideas into blueprints, working draw- ings and specifications; getting bids, negotiating the financing--all this takes ~me. Being very specific, others will ask: "ALl I can afford to spend is $6,000. I need three bedrooms. What can. I expect?" Our frank advice is this: Not too much. if your total includes the eost of a lot. You had better choose a compact story-and- a-half design, and then plan to fin- ish the two upper-story bedrooms and bath at a later date. In the matter of home equipment, building industry must hasten to eliminate the traditional. "hammer- and-saw" practices of "cut-fit-and- try." Certain union practices and antiquated building codes, too long held intact by local pressure groups, must also be changed. We are frequently asked: "When can we be sure of being able to get good quality building materials?" To this, our best authorities quickly tell us that most of the hard materi- als such as cement, sand, Lime, stone, etc are plentiful. Brick and ' cement block vary with the regional manpower picture. Good, dry lure- ber is scarce, and the precise local situation here should be earei~lly checked with a reputable lumber dealer in your community. Someone else asks: "What are the newest developments in construction material that I can expect to get within~ the next six months?" Our reply indicates that waterproof ply- wood, plastic-finished wallboards, fireproof asphalt shingles, light met- al framing, complete package units: windows, doors, built-in closets, cab- inets, fireplaces, will all be avail- able. These new developments fob a flurry of questions always centers around: "What's new?" For exam- ple: "Will air conditioning be cheap- er than before the war?" Well, as- suming that you refer to summer cooling combined with air filtration, de-humidifying and circulation, the answer is Yes. Several mass pro- duction manufacturers are bringing out new, efficient units that can be added later to any forced warm air heating system. Others ask: "Will the new kitchen devices cost less or more than before the war?" Of course this refers to dishwasher, garbage-disposal unit, range, refrig- erator. The latter two will cost a Little more but will be more efficient. Alert makers are planning to 15ring costs down by combining units, such as one which will wash both clothes and dishes, by changing bowls and substituting a rubber-covered wire dish rack for the agitator. A modern bathroom is a "must" in nearly everyone's planrfing. The important new development in bath- room ideas involves separating the different fixtures to eliminate early morning congestion. Most favored arrangement includes separate shower stall, an extra lavatory and medicine cabinet. The new fixture designs are more beautiful and have lots of added conveniences. Kitch- ens have been brought into focus with the modern "dreams" too. Many manufacturers are offering beautiful and complete package kitchens that include an amazing number of new items of convenience and advanced, automatic labor-say. ing equipment. The gripes or "pet hates" con- cerning houses" are going to be large- ly eLiminated through better plan- ning. There will be plenty of closet space, for instance. The trend is to larger rooms spread out on one floor; with larger windows and pro- vision for more outdoor living. Col- ors will be bright and cheerful, and details of decoration will strike a smart, peacetime motif. "How about all the promised post- war home gadgets?" you may be asking. Well, you can look for new refrigerators with deep-freeze com- partments; new developments in automatic dishwashers and washing machines; ultra-efficient vacuum cleaners--vastly improved appLi- ances ready early next year. "Will postwar developments com- pletely, eLiminate housekeeping drudgery?" The answer is, "Al- most." For example, the dorecipi- tron takes dust out of the air elec- trically. Most kitchen chores, such as dishwashing, will be reduced to a minimum by automatic controls. Heating and cooling will be fully automatic. New developments in plastic wall and floor finishes, new rugs and draperies--should help in adding at least three hours more daily freedom to the clock of most housewives. It is indeed a great, new streamlined peacetime era which we are about to enter! Dodge Corp. Survey Shows A Billion Dollar Backlog Ready for Home Building A huge volume of funds is ready for investment in construction, ac- cording to the F. W. Dodge corpora- tion, speciaLists in building statistics. In a recent announcement, Thomas Holden, president, stated that $7,- 753,138,000 has definitely been allo- cated to construction projects in the 37 states east of the Rocky moun- tains. Of this huge sum, $I,I07,44S 000 has been set aside for reslden- tim building. Mr. Holden commented that "events since V-J Day have shown that postwar construction revival Is Likely to move considerably faster than was anticipated some months ago. The removal of controls has eliminated one of our anticipated revival bottlenecks." S~K These hand- ~:?:::::::::::~:.~::: :;~:~:~:~ ~?:::;: ~:~. :: ::: ::: ~ ::~:~i~;~;:;:~]~;~:~t~Z~;~~t;;?~ ~,:~i;~ ~. .:.:: : ::~: ~;~ .-'.~::~ ::~;~;~:~::~:;:~;:,~:s::~::~~::~ :~:~::::':'i :: ,:.:.:: ~" '.:: :~ :::::::::::::::::::::::: :~,~ :::::::::::::::::::::::::: S 0 m e h o u s e s ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::: z:: ::~. ::::!,~:~::~:: ::~:~:~:::::::~:~::: ::~::~::: :::::::::::::::::::::: -" .::~, ========================================================== ElMS-.W price class that ::>: ~ ~" ~.~ ~;: - ~:::::: ~::::::~~.~:~ ~i~ at least a third of :~::!i~i!i~::!i~::ii~ prospective home "-::~:~:~:!:i::~!~:~~~" "":~ :~'::'~'::::'~"'*':":">:~:~':'~! .i'~:"-':: "::~ wl~ i~ wo~, lired feelfags? builders expect to : .!]~ :: :: " :: ':~ : x:~$~: ::::.~: :. It Lyd~functionalE. plnkham'sPert dic disturbance~=,~a ~nm-- ~;;:;:~::::: . :~.q: :: : make you reel ,~ervous ~red: r~,fle~ne pay. Building at at such ttmes--uT ~ gr~=. ,-=~,~-the left is of com- i~::~i~:. '~-::!i" ~ , Veg;t~'.Ta~e'n men brick and pound to relieve sucn symp ~* " " ::]:~::::!i!ili:i regularly--it l~elps build up res~stanc@ would cost about affaL~t such distre~. ~ a granQ $8,000. One at S{~l~ch~c to~lo.Follow ]#,be,/~rectlons. ~~~ ~ rightsG, priced at Complete Set of Clothes for Doll JUST like a little girl's wardrobe --a complete set of clothes for a doll including coat and beret, dress and panties, jumper or slip and nightgown. Use pieces from your scrap bag. For doll size 12, 16 and 20 inches. For individual yardages, see pattern. SEWING CIRCLE PATTERN DEPT. 530 South Wells St. Chicago Enclose 25 cents in coins for each pattern desired. Pattern No. Size--.-. Name Address WAY TO RELIEVE DISTRESS OP Works Fastl Yes, you get quick relict from m~I~y, stuffy dtstress of head colds With a Ut- tle each nostril Wl~t's more-It ac~uauy helps prevent ma4ny colds from developing if used in time! Try it! 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