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October 18, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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October 18, 1945

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/ .o VOL. XXVII. MEDORA, BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA Thursday, October 18, 1945 NO. 20. ! ,WEEKLY NEWS ANALYSIS Settlement of Oil W.orke ' May Set Reconverston Pat tern.{I rsLf+I lEase Curbs on Consumer Creditj II OIL: U. S British Pact Virtual monopolists in o~, the U. S. andBritain came to an under- standing for the orderly develop- ment of petroleum trade in the post- war world in a pact fashioned in London by Secretary of the Interior Ickes and British officials and sub- ject to senate ratifcation. Removing vigorous opposition to any control over domestic produc- tion as envisaged in a previous agreement later repudiated by the U. S the new pact only provides for advisory regulation of American and British operations overseas. Both countries have extensive oil holdings in foreign lands, notably in the middle east, where deposits are reportedly as great as in the U. S. In drawing up the agreement, Ickes and British Fuel Administra- tor Shinwell provided for mutual re- spect of all concessions and rights obtained by either country, and also pledged non-interference with oper- ations. MEAT: More Available BEHIN PAUL I ALLO eleased by Western Newspaper Union# DECLARED OLD IDEAL WASHINGTON.--Although the full employment bill is being pushed through congress into law by a pre- ponderant favor for it---and there is no objection to the basic hopefulness of its theory--no one seems to know what it means or even where it came from. By great odds, it is the most uncertain and unclarifled piece of legislation of my time here. I have been calling It a CIO bill because the CIO has cam- palgned for it in the usual ex- pensive and prepossessing man- ner which obscures other back- ing and monopolizes the publi- city. But CIO planners did not write it. The numerous senators whose Because of the seasonal increase in the marketing of range fed cat- TOO much has already been writ- ten about the "T." And yet it is surprising the number of lidelln- ers who keep writing in to ask just what the '"Y" is and how it works. We'll try, with no promise of suc- cess, to make 4t simple-for the last time. 1. The "T" doesn't demand old-fashioned blocking or hard body pressure. It depends more I On the New York Scenic Railway: The long parade and the exclUng band music in the fierce rains and winds north along Fifth Avenue -- with hardly anyone among the pe- destrians brave enough to pause and watch. (What dope insisted upon that parade, anyhow, in such pneu- monia weather?) . . The knots of nuts cluttering up Columbus Circle with oV~alePef atties short ribs and brisket to work which has always existed, if my memory isn't ++b.o an inextricable tan#le--- Tbeir guns taken away, .lap naval shOr ep~?:lmml:nsW~o~t;:eta breast and flank of lamb legally constitutionally and by cus- too fuzzy. They hit ~en miraculously emerge wooden staves to maintain oroer among ats~r-,- " and shank of veal ration-zree . tom. The original draft of their bill you every known without a fender dented -- a sym- In addition, points were lifted was probably composed, as nearly way. phon~ of NYClatter The aroma EDIT" from such low.grade meat products as I can ascertain, by the Far era The greatest col- of oncoming autumn heralding the . CR n - LABOR. as sausage, frankfurters, luncheo Unmn, farthest left of the three farm- lege "T" I ever saw n nf K" ~ o rah rah retur mo F otball and - - Ease Control variety and canned meats, era lobbies and often called the at work was Notreo,~nn cnut ~---th~ signal that Ma Na- U. S. Acts eve hi't b OPA because of In contrast however, the contin- farmer branch of the CIO. But o GranflandRlce Dame's 1943 outfit tur ettin set to~'+--wield her brush Acting energetically SeeretarL kf I inI:tao=ry possibYlJties, but rapped ued t,ght supply of hogs and fin- all things the farmers need righft with B ertell i, wit~'st~3se gmagic browns, yellows nwellennacn Labor Lewis Scl workers" wage J b-'j finance companies because of its ished cattle necessltated" the retch- now, a law declaring their right to Creighton Miller, Kelly and two or aud reds Staten Island's shore the all-important oi - ~ J -~trictod scone the government Lion of current point values on pcxk work must run behind help short- three good fullbacks. They fell far ]in,+ .~till "b'ri'r~min with the tropic- dispute virtually in his own. hands j '~,ved all credit controls over cuts bacon and other cured meats, ages, equipment shortages, price away when Bertelli left, who was ~'~-n(~'-~- -w~-~" Newly inducted by transferring negotiations ~3 I buil"'d"ing renovation and eased reg- and'choice selections of beef, veal fears and practically every other ex- not only a great passer but thesol-cl-i'ers.'w'ith'ou't war ribl~ons--look- C. in an enorL Washington, D ' that was ex [ ulations on loans for services or and lamb. Though fats and otisisting agricultural consideratiorL smoothest and trickiest baH-handler ing like' overgrown Boy Scouts. effect a settlement . " I non-essential purchases were kept on the rationing list, poi~t The Farmers Union people willI ve seen around. Ask Rip Miller, attern for ~e re- pected to set a p ] Remainin" unchanged in view of removal on cheaper meat will fwr- say they got the idea out of a speech Captain Johnny Whelchel of Navy or -------- conversion period. - ~ ~-nd and limited su'~ply nish additional stamps for these Mr Roosevelt made in which he Bill Alexander of Georgia Tech Broadway, washing her face of nt wa - " * " With the Oil Workers' um?~ ?- / Pw:V~e i~"m%~th credit repayment items, mentioned a lot of rights, including It's true th at the old Bears and, war paint, trimming her war- and for a 30 per ce g ,1 for washing machines, vacuum --ithe right to worK. ~ut Mr. ~oose- Notre Dame s 1943 squad would have I time hustle and bustle and set- re ram ox crease embodying the p g I ~leaners bed linenmattresses, J vv ,~.A.-. t't ~, J velt dld not say there ought to be been l~rd to handle under any aye. I ting her colffure with the bright* ~d:v~Oun:~apClTn::Ould be signed bY, BU~bt:enCa: Cweans~n~fe I t~u~po dpo~: ?::~hlvl~:~FI' I p o:nt he :m er~ Cte ) ~zna/7/on'W /2 Y;e~u~mLg v:/vnf~eo~ rlnegnti~is~olmeS~s theA ft~rl:ILan~he~o c ~:tlr ru: hwu ~a :sn" ~t: b~:;teraTv:/t~ngn:e Goac~Z Meanwhne over persons[ Arg I th+, r [ and o ,n ng for. e re ing, block g and tacking. I .~" ~ .+.;t.o of AFLI ~. oz sage as me gee-I ,~r outout when impeded Oy s~r,~ . [ meals,while restrammg the,I "a"~'"s"'~'=~" ""~"~' ~" "*~- were anee~e~ oy -~ ~.- ~ - rem~a ' ldin~| ~ ernment of Pres,- Retirm- at 82 after hav'm~J workerfrom freedom, a law ] pare for Your Army I. Q. Test' . . . e/eva~or opera,ors and utu ~'1 ~ ~ v + " " reed company in -- t Oark,~2~ ~:aeirmrotarreu,/ t~ nresidency of his Ia I ~,omMln~ te share whatever SDOr~$ Fans S.uawks IT he 42rid St. Army & Navy stores service emptoyees in ,~vw --,~ ~hs deatt* o! ms son, w- --- .- . = , wr| f~. ~!~ controlled by Col. ~ June o[ ~943 upon I ---rk the -nvernment .~ves is a ] offering ~aflor-Made Sailor Stats wire ~u~mes+, losses ~ionu~. of/ Juan Peron, round-| EJ~el, Ford dech:r+d l{ml.n sltW~o~.~ r=liatle ~lht But t~l is all ~.--~1~1 zanJ^wn+o.myveup m~ me / at reduced prices Drug-stores ~1 ~ ~ a any ann pro~ .::::::;#:, h~ ~etStes ~o ~ * v. w-u~ u, t;,an, -.-,auqt u-tntt . . ' vir.|~:'~J ed up economic,vote most o~ hove been I tar behind Amerle~m Ideals and [ wxth signs shouting, Yes, We Have winter and summer garu* -*. .::ii~:~,i:~:. ohtlca]" " and labor' /n~ere~, cl~teI el wnw. +.~m uetwe . ,u and ~ years, are Bobby Pins " The honey sweet tuaHy stopped. Balking at a war/ ~/. ~P-( 1 utilization o' #otto products in irmh~ll~. I rights whleh a.l.edy go ~.~ch certainly entitled to their beliefl, / ,'rhonl+ v~:~'0, ;.:~ +h h.K,~+! labor board award of ~.0~ for a ~| ~~ ,ea~r~ . *u~wu~ { fm.ther, Iwommm~ omer their squawks, their praise and the/r,*;2"=,'=.~2".^,::.Y:': =~" ~':"w:; ~.-.~" . .~ t.~at~ 51 ~+++: an l~Lt-xateu am~zxtp+I l+'lll~l 141~P." l th|mt~l. Ireeoom 04[ werll al one his +, I "~'+" ms.+ +.~+- ++. m + ~.+~.v hour week e muu. ~+~ ~w l ,+ :+?~:~%~ ~:~j++ - .---~ V~ ~;-.~:::i~ to overthrow the m:4her a~l the r hi . . . The dance hall on 7th Ave. for a 40 hour week. I t ~ ~tbm Problem I ~ or a lg For, after all, they are the big Pa-- / whmre th. P-I -o t+ cut. tu. nn t - 1 /-.t--w.ra. of .po-. the major per, b, at le,t .:-- APAN In extendmg milb In war or in, .old Generalo Even this would not be so perplex. J 90 ~.ner cent Thev` ,a-,# all the -x / Saturday nights. It Is called "1'he J Colonel Perou tary rule and sun- "th a mind of his own c n- r " " Midtown Youthopia ' The sub- Historic Precedent pending constitutional guarantees of Pnatut dn' ~ make news, the la~st lange~Creptop~: thh~ton~v~ a:d ~:~eS, mallt?t~ sa~rierSo 2:r~sm~ / ways, returning to their eerie dawn- Se tember 27, 1945, went down in speech, press and assembly, the gay- ocasion being his clash .wtm. ~?;/ agree it carries no legal rights. Co-I siDle And in too l~an~ cases ~'~y,patrolling.-- half empty, looking P r that it was reed er over me u~e," ~ ~ semi nude without their early aye history as the red-letter day on/ ernment decla ed / eral Eisenhow ,vil serv-J author Thomas Of Utah may 110t L only get shoddy treatment and take/ .1 :: ~ o which a Japanese emperor, unoena-~ to move. to stem a gr.o.wmg cam-] competent former ~a~-~ o~, German| have been pinned down on that peatI the big shove around by both area-| " efeat made a per- paign an-neu at atterauon oz meI ants for a restorauor# ~ " ~ut Co-author Murray and' teur and ing himself in d,| - -,reatenedl ye~. o ] professional promoters "---'----- ictorious U. S. (existin } oroer ann conuuc~eu uy to neau o. -, Banal call upon a v . . ~ . g economy . Amender Taft, and all the others, ] They are taken for granted. They.[ The chatterers in Bryant Park commander to break all precedent. I tl~e m~garcny tpower ml, mzeres~s~| chaos this wmzer. - an in-Jne-| seem agreed no citizen could sue ] are rarely given any consideration| trying to figure out what's worth . mall w~r Lioert woma oe resu)real uoffi+des being aszen m~ " " the overnment for" ar m a God to his people, s,Y I Y -- -- " - r of for ! an empmyer or g ] ;from baseball, football, racing, box-| gu" g bout The medieval H~rohito," in formal morning clothes when the various groups woulcl znow diate report on me numoe n 3rd" a Job or get out an Injunetlon, or lug golf or other sporting directors ~ architecture of St Patrick's getting hat was ve how to use it Farrell added / Nazis still holding office i,' " " . ' Dou laB Mac ~ na at territory ra*~- ~-o -- eke someone esta~ much man to Gen. g " I The abortive revolut'o ry - [ army - ' ~"- a per,the court~ to m -,have grown &oct tamed to taking ] yielding to the hordes of busy work- to ve l~isermuw z Arthur, who, steeped .m occupatmn- : tempt by two top Argentine generals I rected g~ ,~l over[ llsh Jobs or wages, hours.or any- [ the worst of It. Their hardihood and I ers while kids feed the pigeons on stripping Nippon of aH its war-mak- I d I surrounding countries d on I er, could build up decisions through/ It ~as been laid there is no l~,w J are holding on tO them The big, I / t democratic .l~r~: ~ I bill providing federal aid for exten-l forces took over IndeX ] +. ~ '+" -un m," I are , amulng breed freed ,eWll +~ the SyOl~ WltT wor~ co-oPeratmn- I sion of benefits Annamites rose in re.croon a+ + psrUeumr~V me.y. w:m~ . +.~g,They +exe it on me ekin and on tho [ I~ ~s The Bre~dyn Nsvy In Japan'S ~conom~c remrma~on, "~ s- ~'~o,-| rospeet of a return of French ~ ~e,|~ elmadl~spprgrmumsssmumm,shin, haek of each ear. in the store.| ~Sed and Its halt Rmlslmd me +U. $+ Will strive for the eras:ca- .~oy ~^+m~%~T Z+0~,~l~at++~ l ~rz~rizing the European popul~tmn~ I~ w~ t~, / ,eh and ,~o in th, pocketho~k. / ,~m~m,+ m~,(+ mm all tL" + .-- ,^ - since I of me ,tats, which normally.ex . I "Y: "llm pt lcy m I ,-, ,I- + . I puer :l mUmm mml eom~g the N~ppone .s# merely '-'++--+~.~ bm,~ riee, rubber, h/1~h-~ eoas.l s ~b Ires been e~tstmmee se I UOl~F~e$100 lOl~gg I ksttle H&b~ue ~ his gray At same me ~na~e m passing s ~m,~ ~ . + ,:,~ . eivi~neiw production. . th'+' " Vl ~- " to.: ~t~" .aploes"an~ iln . I~I~ ;ll~,mlml be ~m~le T,d~ golf, for mmp,le It has ael~ elvvi~ Tlm ~ ~ up t4~btmlnees monopoly of the four employment eompe~auon ~ sen-- ts of native wrath, s/nce many, ~+ up ~ dem~ thtst the 1~ course~"- shonld;--~be trapped only~ ",7 -[,vr Medisea &ven~a U. S m,~. great hous~l of Mi~libushi Mitsul, m ax~.u~ of I~. Whae~w- T~rml~d~ ~u~der proteetion of ~+nin and~ i~hulm ~ ~ ~ u.p / the star ,lay Put all tr.ble out/ m~St ~ The I~W~Py Yus~da and Sumimmo, a n,~ pro-."~'~ :'~";'~E~'~" ',f~van-,British guns, have d/spruced .A~na-| (~ that ~ or ~l ~ ~tcl~,beyond the 2f10 yard mark whleh| ~l~t ~ a "Vietet'y whereat and me [eaeral govermuq~ .v ~,# -~ -~ 1 mote widespread o . . . ip m~ ~n m, orates to| ~Lites,hoIding public ofltees p~.-| I~lr b@ made ~ bee~ .it ] "the avera~ player can't reach sad ~ leg, I dime ~'ad~ ~atioo .O~ ~nor and ~";-f'~-'-'" --'--~:"--=*--ov~tr ~IS| nary to re-ests~eat+of French/ m~l m'e~is Jeb~ in the b~Ir ~ The duffer or average player has| retm~ ~ fore@ e~iStaht b~, agri+ultur~:~gani,atiens amo will Sw~::sO ,oo,e. m~.u+.-*+- ~ eolonial rule. on" the "apene--,| ,lyelm, I~lt ~m unlm ant [ onoui~n trouble trying to h/t the ha.| ~ gr~t~l with ,s f~ be " re'ection of the Stran. el an This make or pt hi, bogeys. Why ihould he ade mmml' Meanwhile, Japanese eep, n+oml~ House eom.mi!,t~ ~e .-- l~res. / who p~bmiNd Indo. Chtneee inde"/ because cons---- retainl the ~IhtI pay uncounted mlllionl to make hill in b.~fll in Im ~ ~ i~ expo!~I call,l+ fo r a r.esum~,mn of ~U.+~urreola~r l wr~%~ con-| l~ende~ce during their O o| tO l~pz~ptlate or not appt.optlathi goLOng me marl mlserabie?,~ The Tower el trade with the V ~ m apoe~ mp w~mam u,-=~ e'm~ard o~ eupation Of the cotmu~y aria ~ + reprdlees of th/i unaennea aeelara We have built too many golf .t~t .~m~1~t~ is the st. m~- "1 twllr reCOV#ry and ,tare grelmmen of callous dl. g / ol in torce nrior to their com:l '^.-n mla~'eed n~liev l~ralik: I :1 . I1 ~ ~1t ~ t1~ ~ " " and ClO Chle~am ++ - .~. - -,- -" courses ago it me mdll of the p~sm ey ~ off ',m~+-ding p~va.o t- .';~"C." E.~* n "~" .+./ eta demobm--".on, hayt ~'-enl ly, th" Z do .or know wh.t it] cr.+k amour, who, ~t~li ~ ~' ".~'" ca u u ~ ~ -~ l~l th , for American cotton, woof, san, on, t.hillp Murray . ~ l~ called upon to he~p assist under-I means, except that everyone willl ="~.n ~v* most of their life to ~olf I wanted ad ks ~ Times of i Aenon comm,-e~ -, .- -- iron, lugar and leather ~.e Sap.a/ and its ~ol/t!cal ~e re-] Inanned Allied units re-establlshI ask for government funds ~d who nay nothing in ret~" 'I well k~rn wmr nese proposea exports O~ siu~. gold, ~or a~ awout .anve ~. ~,peace. I I "~ I porcelain ware and lacquer goods, versal of this sname~u ac~. I tricks on the Broadway signs em- bellished by the penmanship of the furiously falling rain The 59th Street management's redly to freez- ing tenants: "No heat until October let!" The Waldorf has it, however. . . Miss Liberty, everyone's favor- tle, OPA removed point require- names are attached as co-authors meats for lower grades of beef, veal i will give you little satisfaction if you and lamb through most of October, inquire where they got the notion of and also made hamburger, lamb and passing a law proclaiming the right on speed and deception. -- exercising their Constitutional 2. It needs a hard-hlttin~ full- rights with double talk about the back who c~n split an opened next war The blinking elec- line. 3. It needs a fast-moving back who can circle am, assed or tightened line. 4. It demands a good passer who c~tn work with deception and smooth ball-handling. These latter three qualities put ite pin-up gal, winking happy hellos heavy pressure on any defense. The to shiploads of returning veterans, greatest pro "T" I who fought for her honor. ever saw operate was the old Bear brigade with Luck- The cacophony of buses, taxis, man, Standlee, Gal- trolleys, cars (and women) as they lernau and McAfee. merge at 34th and Broadway in what