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October 18, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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October 18, 1945

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u ndW" W. IKI~LKOWSKL ,lVfan'g " ''~h THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18,1945 THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER PAGE FIVE mmmm ] pm=~ ~ ~ A " . Igas, coal, or minerals on o. un- I LAND EXCHANGE NOTICE THE . ~m m|~ l l%arw~Q ~r]r1.T~ A[ [derlying such land is reserved byI ~ BILLINGS COUNTY ~ ~ ~, .BB"~-- [ J. vva o z a.v~ /the State. Not less than 20% of! I~otiqe is hereby given that the ,~ILj-D ----[il IW~h'L ~-" [ /the purchase, price must be paid unaermghed has applied for an ex- ~- " -- ~ ~ ] '1 T]b 1 If at the time of the sale. The change of land administered under ~ ]~ ~|n|dPh~kf ~1i~] ~. balance may be paid at any time ~Title III of the Bankhead-Jones PIONuE oERo ~ -,]u, the''~'v ~wee sm~ll hours of thereafter with minimum payment :Farm TenantundersignedACt withinoffersthe MiD-the --,of 6% of the purchase price an- Is uri Slope Land Adjustment Pro- ~ ~ ~ [ v- t~e nually This includes interest at Ject The A Con" f ~ ~" ~ ~ ] ~" ~^ +~. the rate' of 3%, The purchaser I, Government" the East Half (Et2), "THE BADLANDS COWBOY" m ~ ~ [ [m~rmng oI we(li2~l~y, t~lv ~.~- will pay the costs of the sale. [East Half of the West Half (E'~,~'- Established in 1883 P ~ ~~ [ I d~onal Stork 'hovered in me orang 00The. State na~ an offer of $1700.- I Wl,5), and Lots One (1), Two (2y. H. R. JOHNSON, Managor /40 ~:~ e~;~i~J~ t " - nl-- Ri-'e" home in . w en nna payment nas been rnree (~), ann z'our (4) of See-- ~ 7 /~" ';'~'~ ~'~],[at bhe S~ ~J ~ Y . . made, the Board of University & tion Seven (7), Township One Hun-- ALICE L. LEBO, Managing Editor P-:o" ~ ~~,|Medora, giving nutlce ol even~ Sc. hool Lands will issue to the pur- tired Forty (140) North. Range One ~ ~:--~,~,n,~. - ~ -~-- cnaser his h irs or assigns a quit Hunared Three (103) West of the- v~tr- ~. ~ i,| |~o come m merVW-~,t the steer claim 'deed conveying title 'to sueh Fifth (bth) Principal Meridian, Gold-- Entered in the Post Office at Medora0,~ ~ ~,| ! ~ tth L. O. ~t own st - premises an~d deliver 'such abstract e n Valley County, State of North Billings County. N,~rth Dakota, Feb-till'" ~ ~,| [~---- ~e~l and wi~h MID. ~Brown of title as the State now has. The Dakota: containing 596.96 acres, and rUareYr th'el5 1934Acz, ozaS ze cond cl~~aarcn o 1 matter ~= ~.l ~/ :~;2~1 ~ |~.~Z~.~-~|~ ~|~ |8| |||"~" ''~'~ . "~'~'~e costs of any extension of the ab-. in excnange, therefore has requestedQ [.{.2 a/la 2ATS ~*~ v~tuv~t; a~ p~J~ stract will be borne by. the pur title to the Southeast uarter~ o. soo.oo s. oo, o Official Newspaper of the Count~ of Z ~' TU~ g'~'~AE~'~r',| lO~ * ~"" ~ lease. (142) North, Range One Hundred Billings, State T~furlOrthat D~o ~ * ~ .w,~.n~ -,-~,|1 "*a ra ~ ~S~/ v subject to the present existing Township One Hundred Forty-two~ Published every Y i.:,i~'. ~ %.~/'~m ! ",| |W~S rll~ed to the Dlck~lsorl h~s- The Board reserves the right to (100) West o~ the Fifth (5th) Prin- ! a A r~ r~ ~ ! ~-r-,| ~- ~'~ Dry--need ~r reject, any and all bids. c,pal Meridian and the North Half Billings County. North Dakota- 'l ~t.~r%e ~t.~ IrlHt!,| |1~'t~ w~,~:.~ .o v ,~ ~ Dated at Bismarck, North Dakota, {N~) of Section Twenty-nine (29). B~h,mrlption: $1.50 per year in advance /id ~ "r~ t M~L[:)Gf~ f'~l%/~ ] J |'R$pley (in am;enzm) wi~n ~w~, this 3rd day of Oct 1945. Township One Hundred Forty-two r~-- ~.~O~1~2ost--ef~ '1". ~~.~I ~';------'~7~*-,& ~oy and ~t girl The boy wel~h- JOHN O. LYNG~.AD ~Oerstth. Range One ~Iundred ,100} [| l a.----~ a /-- = ; ,~. ~.~ %ommmsloner tJnlvermW we $ oz [he z*x~ tazn) Frmclpa, FJ -- ~'~.~' ~' " I,!e~l o'm p~ttut~ ~,~ t~u~ to,- & SchOol Land~ Meridian, Billings County, State of T~ ~T J,|pounds, and fro~l le~test reports (oft. 11-18) North Dakota, containing 480 acres. ~'n ~.~ the er and cllfldren are "*'he purpose O~ tnls notice ls tc~ ~,~1 ,KO/ 11 l~Ot~l ~ ' NOTIC, i aliow all perso,s having bonaflde " "--1 l I !~ along Just fine. ~,~'~,~, i objects .to such an exchange aK MlqS. . ridCha~er C]ub ~i / J [ [ ~xr~ o~ ,~,~,~,4t.4w~, t~ ~r~4x~] ed ~u~ w~r.t~ opportumw to file their protesta for the S~t~ch a . "~ i~:~;~! ~:~,[ [ ~ ~. ~ "~'~ - .'-- .-'7-=- . !with the Project Conservationist, Tuesday ~fternoon with eleven ", i;~!~i~i ~ ~,l ~r. PAp,ey m town on Ills W~ty to . The ~oar~ .or counzy, uo .mnus.- i Soil Conservation Service Medora members present. The meetmg. was ~i!i:~i!~i ~ n n.--.u.~ .~ ~ h.+ 4,~ f,h~ sloners ot J~l|llngs County, IworxnlNorth Dakota on or h',~for,* ~h: "~ ~t~" [ [ [t~*wb '~--~ .-.~' : Dakota, will open bids for the fur-[10th day followin~ th~-d~te -~) in cha~ge of the new presmenz, i:~i:,:;~ ~ ~,~1[,~ ~| |meanwhile we ask that the pro~a nishing of all blanks, blank books, [the last-publicatio~ the'reoi Mrs. Emma SchneII. Anniversary ~ ii~'~: : ~[,$1~~|#[ [ |parents accept our congra~ul~tiorm, and~ :fice f~upplies at ~the Coun t~jI First publication October l'i 1945 E ~: ~ ~uu*~ s o, ce a~ meuora, morro Last ublication Novemb ' " ~V/OIUKYl |lknd t~ t~ me~er an. ~i~- Dakota at 3:00 P. M. November 6,1 P JC~.~ 1~er 1. 1945. ~i~s were presented to Mrs. C. .- ~ i~!~- ". '* ---- ----- 5 Adax~ and Mrs. Coy ceperly ann ~i :~i~', ~:i~ ~ Zm:''~ [ [ |ren are ~bleto retain2 to their 1941: ] Gorham N Oak Mxs. - Alfred l~$at~eson won nm ~J}~i ~| uf1411nPl |~ Slas zor rne zurnisnmg oz miec- (Oct ll-ln-~, ~-,'~ " ~] l~V~=~) [ [ |home soon. tion Ballots and other Election sup- " hostess gift. Delicious re~resnf i ~%~:~::~i ~ ~,| plies for the Primary and General l LAN CH~tF~ W~~'T~ ~ F" ~,[ ~ Elections of 1946 will also be open-] D EX men~s were served a,t the close o i ~i~ the a~tern~on. Next meeting to be i ~,~,| ~ ~ ~ ed at the same time. ~ Notice is hereby given that the a~ the home of Mrs AlCred lV~t- i ~f~,| ~ ~ r( ,~aaers wm oe re~ulrea ~o m-lunaersigned has applied ~or an ex- "-- ~ ~ ~,E' ~ c,uue a cnec~ ~n an,chan-e of land admiuis" r ~ ~ - U. S. ~ y De#artm I ~~~ ~F" ~ ] e Ill of the Bankhead-Jones ! amount equal to 5% of the bid Titl ~ "~e eu unuer resort ~ w,~ ~ ~ Tn.e successm* D1auer wn* De re- ]Farm Tenant Act within the West- ~iV r. and Mrs. O. F. Talking on,- [ 9tared to furnish a Bond subject ]ern North Dakota Land Utilization Bebty and lV~arjory were gue ,~ ~t w~ ' ~ m ] SUMMON8 z o the .approval ox, ~ne t~ount~y ]Project. The undersigned offers the ~,' ~ ; t;o~mlssloners ann me ~m~es ~z- Government Sections 5 7 9 13 ~be omo oodar obcrtson Kcvorts ~cnool bllnlCS 10 STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA ) torney, and 17 in Township One 'Hundred ] ) ~oara reserves me r;gnz ~o rejec~ |Forw-three ~143~ north w~ ~.~ C~nyon ~ursday evening. . ~ ~ t~ ~ ~l'e ]1~ "~T ~T ICOUNTY OF BILLINGS ) any or all bids. IHundred One "(101) ~vest--~f "the MOdeIBetty HighRU~h atJ ubert'the I:)~T~,a semOrspenca~ ~n "' - " v01ngs" =- ~ " I me pal Memdlan m Billings egm l CX[ WCCK I SIXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT County Auditor [County State of North Dakota and LapltOl DISTRICT COURT J F ",'ws'r~;l~ 5th Pr" l ' O Lawrence A Lemire and ) tvc~ n ,B ~ ~ov ,) ! Section' 3 in T~wn~hi~ n ~ '~.r the week end a,t her home, return- [ Alma A. Lcmire, his. ) ~ [dred Thirty-nine (139) north, Range lng to Dickinson, by bus, Sunduy New Deal continues to Dominate Beginning next week, clinics will( wife, -- } ~M~[ON~ [One Hundred Three (103) west of be cond,uoted by Dr. N~ary Soules [ . ~m,nzins, ) ~ [me 5th. Principal Meridian in Gold- e~f~nin~. ' k Washington-- President Truman I -vs- I :STA'I'~: U~" I~UR'I'I-I D~A4,OTA ) l en vlney counzy, State of North IV~rvin Ingman le~ w~th a trucwon the acchim of everyone, re- Of the ~t~te rma;vn ~e~en~ az [ JohnH. Hagquist, Wind- ) ) [ Dakota, containing Three Thousand tho ~rious Billings C~mn,tv schools l ermere Investment Co ) COUNTY OF BILUNGS ) Seven Hundred Ninety-two and of cattle for his new home in gard~ess of party afflll~tion, for ~ . ~: ~" " '| L. S. Dillingham sole) IN DISTRICT COURT (Thirty-two hundredths {3792.32) acres, V~ca~on, Minn. the manner in which he set a~ut as muows: I Trustee, George Bastunas, ) SIXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT land in exchange therefor has re- ~uby S~r~nd, a senfor ~,t D~TC, his duties as Chief Executive when Monday, Oct. 22-- ] Rock. Island Lumber & .) Alfred Schwartz, - ) ] quested title to the Southeast quar- .too. ~- -=.-0s-~o* l Manuzacmrmg Co, a ~or- 9 ~'*aintlff, I " |~er (SE~A); East half of the South- ~er~t bhe week end wlZh her par- t~ut burden vms thrust upon him v-~ ! poration, Sam ueani~es, ) -vs- ) [west quarter (E%hSW~,%); Lots three en~s, vou~h of town. He wooed and won the coopera- .Morning: Ohflds school.ASter-! and all other persons .} 3.ens 3". Jenson, John T. ) !and four (3 & 4) in Section 18~ - . unknown claiming any es-) Eide S. K Pladson the ) |the East half (E*%P Ea ~w .~ noon. Joint and Snow ~hools. " " r ~ st h ~fc. George ~ch~ind, w~ho re- tion of Congress with his sincere t rate or interest m o ! unknown heirs, devisees ) ~Northwest quarter (E{zNW~A) and cen~y returned from Europe, visit- and pra~tieal ~ppro~ch to prol~- ~es~ay, uc~. z~-- ] lien or incumbrance upon ) or legatees of E. H. Farin, ) [Lots One and Two (1 & 2) in Saddle Butte "Dlgt~ct ] the property described in ) Deceased the unknown )" Section 19 all in Townshi One ed friends here and a~ Belfleld on lems presented. His ~ole a~tttuae . -- -- -. --| the Complaint ) heirs, devisees or legatees ) IHundred Forty-three (143) Pnorth, Sur~day. Oeorge has been given while firm, ~,as one of unders~nd- tMornlng: lTue~on ana ~Ala~x] TAT oDe~da~t~, D}AKOTA of J. S. Johnson, De- ) (Range Ninety-nine (99) west of the his dis~ge and is ~t home wi h ing, deference, and humm~y. Tne ~ho~ls. ~f~ernoon: Geiger a~I~[THE S E ceased, and all other ) |bth Principal Meridian; and a strip D~l~h~trlhl~ ~hool~ ] TO THE ABOVE NAMED DE- persons, . unknown . claim- ) / fifty roos. wide along the, cast -L s'do his parents Baker, Mont. tranquillity Which prevailed over " FENDANTS: mg any estate or interest ) of the SouC~east uarter SEr o weanes~ay, t~t. 24--,You, and each of you are here- m or hen or mourn- ) ~Section 13 m Township One Hun- The Pres. Ladies Aid held their the Washington scene those first . . . :' q ( ,4) f ~r~*~n ]R~|v~ ~|~t~of. |by summoned and required to an- brance upon the prop- ) dred Forty three (143) north Ran regular meeting Thursday P. M. few weeks was wonderful to be- ~lvforn~-~ "[in, Z'~"'i" ~. ~ |swer the Complaint of Plaintiff ia erty described in the ) ]One Htmdred (100) west of'the 5g~ Mrs. Oarrie Beck and Mrs. Sturgisi hold and was frequently referred~v~ s: u~t n~ ~n~ ~g~t~tJthe above entitled action, which is Complaint, ) I Principai Meridian, containing Eight were bhe hostesses, l to as "The Honeymoon," Schools. A@ternoon: Olienyk and lfiled in the office of t}~c Clerk . Defendants. ) IHundrcd F*"ty-one and Sixty-eight ~o~ ~ne iJisgric~ court o~ minings THE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA i Hundredths I}lbL68) acres, reserving L O Hanwk and F H Ly~n . ' - Honeymbon it has proved to be. doe ~cmma~ ~cn~ols. [county,North Dakota, and to serve TO THE ABOVE NAMED DE-Idnto the United States ownership made a bumness tripto Medora ' ~ i Pre.~iden~ Trum~n's mesaage to Thursday, Oct. ~5-- ~a copy of your answer upon the FENDANTS: l of the house and outbuildings on ~.~-h~ ~,~h,~.l ~;~fri*.t ~.~ [subscriber at his office in the City You and each of you .re hcre- [ the ]&~Wl ";NFI of ~.' 'ti,~n lq in Wuesd'ayA. M. .I Congress embraced many contro- ~ ~" |of Bell eld, Stark County, North by summoned and required to an- !Towm:idp Ouc hundred Forty-three Mrs R W Kerr of, Mr. and ~e, sial subjects. It contains all ofl Pioneer District ]Dakota, within thirty (30) days aft- :~wcr the Complaint of the Plain- 1(143) t~orth, Range Ninety-nine (99) Belfield were droner gues~ at the " ' ' I the money-spend4ng government-[ Mornin=' KI,~ Glade and Dick |er the service of this summons tiff in the above entitled action west and -~ Pe~pttual easement u ~ h~1~'~ ~o~- ~ ]upon you. exclusiveof the day of which is filed in the Office of {on five (5) ~;~'iuai'c~ acres of lsnP: O, F. T~lkington home Sunday. paterna!izing programs of %hel ~-, ~L~|such serwce; and m case of .your the. Clerk of the District Court of i described as [o lows: Beginning at ~Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cheadle vcho R~o~evC~ Administration, )Gorham and NIrs. l-Ielgeson SC~ool~.|faHure to appear or answer, ]uug- Bilhngs County, North Dakota, and Ithe North quarter corner of Sec- ~rirl,~v f'~t o~ ~ment will be taken against you by to serve a copy of your answer It!on 19, Townshi 143 north Ran recently purchased the Coffee Shop ~ I ~ !default for the relief demanded in upon the subscriber at his office 199 west of the Pth Principal Mc~ie the same to is zo~mg~um~ h7 ~tt~t:;e~on; ~efe:;enc;[ Morning: Heeker School. Airier-[the Complaint. . . l iu the City of Bclfield, Stark t dian; thence at Belfield, have sold ]'lght 63 degrees 4 ~.- o~,- ~ ~ated tnis 15th day of Oczo~er County North Dakota within thor minutes fo~ a dlst race of 1 Win. B~ranko who .book possession . . noon: ~oo~,y~loge ~noo~ /A "D 194 ' - ;. ' : ~ 205 feet Thursda-" The Oheadles will con ann cooperation, and it fast acqulr- ~ . . u. I ~Y ~u) nays after the service of I to the point of beginning; thence All mothers of children are urg-| H. E. tIANEY this summons upon you, exclusive, right 115 'degrees 56 minutes east. -. ' - ~" '- - ='-:'=eld " ing that dominating cocky surenessI ed to be present at the time such] Attorney for Plaint!ffs of the day of such service; and a distance of 466.6 feet; thence ~m~le ~0 reslae ~ ~en~v$- s ~ill so prevalent among men who have . ~ ~es~aence an~ ~os~onice in c'~se of your failure ~ appear left 90 degrees a d~stance of 466 ~Mrs. Bern C~lson ana,~ - acquired power. Recent indic~tlons[ exa~mnations are n-md e address Belfield, North or answer, judgment will be~taken ifeet; thence left 90 degrees a dis6- e~burg a,ttended the clo~l~ing lean- ~ ~-r~ngemen~s Tot ~TyDurg, Me-/ T-- T"-- Da~-0~a' against you by default for the re- l tance of 466.6 feet; thence left 90 -~ ~ ~-.- ~^= . 9 14E A~OVE NAMED DE- lief demanded in the Corn laint negress a distance o ers training meeting at the I~enry that OPA is to ugn~en ~ooa rauon-[ ~ . . o. ~.u w*** lurtuer ~Ke uama uus zum any o~ ~eptemver I I~0. tile DlOn~ of beginning; said Paas~ home Fri~y ' ",ing is a case in point [u~ra ~,lt~ ~e v~ure~ i::~nool l~l.~i~I;s FENDANTc. v D f 466.6 fee:t w~l ~e announced at a l~ter d~te. notice .~at. this action relates to 'A, D. 1945. i tract containing 5 ~cres more or The Wed. S~tudY C1ttb met at the State op. posiflon to the $~ e~ant] -- the xonowlng described land, to-,H E. HANEY ' I less, and upou ingress and egress ~ 4-]~1.- D ~.I~A.---. " wit: 1 Attorney for Plaintiff J to and from the same by the home of ~rs Harold T~lking%on week maximum ~or ~lneIrbploym |~t.PULIUUI~ Dl-l~[llL~2r .A I o~ ~ecuon ~, m Town- Office and Postofflce usuat route of travel ~ O " ~ r 7 N" Range 101, West address Be|field, North I lease~ or otherwise convey or re- a~ Zenith'seven members pves-benefits is based upon the factI -- sh 13 " and right to ~v ~ dian, BHhngs" " County,North Da- TO THE ABOVE" 1 d buildings. Said ease- ent. An interesting paper on that most States feel their beneflts~~'~r MOSt Texh| of the FifthPrincipal Mer/- Dakota move sat , NAMED DE-iment to said 5 acres and right o~' "Ohildren of W~r M, arrtages" w~ are geared to local living costs andI 2~ou-h shor~-~es of ~-~^ -~-'~-- kota. . FENDANTS: You will further take- ingress and e ress to clo~lin~, l~n~ ~rticulari-, n~ed-~ notice tha~tVnon[s-,wzn.- ~ur~ner-.-~e n o~ce mat the o, bjeet of the. ahoy (when and. if. sa~d buildings are ~ven bJ Mrs W~ coles and Mrs, that uniform standards would[ ~ ~ ov ~ ,~*~ ;* Said Def-noa g,terminate. ; ~v.~,*~ T~t ~. ~ ~ ~. ed by the Plaintiff against any Defendants from an estate or conv~ ed b it w~ ~v,~, ~,~ -~**~ l~,u*= wzu Y in-[ Y y and the right to ~'~old ~Talking~ton ffave the vocal- wreck their wage sch.edltfles, ear [ ma*m- enuuea acuon is *o excmae me l removea ~y rne United States or persist lnbo 19@6, me 1945 Cl~Ist- or answering, upon the following described real }5 acres of land and the adjo~n- ulary tests. Mrs. H. E. Haney was Missouri Valley A.uvnor.vy u~as-[ - oz zne ue*enaan~s not appearing terest in or lien or incumbrance |the use of sufficient of the said arppoinCed secre~ry to replace Mrs. ings Resumed-- Reclamauon p -[ mad season .promises w~se shoppers .H.E. I-tANEY estate:, to-wit: ling lands is reserved to the United a w~rlety of gooa qU~lll~y ClO rle~ Oct 18 25. Nov " ; ~ g e pu-- ( - . 1-8-15-22) the South East Quarter (S.E.~,~) /pose of the removal of the sai~!, C~o]es who has resigned, es of. the MVA bill have been U~dr-I A~mrney ,or ~'lam,ins An o, ~ecuon Three (3) and sta,es or its assi ns for th r (M~tt Ristuben of Beach was er discussion before a ~ena~ejr-[ and housenold xaoncs no~ on me ~ o t SecUon E]eve.n (11), all in I buildings. The purpose of this no- ~ 1.e~ ~a. a 1~ 4*4 ~,~l~.-- ~ ~a~ ~*~m Townsnlp une tlunared Thirt - $ice IS toallow all ~r,~ov ~v.~ ,u,~~ ~,; WANTE~ Y Persons having: hireling north of Bd~leld on Sun- rigation and Rec}~matlon ~u~ "i ~=ven ~*~o ~orm, ~ange One |vonanae objections to such an x- day. n~ttee. . ~to la.test textile Irfformation re- -- Hundred (100), West of the Fifth !change an opportunity to file their .~a ~.~ h. v,d~. ~ ~.~, ~vr~a~ Notice is hereby given that seal- Prlnclpa] Meridian BiIlin Court- protests w~th th ,Virgin~. I~ing wi~o teaches ~t Navigation fcature~ of the legisla-[ s ed ' g | e Project Conserva-. mad wm oe rece~vea oy me ~y, INor~n DaKota. I uonlst, Soil Conservation Service. Hebron, spent the week end ~t her tion were reported adversely by t~e~Extension Service agent in cloth- Board of County Commissioners of Said Defendants will further take |Medora, North Dakota, on or before 4no Billings County for lignite coal to notice that no costs will be claim- the 10th da follo . home nor~ of to~n, Senate Co~rm~erce Committee be-[ Z" e dehvered to the Court House ed by the Plaintiff affainst any of ]the last ublication tghereo . "*'~' b ' ' ~Y wm the date of fore adjournment. At a later date l ,~easprea~, ~ tl~Kmg, ,~:mr- at Medora, North Dakota. the Defendants not appearing or an-! First publication October 110 1945~ ~nk][)][J~/~ a third hearing will be held be-] ies, upholstery material and da- Bids must specify kind and type swering Last publication November 1, 1945. . UItIl/ lVI fore ~ Senate Agriculture Sub-[ masks axe again being made. We~v- ~Bc al" H.E. HANEY PETER YOURK -- -UCh -- "" an oard r.e.sarves the right to reject Attorney for Plaintiff. [ Falrfie/d, North Dakota v~ ~u ms t4,e ~ % u~ ~rea~s ~y or an Di~. (Oct. 4-1!-18-25; Nov. 1-8J ] (Oct. 11-18-25; Nov, 1) Joe Fedvra, who recently return- cc~n~ttee. . . ~. [,~- ~ ~- ~^ *~^ ~---~ --~ ~-- ~las will be opened at 2"00 P November 8,1945at theCounty ~*;~""""rB~m~L1~u~u~m~"~im"f~"m~mHmm~"""""H""~"~"~"""~l~iH~m~"~m~ ed from overseas, arrived home on In contrast, to .vms pr~=c~I " -- ~" P"--' M " " for men s whlte smuts ~na women s Auditor's office in Medora, N. D. ~ Tuesday from Ft. McCoy, the regu!ar ~.e@a~ men~ ang=ork land c~ildren's fine dredges will By order of the Board of Coun ~ y Comrmssioners = where he received his disffnarge, nave rnuae.r~.P~a Pr~e~0mt Army]also return to scores in the nextJ F" W/A | Mr. and Mrs. R~y Harley were ing out d~ans o~.nv~. stU 1an|several months. ~ounty Aud/tor .~ l~ i~l]~l~'n~l ~/'~1 l/libi~ Bem~Id business visitors S~turday. Enginee rs-l.~.eclamau n~reii~,terl (oct 11-18-=. NOV 1 ~. The fall outlook is not so bright ~ ~ . and Mrs. Wull~e l~niak for developLng ~ne ~a.]~ ~ --~]for heavy underwear, men's M~rts SALZ OF STATE LA~D ~ ~- We w ~.~.~ "n h ter l~ose s~ent Friday resources. "l'ne, cooram~t~mn, wor~[ and shorts women's ho,~, ~r-~o = s. vuy norses zor maugnter each week ~'"~ '~'*"~'" ' " -" t b a :Missouri - ' ~ "~'" Th = , e State of North Dakota will = in Medora in --rloaa !o'- f,'-m --.~ ~n h~. evening and Tach and Loerlng is being carried ou y les, some childrens and inzants sell at public sale at 11:00 A, M. on ~ 9 ~ ~ ~'~9 i ! l mede the 26th day of October 1945 at the ffi Johnson, Nick Marczuk and I~o basin int er-agency ::n nt eivj n;] clo es, household art ce$ Of notice gl 35 -er hundred will be -aid for w a sons, and Bertrem Johnson and sisting of n.em [%~ineers In I ,ron, aoor of the :ourt House in Me- ~= " ~'" ~* ~" ---b--- On y Aywn ln etg lel nl;.h lnT JtO V dOrca ibe Orthn2akota, the following = slaughter horses 2 years old and over and one-half [ Eleanor spen,t S~tU~day eyeing in ~ uepartmen[, ul~ Bepart-I ~t-t* .~ Northeast Quarter (NE~Q) of -~ that -ric "n n Nickthe JOhnand Fedorajohn Fedorah me" MesdameSserved a me~en rnts, anaand Feaerat~r~'~ rower ~,~,-]/ ~ Hundred thirty Nine (139) North i ]~*~ "~''~"" Section Ten (10) Township One ~ u ,; *~a j~e~aa /Sin, ten o'c2ock luncheon, mission, t~ttes] W[ = ~I of Range One Hundred (100) = 1)ue to tne shortage or St0eK ears, It wia ~e west. (160 acres more or less Mr. and Mrs. Oaxl Olson, Me- <3overnors of t~ei~ :the' wan[ A~s . according to Government sur- necessary to arrange for dehvery of your horses dote, Mr. an4 Mrs. Pete Nm~d~rop, have ~our .represe~.~, on d] ve .) ' ' . . = Belfl~ld, were Sllnd~y guest~ a~ OoI~Rtee ~0 ~ I$ ox ~a~. ~.~ ]SALESMEN WANTED- I~TEX- F~YJ per cent of all oil, natural l at least one week m advanee For further lnforma- John Eglys locM interests. Finns are auv~-~-1 ~2~T-a2RY ~, Big Profit: ~ tion contact our agent W. J. Ray, Medora, N. Oak Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Fritz were ing r~pidly so that actual coustruc-i As lo~ a~ $~.~ per gross. ~ena I I " = Sunday dinner gueets ~t Bertram tion can begin when Congress ap-~ $1 for saaz~ples. Olobe S~es co I W J RAY I ~ Jo~mson and af~*rlmon ca~ers s~ f.unds All :f t hn~lb~t 4H ,13 ~ 84~ St. New Ybrk, [ At~orue' - ,-Law i ~ THE ELDER HORSE CO. ~.~ ~--.~u~,~,~ ~a~.ld accompltshea unaer ~n om ~ 28, N.Y. 16-d~ I I Jamestown, N.D. | "~ ~T"'~':"~ : ~. ~ a~ Flood Control Act and without/ I PRACTICE m ALL covets I ~,~k~n~ w~.~ t~ ~end a ,)or- in~ervertuon oz any regmnm co, pv ] ]I Medora, N. DalL I Advertlseme~t ~'= ~' ':' "-- --" -- -~, ~ncv o~ the Authority type.~ tion of his I11rlOu~12 nere. ~ - - - FARMERS UNION I I There wer~ 89 vaccin~ti0~s ~tChances ~ppear go~. for c~n-I MEMBERS I the clinic in Pioneer S0hool dis- gressional approval o, approl~. -] ~, - - I &~ From where I Joe Marsh trict. The sohools o~ P~tul Dutchllck tlo~as as needed to carry on ~ue ATTENTION,~,~ --i~ and R~tth Lulse~h were represented work. -- " "i n! 100 ,per cent. Ruth has ~1 pt~iis. Tax ReduCtion-- TaX reaucl;o,Insure Your Property E~TRAY~D I I~/ BeeOh h0sp~al Rnd is reeupera'tlng p~rts. Men~bers o~ ~ne ~en~.~ n . Please Notify W. J Ray od L~x-'~ir @ nave only lUSt Demun wry er~o,m~In~Iv House revenue Commlttee wni soo In Your uw~ orgaz,~mn Medora, North Dakota, Of all| -~L~'~I~V '11 Johu P~laniuk and Jdln ~g~ygo into st hudd,e In an. at.ternS THE FARMERS UNION CatUe or b~nded/ to fight btended the cable sale ~t lYmkin- agree upon a tax re~u.cuon ~ MUTUAL INS. CO. menows) on Left Jaw, ~ " son Saturday. gram. The question of renevmg ~park~ from the exhaust pipe of ta~p~yel~ of hig~ wartime mx 1~ F~ ~NOLD ~.'~-t ~nomaer or rap; (gross- ~ We were, sitting around Bill ance-,whether it'~ i-*~-~ ~.~ a car set fire in the wheat field loads must be ~l~nced a~ainst / Webster s fire the other night, a man s noliticalbelt~e~ ~ ~h~ on the Be~ram Johnson fexm ~t- high post-wax budgetsd:.nd ' " ~ I L) Left Side on Cattle; ~ enjoyi ng a mellow glass of beer, right to~hoose between a glass - ' . . . ,m, and talking-now mat the war is of beer or buttermilk. ft Thigh on horses, urday. TWO nearby t~re~. Ing against the $2~ l~.on w~r ae~: ~ over-about what Peace really From where" si crews and neigl"~or~ amvea on 2~e most frequenuy .menu.~.ea m- =~ L t, me Juagem (TC) Left Side Cattle, ~ means absolutel ri ht P the scene but were unable to get lmss~ble 6eductions ~re ~ermma~mn," Y g . eace means ~! ik~ ~1~ ~| ~' '"" ^ff Sub"-~-'~"' Ran-e, I can tell you one thing it continued vi ilance contt the fire under conCml un il a@ter of the excess profits tax, a~a enm- 1' O21JL Jt:J s v -,~,--, ~,g -- nued all the wheet shocks were lmmed, lnation of the 3 per cent normal South of N P tracks or East of doesn t mean, says Bill. It struggle against all the forces of The threshing ~e was to ar- tax on Any reductlons - "-- Submarg~d fence on North doesn't mean that we can all re. intolerance that caused the last Three - Year - Old lax-and ,U e t lnzs w r, and can sow the,eds oe rive at their plsce the following will not be maae enecuve ~e ' . . . figure were living in Utopia. future confllct Maybe weshould Monday the r1~6 taxable year. You will be re,moursea any, Mr. ~ Mrs. John Pesheck ure " Regmtered Short- expense in notifying, Any in- Youre right, Judge Cun. P~.aphras ethesloganofaRevo. ~mittng ~t the parental W. Pes~eck MAY FILE WITHIN 60 DAY8 ~-. ~. fnrmatinn e~neernin~ the takin~ ningnam agrees. ~'eace means, muonary hero: "We have only ~llome. Jdrm is here on ~ furlough. . e h~7 ?Hh~OMfSO ~ala! Assoc~lon Rewar as ~a~W~:i J/~i bil; ;?~~. ning,cullersseas.HeMr. recel~tly and ~ l~y Mrs. returned H~leys E. W. Telford Friday from over-were eve- of of the 60 ~armers may me T~e,r evlaen ,beef dstys sales AAACa~fle foll o~'ing of advises. ~eep ,t the any andas~ time -- oI*W~-- ~n Sale and N pum~s~age ~f :hd~J ~-~et Ock~ Ttkl'l ~tt~t~ied:i!!Copyri~ht, (