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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
October 18, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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October 18, 1945

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i / CLASSIFIED MOTEL---MODERN, ANn APARTMENT I house for sale. Completely furnished, on M06t young mothers use this modem Highway No. 12. Good business, way to relieve miseries of children's ]BOX 58S - Hettlnger, N. Dak. colds. At bedtime they rub Vicks ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT VapoRub on throat, chest and back. Grand rdicf starts as VapoRub War Surplus Rel New 2-burner e!ec- ~NE~TE$ to upper bronchial tric stove plate, black crackle flash, double switch, with cord complete $7.95 tubeswithitsspecialmedicinalvapors, . o. d. PROBST SUPPLY CO 707 West Grand Ave Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. ST~MUL~T[S chest and back mr- faces like a warming poultice. . . FARM MACHINERY & EQUIP. Often by morning most or tile P'ARMERS : For lumber--roofing--shingles misery of the cold is gonel R~-" and best quality barn paint r ble ONtYVAPOROB Gives You this spe- See CHESLEY LUMBER & COAL CO. ciai double action. It's time-tested, ~.rgo, N.D. Just Powers Hotel. home-proved the best-known hams remedy for .relieve. D,~ ~ FARMS AND RANCHES ing miseries ol Vg ~ ~ ACRES, excellent buildings, dwellingf.h~d/T.n'$ c01d.~ ~VA ~O R U U znodern, artesian water, electric lighted, wooded creek through farm, good soil, gentle slope. Buildings mile from county ' In the Army Now seat, graded; high school and North Da- Colonel (at camp gate)--Doggone kate Forestry Normal; good hospital. Owner age of retirement. Write it, man, I've forgotten the password. K&M WILSON Botflneaa, N.V. YOU know me well enough. ]IIOME FURNISHINGS & APPLI. Sentry--But you must have the password, sir. Those are my orders. ]BUTTONHOLE WORKER "-" Brand new, $10.7S. Instructions for SINGER SEWING Voice (from the guardhouse win- ~d[ACHINES. Specify Side or Back Attach- dow)--Don't stand there arguing meat Screw. Send M. O. to FEnERAL MDSE. CO Box 7f~6, Philadelphia I, Pa. all night. Shoot himl LIVESTOCK Sounds Good DOLLAR BILL BRINGS YOU hundreds of Mr --I hear they made a terrible profitable sheep raising ideas, year's sub- mistake at the baptism of the Smith ~ription to monthly magazine. Write SHEEP BREEDER, Stockyards, Chicago. twins. Mrs.--Why, what happened? MISCELLANEOUS HARD TO GET WALLETS gZ.SS Genuine leather, zipper all around wallets. with change purse, picture holders, two- way bill pockets, in black or brown. We mail c. o. d. Money back guarantee. Gold tniUals tree if money sent with order Send today, do not delay. J. L. WALLET CO. m, ox 44S Salem, Mass. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Mr.--They were supposed to be called Kate and Sydney, but the min- ister got mixed up and called them Steak and Kidney. Everybody Missing Wifle--I shall miss you while you are on your huntinl~ trip, dear. Huhby--Thank you, darling. ;]PIANOS. Large piano warerooms. Spin.era, Wifie--And I shall pray that all !grands, small pianOS, rebuilt pianos, PJaT " iers all well known makes. Prxced fromba~ the hunters you are going with will I O~1.000. Terms: 20% dcwn, 1.2montns~. do the same. anee. Write tar catalog, co~nplste price $. M. WYLD~ Broadway Farge, N. Da&. Make Sure Mac Junior (with visitors present) ,[ WANTED TO BUY --Dad, may I have a dime? FANCY FEATBERS WANTED~ ~a~ ~enior--Whv sure son. ~heasants, Roosters. skins and tails c.-oou ~,- ~ ~ . ~- .- Duck feath~Fw,"-'ne w o r use d, l~ Mac Junlor--.-m mxs use you qwd]Lis. Farmers ~tore. Jgltcaeil. bO. lh# ,j won t make me give it back after ~: " ~ the company's gone, will you? Let the Ads Guide ,ffi 11 n at " Baby Talk Iou when nopplng Brown--You know it's no fun to i" ,~A,A A,A A A A-,A, be pushed for money. ~4'~'~/'~ White--I don't know. When I was ~ ' = youn~ my mother hired a nursemaid Quite Corny to wheel me about. Sam--What do you mean when - T--~.~/-- ' " t OU sa those shoes aren t a ugh Y COLDS' LOCAL CONQESTION,(, ~s~m--Sim~le They're too tight--of children quickly ~oothed ~ '~,~ - " by Penetro--Grandma s old- ~r~/ and don t fl. timemuttonsuettdea developed~-~ ~ ~ by modern s iencv into a coun-~ Outspoken let-irritant, vaporizing ealve./'~l[l~ , Jones--I heard your wife had a O~y~25~dou~bles~z~mm35/~,~t~ ~)od the ?arty. ~il ~ N in ~qL U Smith-- Heard' Is rlghtI She was ease *~ ,N uur~o, susv ~ the only one who could talk louder ,-~ ~rm~RN than the radio. ! ~vx ,~,r.~ t, ~, ,0, , . Strange Coincidence ~ ( ltarry--I notice fat m~m are quite ~ thick around this town. "l~l~i~ Jerry-Fat men are quRe thick ~ ~rr~i~ wherever you find them . . [ ~'~/ ~ "/~ POOR GUY ,~ "~" ~ ~"~. :"'":': ' A young midshipman rep Jane--I wonder how many men the commanding officer of a battle- will be unhappywhen I get married ship for duty. The C. O. was a Jean--Only one that I know oft gruff old sailor who had worked his " way up through the years. He sized / Some Bull up the youngster coldly, and said, Diner--Say,thisis an awfully "Well, young fellow, I suppose that tou=h steak as usual, they've sent the fool of " ' a " ' r an the family to se Waiter--Yeah, we don t se ve y " ~tss stuff around here. Oh, no sir, replied the miasmp- Y man, politely, "they've changed all Second Hand ihat since your time, sir." ' Nit--Why does a secretary at a i --~ - have a watch? ~ ~:n~ertammg jumor meetmg atway~ ) --~---'^asetell Wit--Easy. So he can take down uumor--uncm ~mm, p~ ~,~-~" utes me a story, i Uncle John--Well, when I was a i -- ' " to The Very First ~ :youngster about your age, I wee i She--Am I the first girl you ever sea, andI ?n~e. d:y Islttntd~yd i ~a~ kissed~ ueser~ ~s a a, H~ome to think of it, your face to fight for my li~e with 16 canni-, in familiar, bals, and only one of them gotl away. . i Fair Pun Junior (interrupting) -- But last, Conductor (to boy giving him hal/ year you told me it was eight can-. fare)--How old are you? nibals. - "^o " Large Boy--ls that a fare clues- i U. J.--Yes, VU~ YwO~ol:~:rri~e: tion? young tO Know me w,~ ~ truth. ) Double Life --" " Can't ' Li; :' May--I hear that fellow is quite,'es aKay-beakTakeWOrmit fie The co pilot eta mg p,ane nym~ -[/ m me he s just over the Pyramids of Egypt was an ordina one. i working with a new navigator, try- ~ry one. ling to calculate their exact post'I Stuck UnI ;tion on the map I i mrr~--An awful lot of girls are ) "Take off .your h~tl~' said tim stuck 0~ me : young navigawr, suaaem{. .~ ,' ?" asKe(tlJ~e Dew~,~ Jerry---2~ey must be an awful lotl ! Why , ' Co-pilot. "'.-,-~ "~:, re now inalde SL Fat~ / Nit.So you re a g~r? What slatioas we s ! taxor courser," :" I Catbedrac - - Wi~=-Ice cream! ~~od ~upp yl to the "sore" | v "thimy" cei I ~an~etaln needed mob ture. I I bleed. Soothing Mentholatum acts Mentholatum, the comforting meg o na?Iv: (D Gently stimulates cared balm. Handy jars or tubes 30 . v THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER November 22nd CRASH PROVES Thanksgiving Day FATAL TO MAN BISMARCK --- November 22, ~ne ELLENDALE -- Gottlieb O. Pfei- fourth Thursday in the month, fer, former resident here, graduate will be Thanksgiving Day in North of the State No='mal and Industrial Dakota, Governor Fred G. Aan- college, and assistant in the indus- dahl said recently, trial arts department of that insti- North Dakota's Thanksgiving datetution for several years, died in a had been tangled by a conflict be- Grand Forks hospital recently as tween aat~onal and state statutes, the result of injuries sustained in Federal law sets Thanksgiving asa highway accident about six miles the fourth Thursday in November,north of Hillsboro. Also injured state law sets it as the last Thurs-were Mrs. Pfeifer, and their four- day in November. In most years, year-old son, Charles, and daughter there would be no conflict but No-Jean, 3, and all are in a hospital. vember of 1944 had five Thurs- The crash also involved Mr. and days. Ms. George M. Lilleberg and daugh- The state law, however also pro- ter Barbara Ann of Fargo. The claims as a leFal holiday "'every Pfeifers had been in Ellendale day al~pointed by the president of packing the household goods they the United States or by the gover- had stored here, and preparing to nor of this state f6r a public fast, move same to Grand Forks. Thanksgiving, or holiday x x x." The accident occurred as Pfeifer "Under that statute," Governor was attempting to pass a car, crash- Aandahl said, "both the last Thurs- ing into an oncoming third car. day in November and the day ap- pointed by the president, which this year will be Nover0ber 22, could be Thanksgiving Day. "Under those conditions, it is ap- parently optional for the governor to proclaim either of these days as Thanksgiving Day in'North Da- kota. In conformity with the an- ticipated presidential proclamation and the decision of the big major- ity of the states, at the appropriate time I shall issue a proclamation designating Thursday, November 22, as Thanksgiving Day in North Dakota." 2 MORE N. D. MEN LIBERATED LISBON -- Brownell Cole, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Cole o here, re- cently was liberated from a Jap prison camp According to his let- ter home, dated Sept. 16, the Yanks Traill county officers are inVesti- gating the cause of the accident. Mr. Pfeifer was high school prin- cipal and industrial arts teacher in Finley from 1928 to 1930, later going to Ellendale, Minn. He taught from 1936 to 1943 at State Normal and Industrial Arts school at Ellen- dale, N D going to Notre Dame in 1943, then to Grand Forks this fall Burglar Rifles School Sbfe-- MAYVILLE -- A burglar who jimmied his way into a fireproof vault at the high school here re- cently, got away with more than $200.00 in silver and currency. The band had practiced earlier in the evening and it is believed the burg- lar entered the building while the band was rehearsing and hid until he had an o'p'~-rt-~e tTme for the "qo.f oql uo som2uo X uopvls pup s pns 'sJo oes 'sJe doo I sdloq Xguotu sJolotu SOAPS tyavjH snq L "tmoIo XllWns.rA IIO Jo$om doo I s u m.tue -uo:) lnjtuavq JOq o puv S0A!S .Iqw 'o pnls 'uoqJ o ' IJB ' J!p Jo Ig sJoUVOlD JO OlAI IIO tu JH pou lsop -XlleOgDuol s 'oos noX i mesh noqv Xes SJ A!Jp JO Ivo!d a Jr asoq " " ,flm.Joq J oJojoq SOiltU 000'00I,""" ,ojq ao otu BuoI soj ssolI!J I!O tuvsH puotumo oJ Xlq !q I," " " ,JlVq ut seom outBua IAIVH L.I