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October 20, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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October 20, 1960

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VHE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER. MEDORA, N. DA] THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1960 I urt 1 nd! NOTICE TO CREDITORS all interests or properties in the tel- of way bordermg sue ~ highways and SAVE MONEY ON rough and ~r1~][~1[]~"~ Then hang up the c a n a IN THiE ~ [ATTER OF THE ESTATE lowing described real estate, to-wit: their lands and ~he cutting ~1 be ~i )urc~be' " " JJL |RII~LlrtJ let it drip-dry. (Colors obtain- OF GERTRUDE. BUEHLER, Deceased North Half of the Northeast Quarter done not laver than July 10in ~,f each rtls~ecl,r and pressure ~l, ~ -l~fies mav vary slicht- Notice is hereby given oy the una- IN' NTIU,) of Section Eight (8) in year. .treated posts and poles---al~o z~ v :~,*" ersimaed Abner B. Larson, admin- Township One Hundred Forty-Four That if any land ow'ne or his lOW *,riced wind~br-at" ~a ~h,~ I ~, . ly from the ~ades obtainable on istrat~r 'c. t. a. of the estate of Gert- (144) North of Range Ninety-nine tenant Wails to Cut ~b~ ~ls and z-. ' ~:laine . .-, ,textue materlats.) rude Buehler late of the City of 199) West, Billings County, North Da- grasses alo~qg such highwaye between lun~ber. 3. U. Diekson Saw- Urbaazka . Alma in the county of Buffalo andkota. the 10th day ~f Oct. 19d0 and the mills .~mile sou*~- ^f e :- ~. ~'OllS~D. win a sort eioT~l or State of .Wisconsin deceased, to the William W. Eichhorst 2~.nd ctay of Oct, lg~0. unless sq~cial ,= ~ ~ u o~l~-~ I ~; ~, $,q,~hten tihe luster of creditars of, and all persons hay- Attorney for the Plaintiff, pe~oAsston is gtant~,~,'~t~ 'township S. ,D. * 4-ate ~1 ~* ~u e~- ' ing claims against the estate o~ said Meaora, North Dakota. supervisors or th~ edti~ty board shall ~ - ,the p]astic. We do not recom- deceased, to exhibit them .with. the, (Oct. 13-20-27) cause ~e same to be cut a~d upon FOR SALE -- Feed barley bright I - -' -'-- -l-stics N-'-" ~'~"- necessary " veucners, wimm vnree i such, p~sent a certificate the -- " -- ,MDU Co Q~relH~ p- i~v~ u~u~ months after the first publication of NOTIC~- expenses incurred m sucti eut~in~ teland clean, 63 a bushel. Rug- I " . or ~t>lacK 'because mese dark cop this notice, t~ the Judge of the . NOTICE IS ~F ,BY GIVFA~ TO the county audt~r ar~, 'all such l' bjr Milling Co Belfield, N. D. I Hcme ors necessitate a simmering tern- County C~u~ t O~ Billings Coun!y, ~ ~he land owners m. the /Jotmty eharge~ be char1~e I ~gains~ the Imul i " * 7-2te ,~ . N~rth I)ago1~, a~ nzs o~nca m t e I Se~ perature wlhi~h wouldn t be advm- ~illings County, NorSh Dakota, Court ~01"~nungs' State o~ l~ortr~ l~aKota as of the lanctow-ner ,and. 'shal~. 'become j iow~: " a part of the tax~ to -'.be. levied I ~---------~-~--- [ Advisor able for plastics. P~ouse, in.~the. "ViSage of ~ledora m Pursuant to c~.pter 50 of ~ 1955 against such land tr~r 'tk.e ensuing'~[~)R ~ -- Pos~ and' poles. " or ,BilLings Cotmty, r~ortn l~aK~>ta.Sedan l~aws c~ the State o~ North yea~; The amount sha~l not eXe'eed~ t i . .-- ' : [ Want a special col . For jew- You are: hereby ~rther rtoti~ied ~akota, "It shall be the duty"of the tl~e Sum of $15.00 per'~ttp.~i~4~ mlle.[ rea~ect and unzrea~ea, un- IT'S SO EASY tel green use 1 pkg. Kelly green mat H,on. Alice L Lebo. Judge of the Irea~d .owners owning land adjoining I BY OP~t OF ~ ~ OF [ treated 35c ead~. We are located ,~.~ ~, to what~ To tint ~-~ ~ ~-al blue ~ ~ ~,-; county court ~withirL~ a1~, ~ tr~, "eL~ul.arly. traveled county and ~own- COU~rr~ CO ~M~MY~S~QN~p.S ~ ~ILL-] ne~ -~ ~;t~o ~,~,~, ~t .~ ~u ~,~.~ . . -- . ,ct~ ~ p,~. ~ ' "" t"'7"*" COtlm.ty Od ]Billings and State or ~orT, h sntp nlgnways to cu~ and destroy all INGS COT J"~T~, IVJ[]~(~,': ~O~T}'I[ ~ ~ .~o. ,~,~,~a~t.~, ~ t~,t-" ~las'tic shov~er eurmms and .wm-,win~cle blue use 1 pkg. or~id: ~akata, has flx~ . ~he 24th ,day of }~s and .gr.asses :along such regu- DAKOTA. -- '' ' [ Ix)y (H0ag, CaITtp Crook, S D. dow curtains with .PAt. All. pur- and i pkg. eveningblue; ~o " ~an oU~c,c~cA" ~"~e~e4~ora~t~*~ ~1~sa~~ mrLy traveled n~gnways aajmning~ L~anie] O~achuX I We also fill ~pecial orders " Pose PAt is compounded prtmar- apricot ~us 1 pkg. pink and I/8 ~t~ at the Court Rooms ~ said e~theirgrowinglands' inc~udingwit~in theWeedSpu.blicand grass-~right~ Cotmt.~(Oct. 13~)' "A~lit~r [,~J"~"" - fly ~ dyeing textile fibers, but pkg orange; for bittersweet use Court m the said Court. Ho~se in the t " " ice for " ' Village o~i .Medora in Billings County, It m amazmgly e~ect 2 pkgs. orange and ~ l~kg. scar- North Dakota, as the time and place co]x)ri~g many other things, in- let; .for Pale Mauve use ~ pkg. for hearing and adjust.fag, all Claims aga.lnst ~.e estate, o~ t.h .~a).d- G. ert- e2azding vinyff plastic shower and purple and ~ pkg. ozx~id;for rticle Buemer aeoeaSea.- wmCh nave Window curtains. ' dusty rose use ~ pkg. old vase and been duly "and regularly pr~ented as hereinbefore provided~ and all per- 'For ligia~ :or medium colors, 1 ~ pkg. tan; for golden poppy use sonsinterested in" ,hid ~tate. are ~l~g. af all purpose PAt is u~ual- 1 pl~g. orange and I pkg. yel- required vo show ca~lse why the ly su~icient in 9 gallons o~ hot low. ]claims should not be alloweo. water; for deeper colors it isI ] D.Dated1960. the ,lath. day of October, A, a ~visab~e to' double this amount~ ABhVJ~m n. LAP.SON, - NOTICE OF LEASING tl'm administrator c, .a, ol OF STATE AND SCHOOL LANDS kit. All State .~chool Lands tn Bill- ings County that are unleased and those upon which the leases ex- pire with the year 1960 will De of- fered for rent at p public leasing sale to be held in the Court House a~ Medora. North Dakota. in ;aid county, on the 24th day of October, . 1960, beginning a~ 2:00 P. M. o'clock. All such lands will be leased lo the bighPst btdder for a term ot three to five years. The first year's rent plus the legal ]easing fee. must be paid in full on t'~e day of 1he safe. A list of such lands to be offered will be on file wlth It,e Treost,rer of said county for public i,'mpection not less than two weeks before the day of the leasing sale. The Board .of University and School Lands reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Dated a~ Bismarck. North I)akota, this 21st day of September, 1960. ANTON J'. SCHMIDT Land Commissioner ~Oct. 6-13-20) ~Use washing machine, bath tulb or laundry tub. I~ washing ~md'tine is used, omit mechanical a~ion and use only as a dye Vt~t=q. T~e ~oll~wing easy procedure is recommended: 1. Thorou.gbly dissolve all pur- IX~se PAt in about a pint of hot Water. 2. Add Rit solution to enough hot water to cover curtain so it will ~be completely covered arid can be moved about con- sta~tly and easily 3. Imanerse u~olded curtain m d~Je-~bat~, and v~hen it has taken on the depth of color desired, remove it ~rom ~e dye-bath and ~a~se in coo] or tepid water. MAIXNER Legislative Candidate From 39th District Endorsed by Democratic NPL Convention "My voting record during lhe last session of the legislature zs an open record to everyone." YOUR SUPPORT in the Coming Election STANLEY the estate o2 sa,d Gert- rude Buehler, Deceased. First publication on the 13th day of October, A. D. 1960. Higgin'~ & Murphy Bisvnarek, North Dakota Att'orneys for Administrator (Oct. 13-20-27) SUMMONS STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA i ss C~uNTY OF BILLINGS ) IN DISTRICT COURT SIXTH JUDICIAI, DISTRICT Harold Larson and Edith tar,on, Plaintiffs v.--. Marietta Ward and Alonzo Ward, heirs at law of Harry W. Ward. t]eceased m~,~ at' persons kn0~wn and unkncwr wh:etner a~ heirs, devisees, legetees or personal repre- sentatives of Harry W. Ward Deceased. and to all other pers3ns unknown claim- ing any estate or interest in. or lien or encumbrance ucpon #he property described m the complaint. Defenda-ts THF STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA TO THE AB, OVE NAM:ED DEFEND- ANTS: quired t'0 ~ppeal" and defend against tne complaint in this action, which complaint is filed with the. clerk oz the District Court in and fur Bill- ings County, North Dakota, by serv- ing upon the undersigned an answer or other proper response within twenty (20) days after tiae service of this su,mmons upon you, exclusive o~ the day of service. L: you fail to do so. }ud?ment hv d:fault will be t'~ken nWPn * v'.u ~'o'" the relief de- manded in the complaint. Dated tins 16th day of October, 1960. William W. Eichhors: Attorneyfor tt~ Plaintif?, Medora North Dakota. TO THE A~VF, NAMED DEIPENDANTS : You will pleas~ take n=Aice that the S~l m,*Tlons. COlllp!.ii:]t a:I /qOIlCe of no personal claim have been ,filed in the office ef the Cl~rk of the District Ca,urt. Billings County, North Dakota; that thi:: action COne siS~s of ahd is brought lcr the pur- WiLl pose- of quieting tittle in ~he phd~tiffs, and m excluding the daf.: ndants fTollt be appreciated Pal. adv. pd. for by Stanley J. Maixner IF YOU LIVE IN WESTERN N. D. VOTE FOR & SUPPORT Matt Tescher For Representative On The Democratic Ticket In the Coming Election Vote against repcal of safety laws (Sp. and paid tar Oy the N. D, Rail Road Safety Council, Alton Schuette, Bllmarck, Drssldent.) 39th VOTE For: SENATOR Leland Roen For: State Representative, Lawrence Bowman Vote for all 3 Bill 0'Conne]l Adin Miller ON THE REPUBLICAN TICKET CSpansored by rhe Repu~blic,an Party ~I .Bfl]i~gs Co T2oyd Oyhus, mhairman) VOTE FOR SENATOR- 39th District C,lden Valley, Billings, Slope, Bowman counties g:ill stand for level and eoa, rvative state government. Will vote on all legislation upon its merits, for or against, as my beueriudg ent advises me, i regardless of party affiliation. YOUR VOTE and SUPPORT (Pal. adv. ordered and paid for by Jack Ballard) NYGAARD OUTLINES Pal. adv. pal. for by M. C. "Matt" Tescher 9 TRAIN TO BE A I * SCRAPER * POWER SHOVEL * BULLDOZER * GRADER * AND OTHERS TRAINED MEN $165 ARE EARNING OVER per week Complete Training Program, including actual nce lseavy equipmmst. No previous expedenc needed. Mall coupou to, comple lnfosmmtau. Dahl says farm families must "There is something radically wrong with the whole scheme have Increased Income . of things," says C. P. Dahl, "Republican candidate for Governor, "when net farm income is down at a time when the rest of tha economy Is blessed with higher incomes and general prosperity." Delft, who farms 700 acres near Cooperstown, took time out from his campaigning tldl W~k to read his mail and check up on a few things at the "old home place." "C. P." had 70: acres of wheat in this season, 6.0 In oats, 1.00 in .rye. He poMted out/hat" the harvest was excellept, but, he said'"It isn't like the good old days when i I[ood crop meant a good profitable return." "AS O0vern~or' of the State o~ North Dakota," DaM stated, "one of the first respon- ttbilRM I would assume would be that of initiating action to speed up agdculturM ~eNar~h ~ the ~tate. -We'v~ talked about it long enough --- now is the. time for action. W~'vs :~. tb get farm Income moving up NOW." SEVEN-POINT PLAN SUGGESTED: "As long as Tamers continue to vote for acreage allotments," says Hjolmar Nygaard, "l will work toward an adjustment so smaller Ta~mers get a smaller cut {n acreage. ,Wheat farms with a commerclol wheat his- tory of 2"5 yeors or more wil be guaranteed c 100 acre allotment " APPROVAL OF TWO-PRICE SYSTEM: Nygaord, Republican ccindidote for U. S. Representative, advocates full parity for wheat consumed do- mestically . . . ~n international wheat price for the internatio'nal market. MORE RESEARCH . . . Nygaard wants more recogoltion for hard spring wheat More llb- oral loan p~ogram Tar wheat storage facilities Inc~,emeddgricultural research . . . Larger allotments fair sugar beet producers. FOR U; S. REPRESENTATIVES ~ FOR NYGAAR|I: ?olDicol odverfisement sponsored and paid let by North Dakota Repubticon Forty, Jack Swg4~les, RJocuflvo IDlro t~r