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October 25, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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October 25, 1945

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/ kL i i Before Host People Can Expect Their 'Dream House' t I m Maternal Shortages I ii!i ii ii::iiii:iiiii i:;i! Delayi o2 C nstructi n4 iii11 !iiiiii )iii i{i}{ ii l[ |1t stripers LOGgia!OF A this seasonANhere INii: se u l for QUEST ns. p i bd. ilast ave [ o o, r, re- . / farmer, 15 Thi.~ comes as heartenins news ~!:~~~ ~ d! to the 12 million families who are I ~i:i:: [ an river. ~ " to ~:::~:~ ~i~ ~--News of big run of stripers at ooid to be ready and anxious I~:~ ~::~ /Wa" le ' ~:~::s .~s.'.~,hoe beach 3e@ miles away, E build new homes Now these peop ~ii!i ~- r ~:::~~:~ ~:~'~ coupled with pictures of ~nan who are wonder/rig" Should we sell ou ~ :~ ! "ease I ,i:i!ii~~!i~i~~ ) got a 40-pounder there last week,(,Unitedand agriculturalstates fromindustrYproducerin theSeto ~l ihnl~, least partiallY,As a theboy,realizatiOnon Ohio and f ro xana farms he worried about the p cessor, and eitizens generally, [ . should watch with deep interest the ~ waste o! farm products. On his own I Indiana farm he saw much the farm meeting of the food and agriculture J produced unutfllzed The corn stalks. organization of the United Nations ~ m the grain straw the skim milk and I ' Quebec, starting October 16.]," This is the first of the permanent ] other things brought no financial re- turn As the edRor of an Indmna ,new UnRed Nations agencies to be ~ " " la country newspaper he continued to i unched after the end of hostilities, ] th ' " which " /nk and write about those farm marks the ~mportance at-[ i~~n~ii~ ~n~c:k~e!c~'r':! i ~ti:;i~=~Vn ~tti!u!e: T~ii m ui~ :i~ is~!yt~ e~wr~i~! ~le~; b~!:dai::!~! wastes Later as the editor of . o,tached to its deliberations by our |,' n farm publication of national circu [ government and the governments of | [ aU the 44 United Nations As this/litton, he solicited aid in flndtng a I " w itten, the list of American dele-," ss r solutmn for the farm waste problem and along with that a use in indus gates to the conference has not been,"," try of farm products that would in announced. It is likely, however, [ that the delegates from the United,crease the farmer's market. l U,States will be headed by Howard, The result w the Chemurl,o t Talley of the department of agricul-,council, of which Henry Ford has [ turf. who has acted as the United [ been an enthusiastic backer. Un- States representative on the Interim ~ tier Wheeler McMiilen's guid- [ commission of the organization, [ ante that organisaUon has found I [ I The food and a-ri " " I many industrial uses for farm l g CG/~Gr&! or- I r ~'" " " ,ganizatlon ratified by th 44 -- I p oauczs, mcnuamg [arm wastes. I tions at San Francisc "I m,-I Some of these ,re still, more or o siren le n . a a ~-.- as, In the experimental stI4e, I ~-nt "~unellon'of the" ~n~t~| though their practicability ham boca demonstrated, Many others i organization. It '- .o,I 0 -sawed the exo rlmental [ a relief agency. Its aim is te is- I s-- p . ~e ale, ana are in daily use in prove world alriculture and to,the roductfo p N ~ oommoollles J increase food product/on; to| t~e " ' -rovide s h*'e t n y form me b~ms or msmy [ P ~n sumaara ot am t ,and raise the levels ~ nnt~l| p~as~cs, m rsc~, make such |c ,t~on and the standards of ]|vinm J P]~S| possible. What were but / thromrhout the worm o~'~,& few years n4o farm wastes, to- -" ' " -- d I [ my are used in the produetiou / wmcfl 18 m~DGeG M) CODIWlD~rt~ / I~ " "" " |machinery which will {unction fort "~ mmJ~r f&rm crop in the Uolte~ Iworld agriculture and product/on[ 8tires. Imuch I/ke our own department of J The days of throwin~ awa- the Iairiculture ftmct/oni in the Unitedl corn I':": "~ -- ":" -" " '- I ~a~I, me straw, me IICim rnlll~ / ' so o, m, ,o much m res g y p f stripers at other[ ~ral kno:~ss'emmauOn" o.~ agrlcm./responsible for this revolution /L teen,leas re.l farm markets, respresenting In- / ~ormauon ana me resuz~s or ,el-/ creased farm revenues as is "" Wise advice would ap I . dti . !~t.~o~ ~ ~ to/Wheeler McMillen, editor of the [ a a m se~ung up agencies m all the I Farm Journal /" oo~i. for combating soft or0 Wheeler McMiIlen insiIts the great ,slOa:l to l mp~[ovelsoi!.and crops, tO,majority of American do . p took . . - to [ not want government-hand.outs for I tage mto consideration reforestat/on I not produc/ne, that the*. do wan" I h m/.o. are .ntitl;d to.a profitable mar: thus~fidentlyWhatinpresentonesstreamlinedtermsHerebuttonh mes~widelyfereat-'~'!nc~ ~s~Thish,~ the 1." plans what which --. hope What question is fea.tures home. make of laundries the nmcus m-arison Are revolutionary eani:h~ of ~ will result may kitchens, or building raises tl~ome sea g th~ an d g~ve buildln yet of be ~a::ly with n materl~'ls.~ [orew serious m~rac~es " availsble? several up summarized right and " g . healing, and those our coming COSTS anuc push- a ~ think- diwa other ~ m of f: on o Y". ~- I I I low ] ~ I [ [ I ' ~R]~' stons . . pensive ~ '~:~:~ cg:: ~~!i~ third ;~:i~:~:~ ~~'"~vera~ While a me s~x the . are 0. of - ~v t "^; aireeuves announcemens site the trend being o . labor home ~ros lifted, towards " "~."" costs, a~mea building as "~'"~t ~h~ car~s~ saving a of '~" "~'orreet t-~olves October e restme- ~ .-ith d ex- " t~ . [ l I I de sumin~ er coolinl( P! around: a 000 e flurry - humidifying than: hal " " Will " combined before that of been ' ' What's air questions " him eagerly Sees pae~ gets Drive.~,rid ~'~'ntrap of snapper tale " ~ tackle s ~ numerous all answer: ~u,u~u, leave,doing g You deckle runes kinds to 80 de!ayed u~ara boxes, blues know boathouse miles home In ~r,lo~u to,t ~ boats utility Small mg hive stripers?' pack how gTo~ds, slickers, for by tn ~orse cloth- snap- o been bass ~a bay. ltng first and lmo r, ' ' I new -~Jre " " "' explorauon.oz/ket for what, and all, fl~ey do pro- Ing first on the subject of. cos.t.s, i .se These will I answer is Yes Several mass pro- are. ' Replies: "No. How are they?' i u mg me presen~ s~uuuuu. . While the government unomc a .y scarce duction manufacturers are bringing Is told'' Am't heard of one caught estimates that home buildmg : +h I out new, efficient units that fan be m m says. r~ee run oz snapper " costs seek to hasten productmn of . " have increased one-third (requiring bunamg ma~vr*a,~;oW,;:;n:,~oar-~: added later to an fo t a 000 for a houseinventory controls pr - y reed warm air blues, though " one thus o p y $8, ---' rice control heating system. Others ask: ' Will S,----C&IIs it ~ ,lay and spends I be bruit for ~,u00 before lag, will expand OPA p that cou d " - t in the new kitchen devices cost less or night deploring the luck. Start~ early ost are rea a t 0 OUllolng materza~s ~o pzcv:. " I,' the war)--these c s Uy P I " --ort ' more than before the war~Of I next morning for RearinI Eip, 60 omewhat h her It may I natlonary pressure; cu.t~ -. ", to run s ig . - '^- b" I course this refers to dishwasher, I miles sway on report s feller got k .000 to build that former I gage pracuces" zacm~ate ac.~, : I ' ta e $9 ' ---~.';-e' garvage-msposat unit range refrig-IZ0 nice ones, ranging up to 3S 000 home This is artly because I snaus~ry groups anu wzuc~y ~--,0 ! r ' ' " $6, . P =:-~-tlve I orator. The latte two will cost a I potmdi, it few days ago. Fiads rlsm and on home values m me u.c~ labor costs are steadily " g. . I - - ' a"id I little more but will be more efficient I bridge and beaches crowded with 73 r cent of the total building coszs n greaz a~ress xs puc upon me r ~ I " ' pe . ~ :,din~ in n Alert mixers are pzarming to bring I people getting snapper blues. Any tl |a0or expansion OI tile IIUIXSe ~JUZ, I$ "I " ' #. , ire directlyor indirec y [ -~-: "dd '! costs down by combining units, Itwh I bau? Not lately.Ought to be t$I austry as ule grea~st a,uzl$~ .a " cos . I n I as one Which will wash b04~ clothes I ~ next month. f he ea source oz 3oos in our enure e~, - Residents in some sec~on.s.o t I . and the statement is made [ and dishes, by changir~ bowlI and I 6.--Remembers hearmg of a mates permit " . [ . t ~ .-ressure to increase the J in nearly everyone I plan~ g ~ J Finds famous guide, Stew Woodson, oasements, su~.tloors, e~ I.~il ex- I 'LL. L Y:. hnme* in resoonse to I important new aevelopme~t In Dam- I half asleep in a skiff in,small in- pensive inimauon, atso tess expen-,l t,~ "" "~d'emand- : -- -- ,n room ideas involves iepara~ng the ~' let. ""rsow's-- me" stripers.~" "You're rove central heatmg plants, prove ~ an scurf " rent fixtures to eliminate ear " n . -- thOU I dlffe I)" I late They was h~re last week Nice Recent wide and authoritative t sinai wiz~ oe a g ~ arran ement includes separate " an re ortI o ' studxes such as the two-year survey [ as this" "Should I renew Y P " I L wer stall, an extra lavatory and [ I ' " ". -'ix ' ~aao I po n~s. c:net Baker got over 'half conducted by Small Homes Gmae, I eat lease wmca ,- - n "" me cabmet.The new fixture w home I mean" " [ hundred big ones four days ago at reveal very pointedly why thss fact mont r~y. i desimas pre more beautiful and have I Winnepesaukee Ledge " is renlv is so important. They show that I riBbt awiIy -- . i lots of added conveniences. KRch- I ? --GetI .n at davhr ak ne~t ow lan ear to be this' Isenew for one year. ~ . . --~. --~ 47.4 per cent of families n P " I P . " Iens have been brought into focus I mornin~ and drlve~ 90 mii~. tn Win " " ear ana a na~ ss not ~oo mucu, --o " rang to bmld, expect to spend from [ A y .~ ~ with the modern dreams too. ~ nenesaukee Ledge Not a surf-east- $4,000 to $6 000. Another large per- I time for mougnu~u .pmnmnls .a .~ I Many manufacturers are offering I " .- ~: U~ Or oRr IaITl]/y'i ~. m~u~lt~~.~w.ct~. ~a~l m~ at es ox zoo to provme|duce. To secure that market the If these families are to get full I a few extra months hadt The gripes "or "pet hates ' eon- 8 t ' ma I oetter toOLS zor prtmmve farmers / products of the farm i value for their money, the horn. 1 for P"O 'O' I eerning houses are going to be large- I =-~ 'u~ s p and finds he is,toto increase production . attention,u+; =u .vr more man zooa'""~/" pur--- tter ,o,-,o,~o ~,-o,~,~,oo /~:~';~::,?~o" ~"~" *,-/,o-, ~, must have a place in I ly ellminatecl mrougn De P "I " '--~-- --* --'-----t I DOt, tames ror llS simpers. Decides I . ps ana many I industry. He is a practical farmer ning.".mere wm ve p~e $ v. c I h .-~.t I1 . .I t .r~. ~ n.~ ;. n s ~ /other subjects necesIar/ly attendant [ of the "dirt" variety and has up- :.: [space,to largerZ rroomsmS~a"C~'spreaa~'"''~- u~ on'~--'-"/one Reaches there at sunset. No bass, in ] ptOrot~;dhgg~n~nd =~lie~;~do~kfoO~ / :: mn needs to all the / - d weeks. Guidel look for em {i:~:~;~:~:~, floor; with larger v, unc~ows an p ,[ vision ,or more ou,aoor uv,s. ~ 1- ,/ around November thiI year. (But/~/;rladr:nodf it~tyPUal:ti n ravished 1 The countless lnnovationI 1~ ]::i::]~!!::ii~i]~.~ an snappers are Ln~) ~::::~: :::~ :~" " t and cheerful, d " ~::~:::~:~:::.::::~. . ors will be brigh [ t/on will strike a [ 9.--Reaches home weak, sore an4 / " I peacetime commodities, that will !N.~ t' k I /,now be coming along, will utilize in I ,-- - I dlsIusted. Crosslng Iron birdie over ] I the r product/on, to a very consider. :::::~:~:~!.~::,:,~mar~,~owPe~a~u~ a"'~ th"e t."romised ]post- I Indian river, two miles from hls own ['h There are. now about. 2,200,000,000 I able extent, the p-ro~uc~ o~ me l war home gadgets?" you may be I house, sees Ernle Perry .nd Ed I noU~rl~n:~/g:h w~P~latmg th!s old I farms, thanks, largely, to Wheeler [ ~ w,m you can look for new I Dudek casting for stripers. "Any / e ve, ana me ex- I McMillen ~~--~ "~ -=- - - / .a~-~"-s-'--,^'-'~"W~i*h e n-freeze corn- / luck?" he asks. "Boy, where've you / perts predict that at present rate / " ' " " I par~ents; new developments in I been?" is reply. "Beat run of|/more f lncreaSeby thethereend.Willof thebe acentury.blllion [On [ GovernmentMtlk of PatronageFamlly Thrives ~~'~~ / m= hines; ;~" dishwashersultra.efflcientand washingvaeuum l/d,ys." hess exper,s ,urmer point out that,HOW THE GOVERNMENT famil, ,cleaners -- vastly improved appLi- I 10.--Throws outboard motor, sh-,are^ at present a.bou . 4 -,grows. A new bureau is born of an ~~ antes ready early next year. ~lng gear, maps, etc into river and [ use~wh~eh a~res o~ arums tuna m,emergency. It grows and thrives on ~~ - "Will -.ostwar developments com- / shoots self -er' ea i~ ~velness' man z~ acres,the milk of patronage, paid for by ~l~t~lv eliminate housekeeping [ . . . I p p a. -. m our own coun-tthe tax "a"ers mone-- :,~:]:i:!:~:],::;:::~'~;::?:::.::'.:~ t.~.~.--~ . , ," The answer ,s, ,A!-[ THE TEOLLEY CAR PASSES. I' ~Yants~:::n':cr =y a ~ra~ttl:~n 7~,gency~passes. The purpose for which ' ~~i~~i I ~i',|'e new bureau or departme.t wal / :ol~c~St:~ed ~;o |born ceases to exist. Ass bureau, i |it is abolished, but the patronage ,account only the crop lands har-[appointed individuals whn ~.~-~ vested, approximately 321 250 000 , during the emergency, feeding on ' I ?ve~d I tax payers mill< are not deprived of freeze corn ,~rtments, sinks Electric ranges, refrigerators with deep- P [automatic New developments in/ streets of Gotham but from any,er-|their sustenance. They are but ever thin will be with built-in dishwashers, cabinets ef all sizes . . Y g n]astic wall and floor finishes, new [ other place. It was a symbol of a [ abe. ~ switched to another nipple. That is ready for the new kitchen early next year. ~gs and draperies--should help in ~ happier, more phllosoph|cal and,So without an expanding acreage [ what happened in the case of OWL ," thor thousands will be ask- adding at least three hours more/ more comfortable America. [of arable lands, without basic re-[Its thousands of American era. building mdustry must hasten to Still o . . . I .4~;h. fr~d t the clock of most I I sources in India, Ln China, in Rus ployees in foreign lands have been , ,' I i ~"'="J om o chromate the traditional ' hammer- [ hag: Should I sell the nome ~ ~ h wives It |s indeed a great, I The swifter, more up to dire and,sia and many other countries, such [ switched from the OW]~ nipple to that a as we have in thts country, the ex-| of the state department. It is but a and-saw" practices of "cut.riband-. Iowa now, rent forseverat. - years an. I n~wo streamlined peacetzme era [ less restricted bus h~s replaced It[ ports say that the world wall con-] repetition of the same methods trYanti." uatedCertainbufldinUni ncodespracticeStoo longand [ theneounselPlanwouldtO HoldT yourSUCn'noW~Seme, I ."'~;~h. wo are about to enter! ~[ I!1 over the land, but te us s bus,tinue to produce insufficient food to,that have marked the creation of "q g ' I :" - " "~ re wi11~ I Is si sstlsfaetory a substitute for It ] feed its bilIIo1~s of humans that enormous institution we call held mtact b local ressure groups I as rents wi- ve mgn ana me I Y P ' t trolley aI a wlteh's broom weuld be What the represeatst/ves e~ I government. The expense goes ou. must also be changed [ be no sudden drop in real esta e [ !~ .1--, ~O', Survey Shows [ We are frequently asked: "When I v,~ First, because ,f rebuildingI a~"~ l~ ~ ~" "~ . -- "o- I " " .a. - i these 44 u.tions . . . wh.t our ] The tax payer continue, to pay. can we be sure of being able to get I costs due to higher wage levels, and [ A Ufli~on Dac.q g I -- -- u 1 i erlalI? second the very sizable backlog of[ ~ . t ,~ o :1.~: . I Not that we have been on trol-/ delegation does st Ouelme i " " -- --- A NEW YORK CI good quality b i d ng mat or hum ~u--u,--IS , ' " ' i several KeaGy g ley m years We don t remember the To this, our best authorities quickly I demand that will requ re I - " read I " /IIrttmt~ commitof worldthls eounttTagrleultaral s, ~ ~ro- II.Edward .Al~theny, PublisherTY friend, tell us that most Ot the hard materi- [ years to satisfy. Start planning your I ^ huge volume of fun as ~s ~ t last time, but our ch.i!dho~! m;~- seat me a tmok ~ pldtures of ent m construcuon, a es o! me zrouey rme are or gnt I hbllit~tlon will determime la I tae Woman s Home Compmalol, als such as eemenL sand. lime, ] new home now. It will Likely take I for lnvestm - ~ . " [ on [ large mm~ure whether we as a I ~--~-.-, ~-~-*- ---, -~,^~ ve~r to ~et t~r0uah all i cording tO the e. w~ DOCile e0rp0ra- ] and glamorou|, we ean recau I ~pIII WQH IOI4MII WIII~I W~ Hb- i cermet block ~va!7 with th~ reltio~gi [ tl~ sttps ca're fully. Se/eet/on of Four I t/on, specialists in building s~ ~tisticI. ] trolley ears on ~e Sylvan avenue" ! New York City It Is phete- manpower plcturo. Good. dry lure-, new lot. title Insurance, getting.your [ ~ a. recent a t~nouncste~at~t, t~a~;~s. 1 ~n.e,b-aeLh ~m.e'r~t [;:2 ~[~rwin~,d,set/bed to the &tlsat/e ehsrter,:rapld debm~idalg et the n raw Hoxoen restoem .t.~ . ./ .~ the charter M the Uaited! i, romlace, adventure stud ber is ~carce, and the preclIe loeil I idea8 into blueprints, wortu g a "I p . n I NMlmm at 8an FrIaclaee. I ~eu to be found bt metre- o;h,attem h~r* ahou|d be eas, efullv I this and specifications; getting bids, ~ 753,I38,000 has aenmtely vein auO-the / beach, mites tnrougnt I teary pas- . Im tan eentmg' It JI It Imek Use checked with a reputable umber I neSoUa g tho f~ancing--all thiI] cased to construetlon projects in ]sage by W oody Crest; ~ .OClt7 .L~Ie, I For wlth thlI charter in ex ,t-[ b ~ .~,~ de81or ~ your community. [ i ,o-, ;'" i ,?d b~d~n ~ u po~ us ;. with I ,T=?A a~.ev.= c~" I kk. "What ar- th- I l:t ; m -"'7""" I""ClflC~. . others will,tallrll. ~ gills huge sum. -~t.~LV~. n-" ! ~at ~ |eeml tse sornemml ou~ uu emuo~ emergmg zrom the "war qui ldy dmqlIIa~Wik~ ~ newest developments in construction I ,k |pen I / !as the most tortunata, the most lmw-I material that 1 can expect to get ! ~,000. I need three bedrooms. What I tial building. / --'-- /t erzm w~m new conception/n a~ltute a mseeemm'~ mecca.atom IOSTheseeea- within the next six months?" Our,can I expect~'' Our frank advice is [ Mr. Holden eommemted that,We Imvl s partlealarly rift Slm,and In a new position as the lead- [ ptetw~ depict the life of that re 13, indicates that waterproof ply- I t~.: .of ~o muo ~ .our ~t.~ I ':events since V J Day have sho,~. / t.r ~ ~ trolley w? ever rem?l~ I"o~ ~: world . . . the time has I o~ s~, r t~-t ply. t. .a t. .~.J. I bs~,l,am, th. ~.a.t af m IoLYOU had I that postwar cons~rueuon rev*va~ ,a/ I~er, uramuna moa us ~ur a rme paas~a when we can watch the peo-I hs e~th~ oa the ~lles ~ -.- ,- woos, ptasuc-nnumeu wauu, t -ua i ple of India, China or any o -i ~ ptterI. IIeelal those If- fireproof asphalt shingles, I/lht met- [ better choose a compact story-and- I Ukely to move considerably faster,It was wlater. &i4 It had It steve v. m. oo p .-h." de,- d p'.o to "--" s:=~ron~ nh~: [,the .e~.ter ~ Is een.dletor.with n o. .nd lye" OUr conI lmees w .s ~ p " mzm aemp sni/ly I I~ windows, doors, built-in closets, cab- ! ~ 9: ~o UP.l~r-st.ory bedroom, I ~ o~ anticipated,~(le~w,m-sl~-e--rs--waa e,~-a-.t m snove, I ~.~k ~ some relier I year& ia the clesa .w,dr t tt ~ranlaceI will all be IVaU- i ana Dam at a ta~er aate '""' '~" . / ,m m --~-. J society. / of the home t~ra. able. These new developments fob - In the matter of home equipment I revival botfleneczs. [