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Beach, North Dakota
October 25, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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October 25, 1945

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,THE BILLTNGS COUNTY PIONEER " I ' iv / : . . - Iron Aer-os -Lengt---h- . f lanK lxescue learn It II w en ironing, press with the d i, !tw' '-':. pea l s le oom uaales l-resumea, i, II UNCOMMAN II length" rather than across, the widthtf In .mcJ ean uoun y Jueaxl, Jm.eel; Again l ursefl ann wmea II -- II of abric hereve, poss,ble B,t ** t ------ - --,AM ~.B|l. J~,l[~l~,a skirt, slip or nightgown is cut on I rl . " nl ' "'"''"""""="*""~" ~ th -i - " la t 1 n 1 BISMARCK "-- Garrison, Under- MINOT -- Two Mmot servicemen JanS m orea II ~-- II e n as, then iron on a s n,a o g ! :~ : :.:!,'.: derwoodColeharborandFalkirkare who entered service at the same ~ iv -- |l S, ILMOSCOTIrWAlrSON li the grain or straight of the materi- " II L i '~ [ ~: having a speculativ, boom in city time, Sept. 26, 1941, who went te ' I',al. This "~iil prevent 1he stretching )ak( i /,ots,uch=neverbeforeseenin Fort Snellingtogetherforinduc-Aili dlllR if'l =. U " and sagging which makes hems un. McLean county, tion, were trained together at Ft. a~ ~ ~wc~y ~rcw nan aii Father of the County Fair even. R. R Robinson, McLean county Knox, Ky and Camp Dix, N.J Odd Experience at iF YOU remember pleasantly that Keeps--M0~h~t EVENTS Or VIlE WEEK t register of deeds, said here that and who went together with the Air Fiel-I high spot in the days of your The reason 8 dog has so many T~G~O~T I~E ~I'~T[~ his office is being swamped withAmerican forces to North Africa, ~ youth---"going to the county fair"-- friends is that his taft wags instead requests for title records. The tea- met by chance in Minot recently -- you should remember gratefully the of his tongue. TOLD IN BRIEF FORH ,son, he said, is the prospect that Each had heard the other was dead. CHUNGKING, CHINA. --- An At- name of Elkanah Watson. For he ~,~J~RtCID work will begin sometime in 1946 The two men are PFC. Don Pet- lieu mercy crewwhich. !anded^at was the "father" of this typically. MRS, ALLE~SHUSBA]~D AC ENT on the proposed Missouri river dam ersen, sol, of Mr. and Mrs. M. S. y:ll:ne~ rea'.:n me mlas~oi joe .u~ American institution and he is all Tnl'~nTCT~. o* ~arrison "Pete Petersen who was taken P e soialers was alternately the more worthy of honor because tJIVP~ l-lE, ll Pi ~UIIFJFtlDr.~ INJURES THREE R~binson said both local folk prisoner by the 'Germans in North curse d, threatened, wined and en- he labored in the face of difficulty --i er~amea oemre it roOK or~ again and prejudice to bring it into being. M arl end outsmers are taking part inAfrica and who spent 28 months mwi"- ~ WEST MONROE, LA.-- rs.C TOWNER -- Three persons weYe, . . ~ u~ gauons ox uapanese gaits- ,Watson was born in ~viassacnu- L isi the land spree and that a fever-prison camps in Germany, and Pvt. line, a member of the party said u . . C. Allen of West Monroe, ou - hospitalized at a Rugby hospital ish attitude is indicated by theEarl "Mickey" Young, whose moth t]- serfs m r#ov ann ins.nat rai yankee ann, has an interesting story to tell recently following a collision which sp~eed with which some propertyer, Mrs. Ray Yo=~, formerly of "=~"e~ission of 22 American- and shrewdness was e n.livenedby travel about how she discovered Fault- ann aovenmre. ~maliy ne se~uea ~. ~- c+ ~ 'Here is what she occured near the Forest Station at changed nanas. Anuer, now rivesat2/1i vernon, Koreans landed at Keijo on a Sat ,~.~ o~a,~ Denbigh. They were Mrs. A. T, . . . " aown on a mrm near ~lt~sneia, . He stud that m one Instance at Wash. urday. The Japanese refused to al- ~ ~ ~,t he coulrt not h~ ,-~n wrote. Thorson and Mrs. David Butler " Garrison a pmce of property was Pet. Young was with the combat low them to see Allied prisoners of ~,t th,~, ~n ~ h, ~.~i~ ,~, ~u ' Last week my husband (Yvonne Thorson) of here and Olafsold for $1 500 and half hour later engineers, start ng with the First war but rather than intern them, e v i "n an active min brought home a box of Fau t- Tonnesson, 45, of Denbigh, Also ' ' up th o d 1 d led . the new owner had turned it forArmored Dlwsmn 16th Engineers gave them the 500 gallons of dane- me first to c~nceive the idea of an less Starch. I decided to use slightly injured were Lt. David $2,000. Sometimes, he said, his of- in North Africa. He was 19 months line to return, agricultural society on a plan dif it, thinking that all starches Butler and Mrs. Esther Puntine. Ac- rice doesn't even get an opportun- in Africa, then was sent to SicilyOWI Correspondent Henry R. ferent from all others " " were about the same. You can cording to tile officials investigat- 'ity to record one deed on its books and Italy, and later took part in Lieberman, who accompanied the So in 1807 he secured the first imagine my surprise when i ing the accident, Mrs. Thorson and when a request for a second rec- the invasion of southern France. team, related the story, pair of Merino sheep ever brought i ,~egan ironing. My iron fairly the Butlers were on their way to iording, from the first purchaser ~o He was in Munich at the end of The team was led by Lt. Col. to his state and exhibited them un- I flew and I was finished in no Minot where Lt. Butler was to take ! a second purchaser, is received, the war. He was ir the front lines Willis H ~j~ird. of~,Landsdowne, Pa. dcra great elm in the public square t time. My clothes were so 25 n h an w ars ri As the ttanspo~ settled down on the bright, with no rougn scarcn the train to return to camp after I He said the boom has 6ven for me t s d e 7 st "pea . . in Pittsfield. They attracted so I oapanese air strop, high ranking bloicnes io mat t elr sleeK spending a furlough at home. The I touched Falkirk, a post office on the on his uniform, showing he fought " " . much attention that he decided it } : Tonnesson car, 1928 Chevrolet coach, I ~'~ ~'l~,~, H,~ overseas 3~ years Japanese omcers, incmaing one w,~,ld be a ~,ood thin~, to invite' I hess. i ieic jusi nan io teu came onto the highway from the j I, ~,c'~'- ~" ckie~*~ a--~n ~'h,~ ~vcr dentifled as Lt. Gen. Yoshio K t- other owners to show their live;l-` you how wonderful your.starch north and the collision occured at I suki commander of the enemy ~- Bu* h^ soon discovere-~ *ha* I is My husband was 3ust as i'armer ~,-ses arm walKea ae sam. i neVer gO~ a forces in Kore a h " - re- ~u~ / " an intersection. A salesman from I " ' scra~ ^~" w~ ~e~,~,~,*~ ""~'"~--;~';"" """ fun th" a, pproac ea. l-leri ann ~i~ wasn't so easy, for the farm- t proud, as I. when he saw his Minot was the first one to arrive ! In Farm Accident ed e request of the Ame c r^ ^fr-id to take "art in --oh I shirts. I wish all women could meat about not receivin~ a scratch to see Alh.ed prisoners and.also, e- an exhibition lest they be laughed I 3ust try your product. at the scene and he took the vie- I actiort~twice. ~e amenaea ms state- " " r er~ w~ ~ ~ ~ p ~ . , = rased to give me names ann nauon tiros to the Rugby hospital forI WAHPETON --- George" Gabbert, ~ ~. : ~.i- ~ 1. ^n^ -~ h~ " at I Now there is a thoughtful hus- ~= w=~ ,~,~ ~ u~,- u = ~,s ~ nifties of the prisoners " I treatment Aceordin& to the physic- ] White Rock, was recently the vic- when a revolver in the hands of " However, after three years he got ~ band That box i of Faultless cldent hlch Drinks, Son s--and Guns, tan in charge, Mr. Tonnesson is in I tim of a cornpicker ac " Y " one of his buddies was accidentllv g 26 of them to sign an 'appeal' for I Starch really meant more to Mrs. a critical condition having a broken ~ resulted in the loss of his left arm di-char-ed ~ The mercy team and the crew a cattle show and this was such a ~ Allen than a box of candy--and necl~ and severe lacerations Mr. I Mr. Gabbert was workihg alone": ~om~at "en-ineers are in a dan ~ of the plane put up for the night be- success that an agricultural society I here is why: Thorson suffered a poss;ble skull / in the cornfield when his left hand ""erous "osi~ion all of the tim;i cause the Japanese commandant was formed with Watson as presi- SAVE 468 MINUTES A YEAR fracture and body lacerations. Mrs. I got caught in the picker and was ~-~,~v w~,~ ~n mU~ ~b ,e th: I was unable, to get enough gasoline dent The next year he began the I" Let's say it takes ten minutes to th *"~" I for the C 47 to leave immediately fair with a parade and closed itI --- " Butler suffered cuts from broken drawn in and shredded to e German lines mucl~ of the time A " ' h" " ' " make hot starch when you ha~e to shoulder He lay in the field two . . The Japanese meantime broug t with ' a pastoral ball Also prizes I c~nk it and sQr it ov~r a hot stovo glass and the others were only i . . . nuaay next to mm naa a premom- . slightly injured. Both -cars were i hours before his wife notmed that tion In on= of the "i~rco on-a-e up two tanks and set up ~ench mor ~ the amount of $70 were offered. I But you can make hot Faultless the machine was no longer in op ,-,tars arouno me plane. A ~~ rm - my me nex~ year me premiums i ~ h i,~ ~ ,~in,+~ T~,~, ,~,~no badly damaged. . . ments, lie salu zo Fvt. xoung,I 'meter cannon covered the party, had rosen" to $208 and the fair" was ~'~'~ " '~ "" "'~ """ '"~'~ l eratlon and went out to investigate i :~,~ ~-~;~ 4 ~, + ,-~,-. " hens think 1'11 make 1~ A morn- i J an en " h yu~ ~,~,= ,= ,u =o ~,~, t,= ~e br~u-ht him *, St Francis During the n ght the ap ese - so popular with the men that e I ~--- :* If v~t w~h ~nlv Small Girl Has '/ e . - -- .^ it~ ,~,o~:- t* ~ ,~ ent or two let r he was dead with,tertained the Americans with beer, decided the next thing to do was to I t. ;,~ ~ ,~.~ :,~.~':: ~:~n S "-~-"~':= -"~'~""*f+'~ "*~'% *ar~m" -"+~th~ a bullet wound ~n his head. I sake and Japanese songs.' make it "respectable" by getting f :'~':: ~4n~=~.~.~' ',"+:' '= .~=:. ~^"~ ~:.~.:: rious Accident / "a~J' "~ / :noulaer %'~iUn~=~n th'~: field and en- I Flight Officer Edward McGee of the indorsement of the clergy and l a~i= fort~'"m~nut'es~ ~Vou'~d"~%'~ ~AVALIER --- Beatrice Mohr, 11- / ~ " ~ ~" . . Durant Okla commenting on the the women ~ " route to the hospital the accident Fire At Neche I ''- ,::f e ha~-1" rhe " I rather have a box of candy or a scene sala: i someon a m a Bu~ ma~ was more almcult Ior of ha d o year-old daughter of Rev. and Mrs. / Does Much Damaae Itwo weeks ago I d bem a setup the clergy regarded such things as 9 C. Mohr of Neche, is in a serious j victim lost conmderable blood and . box starch t t save y u bet- l~ was necessary to give mm DIOO(I I~ '"-- "*'i- I we" '~ ~-" - t"rn^" him - l cer znan seven hours a year condition after a recent accident, r plasma mr taaooer~ ~s a~ years oz iur, v u* v u~u uav~, u =u "irivolous' ano women s place was , Beatrice was playing with several I " " ~,T~r, xa-~ ~ ;~" *nIover to the loco ward.' still very much in the home---not in } SAVE 26 HOURS A YEAR other youngsters, around some box ] age. " esti"~aa~te"d - 2"5 0~ d~ama~':,e~de~st'rSoved I Althoughthe members of the the public eye. But with ~e aid of I And that isn't all! Many people cars near the Hvidsten potato wash- ] "- "~i ~" '* ~' i "'an iteam were armed with revolvers, his wife he finally prevailed upon [ tell us that Faultless Starch makes me n sweuz mrm sere ce ann n h n renades ust n WrTl~ftqF ~T~.IWrA~ itommy-gunsa d a d g J them to exhibit the|r weavmg a d J it uossible to save half their iron- er house. Beatrice had stood be-/ aojommg aupiex nere recenuy, i k "- "," Jin case oftrouble, Capt. Patr c sewing and be present when the ling time Let s be conservative tween the box cars using it as a t HUj~-jL- I~i J~I~=A~'JI." ~asonne spinea near a welomg ]Teel of New York City, who was awards were made. When they did ] and say" that Faultless Starch unit st.rted the fire, according to n er battalion at hiding place. The men were using [ . ~ . . [with the first Ra g " that, the success of the fair was i mi~zht save you half an hour each a tractor to pull a loaded car away / MINOT -- Virgil M. Miller, head Henry Sha~len of Necne, WhO arriv- IA n.zio, said: "It'll take Just five assured and for the next 12 years / ironing day.- In a year you would . . -- Mr, and Mrs. Gust Menke. ed on the scene shortly after the 'drummer, fell ill and It was ap it n up nights, leg ins swelhn and replacing it with an empty car I fireman at the Northern States Po- [ minutes to make us all dead ducks. Watson labored to extend the idea / save twenty-six hours of hard iron- when Beatrice stood in the coup- { wer company plant here, is recov- blaze started. " I The flight to Korea from Sian en- into other states. By 1819 he had in- / ing timei Which is best--a box of ling for a third time and her body / ering from serious burns received The fire in the garage, owned by I tailed a jc irney of almost 1,000 duced the legislature of New York / candy or'a box of Faultless Starch~ was crushed. The brake on one car ! as a result of "flashback" resulting Howard Ristvedt, quickly spread to I m~tes over ~apanese occupmd tern- to psss an annual appropriation of I Why ~zo on starchimz and ironin~ wa~ locked and one of the work-i " i -- - - from excess aceumulatxon of gas m a duplex belonging I;o R stvedt, I tory. $10,000 to aid new societies in stag- [ the hard way when you can do it men went to the top of the car to I in a boiler. Force. of the blast threw, who lived there. ,1 As the plane got.within 500 miles ing fairs and from that time ,on the tl me easy way wire auiuess ~arcn. release it and upon so doing, he no- I him from in front of one boiler, Fire departments called from I of Ke.ijo .the" radm operator, ~ eounty fair became an established I Or, better still, ask your grocer ticed the body of Beatrice. With the "nat e second boiler causin Walhalla and Cavalier arrived too,Meredim ~ ,-rice oz unariaston, w. ~ r~^~ ~ ~ - agm,g,-,~ ,~=- ,o----,- ~ lor a vex maay. ~ou oeserve aid'of 'several others, she was re- Ipm'nful burns, on his back.late, to save any property, i Ca attempted to establish contact @ Western Newspaper Unlon. ,l Faultle~g .qisrrh, .i"n Arl, leased and was unconscious at the] ~ - Estimated damage included $10,-,wire me Japanese. { time. Her parents, Rev. and Mrs. : 000 worth of stock, two automobiles i 'We are expecting you and we [~ ~ ,| I |- - - guarantee you safe conduct, the Mohr were at Steinbach, Man at-i WHEATLAND -- John R. Hall, and the entir~ household goods of /,II t~Pq~l~~ [| / |~'i'~i~'~ tending a church conference and ] of Moultrie Ga wholesale Ristvedt and another family Alfred Japanese said. II ~ ~l ~l~ i[ [,-,- - . were called home immediately, l andJr 50,retail. hardware' dealer," collapsi Freeman, who lived in the 'duplex. i When. the plane landed, MaJ. Gen. Ii I~ N~t~ Ig ~k?@-- iIi |~ ;~.v~ ; ~ r d b ist Jun]iro Ihara chief of staff for the ~dJ~J~M~J~ Beatrice was staying atthe home of ] ed while hunting near here recent- Only ln:~ury was suffe e y R - / H i| ] - - - - . " ' " e Japanese zeroes m r~orea, asked Ana Iour~trengthand ly Death was aused by a heart vedt, with shght burns about th / II Ill Ii ~d ~ourDt re ngt~and ~ ~ uoi Kira ms mission H -=e lCLMO ~ ~VAT OM II ! III Enerlry Io Below Par aft ck. " hands," " II i" ' " -" a " i,l It may be ~tmed by disorder of kt ~- . Just Looking Around i | lgin I,' / !h/hweasiA~n~i Cr~ 'T:%:~eadl Pth/:l "T S;~RhTeE~DPolu~'=f:7t:: / il ,: = == = === = == =. 1 Allied occupation representative to I I sketch and it ended U"~ as one Of / II --' """ 'be ELGIN--- Gernhardt,Hintz of El- I If ,:~ I Ibring whatever help is needed by I T / |[ "~ m~ .~e.r aae~.~ ~ekaeho, gin Was elected to the American ( " -- ~ne tzlu~c lamuus uz au #,mericum rneumatie afns headae ea i " ,Allied prisoners of war and to make - i p h d =m a.e=, farmer degree at the two-day ha-] i RO$$WORD' PI/ZZL,i ipreliminary arrangements "for fu-i atrioticPamtmgs" "ictureThat ,s the,ThestOrYs iritOf theof I II ,si, , er~ti nalof convention/America Ofat FutureKansasFarm-city ,] t t i~;e t:tmCUat~n ~heaCC::1:neeeW~tht '~6." The ~t0ry of the pa'~ter is / II which ended recently, Shubel D. I ~ "-':= =-:--'=--='='=---.e--o =,--. I --o u.o P g l equally interesting, i J II " I ",--" ) Archibald Willard while serving I II ".ogle.a- ~" Owen, assistant state supervisor of ],I ' Then you re no~ nero m negoua~e I . ~ ~.~. ^ ,-~ I |[ ~I i~ better t o-rebr.on !,=S a ~u~uler in ~.= u,*u, a* j, m gem the as w agriculture education at Fargo. N.I P i' i' t 1' I' i i' I ,' I" I' 1 I' ;oendZ mI~ar;onaSke:" ur--]often amused himself by-~;)11 D. r, aid; ] 1, I I I ~, [,[,|1, i i . |14 i I huma;itarian " Bird replied p ely sketches of army life to send back / II Hintz election tc the American I,| ! I / ! ! I i I ! I I I / .- ?, " ~ home. After the war he painted a / II uot ~,-, tod,y. farmers degree i. high2st degree I 1 I 9 mara sam mat me pmsoners were t IS 16 7 $ 1 . huge panorama of war scenes which awar4ed by the ational rganiza' ] ill i i i i i- ~ i i ~ i ] ] well and were being cared for, but ' ne oegan exnini~ing'" ~uz people i l It-. - -- a - 20 21 Z2 that the party could not see them i " tion--:was based on his accomplish-, <:. I,! ~///7//~ I i ~/////~ I I I t Durin su er that ni-ht the Ja i wanted to forget about the war and / li PJIl 'l i Mi M I i Illl meat in farming, leadership and co- i,| [ .[(//X/~J ! I IP'//Z~.! ! ! [ g PP . g P" ; his venture was a failure So he,| -- operation in student, FFA Chapter, i Z3 Z,i 25 Z6 anese were quite convivial ~er i " i I I / ~ i I I I ! I I sing,ngJapanesesongs, oneasked /''--.--41, = 41, -- -- -- ~.1~ and community activities and schol- " ' ,ran,Went umobaCk tOanahlSgo~hOmea lop in Welling-wlm a |27,I ~/////'~28 I J" ~///'//~29 I! I I "What is the American air force~ .' . J qh#[[~W~K ~,~llldqh;li arship. Hintz was graduated from I ! ! V////A,I p-/z///~,I I ! ~ i wagonmaKer painting necorations / R~v~inbm'n,t EIgin high school in 1944 l I / v//H.~ - I song." i ' /,u,~wu~uu.emomeyna~ 130 ~////~:}1 t I I 1,3ZI I Vil/IA 33 h. 1 ! hn Wa-oner " the i on me wagons. 1 When excess stomach acid causes painful.suffocat. i i W//A i I I I I I ~////~ I~,I Lea 0y uapt ~lo g oi I "~ql I ing ~ t h ~.d b,a,tb dolt lly FFA ~hapters .t Rugby and Vel- ! I v////,4 ! I I ! I I z////i~ ! I I oi~ t~=,~o,~t command from [ .ti ll~A ~l~u ~Ullblllt~ IIl~lIl~,prescribe the fastest-acting mc, v -- v " I ~ +~.~ ~ ~ ~a. ^~ +~ ~o ur;) I iaeanevempeaoymoaernscienco.--~e~.h national,' state and county war bond,36 Skill,[ 14 Efficacy.' [O R I T T Y S L ~[E]~-~] [ mena for going AWOLE Hfr m [ ,=,u'^-'= v=,~=,"^~-+^'~ =,~ ,-,=-'~'" v,~,=o"; [ mt a "ePtm-ter'irntant'v~p rmng~that " uick co ~v Vehi~i-,16 Large cask[ ~ a m T i'I M T ~ M A 'I" GU m, said Ma]. Wilson . tint, [ I salve bringsq,mfort./~[~ officials at Bismarck. [ s~ ,rn .~,18 ~'a~7~ I-[ ~ ~ ~,Wayne, Pa ' Kids like th~ desex're [,ing ",' ]~r~J " ",nezore ms ueam m lul~ out none o~ relief. 2,5e doublem=e35~ ' ~ ~ ~ in " them ever bec me so f mous as 40Anger, / lands w rl- / a / b. gat the I S irit " '76 " I P E N E T R O 41 Damage / / i p o, . I - :=