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Beach, North Dakota
October 25, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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October 25, 1945

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%. THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER -- ~'~-- "---------'----'-- - " Plug Shakers - Clever Washcloth [JL Listed as Criminals nav eorKs .m oouom, those left-over slivers and scraps of o wn ca nave zanen insioe, remove toilet soap Put them into a small ' v-- "%~;;~, ;' ~l PRAGUE.--Dr. Bohumil Eeer, !h e cork and d,seard Then pa~e turkish toweling bag when talcing a J ~,~ ~l Czechoslovakia's representative ~s~Cn~: pv~per over me hole. ur bath; this bag full of soap can be ~, ~ ~vl A RY O H A RJ~ ~.'I] on the Inte~national War Crimes a s e z pe, put into the tub and you'll have W.N.U. FE~,TURS.S'~." ,- -~ ~ |] commission, said that the names wash cloth and s~ap in one. S ][ of 225,000 Germans were on the Fires Costly THE STORY THUS FAR: J vously, into this secret corner of her [ his lack of speed kept him from be-,[ provisional war crimes list long overdue, is born on the Goose Bar heart, she saw the deepest truth I ~g there. [] - In addition to Nazi leaders, he Every day in the "U. S. there Cleaning Diamonds are 1.800 fires. 28 deaths caused by To clean diamond rings, cover ranch, high in the Rockies. Its 12-year- and accepted it. She was as ready ~ One day, after a heavy blizzard, [[ ~, h-e -list'~cIudes C'-ermo- fire in 1,000 home~, 130 stores, 100 them with wood alcohol and let old owner, Ken McLauglflln, Is startled to as Rob to take all the chances share,he was not allowed to return to the '1 ~:J~c(;~ ;;A CJ3:I - -: --" ' ' ; I nnanclers and Inc[usznaasts WhO factories. 7 churches. 7 schools and stand for rive minutes. Remove and see that It Is white, and so a throwback all the dangers, endure the priva- ] Saddle Back. He was to be weaned. ~ [ helped promote the war 3 hospitals, polish with white tissue paper. to the Albino, a wlld staLlion that is grandsire of Fllcka. Ken's mother names .tions:. She too had been born "fae The fury of the wind was dying ~ - the white foal Thunderhead, bat it Is mg the wind." ~ away and only occasionally sent up |,B~ke" Passenger, I "Hanging Trousers----"--- commonly known as Goblin. At a dinner There stole into her the hint of,a cone of whirling snow Ken Mc-| party Ken reveals that the sire of Thun- ecstasy. She pressed her face on / Laughlin,'warmly dressed in a blue |Wro~ v,z~e~ I.~,D~-~,~,~ You invite disaster when you Best way to hang trousers Is up- {lerhead is not Banner, the Goose Rar her knees, The very terribleness of, ski suit and can stoo,~ in +~o stable,vaa~;~ j~ Jl,~loUaJ[Sl~ll9 carry another person on your bike. side down using a hanger with Clips. lngStalli n'studbntownedApPalacblan'by Cbarlesthesargentblack raC.on the winters--the very fear andI corral, holdingZ'Flicka-s ha"iter. He / 1 '7 ~L --L ][~ *,~--------~." the neighboring ranch. Ken suddenly oread seduced her and filled her,had been summoned home for one |J./lp a~J[lUUl[.~ A~l~lVai[ realizes that he has stolen the service, veins with strong wine. And the [O' his winter week-ends, to witness,' GEST OFFERS Sargent laughs and o,ers to ;ivs Ken beauty--the fierce, dreadful beauty |i.he weanin-of Goblin. [ The READER'S DI papers for his colt. Ken answers that Of winter The sunlmers--Oh the -- - |KilledManUn.oU kurg ." ' I The corral was mlo-leg leep in i v~ aavv vu vv ll~ s " m o. o ,y e.peo, summers, oe.evao,e oeep s ' "i "--ex+ra taco- . ; now, churned ,o'slush by the Und-r " d,gmfmd ork ;?e to mue oI me mountain skies--me huge in -^ ~ ~,~- - / ~ ,e~y ~'~v~. ass,g of the b.uuu a.arca, zu* ~wu I sculptured clouds the green gr /d ~ people with a httle spare time CHAPTER VII ' ~a mey naa oeen m and ou~ -- --the young animals, wild and free ~ the stable doors in and out the cor J LOS ANGELES. --- An outraged 1'/- with startled eyes, the swift run. ] ral ~,ates free 't~ lea ~en +~,'~ |year-old husband told police he shot Wind -- and wind -- and wind -- ning, heels kicking, the perfume,wish~ed free to etav and"fl'll the--m~- |and killed Harold Timothy Young, America's most widely read scriptionsfrom men in the " knocking you doyen when you tried smell of mint and. sage and pine I selves with hay ~nd~oat~ " |30-y'ear-old father of three children magazine--.The Reader's Digest" orwhohavebeenlnthearmed" service --canuseatewmoret;ommunity forces and are now discharged (o walk or stand against it. Mak- and grass and clover and snow, [ "'~ . "' . . [who wooed and won his wife away ;Representatives in this lo~allty, and back home at bali:price. lug a noise that was first like a clean from a sweep of hundreds of,~en s xace, pan xrom.~ne wmter I from him "under my very nose." . . conmlemen~aria Inecolawas zuu whine, and then a howl that hit a miles of emptmess-- And the lone- [ ? I Leon Benon, 17, a warehouseman, is pleasant and wil!In addition,many people whose high note and stayed there--piercing linens -- Ah, not loneliness, but,~lic~l~;'~Ceve~vve-us's y s and szro~ea"e ~oo.~eaner xore'mtv ] was held on suspicion of murder, mZeway tonZtlemakeUme'money. Jc onerSourancom.easy willSUbscripti nSbe enteringare abouttheir renewalet expire you, getting into your head and serene, deep, tranquil solitude--just [rock rl~s mm sens,uve ups were " I Deputy sheriff said he freely ad- munity Rel~resentatives--young at this season. ]By calling these making you crazy-- And the snow. herself and Rob and the boys-- [ -. ,' . ": / mitted shooting Young when he nnd old--are from evelT walk of people and forwarding their or- Days, weeks of being shut in by All her fevered thought became,sl~i~:aPar~^e~a- " ["foundhim making love to my life; busy, intelligent people who derstoPleasant~ille, you receive deep snow that sometimes drifted . ~ o o ~ ~ou ~ ~ wife " welcomethiaeasydignifiedmeans generous profits,' SaLt. bne croucneo qu~eny mere, mu lwith the cold ~'unnin his hand ' " over windows and doors so that of a mysterious happiness. |down her neck:.n~d--~ g t Benon and his pretty 16-year.old ofaddingtotheirineome.Theydo For comnlete et " " even to get out and see the sun you u uer .er tIllCK o1012 1 wit " not need to be the salesm tv~ . ~. d afls of thm " "" r were ! I e, Lms Jean, celebrated their an ~ Communkyl~,presentative [an had to make a tunnel-- Oh, all of it As Goblin developeo ~ne e /mane, Ken felt the hair deep as ~flrst weddin anniver ar "" z~ltnougn our readership ismailth ~,-~,~- P ' mwin o ~ ~yv" 4u ~U:ri~.f ~ ~,~,~, ~,~*~w or a penny hard! Hard! changes in h/s appearance and be-[fur. Her chest was broad and strong" [da"sy a-og Bg*~om are ~romS y m.ree~pme, famigra.p~dlYo,St!l}t Suddenly Nell was in a state ofhavior. Certain habits left him. cer- ]Her wide nostrils flared as she ~Texas as'is Yo,~ ~tc~%t r~ALL AN~'SCO~T~' '-~--,-,*~ o JJ*~P~I; frenzy and despair. They hadn't tain coltish accomplishments were |breathed And her le-s Oh wh- |' ung. era to The ;Reader s Digest.P|easantville, N, Y. l ' " ~- ' Y Officers summoned to the Benon By introducing the I--- -,-,- ~ m wanted it to be like this. The acquired |coulon't Goblin have had~ those long home b-~ Francis El-i-~. Smith 33- magazine to friends s "1 horses were to have made money The 'scrabble wasng nes' rmandmm .[snm ~egs of a runner, y--ear-on oaKer, Iouno oung's oooy: "and acquaintances, ! ~'leasesenamedetailso enough so that she and Rob could its place came. the. log p "g'gt,Flicka was. with foal again,on the livina~, room flo,' h h"-a. you'llearntheirhearty,EXTRA INCO~fP plrY uJ have had plenty of help--a furnace trot eharactenstm of young col s ] Standing there with her oun in the house--a vacation to a '~ Y g and body riddled with rifle slugs thanks as well as lib-," -, or eral profits. By ap- I | warmer climate every winter when ~: :;aldge:l:h;Ph ot e::hl;:;. /~::t;:hiSmh.%bW;waPlYlo~gn; v:ttc?; B:nthne h:dm:~Sfw~f/: =:t~e:.~rne.l::d proacnlngstrangers, |N | Y U can also acqmre I (p/ awprin, i.-p~.cil)~---'-- ~. the boys were at school and thereHe learned the art of wrestling. |head toward the Green, her ears "This fellow has been la. .on vin'~ new and valuable per- [ | ~was little to do on the ranch except Hia usual antagonist was Pepper, [strained forward Now and then her around wit w~f~ e,- ,-- .- . . . h my ~ ,~,u~ sonalcontacts Address l try to keep warm and alive, a tall black colt On an expanse or whole body shook m an angmshed he,n,~,t, n,~,~^, ~ of mont - Further, wehavede " Money, money, money -- it all level ground where the wind had |whinny. It was in that direction that era ouoted Benon as sa, .o.vinf, "I e c~ded--for a limi(e~d i City StaLe | came back to that! Her mind dashed = tfohe: hadtled her, a few minutes be- nally said, 'To hell with it' and ~ me--to accept sub- L " w,~,i-~ I this way,end that, doubling on itself, ~ - ~- -~==,i Goblin following. They went for my gun ' -- "=~'=="='~==~==~'===~==~===~=,=,-=,= =ll trying to find a way out. ~~ ~----~----=--" ~ hadKebrOught ,her back without him The arm was" found ,~isman*~,a EXTRA ei e sel BR ADI-" Horses. Nothing but horses. The ~ ~-~ ~ --~ ~ . . n patted her face and talked and tucked into a bedroom drawer Goblin--suddenly she seized that in- ~ " ~ ~ zo her. "Don't you care, Flicka-- at the Benon home, Bowers said. possible dream of Ken's--was it so ~---~ ---= ~. ~--- .-=-=-~ preottysO~:vYeOUWont,mmdsomuch Smith told the most complete hnpossible? Think of the ancestry ~ --y u' e a new oaoy--ana *t's tor " ' ~~.~---~ ---- s y of the tragic aUrar. He salc~ he .~ 7~ " "~, =" ~ oeuer Ior you no~ to De. nursing of that colt[ It was Rob who had ~'~ ~~ and Young and the Benons had~ re- first admitted he wanted one horse ~~*~-~.~.~.~ 'x~=- ram--you ve neon gettmg ram. 1 turned from - -~- "- r^. ~-.L. of the Albino's line who should be ~"- ""x'x~.~x~ ~ :ant fee, your rms under your iur and started talkmg in the hvmg horse!" It was she herself who had planned and .uggested breeding ~ [a~. ~udwd:n:y~e~I Flicka so they might get a colt exas with me,' " Smith related. with both her sweetness of disposi- tion and her speed. But the Goblin had neither. Nell tightened her hands into a harder fist, That inner fury which comes over high-spirited people when they are too often defeated filled her. She couldn't and wouldn't take it. Some- He stayed with the mare. Banner had wandered out toward the county road gate. Evidently he had had enough of domesticity. He began to call his mares and round them up The afternoon light was failing and the full moon, that had been nothing but a transparent according to police. "Lois said she'd like to. Benon turned to her and said, 'Do you love him?' She said, 'I think I do, I don't know.' " "That got Benon. He jumped up, grabbed his gun and blazed away." thing had to succeed. Goblin--his globule of mist, was turning to bright silver. ,~ Science Sweetens Future andSh rtswift.thickHislegsbumpyC Uldshape,gr Whisl ngbig When the last of the band had Sponges in Your Candy head, his bad balance, could some- followed Banner out Ken led his WASHINGTON. -- Maybe your how smooth out into magnificent mare into the stable, filled her feed postwar candy bar will sound dif- proportions. His mean temper, that box with oats and left, closing the ferent. It may contain "starch ugly readiness to bite and kick and door behind him. stand at bay in enmity to all, oould Then he exploded into a swift sponges"--which are very crispy change to the intelligent docility of run, tore down the gorge, across and crunchy. Flicks. And speed! Flicka's very the Green, the color flaring into his Don't worry though--a starch same speed. Rocket's speed. The A1- face, his blue eyes darkening with sponge isn't any relation to the excitement. Now the Goblin[ Now porous swab you use to wash your bino's speed--speed--SPEED! ~,:'. . "~ " his race horse! Now--at last-- car. Suddenly Nell was riding a rac- ~'~" ~. It's something stewed up in a test ing dream, running away to victory. ~ .~ As he opened the gate into the tube at the department of agrlcul- Goblin! No, not Goblin any more, " - r, ~.~.-'~ colt corral his father held up a hand ture's northern regional research but THUNDERHEAD[ The racing =. ~.~.~ and Ken moved quietly. The last laboratory at Peoria, Ill by a lady ~ . ~.-~.-" fifteen' minutes had been full of scientist named Majel M, McMas- stallion of the Goose Bar ranch! -'~'~-.~.~ shocks for the Goblin. tern. It's made of corn and depart- The big white brute leading the In the excitement of meeting hJs ment officials are pretty enthusias- field on every track in the court- Goblin stopped running axound old ~rienda and investigating this tic about its possibility as a food try! What colors would their jockey and looked at Ken. new place, Goblin had not at first project. wear? Cherry red and white. Who would be the champion he would blown off most of the snow, they gal- realized that he had been separated T. Swarm Harding, editor of the displace? Seabiscuit, of course-- oped in opposite directions, circling from his mother. Then he heard her department's house organ, "Usda," and would himself become then, not ir~ figure eights. When they passed anguished neighing. That whirled gave the world its frst notice that only great racer but great sire of each other at the center point they him around and started him toward science is beating field corn into racers, begetting hundreds of win- would pause, rear and strike at her. The five foot fence stopped him tiers after him, every stud fee bring- each other. Here began the beauti- The gate was closed, candy bars for the snack trade. "In its dry state," he reported, ing thousands of dollars. Goblinful play, bending to one side or the He raced around the enclosure "the ground or shredded sponge, must never be gelded-- other, intertwining heads, then slid- seeking an exit. A confusion of feel. because of its crispiness, imparts The bubble of her dream burst, ing down, almost kneeling to bite ing stirred him. There were the colts crunchiness to confections or Suddenly she was exhausted. She at the foreleg, rising high on nina crowding around him, Pepper, the crackle-like wafers. had lived through the winter; half a legs again to exchange a flurry of tail black, rearing and begging for "Shredded dry sponge also has dozen blizzards; the winning of boxing blows, their manes and tails a game. A strange intriglzing smell properties similar to shredded Coco- scores of races by Goblin; an alter- --the black and the white--lifted came from the long center trough; nut or chopped nut meats. When cation with Rob as to the gelding of and stiffened by burning vigor until he wanted to investigate that. But finely ground, the material shows him; had made thousands of dol- they flared like open fans. Sudden- he was still angry. He didn't know promise as a stabilizer in chocolate tars and spent them. She was sick ly the young stallions would plunge what to do. ",coatings and icings." of it all. Besides--none of it was past each other and, as if in a pre- At sight of Goblin, Ken s heart Making it involves a lot of proc- true. arranged dance routine, rush away began to pound. What a change!eases. The result is an extremely She forced herself. She studied in the figure eights again, their hoofs The colt had grown all over, so porous material with "very high can the room. That was real. There was thundering on the ground, that he was still shaped like a ma- orific value," Harding says: and moonlight flooding through the win- Goblin also became an accom- tare horse--most odd-looking. But you know--crunchy. doT. Look at it. That hump was Rob plished bucker. On icy mornings there was no mistaking the power Commercial eandymakers are clef- sleeping beside her. This was the when the sun blazed down and the in him. Measuring him quickly initely interested. ' ranch. It was going to be winter-- air was a fierce intoxication, all the against the others Ken saw that he just like all the other winters--just colts broke away from their dams was as big as the biggest and old- like all the storms and dangers-- and banded together for play. eat of them. In six months he had Massachusetts Town they were poor and going to be They raced up and over the brow caught up. Remembers First Banana poorer -- nothing had ever suc- of a gentle rise and came down the Impelled by insatiable curiosity, WELLFLEET. MASS.--This Cape ceeded and it was quite possible, other side bucking. A few playful Goblin approached the ]Joy cautious- Cod "village is celebrating this year even likely, that nothing ever would, bucks sufficed for most of the colts, ly, obliged to satisfy himself as to the 75th birthday of the banana. She had read something clever but not for the Goblin. His bounds this small human being, not much about that one day, telling you that became higher, his legs stiffer, the taller than himself, and why It was in 1870 that Capt. Lorenzo if you wanted to know what the" twist of his solid powerful little body memory rang a bell at sight of him. DoT Baker of the Wellfleet succeed- future would be--look at the past more acute. It seemed to go to his His muzzle strained forward. His ed in bringing a cargo of bananas and merely extend it! head. At last he would be alone body held back. He got one'sniff- to the United States from Jamaica. Laying the whip to herself in this there, when the game was aU and at the same tird~ Ken s hand B. W, I. fashion, she began to come to life, over, bucking solo in a mad, intern- moved to pat his nose. The colt's Previously all attempts to import and again her anger rose. There perate ecstasy, ears flew. back--he whirled and the fruit had failed because the ha- wasn't a day or a moment that you When, in December, the spring lashed with his heels. Ken ducked, nanaSage h'omSp iledtropicaldUringclimes.the longln roy-that were really safe here. The ele- colts were weaned and kept at the "Pretty close!" laughed Rob. year, however, Baker made the trip merits could kill you as easily as a fly-swatter kills a fly. And at any season of the year, a bad storm, or flood, or drought, or plague of grasshoppers, or an epidemic, or a fire, or merely the wrong sort o! weather at the wrong time could sweep away all the work of a year and all hope with it. That, she thought sareastically, is probably the fascination of it for men like Rob. Adventurers. It's such a big gamble, with all the odds against you. It's the most exciting, dramatic life in the world. Feeling the life stirring in ,her agahL even though It was the//veil hess of anger, she tried to penetrate the truth still more deeply. Was her indignation true? Did she actually i~te her realities? i~ering down, almost mischie- ranch for handling and graining, Goblin was left on the range. No more wrestling or boxing now, fo~ he had no playmate, and when he tried it with-Banner, rearing be- fore him and putting up his fists, the big stud went on grazing, oblivi. ous of his existence. Goblin played alone. He raced on the curving hills, thundered in fig-- ure eights, reared and shadow- boxed, put down his head and bucked -- sunflshed -- jack.knifed --cork-screwed -- He knew them all. Three times more hefore his aLx months of nursing were completed, Banner swept the whole band down to the ranch, for not a month passed without a blizzard. Goblin came to know the way so well that he tried to shoulder to the front, and only "You've got to be fast with that fellow!" "Goshl How he's grown," mar- veled Ken. "Bigger than any of the others, isn't he. dad?" "He's a husky." Goblin was tearing around the fence. It made wild fury in him that there was no way out. In the other corral when they came down from the range in a storm, the gates were always left open. They were there of their own free will. Even when they crowded into the barn there was a different feeling. He began to buck. This wasn't bucking in fun. This was protegt, this was pure fight. He went through his repertoire. The other colts got but of the ~ay and Rob and Gtm ~- treated to the fence. (TO m~ COmTINU~-D) from Jamaica to Massachusetts so quickly--ll days--that the banana~ arrived intact. Faithful Camel Loses Out to Modern Motor Car LONDON.--At long last the faith- ful camel is going the way of the horse as ~t beast of burden, accord- ing to Col. W. F. Stirling, British of- ricer in the Middle East and one- time chief of staff to Lawrence of Arabia. Back on his first leave in five years, Stifling said the automobile is taking the camel's place on the ~esert. "The bottom has dropped out of the camel market and they are be. ing sold for meat now," he said. Fresh aotive yeast goes r|gh! to work ! 'No lost act|on'no extra steps. 'Helps give sweeter, tastier bread flavor--light, smooth texture--perfect freshness! IF YOU BAKE AT HOME--always use Fleischmann's active, fresh Yeast with the familiar yellow label. Dependable for more than 70 years--America's tested favorite. In America, East meets West, North meets South, ~,t ~rough o great network of railroads. Sloan'$ salu}.es the workers who keep our transportao tion humming, day and night. Their muscles '~ ~, strain that we may travel that we may m~:~k~ I~:~receive the products of 48 stales, To the ~ ~dignity of their labor, we pay nl, sl~ct. ,/ ii!!ii i ii# ; Tired Aching Muscles Sprains Sfif Joints Strains Bruises t "% | Ketlog~'s RMe ~spies equal the[ whole' ripe 1 grain in hearty all the protective food ele- kTnta declared essential to human nutxitloa.