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Beach, North Dakota
October 25, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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October 25, 1945

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/ i" THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1945 THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER PAGE FIVE THE V. l ew Jar e ]TIrs. ras] cent, e ta t md Egg prices are ezpected to de- l i i~lll i l re] workers. Counties affected axe support levels d~rlng rn~ of the worn n~ j~ peon r~etvea ne p n Noah D~r~ are called upon l i~i~~~~li~ iI] rl -" ~-- wff f ]I embi ~, WaSh, C~awd ~m~, w~ter and ~ng ~ys ~s U S ~. ~#~.~ Steele, Tretll and Omss Departxnen.t ~f Agric~tur i by G ernor O [] in e. A Continua~lon o~ m BADLAND$ COWBOY" observe Navy Day October 27. "THE ,I "One hundred and seventy years ~ ~ I Imok Pamczn of Medora. passed l ] ~ ~A~~~ I ~,way at her home near l~drfle~d ~ ffi Established in1^ ~ -- ~ aO~SON Manag~ I ago," the governor said in a ~oc- l~ ~~~ U follu~ng an e~mded il~. ~m-]--=- lld"~]rl$&"~l'~['~l T1~7 ~T~l~l~l~ W W. MALKoWSKI, Mana0er t lama(ton, "the cor~tinentel congress l~ ~ ~~ er~l services ~re to be held a~ t~e m I[t[ Illl~lH ~ ~J /! I~N aid I 1 ,m' ---n,~ - ]Ed|tor~ received a bill providing for bhe ~ ~~ I Ukrainian C~urc~ in BeLfleld, OCt.1 ~ li~.~LLkJB~k.Y --.Ell ~ .Ll.~l~ -- ~.~, l cre~tion and establishment of. a ~l ~~] 1 25. Burial ~vi~1 be made in the - Jfleet, entrusted with~ the task of ~]~/ ~i~iiiiiii~:~!!i~i~i~~ iUkrainian come%cry. ~ We will buy horses for slaughter each week Entered in the Post Office at Medora. l " ~iilings ~ou~ty, x, "th,-o Dakota, Feb-!, p~o~u~g no~ omy our nv~ an~ ~ [~i,~~q II I = m Medora, m carload lots, from now unt,l further =- ruary 15, 1934, as s ec nd class matter[property, bu~t of destroying the :~:::i::i~: "~iiiii~!ii~ ~grs Pasic~yk was born in AUS- -= ' " i ~7~ -- - -,~i~ m ~rla on dune ~.~, 1~, ann came = . r the Act o~ Marcn ~ *o,~ unde ' " |enemy when called upon to do i ~~4 i t~o ghe United ~t~tes 42 years ago. ~ notice. $1.35 per hundred wil] be paid for all good =~ -- ~so." 1 ~i i Her untimely p~slng leaves to slaughter horses 2 years old and over and one-half = m ~c~al News a er of the County of/ ~--. Off'Billings.'" " ~a~e~"P p or" ~"u.~. ~.~ ~,~Otar" '~ " ~ms navy. ,has increased con- I ~i~!i~:i:::~i~ ~:::i:~::~!~!~~i::::~;~: ~ mourn her. lass, her husband, that price" for yearhngs." Published oeV~ry Tohl~sd~YkatMedo a.] tlnually until now it is r~ogn~d Billings C Y. ] as the mightiest sea-a~r power the l~ ~i ~:~i| n George ~-'asmznyk, her mo~ner ann = =-- l ~I 1 sixteen children. One child di~ ~ Due to the shortage of stock cars, it will be -=-- ~ubscripfion: $1.50 per year in advan.ce] world ha~ ever seen, Che governor :::::~::~i:~i~!;i!~!~i~i;~~ in irzfane ] l~l~:~.i:::i!:ii::z!.:~i/:::::!:/:::: The ~'Yoneer extends hear~e]t necessary to arrange for delivery .of your horses a iN[ .r~l ~ l'~ [ "Our navy is manned by men and ~ ~ii sympathy to the sorrowing rela- - at le&st one week in advance. For furtherinforma- - 3 *elr,eal 1,0urseSIwomen mrt of theli an of who mzou m t a.~.~w-~ rives, tion contact our agent W. J. Ray, Medora, N. Dak. "~T [B " ~ ~] ~heir devoti'on, courage and skill l 0W being WHCrcu[ ~vo given to ~ ~e greatest n~vy NE~ YORK--(Soundphoto)- .~ -~ "" Shidehara above for r I I W S RAY I I = THE ELDER HORSE CO. = / on earth, admired and respected ~uuro, me I I - I i - = To Train Experxenced Men ]by all naMo~, ambassador to the Unlted States. [| ~iIozno~-ai-Law, [,Jamestown, N.D. --= ' has been ,named Japan s new pre- ]~ fi for Post-War. Term Will Open] "Many courageous men and wo- mier to succeed Premier Prince In PRACTICE IN AI~L COURTS ] .;~lt~t~"t:u"~IIt~mmmu!t~I"mI~u"~t:~`"mn!"n~I;~!mm"t]m"~m~:]~m'`i!~"t~mm~mn`:~tIt~mz;~g~"tm~"'g)I~!;~""nt~* January 3 men of North Dakotm, have serv- Higashi-Kuni "The new premier is [I,--~ - - for ed and are serving with honor asnow selecting a new'Fabinet who [I Medora, N. Dak. I] ~-~ ,td~'e,'/~em~! joT- --he~lPnurncy',uc m~tric~:ns neh: will members of 'the United ~tates will help him direct the country's I I I I ~.~e'~-~ d- ~avy." General of the Arm~- MaeArthur.~-'-V---. ~~ .~ ~,~;,~,~ **~ vv~,~, ~ o,~ ~ v~ ~.i~ol]. eb~d murda~m--(" -g---nM~'~'nal:c rtnc~lU ~l~ ~ Aand'a hl urged "all the people o/ affairs under the ,pervision of I ' ] ~- "~ ~'g~ ,Th~r~ i ;f" Z,~, .T,-~ ~,~ i. " --or"-Da~ta North Dakota to pay tribute to l |'--'~,~] -- :nl~tth)e Pre ~a~rsm ~L~,T~e fferS~tea our modern navy, to pause in our Wah W ih 1 i ESTRAYED ! daffy work and recall ~he great er omam c e ou C,g be to School of Science va I o ' i" ut" n - " ~lectriceontr D lo made by the person- " "42) 1Ple~ase N tifyMedora, North Dakota,W" J. RaYof all fI' ~~ Spec~I 3-mo.nm.course:nm~n with nel in brirtging ~e late w~r a Dies In M chl an al ~nnng th~s winter .fo successful conclusion." ~ law [" electrical e~perience. He also reque~ed that "all civic, . I l Cattle or Horses branded N[ [ ""~" The Course will begin on Thurs- fraternal, patriotic, religious and The sad news w~s received here n W ~, ~ ~r~ e *~o+ it (Bellows) on Left Ja I[@lll Every o and then, when I mittee raising the bugaboo of j . W, day, Jan. 3, 1946 and will be in educational erg~niz~tions hold ap- ~,v""""" ~a. ~ ZT'I, a~ I runoutofnewsfortheClarion, Prohibition. session for a period of 12 consecu- propriate progmn~ f~tting the oc- wa~.~er "z'omammne~. son ox .m~r. iShoulder or Hip; (Cross- li~ -~ ~ Er Bf t z przm ~tems a~ouc wnat nap- ~ame om cry aown mrougn ~ive weeks. This course wi,ll be re- casion and that all public in~ti- Mrs. J. J. Tomumlehel, ~md ~ ~v l L) Left Side on Cattle- [ [ ened Fifty Years Ago in Our the years" "There ought to be a peated beginning A~ril ~ ff suffic- tutions display the national colors o. ~ . at his farm home 40,' i. P len~ qualified applicants axe avail- in honor of the navy on October n~les from Oooks, Mich. Funeral t Left Thigh on Horses; li~l Town. May be a lazy man's way law?" Same old desire of one able. It is designed to give added Z7",arrangements were not disposed[ |t'T"'~ ~e--f~ ~me undue, P-.q I of filling space, but it often group to force its opinions on training and experience to men Furd~her, that( sunday, Oct. 21, as fax as we can learn. The PioneerI [ HI ] makes mighty interesting read- another. who l~ve had two years experience is hereby de~igna~d as Navy I~y and stuff Jolzm the host of friends[| running off Submarginal Range,~ I ing. From where I sit, it's not more or more in electrical work. The Sunday to be a special day of in extending heartfelt sympathy] |South of NP tracks or East of~ ~ ^. ~ ^ ~. lawsweneed--normorerestric thne spent in ~ p~o~ramrswiD tribute to the men in all the ser- o ~e,ved re~ti e~. jSubm gi al fence on North~ -- flons of our rl'-ht to think -nd I s~o ! always repeaung Itsen. emme om s, ~pply ~owaxd the three yea of vices, who h~ve lost their lives at. .-~.- ~. i ! "reaudices blckerin"m and rots- choose, and Hve as we see fit. expexlence required in order. %o sea indefense of the United ~m ~uv~,ae~ sam~m~a'x ! You will be reimbursedany! a-, ~o, ,L i vtakos Here's ~-, 1~ a l Jam; more [onerance aml under- make application fore~annna- States." e n i v,---u,-,--~ Nln o~ o i exp nse i notify ng. Any in-I , e N h Dak ta count es oh- j ~,'~ln, to restrict fre- s--~-~ standing--more live-and-let. (ton for a J~rneyvn~n License. i t~ined feeder -alv^- for 4~" -lub I I zormauon concerning me tamng I I -- ~" -, w,~,- ; ~, - . Training and experience in elec- SALESl~N W~TEv~D -=iLApTr~t". ~ ~ -~ v ''a dema-o--e c--in- out a,at~st n,ve among auman Kina -,'-rk '- ~ ~ ~ ,-~ .~ ~ I Ior s~eanng OI I;nls livestock Wlll| I m ~-- -,~ b ~, ~ ~t " the anmed services and in de- A~ low as $I.~ ~r gross. ~navice~'~*~in *''Coopemtion~rr~a~' ~ +~ ,with flrn~ ~n-]~]]begr wersreWardedA~ti nUnder Rew~dthe Stock-]as !][ women s r gh~ a lo~d com. ~('] A (]//ll.t/~j~.~ wi, oouo, in rgo . on ! tnvo years experience required for eli-~o ~ o~:, ~,~ -'- published {--/ enr01tment in the course. 2~, N.Y. 16-4~ Stockyaxds. [ [. " t COFyr/g~, 1945, United States Brewers Foundation the sugar torrent breaks and Amer/ca looks to Mounds, ,heaps, piles, MOUNTAINS of ugar beets . . . twenty thousand carloads an all-time record haul from Northwest farms must be moved to sugar factories by Northern Pacific in juzt about seventy.five days. With newly improved roadbed and modern equipment, we'll take tbi hurry-up job in stride. It'~ an assignment that only the railroads can handle a typical order for MASSPoRTATION. Co]Rntght 194S, lq~om Pa0t~ Raibny