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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
October 25, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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October 25, 1945

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4 i: P THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER Rotenone Imports In 1931, the first year in which this country imported rotenone roots in commercial quantities, our imports were only 8,400 pounds. By 1940 they had expanded to 6,500,000 pounds. Rotenone is used in insecticides( . ~ Versatile Fruit P~.ches adapt themselves read: fly to innumerable types of desserts and salads. In addition to delicious flavor, they offer fair amounts of vitamins A and C. Illinois Cropland Corn, soybeans, oats and hay com- prise 90 per cent of the total crop- land in Illinois. I with GHE#ERG TONi A ~IfYou catch c Id easily-becaus~e /~,~ you lack all the natural A&D ~( ~]~tVitamins and energy-building, ~r)~kI,~g natural o"Is you need--you may ~r-~, beamazedhowScott'sEmulsion $I ~ can help build energy, staminc~ ~,II and resistance. Try*it ! See why ~,1t /| many doctors recommend this ~/,#L ~ good-tasting, high energy, food d ~"~" tonic. Buy at your druggist'So Made Gin-Se Extract? 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Send for free, prepaid sample TODAYt Like thousands of others you'll be glad that you did. Send name and address to Department iv, Kilmer & Co Inc Box 1255, Stamford, Conn. Offer limited. Send at once. All drusgists sell Swamp Root. Blooming Hats It took clothes-ration points for an Australian girl to buy a hat:Know- ing this, United States soldiers often brought to their dates special- ly made headpieces of fresh flowers. This custom, started by our troops, became the rage in hat-scarce Aus. tralia. Q Prog~ esMve Century The barometer and the thermom- eter were developed in the 17th cen, fury. lteating Safety One of the most notable innova- tions in safe heating is the wet base boiler m which water circulates un- der the ash pit. The fact that the boiler can be placed on a combusti- ble floor zs ot interest in connection wzlh the trend toward the basement- less house In such houses it is often desirable to install the boiler on a woollen floor m a T~tility room or ktlchen. Olher safety features of modern boilers are foot-treadle door openers, ball-shaped, air-cooled han- dles and side shakers, making il easier to open and close door's. O Lucky Stones Emeralds were once believed to be beneficial to the eyes and ame- thysts were thought to prevent drunkenness, according to Encycloo paedia Britannica. The belief in lucky stones still exists. Bath Banishes Blues According to etymologists, the English word "batlf' comes indi- rectly from a Greek word meaning "to drive sadness from the mind." Which goes to prove again that the classic Greeks were a modern peo- ple and that they knew the full value of bodily cleansing. Bathe frequent- ly and thoroughly, and thus "drive sadness from the mind." Plan Baths If the man of the house has been accustomed to taking his daily show- er in the mosning, reserve this time for hinx The childr(4n might bathe in the evening, alloting the time ac- cording to their ages and when they go to bed. The younger children might be bathed before dinner, old- er children later Plan your own bath for whichever hour will give you the most relaxation. Eggs Nutritious Eggs help keep the body healthy. They make strong muscles and red blood. A child needs four to five eggs a week. An older person needs three to five eggs a week. Eggs may be eaten plain, or mixed in other foods. Whip Soap Flakes Whip your soap flakes in a little hot water with an egg beater and you will need fewer flakes and get better results. US( COLD PREPARATIONS LIQUID. TAOL T5, SALVE, NO5[ DROPS USE ONLY A5 DIRL(T[D DASH IHFEATH|RS. WNU 4Z--45 Huts all Oy nd night vdtlmut mh,eliug--hdds fin, uvmd daysa dosod drdt o/ sabstmt [e.Jpped mtmst draft contrd. MOOQ ~0 The amazing, exclusive, patented, l~terine construction of the WARM MORNING Coal MCOEL 42@ Heater has won acclaim by owners throughout the Nation. It's famous for the abundance of stead,/, clean heat it produces. And you'll be pleased with it, remarkable h el and of opemttom. SEE TOUR I}EAI~-He will gladly show you the many remarkable merlm of the WARM MORNING the coal heater that outsells them all. If he lstempora~ily Outsremember a Warm Morning is worth waiting for. LOCKE STOVE CO 114 West lltb St IUUqSA$ crrlf @, MO. (w4t) -% ~:i :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::!:::!:::::::::" ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Youngsters' Party Delight--Ice Cream Clowns (See Recipes Below) Children's Party . How long since the youngsters had a party of their own? It doesn't have to be birth- day time to cele- brate, because parties for the younger set are fun to have, and essential for de- veloping social poise. Parties like this are easy on moth- er because refreshments must nec- essarily be simple. A little imagi- nation and flair for decoration will do the rest. Good wholesome food prepared at- tractively will go a long way toward satisfying the little guests. Add a few gay tablecloths and napkins, some easy but exciting games and you have all the ingredients for a successful party. If you are serving sandwiches, cut them into shapes with animal cut- tars. A cool glass of milk, or hot chocolate with a frothy blob of whipped cream--now returned to the grocery shelves--will bring forth cheers from Jimmy's or Joan's friends. The favorite dessert is cake or cookies with ice cream of eoursel Anything you can do to make this latter partyfied will all be on the credit side of the party. Now that cheese and meat are easier to obtain, you can again have fun with sandwiches. Not too much seasoning, though, because young. sters' stomachs are sensitive. Here are some good suggestions: Bologna Filling. (Makes 15 to 20 sandwiches) 1 pound bologna cup chopped pickles or relish 1 cup mayonnaise 1 tablespoon minced onion Dash of tabasco sauce 3 l~rd-cooked eggs teaspoon salt 1 cup ground raw carrots cup chopped celery Grind bologna and mix thorough- ly with relish, mayonnaise, onion and sauce. Divide in half and to one part add 3 hard-cooked eggs, chopped, and % teaspoon salt. To the other half add the carrots and celery. Deviled Egg Filling. 4 hard-cooked eggs teaspoon salt teaspoon pepper % teaspoon dry mustard 4 teaspoons vinegar 1 tablespoon chopped parsley 4 tablespoons mayonnaise Chop the eggs fine. Add other in- gredients and mix well. Deviled Cheese Filling. pound mild cream cheese I small onion 3 canned pimientoes or chopped green or red peppers 3 hard-cooked eggs, chopped teaspoon salt teaspoon paprika 4 tablespootm mayonnaise Lynn Says: Don't R~tion Eye Appeul: Foods that look their best usually taste the best, too, because they've been cooked and served properly. When garnishing daily dinner and luncheon platters, simplici- ty is the theme. A few freshened carrot tops, lettuce leaves, strips of green pepper or tomato wedges make the difference between the family's liking the food and mere- ly eating it quietly. Candles, simple flowers or a bowl of fruit add to the table im- mensely. They even seem to make the food more palatable. Serve meat balls and chops on a bed of watercress and watch the difference. Or, cut grapefruit rind into fancy shapes with a cutter and set them against a background of green. Children's Party Menu. *Assorted Sandwiches Hot Chocolate *Ice Cream Clowns Popcorn Hard Candies *Recipes given. Grind the cheese, onion and pi- miento. Add the eggs, seasoning -" and mayonnaise. '~" Mix thoroughly. Fruit salads, which contain well-liked fruits, are a nice con- trast to sand- wiches at chil- dren's parties. This one will be high in favor: Orange, Pineapple and Apple Salad. (Serves 6 to 8) 3 oranges, peeled and diced 3 slices canned pineapple or 1 cup tidbits 1 unpeeled red apple, diced 1 cup seeded grapes, slivered cup pitted dates, cat in small pieces cup mayonnaise Mix fruit with mayoxlnaise and chill very thoroughly. Serve on shredded lettuce. During the cooler weather, it is often advisable to have a hot dish for the youngsters to start things off right. Now that cheese is again available, it might be a good idea to serve the following spaghetti dish: Creamy Spaghetti. (Serves 6) 4 tablespoons butter or fat 4 tablespoons flour I teaspoon salt teaspoon pepper 2 cups milk cup grated American cheese ~A cup chopped green pepper % cup chopped pimiento 3 chopped hard-cooked eggs 2 cups cooked spaghetti (~ pound, uncooked) Make a white sauce of the butter, flour, salt and pepper. Blend in milk, cheese, pepper and pimiento. Add eggs and spaghetti. Pour into a greased baking dish and bake 35 minutes in a moderate (325-de- gree) oven. Turn onto a hot serv- ing platter and garnish with chopped stuffed olives or pickles. Simple foods made to look pretty are a big hit at any party and foods are ice cream and cook- ies. In this des- festivities, a plain cookie forms the ruff of the clown's suit. a ball of ice cream makes the head with raisin eyes and cherry nose and mouth. An inverted ice cream cone makes the clown's hat. lee Cream Clowns. (Sez=~'es 6) 6 large cookies 1 quart vanilla ice cream 6 cones Seedless raisins Candied or maraschino cherries Arrange cookies on a large plate. In center of each place a ball of ice cream. Top each ice cream bail wit~ an inverted ice cream cone. Decorate each ball with raisin eyes and cherry nose and mouth. Vegetable Dinner. Remove the leaves from the eauli~ flower and cut off any bruised or dirty spots. Place it. top downward. in a deep bowl of cold salted water " and allow it to stay there about half an hour to draw out dust and other impurities. Cook it whole in boil- ing 'water, incovered. Cook 15-25 minutes unti~ tender. Add about cup milk tc the water in which it is boiled---it will keep the cauli- flower white. Lift out the cauliflower carefully and allow it to drain in a warm place. Scrape the two small bunches of carrots, dice them and add them to briskly boiling water. Salt them and boil them until tender---about 10-12 minutes. Drain and butter, Released by Western Newspaper Union. Cotton Damage Most of the ginning damage to cotton occurs during the first three to four weeks of the ginning sea- son. The cotton Is "green" and damp because of the high moisture .content of the seed. Cotton Pickers The leaves of the cotton must be removed by chemicals in order for picking machines to do the best Jobs. Cotton is easily stained by green leaves and this makes dyeing of the cotton difficult. Garden Superstition As late as 1740. people in New Eng. land thought potatoes would shorten men's lives and make them un- healthy. Towel l~undering Increased use of towels means more frequent laundering. Hang towels straight on the line rather than by a corner. After using bath towels, spread them out on racks to dry instead of folding or bunching them. Never pile wet towels on the floor or in a laundry bag. Soggy towels can mildew overnight in hot weather. Palm Wine Fermented palm wine is often used as a yeast substitute for bread making in Liberia. Canned Carp A Minnesota manufacturer is about to can carp and market it, grated, tuna-style, under the name of "Lakefish.'" Date-Bran Muffins, good~ as cakel (Take no sugar, no shortening!}. - These delicious, ndw ~LL-~A~ muffins two-thirds full and bake in moderate- made with chopped dates will have a big appeal for the "sweet toothers" in your familyl They're so mokst. And they're so tender---so good. That'~ be- cause XZ~LOGG'S ^LL-~RA~ IS milled extra-fine for golden softness. 2 cups Kellogg's 1 cup sifted flour ALL-BRAN 1 teaspoon sod~ % cup molasses % teaspoon salt l:h cups milk ~ cup chopped 1 egg " dates Add ~LLO~G'S a.tL-~aaN to molasses and milk and allow to ~oak for 15 minutes. Beat egg and add to first mixture. Add sffte:l dry ingredients and fruit, Fill greased muflLr~ par~ ly hot oven (400 F.) about 20 mln- utes. Makes 15 light, luscious muffins. Good Nutrition, too! ALL-BRAN is mnde from the VZTAL 0O~eR LAYERS of finest ~'heat--contains a oneentr~Hon of the protective food elements found in ~ I the whole grain, l ~.P ~,a~--'""-~ [ 0no-half cup pro- I ~M~* ]~ rides over ~,~ your I ~[ l I ~ daily mlnimnm 1411"lHIJa~I need for iron. L.~,:',~N~[ Serve Kellogg'a~~ I ZI.L-BnAN da~ "We one th/s seal to no one--the produd has to earn it, as says Good Housekeeping Magazine regarding this famous seal Look for it on every Clabber Gid package. dren, eases sensitive little throats, helps'el imin a" "~" te plflt~ .~fA~~M .a~. promotes healing of irritated membranes. Clfildr" eta ~~ likettspleasanttaste.Giveyourchildtherdi~Dr.Drake,s ' d ~ ~ ";i::!!!i}~!:i::::~:: Im brot~t to millions. ~i~