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October 27, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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October 27, 1960

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YHE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER. MEDORA, N. NkK. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1965 ,| =L the schoolhouse In Section 26, Town- - " COlVn~gSIONER OF INS~ State's Attorney j ~'Jamest~'wn" NOTICE OF Daniel Osadehuk of the polling places within each pro- ship 143 Range 100. l~eglster of Deeds [A T v cinot. ~ I County Judge GENERAL ElEcTION County Auditor heals I Co~'R OF AGRIClI~L~ Notice iS hereb---7 given that on Billings County I ~ KNIFE RIVER PRECINCT --- Corn-| ~uperln~enaen~ oz ~cthan 8000) i ==tm~ ~at=~v, prising all of Townships 143.and l 441Coroner (counties less t (SEAL) t 27-No~ 5 ~ MIKKEI,SON PRECINCT -- Compri- I Range 99. Voting. p] ace, at LneT~,n~ ICounty U--ommissioners |' m-~,n~,~lton~,=uct,~ Tu~y, Nov. 8, 1960 at the l~lllng toc. '. ) I sing all of townships 143 and 15,4 places in the various precincts m ' Range 102 and the west half Of field SchoolhoUSe In ~eeuon ~ TO ",District Assessors [ D~ aww~rfe~ ~n~lr~ Justices of the Peace,~,'*~'~ "~"',~-~,-- ,~,~- ~'--'----'--- the County of Billings. State of NorthLIST OF PRECnqrCT NAMES townships 143 and 144 Range 101. ship 143 R~ 99. [ . ~,~ ~n.u a. ~,v,L- ~ m Dakota a General Election will be 1 ""~'~'- held /or the election of. State, uis- AND VOTIHG PLACES, I Votlng place at the Jack R. Con- Pubhc Ad~dnlstrator [ ~*~a=~=,ood trict and Cotmty Officers, which BILL~IfGS COUNTY, nell residence, Section I, Twp. 143 SNOW PRF A31NCT -- Comprising all] County Constab es of Townships 143 and 144 Range 98.[ . [ NO-PA~'I~ NOlVIINATIONS Official ~ews]~.oer ' SgIDGE OF THE SDJPR|~MB| C~ eleet~on will be opened at nine NORTH DAKOTA I Range IQ~. o'clock A. M and will continue openI InV tingsectionPlace7 atTownshipthe Joint schoolhouse IRange * 143 98.| Director Garrison Diversdort Ce~.serv-, Regular ~T~rm " -- - -'-----es I OB~qtT C. TIEGEN until seve~, o'clock P. M of that The following are the names all HALL PRECINCT -- Comprising of ~ ar~cy ~Di~t " Dakotatthe precincts Of the County of Bfll-I all Townships 145 and 144 ~ 1~0 Tne l~uowmg ~errea a~eam=r 1 Bismarck fags, State of North Dakota, thai and the east half of ~nsh~ ~4~ I?:DIAN SPRINGS PREC]~NCT---Com-~ and Initiated Constltutto~)~ A~.nd-I Unexpired Term this 21st a~dlayMedora,of October,NOrth1960. ' territory Inclu lea and the Ioeatlon and 144 Rdmge I01. Vot~ag p~ at prising all of Township 142 Range 98 also be suhmitte~ at this ALVIN C. STRUTZ and east half of Township 142 Range n and a ~ubneltyI Rismarck ~' ~ 99. Voting place at the school house be issued ~a accord- JUDGES OF THE DISTRICT COURT on Section 32 Towns ~hip 1%2 Range %8. First District PIONEER PRECINCT -- Comprising meat w)ll Genera~ qD~tio~ Pamvh~t ~ill be lance width .Section 2,5. Oo nstltttticm of. [ N0~th Etal~ot~, as ~nd~t; - . I ROY K. :R]~DETZKE h" 142 Ran-e I Nd. I. lq~erenda~ O~ S~nate Bill,Fargo . the west halt o~ towns Ip -~ No 73 -.~tapter 1~I, I~9 EL :L I' SecondDisltrtet ' 99, all of Township 142 Range ~uu ~o'.~Z~=~l Di~ ' 'ROLAND A HERINGKR and the east half of Township 142 . ~-s2~ '2~" ~. ~, ~,^ / - " Ran e 101. Voting place at the Gor- i~o. z.~, ~ ~ ~ ~. "third ]f-+~,r~ t- c~,~r,~, h Schoolhouse on Section 11 =. - ~ am '~raleeman. Bottlneau sk, l<1 g/ez i), n, To. hlp 142 Range I00. No. 3 II~Atlated, Consti, utionalo~ Ag~IcAxnend'ultu.rnl' PUBLIcSUPERIN'PEI~DE~--INSTHUC'I~[ONO-F GREEN RIVER PRECINCT -- Corn- ment -- Change name. I M. F. PET~RSON prising all of Township 141 Range College ! Bismarck 98. Voting place at the Olienyl~ In witness wnereo~, .t n aye ne.r.e-I STATE TAX COMMISSIOL~rER, = in Section 27 Township ante set n~V hans an(t ~IUrlXed Inn ] ~ ~,~v~ ~'~r~ ~v.~ schoolhouse "~-'~h ' ~" ~'~ ~*,~r.~, 141 l~an~eo 98. Great Seal o~ the ~tate ca ~ttt.~ t ~.n.eV~ ! v Uakota at the Capitol in the City ~x, ". t-,so SADDLE BUTTE PRECINCT -- Corn- of Bismarck, this 31st day o~ August,#U~s~o~= prising all of Township 141, Range 1960. DEMOCRATIC 99 and all of Township 141 Range Ben Meier PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS I00. Voting place at the Truelson Secretary of S~te,MYRON BRIGHT Fargo L'' @ BE THE I I Recently, an 0rganJzafion called the "North Dakota Railroad Safety Council" was created in North Dakota. Does this group work for North Dakota's welfare--or was it created for a single political purpose? FAINT: The "Railroad Safely Council" has absolutely no comedian w|th the North Dakota or Na~onai Safety Council--ls not approved by these recognized safety organizations or pr|vileged to use their emblem. FACT: No public or railroad safety experts are represented on the "Railroad Safety Council," the group has refused to meet the requiremenls of the State Safety Director. FACT-" The 30 officers and directors of the "Railroad Safety Cou.dr' are all railroad employees~"cmd 15 were reglste~d iobb~k4s at the session, seeking to defeat repeal of the Surplus Brakeman Law. ~ Last month, this group took the obvious step in declarlng their opposition to the changing of the antiquated Surplus Brakeman Law. Certainly, we cannot object to the right of any individual or group to hold an opinion oatml7 to our own. But we do most heartily object to any group carrying on political' activity under the guise of "safety." Again, we ask one simple question: Does this group work for North Dakota s welfare--or a single, selfish political purpose? Your North Dakota Railroads Proudly Display This Insignia As a p|on~r in North Dakota safety efforts, we have earned the fight to display the National Safety Council emblem a~ Wor~s membem of ~he North Dakota Saf~ Council And in presenting our Views on Why the North Dakota State LegL~atur~ should b~ upheld in thdr r~mal of the antiq~ ~wpl~ Brakeman Law, we are most proud to sign otn'~ name NORTH DAKOTA ~ RAILWAY LINES See Li.s l~troad T I~ M~um~. Road ~dtl~d adv~,flsem~ spot.reel ~ pold for'r~y ~ Dak~a I~llwcr~ ~ i,~ ~ Set'y, Dahl stresses need for impi'oved "Under a Republican administration, North farm-to-market r0ads Dakota's highway program has moved ahead at a tremendous pace," says C. P. Dahl, Repub- lican candidate for Governor. Our interstate system, under Republican Governor Davis and Highway Commissioner Wentz, is the envy of all our neighboring states." DaM, a North Dakotan all his life, stopped this week to view some of the highway and road construction now in progress. "Our secondary highways and our farm-to-market roads are also benefiting from the Federal-aid pro- gram," he stated, "and will continue to benefit." "As Governor of North Dakota," DaM stated, "I would want to concentrate my attention on the rapid surfacing of secondary roads. North Dakota can afford to do this job now as long as Federal money pays for most of our main highways." e schoolhouse in Section 35, Town- iSEAL) ship 141 Range 99. (Oct. 2"/-Nov. 3) * C.M. COPENHAVEuR II Hope NEUENS PRECINCT --- Comprising Bllnn~ Cotmty JIM HARDY all of Townships 14I Range 101 the[cERTIFICATE OF ~O]~I~ATIO~S Beach west half of the Township 142 RangeLEGISLATI~ O]~qlGES ALBERT LOCKWOOD 101 and all of Townships 141 and 142 Range 102. Voting place at the REP"~-UCAN REttP I~SENTATIVES IN CONGRESI James Stevens Ranch House in ~. 6 STATE S~ATOR ANSON J. ANDERSON Township 141 Range 101. MEDORA TOWNSHIP PRECINCT -- Comprising aH of Township 140 Range 102 outside of the Village of Me- dora. Voting place is at the Billings County Courtlmuse in Medora, N. D. MEDORA VILLAGE PRECINCT -- Comprising all of the area which lles within the village of Medora. Voting SS~h DISTINCT NA.WLE: LELAND ROEN ADDRESS: Bowman, N. Dak. MEMBER OF HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 39th Die,riot How many to be elected 3 NAME: LANCE G. BOW~MA, N ADDRESS: place is at the Medora Hall. ~=dora, Bowman, N. Dak. North Dakota. NAME: A. R. MILLER FRYBURG PRECINCT --- Comprising ADDRESS: all of Township 139 and 140 Range 100 Beach, North Dakota and all of Townships 139 and 140 NAME: Range 101. Voting place at the Town WILLIAJVl {BILL) O'CO~NNELL Hall in Fryburg, N. Dak. ADDRESS: Beffield, N. Dak. TRACY pRECINCT --- Comprising ~lOg~ all of Townships 137 and 138 Range S OR 100 and all of Township 138 Range 39th District 101. Voting place at the Rocky Ridge NAN~E schoolbouse in Section 16. Township JACK ]~ALLAR,D 137 Range 100. ADDP,~S~: ~ Beach, North Dakota CUSTER PRECINCT --- Comprising all of Townships 138 and 139 Range ME]b~ER OF ~ REPRESENTATIVES 102. Voting place at the Chimney 39th D~MW~c! Butte Schoolhouse in Section 31, Township 139 Range 102. NAME:H w~ many to be elected C. W. "CHUCK" FRIES HANLY PRECINCT --- Comprising all ADDRESS: of TOwnships 137 Range 1~1 and 102. Scranton, N. Dak. Voting place at the Morris Gerblg Rancbhouse in Section 30 Township NAME: STANLEY J. MAIXNER 137 Range I01 ADDRESS: Bowman, N. D~,k. The foregoing is a true and car- NAME: rect list of the voting precincts with M.C. TESCHER the boundaries and polling places thereof as designated by the Board ADDRESS: Sentinel Butte, N. Dak. ~f County Commissioners of Billings STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA ~ounty, North Dakota. Dated st Medora, North Dakota this 4th day of October, a960. Daniel Osadchuk County Auditor Bismarck RAYMOND VENDS~L Carpio STATE SENATOR 39th District JACK BAI~ARD Beach, N. D. REPRESF2~TATIVES 39th District STANLEY ~. MAIXN'E~ Bowman. N. D. M. C. T~ Sentinel Butte, N. D. C. W. (CHUCK) FRIES Scranton, N. D. GOVERNOR WILLIAM L, GUY Amenia LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR LAVERN SCHOEDER Reeder SECRETARY OF STATE LLOYD B. OMDAHL Bismarck STATE AUDITOR WELDON HAUGE~I Roseglen STATE TREASURER ALBERT ITEIDE Crosby ATTORNEY GENERAL CHARLES MURPHY 3 Mandan COMMISSIOIqr~R OF INSUPJ~ DON SLOAN Lakota COM~'R OF AGRICULTURE & LABOR BRUCE HAGEN Devils Lake PUBLIC SERVICE COI~VIISSIONEIE RALPH DEWING Columbus NO-PARTY NOMINATIONS J~DGES or THE DISTRICT CO1~I~ Third District CLIFFORD SCH/qELLER County of Billings ) Wahpeton I. Daniel Osadehuk, C'ounly Audi- Fourth District tar of Billing~ County, ,~)rti, M. C. FREDRICKS Dakota, do hereby certify that the Jamestown THOMAS W. NIELSEN Bismarck INDIVIDUAL NOMINATION~ GoVERNoR Independent HERSCKF~ LASHKOWITZ Bilnngs County, foregoing is a true and correct North Dakota list of the names and a~d~resses of (Oct. 27-NOV. 5) all persons for whom nomination DaP- DEPAR~ATE era have been filed i~or l~e~s~tlve Not'th Dakota Offices. according to the ~veral pet- itions on file in ~tY office. ['~iunty Audltol~: Dated at Medora, North Dakota, Fargo ~,~ ~Ben Meier, Secretary of State of this Zlst day of Oat 1960. NO-P~TY NOMINATIONS tl~e Sta~of North Dakota, in accord- Daniel Oss~ohuk Y~DG~$ OF M DISTRICT CO~ ahce with Section 16-060K, ~lqTDRC I County Auditor Fifth District 1943, do hereby certify and give Billing~s ~.~0unty ~. D,~k. EUGENE A. BURDICK notice that on Tuesday, November 8,' (Oct, ZT-Z~Xov. 3) Williston 1960. a General Election will be held Y for the purpo~, of electing officers To the County A~dl~r,Sixth District for the fol~owmg ozttces: CERT~ CA ' --" TY BALLOT I ~ TE or NOm~NS IEMIL A. GIESE W~ I ' 1 Hettlnge~ presidential Electors . n accordanc~ ~ stat~tor~ pro-1 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS ~epresentatlves in Congress I vlsions governing the cerii~ca4Ron ofI INDIVIDUAL NOMINATIONS State Senator I nominations ~or General Elections, I, 1 Socialist Workers Party One in each odd numoerea .beg,~- Ben ~d Seer tare of the State l i M el', e -~ SELMER M. HOEL lative District "- resenta%ives of Nor~ Dakota, do hereby certifyI Christine Members of House o~ l~eV that th~ ~-llowi-'~ ~=-~ can~idat=~ D R C = ~ EINAR HOEL As per Sectlon ~ u.~v* ~ " have been duly nomIr#ated ~ the of-I Christina t943 Governor Lieutenant Governor Secretary of State ~tate Auditor ~omoe Treasurer rney General missioner of Insurance Commissioner of Agriculture & La- bor Public Service Commissloner NO-PARTY BALLOT State and District Offices Judges of tbe Supreme Court Two: One -- Regular Term One -- Unexpired Term Judges of the District Court One in each of 6 Districts quperintondent of Public Instructlon State Tax Commissioner COUNTY OFFICES Sheriff Auditor Treasurer -fork of District Court flees set opposite their names to be GII.~ERT BOLME voted for in. your County at the Walcott coming Election ~o be" held on Tuns- ARNOLD SKARVOLD AID AGED "SENIOR CITIZENS of North Dakota, as an increasing percentage of the state's population, must be pro- tected against the ravages of the inflated dollar," says Hjalmar Nygaard, Republi- can candidate for U. S. Rep- resentative in Congress. "We will act to assure Senior Citi- zens that their self-respect, indepe:~:L~nce and economic freedom.from-want will be given more than 'lip service' in the years ahead," emphasizes Nygaard. "CONTINUED SUPPORT OF REA is vital to the rural developme~nt of North Dakota," states Don L. Short, Republican candidate for U. S. Repre- sentative in Congress. With REA providing elec- tricity to his own ranch, he is aware of the many benefits derived from this service and will con- tinue to give his support to the REA program, For U. S. Representatives Vote For NYGAARD Vote For SHORT day, the Eighth day ~f ~ovember, Walcott A. D 1960. [ (Oct.27-Nov.3) * I further certify t~tat ~reshte~tial Candidate Nomirmtlor~ have been filed in this of.lice as Ik~llo~,s: Re- publican, Nixon; Democsratic, ,Ken- nedy; Socialist Workers P-a~, Dobbs; and that these surname~ ebould ap- pear upon the official ballot as re- quired by Section ~16-1106, N. D. R. C. 1943, Dated S~f Oe~be~, IM6.:, a~ Bisma~k. North Dakota, this 0th ( GREAT Ben Meier Secret~ry of State REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS BEN WOLF Zeeland HAROLD HOFSTRAND Churchs Ferry MRS. OSCAR SORLIE Buxton SHARPE PREUTZ Kulm REPRESENTATIVES IN CONGRESS HJALNIAR C. NYGAARD Enderlin DON L. SHORT Medora STATE SENATOR 39"~h District LELAND ROEN Bowman. N. D. REPRESENTATIVES 39th District A. R. ,WIILLER Beach, N. D. WILLIAM (BILL) O'CONNELL Beifield, N. D, LAWRF2~CE G. BOWMAN Bowman, N. D. GOVERNOR C. P. DAHL Cooperstown LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR ORVILLE W. HAGEN Arnegard SECRETARY OF STAT~ BE~ MEIER Napoleon STATE AUDITOR CURTIS OLSON Valley City STATE TREASURE~ JOHN R. ERICKSON Bismarck ATTORNEY GENERAL LESLIE R. BURGUM Jamestown NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE MATTER *OF THE E~TAT~ OF GERTRUDE BUEHLER, Deceasedu Notice is hereby given by the und- ersigned. Abner B. Larson, adn~in- istratnr c. t. a. of the estate ~f Gert- rude Buehler late of the Ci%9" of Alvfta in tl~e county of BuS'tale and Sta'te of Wisconsin deceased, to the credigors of. and all pers~ms h~v- ing claims against the estate ~f said decea.~d, to exhibit them with the [ necessary vouch,trs, within three months after the first p.ublication of this notice, to the Judge of th~ County Court of Billings County. North Dakota. a~ t~i~offic~ in the Billings C~unty, North Dakota. Court House. in the Villageof Medora i~ Billings County, N~rth Dakota. You are hereby furth~er notified that H':m. Alice L. llxei~*() Judge of the County Court within and for the county of Billings and State of North Dakota, has fi~ed the 24tl~ day of January, A. D 1961, at the i]our of ~en o'clock in the forenoon of said day at the Court Rooms 'of said Court in the said Cour~ Hf.~uso in th~ Village of N[edora in Billings County~ Nm%t~ Dakota as the time and pla~ fur hearing and adjusting all claims against ~he esta'~e of tim said Gert- rude Buehler deceased, which have been duly and rcgularly p~;~ent.ed as hereinbefore provided: arid all per- sons interested m said ~state are required to show ca,use why the claims should not be allowed. I Dated sh.e 13th day of Oct~.her. A D. 1960. AB~R B. LARSON, th, e administrator c.t.a, o! the estate of said Ger%- rude Buehler. Dec.eased, First publication on the 13th day ff October. A D. 1960. Higgin~q & MtnJ0hy Bismarck, North Dakot a ] Attorneys for Administrator (OCt. 13-20-27) illlBIIIIIIlUlnnllllnBiuBiilillllllinllllllll VOTE FOR and RE-ELECT DANIEL OSADCHUK COUNTY AUDITOR of Billings County Tuesday, November 8th, 1960 I have tried to serve y~u ~o the best of my ability and i~ Re-elected will continue to do the same. (l~llt/eel Adlve~tlmim~ Pre~ered and Paid fo~ by Derdel Osad~huk. Medora, i~roeth D~ak.ota.) i Polltkol od,/ertlmment spo,~rnd and paid fee by NorllLMota Republteen perly, ,lock Swmt0c~, |xeeut|ve Dlmct~ ~ ~ ~. - /