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November 3, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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November 3, 1960

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[ I' [ VOLUME XXXVI MEDORA, BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3,1960 NUMBER 23 W 1 1 . Osadchuk Rites Odland's Dam kTOttTt42 wleaora Held Saturday ]Stocked With Bass endentBeat don Cooper of Lemmo S Dak: t M Johan Reu d County Superint . -~ n, . . "i ,Funeral services were held for ~ Game Warden Ed ,Bry of Bel- rs. na 1 and augh-'~,in ,Ingman . Mrs Chester Molto, rice L Thomas, will attend the The daywas spent vlslung John Osadchuk, a e 52 Be field ' . . ter Marcella were hostesses for a rural Belfleld and Adam Deck being held in Bism . " i i g p . ~church at Gorham N D with'bass as I' *~ ~t~o P were: Mrs. Ted 'I~ohn anna Reul ast Wed. p.m. the frontof Ca~e ~ v through the llth. ! the Medora . Rev. Michael Bobersky officiat-I~,a ml and baby boy of Sentinel Butte, Mrs Robert Conklin entertain- Mr. and Mrs. ,Lars Vanwg and and ff the. weather permits th. ling. He died at Belfield Oct 27 IMrs" Leonard Stockert (Anme ed a large group of ,Prosbytermn Mrs. Earl ~ird were shoppinglbmldmg will be stuccoed thiS!after an illness of a~ut threet '~as~.wee.Kena tne.~tate ~^.a~ne~Gawryluk) and 2 sons of Am|- ladies at the manse on Friday in Beach on Tuesday morning, tall. ann rlsn ~t~ep~. sent out m,v~ don Mrs v, n ,~ ,~ w~ ~ ~r,~nt I vears. 1 Gu Brown of ~each . ,m, The fterno n Miss Jeanette Outchuk of Fair-I Mrs. ~Helen Ingman has an-]-~He was born at Gorham June~l.arge'm ut.h bass measuring two Mrs" (E. C. ~redburg and grand- in sewing. Several pairs of chil- l|old, began working as clerklnounced.that she will be a sticK-128' 190~. His parents were' Wal-tt mcnes long ann also l,x.~idaughters, Susie and Cindy dren's pajamas were made and in the Register of 'Deeds office er candidate for the office of I lace and Petrina Osadchuk { normern p~e, 12 to 14 mcnes m[ Thompson, Mrs. Stanley and Mrs. a quilt top pieced by Mrs. Tel- on Tuesday. County .Auditor of Billings Court-t Survivors are his mother mngm. l~Jooo, minnows were lElla Adams Mrs. ~Dan Brennan ford was made into a comfort. The Earl IBirds returned to Me- ty. '.Her name will not appear on'~ Mrs Petrina Osadchuk, Belfield:' also remasect at the dam 8 m~msI and baby daughter. There were The garments will be used for r of last week'the ballot but stickers will be! ~'~ ~ ~a: ~.'inortn st .t~eacn. ~5 babies ,ro~ont ~11 ,~o, ~h,~ need,' ch~la'~-' dora on Tuesday ! I~,-~,~,~*~, ~r~, ~ ~evemna, Ores, . n ~" "~" :. ~"~ -' " "~"'" after a very successful summertc~rcmates m nor behalf. ~arS']and ,Daniel, Medora; and sisters,] The minnows are to replace{age of 8 months, grandchildren Mr. and Mrs. Paul L~)ffelmach- on the horse racing circuit. ~mgman and her husband, for Mrs. Pete :Hlebichuk. Medora" ]those killed in the partial irradi-I of ~)ave ,'~ennan. After Mrs. er and son were dinner guests . ,Dinner guests at the ,Bud An- the past several years, have been[ Mrs. John rRaschkow, Miles City'; cation work done this summer ]Prociv opened her gifts, lunch at the 'Verne .King home on Sun. aersons on taonaay evening me well Known tour~stlMrs Gregory ,Durbin, Wichita 1The kill took the lives of a goo4 was served by the hostesses, evening. were Mr. and Mrs. 'Bernie WVil- attractmn at Cedar Canyon, just Kansas; Mrs. Sam Lappets Mil~~ percentage of the small bull- Mrs. Geo. Schwindt and chil-Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Buzal- son and daughter from Sentinel east of Medora on .Highway 10. City, Mrs Martin Kelm ' Miles heads, perch and minnows. Fol- dren of Glendive spent the sky of Am|don were Dickinson Butte Ted Cornell, county sheriff, City, and brother, Padd~:~'c~o~a I lowing the treatment of the lake, lweekend at the ~Dan Cheadles shoppers last Wed. They also . ~ i j xJo~t~- . " . , Weekend wstors at the Emar~ recently, attended the Art exhib-, chuk, Raleigh, N.D. t test netting showed a good pop- Lester the eldest son of Mr. and visited Mrs. Reul, Mrs. Buzalsky Fong home were their daught- ]t in ~i~lsmarck, ~N. Dak where{ .He had lived on a farm withlulati n of northerns along with!Mrs Schwindt is attending the mother. ors, Cherilyn and Greta, and he entered his painting of the i his parents until 1949 when he a fair number of crappies and lFryburg school. Mrs. Emma Schnell, a former ,Hmke and children Badmnas His was oneof the Mrs Jim " y " " moved to live with his brnth,~vlbluegills. The lake was over-] Mr. and Mrs Guy Brown of resiaent in me [~vyourg area " " " ' I o~ Glendive paintings selected to hang m the Daniel In 1952 he we~* in,~ I stocked with bullheads and the 'Beach spent last weekend at the now makes her home with dau- The regular meeting of the Governors Mansion for the next Belfmld to live with his mother lrradmatlon program was usedlhome of Mrs. 'Browns mother, ghters m Spokane, Wn. Mrs :Medora P. T. A. will be held lsix months, hoping that enough would be Mrs. ,Ella Adams. Schnell had the misfortune of on Wednesday evening, Nov. 9th Mrs. Willis Henders, who lives~ killed to make more room fo Mr. and Mrs. ~Frank Gressar fracturing her left wrist due to at the schoolhouse, near .Bullion Butte recieved ~ game fish. and daughter of ,Dickinson, Mr. a fall It is still quite painful. Mr. and Mrs Dennis Hjorth letter from her niece, Mrs. L. . and Mrs. Norman Lindbo and Mrs. Schnell spent several weeks and children of ~Fallon, Mont Williams. telling her of th: Glln O Scaso family of rural ~Belfield visited at the home of her son Dick and visited at the Ted Kirkpatricks death of her brother. Bert - eer n at the Lloyd Lindbo ranch last family who live on a ranch near and at Mrs. Agnes Everetts on vin, at his home in Calgary,! Sunday. Belle Fourche, S. ,D. .~'idav of last week John Canada Mr Marvin home- October 2 ~'~'~ 11 Word has been received that Mrs IEllen ~h)hnson gave a Gawel' J took Norman Chase" to steaded" near "Bullion Butte in Hon Don Short4, 1960 O[tJ[l-tS J.]0V. ' IF. H. ,Denham of North Vernon, Halloween dinner Monday even- ~,liles City to ~he Veterans hos-the pioneerdays and will be Member o~ Conaress lind is gradually improving as ing The guests were Mr and ,~o m ~a~.ota sow season ol, p~tal on .Friday .remembered by many of the Republican Headquarters ~ .a resultof a hght strokehe Mrs. Tony Wanner, Mr and Mrs -,~ oeer Will ena on z~ovemver ~ .-]~aur!ce O'Connel~ of New i eajlo~:aYO::~tl~r~ broth r of Bismarck, North ,Dakota i and the gun season will start i su~ired recently. ,- EdhnLso~DOux, Mr. and Mrs. Fred ~noianct and J~eslie t=onnell left,e Dear lvir. ~nort: ,~ Nloy 11 r~mint]oe] (2.nrvao ~nc] . ann lvirs. ,ttenry ~avis o,vernon onnson, IvLrs, Medora on Thursda~" on a hunt-iDaniel Osadchuk and Mrs Olga I am in receir, t of ,o '~'." ,'"-~" "". -~. ."7"*":. motored to Great Falls Mont Mac Olson and Alvin Klein in- tri~" into Mo~ltana Hlebmhuk passed away at his sonal letter aenerallyde---in " ' . . over the weekend They encount- Mrs. Marvin ~Ingman has made " . ~ ,~ s l"lne ~,o sow season enas a~ Mrs Ellen Osterhout took Mr home in Belfmld on Thursday, the fact that you receive ,ered snow and blizzard condi-a statement to the effect that "~Oct 27 ' . - sunse~ on ,~ov o All Downunt- ' and Mrs J C ~asmussen to . He had been ill for $25 000 00 a year subs|d-, fr"m' " ." hons in the Lew~stown area she writ be a candidate for the " " ~sometime . ~ v ors are requestea to senti m me'. . ' . . . Beach to visit ~Dick Stevens at . .Funeral services were the ~Federal Government for -.our ~ Seems hard to believe as this office of County Auditor of Bills the Beach hospital on Sunday. lhetd at St. Josaphat's Church at own ranch operation in We;t:rn rep r:n~ar~s::t:::no:S2ote :::;,part of N. 4:). is enjoying miler ings County. Mrs. Ingman is a Mr Stevens has been a patient Gorham on Saturday North Dakota -- !extremelydry weather daughter of Mr and Mrs $]mil M~ and Mrs w " " igor a aeer ~'o care, ~o archers . . ' at th,~ hosnital since last May I " . John Raschko I challen-e ,~ou t ~.v~ " I Mr. and Mrs Wflhard Adams Strand. She has spent most of ,- . - ~. ~ ~ ~,u,~,~ ~ nave reporma sagging a seer, . ' The Congregational Ladms A~d Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kelm and deny the fact that you en~o,* this~ of ~Belfmldare announcing the her hfe m "Billings County, ex- 1 - a ~, }~nls Iall USUally, aoout Z~O aeer, - . n~et at the home of Mrs Kim. Mrs. Sam Lap|to from Miles .~5 CO000 nor -ear subs~-~-, ,ri,;o " ~btrth of a baby daughter on cept for a few years spent w~th ' ' ~-'' " ~ "'*~. *'" are sa . Fene at ~Park headquarters on~Cffy Mont and Paddy Osadchuk is to notify you that I am pro-~ ggea sy oownunters earn Oct. 20that the Dmkmson hos- her husband and family near Tuesday afternoon, ifl om Rawleigh, N. `D. attended the pared to publicly prove these i ~T~l~i's" fall's gun sea,on on deer I pital. The little miss weighed 8 Wheaton, Minn. She is well qual- and Mrs ~ G Brown funeral services for John Osad-fwures ~ ". "~ lbs and 10 oz. She was named |fled to perform the duties as were dinner guests of the ~Fredllchuk on Saturday. . ~.~sa member of the Demo-!win- oegm at noon (C ST)on NoV.[Quadraline. iPaternal grandpar- auditor, should the voters of ,~ m au areas oi ~ne state in Vercellinos at the Elks Club in~ Mrs. Osterhout, Mrs. Mallory cratic-NPL platform committe, an2 ' ents are Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ad- the county express their desires 6 o tne state s six units tne sea Dickinson on Monday evening. Iand Mrs. Eichhorst called on candidate for Lt. Governor I ~ ::iams of rural Fryburg. to haxe her elected to that of- ,son Will last Ior o~ sa s In Mrs. Ellen Osterhout attendedMrs. Gertrude Connell on Monday endorse a strong farm subsidy! ys. "I Mrs. ~eorge Andreas, gave a fire. a meeting of the Eastern Star on;aftern n rogram 1 fail to understand so"~w~l["~ st ~auu ~, me sea-lbaby shower for Mrs. Williard Gone Redmond and son Jack Tuesday evenin~ and was an' The annual supper and sale ~ o,- i,~,~i~,~, ,-,~,~ ~, t,~ n a t o.~ says, ann m Adams ISun. p.m. 10 guests were called at the Verne King home " *" ~ ut on b the" or.u', "~,Unit 1 any wnitetailwillbe~ rosen es ~:~vernightguest at the George P Y Congregat~ ,: in~ a~ainst a nrogram ,~f t~ ~ I P t and gifts were present-Tu day p.m. ,' " t o o ,- o lega~xorz~ says . Rmslers m Beach ~Ladtes at the Town Hall on Sa. su,~,orts wh~ ~ n : ~ ~. led to the new mother. Mrs. An- Bzlan W. Keohane. candidate ~,~d Mrs Gavlord Barn- evening was vet w-lt attended ~,~Y ~ o,~.:i'~i=~Jv~z~,','~o:~*~v ~'v"'l. Any age or sex deer will be dreas served dainty refreshments, for office of States Attorney for hart have nurchased a trailer by members of this community D g n l umt. I Callers at the Verne Kings on Billings County called at homes -house whicl~ is now located ontThere were also people there ";~i~n;~U'~ev~rn'~cL.~.~erI With an assist from the weath-IMonday p.m. included Mrs. Mar- in this area Tuesday. ~ from Beach ~tine; Butte and s o ~ er man this fall should see more z-ae i.o~s~eav oz ~ ~ne pos~oxnce ' ~' Cand ~or 4~t Governor, h ' " ' ~ " *~',* ~nd are busy installing equip- 'Belfield. ~Proce~s of the sale and - " unters afield than in past sea- ,-~TTA~ --~ -- v -- T-, ]su er were as follows 16450 son~ r n~ ers ~t~ena Legion AUX. t'lan merit for a care. They expect PP : $ ,Bismarck N Dak.] " ] . ] " .~!~ ver for supper, candy sale $52500, to have the new place open y. oct 29, o - I Dmtmct Rally l Vets Day Program ~r ~oo~ i~d ~eSdo?:d Ba~aUnbwerrge wiiYe2hfreok ~j$ol'~s~ia: :;:nt~Br ~n MildLM~thro~eeD~:kdtr way 1 T~i~F ~Ololdt taokCe~2o!r A:f e~i ia Thew~l~g~:v:nl 'Leegt~nsATa~ pleasantly surprised the pastlweekend at the Bud Andersons. This is in renlv to your letter] We are in rote|st ~f s nn~*,~i play p :pr gram on Nov. 11, which will Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. ~Gray-t of October 24t'1~ ,~,h~rein vou/ o-,~ ~-,~'~,---~,:=~,C--?u[:'~:~-.':at the annual rally held in ~:ill-lfeature a pot-luck dinner at 6:30 ~~ challenge me to deZthat Ire" of ~elfield,"whJ is ~'pres[dent~$,de~ :hS~teurdaY~ten~n 29w:h: Pnnv~i: ~lth m.e.mbers and guests t L rl l I Mls Metcalf To ceive a $25,000.00 per year sub-]the Mon-Dak Coin and Stamp! z v ~.p~. .~ g - c~ to. Auxmary memoers are Beach, .191cKmson t:ampus, lay furnishing the dinner and will ~Lld[~ I[JPU~ lll~ mdy from the ,Federal govern- Club of ~Beach, that a 1960 Proof . "1 " ' ' -* "'l-ndlve Man ment on m ranch o ration in Set will lor, New Engmnd, and Betfield appreciate donations of food from ~ ~ ] YY(2(1 l.X ~ y pe l oe me aoor prize ~or . " ls arc m anied b M's'~ ~ ~-~gir o p y 1 s any memsers not prewousiy ~a/,rd-~1-~,~- ] western North Dakota. Your ac-[adult members at the meeting' - YIM,~ ~tL~9~i~Jt I, I Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Metcalf of cusation is so rediculous that it{to be held ~u-da,~ ~, ~ ~ Beverly ~*elKnap, a~visor, attenO-' contacted. "W, america~n ueo-le on ~ov the rural community announce]hardly merits a reply, but I cer-[2 p.m. in the KC C'lubRoom"b;-~ied from Beach. I#.~,"-"-~-~-~ffiv ~-"--:-- "-': "T" .:" F"~*" ' . . :]the engagement ann xor~com-]tairdy do deny that I receive'any{neath" the vostoffice in ~each ] Miss Linda Austin of New Eng-]t onva v rw t'ost ~, wm De canon upon m emc~ . " f their hter - " ". " " ' * -~.~ ~;.~--,*, vi,~ ,pr,~sid,~nt "~em- {rag marriage o daug subsidy from the ,Federal ~gov [ Another prize will be g~ven to land presided over the meeting. I Receives ~,~ ,~ th~ ~T ~, ~House of ,~n-[ - - - : : ]ernment for my ranch operatmn,[ the junior members. This prize ~ingmg, skits, recreation, tal~s. ~ d' s" d " " .w ~ --~'~"t ti~'~s, o~, *bird of thel ~ [to say nothing of such an absurdlm a sot of 19601) small and large h~SCUS runs an business filledI The Alex Sygulla VFW. Post. ! =--- # ** ~ a ~ d - - -- : [amount as $25,000.00. [date cents. It e program, of Golva recently received then: ~ ~ e ~, ,~ ~h ~a,~,~ -~ -- ] You say you are prepar tol All members are urged to at-] 2~e meeting closed w~th m- hospltal equipment consmtmg of ,~,h ~h #h h-ioes are] ~:i~:~ [pubhcly prove th~s figure. I[tend. V~sltors welcome. Istallatmn of 1960-61 d~strmt of- a bed and wheelchmr. They re- ~: ,~":a'*~ '~"!~ f~'~ful for ~the na-[ 1~ : ~:-~~ Ikn w you cannot, and I am sure[ ~ [fleerS, :among whom were: Kar-~ceived the equipment after the ~i"o~"-~"th-e world J ]you recognize by now that your] Work safely--l~ive ranger: care Ion ~l of ~each as Treas. and i successful magazine drive they ! :-~' ~"~" "the ~as~-- presmenuax: elec-~l ~ ~::~~ Istatement is in error I thereforel lessness can kill .you! ICarolyn Davidson, also of @,each, conducted the past few months. :~ ~ ~ar~ ""-*~"~ "-~ +~'~s na-I ]demand that you either retractS. -- ~,~.: TO THE VOTERS OF BILLINGS COUNTY: i: !i seated only 60% ~of those who[ ~'~ [d)akota h t. ' ed to te " ave a r,gn, vJ ,a~w . . are qualifi vo . [ ]the --" ,*-'----'*tar,This letter m to for your vote and support at the electron Why don't our people vote?t ::::::::::::::: if ore "-- on Tuesday, November 8th. , ~; a ^, M,I election day. In order ~ ,~, ~ v ~. ~a~,--- ! I this matter may be brought be.1 ~ . . vote doesn t count. the ',uhl .m Two years ago the questmn was brought up concerning the qual- Many times a mere one votel~~~i~lthis lette~, a'nh'ya~" iettero'~| if|cations necessary to permit a paper to be the official paper. has chang.el the course o~ .nm-[ I October 24th, to the press Tlutt question was settled by the North Dakota Attorney General, Leslie s I ] Yours very,Burgum. His opinion was sent to our County Auditor and our State's --~iu~t by 1 vote. as were| ANTN, ETI~E METCA~F ] (Signed) ~on L. Short,At2vi ey. The Billings County Pioneer is the only newspaper qualified ~"~*'~"" Louise to Arnold John DON L. SHORT ' f" Jo c Adams and Ruther- Annette to be the o flclal pa r of our county. : ra n ", . - --. " 1 f 323 Clou h St [ SR ce the prancer days of The Badlands Cowboy,Bflhngs Coun ~leCtlVe ~ervme ACt O:l ao~,~p,~ Gletzen o . g ~ -,aT . ffi ~ -- =. . . ] . - W0vld VCar ,lI was passed by a/Glendive, Mont. N~ed:fmsite wed-/ 1~ U T 1 ': I~ ~ has never been without a newspaper and we believe that the people dm date has et "lne %M of his count un majority of ~E VOTE in the] " e ",-- k ",t " y are willing to lose their only newspaper at this time Hous0 Of ,Representatives. |bride-to-be graduated from the] Dr. C. A. Bush woula li e ~o~ . In :[948, .Pres. Truman carriedl `Beach high school in 1960. l have everyone who ~ .not .beenI For many years no. other paper has been interested in Billings rC~ ~-- :nd Ohio bv less than 1! - l immunized against dipmerm ~oI County. But now with Billings County necommg more anct more im- '~ ri -vote per precinct and therebyI WE M&DE & ~OO-BOOi l be sure and start then" shots ght] portant because of the levelopment of the Park and the other activities won re-election to the highest This weekend Stanley Maixner, away. /, **.ql in this area--others are seekin r to chan e this. The Pioneer has always cffice in the land who is running for reelection to There has been an oumreal~l e '-es of "thi Count . - - - " ~ ' ^* -~;--*~-~-;~ ;- ~#--,~*-,ba that |st 0een VlcalLy ln res~ea m acl~lVlI~l s y anct in ~ne welxare A singm vote . . . your vote the house oz representauves ~rom ~,- u,v " "2 - I v -, ~ T* boo o ,~o- -f f r ~nd my vote . . . counts. I the 39th legislative district, stop- causing great concern ann ~t / ~, ,~o ~,~,p ~, ~ ~ ~ Another cause for non-voting pod at the News Office and ord- may spreaa rap~aly, i No naner could exist in Bi]linc,~ ~,ntv .n]a~ ;+ +ha n ~,a.~ is our outmoaed electron laws. ered some letters prm ea, wnlcn ~"" :-'" --. I This is wh, wo are asking, for ,our su,-, rt uro --~ ~"--~- i * "~- ;^ t !. : .~ . :~ ~ ~,~,~ ation now and the nex~ CllnlCl ~ ~,- ,- ~ j ~,~,~, vv a~v~ al~FZ~,~a~,~,~, o,~ i, whloh * i~ a[ ~ I ~ ~,~ -~a~h ai~.i~ will be held Tuesday, Nov. 15[ your support the past many years and want to thank you for The =~.~" ]~"~t.~s':'~=~,~"~, at the new Lincoln grade school] Pioneer will continue to be your county paper, faithfully working for is to blame if men areIMai'xne sWl'etter--s ied"in'l : building. ] and with the good people of this area. ~l~cted to pubhc office whose] my family has increased by the I o~ ~.~ --r ' - -~ : - ^ ~ ov o~ ~u e to mar~ your tA) zor ~ne rloneer a~ ~ne ~ov ~n policies we as no~ approve ox. {arrival o~ a monm-om naoy quite a xew peopm m'~L~cul . . . " ' " s election, we u appreciate favor very much Perhaps, it is these STAY AT]girl. A member of the ~New about the pink lady. t ~. 'I~OM~ Citizens, who do not take| staff took the liberty of chang- ~/Vhen Mr. ~ picked up[ he trouble to cast their vote for| ing the copy to read "my family his Job today he grinned and| -- .tho~o they believe will act in|has increased by the arrival of said the copy should not have~ mcere y, P, , the best interest of their corn-In baby girl, now one month old. been changed as the baby was[ . ,~, mun,ata and nation. " M dxner's statement brought one month old on U hl el ]liaRS. ALICE LEBO, Ed/tor, ~Tho pol~ere open from 9:00]to mind the pink ladies hat we and his wife had a~: t e| . . . a~. ~ '/:00 p~n l~ov. ~th. In [, advcaVdsed a number of years child, and it is now :months[ WAT.~ D ~Da~,~'~o" z~ ~.~.^. -Amain it is noton]y a r'~ght |ago. The merchant finally came old. [ . ,-: . ~. ~.~, .- ~vu~u r a~ i~ to vote, but also{in and said nobody wanted th~ Oh well, we been wrong be-| - "" I " ;~ " " ' a "fora buck, six bits, fore! ! t t'O. acLv. alt{1 pa. by Walter BmttOn)